Days Transcript Tuesday 11/7/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/7/17


Episode #13190 ~ Eve has another unexpected revelation for Victor and Brady; Eric and Brady have a tense run-in; Kate presents Gabi with a lucrative opportunity; Eli and Rafe clash on their first day as partners at the PD.

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Gabi: They were all so happy to see you. And the doughnuts were delicious. Oh, wait, actually, you have some powdered sugar right there. Oh, wait. There we go.

Eli: Is it coming off? Well, too many doughnuts for the fill-in dad today, huh?

Gabi: Yeah, well, thank you so much for doing that. Arianna was so happy.

Eli: It made my day too.

Rafe: Finally decided to join us, I see.

Eli: I'm ten minutes early.

Rafe: You need something?

Gabi: Good morning to you too. What happened to you?

Rafe: Hmm?

Gabi: What--

> Rafe: Oh. Perp got a little aggressive. Nothing serious. Do you need something?

Gabi: Looks pretty nasty.

Rafe: I'm fine. Like I said, do you need something?

Gabi: Well, I was just walking eli back from arianna's school because sonny couldn't make it to the "doughnuts with daddy," so eli filled in.

Rafe: Well... uncle rafe was available too.

Gabi: I know. I--

[Cell phone ringing] You've just been crazy busy lately, so...

Rafe: [Stammers] I gotta take this. Hernandez.

Eli: Well, I better get to work before I tick off my new partner more than I already have.

Gabi: Oh, wait. Before you go, I actually have... a surprise for you.

[Gentle music]

Chad: [Yawns] Good morning, mrs. Dimera.

Abigail: Morning. What are you doing? I'm working! Hey, give me that.

Chad: Mm-mm, not--

Abigail: Chad, seriously, give me that back. Now that I'm gonna work for dimera, there's so much for me to catch up on.

Chad: And you can do all of that as soon as we're done with our honeymoon.

Kate: Theo, I know. I know I told you that I would tell chad that you're working for me, but that's before he told me that he hired abigail to be the new head of pr at dimera, and I do not trust that she won't run to andre and tell him that I think he's the one sabotaging all my deals.

Jennifer: What deals, kate?

Kate: I'll call you back. Hey, what do you want?

Jennifer: Listen, first thing I-I want to say is that I'm sorry.

Kate: Well, I should hope so, because that was a real hatchet job that you did on me in that rag you call a newspaper.

Jennifer: I was talking about will. Abigail told me everything that happened and the search in memphis turned out to be a dead end.

Kate: Well, thanks for the apology, and, um... so if you don't mind...

Jennifer: Actually, I would like to give you the opportunity to give me a statement, if you'd like, about everything that is going on at dimera right now.

Kate: [Scoffs] There is nothing going on at dimera, jennifer.

Jennifer: Well, my source told me the last three deals you tried to broker went bust.

Kate: What else did deep throat tell you?

Jennifer: Well, apparently, whoever is holding back the deals has the inside track on every move that you make before you make it.

Kate: Well, you know, that is ridiculous and it's also impossible.

Jennifer: Okay, and you seem rattled, so would you care to comment?

Kate: No, I'll pass. But I'm sure our new head of pr would love to make a statement. You have her number.

Jennifer: I do?

Kate: Well, you should. It's your daughter. She's almost as annoying as you are.

[Tense music]

Victor: Any news about your daughter?

Eve: You actually care, victor?

Victor: Maggie says I should be more sensitive.

Eve: I see. Well, that's mighty good of her. It's nice to know that someone around here has a heart. Not that I believe that you're even genuinely interested, but I did speak to jj. Despite the rumors about will, the police say they have solid evidence that my daughter was murdered by ben weston, so...she's gone. She'S...she's gone for good.

Victor: Well, I'm sorry you got your hopes up. But now that you seem to have a handle on reality, I was wondering if I couldn't ask you a favor, for me and for the rest of my family. Could you get the hell out of this house?

[Discordant music]

Brady: [Panting]

Hold up. I have something I want to say to you.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Eve: Well, so much for you being sensitive.

