Days Transcript Monday 11/13/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/13/17


Episode #13194 ~ JJ is horrified when he discovers the identity of the person he shot; Abe receives devastating news; Sonny and Sami find Will; Rafe turns up the heat on Susan Banks.

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Jj: Freeze! Don't move.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: Have fun?

Claire: Not much.

Tripp: Where's theo?

Claire: I don't know. Apparently, he had something better to do.

Tripp: I thought you said you guys were hanging out tonight.

Claire: Oh, yeah, we went to lani's party together. But he bailed on me afterwards.

[Suspenseful music]

Lani: Where'd he go?

Jj: I'm not sure. I think we need to split up. I'm gonna go this way.

Lani: Okay.

[Unsettled music]

Sonny: Will? It's you. It's really you.

Jj: Police! Freeze! Drop the weapon. I said drop it! Look, I don't want to shoot you, but I will. For the last time, drop the gun!

[Suspenseful music]


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[Soft orchestration]

[Soft music]

Susan: [Gasps] Who are you? What do you want?

Rafe: Detective hernandez. You susan banks?

Susan: Well, yeah. Who else would I be? If you're here about them trespassers, they haven't come back.

Rafe: I'm actually not here to ask you about that.

Susan: Then what do you want?

Rafe: I want to ask you a few questions, miss banks, about a young man named will horton.

Sami: Didn't you hear what I said? Will's casket is empty!

Paul: I heard you.

Sami: So that proves that susan banks is lying when she said she couldn't bring will back, 'cause she did. And--and rafe is there questioning her now, and it's just amazing. I mean, the bottom line is that will is alive.

Paul: I know.

Sami: What do you mean, you know?

Paul: I know because I saw him.

Will: Hey. Hey, easy. Man, what are you doing?

Sonny: Will? It's me.

Will: I'm sorry. I think you have me confused with someone else.

Sonny: Confused with someo-- what are you talking about? It's me. It's sonny. It's--it's sonny.

Will: Yeah, I'm sorry. I've never seen you before in my life.

Jj: I warned you to drop the weapon, right? You just listen to me. Can you hear me?

Theo: [Moaning]

Jj: Hands behind your back.


Jj: [Gasps]

Theo: [Wheezing]

Jj: Look at me. Look at me. Theo. I'm ginny and I quit smoking

[Slow jazz music]

Doug: If that isn't a perfect advertisement for this fine establishment, I don't know what is.

Julie: I'm just so glad that abraham has found love again. Nobody deserves it more.

Doug: They look so happy, not a care in the world.

Julie: That is the magic of doug's place.

Doug: Yeah, magic that you created.

Julie: Darling, you inspire me every day. You are still the crown prince of romance.

[Both laugh] Why you looking at me like that?

Doug: Well... doug's place magic works on you and me too, so...

Jj: No, this can't be happening. Come on.

Lani: Jj. Thank god. I heard the shot; I thought maybe it was you.

Jj: I'm sorry. I didn't know. I couldn't see his face.

Lani: You couldn't see?

Jj: Theo.

Lani: Oh, my god, theo! What happened?

Jj: I shot him. I shot him, lani.

Tripp: I highly doubt that theo had something better to do than hang out with you.

Claire: Come on. You don't mean that.

Tripp: Why wouldn't I?

Claire: I mean, I don't know. I guess it just sounded like you were trying to be nice and trying to make me feel better. I don't know. It's not like I'm such great company to anyone.

Tripp: You are to me.

Claire: Okay. Sure, sure.

Tripp: No, I mean, you are. I mean, you're funny and smart and sweet and smart and--

Claire: You already said that.

Tripp: What?

Claire: "Smart." Which I am so not.

Tripp: [Laughs]

Claire: I mean, no, no, I'm smart about some things. I'm smart about music, and I'm smart about people. But, I mean, I'm just, like, not smart about what's going on in the world. And any time that anyone tries to have a conversation with me about, like, politics or history or, I don't know, like, capital cities or whatever, I--I kind of just-- I shut up, and I hope that no one asks me any questions.

