Days Transcript Thursday 11/9/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/9/17


Episode #13192 ~ Sami has a surprising request for Rafe; Eve desperately tries to extricate herself from Brady's trap; Chad confronts Andre about sabotaging the company; Chloe tries to get Lucas to stop drowning his sorrows.

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Sami: Oh. Lucas took that photo. Will had just thrown a baseball through the window, if I'm not mistaken, and I was trying to be mad at him.

Roman: Yup. And then he pulled out that smile that could make you forgive him anything.

Sami: [Chuckles]

Roman: He got that from his mom.

Sami: No, I'm pretty sure he got it from his irish grandfather.

Roman: I heard what happened in memphis. I'm so sorry.

Sami: Daddy. She said that he's dead.

Kate: And I'm telling you that the demise of dimera enterprises is greatly exaggerated. If you print those rumors, you, your editor, the paper, the--the conglomerate who owns the paper are all going to be facing a big, fat lawsuit!


Andre: Hi, I'm back.

Kate: So how did it go?

Andre: Not well, what with all the questions flying about our solvency. I wasn't able to close the deal. So what's new?

Kate: Well, there is news. Sonny went to memphis to check out rolf's story. The trail ended with susan banks, who said there is clearly no chance that will is alive.

Andre: But it's susan banks. She could be lying.

Kate: Well, john and marlena are satisfied, so I guess I'm going to have to be. Besides, there's no sense in torturing myself over something that could absolutely never be true.

Andre: I wish it was good news. But look at it this way. You may be able to finally bring some closure on this.

Kate: Don't touch me!

Chad: Hey, theo.

Theo: Huh?

Chad: It's important. Now, has anybody at dimera asked you to do anything behind our backs?

Theo: Why would you ask me that?

Chad: I think you know why. Someone's trying to sabotage the company.

Theo: Yeah, I read jennifer's article.

Chad: And now abby's doing all the pr for the company, so she's the one who has to handle all the rumors going around.

Theo: Yeah, but they're not rumors; they're true.

Chad: We're handling the situation. But in order to do it, we need the facts, all of them.

Theo: What facts?

Chad: [Sighs] Look, I know-- I know you don't have an official title at dimera. But because of your mother, lexie, you have much stake in the company as kate and andre. If you have some top-secret project that you got going on, I need to know about it.

Brady: No worries. I'm simply toasting to the absolute destruction of eve donovan.

Eli: Eve d-o--

Eve: Eve kiriakis, okay? Can't you guys get anything right?

Eli: You might want to lose the attitude. It only slows down the process.

Eve: Oh, the process? If you clowns had a process at all, you wouldn't have arrested the wrong man when my beautiful daughter was brutally, brutally murdered by that psycho ben weston.

Eli: Yeah, well, talk to detective hernandez about that. I wasn't here.

Eve: [Sighs] How many people have you arrested for my husband's murder, hmm? You were wrong then. You're wrong now.

Eli: Address?

Eve: I live at the kiriakis mansion, okay? You were just there. You figure it out.

Rafe: I guess we figured since brady was kicking you out on your butt, that it was no longer your legal address.

Eve: Only person that's gonna have a new address after all this is over is brady. Gonna be called statesville.

[Suspenseful music]

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[Soft orchestration]

Victor: So you think that eve donovan's been taken care of.

Brady: That's right.

Victor: I suppose the police dragged her down to the stationhouse.

Brady: Right again.

Victor: And they did that on the strength of one piece of evidence that you planted.

Brady: Cops said all along that whoever was in possession of the amulet was the killer. That would be eve. She's not gonna be running basic black from behind bars.

Victor: Well, she could always do a line of correctional facility loungewear.

Brady: [Chuckles] Well, now it's my duty to remind you that you said once I ousted eve, that you would make me the head of titan once again.

Victor: Yes, I remember it well.

Brady: So do I get my old job back?

Victor: Of course you don't, you idiot.

Eve: And just so you know, I'm not gonna say another word until I have my attorney present.

Eli: Is that a promise?

Eve: Justin's on vacation.

Rafe: Why would you want a kiriakis if you think they're out to get you?

Eli: [Scoffs] She's stalling.

Eve: Really? You think I want to be here one minute longer than I have to?

Eli: Then answer a few simple questions. For example, where were you on the night of june 29, 2017?

Eve: Do you remember where you were that night?

