Days Transcript Monday 1/22/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/22/18


Episode #13194 ~ Abigail stumbles onto a shocking development; Rafe finds an unusual murder weapon, which leads him and Hope to their first suspect; Gabi asks for Stefan's help; Vivian and Stefan conspire together.

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[Knock on door]

Abigail: Andre? Are you in here? Look, I wanted to talk to you about some-- [Gasps] Oh, my-- no. No... no.

[Intense percussive music]

[Papers rustling]

Hope: Hey. Morning.

Rafe: Morning. Hey. God's sake...I mean, I know as commissioner, paperwork paperwork overload is the norm. But do you have to bring it to bed with us?

Hope: No, no, no, no, no. This isn't work. This...this is personal. I'm planning a wedding.

[Clicking tongue]

Rafe: Oh. Well, in that case, keep it up.

Hope: We have to pick a date.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, can I tell you something first?

Hope: Sure. Yeah. What is it?

Rafe: Um... I love you.


Chad: Hey. How are you? I know you had a rough night last night.

Kate: Well, I think we both had a rough night last night.

Chad: Well, news of gabi getting fired is already out there.

Kate: How could andre do that? What was he thinking? How could he just fire gabi? How could he betray me like that?

Chad: I don't know, but there will be consequences.

Kate: Oh, there's no question of that.

Eli: Hey. There you are.

Gabi: Eli--

Eli: I've been trying to reach you since...last night. Gabi, what's wrong? What is it?

Vivian: We have to get our stories straight.

Stefan: It's shin. I need to call him back.

Vivian: Shin can wait. This is serious. How can you be so calm when everything's about to hit the fan!

Abigail: Oh, god, no. No. Please, be alive! Oh, my god, please be alive. Please, please, please, please. No, no! Andre, please! No! God.


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Roman: Anna, don't go. Let's talk about this.

Anna: There's nothing more to talk about, roman. This is just not going to work. But it's better that we know about it now, before anything got too serious...

Roman: Well, I'm sorry about that.

Anna: I am, too. Come on, tony, we're leaving. Roman?

Roman: Oh. Hey.


Eli: Gabi, please, tell me what's going on. Is it arianna? Did something happen?

Gabi: No, ari's fine. It's not her--

Eli: Then what's got you so upset?

Gabi: Well, you're gonna hear about it anyway, so I'd rather you hear it from me.

Eli: Hear what from you?

Gabi: That things didn't go quite as planned.

Kate: I should've known. I should've known it wasn't true. Andre loved me.

[Chuckling] I mean, he practically begged me to make our marriage a real one, which I did. I told him I loved him.

Chad: I'm sorry.

Kate: The whole time-- the whole time he was planning and plotting to stab gabi in the back and steal her company out from underneath her. I mean, he lied to me. He lied to me over and over and over again.

Chad: He lied to everybody.

Kate: I mean, what, did he really think that he could tell me that? That he could tell me that, and I would just sit back and forget about it, that i wasn't gonna--I was just gonna accept it?

Chad: I knew better than to trust him. But, you know, abby kept defending him, and because i love her and I trust her, i just, you know, I got--I got... it's not her fault, but I got sucked back into it again.

Kate: So... now what?

Chad: We regroup. Which feels impossible, I know. I can't imagine how much sleep you got last night.

Kate: I got, um, no sleep.

Chad: Why don't you go take a shower, change the clothes? And we'll figure out what our next game plan is.

Kate: I like that idea. There are going to be, uh... questions to be answered. With the reporters.

Chad: We'll be ready for them.

[Door closes] Yeah, I know. I did everything I could... to get this family business out of the gutter and put it back on its path to success. Andre' move, and it's-- all a sudden, it's unraveling. Yeah, I know. Yeah, you ruled with an iron fist--I get it. Now I have to do the same.

[Cell phone rings] Hey. What are you doing? Where are you? You got-- you left early this morning.

Abigail: Oh, my god. Chad, he--he's gone. He--he--he's gone! He doesn't have a pulse.

Chad: Wait. What? Who?

Abigail: I came and he--I-- he was--he doesn't have a heartbeat, and I came and he's just on the floor, and I don't-- I don't know.

Chad: What--what are you talking about?

Abigail: Your brother, andre! He's--he's dead, chad! I don't know. He's dead!

Chad: Stay there. I'm on my way.

[Abigail panting and gasping]

Anna: [Crying softly] How did that get in there? "Dear anna..." oh, my god!

Roman: Okay. Well, I'm sorry about that. Breakfast rush lasted a little longer than usual. Here.

