Days Transcript Tuesday 1/23/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/23/18


Episode #13195 ~ Hope urges Roman not to get involved in the investigation; Will talks to Marlena about Paul; Sonny overhears an incriminating conversation between Brady and Eve; Steve's dizzy spells continue and the shocking source of the problem is revealed.

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Will: Wait a minute. So stefano really kept you in a giant bird cage?

Marlena: Oh, I didn't-- please, please. But the important thing is that, um, john found me.

John: Yeah, I found her.

Marlena: He always does.

Will: Wow, well, you sound like quite the hero. Hey.

John: Hey.

Will: Uh, your dad and marlena were just filling me in on some of the more interesting parts of their history. Do you wanna--wanna join?

Paul: No, sorry, I can'T. Uh, dad, you and I have to meet with steve. Black patch business.

John: Yeah, it's that time again. Gotta run, sweetheart.

Marlena: Mm.

John: See ya. See ya around, will.

Will: Ah, see you.

John: Yeah.

Will: It's good to see you, paul.

Kayla: Hello, my lovie.

Steve: Oh, hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Steve: Whoa. Still making my heart flutter.

Kayla: Ha, hey, mine fluttered too.

Steve: But I thought we were gonna hang after my meeting wrapped up.

Kayla: Well, I got done with work early and I wanted to get a bite, but I promise you I--I'll stay out of the way.

Steve: You're never in my way, sweetness.

Kayla: Oh. What are you reading?

Steve: Just a spectator.

Kayla: Anything interesting?

Steve: Uhh-- [Sighs] No. Slow news day.

Brady: That's weird.

Eve: What?

Brady: Apparently, gabi and andre were no-shows at the gabby chic pre-launch event.

Eve: Oh.

Sonny: You haven't heard?

Eve: Heard what?

Sonny: Andre dimera is dead.

[Dramatic music]

Roman: Andre was murdered? When?

Hope: Sometime last night. He was found in his office at dimera enterprises early this morning.

Anna: Dear lord.

Rafe: He was bludgeoned to death.

Roman: Why are you looking at anna like that?

Hope: She's a person of interest.

Roman: Oh, come on, she's a suspect she wouldn't be here.

Hope: We need to question her. Would you mind coming down to the station with us?

Roman: Oh, come on. Anna had nothing to do with andre's death. All right? Right, anna?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Anna: Of course I had nothing to do with andre's murder. Why would you even think that?

Rafe: Well, we should discuss this in private down at the station.

Roman: Wait, hang on a second, hang on.

Rafe: Well, if she's got nothing to hide then she should have nothing to worry about, right?

Anna: Oh, I assume you wanna do this now?

Rafe: That would be best, yeah.

Roman: Okay, look, I will be down there as soon as we close. Okay?

Hope: I'm right behind you.

Roman: Uh, look, it's not busy anyway, so she's gonna need my--

Hope: No, no, wait. Just stop. Think about what you're doing. Are you sure you wanna be involved in anna's mess?

Eve: Um, how do you even know this, sonny?

Sonny: I heard about it in the car on the way home from the airport. Apparently, andre was murdered last night in the dimera offices.

Brady: Do the police have any suspects?

Sonny: None were mentioned, but the dimeras do have a long list of enemies, obviously. Is uncle vic around? I need to update him on the london deal.

Eve: Um, n-no. He and, um, maggie, they--they went to lunch.

Brady: You know, sonny, I'm surprised you got any work done in london at all. Thought for sure you'd be licking your wounds from being dumped by your husband.

Sonny: Unlike some people, I'm able to keep my personal life from interfering with my work. That is why uncle vic put me in charge.

Brady: Such a smug son of a bitch, isn't he? You know what's gonna happen? Will is gonna be seen with some other guy, he's gonna find out about it and it's--he's gonna--

Eve: Brady.

Brady: He's gonna fall apart, he's gonna bring titan right back down.

Eve: Brady. Brady!

Brady: You believe how--

Eve: Brady, shut up! Shut up.

