Days Transcript Monday 1/29/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/29/18


Episode #13199 ~ Eli and Rafe make a surprising discovery while reviewing security video from the night of Andre's murder; Stefan assures Vivian he's covered their tracks; Lani makes a confession to Gabi; John and Steve agree to investigate Anna's mysterious letter.

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[Knock at door]

Hope: Come in.

Jj: Hey, hope.

Hope: Hey, honey.

Jj: I'm just looking for lani. Have you seen her?

Hope: Um, actually, I think she said something about going out to get some fresh air.

Jj: Is that all she said? Hope, is she all right?

Gabi: Lani. You okay?

Lani: I will be.

Gabi: Hey, what does that mean?

Lani: I have something I need to tell you.

Gabi: You sound serious.

Lani: Maybe you should sit down? I mean, if you have the time. This isn't really easy for me to talk about, and--

Gabi: Listen, I don't have a job; I've been fired. So I have all the time in the world. So take your time. It's okay. It's all right.

Lani: Maybe bumping into you and you're alone, I don't know; maybe I'm supposed to tell you. I keep--I keep going back and forth.

Gabi: It's okay. Just tell me whatever it is. I'm here.

Lani: I'm pregnant.

[Dramatic music]

Eli: So why do you think vivian was going in his office? They didn't even get along.

Rafe: Vivian didn't get along with anyone.

Eli: Well, I can see why. 20 seconds after she crashed the dimera new year's eve party, I hated her.

Rafe: Took you 20 seconds? That's actually very tolerant.

Eli: Yeah, well, she was across the board rude, offensive to everyone. Yeah, she really zeroed in on andre. He gave it right back to her.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Well, andre wasn't exactly the person who'd ever turn the other cheek.

Eli: Yeah, well, to be fair, she did liven up the party.

Rafe: Oh, yes, she did. That is true. You know, once she actually tried to kill a bride at her reception.

Eli: Yeah, well, weddings are always a little stressful.

Rafe: Yeah. Okay, so we've got anna on tape with the murder weapon, but vivian's certifiable as well.

Eli: She's a suspect too.

Rafe: Right at the top of the list.

Vivian: I heard the police were here. What was that about?

Stefan: Oh, they were just collecting for the police benevolent league. Andre was murdered. Why the hell else do you think they were here?

Vivian: Well, don't snap my head off. I'm under enough pressure. What's this?

Stefan: It's a warrant for the security footage from the cameras outside andre's office.

Vivian: Oh!

Stefan: What? What are you--what are you doing?

Vivian: I'm calling the legal department. We have to squash this.

Stefan: It's too late. I've already turned over the footage.

Vivian: Are you out of your mind?

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[Soft orchestration]

Anna: I just feel so... all alone.

Roman: Well, you're not. I'm right here.

Anna: But tony isn'T. He's in the evidence locker down at salem pd. God only knows what else is in there with him. But you know what gives me a small measure of comfort?

Roman: No, I don'T. What?

Anna: That he was all nice and polished up when all of this happened. I mean, if he had to be a murder weapon, at least he looked his best.

Roman: Good of you to look on the bright side.

Anna: And you know what else?

Roman: I'm afraid to ask.

Anna: I'm thinking that it was divine retribution, that even though he was dead, it was tony that killed andre. "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the lord, "and I will repay." And andre got repaid in spades for what he did to my tony. That little cretin finally got what was coming to him.

Roman: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay? Anna, I think you need to keep those thoughts to yourself, all right? They could be misconstrued.

Anna: You're always looking out for me.

Roman: Well, I try. You don't make it easy.

Anna: But I do worry that you shouldn't have told the police that we were together that night.

Roman: Well, don't worry about it.

Anna: But I do. Hope told me I shouldn't let you lie for me, that you could end up getting hurt, and, roman, I would hate that.

Roman: Not a big deal, okay? All right? I just bought us a little time so we could figure out how to deal with everything. And I'm sure it's all gonna work out now, because john's on the case.

Anna: You told john?

