Days Transcript Friday 11/3/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/3/17


Episode #13208 ~ The pressure mounts on Kate to find the person who is sabotaging DiMera; Sami, John and Marlena get answers about Will; Paul makes a startling discovery; Adrienne and Justin recommit to their love.

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Kate: Yes, mr. Shin. There's nothing to worry about. I made a decision not to acquire that company, because it's not a good match for dimera. Well, whoever told you that we were outmaneuvered, they have misinformation.

[Sighs] You have known me long enough to know that I always get what I want. Well, thank you. And thank you for the call. When I find out who's trying to sabotage me, there will be hell to pay.

Theo: Kate. You here? Guess not.

Chad: Hey. Theo.

Theo: Hey, chad.

Chad: What's up? What are you doing here?

Theo: Um, you know. I just, uh-- have you heard any news on will horton?

Chad: No news yet. Sonny--sonny got hurt searching for clues. But is that really why you're here? That's why you came here today, to ask that?

Theo: Uh... yeah, yeah. And do you--do you have time to play a game of chess?

Chad: Yup.

Abigail: Hope. Hi.

Hope: Oh, you're back. Oh, I'm so glad you're back.

Abigail: Aw! Just with the wedding and medical leave--

Hope: Yeah, well, I am so glad that you're here. We could really use you. We have our hands full.

Abigail: I see that you do.

Hope: Okay, let me set you up at a desk so you can start going through all of these files here.

Abigail: Oh, hang on. Hang on.

Hope: Yeah, what?

Abigail: Well, I know that today was supposed to be my first day back, but I didn't come in to work. I came in to quit.

John: Oh, susan, susan, susan, susan. No, no, no, no, no, no. Just come on. Put the gun down. Put the gun down. Put the gun down.

Susan: I'm gonna give you guys three seconds. What you doing here?

Sami: We came here to find out some answers about my son.

Susan: Now, what would I know about your son?

Sami: 'Cause we believe that stefano's man, dr. Rolf, was hired to bring will back to life.

Susan: So?

John: So we know that dr. Rolf was receiving payments from someone at this address.

Marlena: Was that someone you?

Sami: Of course it was! It had to be you. Did you do it? Did you hire rolf? Is will alive?

Lucas: I didn't drink that much yet. Could that really be my son?

[Dramatic music]

[S[Sweeping music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Justin: You and lucas broke up because of me?

Adrienne: Well, lucas wanted the truth, and I gave it to him.

Justin: What is the truth?

Adrienne: That when you came to that prison to rescue me, we kissed.

[Sighs] Everything changed.

Justin: But you said it didn't mean anything.

Adrienne: I was lying to myself, to you. That kiss made me see everything I'd been in denial about: You and me, me and you.

Justin: [Sighs] Then this is real. You have come back to me.

Adrienne: I won't lie to you. I still care about lucas, and I always will. But in the end, after everything you and i have been through-- I mean, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows-- I know now that... we belong together.

Lucas: Will? Are you a hallucination, or are you real? Hey, are--are you... look, are-- what?

Paul: You okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost.

Lucas: Maybe I have. Did you just see that guy behind the bar?

Paul: Nobody's there. Am I missing something or...

Lucas: I just saw will.

Susan: You've all got some nerve coming in here. You know what I should do?

Sami: What should you do? Shoot us?

Marlena: Sami.

Sami: I'm not afraid of you. You're hiding something.

Susan: And you know what, sami brady? You was always just so rude, rude, rude. That's why my boyfriend had to get a restraining order against you.

John: Elvis is your boyfriend?

Susan: Well, look at you, john black. You just a little bit jealous, maybe?

John: Susan, susan, please put the gun down.

Susan: Did you know that roger is the greatest elvis impersonator on the whole planet? I bet he had you fooled, didn't he? I bet he did. You know what? He even has a mole just like the king does right on the--

Sami: Okay, okay, can we just stay focused here?

Marlena: You're no longer with edmund?

Susan: Things were good for edmund and me in england... until my ej died, and then it all fell apart. Not that you care about that.

Sami: I don't care? Ej was the love of my life!

John: Sami.

Susan: I'm warning you right now.

