Days Transcript Thursday 2/15/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/15/18


Episode #13212 ~ Eric wants another chance with Jennifer; Stefan continues to get under Chad and Abigail's skin; J.J. asks Lani a very important question; Eli comforts Gabi and promises to exonerate her.

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Jennifer: Well, I guess she means that we can just eat the whole tray, I think.

Henry: There's only one ch--

Eric: Hands off, doc! That donut is mine.

Jennifer: Eric, what are you doing?

Eric: I can't have that guy have the last donut. It's not for him.

Jennifer: Okay, I don't know what you're talking about, but that was incredibly rude, and you need to apologize to henry.

Eric: No, jennifer, I need to apologize to you.

Abigail: Chad, are you ready?

Stefan: Sorry to disappoint. It's just me. You look nice. Big plans tonight?

Chad: We are going to celebrate valentine's day.

Stefan: You kids have fun.

Chad: You too. You gonna just stay at home with your mother?


Jj: Did you get it?


Doug: This was a very special ring to alice. Very, very special. She always wanted it passed down to one of her favorite grandchildren.

Jj: Oh, man, lani's gonna be so surprised.

Doug: Yes, she is. But before you put this ring on her finger, you and I need to have a little talk.

Eli: Happy valentine's day, grandma.

Julie: And to you too, sweetheart.

Eli: Mwah! Good to see you.

Julie: Well... well, I'm surprised to see you out and about tonight.

Gabi: Why is that?

Julie: Well, I'm-- I just wouldn't have thought you'd be in the mood since you were charged with murder.

Gabi: Oh. Yes, a murder that I did not commit.

Julie: Somebody killed andre dimera.

Eli: Well, you know, gabi is out on bail, okay? We're trying to have a nice evening. And just so you know, I'm gonna do everything in my power to prove that she's innocent.

Julie: Eli, you do that-- you do that, and you're making the biggest mistake of your life.

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[Soft orchestration]

Jennifer: Okay, I don't know what this about, but now is not the time to be talking about it or for you to even be here right now.

Eric: Jennifer, I'm going to make this quick. I finally figured out why you pulled away from me.

Jennifer: No, this is not the time.

Eric: You thought that I wasn't over nicole, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Jennifer: Anna told me twice.

Eric: I know what anna told you, and she was completely wrong.

Jennifer: No, she heard you talking to roman.

Eric: No, she only heard part of those conversations. She jumped to the wrong conclusion. I was telling my dad that I was ready to move on.

Henry: Look, this is getting a bit uncomfortable for me.

Jennifer: When I took henry to the horton center to give him a tour, I saw a picture of nicole on your desk. Do you usually keep photographs of women that you're over?

Eric: I was getting rid of older stuff. I must have dropped it. But it's gone. It's gone for good.

Jennifer: I can't do this right now. I--I just can'T. Whatever it is you have to say, it has to wait.

Eric: Jennifer, what I want to say, I want you to hear from me directly. I don't-- I don't want nicole. I want you.

Julie: [Sighs]

Eli: I'm not changing my mind, grandma. Now please apologize to gabi.

Julie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I seem overly protective of eli. I just don't think he needs this kind of drama in his life.

Gabi: And by "drama," you mean me.

Julie: Well, I read the news. I know that district attorney trask is out for blood, especially since you skated after murdering nick.

Gabi: I went to prison.

Eli: Nick is in the past. Here, now, gabi is innocent until proven otherwise, which won't happen, because I'm making it my mission to clear her name. Let's find our table.

Gabi: I need a minute.

Eli: What are you doing?

Julie: I'm trying to protect you.

Eli: By upsetting my girlfriend?

Julie: I know you have feelings for her. Your personal relationship is your business. Eli, I want you to think of the larger picture here. What if she's guilty?

Eli: She's not.

Julie: You know it is-- it's one thing to defend a lover. It's something else to go to the mat for a convicted murderess who is now being charged with a second murder.

Eli: Are you not hearing me? Gabi didn't do it.

Julie: Eli, please. Please, darling. You have so many wonderful opportunities in front of you now. You know you could be the next police commissioner. You could be the next mayor. You could be the next governor!

Eli: Well, for now, I'm focused on being a detective.

Julie: Well, just watch your detective's career go right down the tubes if you stand up for a woman like gabi hernandez.

Melinda: Mrs. Williams is right. As district attorney, I can tell you with complete confidence that this time around, miss hernandez will not be handed a "get out of jail free" card. Ways to lose stubborn belly fat.

Doug: It's a big moment in your life, jj. If your dad were here, or your granddad, one of them would be having this little chat with you. But, unfortunately, they're not, so I've decided to step up to the plate.