Roman: Yes, I did. We need to find out who wrote that letter, and john is the best.

Anna: You showed him the letter? Roman, my god. Do you realize what you've done?

John: So what do you make of it?

Steve: Well, let's break it down. We know that anna is the prime suspect, since she owns the probable murder weapon.

John: Mm-hmm, and went around telling everybody andre should pay for what he did loudly, often, publicly.

Steve: So roman gave anna the alibi. Do you believe it?

John: Steven, I believe that he's worried about her.

Steve: Well, yeah. If the cops can put her at the crime scene, that gives her means, motive, and opportunity. Roman should be worried.

Hope: Uh, actually, lani seemed a little under the weather today. She said it was hormonal, that she's pregnant.

Jj: She told you?

Hope: Yes, she told me. She said you were thrilled about it.

Jj: Yeah.

Hope: I'm sorry; was she not supposed to tell me? Was I not supposed to know?

Jj: No, no, she has the right to tell anyone she wants, obviously. It's just--it surprises me. That's all.

Hope: Congratulations, jj. I'm so happy for you. This is such great news.

Jj: Thank you.

Hope: You are happy about it, aren't you?

Jj: Yeah, I'm over the moon, actually, and that surprises me a little too. I mean, I always knew I wanted kids. It's just, you know, I pictured myself older and married, solid career, and living in a nice house.

Hope: Mm. You know, it does seem nowadays that people aren't starting families until, what, they're in their 30s or sometimes even later.

Jj: Do you think that lani and I are too young? Is that what you're saying?

Hope: No. No, no, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way, not at all. I just--I was thinking about something that my dad and julie told me once: That, well, when they were younger, if a woman wasn't married by the age of 21, get this, she'd be considered an old maid.

Jj: Wow.

Hope: Yeah.

Jj: That's crazy, huh?

Hope: It's totally crazy, 'cause look at us now. I mean, wow.

Jj: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Yeah. Back to you and lani. You said you were over the moon about the baby.

Jj: Yeah, yeah. Couldn't be more thrilled. You know, just the thought of holding my little boy or girl in my arms...

Hope: Yeah.

Jj: I can't wait for lani to start showing, you know, for the baby to start kicking. It's got to be amazing.

Hope: It is. It's incredible. I remember very well, like it was yesterday, the very first time I felt shawn douglas kick.

Jj: Right. Well, like I said, I can't wait to feel that.

Hope: Have you told anyone else?

Jj: Just my mom. I mean, I want to tell the world, but lani wanted to keep it quiet. That's why I was surprised she told you. I don't know; maybe it means she's ready to start telling people.

Gabi: Pregnant? Was this--was this planned? I mean, were you trying, something you and jj were thinking about?

Lani: No, no, no, we weren'T.

Gabi: But you're happy about this, right?

Lani: I am. I mean, we are. It's just that when something comes as a surprise, it's a bit of an adjustment.

Gabi: Yeah. Yes, yes, I can imagine. Ariana was a surprise. Did not plan it at all. I wasn't even in a real relationship at that point.

Lani: That must have been hard.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, it was. And I was, you know, everything a woman can be when she's pregnant. And even with the best circumstances, I was scared. I was scared. I was a little nauseated. I was worried about how my life was gonna change. You know, could I travel a lot, or could I travel at all? How it was gonna affect my career. I was very worried how my life was gonna get complicated just because my baby's father was gay.

Lani: Right. But now you have the most wonderful little girl.

Gabi: She's the best thing that's happened in my life. And I can't imagine my life without her.

Lani: She's an angel.

Gabi: Yeah. Ariana's an angel, a very lucky angel. She's got two daddies that care about her and love her so much, and she's crazy about them because they love her so much. I mean, right now, you know, it's a little difficult, because will still can't remember his past. You know, but they still have this great connection.

Lani: That's really great. And, you know, just hearing you talk about being pregnant and overcoming all the difficulties...

[Sighs] You really cheered me up.

