Days Transcript Monday 1/8/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/8/18


Episode #13231 ~ Stefan and Abigail have an awkward encounter; Andre deceives Kate; Ciara makes a surprising decision about Rafe; Tripp tries to comfort Claire, who is distraught about Theo needing to go away for treatment.

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Rafe: I came to find out why ciara's been so upset. I hope I didn't overstep.

Hope: No, of course not. Ciara? Did you tell him? What you were upset about, why you were so angry with rafe?

Ciara: Yes, yes, I did. Um... and he was right. It does have something to do with him.

Hope: What could rafe have done to make you so angry?

Chad: Buy you a drink.

Kate: Does this mean that all is forgiven?

Chad: Not even close. But misery does love company.

Kate: Thank you. I have to say I'm not so thrilled with you right now.

Chad: Yeah? Why is that?

Kate: You quit. You took your ball and went home. You left andre and I there alone to fight for our company. I think that's a bit... cowardly.

Chad: That how you see it?

Kate: Yeah. Abigail followed you right out the door.

Chad: Why did she just go back in?

[Knocking at door]

Abigail: Stefan, it's abigail.

Stefan: Come in.

Abigail: Look, I was wondering if we could tal-- why would you tell me to come in here if you were naked?

Stefan: I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Abigail: Well, it's a very big deal to me.

Stefan: Should I take that as a compliment?

Kate: I like it. I do. And stefan seems interested in her.

Chad: What do you mean by "interested"?

Kate: I mean that I think he would be receptive. And I think we all should stay close to him now. It's going to make it easier to figure out how to take him down.

Chad: I agree. She and I make a good team.

Kate: Yes, you do.

Chad: So do you and andre.

Kate: And what does that mean?

Chad: Just that we, the four of us... are formidable. I do think together, we could take down stefan and vivian.

Andre: Oh, father. I'll do whatever it takes to preserve your legacy.

Vivian: Ah! Talking to yourself. Could be a sign of mental illness. You're not far removed from the asylum.

Andre: You interrupted a private moment. Don't be such a bloody bitch.

Vivian: Oh, please! We can dispense with the name-calling. We're alone.

Andre: Are you certain?

Vivian: Yes, and that's no way to talk to your partner in crime, especially since our plan is going so well.

Andre: You can stop gloating about our success. You have to make sure nobody ever hears you.

Vivian: I wasn't gloating.

Andre: Well, whatever it is you want to call it, 'cause if somebody in my family ever found out that I gave you inside information to help you and stefan take over dimera enterprises, chad would never forgive me for such a betrayal. And kate, well, she would have me killed. No, no, no. She would do the job herself.

Kate: So stefan asks you and abigail to work together with him. You tell him what you think of his job, and the two of you stomp out. And yet you think abigail's going to convince him to give you both of your jobs back?

Chad: Yeah, she knows how to handle herself.

Kate: Yeah? Why do you look a little worried?

Chad: 'Cause I love my wife, and I just sent her into the lion's den.

Tripp: Claire? Hey, hey, what happened?

Claire: It's theo.

Tripp: God, did-- did he backslide?

Claire: Kayla just got his latest tests back. There's more neurological damage than they thought.

[Crying] Theo might never walk again.

Ciara: I'm not being unreasonable, mom. Even rafe says that I have the right to be mad at him.

Rafe: It's true. It's true; she does. She loves you. She loves you very much, and she's very protective of you. And she feels like I may have done something that-- something that could really upset you.

Hope: I'm sorry; I'm-- I'm not quite understanding. You wouldn't do something to upset me or hurt me.

Rafe: No. No, not--not-- not on purpose.

Hope: Okay, um... I'm really not understanding. Could one of you maybe tell me, enlighten me of what's going on here? Please?

Rafe: Ciara overheard me talking to someone.

[Dramatic music]

[Sweeping music]C]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hope: Who were you talking to? What was it about?

