Days Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/24/18


Episode #13196 ~ Roman lies to protect a loved one; Sonny confronts Brady about overhearing him confess to murder; despite his reservations, Paul bonds with Will; Kayla worries about Steve's health.

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Steve: Ahh.

Kayla: Seriously.

John: Yeah. So what do you say, partner? Ready for another round?

Steve: I'm all in.

John: Here we go.

Kayla: You two, honestly.

Steve: Hey, hey, so what, do you think that maybe it is the booze causing my symptoms? Hmm?

Kayla: No, I think probably if you got some glasses and got your vision corrected, you would st being dizzy.

Steve: You hear that, buddy?

John: What's that?

Steve: You're off the hook. You're not the cause of my problems after all.

John: Good to know.

Steve: Oh, I need a nap.

Will: No, that's okay. Don't get the door. I'll get it.

Paul: You're--you're really moving in here?

Will: My cousin, eli, said that he had an empty room for rent so... here I am.

Paul: You can't do this.

Will: Why not?

Paul: You know why, because of sonny.

Brady: Like you give a damn about andre.

Sonny: I don't, but I do give a damn that someone bashed his head in, and we don't know who that someone is. Or maybe you do.

Brady: No. No idea.

Sonny: What about you, eve?

Eve: No. No idea at all.

Brady: I'll tell you, but you have to swear not to say anything to nobody.

Eve: Just get it--

Brady: Yes, I did it. I killed andre dimera.

Sonny: I think you're both lying.

Roman: Hey.

Anna: Oh, roman, thank you. Thank you for coming.

Roman: Yeah. How are you holding up?

Anna: I don't know. I don't know. I just--I just left carrie a message. I don't know what I'll do if she can't come. And it seems like rafe is determined to pin andre's murder on me. You'll help me, won't you?

Roman: I will. But, anna.

Anna: Mm-hmm?

Roman: You need to tell me the truth. Did you kill andre?

Hope: I hate that roman's letting himself get pulled into anna's mess.

Rafe: Not to mention a murder investigation.

Hope: I know it's early, but from all reports, anna was still carrying the urn with tony's ashes everywhere she went.

Rafe: Which she would not let anyone touch.

Hope: If it turns out that the murder weapon that killed andre in fact was tony's urn, then I can't imagine anyone being the killer but anna.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: I need to know, anna. Did you kill andre dimera?

Anna: You should go.

Roman: I'm not going anywhere. I want to help you, but the only way I can do that is if you tell me the truth.

Steve: Get back over here, john.

John: On my way, mate. There you go. Now, this--this blurry vision is just that, right? Blurry vision?

Kayla: Like I said, I think steve needs glasses.

Steve: You heard my wife.

John: [Laughs] Well, then for the rest that ails you, I'm gonna have to prescribe 10 cc's of this 30-year-old scotch.

Steve: Ooh. Well, I guess I better take my medicine. What? Doctor's orders.

John: Down the hatch, mate.

Steve: Ahh! Oh.

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[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: You know, john, i think I'm gonna go on record by saying that you are a bad influence and you're poisoning my husband.

Steve: Hey, hey. Come on, sweetness, don't be so hard on him. This dude is the best friend a man could ever have. I mean, he's loyal, generous... all that.

Kayla: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna argue with that. You know, I just want to go on record as saying I think you're gonna be adorable with glasses.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Kayla: I do.

Steve: You think so?

Kayla: Well, I already think you're adorable but, you know.

Steve: Hey, do you think they'll give us half off because I only need one lens?

Kayla: [Laughs] I'll look into it.

John: I can't do this. Listen, you two, there's something I need to tell you.

Steve: What?

Marlena: John, kayla, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Kayla: No mind, what's up?

John: Hey, doc, what's going on?

Marlena: Did you hear the news?

John: What?

Marlena: Andre... has been murdered.

Kayla: What? When?

Marlena: Last night in his office. He was-- he--he was bludgeoned to death.

