Days Transcript Wednesday 11/15/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 11/15/17


Episode #13196 ~ Theo's shooting continues to have ripple effects all over Salem; as Chad rips into Andre, Kate tries to cover her tracks; Lani tries to help Abe understand how JJ ended up shooting Theo; Jennifer consoles a guilt-ridden JJ.

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Abigail: Are you awake?

Chad: Yeah. Why? What are you thinking?

Abigail: [Laughs] You're incorrigible.

Chad: Nah, I'm in love.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: The truth is, I can't stop thinking about dimera.

Abigail: Me either.

[Sighs] First day on the job, and we've already brought it to bed with us.

Chad: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Abigail: It's fine. I just want to get to the bottom of whatever it is that's keeping all those deals from going through.

Chad: Yeah, and who's behind it.

Abigail: I'm just glad you're done thinking that it's andre.

Chad: Yeah. I still think theo's involved somehow.

Kate: Theo, I told you not to go through with the mission. Did you, or didn't you? Would you leave me a message?

Tripp: Maybe it's not such a good idea for us to be here.

Claire: No, I have to do something first. If I can't be with theo in the O.R., Then I'm at least gonna get his things.

[Phone buzzing]

Tripp: It must be theo'S. It must have fallen off when they were treating him.

Claire: I gave theo this hoodie. He said it was his favorite. Tripp. There's so much blood on it everywhere. Tripp, it's ruined. It's ruined. It's ruined! I can't--

[Breathing rapidly]

Abe: Why isn't there any word, an update, something?

Lani: The surgery's gonna take several hours.

Abe: He has to survive this, lani. Theo has to make it.

Lani: He will, dad, okay? Theo is--theo has the biggest heart of anyone that I know, and he is so strong. Then there's valerie. If anyone can pull theo through this... she's the best. She saved your life, right?

Abe: Yeah, we need another miracle.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Hope? I just heard theo was shot. What happened?

Hope: You better sit down. Jj was the shooter.

[Intense dramatic music]

Jj: I want you to drop the weapon, all right? You just listen to me. Hands behind your head.

Theo: [Moaning]


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Abe: My son... is not a criminal. This is on jj. The perp got away, and jj just fired at the first person he saw.

Lani: Theo ran from us, dad. I don't know why, but he did.

Abe: He was scared! Jj made a mistake. He shot an innocent boy.

Lani: But he had--he had a scanner in his hand, the kind that are used to disable alarm keypads, okay? It was--it was so dark out there, and jj thought he saw a gun, okay? And he--he ordered him several times to drop it. When he didn't and he turned, jj reacted.

Abe: Theo would not commit a crime on his own... which means the dimeras put him up to it.

Kate: Theo, it's me. I hate to leave you another message, but I haven't heard from you, okay? So just forget about breaking into the building. We don't know who's behind all this, and I just don't think it's safe. And call me. Call me as soon as you get this message. Thanks.

Andre: Late-night intrigue?

Kate: No, no, it's nothing. It's just work--you know, china and the time difference.

Andre: Something I should know about?

Kate: No, no. So if you'll excuse me...

Andre: Kate. I'm not the saboteur. You said you believed that. Or was that just a show for chad?

Kate: No, no, I believe you. I do. I'm sorry. It's just whoever's behind this has inside information, and...

[Sighs] I'm glad that we are both on the same side of this.

Andre: Well, you have my word. I'll get to the bottom of this. I'll not allow anyone to hurt our family.

Jennifer: I'm just trying to understand how jj could have shot theo, because it doesn't make sense. He was--he was having a surprise party for lani today, and they were celebrating, and it was--I mean, I just don't understand it. Why would theo break into an office building? Why would--why would he have this device? I mean, why-- why did he run when they told him to stop?

Hope: I don't have any of the answers yet.

Jennifer: Where's jj?

Hope: I don't know. He finished making a statement, and he left. He's very shaken, obviously.

Jennifer: Then he probably went to the hospital.

Hope: No, he's not there. This is an ongoing investigation--I told him he had to stay away from theo.

Jennifer: Hope, jj-- jj and theo are family. What are--they love each other.

Hope: I know that. I know that. We all do. I'm gonna go call the hospital and see if there's an update on theo's condition. Coz, I'll be right back, okay?

[Phone line ringing]

Jennifer: Jj. I just heard. Baby, where are you? Please call me when you get this. I love you.

Abigail: You worry too much. Theo said that he wasn't involved in anything shady, and he specifically said andre. We got to believe that.

Chad: Yeah, but he's up to something. Theo, he's just-- just not the same. He's acting differently.

[Phone ringing] Who?

Abigail: My mom. Hey. Is everything okay?

