Days Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/9/18


Episode #13232 ~ JJ feels guilty when he learns about Theo; Lani gets stunning news; Steve experiences strange symptoms; believing Eric isn't interested in her, Jennifer agrees to dinner with a new man.

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Eric: [Exhales sharply] Hey. It's funny, I was just thinking about you.

Jennifer: I need the flyers for the center's wellness program. I want to take them over to the hospital this morning.

Eric: Yeah. There you go. Hey, you wanna grab lunch?

Jennifer: Oh, I have a lot to do today.

Eric: All right. Tonight, dinner at doug's?

Jennifer: No, I have plans. Thanks.

Eric: Okay, we can... take a rain check.

Steve: What? Just when I thought it was safe to go out again.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Check this out.

Kayla: "Vivian alamain and her son, stefan O. Dimera"...

Steve: Stefan O.

Kayla: O. "Crash dimera new year's eve party." What on earth is that woman up to now.

Steve: I don't think I want to know.

Kayla: Me either. Listen, I've gotta go. I gotta start arranging theo's clinical trials.

Steve: Think that'll get him walking again?

Kayla: I don't know. That's all he's got.

Jj: Hey.

Lani: Hi.

Jj: I didn't know you'd be here. Where's theo?

Lani: Having tests done. Are those for him?

Jj: What kind of tests?

Lani: Turns out, because of the stroke theo had during that surgery, after he was shot, he lost some of his motor neurons.

Jj: What does that mean?

Lani: At the moment, it means he can't walk.

Jj: What?

Lani: Kayla got him into a clinical trial that's already had great success. Unfortunately, it means theo will have to be in south africa for a year.

Jj: South africa? For a year? Lani, that's insane. What--what if the trial is a bust?

Lani: Kayla's very hopeful.

Jj: Lani, look at me. Lani, look at me. What did she exactly say?

Lani: There are no guarantees.

Eli: Hey. Well, this is a surprise. What brings you down here this morning?

Gabi: I need to talk to you.

Eli: Sounds serious.

Gabi: It is.

Eli: Okay. What's it about?

Gabi: Me... feeling totally betrayed.

Will: Hello. I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to say thank you both so much for--for having me in your home.

Maggie: You don't-- you don't have to thank us, will. I mean, we're--we're-- we're delighted to have you.

Victor: Let's not go carried away.

Maggie: It means so much to sonny that you're gonna give your marriage a chance.

Will: Actually, I... am not going to be giving our marriage a chance. I--I'm here to tell you that I will be moving out.

Victor: Now? You just moved in a couple of days ago.

Will: I know, but unfortunately, sonny and i are getting a divorce.

Maggie: Oh, will.

[Cries] I was hoping that you were gonna-- the two of you were gonna work this out for you and for arianna. I mean--I mean, last night when she was here, you all seemed so happy together.

Victor: Well, I'm not at all surprised. I knew it was only a matter of time before he broke sonny's heart again.

Maggie: [Sniffs]

Sonny: Feeling guilty?

Paul: Excuse me?

Sonny: Come on, you must know. Will told me last night that he's moving out and filing for divorce.

Paul: I didn't know, and I am sorry to hear that, sonny.

Sonny: Why are you sorry? You're the reason it happened.

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[Soft orchestration]

Victor: I warned sonny he was making a mistake, relying on somebody who cheated on him once before.

Maggie: That isn't helping, victor.

Victor: No, what is it this time? Find a new boy toy to flaunt in front of my nephew?

Maggie: Victor!

Will: I understand that you would think that. I understand why, but I never set out to hurt sonny.

Victor: No, you just set out to use him.

Will: No. I don't like what happened, and I wanted it to work. It's just--

Victor: Just what?

Will: It's just I realized I have no business being married to anyone right now.

Sonny: So you got what you wanted.

Paul: What does that mean?

Sonny: You can't tell me you weren't hoping things didn't work out between will and me.

Paul: I was not hoping for that.

Sonny: Then why would you kiss him on new year's eve, paul? And why have you been trying to get so close to him ever since he got back to salem?

Paul: I have not been trying to get so close to him, sonny! He's been trying to know me actually, as a friend, I assumed. And you know what? I didn't think it'd be right for me to push him away, especially since he's been so confused, disoriented. And as far as the kiss on new year's eve? I did not initiate that. It was just like before. Will--will made the first move.

Sonny: Really? Well, I don't believe you.