Brady: What?

Eve: And you tell me what you did to andre dimera. Next time, I want you on my bowling team.

Marlena: You've been mighty quiet since john and paul left.

Will: [Sighs] Yeah. Just kinda bummed that paul and I can't be friends.

Marlena: I know that you felt a connection with him.

Will: Yeah, I--I did. There was an easiness with paul that I haven't found with a lot of people. Aside from you. Obviously.

Marlena: Hm. Is that what you're looking for? Friendship?

Will: [Sighs] Well, as you know, I am attracted to him. And I think that's why he feels so uncomfortable around me. And that's also why I had to break up with sonny. You know, I can't stay married to him when... I have these feelings for somebody else.

Marlena: I know that was a very difficult decision for you.

Will: Yeah, it was. Sonny's a great guy. But I--I--you know, I don't remember my life with him. And because of that, I don't have, like, a real connection with him. And instead I'M...

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: You're what?

Will: All I'm doing is thinking about paul. You know, wishing that there was some way to--to make him feel the same way about me. Do you think that there is a way? Is there something, maybe, that you could tell me that would, you know, help me get him to wanna be with me?

Marlena: Since you've asked my advice, I will give it to you. You need to stay away from paul.

Paul: So the wife who thought her husband was plotting to kill her--

John: Just found out that he was buying her an island where they could both escape everywhere.


Kayla: Well, that's the happiest ending I've ever heard of.

Steve: They don't always turn out that way, do they?

John: Boy, don't we know it?

[Silverware clatters]

Kayla: Oh. Let me get that.

Steve: No, no, no, no. Don't touch that dirty thing. I'll get you another one.


Kayla: Are you okay? Are you all right?

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: What's wrong?

Paul: Still having those dizzy spells?

Steve: Ah, what?

Kayla: What? What do you mean, still?

Steve: [Sighs] No, it's nothing. Look, I've just been a little... I've just been a little lightheaded lately. It's no big deal.

Kayla: Well, how many times has this happened?

Steve: Uhh, I don't know. Two, maybe three. It's not a big deal.

Kayla: You have any other symptoms?

Steve: My vision's been a little blurry, but... like I said, it's nothing to worry about.

Kayla: Oh, and that's why you didn't tell me because there's nothing to worry about.

Steve: No, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get all upset like you are right now about nothing.

Kayla: So the other day, when you didn't wanna read that menu, were you having a dizzy spell then?

Steve: Sweetness, I'm fine, okay?

Kayla: Okay. Well, in that case... read this.

Steve: Really, baby?


Roman: Hope, listen. I know the woman, all right? Pretty much better than anyone. And I guarantee you, she is not capable of murder.

Hope: Roman, you and I both know about her running around prague last year with a loaded weapon, looking for stefano. She actually ended up shooting steve.

Roman: That was an accident and you know that. And even if she had found stefano, I really believe she didn't have it in her to kill him.

Hope: You can't know that for sure.

Roman: All right, look. Let me ask you this, all right? What evidence do you have that implicates anna?

Hope: The murder weapon, for starters.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Does this look familiar to you?

Anna: Well... I like a martini as much as the next girl. Dry, with olives, by the way. But honestly, rafe, it's not even noon.

Rafe: I'd knock off the jokes if I were you. You could be in some serious trouble.

Anna: But I haven't done anything.

Rafe: Anna. I know it belongs to you. It was tony'S. And you carried it all over prague last year.

Anna: So?

Rafe: So, you care to explain to me how an object that you are never without was used in a murder that you know nothing about?

Crohn's disease.

Steve: Okay, so I can't read it right now. But I know why.

Kayla: Oh, well, please enlighten me, doctor johnson.

Steve: It's him, he's the reason.

John: Hey! What'd I do?

Steve: You got me so damn drunk the other night, I still haven't recovered.

Paul: Yeah, my dad, he can be a bad influence.

John: Hey.

Kayla: Yeah, I do recall you pushing drinks on my husband at that new year's eve party.