Rafe: I do.

Eve: Really?

Rafe: Mm.

Eve: You at the party?

Rafe: Great stuffed mushrooms.

Eve: Was I there? Did you see me?

Rafe: I didn't see deimos either, not till he turned up dead, that is.

Eve: Well, I wasn't there, and I don't know where the hell I was. Hell, it was months ago.

Eli: You do know this is a murder investigation, right? Maybe you should, I don't know, take a look at your datebook.

Eve: All you have is circumstantial evidence against me.

Rafe: Sometimes that's all it takes. Now, I'd advise you to come up with an alibi, or we're charging you with murder one.

[Suspenseful music]

Lucas: Hey, whoa, wait, what? What is the problem?

Chloe: You are the problem. You're an alcoholic, lucas.

Lucas: What, you got a policy against serving drunks? You run a bar. I think that might affect your business, chloe.

Chloe: You're the only drunk I care about. Look, I know that the memphis trip didn't exactly pan out the way that you'd hoped.

Lucas: No, it didn't, not at all. My son's dead, he's been dead for two years, and he's not coming back.

Sami: You know what, dad? I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna do it, because I'm not in mourning. I'm--I don't have time for that.

Roman: What do you mean by that?

Sami: Susan banks is a liar.

Marlena: Oh, honey, we know that already, but the fact is--

Sami: Mom, I'm not gonna take her word for it that will is dead, because I'm not so sure that he is.

Theo: I don't know why you guys would ask me that.

Abigail: No one is accusing you of doing anything wrong.

Chad: Because I know you, theo, and if you care about somebody, you might do something that they ask without asking questions. And before when you came over, you were--you were acting kind of edgy, and it was like you wanted to talk about something but you couldn'T.

Kate: And, theo, the board is watching our every move, so you can't say a word.

Theo: Not even to chad? I mean, you can't suspect him.

Kate: No, of course not. Never chad. But say it was andre who's trying to double-cross us. Then chad would want to confront him. That would be a disaster. So can I count on you?

Theo: You guys calling me a liar?

Abigail: No, of course not. Theo, you are the most honest person that we know.

Chad: And the most loyal, which is why we want to make sure that nobody's put you into a bad situation. I promised your father that whatever we had you doing, it would be on the up-and-up, theo.

Theo: Well, I'm not doing anything wrong.

Chad: Okay, you know what? I'm just gonna ask you point-blank, and I know you're gonna be straight with me. If andre's put you up to something, I need you to tell me.

Theo: Andre didn't ask me to do anything. Now I have to get ready to go out, so you guys should probably leave.

Andre: What's the matter with you?

Kate: [Sighs] All right, all right, look. I--I know my marriage is a sham, but I like to believe that we have a friendship.

Chad: I hate to say it, because he's my brother and I love him, but we both know what he's capable of.

Kate: I know. You're right. I mean, he is a multitasker. He could be comforting me with one hand and stabbing me in the back with the other. I know that. Well, in the first place, you're my husband in name only. It's not your place to touch me.

Andre: I was just trying to comfort you. I thought we had some kind of understanding, maybe even a friendship. Now, just now, that, pulling away like that, that's new. What changed?

Victor: Let me ask you this. Did you spend a lot of time working out the details of your brilliant little plan? Or did it just come to you in a brilliant flash of genius?

Brady: Eve's--eve's got the perfect motive, okay? She's--she kept her marriage a secret. And you know that the spouse who inherits the fortune, that's always the prime suspect, granddad. I just tweaked the scenario a little bit by having henderson find the amulet in her things. It's great.

Victor: And I assume you took nicole's fingerprints off the amulet?

Brady: Yeah. No, of course I did.

Victor: So you can't use that against her.

Brady: I don't need to. I don't need it. I have a--I have a taped confession from her.

Victor: Which, if you use, will exonerate eve. I mean, there's no double play here. You can only punish one of the bad ladies.

Brady: It doesn't-- it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, because nicole is gone, and--and eve will be in jail, and I'll be the head of titan.

Victor: Well, I hate to say this, but your brilliant little scheme smacks of all the earmarks of a pui.

Brady: I don't-- what's a pui?

Victor: Planning under the influence. My first comment is, you decided to put off sobriety for a little while longer and get bombed instead.

Brady: Wha--whoa, whoa. I'm not bombed...

Victor: No.