Victor: Well, because of the highly emotional state that you were in last night, maggie did convince me not to throw your stuff out onto the lawn.

Eve: Oh, and I'm sure it took all her strength to restrain you, victor.

Victor: Well, now that you know what your daughter's status is, I see no need for us to maintain a facade of peaceful coexistence. In other words, pack your bags.

Eve: Well, you keep forgetting that I am your brother's widow, and that makes me family.

Victor: No, that makes you a fortune hunter and a squatter and an opportunistic carpetbagger.

Eve: And that makes you extremely naive if you think I'm not gonna stick around here regardless. Now, I might vacate the premises, maybe, but there's no way in hell I'm gonna give up my new position at titan.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Eve: You haven't heard, victor? You're looking at your new ceo.

[Chuckles smugly]

Brady: I'll bet I'm the last guy you wanted to deal with today, huh?

Eric: Brady, I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Brady: My dad told me that the search for will was a bust.

Eric: Hey. I gotta call you back. Yeah, it's unfortunate.

Brady: Just wanna let you know I'm sorry about that.

Eric: I am too. Sonny and paul, they can... put the past behind them and move on with their lives.

Brady: Just like you and I. We're getting along with our lives without nicole.

Eric: I'll see you around.

Brady: You think she misses us?

Eric: Brady...

Brady: 'Cause I think about it. I mean, it would-- I'd like to think that she does, but... the way that whore went through men, she's probably got another sugar daddy about now. What time is it, anyway?

Eric: Nicole made her decision. I'm not sure what or who was behind it, but the truth will come out. So in the meantime, I put my energy into people who really need it at the horton center.

Brady: That's nice. You're lucky, you know, that you got that--you got that outlet for your pain. See, I'm not so lucky. All I have is this... this--this--this rage inside of me that just can't get out because of what my brother did to me--screwing me over one more time.

Eric: Brady, I'm not doing this with you.

Brady: What do you--what? This is on you. You are gonna pay for this, brother.

Eric: I think you better step back.

Brady: What are you gonna do? What is my ex-con, alcoholic brother gonna do, huh?

Eric: I'm gonna tell you this: You push me, and I'm gonna push back.

Brady: Why don't you hit me? Hit me, come on. Do it.

Jennifer: No--no! Don't do this--don'T.

[Tense music]

Jennifer: Stop! Come on! Can we just try to be a little mature about this right now--try to use a little restraint? You're brothers, for heaven's sake. W-what are you gonna gain by tearing each other apart?

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Brady black. Yeah. Oh, no, I'll take care of it. I'm on my way. Gotta go. It was really nice running into you.

[Low, tense music]

Eli: How'd you know I like surprises?

Gabi: Lucky guess. [Chuckles] All right, here you go.

[Both laughing] I was thinking that it would be great for your first day.

[Laughs] I was trying to get the cast of "chicago pd," but they didn't have that. It's filled with all of the best items from that gourmet grocery store next to arianna's school.

Eli: So that's where you went when arianna and i were dunking our doughnuts.

Gabi: I did. I did. And I didn't get you dessert because ari made some of her famous cookies. It's her way of saying thank you for showing up today.

Eli: So I should be thanking her. [Laughs]

Gabi: [Laughs]

Eli: Seriously. Why are you being so good to me?

Gabi: Well, um... what you did for my little girl today was huge. And you've also been really great about this whole... will situation.

Eli: Y-you know, I meant to ask you about that, but... I didn't want to do it in front of arianna. How you holding up?

Gabi: You mean now that we know that... will's not alive? Um... I'm okay, I guess. I mean... I always knew that it was this far-fetched fantasy, but... I did get hope, and... now that that's gone, it's, um, back to reality, so...

Eli: Well... reality's not so bad, is it?

Gabi: Not at the moment, no.

[Sweet acoustic music]

Eli: I'm sorry. I know we agreed to take things slow.

Gabi: Not too slow, I hope.

[Tense music]

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Mm-mm.

Abigail: Now, chad... you know that I would love... for nothing more than to spend the whole day in this bed you.