Jj: And what do you think they'd want to tell me?

Doug: How proud they are of you, as I am, for how far you've come, for stepping up and standing by lani. I just want to make sure that you're not rushing into anything.

Jj: Lani's having my baby.

Doug: Yes, yes, and because of that, you went from 0 to 60 practically overnight.

Jj: I just--I knew I wanted to propose to lani before she told me she was pregnant. It's just the baby made everything better.

Doug: You're going to be a wonderful father. I know--I have no doubt about that. But settling down, getting married... are you sure that that's really what you want right now?

Jj: Well, hang on. Are--are you saying that I shouldn't propose, that I should wait?

Doug: Would that be so bad?

Eli: With all due respect, you're looking at the wrong person. Gabi did not kill andre dimera.

Gabi: Thank you, eli. And I have already told you repeatedly that I had nothing to do with what happened to andre.

Melinda: I just read the transcript of the interview abigail dimera gave to the police.

Gabi: Yes, and?

Melinda: Mrs. Dimera confirms you were quite angry with her brother-in-law.

Gabi: You know that. He stole my company. But I would never kill him for that.

Melinda: According to mrs. Dimera, you would. In fact, you promised to. On the night of the murder, you said to her face-- and I quote--"I swear I'll kill him for this."

Gabi: Okay, that was a figure of speech.

Melinda: So you say. I bet you're wishing you took that plea deal right about now.

Eli: Okay, you know what? Back off, all right?

Melinda: It's only a matter of time, miss hernandez. Once we find your coat and the lid to tony dimera's urn, my case against you will be airtight. You'll be going back to prison-- this time, for life.

Eli: You really are a piece of work.

Chad: Hey. What's--what's wrong?

Gabi: You sold me out.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Gabi: You told the police that I threatened to kill andre. How could you do that to me?

Chad: Okay, whoa, whoa, I told you that she couldn't lie to them.

Abigail: I mean, and you have to understand I'm completely in your corner.

Gabi: I'm really feeling the love, abigail.

Chad: What the hell are you talking-- it's not her fault.

Gabi: No? Of course not. Nothing is ever abigail's fault.

Chad: Rea--

[Unsettled music]

Stefan: [Sighs] You'd probably approve of that move... against anyone except your beloved chad. Well, now that andre's gone, he's the only one standing in my way. Once the remaining king has fallen, what becomes of his queen? I heard you had to learn the hard way about capturing a queen. Fail to capture her heart, and you lose, right? I promise you this, father: I won't repeat your mistake.

Henry: Um, we're kind of on a date here.

Eric: I know. I know, and I'm sorry. I'm going to make this quick. Do you remember new year's eve, when we kissed at midnight? That kiss--that kiss is the moment I knew that I was ready to move on, and I'm pretty sure you were too.

Jennifer: Eric, please.

Eric: That's exactly what we would have been doing if anna hadn't opened her big mouth. Please. Please. Give us this chance. I just want us to experience so much more.

Henry: Maybe I should go.

Jennifer: Wait, wait! No. No. Eric should be the one to leave, right now.

Eric: Jennifer, didn't--

Jennifer: No. You can't just do this. You can't just barge in on me like this when I'm on a date and then just give me this big speech and expect me to just fall into your arms. It doesn't work like that.

Eric: Didn't you hear what I just said? Anna, she got it all wrong.

Jennifer: It doesn't matter. Even if she did get it wrong, I am here on a date. And I think that you should leave.

Eric: Okay. But I'm gonna take this donut.

Henry: Well, that-- that was awkward.

Jj: Wow. I-- I wasn't expecting this.

Doug: Jj, I don't want to talk you out of anything that's in your heart. But being the resident patriarch of the family at this point, I would not be doing my job if I didn't at least caution you.

Jj: Lani's having my baby. I thought you would want me to propose.

Doug: Just because two people are having a baby doesn't mean that they have to get married right away... or ever.

Jj: When did you become so liberal?

Doug: [Laughs] Well, a lot of water's flowed under this old bridge.

[Chuckles] Jj, I know you and lani will always love your baby. The real question is, are you and lani always gonna love each other?

Jj: Yes. I can't imagine anyone else I'd want to spend my life with.

Doug: Then I guess there's your answer.

Lani: Sorry I'm late. I got held up at the station. Hi. Hi, mr. Williams.

Doug: Hi, lani.

Lani: Hello, how are you?

Doug: Good to see you.

Lani: Good to see you.

Doug: I hear congratulations are in order.

Lani: Thank you. Jj and I are really happy.