John: Come on, stop right there. Can I help it if my partner here can't hold his liquor anymore? You know, I think he's getting old.

Steve: Whoa-ho-ho. Them's fighting words, there, snowflake.

[Laughter] I'll tell you what, paul. Why don't you get us a round of shots, and we'll just see who's old.

Kayla: Seriously?

Steve: How about that?

Kayla: I thought that drinking supposedly was causing this problem.

Steve: No, I'm testing my hypothesis.

Kayla: This early in the day?

Steve: [Sighs] Oh, I don't know, it's gotta be 5:00 somewhere in the world. And besides, we wanna get to the bottom of this thing, don't we?

Kayla: Well, I don't think that a pre-lunch happy hour is really the best way to go about that.

Steve: Ah, baby, like I said, it's no big deal.

Kayla: Ah, let me be the judge of that.

Roman: Are you telling me that andre's head was bashed in with tony's urn?

Hope: Yeah. And his remains from the urn appear to have been scattered all over andre's office.

Roman: [Sighs] I can't believe this.

Hope: Or maybe you don't wanna believe it. Roman, you and I both know anna has been carrying that urn around with her for years. She never lets it out of her sight.

Roman: Yeah, but she took--

Hope: When was the last time you saw her with it?

Roman: [Sighs] You look great, as always.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Roman: So, what do you wanna do tonight? A movie? What?

Anna: Well, I'm up for anything except doug's place.

Roman: Really? Thought you liked the music.

Anna: Oh, the music was wonderful. It's just, running into andre kate was not. It just makes my blood boil.

Roman: Okay, let's eat here.

Anna: Tony's been dead all these years and that S.O.B. Lookalike is alive and well and living happily ever after with kate dimera.

Roman: She had it with her yesterday.

Hope: Do you know if she had plans to see andre?

Roman: If she did, she didn't tell me and I don't know why she would see him.

Hope: Maybe because she hated him that much.

Roman: Okay, listen, even if everything you say is true, it still doesn't mean anna killed him.

Hope: You gotta admit, even at this early stage, anna is looking pretty guilty.

Anna: Rafe, I honestly don't know how tony's urn ended up killing andre. Although, I do think there's a certain justice to it all after everything he did to tony and me.

Rafe: Yeah, that's right. That's correct, I understand that andre impersonated tony for quite a while. Well, it musta caused a lot of trouble for both of you.

Anna: [Sighs] You have no idea.

Rafe: [Chuckles] Yeah. Well, I imagine that's not something you get over easily, is it? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you were still angry at him after all these years.

Anna: Oh, you think you're very clever, don't you? Well, I will not let you trick me into incriminating myself.

Rafe: Anna... all I want is the truth.

Anna: The truth is I didn't kill andre.

Rafe: Well, then, how did tony's urn get into andre's office?

Anna: That's the burning question, isn't it?

Rafe: You're really saying you have no idea.

Anna: I-- that's exactly what I'm saying.

Rafe: Did you lose it? Did someone take it from you? Did you bring it into andre's office yourself? Anna... you gotta have something to say.

Anna: Actually, I do. And you better make sure your recorder thingy is getting this.

Rafe: Okay.

Anna: I want a lawyer.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: Ohh, I don't know what you have in mind, but, uh, maybe we should take this upstairs. I don't want victor and maggie walking in on us doing anything.

Eve: Answer the question, brady.

Brady: Why did you think i did anything to andre?

Eve: Well, because last night you said there was still time to stop andre from launching gabi chic's ipo. You said you even had an idea on how to stop him.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did.

Eve: Mm-hmm, and then you went out for a couple hours, got really smashed, you came back here completely full of yourself, right? Like you pulled off some big coup or something.

Brady: Wait, wait, is that what I said I did?

Eve: You didn't say anything. You just kissed me and we ended up in bed again.

Brady: Mm was it as good for you as it was for me? 'Cause I liked it.

Eve: Brady, stop it!

Brady: What, I--

Eve: Stop it, just tell me where you went and what you did.