Chad: I was hoping you'd say that.

Abigail: But--but--mm-mm. But... if I'm gonna be the head of dimera's pr department, I've gotta be up to speed on all of the fires-- potential fires-- before they start.

Chad: Well, I'm pretty sure we're flame-retardant right now, so...

Abigail: Yeah, except for that mole on the inside, stealing all the company secrets.

Chad: Yeah, you mean andre?

Abigail: No, I don'T.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: 'Cause I told you I don't think that he would do something--

Chad: I swear, if he's dragging theo into something illegal, I'm--I'm gonna-- I'm gonna--I'm gonna...

[Stammering] Kill him with my bare hands.

Abigail: Okay, easy now. That's good. Come on, put those down.

[Laughs] I think this family's probably seen enough bloodshed for one lifetime.

Chad: Now you see how cranky I get when you don't wanna spend time with me?

Abigail: I do. Is this gonna be a problem once I start working?

Chad: I don't know. Uh... probably not, if you wanna spend the rest of the morning with me. What do you say we, uh... one last hurrah before we hit the ground running? Then I'll take you out to breakfast, and I will stare lovingly into your eyes the whole time.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Besides, you can't say no to your boss.

Abigail: Actually, I think I can.

Chad: You...

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: Stop that. [Laughs]

Victor: I always knew you had a screw loose. You proved that by marrying my brother. But to even consider the fact that you'd be ceo of my company makes you downright delusional.

Eve: I'm not talking about titan. Talking about basic black. Deimos left controlling interest to me.

Victor: Like hell he did! That swine didn't have the right to leave anything to anyone.

Eve: See, that's where you're wrong, victor. As soon as deimos figured out that you and the rest of this not-so-loving kiriakis clan was hell-bent on unseating him, he quietly and quickly went out and bought out the outstanding shares of basic black. That gave him controlling interest, which he bequeathed to me upon his death.

Victor: That's preposterous. I don't believe it.

Eve: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Feel free to call your attorney, you know, for confirmation, but, um... you know what? Look what I have right here. I got the paperwork.

[Giggles] Read it and weep.

[Door slams]

Brady: Granddad! We got a problem. Just found out that eve donovan is--

Eve: Kiriakis. Mrs. Deimos kiriakis. And what'd you find out, brady? That I'm back on top? You bet I am.

[Sneaky music]

My digestive system used to make me feel sluggish

Rafe: Seriously?

Gabi: Don't--do not start.

Rafe: Start what?

Gabi: Come on, don't-- you were gonna say something ridiculous, and it's probably something like eli's taking advantage of me.

Rafe: Wasn't gonna say that.

Eli: That's a switch.

Rafe: I was simply gonna point out that this is a police station and not a kissing booth.

Gabi: Except for you and hope, right?

Rafe: Beg your pardon?

Gabi: Oh, come on. You've never kissed hope here? What, are you afraid you're gonna get caught?

Rafe: You plan on working today or what?

Eli: I still got five more minutes before I'm due to start.

[Apprehensive percussive music]

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Eli: You didn't do anything.

Gabi: Just, I don't want him to give you a hard time.

Eli: No, I can handle your brother. Plus... I got my lucky lunch box to protect me. [Laughs]

[Gentle piano melody]

Chad: Okay, duly noted that you don't take orders from anyone, right? That's what you're saying?

Abigail: Mm-hmm, especially kate roberts.

Chad: Well, kate technically is your boss. But I was referring to you not taking orders from me, being your husband.

Abigail: Oh. Oh, okay. Well, I'm sorry. Forgive me for even suggesting that my beloved husband's wish is not my command.

Chad: You are forgiven-- especially now, because I know that it's not really, uh, because I'm your husband that makes you incapable of saying no.

Abigail: Oh, it's--no? Okay, what's the reason, then?

Chad: I think it's blatantly obvious. It's because I'm so incredibly, mind-blowingly handsome.

Abigail: [Laughing] Oh! Yeah, yup, that's it. You nailed it.