Paul: No, of course you wouldn'T. Yeah, you don't want to believe that about will, right? I get it. But I swear it's true. See, I never meant to hide anything from you, sonny. I mean, when it happened the first time, I thought about running to you and telling you. But I honestly didn't think it meant anything. I figured it was just-- it was impulsive on will's end, he's coming out of his confusion, but I knew that it would only hurt you.

Sonny: You're hurt and you're angry and you're jealous.

Paul: And you're right. I am all of those things. But what I've learned about love, true love, is that you want that person that you love to be happy, even if it means you are going to lose them to someone else. That is all I ever wanted for you, sonny. Even if it breaks my heart...

[Laughs] I just want you to be happy.

Eli: What--what do you mean, you feel betrayed? Who do you think betrayed you?

Gabi: The dimeras, of course. I mean, I know they didn't do it on purpose. When I first had to sign to sell gabi chic to countess w, I thought that chad would be the ceo. Not that we would be working together. I mean, our paths would not cross at all, but I do know him. I trust him, you know.

Eli: But you don't know this other guy.

Gabi: Stefan, right. I mean, what if he's just another chip off the old stefano block? I don't need to be putting my trust into the wrong person and have it come back to bite me. You know what I mean?

Eli: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Jj: This is all my fault.

Lani: Don't go there, jj.

Jj: No, it's like I've been living in some alternate universe where, you know, just because theo suddenly woke up, everything is all right. But it's not all right. It's really bad. And I'm responsible.

Lani: Would you stop? We all thought that theo was gonna be fine, even after the doctors warned us that it may take a while for him to get his mobility back.

Jj: Yeah, but we're not talking about when he'll walk again. It's about if.

Lani: Okay, it's just a more serious underlying issue than we thought it was. But we'll deal with it, okay? And we'll help theo deal with it, too.

Jj: And just how can we help him deal with it if he's on the other side of the world?

Lani: We're just gonna have to trust kayla and dr. Bretts to know what's best for theo. Believe me, jj, I don't like it either. The thought of my brother being...

[Voice breaks] So far away... jj, no. I don't want to cry. The last thing that I need is theo to see me upset. Who are you calling?

Jj: I have a counseling session with eric, but I'm gonna cancel so I can be here with you until theo gets back.

Lani: No, you are not skipping out on that session.

Jj: Lani, I want to be here for you.

Lani: You have. Right now you need to take care of yourself.

Jj: Lani, it's no big deal.

Lani: Yes, it is. Okay now, please, jj, just go.

Kayla: Hey, you.

Jennifer: Hi! I was just talking to abe, and--and he told me about theo. Is this something permanent?

Kayla: Well, it's hard to say, but obviously we hope not.

Jennifer: Abe said that--that he has to go to south africa?

Kayla: I think it's theo's best option.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, poor abe. He was trying to be so strong when he was telling me about it, but I could tell how hard this is. I mean, just that theo's gonna be so far away and the uncertainty of all of it.

Kayla: I know. Hey, listen, abe told me that the two of you are back on good terms.

Jennifer: Yes.

Kayla: That makes me very happy. I also hear from hope that you and eric have started the new year out on a good note.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. There's nothing between eric and me, and there isn't going to be.

Kayla: Well, why not? Did something happen?

Jennifer: Actually, yeah. We went to this great new year's eve party, and we kissed each other at midnight. And I thought everything was great until I ran into anna dimera the next day.

Kayla: Anna's in town?

Jennifer: Well, apparently, she's kind of back with your brother.

Kayla: Kind of? Ugh. Oh, never mind. What does she have to do with you and eric?

Jennifer: Apparently, she heard eric telling roman how much he misses nicole and how much he loved her and he's never loved anyone like he loved her and-- and something made him realize that he's not over her. And I can't help thinking that that something was me. Depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms

Kayla: Come over here. Listen to me. You are jumping to conclusions. Seriously. First off, you heard this secondhand, and also, eric isn't the kind of guy that would ever lead you on. I mean, why would he go out of his way to kiss you if he--

Jennifer: You know, I know if he didn't have feelings for me. I completely agree. It's so out of character for him, but then why would he go to roman and tell him how much he loves and misses nicole?

Kayla: Maybe anna only heard part of the conversation.

Jennifer: Okay, but if that is the part that she heard, that doesn't leave me much hope, you know?

Kayla: I just think it's strange that eric would go all the way to the party with you, go out of his way to kiss you at midnight--

Jennifer: I don't know. I don't think it's strange. I mean, maybe--maybe he was kissing me because he's trying to get over nicole or maybe he kissed me at midnight because that is what you do at a new year's eve party, you--you are obligated to kiss the person that you're with, and that's-- listen, I'm just not gonna get involved with eric if he still has feelings for nicole. We can-- we can just be friends, you know? That's okay. What is that look? What are you thinking?