Rafe: Well, um...

Hope: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah, I'm-- I'm getting to that, okay?

Ciara: It was abe. He...

Rafe: Ciara--

Ciara: Was talking to abe. And, well, it sort of sounded like he was sucking up to abe, trying to get him to let him stay on as commissioner permanently. I thought he was trying to keep you from getting your job back.

Hope: Babe, I got my job. I did; I have my job back.

Ciara: Well, yeah, but what I heard was before that, and it just made me crazy.

Hope: Honey. Rafe and i worked everything out. He's been wonderful and so supportive of me. I love him. I totally trust him.

Ciara: I know.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ciara: Rafe told me how much he loves you and that he would never do anything to hurt you. And I believe him now.

Hope: Good. Good, because I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear that, because I love you both so much, and it means the world to me that you two get along.

Kate: Truthfully, I hope abigail succeeds in getting you your jobs back, because the two of you and andre and I have to keep up a united front against vivian and stefan.

Chad: Then we'll work on it.

Kate: I understand how you and abi feel about me after what happened to theo, but I am going to earn that respect back.

Chad: You know what surprised me? It surprised me that andre stopped me from kicking you out on christmas. It wasn't too long ago you guys were fighting over who would have control of the company.

Kate: Yeah, well, andre has surprised me too in more ways than one.

Chad: Hmm. What does that mean?

Kate: It means that this marriage of convenience has totally changed our relationship in a way that I would never, ever have imagined.

Vivian: Ugh! I will never understand your loyalty to that spoiled brat chad and that insipid abigail.

Andre: Chad is the heir apparent. Abigail was a means to make him trust me.

Vivian: But they would never give you what you want, to be in charge. That's why I got in touch with you to tell you what was on my mind. With my help, you can have all your dreams come true.

Andre: For dimera to be great again, we need someone ruthless to be in charge, and certainly the board would never give me that position. And that's the only reason I went along with the plan with you: For stefan to be ceo in name only and I to be the power behind the throne.

Stefan: When I told you it was all right to come in, I'd forgotten how many hang-ups you americans have about nudity.

Abigail: I don't have any hang-ups about nudity, but I'm just not real interested in seeing you that way. And, by the way, you are american too.

Stefan: Yeah, but I've spent most of my life in europe, so... it's safe to turn around now. What do you want?

Abigail: After talking to chad, we realized that we have been under a lot of stress lately and maybe that's affecting our decision-making.

Stefan: Hmm. What decisions?

Abigail: When you asked us to work for you at dimera.

Stefan: Well, that decision was not only hasty. It was rude. What makes you think I'll make that offer again?

Abigail: Because I can make a pretty good case as to why you should.

Stefan: Go for it.

Abigail: I will... after you finish getting dressed.

7 days ago, karen wasn't

thinking about

Stefan: Do I pass the inspection now?

Abigail: Yes.

Stefan: So what's your pitch?

Abigail: Sometimes chad reacts in the moment, but I have persuaded him that staying at dimera is important, if for no other reason than for the sake of our son, because thomas is the future of this company.

Stefan: Children have a way of rebelling. He may not want that future.

Abigail: Okay, my point is, dimera is our family company, and so we belong there, and I do hope that you can accept that.

Stefan: Is that why you came in here? To smooth things out?

Abigail: Okay, look. Chad has got a right to be angry with you, because you came in and you told us that you were taking over things. Then you wanted us to work for you, but when we didn't respond the way that you wanted to, you threatened to throw us out of our home. Yeah, we didn't roll out a red carpet.

Stefan: Can I offer a suggestion? Telling me off in this moment is not the best way to smooth things out.

Vivian: Seems to me that we agreed to share the power behind the throne jointly.

Andre: You're not a dimera.

Vivian: But I produced the son who will be the figurehead on the throne.

Andre: You know, stefan is nobody's idiot. Will you be able to keep him under control?