Chad: [Chuckles]

Abigail: Those baby blue eyes, that killer smile...

Chad: Oh...

Abigail: And...

Chad: And?

Abigail: Well, okay, there's one other thing.

Chad: Well, go on.

Abigail: One other reason.

Chad: Go on.

Abigail: You do happen to be extremely, extremely sexy.

Chad: You're the-- you're the boss.

Abigail: Yup. [Laughs]


Brady: Okay, tell me what she's saying is not true.

Victor: Wish to hell I could.

Brady: What is this? Are you kidding me? Wh--no, no, come on. There's gotta be a way to challenge this.

Eve: Oh, you two, stop crying in your beer and get a grip! You actually should be grateful that deimos left me controlling interest, because according to my research, that company has been a money-draining mess for many a moon. And now, with a big cash infusion from titan, it's gonna be the fierce competitor it once was. And it'll put a smile back on both of your grumpy faces, okay?

Victor: You're not gonna get a dime out of me.

Eve: Well, victor, I think I'm gonna get a hell of a lot more than you think.

Brady: What are you talking about?

Eve: Do I have to explain everything to the two of you? Didn't you know that titan is responsible and obligated to pay 80% of all of the operating costs of basic black?

Brady: [Laughs] Since when?

Eve: Since deimos put nicole in charge of it last year. Remember? You know, she did a really good job with the business too. She was quite competent, and if she hadn't skipped town, I probably would've kept her on. But you know what? Let me have that. I will leave you two to stew over the unfairness of it all--poor babies-- while I go wash the, uh, horse smell out of my hair. I tell you, keeping those studs in line... well, can really make a woman sweat.

[Sneaky music]

Brady: What the hell are we gonna do about that?

Victor: I'm not gonna do anything. You are.

Brady: What do you--me? What--what?

Victor: Yes, you. I'm assigning you the job of getting eve donovan out of our company and out of our lives.

[Tense music] Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Rafe: Yeah.

[Exhaling] Oy. Taking a break already?

Eli: Actually, I'm done.

Rafe: What? There's no way you could've gotten through all those cases.

Eli: I just did.

Rafe: Oh, did you? Oh, okay. Why don't you name the suspects, then, in the, uh... money-laundering case down at the docks?

Eli: Carbonaro brothers and their mobster uncle, alfredo.

Rafe: Pharmacy in suspected meth lab operation?

Eli: Jasper's on the corner of jefferson and mulberry. Suspect is the cashier's boyfriend, who has a prior for selling halo under the bleachers at salem high football games.

Rafe: What are you, some kind of genius?

Eli: My mom thinks so. Really, I'm just a speed-reader with a photographic memory.

Rafe: Damn. Well, in that case, why don't you take everyone's order and get us some coffee?

[Agitated music]

Eli: Why don't you and i get something straight-- right now?

[Soft piano music]

[Both sighing pleasantly]

Chad: [Exhales] Well...

Abigail: [Giggles]

Chad: As much as I would, uh, love to stay in bed all day long, I think that we should get up and, uh, maybe shower, go get some breakfast... enjoy the last calm before the storm. And besides, I am... I am famished.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: What? What's that-- what's that look about?

Abigail: Will you be honest with me?

Chad: Well...[Chuckles] Yes, of course.

Abigail: Are you sure that you're... you're okay with me coming back to dimera?

Chad: Talking about? I'm the one that hired you.

Abigail: I know. I don't know. If I take the job and it means compromising us or... our family, then... I choose family first.

Chad: Have I told you how much I love you?

Abigail: Not in the last ten minutes.

Chad: [Silly voice] Well, I do. I do--with my whole heart, I do.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: And as long as we... we keep our priorities straight, ain't no one, ain't no thing gonna be able to shake what we have together.

Kate: There she is, salem's next entrepreneur of the year.

Gabi: Well, I'd settle for a listing in "salem's new business directory."

Kate: Nope. It's going to happen. Believe me, you have enough of your dad's good business sense that anything you touch is going to become a success.

Gabi: Thank you for saying that. Even though it's not true, but...

[Chuckles] Thanks.

