Days Transcript Monday 10/30/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/30/17


Episode #13204 ~ A mysterious person is questioned about Will; Sami lands in hot water; Eve drops a bombshell on Brady and Victor; Kate recruits Theo to help her figure out who's sabotaging DiMera.

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Victor: Dominus vobiscum, malaka. I don't think anybody's gonna miss you.

[Spits] Let's get out of here.

[Ominous music] Who the hell are you?

Brady: Eve.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Eve: Where else would I be but at my husband's side?

Abigail: Oh, it's okay. Th was just a halloween decoration. That wasn't real. I promise, okay?

Chad: Hey, hey. Think maybe we should call it a night? He seems scared of the decorations.

Abigail: Oh, I think he's fine. There's not gonna be a bunch of beethoven busts everywhere. You know, I didn't like that statue either, huh? But we're not gonna go back to that house anymore. We're all done. You want to get in your stroller? Yeah? Let's do that.

Chad: No, babe, I got it. Why don't you just...

Abigail: Yeah?

Chad: Yeah, hold that stuff for me? Got it? And come here.

Abigail: Go see daddy.

Chad: There we go. Ooh, okay.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: Come on; let's see if we can do this. There we go. Get you buckled up. There, see?

Abigail: That's a good spot.

Chad: Should we get you buckled in? It's not too tight there, is it?

Abigail: There you go. Mm-hmm.

Chad: What is--what is this?

Abigail: Candy corn. I love it. I'm just gonna have a few; I promise. You want some?

Chad: No, I don't want any. That's thomas's candy. He--he worked hard trick-or-treating for that candy, so it's his, and I don't want it. What are you--

Abigail: Are you accusing me of stealing my son's halloween candy?

Chad: Listen here. If I didn't love you so much, I'd rat you out to this little guy. That's for sure.

Abigail: Mm, mm-hmm. Last one. Promise. And not just because I'm trying to be a good mommy, but when I was a kid, I used to eat too much halloween candy, and it would give me nightmares.

Chad: Well, you never told me this.

Abigail: Well, now you know.

Chad: Well, then no more.

Abigail: Hmm? No, hang on. Wait, you're mean.

Chad: You don't want to have any more nightmares, do you?

Abigail: You're being mean. But you're being mean.

Chad: I'm doing you a favor.

Abigail: Okay, well, I don't think I'm gonna have any more nightmares, because I happen to have the man that I love with all my heart, which happens to be you. So I don't really see how I can have anything but romantic, sweet dreams.

Chad: Oh, well, darling, that's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Abigail: Oh, yeah?

Chad: Yeah, of course, considering candy corn doesn't give you nightmares anymore because of your wonderful husband who's in your life.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Chad: That's wonderful.

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: Well, I'm glad. But who needs candy when... that's so much sweeter.

Chad: Oh, what about this?

Abigail: Mm-hmm, love it. I like it.

Kate: Yes. Lucas, I know you're upset sami didn't tell you they were going to memphis.

[Sighs] Yes. Yes, I know, but we don't even know if the lead about will is going to pan out or not. There is nothing you could do that they aren't already doing. Honey, do you remember when I told you that rolf killed himself rather than reveal who he's working for? I mean, do you really think anyone is gonna give up those details easily?

[Sighs] Well, frankly, I'm glad that you're not there, because right now, for all we know, they could be walking right into a trap.

[Light rock music]

Sonny: Who lives here?

Sami: I'm gonna find out. Ah.

[Door bangs] Elvis.

Elvis: Who are you? Where'd you all come from?

John: Trick or treat.

[Sweeping music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Sami: Elvis. Maybe this has to do with ej.

Marlena: No, no, no.

Sami: It must be connected--

Marlena: No, listen to me. Think about this. It's halloween. We are a stone's throw from graceland, and everybody's walking around dressed up just like elvis.

Sami: No, of course. Of course you're right.

Elvis: Did y'all let yourself in? 'Cause I didn't hear a knock. Kind of making yourself at home over there, honey, aren't you?

John: Excuse me, mr...

Elvis: Presley. Most people know the name.

John: Ah, of course. Well, look, we're sorry that we intruded here. It's just that we--

Sami: Don't apologize to him.

Elvis: If you're looking for candy, forget it. No costume, no candy.

John: No, no, no. Actually, we're not here for candy.

Elvis: Ah, autographs.

Sonny: We're here for answers. What do you know about will horton?

[Bowl thuds]

[Dramatic music]

[Doorbell rings]

Claire: I swear, if i do not hear a "thank you" this time, I'm gonna put this candy where the sun don't--

Theo: Hey, sorry. I forgot my keys.

Claire: Oh. Wait. Theo, what are you doing? Where's your costume? We're gonna be late to the party. Go change.