Vivian: Stefan knows who he is now and where he came from. I'm his mother. That's not gonna change. What I'm really concerned about is your feelings for kate.

Kate: So, in short, andre told me that he's fallen in love with me and wants a real marriage. Oh, you don't seem surprised.

Chad: What did you say when andre told you that?

Kate: Well, I told him I would have to think about it. I have to examine my feelings. Come on. I mean, we have a fairly acrimonious history.

Chad: "Fairly"?

Kate: I know, right? I mean, it makes me wonder if it would even be possible to be genuinely happy with him. You know, to have a real marriage, you have to have absolute trust in your partner. At least that's what I've heard.

Rafe: Ciara. I really appreciate you sticking up for me, but that's--

Ciara: But nothing, rafe.

Rafe: No.

Ciara: Nothing. Rafe, I know how much you love my mom. And if anyone has been a jerk here, it's me. I am so upset about theo, and I was taking it out on you, and I'm really, really sorry for that, mom.

Hope: Ah, sweetheart. Come here. Everything is gonna be okay. We, all of us, are going to be okay.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear my baby girl sound like herself again.

Ciara: I'm going to get my act together, mom, I swear. I promise.

Hope: You know what?

Ciara: What?

Hope: You know what I carry around with me at all times? Something very important to you. The keys to your dad's motorcycle. I'm gonna let you ride it.

Ciara: No way.

Hope: Yes way. But there are conditions, young lady. One, you will not drink ever again to that extent. You will always wear a helmet. You will let rafe teach you how to handle that bike correctly. Four, you will obey the rules of the road at all times and take every precaution. Understood?

Ciara: I guess I can deal with that.

Hope: I'm trusting you, ciara alice brady. Your dad would be so happy to know that you love his bike as much as he did.

Ciara: I do.

Hope: I know.

[Phone rings] I know this ring. Ugh, it's trask. I know it. Doesn't she ever take a day off? It's new year's day, for goodness sake. And she has found a window in her schedule to meet with me. About what, I don't know.

Rafe: Let me guess; that window is now?

Hope: Yeah, that window is right now, god bless her. You two schedule some lessons.

Ciara: Oh, mom.

Hope: I love you, sweetheart.

Ciara: Thank you. I love you.

Hope: I love you.

Rafe: I love you.

Hope: Thank you.

Ciara: Bye, mom.

Hope: I'm so happy. The world is good again.

Rafe: Why'd you do that? Why are you lying for me?

Claire: Kayla and dr. Bretts said that they think they can get theo into some sort of clinical trial.

Tripp: That's great. And theo's always had a positive attitude. That'll really help him.

Claire: No, no, tripp. It's not good. The trial's in some hospital in south africa. And he'd have to go there for a whole year. I want to go with him, but I don't know if that's even possible.

Tripp: Yeah, but if he could walk again--

Claire: No, tripp, I just got him back. I can't lose him again.

Tripp: Claire, you have to start thinking about what's best for him, okay?

Claire: What are you-- don't touch me.

Tripp: Okay, what did I do wrong?

Claire: Um, you just told me to forget about theo, and then you started moving in on me.

Tripp: Okay, I didn't tell you to forget about theo. You're putting words in my mouth. And I wasn't making a move on you. I was putting my arm around you because I care about you and I hate to see you hurting. But if my being here bothers you, then I'll leave you alone. Tell theo I'm rooting for him.

Claire: Tripp, wait, wait. Don't go.

Ciara: Well, you said you didn't want to tell mom about sami because it was in the past and it was just that one time, and I thought it was a cop-out.

Rafe: Yeah, which you made clear.

Ciara: But then you started telling me more about how it happened, and I started to see your side of the story. And I couldn't let you tell mom tonight. I could see how much it would hurt her if you did. Look, I know what it's like to lose the chance with the person that you love. And I don't want mom to hurt the way that I'm hurting right now.

Andre: My feelings for kate.