Anna: Oh, don't apologize. You didn't even know I was going to show up.

Roman: Well, I'm glad you did. Guess you got my message last night.

Anna: No. I haven't even checked my phone. Things got a little crazy after we parted ways. In fact, there's something that I-- I really need to tell you.

Eli: Andre fired you from gabi chic before the ipo even launched?

Gabi: Yeah. Yes, he did.

Eli: How is he even allowed to do that?

Gabi: He says I violated some ethics loophole in my contract. That the seed money my father gave me to start gabi chic came from an illicit source.

Eli: Yeah, well, he's not gonna get away with it. All right? I don't know how, but I'll find a way to make him give you your company back.

Gabi: You can't do that, eli.

Eli: I can't do--the hell I can't! I'll go over there right now, and you'll go with me. All right? We will make him give you your company back, and we won't leave until he does.

Gabi: No. You're not going over there, and neither am I. There's no point anymore.

Chad: Abby? Hey, it's okay, it's okay. I'm here now.

[Abigail mutters indistinctly] Are you sure he's dead?

Abigail: He's gone, chad. I already looked. He's gone.

[Abigail mutters indistinctly]

Chad: Are you okay?

Abigail: I just came because I wanted to ask him about firing gabi, and then i saw him on the floor, and i thought he passed out. But then I saw the blood, and he's dead. Chad, somebody killed your brother!


Stefan: You need to relax. There's nothing to worry about.

Vivian: There's everything to worry about. Any minute now, they're gonna find andre, and the police are gonna get involved--in fact, I'm surprised they're not at the the door right now.

Stefan: I already told you, nothing can be traced back to us--I made sure of that.

Vivian: While I admire your confidence, I have often seen the best laid plans unravel. That's why we have to get our stories straight, make sure our answers match. Because we do not want to get implicated in the demise of andre dimera.

Diabetes can be

a daily struggle,

Abigail: I just don't know who would do this to him. I can't believe that he's--

Chad: Abby, abby, stop! I need you to breathe.

Abigail: I know, but look. His head is bashed in.

Chad: Stop--okay.

Abigail: Maybe we could find out what the murder weapon is. Maybe we could take it to the police or something.

Chad: Abby, what are you doing--stop, you can't touch-- you can't touch anything. Do you have--this is a crime scene, all right? You can't touch anything. We shouldn't even be in here.

Abigail: We can't leave your brother. I don't want to leave.

Chad: Listen to me. I understand that you love my brother, okay? But there's nothing more we can do here. Okay? We can't help. Remember, we gotta call the police, we gotta get them here. Okay? Okay? We have to go. Okay.

[Dark music]

Hope: [Laughs] Wait. We have to pick a date. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Look at this. Look at this. Hold on. Hold on. What do you think about... what do you think about this-- about this--[Laughs] What do you think about this date?

Rafe: What?

Hope: Rafe what do you think?

Rafe: I like it.

Hope: You like it?

Rafe: Yes. I love it.

Hope: Do you mean it? You love it?

Rafe: Mm-hmm, I do.

Hope: You do?

Rafe: I do. Mm. Hey, did you hear that?

Hope: I did hear that.

Rafe: I do.

Hope: You do.

Rafe: I like the way that sounds.

Hope: I like the way that sounds. Yeah.

Rafe: Goodness. Mm. I can't wait to make you my wife.

Hope: I can't wait to make you my husband.

[Phone rings]

Hope: Hold on a second.

Rafe: Come on.

Hope: [Sighs]

[Phone rings] Oh, it's chad.

Rafe: Chad?

Hope: Kind of early for him to be calling-- hey, chad, what's going on? Everything okay? What? Yeah, I'll be right there.

Rafe: Come on. What--what happened?

Eli: Gabi, what do you mean, "there's no point"? We can't let that crook steal your company over some contractual technicality.

Gabi: Eli, I appreciate you trying to defend me even though I don't deserve that at alL.

Eli: What are you talking about you don't deserve it? Of course you deserve it.

Gabi: You don't know the truth, okay? The truth is--

Eli: What?

Gabi: Andre outplayed me. I mean, the issues that he's got with the contract, they're legit. It was blood money that my father gave me.

Eli: It's still not fair. All right? And if we have to, we'll hire the best lawyer out there to make sure that you get your company back.

Gabi: It's already done. There's nothing we can do.

Eli: Of course there's something we can do, gabi.

Gabi: It's over. It's over, eli.

Eli: Gabi, you put your heart and your soul into making this company great. Why wouldn't you want to at least try to get your company back? Why wouldn't you want to at least go over there and fight this?