Steve: Do they know who did it?

Kayla: My god.

Marlena: They've taken anna in for questioning.

Roman: Okay, back at the pub before hope and rafe showed up, you said you needed to confess something.

Anna: I did.

Roman: Okay. All right, now I know you had the urn with tony's remains in your possession yesterday. The police are pretty damn certain that urn was the murder weapon. Do you know how it ended up in andre's office?

Anna: Yes.

Will: You're welcome to come inside, but you're gonna have to grab a box first.

Paul: I'm not coming inside of your room.

Will: Okay, so you're just gonna stand out here and judge me then? Are--are you the martin house hall monitor?

Paul: What, is this a joke to you?

Will: I need a place to stay and eli offered one. Why is that a problem?

Paul: I already told you why. Because I live here and sonny is going to assume that--that you moved in just to get close to me.

Will: Okay. What if I did?

Brady: You think that we know something about andre's murder?

Sonny: I heard you, brady. I was outside the door. It's not like you were trying to hide it very well.

Eve: Why don't you just tell him? You gonna tell him?

Brady: No, I mean, why-- why should I? He seems to know everything already.

Sonny: Yeah, I do. You went over there to stop the launch of gabi chic ipo. You and andre got into a fight and you bashed him in the head. You might as well come clean, brady.

Kayla: The police think that anna killed andre?

Marlena: Well, the murder weapon was a blunt object... an urn.

Steve: Oh, man.

John: What is it?

Steve: Well, the other day roman and anna decided to join us for lunch, and when she sat down, she put her guest on the table.

John: What do you mean, her guest?

Kayla: Tony's remains. They were in an urn.

Marlena: Roman's been concerned about her state of mind, so he asked me to talk to her, well, about this vengeance she has towards stefano still and also the fact she's carrying around tony's ashes in the urn.

Kayla: Well, did you talk to her?

Marlena: I tried. She was very defensive.

Kayla: I need to call roman.

Marlena: That's a good idea. I know he certainly cares about her, and if--if she's in trouble, I imagine he will do all he can to help.

Hope: Roman's been in there a long time.

Rafe: That actually might be a good thing.

Hope: How do you figure that?

Rafe: Well, anna asked for an attorney.

Hope: Yeah, she requested carrie who is in zurich.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. So we can't question her without an attorney present. Maybe roman's finally getting some answers out of her.

Anna: I-- I was in andre's office yesterday.

Roman: Why? Anna, it's okay. It's okay. You can trust me. You know that.

Anna: I do.

Roman: Okay, all right. Just take your time, tell me everything that happened.

Anna: Okay, okay. It all started when I received this letter.

Roman: What letter?

Kayla: All right, just-- roman, call me when you get this message, okay? Okay, bye.


Steve: He'll call back, baby.

Kayla: Well, you know what? Neither one of us thought it was a good idea for him to get involved with anna again. But he is the one that insisted that she was good for him.

Marlena: I brought will in earlier today to talk to roman about a job. He was preoccupied. If only I'd known. What's going on with you? What's on your mind?

John: Oh, nothing for you to worry about, doc. Roman, I'm sure he's gonna be fine, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give hope a call, see where she stands on this investigation, okay?

Marlena: Thank you.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: You know, when you're in town, everybody feels a little bit safer.

John: That's all I want, keep the people I care about safe.

Marlena: Good. We should talk about paul.

John: Why, is there a problem?

Marlena: Nope, no. Everything is fine. But will is considering taking a room at the martin house. And I think it's because he wants to be near your son.

Paul: If you--if you think that just by moving down the hall from me you're--

Will: Paul, relax. I didn't move in here just to be close to you.

Paul: Oh, no, you said--

Will: Yeah, I was--well, i was playing with you. Look, I can't live with marlena anymore. Don't get me wrong. She's the--she's the world's coolest grandmother. But I need--I need my own space, and this place is really affordable. I don't have a job, paul, and I don't want to rely on my family for money.