Theo: No, I can'T. I have to take care of something first.

Claire: Are you serious?

Theo: Yeah.

Claire: Come on. You know what they say. Don't postpone joy.

Theo: Okay, dressing up like an idiot, standing around talking to a bunch of other people dressed like idiots is a lot of things, but it's not joy.

Claire: No, come on. You said you'd go.

Theo: Look, I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you later, okay? I promise. You look amazing.

Claire: No, you just told me I was dressed up like an idiot.

Theo: Yes, but a very sexy idiot.

Victor: I was hoping I'd never see you again.

Eve: Well, I'm like malaria, victor. I keep coming back.

Brady: What did you say about a husband? What, did you marry her?

Victor: Of course not. I've been through a lot in the last 48 hours, but I know that I'm still married to maggie and I'm not married to adrienne or bonnie. And as far as marrying you, I wouldn't marry you if the survival of the species was at stake.

Eve: If the survival of the species depends on you, victor, all would be lost.

Victor: Maybe you're her husband.

Brady: Excuse me?

Victor: Well, you married theresa and didn't remember it.

Brady: I would never marry theresa's sister.

Victor: Oh, of course. I forgot that you have standards, even though they are low.

Eve: Okay, okay. It's nice to see the two of you haven't grown up at all. In fact, I really think that you've regressed. So I would kindly like to ask you to leave, because it's very clear neither of you have any respect at all for my husband's grave.

Victor: Your husband?

Brady: What's that supposed to mean?

Eve: It means I am mrs. Deimos kiriakis. .

Chad: He's sound asleep.

Abigail: So no more trick-or-treating, huh?

Chad: I think he's had enough of the scary decorations for one night.

Abigail: Me too, actually.

Chad: Yeah, I could tell that skeleton in front of o'hara's really got to you.

Abigail: Well, yeah, because there was a bloody snake hanging out of its mouth. Uh-uh, I don't think so. How'd you know I was scared?

Chad: Well, considering you were pale as a sheet and your hands were shaking, it kind of gave it away.

Abigail: Here I thought I was hiding it the whole time.

Chad: Saw right through it.

Abigail: Being brave for thomas.

Chad: Nope.

Abigail: You'd think, given how scary our real life has been, that halloween decorations wouldn't really faze me.

Chad: I'm sorry about that-- you know, ben coming back and bringing back all those memories.

Abigail: It's all right; I have you. So when I saw him, it was just angry, is all. A little sad but pretty good, strong and...

Chad: I could tell...

Abigail: In control.

Chad: By the way you sucker-punched him right in the face.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. He's never gonna hurt us ever again.

Chad: Never again.

Kate: I don't know what the hell took you so long. I called you hours ago.

Theo: I had an exam this afternoon.

Kate: Well, why didn't you call me? I could have had someone take it for you. I mean, this is urgent.

Theo: Everything you want is urgent.

Kate: [Sighs] Touché, okay? But I really do need your help, and the stakes are sky high.

Eve: Well, what's the matter, victor? Cat got your tongue? Aren't you gonna welcome me in to this big, happy family?

Victor: Of course I am. I believe that you married deimos. You did say so, and I understand the depth of your honesty, your integrity.

Brady: This is some halloween prank, right, eve?

Eve: I'm here by my husband's grave, may he rest in peace, and I wouldn't lie about something as sacred as marriage.

Victor: Why me? Why do I get all the lying, crazy women?

Eve: [Chuckles] I'm neither lying or crazy. Six months ago, deimos and i eloped to new york. I'm kind of surprised he never mentioned it to you.

Victor: You know, I think it's interesting that you chose to wait with your good news until after deimos died.

Eve: You know, I knew that you were gonna be just like this, mm-hmm. So that's why I brought... proof.


Sonny: Answer the question. What do you know about will horton?

Elvis: Will horton. Wasn't he that side man over at sun records?

Paul: Will horton is her son. He was murdered; that's not funny.

Elvis: What's not funny is, y'all broke in my house and you're asking me questions, and I don't even know y'all. Now, I don't know any will horton.

Sami: Liar.

Elvis: I'm sorry for your loss.

Sami: Just who the hell are you?

Elvis: Again, it's elvis aron presley. And it's aron with one a; it's good to know if you do the crosswords.

Sami: [Sighs]

Marlena: Look, in my professional opinion, I don't think he's dangerous. I just think he's delusional.

John: Yeah, doesn't fit the mold of a dimera operative.

Marlena: Let me try something.

John: Sounds good.

Marlena: I'm so sorry. I've got to tell you I'm just your biggest fan.

Elvis: Why, thank you very much, ma'am.

Marlena: I'm so sorry that we intruded on your-- on your holiday here. We just would like to ask you a few questions, and then we will happily get out of your way.