Marlena: Look, susan. Nobody wants to hurt you.

John: No, just put the gun away so we can talk.

Susan: What do you want to talk about?

John: About dr. Rolf.

Marlena: And will.

Sami: And ej.

Susan: No, I know you. I know you. If I put the gun down, you're just gonna give me the bum rush. You know why? You always thought you were so much smarter than me, didn't you? Guess what. This is my house, and I have every right to defend it against trespassers like you. And there's not one person in this whole county that would bat one teeny, weeny eyelash if I shot you right there.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Theo.

Theo: Hmm?

Chad: It's your move.

Theo: Oh, right.

Chad: That's your move?

Theo: Yeah.

Chad: You're just gonna leave your queen unguarded like that?

Theo: What? Oh, I didn't--I didn't even see that.

Chad: Yeah, apparently not. Not really on your game today, are you? What's going on?

Kate: Theo. What are you doing?

Theo: Nothing. Sorry, I just--I--

Chad: "Sorry"? Sorry for what?

Theo: I'm sorry that there's no news on will.

Kate: That's what we're all thinking about.

Theo: Yeah. Okay, well, actually, I should be going.

Chad: No, we're not finished with our game.

Theo: No, I know, but I just--I remembered I have a paper I have to write, okay? Well, bye. See you guys.

Chad: He seemed nervous, didn't he?

Hope: You're quitting.

Abigail: Yeah, you know, when I took this job, at first I was a single mom, and I needed daycare for thomas, and I was very determined to pay my own way without any help from chad.

Hope: And I thought that was very admirable.

Abigail: Well, it was great for me at the time, but I'm starting over now. I'm looking forward to finding a career that I'm passionate about and really speaks to me.

Hope: I understand completely.

Abigail: Of course, I'll stay on as long as you need in order to find a replacement.

Hope: Oh, well, I appreciate the offer. I really do. But the temp who has been covering for you, she's been doing a really amazing job. I think she'll be thrilled to get the job on a permanent basis.

Abigail: I'm sorry if I let you down.

Hope: No, don't be silly. Not at all. I loved having you here, and I'm going to miss you, and most importantly, I want you to be happy.

Abigail: Thank you.

Hope: You know, I found my calling a long time ago. A long time ago.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Hope: And so will you. I have no doubt about that.

Justin: You have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say you want to be with me. Even after you chose lucas, I never stopped hoping, praying that you would change your mind.

Adrienne: I didn't know. Honestly, I thought you'd moved on.

Lucas: Adrienne, you're a hard person to get over, which is why when bonnie broke up with lucas--

Adrienne: No, no, no, no. We don't have to talk about that.

Lucas: No, no, I want to talk about it, because I need to explain--

Adrienne: But she fooled a lot of people, justin. It's okay.

Lucas: Look, a lot of people aren't me. I just want you to know that bonnie made sure we were never intimate, because of course I would know then that she wasn't you.

Adrienne: I'M... glad to hear that, really.

Lucas: But still I knew something was off. I mean, how could I not, I mean, the way she broke up with lucas and came back to me? Whatever doubts I had I just pushed them aside, because I wanted so badly to believe it. You were back in my life, and I didn't want to say or do anything that might drive you away again. But I realize now I was wrong, so wrong.

Adrienne: Not wrong. Just ahead of the curve.

Justin: Ahead of the curve?

Adrienne: I'm here now, justin. And I choose you.

[Soft music]

Paul: Hey, you might want to slow down.

Lucas: Yeah, thanks. Thanks for the advice.

Paul: What do you mean that you saw will?

Lucas: I mean--I mean, I was hallucinating. I must have been hallucinating, like I did in the church and--and the graveyard.

Paul: Have you been seeing will a lot lately?

Lucas: I don't just see him. He talks to me.

Paul: Okay, you know what? How about I get you back to the hotel?

Lucas: I can't figure it out. I can't figure it out if it's a good thing or it's a bad thing if I keep seeing him like this. I mean, at least he's a part of my life again, you know, which is more than I can say for adrienne.

Paul: He's not real, lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I know that. I know he's not real. I know he's dead. But you guys, you, everybody from salem comes here ghost hunting and--and trying to get my hopes up again, aren't you?