Brady: I don't think I should. I don't wanna implicate you.

Eve: Impli--what--what-- implicate me in what? What are you--what are you-- what are you talking about, brady? Tell me! God, what did you do to andre dimera?

Brady: I was--I was-- I'll tell you, but you have to swear not to say anything. To nobody.

Eve: Just get it--

Brady: Yes, I did it! I killed andre dimera.

Kayla: Well, you don't have an ear infection.

Steve: And you said my pulse and my blood pressure are normal too, right?

Kayla: Well, it was a cursory exam at best. But no, I don't see anything wrong.

Steve: I told you.

Kayla: Mm.

Steve: Ohh. You keepin' up with me?

John: Ahh.

Paul: Okay, well, I can see that not much work is gonna be done here today.

Steve: Hey, hey, you can always join us.

Paul: Thanks, but I'm gonna take off. I hope that you plan on staying. Something tells me they are gonna to need a designated driver.

Kayla: Hm, right, yeah, okay. You know, I really think that you should make an appointment with an ophthalmologisT.

Steve: You just said I was fine.

Kayla: Well, you know, I think you might need glasses.

Steve: [Laughs] No way that's gonna happen.

Kayla: Well, would you rather just keep pretending that you can see the menu or what's on your tablet?

Steve: Do you have any idea how ridiculous I would look with glasses over my patch?

Kayla: Not as ridiculous as you're gonna look when you can't see where you're going and you fall flat on your face.

John: Ah, she's got a point there, dude, come on.

Steve: Traitor.

John: [Chuckles] No.

Steve: Okay, I'll go see the eye doctor if that'll make you feel better.

Kayla: No, the goal here is to make you feel better. Mm-hmm.

Steve: You already know how to do that, sweetness.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: Don't you?

Kayla: You know I do.

Steve: Come on, give me some sugar.

Kayla: [Laughs] So bad.

Steve: Mm. It works every time.

Kayla: Yeah, it does.

Steve: Mm. Ooh.

Will: Well, I was not expecting that response.

Marlena: I understand. I think the world of paul. He's still in love with sonny. And you probably won't listen to a thing I say.

Will: Let's just say I will take it under advisement.

Marlena: Oh.

Will: Um, besides, I got a lot of stuff, to deal with anyway, you know? Starting with finding a new place to live.

Marlena: Wait, wait, wait. You can stay with john and me as long as you want.

Will: I know and I appreciate that, but I think that... I should get out on my own.

Marlena: Can you afford to do that? I mean, you don't have a job yet, do you?

Will: No, um, I don'T. But, uh, sami--but my mom has been sending me some money, um, just till I find a gig.

Marlena: Oh. Have you been looking?

Will: Yes, I have. Um, surprisingly, there's not a huge market for out of work amnesiacs.

Marlena: [Laughs] Well, I'm not sure I would lead with that on my resume.

Will: Well... part of me feels like I have to.

Marlena: What? Why?

Will: Because I'm using this old resume that I found in the stuff that mom gave me. But I feel like a fraud when I'm listing skills and experiences that I don't even remember having.

Marlena: Oh. You were a bartender when you were living in memphis.

Will: Yeah, I was. I mean, it's the only thing i remember how to do.

Marlena: Well, I think we can make that work. In fact... I can think of a place where those skills might be very necessary and handy.

Hope: You know I have to follow this lead.

Roman: Course you do. You're too good a cop. You wouldn't be doing your job if you didn'T.

Hope: Roman... I really hope for your sake that anna is innocent. But you have to admit, ever since tony's death ten years ago, anna's been... unbalanced. You just might wanna think about... putting some distance between the two of you.

Roman: [Sighs] Hope, anna is a good woman, all right? Eccentric? Yeah, no doubt about it, okay? And she is going through a very, very complicated grief over tony. But when she lets that go-- and I'm trying to help her with that, all right-- when she lets that go, my god, she is fun, she's bright, she's kind--she really is a good person, hope.

Hope: Yeah, I'm sure she is. It's none of my business, really. I just--I don't wanna see you get hurt, that's all.