Elvis: I have a question too. Y'all law enforcement?

Marlena: No.

Elvis: [Chuckles] You have no right to be here. Get out of my house now.

Sami: We're not going anywhere.

Elvis: Oh, yeah? Might want to rethink that. .

Sonny: Paul, paul.

Marlena: [Gasps]

[Gun clicks]

Paul: Nice cap gun, elvis.

Elvis: Yeah. Well, the real one's right upstairs. Would you like to see my world-famous collection?

Sonny: No, thank you.

Elvis: Well, you're gonna see it up close and personal. Now, get out of my house right now.

John: I don't think you want to make that threat.

Sami: No. I also think a normal person, which obviously you are not, would have wanted to call the authorities. What are you afraid of?

Elvis: Nothing. You know what? Maybe make that call myself.

Sami: Oh, I already beat you to it.

John: Sami, put the phone down.

Sami: Hello?

John: Sami, stop!

Sami: Yes, I'm calling to report a crime. It's happened at 12266 marquette street. It's complicated. You should just hurry, please. Thank you.

Elvis: [Chuckles]

Sami: They're on their way.

Elvis: So just what kind of complicated crime do you think I've committed?

John: We don'T. We don'T. We're just looking for some information; that's all.

Paul: We're following a money trail. We traced a payment to a bank account in memphis associated with this address.

Elvis: Payment for what? Are you saying I did something illegal? Because I am the picture of clean living.

John: We're looking for a man by the name of dr. Wilhelm rolf.

Sami: He claims that he was paid to bring my son back from the dead.

Elvis: This is about dr. Rolf? Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Marlena: You know him?

Elvis: Of course I do.

Brady: You married deimos in april in new york?

Eve: Let me guess. You never even noticed he was gone.

Victor: Anybody can forge a marriage certificate.

Eve: You didn't notice he was gone because you were off in canada playing house with nicole, right?

Victor: I wasn't in canada. I was right here in salem, under the same roof as deimos.

Eve: You know, victor, you don't know as much about what goes on under your roof as you think. For example, the day that I came back to see tate, there was nobody at the mansion except deimos.

Deimos: She's back.

Eve: You are observant.

Deimos: Why?

Eve: Well, I'm here to see tate.

Deimos: Oh, really? Well, then I guess you haven't heard. Nicole kidnapped holly and went on the run. Brady took tate and went after her. Doesn't look like they're planning on coming back.

Eve: Ever?

Deimos: Never.

Eve: Well... I'm never gonna see my nephew again?

Deimos: That's right. So I guess there's no reason for you to hang around, right? You know where the door is.

Eve: [Sighs] Wow. Wow, wow. Nicole dumped you for brady. Well, that's low, even for a kiriakis.

Deimos: Go ahead, eve. Gloat.

Eve: No, I'm not-- I'm not gonna do that.

Sami: So you're saying-- how do you know dr. Rolf?

Elvis: Well, in his professional capacity. He has what you might call a unique area of expertise.

Sami: You hired rolf to--

Elvis: Bring a man back from the dead? Yes, ma'am, I did.

[Dramatic music]

(Whispering mom) you really think this is going to work? report. Here's lester holt.

>Good day everyone. We're coming on with major developments in the investigation of the trump campaign by special counsel robert mueller. Just moments ago, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his business partner, rick gates, appeared in federal court in washington and pleaded not guilty after being indicted to charges that include fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and failure to register as an agent of a foreign government in this case the former government of ukraine. Justice correspondent pete williams is here. Tell us what happened.

We think there's a recess in the hearing right now while the judge considers the circumstances of their release. The government is asking for very high bail, $10 million for manafort, $5 million for gates. It says the prosecutors told the judge they're still trying to figure out what their net worth is. The prosecutors say they have a lot of money, they have means, they have a lot of people they know overseas and that they are a flight risk and should be detained at home and allowed only to visit with their lawyers and doctors. The judge is taking that under advisement. We expect to hear from the judge a little later on what the circumstances of their release will be. But the charges against them basically say they earn millions in fees and consulting for politicians in ukraine to lobby for and did it for ten years, failed to register for agents and failed to report the millions of dollars in income and funneled the money to offshore banks, lester.

Pete, what they're accused of is not anything that happened in their capacity with the trump campaign and spately and george papadopolous who was an unpaid policy adviser to the trump campaign, we learned today that he had pled guilty to the fbi about his regarding his contact with the russian individual with ties to the kremlin who had dirt. Can you tell us wh where that stands and how that might relate more specifically to the campaign.