Brady: At all.

Victor: Of course not. My second comment is, I don't think that your alcohol-infused mindset has taken into account all of the landmines in your path.

Brady: Such as?

Victor: Such as what if she has an alibi?

[Pen tapping rapidly]

[Tapping stops]

Eve: Thank you.

Rafe: Mm.

Eve: Manicure, mammogram, dentist.

[Sighs] Weekend with george and amal. Too hip for the room?

Eli: I'm glad you think this is funny.

Eve: What I think is, the both of you are tedious.

Rafe: You still haven't told us what you were doing on june--

Eve: Okay! All right, okay? I'm looking. Look, can I get something to drink around here? I'd kill for a glass--

Rafe: Given the circumstances, you might not want to use the word "kill."

Eve: [Laughs] Brady, you're gonna rue the day you ever messed with me. Mm, mm, mm. You have messed with the wrong woman.

Chloe: I know that all these questions about will are making you think about him more than ever.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I thought about him all the time, even before this.

Chloe: I bet. I mean, I think about holly all the time. Just the other day, I saw this girl about the same age, wearing the same pink-and-white dress that I had gotten her, and it just hurt so much. And I know that it's not even the same situation.

Lucas: No, it's not. It's not even close to the same situation. See, you got to understand how this works in a bar. The customer, they do the talking. People who run the bar, they do the listening, okay?

Chloe: Do you think that will would want to see you throw your life away because of him?

Lucas: It doesn't matter what he sees. He's not gonna see anything, because he's dead. And I'm not only drinking because of will. I'm drinking because of adrienne too. Don't forget she dumped me.

Chloe: Yeah, like, two months ago?

Lucas: That happened to be bonnie, if you must know. The real adrienne just dumped me. I'm telling you.

Chloe: How drunk are you?

Lucas: [Sighs] It's the truth, all right, chloe? You can ask anybody, okay?

[Phone rings] Ask justin kiriakis, the idiot. Ask that jerk, if you want, and he'll tell you.

Chloe: Hold on. Sorry. Hello? What's up? Really? Oh, uh, yeah, yeah. I'll be right there. Okay, hang tight. Bye. I'm sorry; I have to go.

Lucas: That's all right. I'm sure you hate ditching me, the way I treated you. Go ahead.

Chloe: Lucas, please take care of yourself, okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's just what I intend to do. Good-bye.

Marlena: You can't keep doing this to yourself, sami.

Sami: You and john want me to give up on my son.

Marlena: No, we don'T.

Sami: Because you obviously have. Well, I'm not gonna take the word of some psychopath like susan banks.

Roman: Okay, wait a minute. Hang on here. Let me get this straight. I thought you said that sami agreed that this was the end of it.

Sami: I didn't agree to anything. I agreed I had to leave memphis, because I wasn't getting the answers that I needed, and if I went back to that house, I was gonna get arrested again.

Marlena: You left memphis because you weren't getting the answers you wanted.

Sami: No. Dad, you're a cop. If someone told you that they brought someone back from the dead so that they could kill them again themselves, would you believe that? No. Not in a million years. And then susan said that rolf committed suicide because he had a crush on her? I mean, rolf was evil, not visually impaired. Susan banks is a orthodontic nightmare.


Roman: It's possible.

Sami: Exactly. It is possible. It is possible to come back from the dead. Look at the two of you. It is practically in will's blood.

Marlena: Do you know who is alive, sami? Your children are alive. And how long are you going to leave them with austin and carrie before they start to wonder where their mother is?

Roman: Listen. All your mom is saying here is that johnny, allie, sydney, we're certain those three kids are alive, and we're certain those three kids need you.

Sami: What if will is alive? Then he needs me more than ever. I'm going to find some answers, or I will die trying. That's my girl!

Brady: No. Eve--eve won't have an alibi. She barely has a life.

Victor: Damn it, brady, you don't know that. And you don't plant evidence and call the cops unless you know it's going to work. Otherwise, all she has to do was prove that she was at a bingo marathon or whatever she does with her evenings, and your whole plan blows to pieces. And who do you suppose gets implicated? You.

Chloe: Hey.

Eve: Hey.

Chloe: What are you doing here? I didn't know that you were back in town, and you're already arrested?

Eve: Oh, I haven't been arrested.

Chloe: Okay, so you just like to hang out in the police station for fun?