[Cell phone rings]

[Beep] Grant here. Okay. Yeah, listen, I'm in the square right now, so-- yeah, just swing by and get me, man. Bye. I'm sorry. Look, that was the station. They need me to investigate a possible homicide. Listen. We're not done here. All right? As soon as I'm done with this case, we're both gonna go over to andre's, and we're gonna set his ass straight.

Chad: The police are on their way.

Abigail: I just don't understand. I mean, who would do this? Who would--who would kill your brother? I don't know why. The noble tortilla was created

Anna: I don't even know where to start--

Roman: Okay, well, you know what? Before you do, there's something I need to say to you. Anna, I am very sorry.

Anna: Roman, no--

Roman: No, no, no, no. No, no. Let me finish, okay? Let me finish. I shouldn't have sprung marlena on you like that. I should've come to you first, told you how concerned I was about how you were grieving for tony, okay? Instead, I ambushed you. And my only excuse for that is I care about you.

Anna: I know you do.

Roman: I mean, hell, truth be told, maybe I was a little jealous of your devotion to tony. I mean, I see, uh... I see you're not carrying the urn now... but I know that tony will always be a part of you, and like I said before, he should be. I get that. I accept that.

Anna: That means so much to hear you say that.

Roman: Okay, well, then... let's start again. Let's start having fun again, all right? Give it another shot. What do you say?

Stefan: Now, if anyone questions us about andre, that's what we say. Get it?

Vivian: Got it.

Stefan: Good. Feel better?

Vivian: Much.

Stefan: What's the most important thing to remember?

Vivian: Behave absolutely normally, as if we've done nothing wrong.

Stefan: Exactly. And I think you're gonna pull it off brilliantly. Now, in the interest of acting normal, I'm gonna make a few phone calls. I want you to go downstairs; tell cook you want "the usual," okay? And then complain about the yolks being too hard like you always do.

Vivian: Very funny.

[Dark music]

Stefan: Okay.

Abigail: I know a lot of people didn't like andre, but he just had a really difficult life. But he had a really-- a lot of good in him too.

Chad: You guys had a special relationship.

Abigail: He was there for me when no one else was. He helped me through the hardest time of my life.

Hope: Chad. Abigail.

Chad: He's in there.

[Heavy, dramatic music]

Rafe: Looks like blunt force trauma.

Hope: Backup's on the way. Secure the crime scene. I'll get statements from chad and abigail.

[Suspenseful music]

[Kate sighs]

Andre: I love saying "we" now. It means so much more.

Kate: I know. I have to say, last night, I felt safe.

Andre: Well, I hope you felt other things too.

Kate: Oh, yes, I did. Several times. You know, chad put you through hell, and still you kept my secret about theo. And when chad tried to throw me out of the house and the business, you stood by me. I have to tell you that I...almost practically... trust you.

Andre: Oh. I love you, kate. No--no. You don't have to say anything. I just wanted you to know.

[Soft music]

[Kate sighs]

Vivian: Oh! Good morning, kate.

Kate: What's good about it, vivian?

Vivian: Well, for one thing, I slept like a baby. Maybe because there was no disruption coming from your wing of the house.

Kate: You and your son should not even be living under this roof.

Vivian: My, my. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Trouble in paradise?

Kate: Don't play coy with me. You know exactly what happened with andre last night.

Eli: What the hell? Isn't that andre dimera?

Rafe: It was. Until someone decided to bash his head in.

Eli: Any sign of a murder weapon?

Rafe: Yeah. Come on over here and check this out.

Eli: A martini shaker?

Rafe: It's an urn.

Eli: It's an urn?

Rafe: Yep.

Eli: Like for dead people's ashes?

Rafe: Yep, just like that. And I think I know exactly who it belongs to.

Anna: There's nothing i would like more than to start over with you, roman.

Roman: Okay. Then let's do it.

Anna: I'm just not sure it's possible after what's happened.

Roman: What, are you saying you can't accept my apology? Anna, believe me. I will not bring marlena into our business again.

Anna: No, no, this has-- I'm not talking about what happened with marlena.

Roman: Okay. What are you talking about?

Abigail: After I took his pulse, and then I r-realized that he was... gone. Um, and then I-- I didn't really know what to do, so I just called chad.

Hope: Did you see anyone when you came in?

Abigail: No, it was really early. So, um... the staff doesn't usually get in before 9:00.

Hope: Did you touch anything?

Abigail: No.

Chad: No, just, um... you were just--you were holding his hand when I came in.