Kayla: Just that I think that you're making a lot of assumptions based on something from a third party. In my experience, that's a risky situation. Why don't you just go and ask eric? Have him tell you how he feels.

Victor: If only sonny had listened to me, instead of jumping back into a marriage that was already over.

Maggie: [Sighs] Sonny probably hoped that it wasn't over, obviously. Can't blame him for that.

Victor: No, I suppose not. But I can sure has hell blame will for leading him on, moving back into the house when he knew he had no intentions of making things work with sonny.

Maggie: Victor, no. Will isn't to blame either. My god, that poor boy, he doesn't know who he is. How can he be expected to make good decisions for himself or for anyone else?

Steve: Hey, dude. I was just about to call you.

Paul: Sorry I'm late.

Steve: You all right?

Paul: Not really.

Steve: Is it about sonny?

Paul: Yeah, I just saw him. And he lit into me for being the reason will wants a divorce. But before you ask, no, I'm not happy about it.

Steve: You definitely don't look happy.

Paul: Which is why I'm glad you called. There's nothing like work to get me out of my own head.

Steve: That's the spirit.

Paul: So what's the latest case that black patch needs to solve?

Steve: I got it right here. Oh. I thought I brought it in with me. I guess I left it in the car. I'll be right back.


Lani: What is taking so long? Those tests should have been done by now.


[Groans] Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Jennifer: Kayla, listen, I appreciate your support and--and you letting me just sit here and vent, but there is no way I'm gonna ask eric why he kissed me or what the kiss meant or how he feels for me. That is demeaning. I'm not gonna do it.

Kayla: No? Why not? You know, it's not like nicole's around here anymore and the two of you have a history--

Jennifer: No, I can'T. I'm not gonna do it. Kayla, listen, I am here right now to find a doctor volunteer for the center's wellness program, and I need to get these flyers out and get some interest sparked. That's why I'm here.

Kayla: Well, maybe you don't even need those. Henry, hi.

Henry: Hello, kayla.

Kayla: Are you still looking for that volunteer work outside the hospital?

Henry: I am. I just haven't had time to research anything yet.

Kayla: Oh. Well, have you met jennifer horton?

Jennifer: Yes, dr. Shah and i know each other when abigail was so sick.

Kayla: Oh.

Henry: How is your daughter?

Jennifer: She's very well. You know, I'm not sure I ever thanked you for saving her life.

Henry: You did, many times.

Jennifer: Good, I'm glad, 'cause the only thing-- actually, I don't remember anything about that time except being grateful that abigail was okay. And yes, we are looking for a doctor to volunteer at the center for our new wellness program.

Henry: It sounds interesting.

Kayla: Well, aren't you on break right now?

Henry: As a matter of fact, I am.

Kayla: Perfect. Why don't you take dr. Shah over there and show him around the center because you need to talk to the director about something anyway, right?

Jennifer: Yes. So are you up for it?

Henry: I can't think of a better way to spend my break.

Jennifer: Okay, great. Let's go.

Kayla: Super.

Jj: You know I almost called to cancel. I wanted to be at the hospital with lani. She's really upset about theo too, obviously. But she said I had to go, this was too important not to, not to come, so... she's been so great through this whole nightmare. I'm amazed that she-- she's still even talking to me.

Eric: Sounds like she cares about you a lot.

Jj: Yeah.

Eric: You sound skeptical.

Jj: I don't know. It's--I don't know. Just on top of everything else, it's probably just me being paranoid, but when I saw her today, I got this uneasy feeling like she's pulling away from me.

Eric: Because of what happened with theo?

Jj: I'm not even sure it was even about theo.

Gabi: Even though eve's new to fashion, I mean, she's always been a friend. She's always been supportive.

Eli: Well, was her offer as good as dimera's?

Gabi: It was better. That's not why I'd go with her. I mean, look, this guy stefan if he got rid of chad just like that, how do I know he's not gonna get rid of kate?

Eli: You don't know.

Gabi: And today is supposed to be the end of the grace period to get out of that deal, so I thought, you know, maybe take advantage and get out and go with eve.

Eli: Maybe you should.

Gabi: But she doesn't know a lot about fashion, which could make my job harder so...

Eli: Well, listen, I sure as hell won't presume to tell you what you should do, but whatever you decide, I got your back.