Jennifer: Hey, have you talked to your brother?

Abigail: No. Why? Is some--is he okay? Is something wrong?

Jennifer: No. Something terrible has happened.

Tripp: Okay, just sit down.

Claire: No.

Tripp: Come on. Let me take this.

Claire: No, please.

Tripp: Claire, claire. The police will probably need this, okay? It's evidence. Let me take this. Now I'm gonna go try to find someone to check you out, okay?

Claire: I'm fine.

Tripp: You just fainted a second ago. Now, it's probably the shock, but I'm going to go find a nurse.

[Phone buzzing]

Claire: Whatever.

Tripp: I'll be right back.

Claire: What were you doing, theo? I should have never walked away from you.

Abigail: Okay. Well, I'll talk to chad, and we'll meet you at the hospital.

Chad: What-- what is it?

Abigail: Jj was responding to a break-in, and he shot someone. Honey, it was theo. Jj shot theo.

Hope: Thank you very much.

Jennifer: Any word on theo?

Hope: He's still in surgery. The bullet's lodged close to his heart.

Jennifer: We have to pray. Please, please tell me that--that jj did everything right, that he did it by the book.

Hope: All indications show that he did. There'll be a detailed investigation. I had to put him on leave, which is standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting. Coz, you have my word. I-- as commissioner, as family. I will find out the truth. You know I will, no matter what.

Jennifer: Just I need to-- I just need to see him. I need to go to the hospital.

Hope: Okay. Okay. Jen. Come here.

Jennifer: [Crying]

Lani: Do you really think the dimeras could be involved?

Abe: It wouldn't be the first time that andre convinced theo to do something illegal, all in the name of family.

Lani: Theo's so sweet that way. Family is so important to him.

Abe: And andre would take advantage of that. They all would. You know, I tried to convince theo to stay away. But he begged me to trust him. He swore that he would not get dragged into their cesspool. If I find out that andre knew about theo being near that building tonight, I swear to god I will tear him apart!

Andre: Nothing like the witch--strega, as father would like to say-- to settle one into a good night's sleep.

[Glasses clink]

[Dramatic music]

What's going on?

Chad: Theo.

Kate: What about theo?

Chad: He was shot.

Jennifer: Jj?

Jj: Mom, I-- I--

[Soft music]

Jennifer: It's okay. It's okay. I thought that I would find you here.

Jj: I swear I didn't know. I didn't know it was theo. He was wearing a hoodie. I told him to freeze, and he ran, and he-- he started to turn to me. I thought he had a gun. I never saw his face, mom. I never saw theo's face.

Jj: I just don't understand. How could this happen? I stood right there and shot someone we love.

Jennifer: No, jj. You were following your training. You thought that your life was in danger. It was a split-second reaction.

Jj: It was a split second too soon, and now theo is fighting for his life. I'm not gonna run from this. I'm not gonna hide. I deserve whatever happens to me.

Jennifer: Jj, you are a good man, and you are a good cop. You would never intentionally hurt someone. That is not who you are.

Jj: Listen, will you just-- you go to the hospital. Find out how theo is.

Jennifer: No, we're just gonna call lani. We can call her right now.

Jj: Mom, you know I can'T. She's trying to keep it together for abe, be strong for him. I have no right. Please, mom.

Jennifer: No, I want to take you home. I want to take care of you right now. Please come with me, please.

Jj: If you want to help me, check on theo. I need to know that he's doing okay. I need that. Please.

Jennifer: Jj. Please.

Andre: shot? By whom?

Chad: The police.

Kate: The police?

Abigail: It was jj.

Andre: Oh, my god. What happened?

Chad: Well, apparently, theo broke into a building, triggered the alarm, so jj and lani took the call. Theo ran. He had something in his hand, and it was dark. So jj thought it was a gun.

Kate: Are you sure you can pull it off without getting caught?

Theo: Yeah, yeah. I checked out the place, and I have what I need to disarm the security.

Kate: theo okay--

Abigail: He's in surgery right now. It may be a few hours before we know whether or not he's gonna make it.

Andre: But theo...

Kate: Chad--

Andre: Breaking into a building? Why on earth would he be doing that?

Chad: Why don't you tell me, andre? You put him up to it, didn't you? Did you?

Abigail: Stop it!

[Dramatic music]

Abe: Andre dimera as good as put lexi in her grave. And now my son? There's no other explanation.

Lani: Dad, you have to calm down, please.

Abe: I-- my son has been shot. How the hell do I calm down?

Lani: For theo. Dad, for theo. It wasn't long ago that valerie was in that operating room working on you, okay? So you got to relax, and you got to take care of yourself because theo is gonna need you when he gets out of surgery.