Tripp: Yeah, well, you're a lot more honest about that than most people.


Claire: Yeah. I don't know. I think I'm proud enough about what I do know. And I'm proud of my talent. And I--I know that that's a really braggy word, but--

Tripp: No, it's not. I mean, you do have talent. You have a whole lot of talent. And you should be proud of that. I mean, I'm--I've always been in awe of people that are able to write songs and then touch the people in the way that you do. I think that's way more important than knowing about politics or current events.

Claire: Yeah. I mean, unless you want to be president one day, right?

Tripp: Yeah, exactly.

Claire: And that's the last thing I would want to do, because then I wouldn't have time for my music.

Tripp: You got to have time for that.

Claire: And for my friends.

Tripp: Right.

Claire: Like you, tripp. I really like talking to you.

Tripp: Well, the feeling's mutual.

[Soft music]

Claire: Anyway, um, back to theo and me. Um, yeah. I mean, things have been a little bit tense between us lately, as you know.

Tripp: Because of the way he bought you all those followers?

Claire: Yes.

Tripp: [Sighs] Well, like I said before, it was a bad idea. But the only reason he did it was to help you and your career.

Claire: I know, but it was just wrong. Like I said to him, anyone with half a brain understands that.

Tripp: You actually said that to him?

Claire: I was upset.

Tripp: Yeah, I'd say.

Claire: Okay, okay, maybe it was a little bit harsh, but... I don't know. He just needed to understand, like you understand.

Tripp: Please tell me you didn't say that to him.

Claire: What, what? That you understand? Of course I did.

Tripp: I bet he was happy to hear that.

Claire: I don't know. It's the truth. You and I connect on a lot of things. You get me. And, you know, if theo doesn't like that, then that's his problem.

Jj: I couldn't see him. He was running the other way.

Lani: Jj! Call an amb-- get an ambulance here now!

Jj: Of course. This is deveraux. I'm in the horton town square. Shots fired. Civilian down. I need a 10-52 right away. Tell them to hurry, please. They're on their way.

Lani: Okay. You hear, theo? Help is on the way, okay? You're gonna be okay. I promise, okay? But you got to hold on, okay? You got to hold on. You got to hold on for me and claire and dad, okay? I promise I'm not gonna leave your side, okay?

Jj: Lani.

Lani: What the hell happened? Why did you shoot my brother?

[Dramatic music]

Susan: Why are you so interested in will horton? From what I know, he's dead, dead, dead.

Rafe: Hmm. That's a lot of dead.

Susan: What do you want from me?

Rafe: Oh, just the truth.

Susan: Truth is, I ain't done nothing wrong. Mm-mm.

Rafe: You sure about that?

Susan: Yes.

Rafe: 'Cause we found evidence that says otherwise.

Susan: You know what? I am the victim here. I got people crawling in through my windows. I got 'em walking through my doors. They're generally disrupting my life.

Rafe: Well, will's grave is empty.

Susan: I don't know nothing about that.

Rafe: Hmm. Well, here's the thing. I don't believe you. I think you know where will is, and I think that you know that he's alive.

Susan: You know what? This is what I think. You got an empty grave? Maybe you should be talking to the undertaker.

Rafe: Well, guess what. I'm talking to you, because I know that you were involved. Hell, you admitted you tried to bring him back to life, didn't you?

Susan: I did, yes.

Rafe: Didn't you? Yeah.

Susan: But I told sami brady, I told john black, and I told dr. Marlena evans that we failed.

Rafe: Yeah.

Susan: Dead is dead.

Rafe: Yeah, dead is dead, and you lied to them. You lied to all them. But you're not gonna lie to me. Now, I'm not going anywhere till I get the answers I want. Where's will horton? Hmm?

Sami: You've seen will?

Paul: Yes. At a bar here in memphis.

Sami: Why didn't you say anything?

Paul: I was trying to figure things out.

Sami: Figure things out? Figure things out? What the hell is the matter with you?