Roman: [Sighs]

Eve: You killed andre dimera?

Brady: Why are you shocked? Hey, I did what you wanted me to do.

Eve: What--what--excuse me?

Brady: Yeah, exactly what you wanted me.

Eve: I never--I--no.

Brady: Hey, eve, I saw how upset you were about losing gabi chic to countess W.

Eve: What?

Brady: So yeah, I went-- I went to see andre, i threatened the son of a bitch, I told him to drop gabi chic.

Eve: [Sighs]

Brady: Or I said that bad things would come to him, and he called my bluff. And we started shouting at each other and I-- I had no intention of killing the guy, but he got in my face and I got in his face and one thing led to another and it just happened, it happened.

Eve: Okay.

Brady: I can't take it back.

Eve: Okay, at least you're telling me that it was in self-defense, right?

Brady: Ehh--

Eve: What?

Brady: I don't know. Truth be told, I had some drinks before I went. I had some pops in the limo on the way back. What happened before was a little fuzzy.

Eve: I can't believe this! I-- [Sighs]

Brady: Look at me.

Brady: You... you have to promise me you're not gonna say anything to anybody. I want your word on it.

Both: Mm.

[Cell phone trilling]

Steve: Ahh.

John: I gotta take this.

Steve: Ahh, party pooper.

Kayla: How could you keep this from me? After everything that we've been through.

Steve: I'm sorry, baby, uh-- I guess it's just old habits rearing their ugly heads again. You know, I'm used to handling things on my own.

Kayla: Well, you need to get unused to it. You're not alone anymore. We are a team, remember that?

Steve: Mm. I remember that. And you are the best partner a man could ever ask for. You are the smartest, most dependable, strongest woman I've ever known. And you're the most beautiful.

Kayla: I think your vision's blurry again.

Steve: No, you're coming in crystal clear.

Kayla: Oh, really?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: I don't believe you.

Steve: Gimme some.

[Dramatic music]

Anna: I'm just not sure that once I tell you what I need to tell you that you will ever feel the same way about me again.

Roman: What do you need to tell me?

Anna: It's a confession, really. And it's one I need to make right here and right now.

Marlena: Roman?

Roman: Oh.

Marlena: Oh, sorry to startle you.

Roman: Oh, no, that's all right, it's all right, no problem.

Marlena: Gosh, you were a million miles away. Everything all right?

Roman: Yeah, well, a lot on my mind, that's all.

Marlena: Hm. About anna?

Roman: Why would you think that?

Marlena: Oh, I know that she was upset with you for having me talk to her. I was hoping she would understand it's because you care.

Roman: Yeah, I explained that to her, and she's good with it.

Marlena: Oh.

Will: Um, it seems like maybe this is a bad time.

Marlena: No, it's fine. Roman and I are always here for you, aren't we?

Roman: Yeah. Absolutely. Hey, will, yeah.

Marlena: Um, thing is, will and I have a proposition for you, that is, if you might need a bartender here.

Roman: You know what? I--I am sorry. Uh, can we talk about this later? Really, I need to take care of something, all right? Will, I promise you we will talk later, okay? Again, I'm sorry. Well, he seemed thrilled by the idea.

Eve: I can't believe that this is happening. This is such a mess.

Brady: Kind of is a mess, yeah.

Eve: Did you say kinda?

Brady: Yeah.

Eve: Kinda? Really? You just murdered a man. It's not kinda anything, brady.

Brady: Stop, stop, don't be--

Eve: It's horrific.

Brady: It's not horrific. Just calm down.

Eve: Calm down?! Don't you tell me to calm down! All right? When a person I know tells me that they murdered somebody, I'm not gonna calm down.

Brady: Okay, just calm down.

Eve: And you know what?

Brady: Just stop it, we--

Eve: To be clear here--

Brady: Yeah.

Eve: And you listen to me good.

Brady: Uh-huh.

Eve: I never once asked you to murder andre. Are we clear about that?

Brady: Yeah.