Paul: No, that's not what we're trying to do.

Lucas: Yeah? Yes, man, tell that to sonny. Why doesn't everyone just back off and leave my son alone? Let him stay buried!

Sami: I just want answers.

Susan: She's pushing me!

Sami: Susan...

[All talking at once]

John: Susan, susan, susan. She'll cooperate. She'll cooperate. We all want the same thing here, right, right?

Sami: That's right. That is right, because we're all family here, right? I'm the mother of your grandchildren. I loved ej. I lost ej too. And, susan, I just want you to explain to me why his initials are over that bed. Whose clothes are in that drawer?

Susan: You went through the dresser?

Marlena: We were just trying to figure out what happened.

Sami: So we know that dr. Rolf was hired to bring will back to life.

Susan: Maybe you just need to talk to wilhelm, okay?

Sami: I tried. Rolf killed himself.

Susan: No. Not sweet wilhelm. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Marlena: I thought you hated him.

Susan: Well, I did. Well, he was creepy, like one of them vampires. But then after I left salem, he became a close and loyal friend.

John: Really? How'd you two reconnect?

Susan: Just a twist of fate. Our paths crossed. We kind of bonded over our feelings about stefano.

John: Well, that doesn't make much sense. Like doc said, you hated stefano, and rolf loved him.

Susan: You know what they say; there's a very fine line between love and hate. Anyway, wilhelm, he was kind of smitten with me.

Marlena: Rolf was in love with you?

Susan: Don't sound so surprised, dr. Marlena evans. Yes, he would have done anything for me.

Sami: Like what? What did he do for you?

Susan: It's just a figure of speech, sami.

Sami: No, I don't think that it was. I think you were thinking of something very specific.

Susan: I want you to get out of here right now.

Sami: I'm not leaving.

Susan: Go, go.

Sami: I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers about what happened to will and ej.

Chad: Theo never makes careless mistakes when he's playing chess.

Kate: Everyone makes mistakes.

Chad: Theo doesn'T. He seemed, uh... he seemed startled to see me when he came in.

Kate: Did he say why he was here?

Chad: Nope. Asked about will, and then he challenged me to a game of chess. Theo's literal, and he didn't say he was here for either of those things.

Kate: So what's your point?

Chad: My point is, maybe he was here to see someone else, someone who might try to use him to advance their own agenda.

Kate: Chad--

Chad: Andre. Andre is trying to use him to help sabotage the company.

[Soft piano music]

Adrienne: How is it that after all these years, all these kisses, it still feels fresh and new?

Justin: I was wondering that myself.

Adrienne: Hmm. It's gonna be different this time, you know.

Justin: The kissing?

Adrienne: All of it.

Justin: What was so wrong with what it was before?

Adrienne: It didn't last. That's what was wrong, remember?

Justin: Mm-hmm. Well, it's gonna last this time.

Adrienne: Okay.

Justin: That, I promise you.

Adrienne: I'm gonna hold you to it.

Justin: Okay.

Adrienne: I'm serious, justin. This is it for me. No more breaking up and starting over again. I almost died. Bonnie took over my life. I know how lucky I am to be here right now.

Justin: Not as lucky as I am to have you.

Adrienne: Life is short, justin. Things happen. But I know I am gonna savor and enjoy every moment I have with you. And this time, we are going to get it right.

Lucas: You, of all people, shouldn't believe all these crazy things about will.

Paul: I don't believe will is alive.

Lucas: Oh, really? You don't? Then what are you doing here, huh?

Paul: Sonny and the rest of his family, they need closure.

Lucas: [Laughs] "They need closure"? There's no such thing as closure.

Paul: What are you doing here in memphis if you think this is all just a wild goose chase?

Lucas: Me, I'm having a great time. I'm drinking. I'm listening to the blues. I'm drinking tennessee whiskey.

Paul: I think you came here for the same reason everyone else did. You don't want to admit it, but you are hoping that your son is alive.

Susan: You know, I think people like to think that I'm a little crazy, sami. But you are as looney as they come. You're as nutty as that possum that got stuck under the hood...

Sami: I'm not crazy.

Susan: Of roger's pink cadillac.