Paul: Sami...

Sami: You knew my son was alive, and you didn't say anything? You just let us suffer? You let us worry?

Paul: I didn't know what to do when I saw him.

Sami: Here's what you do, paul. You call his mother! You tell me what you've seen!

[Dramatic music]

Where is he? Where is will?

Paul: Sonny's with him right now.

Sami: Tell me where!

Sonny: You really don't remember me?

Will: No, I'm--I'm sorry. How many times do I have to say it? We're strangers.

Sonny: Okay, okay. So--so something must have happened to your memory. And I'm gonna get you to a doctor, and we're gonna figure this out, okay? But I--I am so glad that you're alive. You have no idea what it's been like since--

Will: Okay, I need to-- I need to finish closing up the bar, okay? I'm sorry.

Sonny: No, wait, wait, wait. Please. Let's--let's sit down, and let's talk. Please, please.

Will: [Sighs]

Sonny: You don't know what it's like for me to see you right now. You have no idea what I'm feeling.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Okay, we're gonna figure this out. We're gonna figure this out.

Will: Here's the thing. There's nothing to figure out, okay? You had too much to drink. So let me call you a car, and we'll get you home, and you can sleep it off.

Sonny: No, stop, stop.

Will: What are you-- what are you doing?

Sonny: I am completely sober, okay? I have no idea why you don't remember me. I have no idea how you're alive and living in memphis. But maybe this'll trigger your memory.

[Dramatic music] The in-laws have moved in with us.

Julie: Seems lani's birthday party was a big success.

Valerie: Oh, surprise.

Abe: It was wonderful.

[Both laugh] You know, every year I get to celebrate with her, it's--it's a gift. And mostly importantly, she seems very happy.

Julie: She's not the only one.

Doug: We saw you two dancing.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Julie: You looked very, very comfortable in each other's arms.

Abe: Oh!

[Both laughing]

Julie: Valerie. I know we've had our differences, but I'm so-- so glad you decided to stay in salem.

Valerie: Oh, julie, not as glad as I am.

Julie: It's wonderful having eli in our lives.

Valerie: You know, I spent so many years keeping eli away from his family. I'm truly sorry for that. He really needs his grandparents.

Doug: He's a good guy.

Julie: Yeah.

Doug: And, abe, I understand you're the one who helped him get on the salem pd. Great.

Abe: Well, he'll make an excellent police officer.

Julie: Well, you ought to know.


Abe: You know, it reminds me of the days when I was on the job and used to spend time at doug's place on the lake.

Doug: You were always a welcome sight. He was a heavy tipper.


Abe: You know, we had some great times back then, didn't we?

Julie: We did-- the carvers, the hortons. Interesting times, wonderful history shared. It does my heart good to see lani and jj pulling us all together once again.

Abe: Yeah, yeah. You know, I admit that I had my reservations about jj and lani at first, but he makes her happy. That's what's really important, right?

Doug: Absolutely.

Valerie: Indeed.

Abe: So I've come around. I think jj and lani are good for each other.

Valerie: I'll drink to that.

Julie: I'll drink to it too.


Abe: Yes.

Julie: Cheers.

Jj: Where's that ambulance?

Lani: They're gonna be here real soon, okay, theo? I promise. And they're gonna take such good care of you.

Jj: I didn't know it was theo.

Lani: Why did you shoot?

Jj: We were--we were both chasing the perp, and then I saw him. When we split up, I saw him running, and I told him to freeze. I yelled it at him, but when he stopped, I saw that he was holding a gun.

Lani: Theo?

Jj: I ordered him to drop the weapon and to get on the ground, and he didn't listen. I told him over and over, and he didn't listen.

Lani: Well, what did he do?

Jj: He started to turn.

Lani: And you just fired.

Jj: No, he raised the weapon. I thought he was about to shoot.

Lani: So you're telling me that my brother theo had a gun and was just gonna fire it at you?

Jj: I know it sounds crazy, but I saw--I saw the gun. He must have dropped it when he fell.