Eve: I never wanted him dead.

Brady: I'm clear about that.

Eve: Okay, good.

Brady: Just--just--just take it easy.

Eve: God.

Brady: What?

Eve: What? Oh, you killed a man, brady. And then you came back here last night and you-- we made--that's sick!

Brady: No, it's not, come on.

Eve: Do you know how sick that is?

Brady: No!

Eve: And I'm not gonna be your alibi. I'm not gonna lie for you, okay?

Brady: I don't need you to be my alibi.

Eve: Yeah, you need an alibi.

Brady: No, I don'T.

Eve: Yeah, why?

Brady: 'Cause I'm kidding.

Eve: What?

Brady: You really think I'd kill someone over a lost business deal? I didn't-- [Laughs] I didn't kill andre.

Eve: Oh, that's funny. Yeah, uh-huh.

Brady: No.

Eve: Why didn't you say that in the first place?

Brady: Well, you were--you were so convinced that I had done it and, uh, you know, I thought I'd play along. I mean, I'm actually offended that you thought I would do something as horrible as that. And you--oh, oh!

Eve: Damn you, brady!

Brady: Hey, no! I should be upset. Because, you know, I confess a murder to you and the first thing you think about is covering your own ass.

Eve: Well, excuse me if i have very keen survival instincts.

Brady: That you do have.

Eve: Okay, brady. If you didn't kill andre--

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Where did you go last night, hm?

Sonny: Hey, no, wait, paul, wait, wait.

Paul: No, I'm kinda in a hurry.

Sonny: Please, just give me two minutes, two minutes.

Paul: Okay, what is it?

Sonny: I just wanna-- I wanna tell you how sorry I am about the way I lashed out the last time we saw each otheR. Hey, I was hurt about will. I was angry and I took it out on you and you didn't deserve that.

Paul: You're right, I didn'T. But I get it. I know how it feels when the person you love doesn't wanna be with you. How are you doing now?

Sonny: I mean, I'm okay, I guess. You know, I just got back from london. I thought being out of town, i could clear my mind about everything that happened.

Paul: And did it?

Sonny: [Sighs] Not really, no. Anyway, I know that you don't wanna hear anything about this.

Paul: No, you're right, I don'T. But I meant what I said before. About wanting you to be happy, so... so if you're hurting, you can talk to me.

Sonny: There is something that's bothering me. And it's not about will. It's about your brother.

(Vo) more "doing chores for mom"

Rafe: Anna sure as hell clammed up fast when I asked her how that urn got in andre's office.

Hope: Did she say anything?

Rafe: Yeah. She wants a lawyer. She's on the phone now with carrie.

Hope: Oh, great. Even if carrie gets on the next flight out of zurich, it'll be a while, which means we won't be able to question anna until she gets here. What was your read on her?

Rafe: Well, nothing specific, outside of the fact that I think she's definitely hiding something.

Hope: Well, I think--I hope I was able to convince roman to steer clear of anna's situation.

Rafe: Evidently not.

Hope: Huh?

Rafe: Yeah.

Marlena: Roman is distracted, so let's just come talk to him tomorrow about this, okay?

Will: Okay. No rush. I mean, it's not like I have a bunch of other job offerings waiting in the wings. I guess, uh, in the meantime, I should focus on trying to find a place to live.

Marlena: Way ahead of you. I was thinking about that too, and so I just looked up a few little places. And let me show you what I've got. Now, the first place is a one bedroom, one bath and it has a gym in the building.

Will: Uh, I'll pass.

Marlena: Why?

Will: Um, it's ben weston's old building and I would rather not live in a place where I once died.

Marlena: Alrighty then. Okay, okay. How about this? One bedroom, one bath-- oh, never mind. It's where you live with your mom and dad.

Will: Oh, I wish I remembered that, um-- anyway, you know what? I--yeah, I think a fresh start is needed.

Marlena: Okay.

> Will: What about this place? Uh-huh, okay, one bed, one bath, community rooftop and deck. It's perfect.