Gabi: I'm glad it did. And listen, your-- your circumstances, they aren't very difficult. I mean, what, you and jj are together, right? You're happy, and I'm assuming he's happy about this.

Lani: Yeah.

Gabi: Yes?

Lani: He is. He is. He's really excited about the baby. It's actually really cute.

Gabi: That's amazing. So how far along are you?

Lani: I'm not that far along at all. That's why I've been waiting to tell people about it. It's still early in the pregnancy.

Gabi: I'm glad you did.

Lani: Well, I figured you would hear it sooner or later, so I wanted you to hear it from me.

Gabi: But, lani, listen. When I first saw you, you seemed pretty upset. And I know you're obviously happy about this pregnancy, so that couldn't be it, so...

Lani: I was upset because of eli. Depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms

Steve: Yeah. That's pretty inflammatory. It's clearly written to get anna stirred up.

John: Yeah. Wouldn't take much, would it? Just mention tony's name, and she's off like a rocket.

Steve: Yeah, and who knew that? Anyone who ever talked to her. She carried his urn around and talked about him nonstop.

John: Mm-hmm. And anybody who was at doug's that night, they heard her threaten andre. In fact, I was talking to a waiter, and he said-- and I'm gonna quote here-- "I only can hope that someday you get exactly what's coming to you." And that dude was clear across the room.

Steve: Oh, man. So she accosted him in a crowded restaurant.

John: Mm-hmm. So everybody there knows that, number one, she had it in for andre and, number two, she's a very volatile woman.

Steve: Yeah, well, if anybody wanted andre dead-- and we know probably a lot of people did-- anna made it pretty easy for that person to make her look like the murderer.

John: You know how this whole thing wrapped up, though?

Steve: No.

John: Roman. He came in, and he steered her away from andre's table.

Steve: So roman got anna under control. Roman gave her the alibi. Do you think he's lying to protect her?

John: Man, steve, I don't know for sure. But I do know that he's just really overly protective of her.

Steve: Do you think he thinks she did it?

John: I think he's afraid she might have.

[Tense music]

Roman: Listen. We can trust john, okay? He agreed to keep everything quiet.

Anna: Roman, that letter--

Roman: That letter was written by someone trying to manipulate you, all right? It's no coincidence that that letter propelled you to andre's office the night he was murdered. Anna, you are being set up. That's why I gave this to john, okay? I did it to help you. I will continue to help you, no matter what.

Rafe: Well, we can't jump to conclusions. Just 'cause we have a psychopath who is known to bury people alive entering the victim's office, that doesn't mean that she's the one who killed him.

Eli: Did you just say "bury people alive"?

Rafe: Long story. Come on; back to the footage.

Eli: Well, let's see if anna dimera shows up at his door.

Rafe: All right.

Vivian: Why did you give them the footage? It's only going to implicate us. How could you be so stupid?

[Dramatic music]

Vivian: Uh, how long have you been standing there?

Kate: Long enough to hear you call sonny boy "stupid"?

Stefan: Kate, I'm sorry about andre. If there's anything that I can do to help, please...

Vivian: Anything we can do.

Kate: You know, vivian, at times like this, you should keep your big mouth shut.

Stefan: She's right.

Vivian: How dare you take her side against your own mother?

Stefan: I'm not taking her side. She's right; you need to keep your big mouth shut, or you're gonna get us both in big trouble.

Rafe: Think I should recuse myself?

Eli: No, this is a break for us. Vivian is still in there.

Rafe: You're right. You're right, and this way, we can know what they were talking about.

Eli: There she goes. She does not look happy.

Rafe: No, she never does. Okay. Now gabi's in there with him alone. Fast forward.

Eli: There she is.

Rafe: If looks could kill.

Gabi: Why are you upset because of eli?

Lani: Like I-- like I told you, I wanted to wait before I knew everything was okay with the baby before I told people.

Gabi: I get that. Some people even wait after the first trimester to say anything.

Lani: But now I know that eli knows about it, and he heard it from his mother, which she probably heard it from my father.