Gabi: Thank you.

Eli: What'd I do?

Gabi: Well, you listened without judgment, something I'm not used to.

Eli: Oh, no?

Gabi: My brother's great. I love him, but he's very quick to give me his very, very strong opinion, and then tell me exactly what to do.

Eli: Well, the last thing that I want to do is remind you of your brother.


Gabi: [Laughs] I'm really glad we worked things out.

Eli: Well, there wouldn't be anything to work out if I hadn't jumped to the wrong conclusion and accused you of sleeping with jj. I'm still kicking myself over that.

Gabi: You shouldn'T. I mean, this whole mix-up isn't on you. It's on lani.

Lani: [Groans]

[Knock on door]

Kayla: Lani, what's up? Are you all right?

Lani: I don't know. I was just gonna get up to go check on theo and I got really dizzy. I almost passed out.


Paul: Here.

Steve: Okay. Yeah, I'm good. All right.

Paul: Here, drink this.

Steve: No, I'm just dizzy. I'm not thirsty.

Paul: Just drink it. What just happened?

Steve: I'm not sure.

Sonny: I was hoping you would change your mind about this.

Will: I did think about it, but... you know, giving it more time, but--but I worried that we'd probably just end up here eventually anyway, so... why prolong it, you know? I doesn't really seem fair to either of us.

Sonny: Well, I guess it's not really a big deal to you because you don't remember anything.

Will: It is a big deal. Just because I don't remember anything doesn't mean I'm not sad. And I hope you know that i never wanted to hurt you. And it--I mean, it's not like we'll never see each other again. I mean, we'll both be in each other's lives because of arianna. And I hope that maybe one day you and I could be--

Sonny: Don't--don't--no, no. Do not say friends. I do not want to be your friend. I want to be your husband, because I love you. I always have. And I always will.


Gabi: Lani's the one that saw me with jj and then misinterpreted the moment.

Eli: I know, I know, but still what happened was my fault.

Gabi: What do you mean, what happened? Nothing happened between me and jj.

Eli: Right, right. No, no, no, no. I didn't mean-- look, I'm talking about when I accused you and I went off like I did. Come here.

Gabi: It's okay.

Eli: I'm just glad you were able to get past it.

Gabi: Yeah. Listen, I need to go over to the--to dimera.

Eli: Well, remember, whatever you decide.

Gabi: You've got my back.

Eli: Yeah.

Gabi: What else do I need?

Eli: [Exhales sharply]

Eric: You know, there could be a number of reasons why lani seems distant. It may not have anything to do with you.

Jj: I hope not. The thing is I need to get myself straightened out so I can be strong for lani. She's going through so much because of theo.

Eric: Jj, you've been through a lot, too. So why don't you give yourself a break?

Jj: I'll give it a try. What I'll also give a try is, you know, thinking of others, you know, more than myself. Like my mom. She's been so good to me, and I don't always think about how things are affecting her.

Eric: I'm sure she'd understand.

Jj: I hope so. And I want to say I'm glad that you and my mom are--are getting close again.

Eric: Yeah, well, I appreciate that. But to be honest, you know, I'm not sure where me and your mother stand. You know, at one point, I did think that, you know, we might be more than friends, but you know what? I don't think she's ready for anything right now.

Jj: Well, if you're not sure, maybe you should ask her.

Eric: [Laughs] That's good advice. Hey, I'll see you next week? Take care.

Jj: Eric. Thank you.

Maggie: Oh, sonny, we were so sorry to hear that will was leaving.

Victor: Yeah, well, I think he dodged a bullet.

Sonny: I am not in the mood for I told you so'S.

Victor: Look, you think i enjoy being right about this? I just hope that all this doesn't interfere your running titan.

Sonny: Yeah, we know business is the only thing that matters around here.

Victor: Sonny, I am concerned about you. I'm concerned about your reputation, about your future. Look, I think you have a wonderful life ahead of you, a very successful career. And as much as I think that you'd be better off without will horton, I know that his leaving you threw you for a loop, hurt you badly. I just want you to be very careful going forward that you don't jump into something that you can't handle.

Sonny: [Sighs] You're absolutely right, uncle vic. I do need to be careful about my reputation and my future. So I'm gonna take some time and think about it, and I'll give you an answer as soon as I can.

Jennifer: This center has meant so much to my family and--and this town for such a long time.

Henry: I know that, yes. I also know about the great work you do for the community, and I've always wanted to be a part of it. Thought about volunteering here for a while now.

Jennifer: You have?