Lani: Then where is it?

Jj: It's got to be around here somewhere.

Lani: Well, I don't see a weapon, jj!

[Siren wailing]

Jj: There.

Lani: You hear that, theo? The ambulance is here, okay? They're gonna help you now, okay?

Jj: No way.

Lani: What did you find?

Jj: It's not a gun. I was wrong. He was unarmed, and I shot him.

Susan: Don't detectives usually travel in twos, like them animals in noah's ark?

Rafe: My partner's working another angle on the case.

Susan: You mean the will horton case?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, that's right.

Susan: You seem awfully interested in that.

Rafe: I am, because he was supposedly murdered, but guess what. He's not in his grave.

Susan: He's not in his grave?

Rafe: No.

Susan: Maybe you should be hunting down a grave robber, then. Can I see your badge again, please?

Rafe: My what?

Susan: I'd like to see your badge, or I'm not gonna say one more word. I will call down to the station if you do not show me your badge right now. Show it to me.

Rafe: Okay.

Susan: Show it to me.

Rafe: I am.

Susan: Ooh, oh. I knew it. You're not memphis pd at all, are you? No, you're not. You are just like the trespassers, aren't you? You're from salem.

Rafe: What? So I'm still a cop.

Susan: That's not why you're here. You're here because of her. Sami brady sent you, didn't she?

Rafe: Oh, boy.

Susan: Hmm?

Will: What the hell is wrong with you? That crossed a line.

Sonny: Will, we love each other. I thought if you--

Will: You thought wrong. So why don't you get out of here now, before I call the cops?

Sonny: You're making a mistake.

Will: Maybe I'll kick your ass myself! Or maybe I'll do both.

Sonny: No. You don't mean that, because you would never hurt me.

Will: Yeah, you want to test that? You want to be the first guy I toss out of here? Seriously, please get out.

Sami: Will? It really is you. Oh, will!


Will: What? Sorry, what the-- what the hell? Are you both nuts? What's going on? Do you two know each other?

Sami: What?

Will: Don't--get away from me. Stop touching me, please. I'm not this will person, and if you don't leave me the hell alone--

Sami: Wait, what are you talking about? What is the matter with you?

Sonny: Something happened to his memory.

Sami: What? Are you saying he doesn't-- he doesn't recognize us?

Will: Isn't that obvious? I have no idea who you are. I'm sorry. I--I have no idea. But if you don't get out, I'm gonna--seriously--

Sami: Will, stop. Hold on. Just stop and think for a second. You know me.

Will: No, I don't! And I don't give a damn either that I don't! I don't know who you are. I don't know who he is. So both of you, please get out of here right now! You're making me really uncomfortable, okay? I warned you, go.

Sami: Wait. Will, hold on. Just stop for a second and give me a second. You may not know me, but I know you. I remember the first moment I ever laid eyes on you. And you were the most amazing, amazing thing I'd ever seen.

Will: Lady, you're scaring me.

Sami: I know. I don't mean to scare you. But--but you were. You were the most amazing thing I'd ever seen until now. And look, we have had some problems in our relationship, but--but every moment that I've ever spent with you is precious to me. And when I lost you, I-- part of me died too. And now you're here. I mean, he's really here! And I just--I just can't believe it. You're standing here, and it's like--oh, my god, I can look at you, and I can touch you, and I can hold you in my arms. And oh, my god, it's a miracle! It's such a miracle!

Sonny: It is for me too. Will.

Will: This is insanity. You're both crazy people. I'm--I--I need to--please.

Sami: No, will. Okay, I'm sorry. I know something's going on here, and we'll work that out, okay? But just give me a chance, okay? Just--just take a second. How about--how about you just take one second and just really think? Just really look at me. I am your mother. And this is sonny, and sonny is your husband. And we love you so, so very, very much. So come on. Please, just tell us that you remember us.

[Dramatic music]

Susan: So tell me. What is the situation? Are you sami brady's latest boyfriend?

Rafe: No.