Eve: These morons-- oh, I'm so sorry-- intelligent detectives, they think I killed deimos.

Chloe: Why in god's name would you kill deimos? You barely knew him.

Rafe: Knew him enough to marry him.

Chloe: What? Wait, you married deimos? Why didn't you tell me that?

Eli: We were wondering the same thing. Why didn't she tell anyone?

Rafe: Yeah.

Eve: Well, I guess my secret love's not secret anymore.

Eli: You know, you're not helping your case.

Eve: Well, see, I don't have to. She will. Chloe is my alibi.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Honey... rolf is dead. And susan has told us all she's going to tell us. And there is nobody on earth that can tell you any more.

Sami: No, you're right. Maybe I'm gonna have to find someone not on earth.

Roman: Well, that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Sami: No. But I know what I have to do.

Marlena: Sami? Honey, wait a sec--

[Door closes]

Roman: [Sighs]

Marlena: Well, should we go after her?

Roman: There's no stopping her once she gets an idea in her head.

Marlena: Yeah. Heaven help us all. Olay ultra moisture body wash

Chad: Theo, he couldn't get rid of us fast enough.

Abigail: Well, before we even started asking him questions, he said he had to go somewhere, so I don't think it's anything to worry about.

Chad: Really? You don't--you don't think that he was acting weird at all?

Abigail: He got just in a fight with claire.

Chad: Okay, well, maybe you're right, but, you know, if andre is asking him to do his dirty work--

Abigail: Theo said that he didn'T. And theo doesn't lie, okay? I know you're down on andre right now--

Chad: And I know you're one of andre's biggest defenders, but he's--I mean, he's put him in a bad position before.

Abigail: Because he was trying to help you out. And I really don't understand why you insist on thinking that andre's the one trying to take down dimera. I mean, why could it not be, for instance, titan?

Chad: Because it's clearly an inside job. I mean, look at with kate when he tried to publicly humiliate her during the press conference and it didn't work. So, yeah, maybe he went underground with it.

Abigail: Yeah, okay. So he's going to try to ruin the company that he wants to take over. That doesn't make sense.

Chad: Well, we're dimeras; we don't make much sense, especially when it comes to payback.

Abigail: Well, I know what I know. Andre loves you. He loves our son. And he would never jeopardize your legacy.

Chad: Well, we'll see.

Kate: Well, I've had a lot on my mind. Whoever's going after dimera has upped his game.

Andre: Or her game.

Kate: Whatever. The point is, the attacks are now nonstop, so I've been working night and day.

Andre: And trying to get past what ben weston said about will.

Kate: I don't want to talk about that.

Andre: All right, well, why don't we talk about sabotage? Do you have any leads on that?

Theo: The originating computer is in an office building at the docks.

Kate: Of course, because it's someone local, which means it definitely could be andre. Nothing concrete.

[Phone beeps] Damn it!

Andre: Why, what's wrong?

Kate: It happened again. We were outbid on a deal, and now we'll lose millions. This is war.

Chloe: I don't understand. How could I be your alibi? I wasn't even in salem when deimos was killed.

Eve: Neither was I. Deimos was murdered on june 29th, right?

Rafe: Mm.

Eve: Do you know where you were on june 29th?

Chloe: No.

Eve: Well, according to my calendar, we were both at lincoln center. You bought vip tickets to "faust." We went backstage to see klaus florian vogt.

Eli: Who is he when he's at home?

Eve: Only one of the greatest tenors in our lifetime.

Chloe: Yeah, I-- I remember that night. That was june 29th?

Eve: That was june 29th.

Eli: You know this doesn't clear your case, right? I mean, maybe if you had a ticket stub or something.

Eve: Oh, I got something better than that. We took selfies backstage, right?

Chloe: Oh, yeah.

Eve: Your camera?

Chloe: Yeah, on my phone.

Eve: Is the suspense killing you, rafe?

Rafe: Yes.

Eve: [Laughs] There you go.

Chloe: Oh, right there. Have it. Timestamp, june 29th.

Eve: Proof enough for you? You both know I'm innocent, so you have to let me go. Oh, and by the way, the diva that played marguerite doesn't hold a candle to my dear friend chloe.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: Eve--eve can't point the finger at me. I wasn't even at the party that night.

Victor: Neither was she.

Brady: Yeah, but she--she-- she can't implicate me, because I'm not guilty of anything.