Doug: And julie and i are happy for you. And speaking of julie, I think I'd better hustle my buns right back to the club, or she will short-circuit.

Jj: Hey. Thank you for everything.

Lani: Bye. That looked like a very heavy conversation I walked into.

Jj: Yeah, it was. We were talking about you.

Lani: Mm.

Eli: Hey. When did you become a sprinter? I think you just set a world record.

Gabi: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just that after I heard that woman, I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

Eli: Which woman? My grandma or trask?

Gabi: Both, both. I mean, julie calling me a mistake, calling me a murderer? And then trask coming in, saying that I'm going to go back to prison for the rest of my life? I mean, I just wanted to get out of there and run as fast as I could.

Eli: Gabi, you are not gonna go back to prison.

Gabi: There are so many people that wanted andre dead, and still they keep pinning it on me. It doesn't matter what I say. I tell them I didn't do it, but it doesn't matter!

Eli: It matters to me, okay? It matters to rafe. It matters to justin. Gabi, you have a whole army behind you.

Gabi: [Tearfully] I can'T. I can't leave my baby girl again. I can't do it.

Eli: Look at me. I meant what I said. I'm gonna do everything in my power to prove that you're innocent.

Gabi: And what if that's not enough? What if you do everything in your power and there's still karma coming back to bite me for what I did to nick?

Jennifer: That--that was--

Henry: Yeah. Want to talk about it?

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: Oh, hi!

Abigail: I didn't know you had a date tonight.

Jennifer: Really nice surprise. Yeah, you remember dr. Shah.

Abigail: Of course, yeah. You're responsible for saving my life. How could I forget?

Henry: I'm pleased you're doing so well.

Jennifer: Wow, I'm so glad to see the two of you out and about. I know how hard it's been on both of you after losing andre, and I'm sure it's even harder now with gabi being prosecuted for his murder.

Julie: An alabama slammer. Emphasis on the "slammer."

Melinda: That's very kind, but you should know I can't discuss an ongoing investigation.

Julie: Oh, of course not. Of course not. But as a concerned grandmother, I would--I'd like to share some of my thoughts about gabi hernandez.

Melinda: Share away.

Julie: The case, it's very personal to me, because I saw her wreck lives in my own family and then walk away with just a slap on the wrist.

Melinda: Sentenced to 20 years for killing nick fallon, released after a few months on a judge's error. Talk about a travesty.

Julie: Mm-hmm. Well, if she is found guilty this time, of killing andre dimera, I hope everybody gets it right. And I sincerely hope you make sure she gets the punishment she deserves.

Melinda: Count on it.

Abigail: Gabi was so upset. I hope eli can calm her down.

Chad: You know what? Gabi is going to be fine. Let's not talk about her or andre or any of that tonight, okay? Tonight's about us.

Abigail: Deal.

Julie: Sweethearts. Some valentine's day bubbly.

Chad: We didn't order any champagne.

Abigail: Did my mom send this over?

Julie: No, no. He did.

Julie: District attorney trask, who happens to be seated at the bar right now, is not wasting any time. From what she said to eli, they are really closing in on gabi. Actually, from what I understand, all they need to do is find gabi's coat and... the lid to tony's urn. Then they'll have a rock-solid case.

Chad: Uh, thank you for the update, julie, but--and despite whatever the da says, I believe gabi's innocent until proven guilty.

Julie: Oh, yes, of course. Oh, my god, a soufflé emergency on table number five. Remind me never to serve those mutinous little desserts again. They always are tr--

Stefan: Allow me, please.

Julie: Well, thank you.

Stefan: Mm-hmm. You two like champagne, right? I mean, who doesn't?

Chad: Yeah, thanks for sending that over. I'm just curious; are you following us?

Stefan: No, no, no. No, no, no, of course not. I had no idea that you would be here, of all places.

Abigail: So it's just a happy coincidence?

Stefan: I--I had planned on staying in tonight, but the house got a little quiet.

Chad: With vivian in it? I find that hard to believe.

Stefan: [Laughs] Alas, my mother is staying at home this evening. But I was afraid that she'd want to do one of her little puzzles or play a two-person game of mahjong, so I decided to slip out for a drink. I had no intentions on crashing your date.

Chad: And yet here you are.

Stefan: Yeah, just trying to put my best foot forward, chad, in light of our recent family tragedy. Andre's passing should bring us closer. That's my hope, anyway. Cheers. Enjoy your evening.

Lani: So... what did mr. Williams have to say about me?

Jj: Nothing bad. It was really about us. He just wanted to make sure that we're committed to each other.