Gabi: Okay, but you're upset that he knows?

Lani: I just wish-- I just wish people wouldn't feel so compelled to talk about what's happening to my body. You know, I should be the one who's telling people about it, right?

Gabi: Yes. Yes, you're right. However, I will say people tend to love the idea about a new life entering this world. I mean, what better news could there be? So I could get how somebody could get super excited and then maybe blab about it a little.

Lani: I know. I know people mean well. I just--ugh. Maybe I'm just being oversensitive.

Gabi: Yeah, exactly. You know what? When I was pregnant, all it took was for somebody to look at me funny, and I would burst into tears. I mean, not every day but a lot. I would cry a lot. And I was really moody. It just--it comes with the territory, so give yourself a break, okay?

Lani: I'll try.

Gabi: Look, I know this isn't how you probably imagined it, but you must be, what, at the end of your first trimester? So you and jj, you weren't broken up during the holidays, so... oh, my god, I just-- I just realized something.

[Dramatic music]

[Soft music]

Jj: Don't tell lani I said this. And it's going to sound caveman-like. But I wish she didn't have such a dangerous job.

Hope: You want her to stay home and knit, have dinner on the table by 5:00?

Jj: No, no, no, no. I just tried to talk her into taking it, you know, a little easier.

Hope: Mm. And how did that work out for you?

Jj: Not so good.

Hope: I didn't think so.

Jj: She's very independent, which is one of the things I really like about her.

Hope: Yeah, me too.

Jj: Maybe you could do me just a favor and sort of just watch out for her.

Hope: Yeah, of course. Honey, absolutely. But she wants to stay in the field.

Jj: Yeah, that's on me. She's the only one working right noW. I'm looking for a job, but it could take me some time.

Hope: Good luck with that. You know, I'd be more than happy to make a recommendation for yoU.

Jj: Thank you.

Hope: Hey, jj, the last time we talked, you said you were looking to focus. Looks like you found it.

Jj: Or it found me. You know what was great? After these few past horrible months, being able to tell theo about the baby before he left. I told him I'm gonna try really hard to be a good father.

Hope: I have no doubt that you will be. No doubt at all.

Gabi: You must have been pregnant when you saw me and jj that night. It must have been horrible for you, knowing you were going to have his baby. I'm so sorry.

Lani: Actually, I didn't know.

Gabi: Okay, good. Well, I'm glad everything got cleared up. And you know that nothing happened that night.

Lani: You know, gabi, that was a really terrible time for jj, and I'm just really glad you were a good friend to him.

Gabi: Well, I was-- it was a big relief for me that he was responding to what I was saying. I feel very grateful that an amazing person like jj, that I could help him in that way, that I could help him realize what he's got to live for, and you're at the top of that list, so...

Lani: Yeah, I don't know if I belong there.

Gabi: What? What are you talking about? The man is madly in love with you, and now--now you're gonna have a baby together. You know what some people would say? "You're too young. What's the rush?" But you know what? Not me. I think it's great. I think that this is the best thing that could happen to the both of you.

Lani: I think you're right.

Gabi: And I think it's great for jj. It's going to give him a sense of purpose. It's gonna help him keep healing. Oh, before I forget, did you get that earring from eli?

Lani: Yeah, he gave it to me.

Gabi: This is so silly, but when I--when I found that earring, I didn't know whose it was, and I-- like you, I jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I was pretty mad about it. But I didn't stop to think that you maybe wanted to just talk to him because you had just seen me and jj and you were upset about it.

Lani: Well, I'm really-- I'm really glad everything is going well with you and eli now.

Gabi: Yeah, he's been my rock. I mean, I don't even know if I would have been able to get through these past couple days without him. You know, losing my job, losing my company, and then finding out andre's been murdered and everything, it'S...

Lani: I'm really glad he was there for you. I need to get back to work.

Gabi: Yeah. Hey, do you mind if I go with you? I want to check up on eli as well.

Lani: Sure.