Victor: Neither is she. You know, you may have to produce the real murderess in order to prove your own innocence. Are you ready to throw nicole under the bus?

Rafe: Well, thank you. You were a big help.

Chloe: Well, I'm glad I could help. You're not keeping her, are you?

Rafe: No, she actually wanted to stay and ask us a few things.

Chloe: Okay.

Rafe: Oh, do you agree with her, by the way? You think you would have made a better marguerite?

Chloe: I think I'd make the best marguerite ever.

Rafe: Wow.


Eli: You know, you seem pretty nonchalant about all this. Did it occur to you that that alibi could blow our case up against her?

Rafe: Oh, I know eve didn't do it.

Eli: Right, you knew she didn't do it. Then why'd you bring her down with no warrant?

Rafe: Well, okay, here's the thing. Eve's no dummy. She never would have opened up her purse if she knew the amulet was in it. So obviously someone else put it in there, someone in the kiriakis mansion. So I had to get her and the amulet out of that house. Here's the thing. If someone's trying to lead you down the wrong path, the best thing to do: Pretend like you're going down the wrong path. You learn a lot that way, right? 'Cause now we have eve and we have the amulet. And she wants to talk to us.

Eli: So this was a set-up.

Rafe: Well, think about this. Did it ever occur to you, now that eve has an alibi, she didn't kill deimos, and she couldn't have stolen the amulet. But the amulet was in her bag in the kiriakis mansion. Food for thought?

Sami: Rafe, hey. I need to talk to you.

Rafe: Um--

Sami: In private.

Eli: We're working here.

Rafe: Well, just--

Sami: This is important.

Rafe: Okay. She--she's going through a lot right now, so let me just talk to her for a second. It's all right. You can handle eve, right? Just--you go talk to her. Well, what's up? What's so important?

Sami: I can't talk to you about it here. We have to go somewhere where no one will hear what I'm gonna ask you to do. Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Brady: I won't have to finger nicole. Even if the charges don't stick with eve, there's no way she can pin the crime on me.

Victor: If the charges don't stick, you still have to get rid of eve. Once your brilliant little plan blows up in your face, she's gonna be on to you. Say what you will about her; she could prove to be a worthy adversary.

Eve: So have you figured it out yet? I told you the amulet wasn't in my purse, and then, sacré bleu, suddenly the cops show up and it's there. It was planted there. Brady's the one that called it in, so who do you think was setting me up?

Eli: It was henderson who made the discovery.

Eve: Henderson wouldn't last very long in victor's employ if he didn't follow orders. He's told what to discover and when to discover it.

Eli: So you're saying victor set you up.

Eve: Victor and/or brady. Aw, come on. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they want to set me up for deimos's murder. They want me out of the company.

Eli: Eve, there are other people in the house.

Eve: Nobody wants me out of that house more than victor and brady. So come on, now. Unless your circumstantial evidence is good enough to build a case against me, I suggest you, you know, look toward brady and how he got his hands on that amulet. Of course, that is just a little friendly tip from a very, very concerned citizen.

Eli: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Marlena: Wow. Heaven only knows what she's going to do next. She's been arrested twice since she got here. She held a gun on rolf, and she broke into susan's house.

Roman: Almost got arrested again. That's our sami.

Marlena: Yeah. I keep thinking back to the day at the church when ben weston burst in and said that will was still alive. And I remember thinking, "oh, my gosh, I'm so glad that sami's not here. I'm so glad she's not hearing this." And then as time went on, we had to tell her ourselves.

Roman: We had no choice, even knowing there was a pretty good chance that ben was lying.

Marlena: Well, I knew that, and you knew that, but sami-- now she has her hopes up, and she will not be able to let this go. You know, I've missed her so much. And I'm so glad that she's home.

Roman: But how much more of this can we all take?

Rafe: I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you in memphis.

Sami: Susan banks is lying.

Rafe: Okay. But what do you want me to do about it?

Sami: Look, there's only one way we're going to really and truly know if will is gone. I want to have will's body exhumed after all.

Chad: Unless andre's made some under-the-table deal with a competitor, huh?

Abigail: You know, I think there's only one thing left to do: Put him on double secret probation.

Chad: What are you doing? Are you trying to make a funny right now?

Abigail: I'm trying to change the subject before we get into a real fight.

Chad: Oh, okay, you want to change the subject.