Lani: Of course we are. We're having a baby.

Jj: Well, he meant beyond that. Like, if you weren't having my child, would we still want to be together?

Lani: And what did you say?

Jj: That he has absolutely nothing to worry about. Not only am I madly in love with you, but you are giving me the greatest gift I could ever ask for. I am hands down the luckiest guy alive.

Eli: Gabi, this isn't karma or the universe or anything else like that. Someone manufactured this situation. They put all the pieces in place to set you up, and whoever did it, I'm going to find them, and I'm going to bring them to justice.

Gabi: I know who it was. Stefan dimera.

Eli: What makes you say that?

Gabi: Chad. He thinks stefan killed andre and then framed me.

Eli: Does he have any proof?

Gabi: No, it's just a theory, a really good one.

Eli: Well, I'm all ears.

Gabi: [Sighs] Okay, well, in a nutshell, stefan and vivian were-- they were working together to try to become the head of dimera, and they were using andre to do it. See, he thought that he was in this secret group, power trio that was gonna take over dimera, but they actually wanted to get rid of him permanently as soon as he was in control.

Eli: So stefan murders andre, makes it look like you did it.

Gabi: Right, and I even think stefan got andre to fire me just so that I could have this big, fat motive.

Eli: And then he gets someone to dress up like you, and then they show up in the security footage.

Gabi: Bam, I'm the killer.

Eli: Well, if that's the truth, then it'll come out.

Gabi: Look, we have no proof.

Eli: Gabi, I'm gonna be working day and night, going through all the evidence. Hell, I will knock on every door in this state if I have to, 'cause I'll be damned if I let the woman I love go to prison for a crime that she did not commit.

Gabi: Thank you. Thank you for always being there for me. I mean, it doesn't matter how hard it gets or what happens. You're there. Most people would have bailed by now.

Eli: I'm not going anywhere.

Gabi: You're this amazing detective that is helping me 24/7, and... how did I get so lucky to have this perfect, stand-up guy caring about me?

Eli: I wish I was the man that you thought I was. The truth is, I'm far from it.

Gabi: What are you talking about?

Eli: Uh, no, I was-- I was talking about sheila watkins.

Gabi: Hey, listen. If you're--if you're beating yourself up over helping a friend who needed you, don't, okay? She needed you. And she could start a new life because of you.

Eli: I'm not so sure about that.

Gabi: Well, do you want to talk about it? I'm a great listener.

Eli: And what if you didn't understand?

Gabi: After everything I've been through and after everything you have done for me, come on. There's no judgment here. It's all love. Whenever you want to talk, I'm your girl.

Jennifer: I think we should get that dessert you wanted.

Henry: I think we should talk about what happened.

Jennifer: I really don't want to talk about it, henry.

Henry: I respectfully disagree. You've been so gracious tonight and considerate. You could have let me walk away before, but you didn'T.

Jennifer: Henry, I--

Henry: You honored our date and my feelings, and I appreciate that. I really do. But we're both adults, so let's be honest. You're here with me, but your heart is with eric brady.

Jennifer: What? No. Really, I was just so caught off guard, and if I seem distracted, it's only because--

Henry: It's okay. You don't have to say it. I can see it on your face. If I'm being honest, I've seen it all along.

Jennifer: I asked eric to leave. I mean, why would I do that if I wanted to be with him, right?

Henry: Maybe you didn't believe what he had to say, or maybe you're, I don't know, scared of getting hurt. I don't know. But I better go before I get hurt.

Jennifer: Oh, henry, I'm-- I am so sorry. You are the nicest guy, and I--

Henry: I'll take care of the check.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Stefan: Thank you for all the hard work your office is doing to bring my brother's killer to justice.

Melinda: I'm off the clock and not interested in discussing business.

Stefan: Understood. Uh, since we're the only two single people here on valentine's day, what do you say we engage in pleasure instead? Buy you another drink?

Melinda: Absolutely.

Abigail: What's this?

Chad: It's-- just open it.

Abigail: It's for my bracelet. Aw!

Chad: I was walking by janet's, and I saw it in the store window, and it reminded me of you and your heart and how big it is and how much you care about other people.

Abigail: I love it. And I love you.

Chad: There, how's that?

Abigail: What just happened?

Chad: Hmm?

Abigail: What's going on over there?

Chad: I just don't like the way that looked.

Abigail: Ignore him.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Yeah, no, you're right. We're here. We're here together. Let's--let's have a toast. We--here's to, uh... nope, I can'T.

Abigail: It's really good champagne.

Chad: Yeah, I don't-- it doesn't matter. It's from him, and I don't want anything from him.