[Chuckles] I don't know what you're talking about.

Vivian: [Laughs] Don't be so coy! Everyone knows you're smitten with her.

Andre: I married kate to appease the board, because they wanted someone named dimera to be in charge of the company while chad was missing. And so kate and I had to pretend that we were husband and wife in public. And out of that situation, well, things got deeper. And yes, I have to admit I'm in love with that woman.

Vivian: And what about her?

Andre: Well, I asked her that, and she couldn't answer. Oh, but I do remain hopeful.

Kate: I'll tell you andre and I have a horrible history. I mean, he's done terrible things to people I love, and--

Chad: I know what he can be like.

Kate: I know. He actually can drive me crazy. He really does. I mean, sometimes I have to restrain myself from strangling him.

Chad: You're like cats and dogs.

Kate: Yeah. I mean, when we're fighting that way, though, it's weird. Sometimes it's--I mean, there's an excitement to it, you know? It's--it's-- it's like I can't walk all over him. He's strong. He's an equal. And there's a spark in that.

Chad: Well, sparks tend to go out during the bad times, you know.

Kate: I know. I know. I mean, I would never in a million years envision myself romantically involved with him. He's the one that we both believed was behind the sabotage at dimera.

Chad: And we were both wrong.

Kate: I know. Chad, that's what I was trying to tell theo. I was trying to connect with him and tell him that the night that he was shot. I have been in such despair over everything that I caused to happen. You know, and andre has been supportive of me. He made you keep me at countess W. And I just never expected that kind of loyalty from him.

Chad: Yeah, he showed me his loyalty before too. But, I mean, can you really base a real marriage just off of loyalty alone?

Abigail: I'm not telling you off. I'm just stating facts as I see them.

Stefan: You know, you're like this surprising mix of finesse on the surface and steel underneath. I like that. That could prove useful to me. But I was sincere when I said I want us to work together as a family.

Abigail: Yeah, chad and i want that too. I'm glad that you understand.

Stefan: I understand that you want your jobs back. But is it to support me? Or are you and chad trying to worm your way back into the company to wrest control from me? Come on; just be honest.

Tripp: Why'd you tell me to stay?

Claire: I don't know. I don't blame you for helping ciara be alone with theo. I know she talked you into it. I just hope you see her for what she really is now.

Tripp: I don't understand why you two hate each other so much.

Claire: I don't hate her. I just--I don't like her anymore.

Tripp: She really loves theo. People in love do crazy things to get what they want.

Claire: Trust me; I know that. I used to do stuff like that too. But that was only because I knew how to make theo happy. And we were happy. We had such great plans. Now I don't know.

Rafe: Thanks for being so understanding. Now I have to figure out how to live with myself for keeping this from her.

Ciara: It'll probably get easier the longer you guys are together. You did the right thing.

Rafe: Oh, thanks. And thanks for being so understanding. I-- I do hate you having to lie to her, though.

Ciara: When you lie to stop someone from getting hurt, it's not really a lie. Well, to me, anyways.

Rafe: Oh, really?

Ciara: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay. Well... I'll be in touch, then, about learning to ride that bike.

Ciara: Okay.

Rafe: Yeah.

Abigail: If chad and I start fighting you for control, then dimera enterprises could wind up down the tubes. The company is already on the ropes because kate wasn't able to make those deals happen.

Stefan: Deals that your husband insists I sabotaged, no matter what I do to convince him otherwise.

Abigail: Well, somebody did it, and we got to find out who that person is.

Stefan: Yeah, well, it wasn't me. And if you and chad want your jobs back, I'll have you know that I don't hire anyone that doesn't take me at my word. So you believe me or not?

Vivian: Well, at least your desire for kate is not as strong as your desire for power, which is why you gave me that information so that it would squash any deals she tried to make.

Andre: Well, the end justifies the means.

Vivian: Oh, "words to live by."