Susan: 'Cause if you are, you want to watch yourself. You mess with her, and you could end up dead, just like my ej did.

Rafe: Look, I'm just here to help.

Susan: Yeah, help harass an innocent woman, I think.

Rafe: Well, we both know you're not innocent.

Susan: Don't know that.

Rafe: No? Wow. Look, it doesn't matter. I'm not here to bust you, okay? All I want is some information on will horton and his whereabouts.

Susan: You can want what you want, but this is not your territory, is it, mr. Salem officer detective guy?

Rafe: Okay. You lost your son. I'm sorry about that, but so did sami, and you should know how she feels.

Susan: I know exactly how she feels, but you understand one thing. My son is gone because of sami. Ej's dead because of sami.

Rafe: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, that is not--

Susan: That is very true.

Rafe: It's not true.

Susan: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. He was my only child, he was the light of my life, and he's gone because of her, 'cause I knew that he was in harm's way, but did she care? She didn't care. And you know what? Sami brady always gets what she wants, doesn't she? What about what I want? What about what my son wants? You think he wanted to die? You can show yourself out.

Rafe: Wh--

Tripp: Look, I am grateful that you trust me, you know. And honestly, after what I did to kayla and joey, I'm just lucky enough to have anyone to talk to.

Claire: No, no. People don't blame you for that. Tripp, I mean, your mother was murdered, and you never even got to know her. So shouldn't people at least cut you some slack if you're a little bit angry about that and if it screwed you up a little bit? And look at you now. You're an incredibly responsible person and not to mention a super, super nice guy.

Tripp: [Laughs] Is that how you see me? Responsible and nice?

Claire: What? Is that not the way you want to be seen?

Tripp: It just sounds a little boring.

Claire: [Laughs] No! Oh, my god, no, no, no, no, no. That is not what I meant at all, okay? No, you are actually super, super interesting. And I'm always wanting to know more about you.

Tripp: Really?

Claire: Yes. I don't know. I guess it's 'cause, like, you always have this super, like, mysterious look in your eye, like there's just so much going on in your mind, so much passion and intensity just kind of, like, waiting to express itself. And, like...

Tripp: And what?

Claire: I am always the opposite of bored whenever I'm with you. What would the opposite of bored be?

Tripp: Uh, enthusiastic? Energized? Captivated?

Claire: Captivated! Mm-mm, yes, that's it. That's perfect. That's exactly how I feel.

Tripp: Well, I feel very... captivated by you too. Um, so back to you and theo. I think that you might be better off not telling him that you and I connect or, even worse, that we are captivated by each other.

Claire: [Laughs] I guess what I did tell him didn't really make things easier between us.

Tripp: Maybe you didn't want to make things easier.

Claire: You're saying that I wanted to upset theo?

Tripp: It wouldn't be the first time that you used me to make theo jealous.

Claire: I just want him to come home.

Tripp: Well, he probably had a work thing. You know, guys in tech, they have to pull weird hours.

Claire: Yeah, I guess so.

Tripp: You should call him.

Claire: I doubt he'll pick up.

Tripp: It's worth a try. You know, let him know that you're thinking about him. Or, you know, maybe the guy needs a reminder of how lucky he is to have someone like you.

Claire: Thank you.

Tripp: For what?

Claire: For just being the opposite of boring.

[Laughs] And for always just making things a little bit easier.

Lani: Please. You have to help him.

No exit wound.

Pulse is weak and thready.

He's lost a lot of blood.

Lani: I tried to stop it. I applied pressure. I tried to--

Jj: Is he going to be okay?

We'll do everything we can.

We need to get him to the hospital right away.

Lani: Okay, can I go?

We're not supposed to really--

Lani: I am his sister. I promised that I wouldn't leave his side.

Jj: I'll meet you at the hospital.

[Retching] (Avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain

Kayla: You paged me?

We have a gsw on the way in.

Kayla: Where is the attending?

Dr. Shah is here, but I thought you'd want to know, given the victim.

Kayla: What do you mean? Who is it? Theo.