Abigail: Yeah, that's right, I was. I'm sorry, I... mmm... I just wanted to help him. But it was too late, I-- hope, I know that he could be really difficult at times, but I-- he did have a very kind and generous side.

Hope: He did. And his share of enemies. So if either one of you can shed any light on any current issues andre was having--with anyone at work, otherwise...

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Gabi, hey. Are you okay?

Gabi: No.

Abigail: What's going on? Where's your coat? You're, like, shivering.

Gabi: It doesn't matter.

Abigail: No, it does. It's freezing out.

Gabi: It's okay--I don't want it, please, I don't--

Abigail: Hey! What is wrong?

Gabi: Andre.

Abigail: What about him?

Gabi: God! Son of a bitch just fired me from my own company.

Abigail: Hold on. No, that--he wouldn't do that.

Gabi: Yeah, well, he just did. And he just told me that it would be better without me.

Abigail: Okay, well, that is some kind of a mistake.

Gabi: No, the mistake was me trusting that bastard.

Abigail: Okay, listen. Hold on. You just--I'm gonna talk to chad, and this is gonna be okay.

Gabi: Abigail, that is not gonna change anything, it's already done--andre stole my company and now I have nothing!

Abigail: Gabi, no. No.

Gabi: He's not gonna get away with this. I swear, I'll kill him for this.

Abigail: Gabi--gabi!

Hope: Did you remember something else?

[Dramatic musical buildup]

Vivian: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Kate: I'm talking about andre!

Vivian: Oh, dear. Has your hubby gotten bored with you already?

Kate: My husband made a unilateral decision to fire gabi hernandez, which was insane, regardless. But he did it on the eve of the gabi chic ipo launch.

Vivian: Oh, yes. I remember something about that on the business crawl about gabi chic, but I didn't pay much attention. I mean, after all, it's your and andre's domain, countess W.

Kate: Yes, exactly--that's what I thought. But he fired her her without consulting me, and I want to know why!

Vivian: Well, if you have trouble communicating, then talk to your husband.

Kate: Really? You expect me to believe that you had nothing to do with this?

Vivian: [Scoffs] Don't be ridiculous. Why would andre confide in me? If he thought it was a good idea to fire her from countess w, well, then, that's what he did. And if it wasn't, he'll be the one removed.

Hope: Abigail, what is it?

Abigail: Just... someone that I really cared about was here this morning, and they're not anymore. It's just really shocking, I think, so-- yeah.

Chad: Well I'm not gonna lie. I was angry with him. I found out last night that he fired gabi and he stole the company out from underneath her, so...

Hope: Wait a minute. Rafe said that gabi chic's ipo was supposed to go public this week.

Chad: That's why it didn't make any sense.

Hope: So why do you think he did it?

Chad: Beats me.

Abigail: That's actually what I was coming over to ask him.

Hope: Well, gabi must've been pretty angry herself.

Chad: Look, hey, I'm not implying that she had a motive for any of this--I was speaking about my issue. See, I don't think she's capable of--

Hope: Of murder? Except we all know that she is. Don't we? I'm gonna go see if I can catch up with rafe, see if he's uncovered anything else. As soon as the department types up your statements, I'll need both of your signatures. Abigail, if you remember anything else, honey, you can call me, okay?

Both: Okay.

Hope: Chad.

Chad: Hey. You okay? What's going on?

Stefan: Hello.

Gabi: Hi.

Stefan: I was--I was just reading about you. And I must say, I'm shocked. I'm totally shocked. I can't believe andre fired you from gabi chic.

Gabi: Yeah, well, he claimed some lame contractual technicalities, but, yeah, it's crazy! You're right. It's crazy that I-- that I put my heart and my soul into this company-- I mean, I obviously did a great job. If not, I wouldn't have countess w and basic black fighting over control for it.

Stefan: Absolutely. Which makes andre's decision seem even more out of left field.

Gabi: Why are you acting like you didn't know about it?

Stefan: Because I didn'T. Countess w is a subsidiary...of dimera. And andre is under no obligation to inform me of his decision. But I will tell you I am certainly disturbed he made it.

Gabi: You are? Well, if you're so disturbed, then why don't you use your power as the head of dimera and undo this?

Rafe: Tony dimera was a dead-ringer for andre-- what? Oh, okay. Bad choice of words. Uh, anyway, tony died several years ago. And to say that anna was upset when she found out that the man she married wasn't the love of her life but rather his brother, well, that would be an understatement.

Eli: Well, it still doesn't explain how tony's ashes wound up at the murder scene.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I'm getting to that. You see, when tony died, anna had him cremated. And she had his ashes put in an urn that looks exactly like the one that's back there. And she never let the thing out of her sight, ever.