Kate: How are you doing?

Gabi: What do you mean? I was gonna ask you the same question. I heard what happened in memphis. I mean... it's just so hard, you know, to not get your hopes up. It must be especially hard for lucas, right?

Kate: I'm so worried about lucas, gabi, I'll tell you.


Gabi: Yeah, I can imagine.

Kate: But look, I am here to talk about business, all right? I've been following gabi chic online, and I have to tell you, you took a small idea and you turned it into a trendsetting, profitable business. I am so impressed.

Gabi: Thank you. That means a lot, especially coming from you, so...

Kate: Well, a lot of people are going to be saying it. I think "gabi chic" is right on the cusp of becoming something really big. And I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

[Suspenseful string music]

Jennifer: I guess I don't have to ask what that was about back there.

Eric: You know, I'm trying to rise above brady provoking me about nicole, but he keeps pushing me.

Jennifer: Well, I... I feel sorry for him. But I really believe, in a saner moment, he will see that you're not purposely trying to hurt him.

Eric: One thing's for sure-- he's hell-bent on hurting me.

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, I get that.


Eric: I just can't shake the feeling that brady had something to do with nicole leaving town the way she did.

Jennifer: And he may never admit it.

Eric: Which is why I decided to rise above it. I mean, it's not like nicole... is coming back anytime soon. What's hard is trying to accept it, but I know I need to move on. But I am grateful that I have something to distract me.

Brady: I don't have time to deal with eve donovan. I'm busy with titan, granddad.

Victor: Not anymore. Effective immediately, I'm relieving you of all your duties as ceo of titan.

Brady: What? Why would you--what, what-- don't even tell me you're thinking about putting sonny back in charge.

Victor: That's to be determined.

Brady: Granddad, he's not even here! He's in memphis in a hospital bed because he went on a wild-goose chase to find his ex-husband's ghost, for god's sake.

Victor: I know what my nephew's been up to. He's scheduled to be released from the hospital today. And now that the ghost of will horton has been put to rest, I feel certain that when he gets back to salem, he'll be ready to run the company.

Brady: Damn it, grand-- you know that I'm the better man to run this company.

Victor: What I know is that you're a mess. Traipsing off to canada with a known fugitive, risking your reputation and the reputation of the company... for a woman that was about to leave you anyway.

Brady: That's not fair. You know that's not fair. That situation with nicole, it did not affect titan whatsoever.

Victor: If you hadn't been on the run with that vixen while sonny was stuck on that greek island... we wouldn't have been vulnerable to deimos' backdoor business tactics.

Brady: Hold on. You know damn well that I was not the only one that wasn't on top of that situation.

Victor: No, but it's all on your head now. So you'd better get your act together and smarten up.

Brady: What do you-- what do you mean, "get my act together"? What does that mean?

Victor: You know damn well what it means. You think I don't know when you're drinking again?

Brady: Come on. It's one--it's a drink once in a while. It's a slip. It's nothing. Granddad, I'm going to a meeting tonight, for god's sake.

Victor: You haven't been to a meeting since you started drinking. Why should I believe you're going to one tonight? Even if I believed that you were sincere and you really wanted to work on your sobriety, you and I both know that that's not a good reason. You have to do it for yourself. Otherwise, it won't stick.

Brady: [Scoffs] You've certainly done your aa homework, that's for sure.

Victor: Yes, well, I have a wife who's an alcoholic and a grandson. Why wouldn't I do my homework? For now, you just take care of this situation with eve like I asked you to.

Brady: Or what? Or I'm out? Is that what you're saying?

Victor: Well, that's up to you, isn't it?

[Sharp violin music]

Rafe: Wait, let me guess. This is the part where you tell me I'm not your boss.

Eli: You're not.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Eli: You're my partner. We're equals.

Rafe: Yeah, and I'm just trying to do what good partners do.

Eli: How? By throwing your weight around, trying to prove you're the big man?

Rafe: I was trying to get you up to speed.

Eli: You asked me to make a coffee run.