Henry: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness! Well, then is that a yes?

Henry: Looks like you have yourself a doctor in residence.

Jennifer: Oh, that is so great. Thank you so much.

Henry: It's great for me, too. Really glad to have been asked.

Jennifer: Okay, well then, since you agreed to sign on, i guess I should give you a tour.

Henry: Lead the way.

Jennifer: All right. Well, we'll start here. This is our volunteer coordinator's desk, and his name is jason, and he greets everyone that comes in and gives them food and now, thanks to you, medical attention. And over here we have eric brady's desk, and he is the center's director. You'll probably deal mostly with him because the wellness center was his idea and--

Kayla: Well, you don't have a fever. When was the last time you ate?

Lani: I skipped breakfast. I don't usually do that. Maybe that's why I got so dizzy, right?

Kayla: Hmm, hard to say. When was the last time you had a physical?

Lani: It's been a while.

Kayla: Well, you know what? I happen to have a cancellation, so why don't you come with me and we'll check you out.

Paul: Feeling any better?

Steve: I'm fine.

Paul: Okay. I'm gonna get you another glass of water.

Steve: No, no, no, no. Hang on, no. I'm fine, okay?

Paul: Okay, well, two minutes ago you could barely stand without holding on to the table.

Steve: [Clears throat] Well, the truth is your dad and I threw back a few too many last night.

Paul: Okay. Well, whatever the reason, maybe we should just postpone this meeting, and you go home and get some rest.

Steve: Yeah, I bet you could use a little of that yourself, huh?

Paul: Yeah. If only I could rest.

Steve: Hey, listen, don't you worry about sonny. He knows you're a good guy. He's just hurting, like you are.

Paul: Thanks. You take care of yourself, okay?

Steve: I will.

Victor: So I see you're giving up, moving out, throwing in the towel at titan. Well, don't just stand there feeling sorry for yourself! Go! Get the hell out of my sight!

Henry: Jennifer, are you all right?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah. There's obviously a lot to learn about this place.

Henry: Right. I'm sure there is, so maybe we could discuss it later over dinner?

Jennifer: Oh, are you talking about tonight?

Henry: Yes. Unless you have plans.

Jennifer: No, no plans. Dinner sounds great.

Victor: Well, what the hell are you waiting for, damn it? If that's your decision, to walk away from an opportunity that's been given to you, go! Get your sorry, cowardly ass out of my house!

Maggie: For god's sake, victor, let him speak!

Sonny: Thank you, maggie. Thank you. Contrary to your assumption, uncle vic, I'm not moving out and I'm not leaving titan.

Victor: What? I don't understand.

Sonny: I thought about everything you said and it was a wake-up call that I needed badly. I am ready, I am willing, and able to take on the new dimera heir. But I'm gonna go to london, conduct some titan business over there, close a very important deal. I was gonna do it remotely, but I figured, hey, it'll be more effective if I do it in person. Hopefully I can lay some more groundwork for some future deals.

Victor: I hope so, too.

Sonny: And I'm not gonna lie, getting away from will definitely went into me making that final decision. I'm gonna use this as a distraction, but I need you to know that aside from my family and my daughter, titan is the most important thing in my life right now. I gotta going, 'cause the jet's waiting for me. I want to thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me.

Maggie: We love you, sonny.

Sonny: Love you, too. I won't let you down, uncle vic.

Maggie: [Laughs]

Paul: So you left sonny.

Will: [Sighs] I did.

Paul: Are you going to go back, stay with your grandmother?

Will: I'm still trying to figure that out.

Paul: I know that you don't remember anything about your past with sonny, but just so you know, you let go of a really great guy who loves you a whole lot.

Will: I agree with you. Sonny is a great person... and I know he loves me. He's been so good to me, caring and patient.

Paul: But?

Will: But I couldn't, in good conscience, stay with him... when... I'm attracted to somebody else. See ya.

Steve: What the hell is going on?

Lani: So that's what this was, revenge sex? A way for you to get back at gabi?

Eli: No. Lani, we were upset. We had drinks, one thing lead to another.

Lani: That doesn't make it right.

Jj: Eli. Got your message. Sounded important.

Eli: It is.

Jj: What's going on?

Lani: Hi.

Kayla: Hi.

Lani: I feel so much better. I'm not dizzy anymore.

Kayla: I'm glad.

Lani: So what's going on? Did you get my blood work back? Is there anything wrong with me?

Kayla: No.

Lani: Well, what is it?

Kayla: You're pregnant.

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