Lani: Kayla, he's been shot.

He coded a few times en route.

Kayla: All right, let's get him in trauma room one. I'm gonna scrub up and be right in.

Lani: Is he gonna be okay?

Kayla: I'll let you know as soon as I know, all right?

Lani: Okay. You have to save him.

Kayla: I'll do my best.

Julie: You know...

[Clears throat] Lani and jj are not the only couple I'm rooting for.


Doug: Shouldn't we just let them enjoy themselves, sweetheart?

Julie: Oh, no. I just was wondering if they'd started planning a future together.

[Phone ringing]

Abe: Excuse me. Oh, it's lani.

Valerie: Oh.

Abe: Pardon me.

Julie: Sure.

Abe: Hey, sweetheart. So are you and jj still out celebrating?

Lani: Dad.

Abe: Lani, is-- is something wrong?

Lani: I'm at the hospital.

Abe: The hospital? Are you okay?

Lani: I'm fine, but, um...

Abe: Is it jj?

Lani: No, dad, it's--

[Crying] It's theo.

Abe: Theo. What happened?

Lani: It--there was a misunderstanding, and--and theo was shot.

Abe: Shot? But I--I don't understand. How--how did this happen?

Lani: Dad, please. Can you just get here, please? Please, 'cause I need you, and theo needs you.

Abe: Yeah. I'm on my way.

Lani: [Crying]

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Hey, paul.

Paul: Hey.

Rafe: How's sonny?

Paul: Yeah, he's good. He--the doctors, they let him go a little while ago.

Rafe: Oh, no way. Well, that's great news. What about sami? Have you seen her? 'Cause she was supposed to be waiting here for me while I interviewed susan banks.

Paul: She was here, but she left.

Rafe: She what? What do you mean, she left? She didn't go back to that house, did she? Because susan's on to us.

Paul: No, she didn't go to see susan. She--she went to go see will.

Rafe: You--you found will?

Paul: Yeah, he's working at a bar not too far from here. And sonny's with him too.

Rafe: What? You--you mean will is alive?

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.

Rafe: And he's--

Paul: I saw him myself.

Rafe: You saw him? So you--

Paul: Yeah.

Rafe: He's just working at a local bar.

Paul: I know; none of this makes sense. But, I mean, it doesn't even seem like he's being held against his own will or anything.

Rafe: No, I mean, why wouldn't he have contacted us or reached out to his family?

Paul: I don't know.

Rafe: Oh, my god. Okay, sami is gonna need me. I'm gonna go see her. This is...

Sami: Okay, look. I know this is confusing for you.

Will: I'm not confused, but you are.

Sami: No. No, sweetheart, we're not. You have to believe me when I tell you who we are, who you are. You have to try to remember. Maybe you could try to remember your life with sonny. Come on. Just try to remember me.

[Door opens]

Will: Mom.

Sami: Yes, I'm your--

Susan: Come to me, my baby boy.

Sami: What?

Susan: Come to me, my...

Sami: What the hell is going on here?

Sonny: What are you doing?

Susan: Isn't it obvious? He's hugging his mom.

Sami: Oh, no. No, you--

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Will: I have no idea who these people are. They barge in here. They're calling me "will." He says he's my husband, and she's claiming that she's my mother.

Sami: Because i am your mother.

Will: I swear I've never seen these people in my life.

Susan: I know.

Sonny: Please, will. Just let us explain.

Susan: You don't listen to nothing they say, okay? Not one word.

Sami: You're gonna listen to me, because I am your mother. I gave birth to you. And I don't know what happened here, but this woman obviously has done something to you. She's brainwashed you. She's an insane creature!

Susan: You just ignore everything that they say. Just ignore it.

Will: Why is she saying that?

Susan: Because she's that horrible person I've been telling you about. She's that mean, mean, mean person! That's who she is.

Will: Oh, you're-- you're sami?

Susan: Yes.

Sami: Yes. Yeah, yeah, I'm sami.

Will: I do know you. I know all about you, you cheating, lying whore.