Andre: I made sure that kate still has a position at countess wilhelmina.

Vivian: Well, then you'll have to continue deceiving the woman that you purport to love for reasons I cannot imagine. And then there's chad and abigail. You'll have to keep fooling them.

Andre: I want this position of power. I deserve it. It is my rightful place. So stop worrying about chad and abigail. I will keep them in the dark. And as far as kate is concerned, she'll never hear a word about this, because all hell would break loose if kate ever found out.

Kate: If kate ever found out what?

Andre: [Chuckling]

[Dramatic music]

How clean do you feel

after going to the bathroom?

Andre: Kate. I didn't know you were home.

Kate: Answer me.

Andre: Well... vivian was trying to convince me to divorce you and to banish you from this house. And I refused, and I said if you ever heard that she had mentioned it, that all hell would break loose.

Vivian: I'm not afraid of you, and I don't want to live under the roof of stefano's whore.

Kate: You--

Andre: No, no, no, no. Don't talk to my wife like that, a woman who's worked tirelessly to preserve my father's legacy. And you don't insult her either. She's loyal and so intelligent, as impressive as her beauty.

Vivian: All right. All right, I get it. Love is definitely blind. Excuse me.

Andre: I wouldn't pay any attention to what she said.

Kate: I have a thick skin anyway. But I have to admit I wouldn't mind listening to those insults just to hear you defend me like that.

Andre: [Laughs]

Kate: You say such nice things.

Andre: Well, it's all true.

Abigail: If you do good things for the company, then chad and I will believe that you didn't sabotage it.

Stefan: Not quite the enthusiasm I was looking for.

Abigail: [Sighs] Chad and I would consider it a tremendous honor if you would give us our jobs back.

Stefan: That's better. I'm very much looking forward to working closely with you.

Abigail: I will go tell my husband the good news.

Stefan: Hmm.

Tripp: Hey.

Ciara: Hey. Thanks for talking me down earlier. I decided not to tell mom about rafe and sami.

Tripp: You did the right thing.

Ciara: I still don't like what he did, but he and my mom were split up when he did it, so... plus, he really loves her. She really loves him. And telling her would only hurt her.

Tripp: Yeah, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who cheats on the woman he loves.

Ciara: I think it bugged me to see him and mom so happy when I'm so miserable about me and theo. But you helped me see that making mom just as miserable would only make me feel worse than I already do. So thanks.

[Soft music]

Rafe: Hi.

Hope: Hi.

Rafe: So how'd it go with trask?

Hope: Oh, come on. You know how it went. She's a complete nightmare. But you know what? Not even she could ruffle my feathers today, not after that breakthrough with ciara.

Rafe: I'm happy for you.

Hope: I was really starting to think that I'd lost my little girl for good. But she's back, like you said she would be.

Rafe: Well...

Hope: And it's thanks to you.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no.

Hope: "No, no, no"?

Rafe: No, I can't take credit for that. No, she really never stopped being that little girl.

Hope: Thank you so much for talking to her. I really think it made all the difference.

Andre: I think the whole situation is appalling. The way you've been so selfless, the way you've devoted yourself in preserving father's legacy.

Hope: Well, it wasn't completely selfless, you know? Besides, I really didn't do anything. Stefan and vivian scuttled every deal I tried to make. What really, really drives me crazy is that I still have no idea how they did it, how they had every detail on every project that I had in development.

Andre: Well, you can't blame yourself. I won't have it.

Kate: That's so sweet.

Andre: Sweet? That's it?

Kate: Well, what do you want?

Andre: A real marriage. Have you given it any thought?

[Tense music]

[Knocking at door]

Stefan: Yeah.

Vivian: Stefan? May I come in?

Stefan: Just unpacking. Come in.

Vivian: Oh! Oh, darling, you really should have insisted on the master suite.

Stefan: Yes, I figured, why make chad and abigail more uncomfortable than they already are?