Paul: Okay, I respect that. I respect that, but--

Will: But? But what? You don't believe that I could choose this place because it's a great location at the right price? Is it that hard for you to accept that not everything is about you, paul?

Paul: Okay, you know what? Let's just stop with the jokes, will, okay? I know that you broke up with sonny because you were feeling something for me.

Will: True.

Paul: All right, good. Good. So--so we can--we can be honest?

Will: Yeah, we can be honest. And honestly, I did not move in here because you live here. But I definitely don't mind that you do.

Sonny: I can't believe how reckless you were.

Eve: Okay, you have no idea what you're even talking about here, sonny.

Brady: No, eve, eve, eve. It's okay. It's okay. I'm not gonna hide it. Yes, sonny, I did it. I killed andre, okay?

Sonny: [Sighs] What were you thinking? I have spent every waking moment trying to rebuild the reputation of titan, and you go off and kill someone!

Brady: I'm sorry that's gonna make your job a little tougher as ceo of titan, but what can I say? It happened.

Sonny: Nothing! You can't say anything. That is why uncle vic didn't put you in charge. You know why? Because you're an addict and a hothead. And every single person around you enables you, including uncle vic and your dad and especially her!

Eve: Hey! Don't bring me into this, sonny.

Sonny: Are you gonna protect him? Because I'm not gonna do it. I have worked way too hard to have what I have and I'm not gonna risk losing it because of you, brady. I'm telling you right now, I will not have your back.

Brady: I don't need you to have my back, and I'm not gonna let someone else take the responsibility for what I did.

Sonny: Great, so you're gonna turn yourself in.

Brady: Like I said, I'll take responsibility for it. If you want to make the call, make the call.

[Telephone rings]

Sonny: Commissioner brady, please. Yeah, I can wait. What the hell are you doing?

[Cell phone beeps off]

Brady: You--you are so weak. You're so gullible. You're so... weak. The dumbest mistake that victor ever made was to put you in charge of titan. And sooner or later, everybody, including victor, is gonna know it.

Anna: Do you understand now?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

[Door opens]

Rafe: Everything okay in here?

Roman: Yeah, yeah. We're okay.

Hope: Yeah? Anything we should know?

Roman: Well, I know this murder investigation is a very difficult one, so you know what? I think I can clear some things up right now.

Hope: What is it about the murder you think you can clear up?

Roman: Well... anna could not have killed andre dimera because she's been with me since yesterday afternoon.

Hope: She's been with you? The entire time?

Roman: Never out of my sight for longer than a minute.

Hope: Why are you lying?

Brady: Word of advice. Next time you eavesdrop, you might want to stick around for the whole conversation.

Sonny: What the hell are you talking about?

Brady: When I told eve that i murdered andre, I was joking.

Sonny: You were joking?

Eve: Well, more accurately, he was just testing me, okay?

Brady: Yeah, I was--I was curious to see how much she thought I was capable of.

Eve: Really, I have to admit, at first, I kind of believed him, but I wasn't willing to call the cops just now like you were.

Brady: I was nowhere near the dimera offices the night of andre's murder. I have several alibis or I can just save 'em for the cops.

Sonny: I don't believe a word you say.

Brady: Okay, find. Here, why don't you call hope? Do it. I'm not gonna stop you. But I will warn you. You're gonna end up looking like a bigger loser than you already are.

Will: I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable again. But you asked for honesty. I told you, I'm-- I'm very attracted to you. And I feel a connection to you, and I think that you feel it, too.

Paul: [Stammers] I don't want to do this right now.

Will: Well, I don't want to hide my feelings anymore. You know what my life was like in memphis when I thought I was ej. Years wasted pretending I was straight.

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, it sucks trying to be something you're not. It eats away at you.