Gabi: Listen, I am-- I am so grateful that you and I and eli and jj, we could all be friends. That means the world to me.

Lani: Me too, gabi.

Eli: Well, from the timing and her punching the wall, I'd say it's definite that she found out she had been fired right then.

Rafe: She should have punched him. Did gabi ever talk to you about being fired that night?

Eli: No. I had been trying to contact her, but I didn't actually talk to her until the next day. And hell, I wanted to punch him my damn self, but gabi said it wasn't worth it. What? I didn't want him dead. I mean, I did want him hurt, but, I mean, come on. Firing her right before the launch after she had worked her tail off for that company?

Rafe: I get it. But I just want to say sorry. I know I gave you a hard time about dating her. But thanks. That means a lot to me that you want to hurt someone that hurts her.

[Soft music] What's wrong?

Eli: What you said about someone hurting her. I feel bad every time I think about it.

Vivian: Don't presume to tell me how to handle myself. Look at all I've done, and I'm still at large. I don't make mistakes.

Stefan: Really, mother? Because kate just walked in on you talking very loudly about security footage implicating us. I'd call that a mistake.

Vivian: Kate can tell the police anything she wants. It won't mean a thing, because everyone knows she hates me and she would love nothing more than to pin andre's murder on me.

Stefan: I'm worried about it being pinned on me.

Vivian: Which would be hearsay, considering the solid information you just gave the police.

Stefan: Do you ever listen to anything that I say? I--they had a warrant. There was nothing I could do.

Vivian: They'll see us on the video.

Stefan: Mother. We work there, okay? We have a very innocent, very legitimate reason for being in the building.

Vivian: And tell me, please, what is our innocent reason for being in his office with his dead body?

Hope: Uh, honey, as much as I would love to spend more time with you and catch up, I've got to get back to work. So good to see you.

Jj: Andre's murder, right? Just I know abigail was close to him, and I'm a little worried about her.

Hope: I can't share the details. Please just let her know that we are doing everything we can to find the killer.

Jj: All right. Thank you.

Hope: Bye. Congratulations, daddy-to-be.

Vivian: You and I have very good reasons for wanting andre dead, and you know damn well what they are. But if the police figure it out, we're--

Stefan: They won't figure it out. They'll never see us on that footage. I made sure of it.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Okay. I'll get this analyzed for prints. Roman's and anna's are probably already on it. Maybe the author's, but I doubt it. If they were careful enough to disguise their handwriting, probably careful enough to wear gloves, huh? John.

John: Oh, I'm sorry. What was that?

Steve: Something bothering you?

John: No, no. Just--just thinking.

Steve: Okay. So nothing about the letter or the envelope rang a bell with anna?

John: No, anna doesn't have any idea how or when that letter was placed in her purse.

Steve: Yeah, well, I'll get to the bottom of it. You can count on me.

John: I know I can, steve.

Anna: Roman, I appreciate everything you're doing for me, but I can't help but be a nervous wreck. And maybe it's because carrying tony's ashes around with me was somehow reassuring. But now... oh, god, I wish I'd never gone--

Roman: Anna. You need to get your mind off that night, okay? All right, now, I need to check in with john, see if he and steve learned anything.

Anna: Steve? You told steve too?

Roman: No, I didn't, but I gave john permission to consult with steve. They're partners.

Anna: But you--do you know what you've done? Steve and kayla think I'm nuts. I mean, I shot steve in prague. And you saw how they were with me when I tried to hire steve to go after stefano. He's gonna take one look at that letter. He's going to think I wanted revenge on andre.

Roman: [Sighs] Anna, steve is a professional. I hired him and john to do a job. They're gonna find out who sent that letter. Everything else you told me will remain secret.

[Door closes]

Kate: There you are, anna. I thought you'd be in jail by now.

Roman: Kate, sorry to hear about andre.

Kate: Oh, yeah, I'm sure you are. I'm sure you are. Now we're just waiting for that autopsy to be finished, right? But I think we know what happened. I think we know that andre died as a result of having his head bashed in with tony's urn. Does that sound about right, anna?