Abe: Yeah, yeah. No, you're right. You're right. I--I-- I need to get ahold of myself and stop--stop speculating and getting myself all worked up when I don't know all the facts.

Lani: Exactly.

Abe: The only fact I do know is that my son-- my son could die because jj devereaux shot him!

[Ominous music]

Jennifer: Abe. How's theo?

Abe: He's in surgery.

Jennifer: I know how angry...

Abe: You don't know anything about how I feel.

Jennifer: How are you doing?

Abe: Her brother's been shot.

Jennifer: Abe, jj is-- he's devastated. He's at the square right now. He is beating himself up.

Abe: He should be. Lani... can we have a moment, please?

Lani: I think I should wait here with you.

Abe: I'm fine. What I need right now are answers. I need you to find them. Find out whatever you can. Would you do that for your brother?

Lani: Okay.

[Soft music]

Jennifer: Abe. Please. If--if there's anything that I can say or that I can do...

Abe: Your son shot mine. There's-- there's nothing you could possibly say that would make me understand that.

Claire: No, but this is crazy. Theo's the one who needs medical help, not me.

Tripp: Just let her help you.

You should thank him. You've had quite a shock. Your blood pressure's low, and you're dehydrated. He was paying attention, and he obviously cares about you. I'll be back to check on you in a minute.

Claire: I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Tripp: No, no, no, no.

Claire: No, no.

Tripp: No, don't, okay? No. Listen, I-- I know this is hard, okay? But you need to this for theo. Once he comes out of that or, you need to be here for him. You need to be strong.

Andre: You think I put theo up to some criminal activity?

Chad: Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

Andre: I don't know anything about this.

Chad: Theo, he was just a kid, andre. How could you do this, huh? What, you said you were working in secret, implementing whatever measures necessary!

Andre: Yes, that's what I was doing!

Chad: Yeah? So was sending him into the building part of the measures?

[Dramatic music]

Jj: I didn't know it was you, theo. I couldn't see your face.

Jj: How is he? How's theo?

Lani: He's still in surgery. What are you doing here?

Jj: I'm just trying to figure it out, what I could have done differently. I stood right where you're standing. And theo's back was to me. When he raised his hand, the scanner looked like a gun. And when he started to turn towards me...

Lani: You shot him.

Jj: I thought I was about to come under fire from an unknown suspect who ran from the scene of a crime. I am so sorry.

Lani: Is there anything you could have done to resolve the situation?

Jj: I wish to god that I had. But, lani, all I saw was a perp with a gun. And I never saw theo's face, I swear, lani. If I had... believe me, I'd rather have taken a bullet than shot your brother.

Abe: I don't give a damn about jj's side of the story.

Jennifer: You have to know that jj would never intentionally try to hurt theo. I really believe it was an accident.

Abe: It was negligence... or malice.

Jennifer: Abe, that is not who my son is.

Abe: My son is in the or with a bullet near his heart.

Jennifer: Abe, I-- our families have-- we have been friends my whole life. I love your children as much as I love my own. I know you feel the same way about abigail... and jj--I know you do.

Abe: Jj...

Jennifer: I can't imagine how upset you are right now, but if you could please--

Abe: What? I forgive? Forget? How can I forget your son put a bullet in my child? How--how can I forgive? Whatever our families-- whatever our families have shared in the past, if I bury my son because of what your son did...

Jennifer: Abe...

Abe: The carvers and the hortons... will never share anything again.

Chad: Theo, he doesn't break into buildings, and he doesn't run from cops.

Andre: I care about that boy just as much as you do.

Chad: Yeah, but everybody's expendable, right, andre?

Abigail: Chad, stop.

Chad: No. Look, theo, he was a good kid, and he wouldn't have broken into that building unless somebody put him up to it. Somebody took advantage of him and how special he is, and that's what put him in front of that bullet. That is what put him-- that is what put him in front of that bullet.

Abigail: We need to go to the hospital.

Kate: Abigail's right. All that matters is that theo's okay and that we're there for him.

Chad: I'm gonna catch up. My brother and I, we aren't done here yet.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Claire?

Claire: Hey.

Hope: Oh, sweetheart. You okay? The nurse told me you were here.

Claire: All I care about is theo right now.

Hope: Would you excuse us a moment, please?

Tripp: Yeah, no problem.

Claire: Actually, I'd like him to stay, if that's okay.

Hope: Sure. Yeah, of course. You're one of theo's roommates. Maybe you have some insight.

Tripp: Yeah, whatever I can do.

Hope: I'm putting together a timetable. Maybe you can help shed some light on theo's activities leading up to the shooting.