Will: I tried with sonny. I did. But he wants too much from me. With you, I feel I can be who I am. My mom gave me this journal, and she said flip to a blank page, start writing the story of your new life in salem one day at a time.

Paul: Is sonny in that story?

Will: No. And you're not in it either because you're still in love with him.

Paul: And how do you know that?

Will: [Laughs] Because he's the first thing you thought of when you saw me moving in here. That's fine. That's okay. But we're gonna be neighbors... and I'd like it if we could be friends.

Paul: Ooh. What do you got in here, a weight set?

Will: Come on. Oh, here, let me-- wait, let me-- I got--oh! Oh.

Paul: Sorry.

Will: Did I mention that I was clumsy?

Paul: This is a-- it's a photo album. A wedding album. It's yours and sonny'S.

John: Well, paul is a long way from getting over sonny.

Marlena: And will doesn't know who he is or what he wants. Why are you so distracted?

John: Oh, sorry, sorry. Just... a lot going on right now. That's all.

Marlena: Sure. Okay. Kayla, any word from roman yet?

Kayla: No, he's not calling me back.

John: I'll give hope a call right now.

Steve: Oh.

Marlena: Steve!

Kayla: Steve, take it easy. Here sit dowN. Sit down.

Marlena: Easy, easy.

Steve: [Groans]

Kayla: It's okay.

Roman: Hope, I'm not lying. We've been together since yesterday afternoon.

Hope: And is there any reason you're just mentioning this now?

Roman: Never gave me a chance. Told me to stay out of it.

Rafe: Roman...

[Clears throat] You mind if we have a word outside?

Roman: Sure. Be okay, right?

Hope: You're lucky to have someone like roman on your side.

Anna: [Laughs] I know I am.

Hope: Then don't do this to him. Anna, if you really care about roman, don't let him do this.

Roman: Come on, you know the evidence you have against anna is circumstantial at best. No definitive proof.

Hope: Yet.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Roman: You gonna charge her?

Hope: Not at the moment.

Roman: Okay, then I'm gonna get her out of here.

Hope: If you're intent on sticking to this story, I'm gonna need a formal statement from you.

Roman: Let's write it up. I will sign whatever you need me to sign.

Sonny: You think andre's murder is a joke? A man is dead.

Brady: A man is dead. Stop pretending like you care about andre dimera.

Sonny: I don't, but I care about protecting this family.

Eve: Hmm, you have a strange way of showing it.

Sonny: Hey, eve, stay out of it!

Eve: Hey, I'm a member of this family and this company now whether you like it or not, sonny.

Sonny: Being married to deimos for, what, five minutes doesn't make you a member of this family.

Eve: Well, at least I'm keeping my eye on the ball. Maybe you should try doing a little bit more business than lurking behind closed doors.

Brady: That's nothing new. Sonny's always lacked focus.

Sonny: No, I have plenty of focus, believe me.

Brady: Oh, really? You're not distracted at all by your little will scenario?

Sonny: It's none of your business.

Brady: Oh, now you're gonna respect privacy? You call me a hothead, yet you've allowed your emotions to cloud your judgment, sonny.

Sonny: What are you even talking about?

Brady: What am i talking about? You could have had a great marriage with paul, but you decided to throw it all away so you could have one last chance with will. Will who has not only dumped you, but wants nothing to do with you at all.

Will: Yeah, sonny asked me to look at the wedding photos.

Paul: I never got one of those with sonny.

Will: Because I came back and ruined everything. Honesty, right?

Paul: [Chuckles] Yes. You ruined everything.

[Laughs] So what did you think about the album?

Will: You know, a nice wedding, not that I remember any of it. So... now that sonny and I aren't happening, are--are you gonna try and get back with him?

Paul: [Sighs] Sonny chose you. I'M... not interested in being somebody else's second choice.

Will: Good for you. I-- you deserve someone who will always put you first.

Paul: So what do you-- what do you have in all these boxes anyway?

Will: Just some stuff that sami--that my mom saved for me. She put it all together before she went back to europe.