[Dramatic music]

Doug: Oh, man, what abe must be going through now.

Julie: Who'd want to shoot that dear, sweet boy?

Doug: I don't know. I can't even imagine what would lead up to such a tragedy.

Julie: Oh.

Doug: Sweetheart.

Julie: Oh, god.

Doug: What, what, what?

Julie: I just remembered claire. Claire is with theo tonight!

Claire: Wait, what? Tripp, you just blew me up.

Tripp: It's every man for himself in the zombiepocalypse.

Claire: No. Well, now I'm a zombie now. I'm coming for your brains!

Tripp: No, no, no, not today.

Claire: I'm coming for your brains! I'm coming for your brains!

[Phone rings]

Tripp: [Clears throat]

Claire: Wait.

Tripp: Is it theo?

Claire: Um, no, no, it's julie, actually. Hello?

Julie: Claire, honey. Are you all right?

Claire: Me? I'm fine. Why?

Julie: How's theo?

Claire: Theo? I don't know. He's not with me right now. Is something wrong?

Jj: Any word from the doctor?

Lani: No. Kayla rushed him into the er as soon as we got here. We nearly lost him three times in the ambulance.

Jj: What? Lani, I am so sorry. But I had no idea that it was theo. I thought it was the perp we were looking for. And when I saw the gun-- what I thought was a gun, I just acted like we're trained to act. You believe me, don't you?

Sami: What did you just say?

Will: Do you want to hear it again? I said you're a cheating, lying whore.

Sami: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, what have you done to him?

Sonny: Will, I don't know why you're saying that, but you have it all wrong.

Susan: Don't listen to anything they say, okay? 'Cause they're just trying to trick you, and they want to bring you back to that horrible place.

Will: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Susan: Of course. He's not going anywhere. He's gonna stay here in memphis with me, and you're not ever gonna be able to hurt him again. You understand that, sami?

Sami: You are crazy.

Sonny: No, no, no! No, no, no, no.

Sami: You sick, twisted, unbelievable-- I'm not gonna let you hurt him.

Sonny: Don't do it like this.

Sami: No, sonny!

Will: Stay away from my mother.

Sami: You listen to me. I don't know what you've done to my son. I don't understand how you brainwashed him like this. But I'm gonna figure it out.

Susan: You poor thing, sami. Do you even hear how crazy you sound?

Sami: I swear to god I'm not gonna let you get away with hurting my son like this. We're gonna get him back! He has a family who loves him. He has a life. I'm gonna kill you, you crazy bitch.

Will: Hey, stop it! Stay the hell away from my mother! Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Tripp: What is it? What did julie say?

Claire: Theo's been shot.

Jj: I need to know you understand this was an accident, a terrible accident.

Lani: [Sighs]

Abe: Where is he? Where--where is he? Where's theo? Where is he?

Lani: He's in the er with kayla.


Valerie: Let me go check on him, and I'll come back in and let you know how he's doing. Hang in there, baby. Hang in there.

Abe: Go. What the hell happened? Who in god's name did this? Who shot my son?

Jj: I did. I shot theo.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone line ringing]

Paul: Hey, dad. Sorry it's so late. No, no, no, no, no. Sonny, sonny's fine. There's something that I need to tell you.

Will: I've had enough of you nutjobs. I'm calling the police.

Sami: Wait. You get away from him. Let go of my son! Hey!

Will: Get out! I warned you!

Sonny: Just give us a chance!

Rafe: Will!

Sonny: Will...

Sami: Oh, rafe.

Will: Who the hell is this?

Sami: Oh, my gosh. She's brainwashed will. He doesn't even know us.

Susan: That's not true.

Sami: Okay, okay. So rafe hernandez is with the police.

Susan: Salem police.

Sami: He's going to tell you the truth, okay? He's going to. Just explain to him that I'm his mother and that sonny's his husband.

Rafe: Will, I can prove it.

Will: For the last time, people, my name is not will! It's ej.

[Intense dramatic music]

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