Vivian: After the way they treated you, who cares what their feelings are? Besides, at least now they're out of the company.

Stefan: Not anymore.

Vivian: What?

Stefan: I hired them back.

[Tense music]

Chad: Hey. I was just about to run to the house and pull you out of there.

Abigail: I'm fine. You mind? Mmm!

Chad: What the hell happened?

Abigail: We're hired. But I'm going to tell you something. Your half-brother is an arrogant jackass.

Feel the power of

theraflu expressmax.

Hope: My god, it's so cold!

Rafe: Hey, what do you say we go to the pub, huh?

Hope: Oh, my goodness.

Rafe: I am jonesing for some chowder. They have the best chowder.

Hope: Why don't you button up? It is so cold out here. You know what? I think I have a better idea that we'll both enjoy. My place. Fireplace, bottle of wine.

Rafe: You win.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: You win.

Hope: You know what? I have to say somethinG.

Rafe: What?

Hope: I know I've been very distracted since ciara came back from hong kong, and I haven't been a very good fiancéE.

Rafe: No--

Hope: Just let me say it, please, okay? 'Cause I'm so cold. I'm sorry. I really am.

Rafe: Don't be. I think you're perfect. Well, except for the fact that you're not my wife.

Hope: "Except for the fact"--

Rafe: No, that's it, just that you're not my wife, and I want to fix that.

Hope: Me too.

Rafe: Come on.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, it's so cold; let's go.

Tripp: So if making peace with your mom and rafe was the right thing to do, what if you made peace with claire?

Ciara: Um, no. This is different, okay? I'm actually happy for mom and rafe. I can't stand the idea of claire and theo being together.

Tripp: Well, actually, uh... they're not going to be together.

Ciara: What? Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that he finally wised up and dumped her ass?

Tripp: What? No, no.

Ciara: No, but you said that claire and theo aren't going to be together anymore, so...

Claire: Yup, that's only because theo is leaving salem.

Vivian: Why on earth would you hire back chad and abigail? Please tell me you're drawing your enemies in closer.

Stefan: I know your history with the dimera family, but I'm dimera blood, and I don't want to make an enemy out of anyone in this family, especially abigail. I'm very intrigued by her.

Vivian: That mousy little thing?

Stefan: No, no, no, I think you're wrong about her. She's very smart, very spirited, and very...

Vivian: And your brother's wife?

Abigail: I'm pretty sure my favorite part of our little encounter was when he made me say, "please, sir, can we have our jobs back?"

Chad: I'm gonna kill him.

Chad: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Chad: I should have never sent you over there.

Abigail: You didn'T. It was my idea. And to be honest, I did gain some pretty valuable insight as to how he operates.

Chad: What else did he do?

Abigail: Well, he said that he didn't have anything to do with hacking the company. And then he wanted to hear me say that I believed him before he would give us our jobs back.

Chad: And you said it?

Abigail: I said that if he turned the company around, then I would believe him.

Chad: Son of a bitch.

Abigail: He is a son of a bitch, but he is also a pretty smart one, so I think if we want to get rid of him, we're gonna have to bring our "a" game.

Chad: Getting tangled up with that creep isn't what you signed up for when you married me.

Abigail: No. But I did sign up for better or worse, so we'll get through it. I love you, and I want what you want.

Chad: Well, what I want most is you.

Kate: Your loyalty to me ever since theo was shot means so much.

Andre: You know, you can get loyalty from a dog. I want something more than gratitude. But then I suppose I can't force you to feel something you don'T.

Kate: It's not like I don't feel anything. I do. It's just that it comes as such a surprise to me.

Andre: [Laughs]

Kate: Wow. What do you know?

[Both laugh] I'm going to go up to my bedroom now. Why don't you grab a bottle of champagne and meet me there?

Andre: Oh, father. It looks like I'm going to get everything I want. Oh, my god. I hope nobody ever finds out what I did to get it.

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