Sami: Ej left me clues.

Susan: What kind of clues?

Sami: And messages letting me know that he was still alive.

Marlena: Sami's been following clues for over a year.

Susan: So what did you find?

Sami: Nothing.

Susan: Hmm.

Sami: A whole lot of dead ends.

Susan: Exactly. 'Cause ej--ej's dead. And you will be too if you don't leave right now.

Sami: You can shoot me. You can call the police. I don't care, susan. I'm not leaving here without answers.

Marlena: She deserves the truth. We all do.

John: Susan, just tell us what we want to know, and we'll leave you alone.

Susan: Make it quick.

Sami: Okay.

Susan: Right now.

Sami: Well, let's start with why you have a room for ej.

Susan: 'Cause I feel close to my boy here.

Marlena: So this is sort of a shrine to him.

Susan: Call it whatever you want, dr. Evans. I just know that I miss my boy every second of every day. Sometimes I just come in here and I just want to sit on his bed and I just want to talk to him. And sometimes I even bring him in a fried baloney sandwich, 'cause he liked 'em so much.

Sami: He told me that he hated them, but I caught him eating those baloney sandwiches all the time. So ej really is dead.

Susan: Because of you!

Sami: Me?

Marlena: Why do you think that sami was responsible?

Susan: Do you know I had a premonition? Do you remember that? I knew harm was gonna come to my boy.

Sami: Come on, susan!

John: Yeah, we know. We remember. Yeah, you flew all the way from england to try to warm him.

Susan: He wouldn't come back with he, would he?

Sami: Because salem was his home.

Susan: Because of you! Because you twisted him all up!

Sami: We were a family! We were a family, and he was the love of my life.

Susan: That evil man, he killed my boy. I hated you, sami brady.

Sami: It wasn't my fault.

Susan: I hated you every second of every minute of every hour of every day. And it just built up, and it just built up, and I knew. I knew I just had to get some revenge.

Sami: What kind of revenge?

Susan: You took my boy. So I sold my soul to try and take yours.

[Dramatic music]

Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Sami: You know, susan, you are making even less sense than usual.

Susan: You know what it's like, don't you, sami, when you lose your boy? You lose a part of yourself, don't you? Maybe even you lose part of your mind. But I think maybe I snapped a little bit.

John: Wow. I'm sorry, susan. What'd you do?

Susan: I suffered. That's what I did; I suffered. I lost my faith, and I lost my hope, and I lost everything, 'cause after ej died, nothing mattered anymore to me.

Marlena: Is that why you came to memphis?

Susan: All I had left was the king's music.

[Sniffles] So I built a home in the shadow of his. But as the first anniversary of my boy's death came around, I knew I was never gonna get any peace of mind, not until I got justice. You took my boy, sami. You took him, so I made a plan to take yours.

Sami: By doing what?

Susan: You hurt me, and I wanted to hurt you. So wilhelm and I, we hatched a plan.

John: But, susan, you didn't kill will. Ben weston did.

Susan: I know. I know. I was even there. I saw him flee the scene of the crime, that ben weston.

Marlena: You saw ben the night that he killed will?

Sami: What did you do?

Susan: I called wilhelm. I told him that I needed some of his resurrection magic.

Marlena: But if you wanted will dead, why would you call rolf to try to bring him back?

[Suspenseful music]

Lucas: It would be so easy for me to give in to that kind of hope, like sami has.

Paul: Like sonny has.

Lucas: If I do that, if I give in to that, if I believe there's a chance that I could see my son again and it doesn't happen, I don't think I could take it, man. I've fallen too many times. I can't fall again. It'd kill me.

Paul: That is why I am so afraid of what it might do to sonny.

Abigail: I would give anything for will to still be alive, but either way, I just hope that sonny finds some closure.

Hope: He seemed to have had that before ben showed up at the wedding.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. We were all so excited to share that day together and just start our lives as married couples. Of course, if chad and i can make our way back to each other, anybody can.

Kate: If andre is the one trying to sabotage dimera, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was trying to use theo to help him. What are you doing?

Chad: I'm gonna call theo. He's not gonna lie to me.