Paul: Oh. A lot of memories.

Will: And yet, none of them are mine. I mean, it feels like I'm kind of looking at someone else's things.

Paul: And you don't feel anything about them? I mean-- I mean, you should feel something about them, right? It's still up there somewhere in your head, right?

Will: I don't know. I mean... who still has cds? And tokyo fab? Who the hell are they?

Paul: Wait, wait, wait, tokyo fab. They kick ass.

Kayla: Are you dizzy again?

Steve: It's passed. I'm fine.

Kayla: Well, you don't seem fine.

Steve: Come on, baby, you just examined me. You gave me a clean bill of health, didn't you?

Kayla: He's been having some dizzy spells and blurry vision.

Steve: Yeah! And then my buddy here prescribed a big dose of 30-year-old scotch, right?

John: Yeah. You feeling better, pal?

Steve: Yeah, I'm good. Yeah. But maybe you're the one we should be worrying about.

John: Yeah, why me?

Steve: I mean, what's with that guilty look on your face?

Diabetes can be

a daily struggle,

Marlena: Why would john feel guilty?

John: No, he's right, doc. I do feel guilty. I have been goading steve into drinking more than, obviously, he can handle.

Steve: What? I can handle plenty.

John: Oh, come on.

Kayla: Are you sure about that?

Steve: Yes, I'm sure. Tomorrow I'm gonna go see that eye doctor, and I will have no trouble seeing john black passed out on the floor when I drink him under the table.

John: Sounds like you're throwing down the gauntlet here, is that what you're doing?

Marlena: Hey, wait, your friend is having a little fainting spell here and you want to challenge him to a drinking contest?

John: Doc, what am I supposed to do? He's challenging me. Let's listen to him.

Kayla: This is why we are never gonna have peace in this world, because men are their own worst enemies.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: And... with an enemy like him, who needs friends, right?

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: [Laughs]

Sonny: You have the nerve to attack my relationship with will when you're with her?

Eve: Hey, well, what is that supposed to mean, sonny? Huh?

Sonny: How many rich guys have you screwed over for their cash?

Brady: Wow, personal insults, that's all you have left since losing your grip at titan.

Sonny: You know, for the longest time I actually thought you supported me, that you actually cared about what happens to this family and what's good for the company. But all you cared about was that ceo position.

Brady: And I deserved it.

Sonny: Well, uncle vic doesn't think so. And why should he? You disappoint him. You continue to let him down. How many times have you fallen off the wagon?

Eve: You know what? He's sober now, sonny.

Sonny: And how long's that gonna last? Every single person used to think theresa dragged you down.

Brady: Oh.

Sonny: I'm actually starting to think it's the other way around.

Eve: Don't bring my sister into all of this, okay?

Sonny: If you were smart, you would follow your sister's footsteps and stay the hell away from him.

Brady: Eve's a big girl. She knows what she's doing.

Sonny: Do you? Do you really? You don't see what's going on here? It isn't obvious to you that he's using you? It's only a matter of time until you feel sorry that you ever got in bed with this guy.

Will: What was that?

Paul: That was tokyo fab. They're a beatles heavy metal cover band.

Will: Were they--were they-- were they singing in japanese?

Paul: Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm--my mom's a japanese american and I grew up checking out japanese bands, and that is my absolute favorite. I used to have the stadium announcer play it while I was warming up for games.

Will: Wait, what song?

Paul: "The fool on the hill."

[Laughs] Yeah, it was sort of my little secret.

Will: Oh, because of the--the pitcher's mound is called the hill.

Paul: Yeah, you know, and-- and I just-- I felt like a fool and a fraud up there pretending to be a ladies' man.


Will: Well, I mean, I guess I got a new favorite band.

Paul: Yeah, I got-- got tickets to see them in a few weeks in chicago.

Will: You were gonna go with sonny?