Abigail: Okay. Okay, well, why don't we just get out of here, then? Let's go home, somewhere it's more private.

Chad: You're right. You're right. But first... happy valentine's day.

Abigail: Happy valentine's day.

Lani: Is everything okay?

Jj: I hope so.

Julie: Where's harold?

Jennifer: Henry. He left.

Julie: Oh. Not because of the food, I hope.

Jennifer: We were having this incredibly nice dinner, and then eric marched in and made this big announcement that he wants us to be more than friends.

Julie: So he's not still pining for nicole.

Jennifer: He claims that since new year's eve, it's been sort of this-- this run of misunderstandings: What anna told me, the picture he had of nicole, and... but he said that he's over nicole and he wants to move on.

Julie: Well, since you are here and he is not, I assume he didn't get the response he was hoping for.

Jennifer: No, he didn'T. I asked him to leave, because what he did was inappropriate and impolite. And he took the last donut.

Julie: Oh, darling, that's all on me. It's on me. I saw him come in, and I made sure he heard me say that you had made this donut, it was the last one, and you wanted it for someone special. I thought it might give him that little nudge we talked about earlier. I am sorry. Oh, it's all my fault. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: It's not your fault; it's not. Eric just seemed so determined.

Julie: Well, he obviously wants to give it another whirl, and I know you like him. So why did you turn him down?

Jennifer: I don't know. Henry said he thinks it's because I'm afraid of getting hurt again.

Julie: Well, I wasn't too overwhelmed with your doctor friend, but since you told me you don't want to put yourself out there, maybe he has a point.

Jennifer: I-- I just need to go. I need to go and just-- and just think about all of this.

Julie: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Thank you so much...

Julie: Oh, darling.

Jennifer: For an incredible dinner.

Julie: [Laughs]

Jennifer: I love you.

Julie: I love you.


Doug: That's a wrap!

[Exhales] Do you realize that we just now took our last order?

Julie: It's been quite an evening.

Doug: Considering that most of the staff had the night off and we were down to one cook, I would say that valentine's day at the new doug's place was a huge success.

Julie: I'm not so sure.

Doug: What did I miss?

Julie: Plenty. Jennifer just walked out dazed and confused. She had a date here with a new man, and then eric charged in, insisting that she give him a second chance.

Doug: That's pretty dramatic.

Julie: And eli was here with gabi hernandez. He is risking his entire future over that woman. I don't want to see his heart be broken.

Doug: Honey, I love that you are caring so much, but it's eli's heart, not yours, and as I've said before, eli is a grown man now.

Julie: He's still my grandson.

Doug: Yes. Well, here's something that'll take all your worries away. If all is working as planned, right this very moment, jj is making lani a happy woman with one of your grandmother's rings. What?

Julie: [Laughs] I can't get over how adorable you are in that hat.

Doug: [Chuckling]

Stefan: Yes, the southwest coast. There's a--it's essentially like a rock island. It appears to just rise out of the sea. It's just-- calling it a night?

Chad: We are. And I'm sure some would appreciate the gesture, but we're not really interested. Y and have a glass?

Chad: No, enjoy it. We're gointo

Melinda: Looks like

[Soft music]

Eric: What happened to your date?

Jennifer: I'm looking at him.


Abigail: Well, thomas is asleep. You know, I was thinking maybe this weekend we could put on that little snowsuit and take him to the park, take a few family pictures or something? You okay?

Chad: Huh?

Abigail: You all right?

Chad: Look, I know we talk-- said that we weren't gonna talk about andre--

Abigail: Hey, if something's bothering you, I want you to tell me. Hey.

Chad: I think I-- I think stefan killed andre.

Stefan: I don't feel left out; I'm here with you.

Melinda: Okay, casanova. You're charming; I will give you that. But I am observant, and I just observed you observing your brother's wife.

Stefan: What can I say? I'm a fan of beautiful women, which, by definition, makes me a fan of yours.

Melinda: [Laughs] Like I said, charming.

Stefan: It's been nice talking with you.

Melinda: But it's getting late?

Stefan: No, it is not. We have a fine bottle of champagne here. It would certainly be a shame to let that go to waste.

Melinda: No argument here.

Stefan: [Chuckles] Wow, a da that doesn't argue. I must really be charming.

Lani: I can't believe that this is happening.

Jj: I love you, lani. And I love our baby. I want us to build a beautiful life together.

Lani: Oh!

Jj: This is my great-grandmother's, alice's ring. I know she's smiling down on us right now. Lani price, will you do me and our future child the honor of becoming my wife?

[Intense music]

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