Abigail: Yes, for ten minutes. I'm tired of talking about andre.

Chad: Okay, well, then allow me to change the subject, and I'll start talking about--

Abigail: Hmm?

Andre: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. This is an emergency. Dimera's been hit again. That merger that had all our attention has been scuttled by a competitor.

Abigail: I will start on a press release.

Chad: No, you know what? We keep doing that. I think it's time we try-- we try something new.

Theo: What are you doing here?

Kate: I'm exercising my prerogative.

Theo: Well, what does that mean?

Kate: I've changed my mind.

Eve: Hello, boys! I'm back. Brady, would you be a dear and make me a big double scotch? You know, that expensive stuff that I was never able to afford before?

Brady: They let you go.

Eve: Looks like it, right? Yeah, did I ever thank you for putting me in touch with chloe when I was living in new york? You always thought that we would bond, bond over our music.

Victor: Or trashy clothes.

Eve: And we did. We actually went to the opera june 29th, the night that deimos was murdered. Yeah, took selfies backstage. In fact, right now, down at the station, detective hernandez and grant, they said that I had an icon-clad alibi. So I'm free as a bird!

[Laughs] And I flew back to my nest.

Rafe: You wanted john and paul arrested for trying to exhume will's body. You said there was no point. You were furious.

Sami: Well, I didn't have all the information then. And I didn't want to desecrate will's grave on a long shot.

Rafe: Okay. You don't think it's a long shot anymore?

Sami: Rafe, I didn't want to hope. I didn't want to build my hopes up and... I've been on this wild goose chase around the world looking for ej, and... I wanted it to be different.

Rafe: Is it?

Sami: I don't know. But I have an instinct, like a--like a mother's instinct. And I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't follow it.

Rafe: What about lucas? He hated the idea.

Sami: Do I need his permission to do it?

Rafe: Not technically. But don't you think you should talk to him?

Sami: No. I don't think he could handle it, and certainly he couldn't handle saying good-bye to will again. And I don't want him to say no.

Rafe: And you never let anyone stand in your way.

Sami: Don't get all judgy on me now, rafe.

Rafe: [Chuckles]

Sami: You were with me. We lost grace together. You know how that felt. And then the miracle of finding out about sydney. I can't help it. I still believe in miracles.

Rafe: Okay.

[Sighs] All right, fine. I'll see what I can do.

Chad: I'm tired of putting out the fires after the house has burned down. It's time to get ahead of it.

Andre: I agree. We should find out who is behind this and put a stop to it.

Chad: Yes. So why don't you just admit it, andre? It's you, isn't it?

Theo: So you want me to break into the office building?

Kate: No, I don'T. But I'm afraid it's our last, best option to save dimera. So is the offer still good?

[Dramatic music]

Eve: Mmm! This stuff is so good. Brady, I got a little bit of advice for you. You might want to pour yourself a strong black cup of coffee, because you really don't want to be muddled when the police show back up here, 'cause they're very curious on how you got your hands on that amulet. Hmm. It's very clear that the two of you or one of you murdered my husband. And if you didn't, you certainly know who did.

Chloe: Hey, let me call you a cab.

Lucas: What, why? Why, I didn't do anything.

Chloe: I'm doing you a favor. Come on. What are you--you looking for?

Lucas: I'm-- I'm just looking for will. I only see him when I'm really, really drunk. I mean, I know it's not real, but if it's the only way I get to lay my eyes on him, then...

Chloe: Then what? Let's go.

Rafe: Yes. Mm-hmm.

Lucas: You told me that you wanted to be there for your children. Don't forget that. Our children are important. You want to be there for them.

Sami: Will is one of my children!

Lucas: If you go to her house, you might not make it back! He's my child too! You don't think I want him to be alive? Of course I do. But if, if rolf brought him back to life-- and that's a big if-- it doesn't mean that he's still alive. Susan could have still gone through with her plan! Yes, hope can be a good thing. But we have to face reality. We have to let our son rest in peace. Why don't you just go home and be there for our children? Our children who are still alive, they need us.

Sami: But, lucas, I want will to be alive.

Lucas: I know. I know.

Rafe: Okay, I pulled some strings to expedite the process.

Sami: And?

Rafe: And I was granted the right to exhume will's body.

Sami: [Sighs] When? When can it happen?

Rafe: Right now.

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