Kate: Wait, no. Don't do that. If it is andre, we don't want him to know that we're on to him, do we?

Chad: Right. He'd probably just cover his tracks anyways.

Kate: Chad, I don't want you to worry about this, all right? I'm going to find the responsible party. As long as I'm ceo, I'm going to do everything to protect the dimera legacy at all costs.

Chad: I'm sure you will, but I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Kate: I'll be careful. Look, right now, you just need to concentrate on abigail and thomas and work towards your beautiful future.

Chad: Okay, thank you. Hey, just let me know if you come up with anything.

Kate: Of course I will.

[Door closes] What are you looking at?

[Sighs] Chad has a big heart. I have to protect him. Ej understood. Andre understands. Sometimes in business, people have to be hurt.

[Sighs] And if andre is the one trying to take me down, there will be blood.

Justin: The doctor just told me that sonny's awake, so we can go back in there in a few minutes.

Adrienne: Good, good. I can't wait to take our boy home.

Justin: Uh, yeah, sonny's not going to leave memphis, not without answers about will.

Adrienne: I know. I know. I'm gonna text paul and let him know.

Justin: I feel really bad for paul.

Adrienne: I know. He doesn't deserve this.

Justin: He's doing everything he can to be supportive and help to search for will, but he's terrified that if it turns out that will's alive, that sonny's gonna leave him.

Adrienne: It's an impossible situation.

Justin: I know. And I have to say that I understand a little bit about what paul's going through. Sometimes when you're faced with the possibility of losing the person you love, even though you want them to be happy, it's hard to do the right thing.

Paul: I want will to be alive, just like everyone else.

Lucas: But you're scared, right? I can see it. I can see it in your eyes. Don't blame yourself. I felt the same way when I saw justin and adrienne together, and it turns out I was right.

Paul: That is not the same thing.

Lucas: Why, 'cause will's dead? Sonny doesn't believe that.

Paul: My job is just to support sonny through all of this.

Lucas: Your job?

Paul: I love him. We're gonna get married.

Lucas: You're a nice guy, paul. You stand by the person you love no matter what.

Paul: Well, it's not about being nice. It's about having faith in what we have together.

Lucas: If you believe that, whatever works for you, all right? Come on. Let's have a toast, you and me. To nice guys everywhere, who inevitably end up all alone. Come on.

Paul: I don't believe that.

Lucas: Yeah, well, believe what you want, okay? It's too late for me. But if you want to hang on to sonny, maybe you should stop being such a nice guy.

John: You're not a murderer, susan. That's just not who you are.

Susan: Good people do bad things, john, when they're pushed just a little too hard. Look at you. How many people have you killed in your life? 100, maybe even 1,000?

Sami: Okay, we're the ones asking the questions.

Susan: And you're not clean either, sami. You know what? Some people are just good with a little bit of mean. Not you. You're mean, mean, mean.

Sami: Well, then you know better than to mess with me or to hurt my kid.

Susan: You want to know what happened? About will? I had my doubts whether or not I could go through with it, 'cause you know it's not in my nature. But it didn't even matter, 'cause when I got there, he was already dead.

Marlena: You saw him?

Susan: And you know what I felt? I wasn't sad. I didn't feel guilty. I was mad, 'cause I felt cheated out of my revenge. I was the one who was supposed to kill your son. And weston took that from me, and, you see, I couldn't let that happen.

John: So what'd you do?

Susan: I paid wilhelm to bring your son back to life, see? So I could kill him myself.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Hi. Pretty focused on that chess game, huh?

Chad: Yeah, I was playing with theo, but he took off. How did hope take the news of you quitting?

Abigail: Good. She understood, you know? And since we're starting our new life, I kind of get to figure out what I want to do with mine.

Chad: Yeah, well, let me know if I can help.

Abigail: [Laughs] So did you talk to sonny?

Chad: Uh, sonny's still in the hospital, and there's no news about will.

Abigail: Sorry. You want to talk about it?

Chad: You know what? I want to talk about theo.

[Knocking at door]

Theo: Kate.

Kate: What the hell were you thinking?

Adrienne: It feels so good to be able to take your hand and know that I can do it any time I want.

Justin: Yeah. With everything that's gone wrong lately...