Claire: We got in a fight, and I said horrible things to him. God, it's all my fault.

Hope: No, don'T. It's okay, sweetheart.

Claire: No, no. No, I needed to talk to him and to apologize. But first we were at lani's party. And then afterwards, he just seemed so distracted.

Hope: Distracted by what? Do you know?

Claire: No, I don'T. But after the party, he just said that he had somewhere that he needed to be. And then...

Hope: What, honey?

Claire: I got mad at him all over again, and then I just walked away. God. And now if I hadn't, I don't know.

Hope: No, no. Claire, this isn't on you. It's not, all right? You and theo love each other. It's gonna be okay. You guys are gonna work this out. Yes, you are. Do you have any idea where theo went or where he was going or if he was meeting up with someone?

[Suspenseful music]

Kate: That would be illegal.

[Door closes]

[Phone buzzing]

Tripp: I may have something that could help find out what theo was doing. Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Jj: You know me, lani. You have to believe me. It was by the book. I never saw theo's face, I swear to god. If I had, I never would have--

Lani: Pulled the trigger?

Jj: I love you.

Lani: I can'T. I can't be here right now.

Jj: Lani, please.

Lani: I'm just gonna go back to the hospital.

Hope: What do you know about theo's activities tonight?

Chad: Nothing, really. But I found his phone on the floor. It must have fallen out when they were treating him.

Abe: I always knew jj was a punk--the drugs, the petty crime.

Jennifer: No, he's a man now. He is mature, I'm telling you.

Abe: Because he wears a badge?

Hope: Excuse me. I'll be right back. Hold on, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Abe.

Abe: Just leave me alone.

Jennifer: No, I'm not gonna leave you alone, because I care about you too much to let you think that jj would intentionally hurt theo. That would never happen. He loves him.

Hope: This is not the time or the place, not right now.

Abe: We shouldn't be in this place. Please, just...just go away.

Jennifer: I just came to help.

Abe: The hell you did. You came here to get absolution for your trigger-happy son.

Jennifer: I didn'T. I did not. I came here for you, and I came here for theo.

Abe: You know there is nothing that you or anyone in your family can do to make this right. Nothing!

Jennifer: Abe--

Abigail: Mom? What's going on?

Abe: Your mother was just leaving.

Abigail: Come with me.

Kate: Abe, I am so sorry about what's happened to theo.

Abe: [Stammering] I don't give a damn about how sorry you are. I want to know if the dimeras are behind this.

Kate: I don't understand.

Abe: My son-- my son was apparently trying to break into a building. So would you or your husband--

Hope: Wait. Before either one of you starts to make any accusations or say things that you can't take back, tripp has theo's phone, and I'm just about to look at it, abe. So maybe it'll tell us who he was in touch with tonight, and that might tell us what and why he was at the warehouse in the first place.

Chad: I just got off the phone with the hospital, making sure theo has the best of everything that he needs.

Andre: Is there anything I can do to help?

Chad: What, to appease your conscience or whatever you have left of one?

Andre: My conscience is clear.

Chad: It's all just a game to you.

Andre: No, not this, not theo. I would never put that young man in harm's way.

Chad: You better not be lying to me, brother. 'Cause when I find out who did this, I am gonna make their life a living hell. I can promise you that.

Hope: I promise we'll find answers.

Abe: Start with andre dimera. He's gotten theo involved in illegal activities before, and this has his stink all over it.

Hope: I'll put him on the list.

Abe: No. No list. Do it now, right now. Don't let him get away or destroy evidence that might link him to theo.

Hope: I'll let you know what I find out. Abe. I'm praying for theo.

Abe: I need to get some air.

Kate: [Sighs]

Chad: He was just a kid, andre--how could you do this?

Kate: If the police get that phone, I'm gonna lose everything.


Claire: I know the code to theo's phone, so maybe we could find something about my grandma.

Kate: It's all about the timing. I'm going to need you to give me that phone.

[Intense dramatic music]

Abigail: I'm sorry that he was so cruel to you.

Jennifer: He's hurt, and he's angry, and I don't blame him. Abe could--he could lose his son tonight.

Abigail: Then we just pray that he pulls through.

Jennifer: Oh, please.

Abe: Please, god. Let my son live. Let him live.

Lani: Dad. Is there any word yet?

Abe: No, no, nothing yet.

Lani: I just saw jj.

Abe: What did he have to say for himself?

Lani: Dad. He swore to me that he had no idea it was theo before he pulled the trigger.

[Melancholy music]

Jj: Police! Freeze! Drop the weapon! I said drop it! Look, I don't want to shoot you, but I will. For the last time, drop the gun! Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

[Dramatic music]


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