Eli: That wasn't long after andre fired gabi.

Rafe: Well, kate was gabi's biggest ally. She had to have been upset about what andre did.

Eli: It looked like he was trying to calm her down too.

Rafe: Well, it looks like he didn'T. All right, we need to talk to her. We need to figure out what else was going on, if anything besides that. Okay.

[Tense music] Son of A... I knew it. I knew that she and roman were lying, and now-- now I've got proof.

John: Listen, partner, I'm gonna have to catch you later. There's something I got to take care of.

Steve: Yeah, okay. I'll hit you up as soon as I get word on the handwriting analysis and prints.

John: Sounds good.

Steve: Hey, john.

John: Yeah.

[Stirring music]

Steve: I really appreciate you having faith in me.

John: What are you talking about?

Steve: Anyone else might have dumped me over this. I only had one good eye to begin with, and now that one's going bad, so...

John: Not your fault, man.

Steve: Well, I just want you to know I really like working with you. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Anna: I don't know what you're implying.

Kate: I'm not implying anything. I'm stating it outright. You murdered my husband.

Anna: That's not true.

Roman: Kate, I know you're upset.

Kate: Oh, no, no. I'm beyond upset. My husband was brutally murdered, roman. My last time with him was ruined by this lunatic, who came up and told him he was going to get what he deserved.

Anna: I didn't do it.

Roman: Anna was with me the entire night.

Kate: Don't, don'T. I don't want to hear it. I don't believe a single word that comes out of your mouth. Everyone knew that anna carried around that urn everywhere she went. She never took her eyes off it. And where does it end up? In andre's office, next to his dead body. So could either of you give me an answer for that? No, I didn't think so. So, anna, now you're going to get exactly what you deserve.

Rafe: So you were right. Roman lied. We got anna on tape going into andre's office.

Eli: Alone.

Hope: Why am I not surprised?

Eli: Well, let's see how long she was in there.

Hope: That was abrupt.

Eli: Wait, hold on.

[Suspenseful music]

Nothing after 9:48 P.M.

Rafe: It looks like we need to talk to stefan.

Hope: You think? We may not have everything, but we have anna at the crime scene with the murder weapon and proof that she lied to us.

Rafe: Yup, anna dimera's been handed to us in a nice, neat little package. Maybe too neat.

John: We're going to need another dose. Well, he may be naive, but no, I don't think it's crossed his mind that he's being poisoned by his best friend.

Steve: Can't read a damn word.


Jj: Hey, perfect timing. I was just leaving. Hey, gabi, I'm sorry about your job.

Gabi: Oh, don'T. Please don'T. You need to be happy about the baby.

Jj: You told her?

Gabi: She did. I'm just so excited, so happy for the both of you.

Jj: I was just telling hope, like, how great it is that you're telling people.

Gabi: Yeah, it makes it more real. Wait till lani's showing. It's gonna be even more real.

Jj: Oh, I can't wait for that. Come here.

Gabi: One of the sweetest moments of my life, if not the sweetest, was the first time ari kicked inside of me.

Jj: How far along were you? I think--I don't know. I forget. Four or five months? But when it happens to you guys, you're going to go crazy.

Jj: Like I said, just telling people and you talking about your own pregnancy, it's made it seem real. It's been a long time since I loved reality. Well, I do now.

Vivian: How can you be so sure the police won't figure it out when they have all the footage?

Stefan: Because I had the security cameras shut down before either of us did anything we need to worry about. So relax. The salem pd will never connect us to what happened to andre.

Roman: Kate, look. Leave it alone, okay? I know you're grieving, all right? But just back off. And you don't need to answer any more questions. She did not kill andre.

Anna: Roman?

Hope: I thought I'd find you two together. We need you to come down to the station with us.

Anna: What?

Roman: What's going on here?

Hope: Damn it, roman. We have proof that you lied to us. You need to come down to the station as well. Read them their rights.

[Intense music]

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