Adrienne: This just feels right.

Justin: I'm sorry, adrienne. I'm so sorry that it's taken so long and it's been so hard to get here.

Adrienne: Me too. I'm just sorry that lucas had to get hurt in the process. I only hope that he can find the happiness that we found. I love you.

Justin: Let's go see our son.

Adrienne: Okay.

Lucas: Whew, I'm empty! Hey, man, maybe I can get my hallucination will to hook me up with another bottle. What do you think? Yo, yo, will! Come on, man!

Paul: Hey, hey. I know--listen, I know that it must have been hard for you to lose adrienne, but what if you tried being clean and sober?

Lucas: Clean and sober.

[Laughs] My mom and my sister tried that, man. Didn't work. You can't save me.

Paul: Hey, I'm not trying to save you. I'm just saying, maybe-- you talk about being nice. Maybe you should try being nice to yourself.

Lucas: Why the hell would I do that?

Paul: Because if will were here, he'd say you deserve better.

Lucas: [Laughing]

[Crying] I already had that conversation with my dead son.


Paul: Maybe you should start listening.

Lucas: Why should I listen to him? He's dead, remember? And I think I'm tired of listening to you too, paul.

Paul: Hey, at least--come on. At least let me get you something to eat. Come on.

Lucas: Hey, you're doing it again, man. Don't do that. You're being too nice. You better back off. I warned you about that. I'm gonna--I'm gonna go continue this party across the street.

Paul: Come on, lucas. Lucas, wait. Come on.

Lucas: Hey, do me a favor. Find sonny. Make yourself happy. Find him, and do whatever you can to stay with him, all right?

[Blues music playing]

Sami: What kind of freak are you?

John: Susan, are you trying to tell us that you were so disappointed that you didn't get to murder will that you had--

Susan: I had wilhelm bring him back to life so I could kill him myself.

Marlena: Well, that is beyond twisted. Why would rolf even help you with that?

Susan: I told you, dr. Evans. He would do anything for me.

Marlena: Well, if that's true, it's morally reprehensible and we are going to turn you over to the authorities.

Sami: No, I don't even care about that.

John: Sami, did you hear what she just said?

Sami: I did. I heard every word. She hired rolf to bring will back from the dead. So what happened? Susan, what happened next? Is will alive or not?

Abigail: So you think that andre is using theo to get kate out of the company.

Chad: I think it's possible.

Abigail: But why would theo do that? I don't see how he would go along with that, because he loves you. You know, he would never do anything to hurt you or this family.

Chad: Well, maybe andre convinced him that he was doing it for the family.

Abigail: I know that andre has done a lot of really bad things, but he's always been very protective of theo. I just don't really see him using him like that.

Chad: Well, theo's definitely hiding something.

Kate: You can't just show up at the mansion without telling me.

Theo: Well, I needed to speak to you in person.

Kate: I understand that, but chad could tell there was something up by the way you were acting.

Theo: Yes, but I didn't tell him anything. I made you a promise.

Kate: Okay, look. I trust you, and I know that it's very difficult for you not to say anything.

Theo: Yes, because I hate lying.

Kate: You're not lying. You're doing what's best for him. Chad and abigail, they have a lot to worry about right now, and I can't have chad confronting andre if we don't have definite proof that andre is the one who's trying to sabotage me and the company.

Theo: Actually, I might have some proof.

Kate: About what's happening?

Theo: That's why I came to the mansion. I have information about who's been sabotaging dimera.

[Dramatic music]

Sami: Did you and rolf bring will back to life?

Susan: Okay, now, listen here. Wilhelm did exactly what I asked him to do. When will's body was brought to the morgue, wilhelm snuck right in there, and he shot him full of some of that stuff that reanimates you.

Sami: So... so he brought will back to life.

Susan: No. It didn't work.

Sami: What do you mean, it didn't work?

Susan: No. There was no resurrection that day, sami. Mm-mm.

Sami: So... so will's dead?

Susan: As dead as the king himself.

Paul: And could I get fries with that too?

Sure. Just to let you know, I'm going off shift soon. Bartender will be taking care of you.

Paul: No problem.

He's right over there.

[Intense music]

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