Rafe: Oh, for god-- you know what? That's what we do to all the rookies, okay?

Eli: Well, I'm not a rookie, rafe.

Rafe: Really?

Eli: All right? I'm a former fbi agent.

Rafe: Yeah. Is this the fbi?

Eli: [Chuckles] You know what? I know you didn't want me to be your partner, okay? And I know that I'm not your favorite person.

Rafe: Okay. And don't sit there and act like I don't have reason for that after what happened with my sister.

Eli: What happened with your sister was that I saved her life! Yes, I took a risk, but not taking it was a bigger one. And you know what? And as far as me taking advantage of her at a tough time? At least I was there when she needed someone to talk to.

Rafe: You know what? Why don't we just put this all to rest, okay?

Eli: You know what? This isn't even about you and me. This is about you and commissioner brady.

[Tense music]

Gabi: You're not-- you're not serious.

Kate: Well, I wouldn't offer if I wasn't serious.

Gabi: Okay, so you want dimera to buy gabi chic?

Kate: Yes, we fold it into countess W. But the best part is, you'd be working for a big company, which means you would have the potential to work your way right up the corporate ladder.

Gabi: That sounds amazing. It's just...

Kate: Just what?

Gabi: Well, I-- well, I really admire you, kate. I mean, you're my role model-- in business, anyway. Just--I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but...

Kate: [Sighs] But what?

Gabi: I've just--I've worked really, really hard on gabi chic. And to just turn it over to a business that... I mean, there are some rumors that dimera's in trouble. And where there are rumors...

Kate: There's really bad pr. We just got a new spin doctor who is going to dispel every false report.

Gabi: Okay, well, I just-- I think that there might be another reason why I... I don't think this will work.

Kate: I'm listening.

Gabi: I just don't think it's a good idea for me to be working with chad again.

Kate: Okay. I understand, and I agree, but these companies, even though they're under the dimera umbrella, you will be reporting directly to me. You'd never even see chad. Gabi, I tell you what: I have a board meeting I have to get to, so why don't you think about this, and if you have any questions, you can call me, and we will reconvene. Hmm? Sound good?

Gabi: Ah, yes, that sounds good. And thank you... again, so much. It means a lot to me.

[Soft dramatic music]

Eric: You know, the horton center... and the people that come there for help have been the best... kind of distraction I could've asked for. I just don't know how I would've got through this situation with nicole without it.

Jennifer: Well, you know, you have a lot of friends and family who care a lot about you too. Including me.

Eric: And I'm thankful for that. It's funny how family was the reason why I came back to salem. Now brady and I can't even be in the same room together.

Jennifer: Well, I think, in time, you will get past what happened.

Eric: I won't hold my breath. It's nice to know I still have a few good friends in my corner. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for you. 'Cause no matter... no matter what, you've always had my back. Thank you for that... for always being there.

Brady: I can't believe you're testing me like this.

Victor: I should've done it a long time ago. You haven't been yourself since you came back from that canadian wildlife adventure.

Brady: My drinking had nothing to do with that trip!

Victor: I believe that. It's when you came back and you were forced to deal with the realities that you started slipping. But to even be considered for the ceo spot, you have to prove to me that you're able to... face your demons for more than an hour or so at a time.

Brady: An hour--of course I can do that. I haven't had a drink today. And I don't plan on having a drink today. I didn't have a drink yesterday.

Victor: And I'm supposed to believe that?

Brady: Granddad, I got it under control.

Victor: The hell you do. But if you can get rid of eve... and return basic black to the fold, I'll reconsider your demotion.

Brady: Wow, you-- you are all heart. Something tells me that you're not gonna make golden boy sonny jump through all these hoops.

Victor: Sonny's not perfect. But despite all the distractions, he manages to keep his eyes on the prize. The sooner you can get rid of that succubus eve, the closer you're gonna be to being back in the big leagues.

[Woman giggling]

[Soft dramatic music]

Abigail: Gabi. Hi.

Gabi: Hi, uh, I didn't see you guys there. Hey.

Abigail: How you doing?

Gabi: Good. Busy.