Marlena: We both know it's not perfect.

Paul: Oh, he's up to his old tricks again, huh? What did brady do now?

Sonny: He, um-- you know, he's, uh, he's just being a jerk, you know?

Paul: What, so he's still ticked that you took the ceo position over him?

Sonny: Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't plotting a way to stab me in the back as we speak.

Paul: You want me to talk to him?

Sonny: No, no I don't wanna put you in the middle of it. I shouldn't have brought it up. I'm sorry.

Paul: No, no, it's--it's-- I mean, it's okay. It's kinda--it's kinda nice being your sounding board again.

Sonny: Well, uh, I should go. But it was really nice seeing you.

Paul: It was good to see you too.

Brady: I really was going to go threaten andre. Get him to dump gabi chic.

Eve: Oh?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Eve: And why didn't you?

Brady: Eh, I didn't get past the lobby. Security was tight.

Eve: Mm. Where'd you go instead?

Brady: Where'd I go instead? Uh, I went out, went out. Tied one on and came back here and thought I would get some of this.

Eve: And why didn't you just say that in the first place?

Brady: Well, I wasn't kidding about the fact that I didn't really remember what went on that night.

Eve: Hm, but you are sure you didn't kill andre.

Brady: Yeah, I'm positive

Eve: Well, you know what? I hate you for making me think that you did.

Brady: Well, I, uh, I hate you for thinking that I did it. Of course, now that you thought I did it... we know that you didn't do it. Right?

Eve: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Brady: What do you mean by that?

Eve: Maybe I was just quick to believe you to cover up the fact that I'm the one that really killed andre.

Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Brady: You are not capable of murder, I know that. Even though you don't have the same faith in me.

Eve: Aw, did I hurt your feeling?

Brady: My feeling? Yeah, you hurt my one little feeling. I thought we had trust with each other, that's the one thing i thought we had.

Eve: Oh, no.

Brady: And we don'T.

Sonny: Wow, you two seem awfully jolly. Considering a man was just brutally murdered.

Brady: Sonny, you don't give a damn about andre, we know that.

Sonny: I don'T. But I do give a damn that someone bashed his head in, and we don't know who that someone is. Or maybe you do.

Brady: Nope. I don'T.

Will: Hey, paul.

Paul: Uh, look, I don't mean to be rude, but I really don't have time to talk right now.

Will: Oh, I'm not here to see you.

Paul: Oh?

Will: Yeah, I'm just calling in a favor with my cousin eli.

Paul: Uh, what kind of favor?

Will: He agreed to rent me a room here. So it looks like you and I are going to be neighbors.

[Tablet chimes]

Marlena: "The plot thickens. Anna dimera, salem pd's prime suspect in the andre dimera murder, taken in for questioning." Oh. So that's where roman went.

[Sighs] Oh, anna. What have you gotten yourself into now?

Roman: Where is she?

Rafe: Interrogation room.

Hope: Calling carrie. But roman, roman.

Roman: Don't stop me, hope. I need to talk to her. Hey.

Anna: Oh, roman. Thank you, thank you for coming.

Roman: Yeah. How you holding up?

Anna: I don't know. I--I don't know, I just-- I just left carrie a message. I don't know what I'll do if she can't come. And it seems like rafe is determined to pin andre's murder on me. You'll help me, won't you?

Roman: I will. But anna.

Anna: Hm?

Roman: You need to tell me the truth. Did you kill andre?

Steve: Ahh, yeah!

Kayla: Seriously.

John: So what do you say, partner, ready for another round?

Steve: I'm all in.

John: Here we go.

Kayla: You two, honestly!

Steve: Hey, hey, so what? Do you think that maybe it is the booze causing my symptoms? Hm?

Kayla: No, I think probably, if you got some glasses and got your vision corrected, you would stop being dizzy.

Steve: You hear that, buddy?

John: What's that?

Steve: You're off the hook. You're not the cause of my problems, after all.

John: Good to know.

Steve: [Laughs]

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Mm, oh, I needed that.

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