Hope: Eli, good. I'm glad you're here--I want you to supervise forensics as soon as they arrive. You got a minute?

Rafe: I do. But first, can i show you what I think is the murder weapon?

Hope: Absolutely. Isn't that--

Rafe: Tony's urn? Yeah, I think so. Looks exactly like it, anyway. See this ash here? Followed it to the yard.

Hope: Eli, dust it for prints.

Rafe: And the blood that's on it should probably give us a clue as to who did it. Between that and the dent in it, I think it was used to bash in andre's skull.

Hope: If it is tony's urn, that means--

Rafe: We already have a person of interest.

Hope: Yeah.

Anna: You know, I always seem to get so emotionally caught up in the moment. Common sense just goes right out the window.

Roman: Hey, I've been guilty of that myself. Hell, I'm sure we all have.

Anna: Not you. Not roman brady. You're smart and strong, level-headed. Lord knows you are the finest police commissioner salem has ever known. And you're still someone who always upholds the law. I wish I was more like you.

Roman: Well, look. I'm not sure where all these kudos are coming from, but thank you. I just want us to get us back on track. That's all.

Anna: That's what I want too. I'm just not sure, that once I tell you what I need to tell you, that you will ever feel the same way about me again.

Roman: Okay, anna. Go ahead. What do you need to tell me?

Anna: It's a confession, really. And it's one I need to make right here and right now.


Vivian: Mm. What do we have here? "Unconfirmed reports that andre dimera was found dead in his office at dimera enterprises--"

Stefan: You were right. Mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea. So I just went ahead and smoothed things over. Abigail's perfectly fine working with me, so there's nothing to worry about.

Vivian: No. We both have a lot to worry about. There are much more important things in life other than your love life and abigail.

Stefan: Like what?

Vivian: Andre. He's becoming too much of a liability. I think we'll have to--I don't know how to say this-- neutralize him... permanently. One down...

Eli: And we need a shot from behind the desk as well.

Got it.

Eli: We still haven't determined where andre was when he was struck, so we need to account for every angle.

Will do.

Eli: You took samples of everything on the body-- blood, fibers, saliva?

On their way to the lab.

Eli: Soon as you're done, comb the office for clues-- especially around the body. Whoever did this was sloppy enough to leave blood on the murder weapon or smart enough to know that it would implicate someone in andre's murder.

Kate: Andre?


Eli: Mrs. Dimera. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Kate: Oh my god... what happened? What happened?

Eli: We've just begun our investigation. And I'm sorry, but... you really shouldn't be here.

Kate: I should be here. He's my husband. He was my husband.


[Somber music]

Gabi: You run dimera now. You're andre's boss.

Stefan: True.

Gabi: So why don't you tell him that you don't approve of his decision and override it?

Stefan: My management style is a bit more hands-off, I'm afraid.

Gabi: Hands-off. Right, well, that ipo is gonna be a total disaster when people find out that the person who founded the company is no longer running it.

Stefan: You're probably right, gabi, but as I said, it's andre's domain.

Gabi: Is that the only reason you don't want to get involved?

Stefan: What other reason would there be?

Gabi: Maybe to get back at me for not accepting your offer to go have dinner.

Stefan: So listen, is there any chance that we could have dinner tonight and go over this?

Abigail: No. Because I'm having dinner with my husband and our son.

Stefan: I was talking... to gabi. I'd like for us to, uh, get to know each other a little better. How 'bout it, you free?

Gabi: A-are you seriously asking me out on a date?

Stefan: Yes. That's exactly what I'm doing. You couldn't be more wrong.

Gabi: Okay, look, whatever it is, whatever the reason, can't you just tell them that you're gonna override it, please?

[Tablet beeps]

Stefan: Not now I can'T.

Gabi: Why the hell not?

[Soft dramatic music]

Chad: What's going on? I know something's bothering you. You can talk to me about it.

Abigail: I mean, you already know. I loved him and... I just can't believe that the last time I saw him is like actually gonna be the last time I'm ever gonna see him again.

Chad: I know, and we'll... we'll get through this together.

[Tense music]

Roman: A confession? All right, anna... you sound very serious, so listen to me closely, all right? Whatever it is, I'm there for you--you know that. But you...need to tell me right now what you've done.

[Edgy music]

Hey, uh, you two grab a table. I'll be right there.

Hope: We're not here to eat.

Rafe: We're here for anna. We need you to come down to the station for us and answer a few questions.

Roman: In, uh, connection to what?

Hope: The murder of andre dimera.

[Intense musical buildup]

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