Abigail: We heard about will.

Chad: Yeah, I was, uh-- I was afraid it was gonna turn out that way. I'm sorry.

Gabi: Yeah, you never know how much you want something to be true until it isn'T.

[Chuckles softly]

Chad: I talked to sonny. Looks like he's gonna be getting out of that hospital in memphis in a few days.

Gabi: I just can't believe everything that's happening. I mean...just the thought of will being alive-- even for ari. She just--she misses him so much.

Abigail: How did she handle everything?

Gabi: I didn't tell her that there was a possibility that will might be alive. I didn't want her to get her hopes up and then have her little heart broken.

Brady: There's gotta be a quiet but effective way to get rid of this bitch. And there's no way-- there's no way I'm gonna let eve donovan walk in here and... ruin everything I have just because she managed to get deimos to put a ring on her finger. That's not gonna happen. Come on, come on, come on. Brady, think. What can you do? Yeah. There's only one way to ensure that eve is out of our lives for good, and that's it.

[Bangs table] That's it. Evie, your reign of terror is over before it began.

[Laughs] Cheers, baby.

[Tense music]

Rafe: So what the hell do hope and I have to do with you and me being partners?

Eli: Oh, I think it has a lot to do with it, given that you're projecting what you feel about the situation on me.

Rafe: Oh, wow, "projecting." So you're a shrink now?

Eli: No. But I did pass psych 101, which is how I know that being passed over for commissioner bruised your ego. And you're not happy that your fiancée is now your superior. So since you don't like that your fiancée gets to boss you around, you're compensating for your... feelings of inadequacy by bossing me around.

Rafe: Well, as interesting as your theory is, it's dead wrong. See, if you don't feel like I'm being all that positive and respectful to you, it's only 'cause I don't like you.

Eli: And I don't give a damn, rafe, as long as you don't let your little feelings interfere with our work.

[Cell phone rings] Grant here. I got it. We're on our way.

[Cell phone beeps] We just got a lead on one of our cases.

Rafe: All right.

Gabi: I better get going.

Abigail: We were just about to have breakfast. You should join us.

Gabi: You know, I would, but I gotta get back to work, so...

Abigail: I hear you. Today is the last day of our staycation honeymoon and then I'm gonna jump back into the fray.

Gabi: Oh, I didn't think you'd be heading back to the station.

Abigail: Oh, actually, I'm not. I got a new job. I got A...well, I got a new old job. I'm going back to dimera.

Chad: Yeah, head of, uh, public relations.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Whoa, wow, that'S... congratulations.

Abigail: Thank you.

Gabi: Yeah, when I was talking to kate, she mentioned she'd be bringing in a new spin doctor, but I didn't think it would be you.

Chad: You were talking to kate about dimera?

Gabi: Yeah, she offered me a job too.

[Tense string music]

Jennifer: Sorry, sorry, sorry, I've been waiting for this source to get back to me for a week.


Eric: Never ends, does it?

Jennifer: Oh, yes. Good thing I love it. [Laughs]

Eric: You know, I feel the same way about the center.

Jennifer: Well, I am glad to hear you say that, because with you running the place, that just gives me peace of mind.

Eric: Can't run itself without me being there, so I'd better get going.

Jennifer: Oh--oh, wait. Eric, wait. Um... what you said before... just about me being there for you. You've been there for me too. Goes both ways.

Eric: You're a great person, jenn. I'm grateful you're in my life. I'll see you around.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Kate: Abigail. Hi, it's kate. Yes, I have a pr situation that needs your immediate attention. A member of the press has been harassing me. I need you to put a muzzle on her--the sooner, the better. By the way... the reporter in question is your mother.

[Suspenseful music]

Eve: Brady. I really don't want to fight. Your son means the world to me. And... just for the sake of your son, could we just maybe start all over--start fresh? What do you--

[Knock at door]

Eli: Brady. Got your call.

Rafe: What's going on, brady?

Brady: Well... I have some information on who killed my uncle.

Rafe: You know who killed deimos?

Brady: I do. You're looking at her.

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