Paul: Yeah, that was the plan, but you know, sonny-- sonny hates them.

Will: You know what's weird? When I was listening, I swear I could remember the lyrics. Did I speak japanese?

Paul: [Laughs] No, no.

[Laughter] No, I don't think you did, but... music--I mean, music stays with you.

Will: I gotta listen to every song now.

Paul: Yeah. Well, hey, I've got a bootleg of a live show they did in a tokyo subway station. I'll give it to you.

Will: Okay. Is it on vinyl? Eight-track?

Paul: [Laughs] No. No, it's on mp3. I'll get you one on a flash drive.

Will: Okay. Well, I know where to find you. Neighbor.

Paul: Friends?

Roman: All right, I'll grab you a bowl of chowder and then you can rest.

Anna: Roman.

Roman: Yeah?

Anna: You lied for me back there are the station. Why?

Roman: I'm trying to buy us some time so we can learn more about this letter, starting with who wrote it.

Anna: I told you I found it in my purse after I left here after our argument.

Roman: Okay. Do me a favor. All right, open that up, read it out loud, all right. I want to listen to every single word.

Anna: Okay. "Dear anna, you don't know me but I thought it would interest you to know that andre dimera killed your beloved tony. He was at university hospital the night tony died. Don't you think he should pay for that?"

Roman: Okay. Obviously, unsigned. All right, whoever wrote this knew you wanted revenge for tony's death, but who--who would benefit from you going after andre?

Eve: Okay, picking a fight with sonny just now probably wasn't the greatest idea.

Brady: Nah. He asked for it.

Eve: Maybe, but not a winning strategy.

Brady: What'd you think about what he said?

Eve: Well, he said a lot of things.

Brady: About me using you.

Eve: That, yeah.

Brady: Thought I saw a little doubt in your eye. Sort of like the doubt I saw when I told you I'd murdered andre.

Eve: Those two things have nothing to do with one another. I'm fully aware of what you're capable of, brady. And I trust that what we have is real.

Brady: You didn't tell him--

Eve: Hmm.

Brady: You didn't tell him that I was drinking again.

Eve: It's none of his damn business. Nothing can divide us now. You understand?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Eve: It's never been more clear who our real enemies are.

Brady: Sonny and victor.

Eve: Right. And this whole company is gonna be ours.

Brady: You know, sonny lost will.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Now we're gonna make sure he loses everything else.

Will: Today I made

a new friend.

His name is paul.

Marlena: Are you worried about steve?

John: Worried? No, not really.

Marlena: You know, for a moment there I thought it might be something really serious.

John: No, he'll be all right. He's one of the toughest guys I know.

Marlena: Yeah, I think he'll be fine, and--and kayla said it was just a vision problem. At least that was her diagnosis. So I'm sure he'll get some glasses and he'll be right as rain.

Steve: Baby, you know, you're making me nervous the way you keep staring at me like that.

Kayla: Well, you know what? Maybe we should just go get you checked out now. You know, just to be safe.

Steve: I told you I'd go to the eye doctor tomorrow.

Kayla: Yeah, well, in the meantime, maybe you should stop all this drinking.

Steve: Come on. Booze isn't gonna kill me. You're not getting rid of me that easy.

Kayla: Oh, don't I know that.

[Giggles] Why hasn't my brother called me?

Steve: I'm sure he has a good reason.

Kayla: Yeah, like he's busy off with some woman who just might be a murderer.

Rafe: Well, we'll do our best to protect roman, but I hope for his sake he's telling the truth.

Hope: Yeah. Right now, all the signs point to anna dimera as the one who killed andre. And roman's protecting her.

Anna: Roman, I have no idea who would write me a letter like that.

Roman: But don't you agree that they were trying to provoke you into hurting andre?

Anna: Yes. And I did just that.

Roman: Whoa. Don't say another word about that, all right. Not to anybody, okay? Not till we figure out who wrote this letter and why. You got that? Okay.

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