This was a well-kept secret. He was actually arrested in late july at dulles airport when he was arriving in the country. He has been questioned repeated by the fbi since then. He's been cooperative. He pleaded guilty in a secret court hearing on october 5th. It looks like the government in his case, they've only charged him with one count of lying to the fbi and it looks like they're recommending that he could perhaps be released on probation without having to serve any jail time. So he'll be sentenced later, but basically the importance of that case is, as you know, someone who was involved in the trump campaign in contact with people who claimed that they were representing the russian government and could have dirt on hillary clinton, including e-mails and according to the court documents, he said he was told that before it was even publicly known that the russians hacked into the dnc e-mail servers.

Let me go to hallie jackson at the white house. They concluded the daily white house briefing. Hallie, I caught a little of that hearing. They're trying to distance themselves from these three individuals and turn this to a story about hillary clinton.

If you had to sum it up, it would be distance. It would also be democrats. That's the dual pronged approach from the white house. Trying to say that the president, at the time when he was a candidate didn't have anything to do with what's going on with paul manafort and rick gates. And he's a low volunteer that sat on the advisory board. The indictment mentions money laundering activities being charged against gates and manafort happened through at least 2016. Paul manafort joined the trump campaign in 2016 intend to go wrangle delegates, do a lot of work for the convention. He was promoted a couple of months later, stayed on the campaign. Gates stayed on longer after manafort had left. Gates was manafort's right hand man in a lot of these situations and gates was in fact the liaison and worked for the outside pro-trump trump pac america first. You look at george papadopolous. They said he was an unpaid volunteer. Didn't have much to do with the campaign. He was in a national security advisory board meeting that was tweeted out and put on instagram by donald trump. You can see papadopolous sitting in a room with jeff sessions at the time was a senator and leading this national security advisory board and you see president trump at the head of that table, too. Sanders says that the president does not remember the circumstances of that meeting, in fact, says that was the one and only time that advisory board met. Remember, in this plea agreement in the documents related to papadopolous, there is an exchange in which an unnamed campaign supervisor encourages papadopolous to take a trip and meet with the russian officials. The secretary says when papadopolous tried to set up a meeting with trump and russian linked people he was rebuffed by high ranking officials in that campaign. Bottom liep, this is the first instance here in which we are seeing the special counsel probe touching in some way donald trump's 2016 campaign.

All right, hallie jackson at the height house. Peter alexander is in washington where manafort and gates are still apparently going through some paperwork. What happens now in all of this, peter?

Reporter: As we understand it, lester, there will be another hearing, a status hearing later this week on thursday. Still unclear whether either gates or manafort need to attend. We're told by representatives for both of them, they will likely come out before cameras at the end of this hearing wirts expected that the attorney for manafort will make a statement. We don't expect to hear from rick gates or manafort himself. As you can imagine, this district courthouse in washington, D.C. Is framed by dozens of reporters and cameras all of which were trying to catch the moment when they entered the court or when they would depart it this afternoon. The two men inside the courtroom in dark suits and white shirts saying very little, saying only I do basically when asked to take an oath. They didn't have to have any additional statement and didn't provide any. To be clear, the judge is weighing the requests from both sides about the terms of their release. Again, as pete indicated right now, the prosecution asking for bail to be set at about $10 million for manafort, $5 million for gates with home detention allowing them to see their attorneys at home, their pass passports to be turned over.

Pete alexander, waiting outside the courthouse.

>We'll be following all the developments throughout the day on msnbc and nbcnews.Com. I'll see you and the coverage continuing on "nbc nightly news." Until then, I'm you'd be bored out of your mind. What, clipping coupons and mowing the yard? What a waste. What a waste of a really, really fine twisted mind, a really, really dark heart. You know, I think that you'd be happier with somebody who appreciated you for what you really are.

Deimos: [Chuckles] All right, eve. I'll bite. And what is it that I really, really am?

Eve: One nasty son of a bitch.


[Fire crackling]

Sami: So you hired dr. Rolf to bring will back.

Elvis: Good god, no. I told you. I never heard of will horton 'fore tonight.

Sonny: Then what are you talking about?

Elvis: [Laughs] Ain't it obvious? The person I paid rolf to bring back from the dead was me. Fans demanded it. Long live the king.

Sonny: You think this is funny? This is my husband we're talking about, the man that I love.

John: Calm down.

Sonny: No, I'm not gonna calm down! He knows something about will, and I want to know what it is.

Elvis: I've already told you everything I can.

Sonny: If there's a chance he's still alive, I will do whatever it takes--

John: Sonny, stop, stop. Hey, hey, hey! What's going--what's the matter with you, man?

Elvis: You do not touch the king.


Kate: And, theo, the board is watching our every move. So you can't say a word.

Theo: Not even to chad? I mean, you can't suspect him.

Kate: No, of course not. Never chad. But say it was andre who was trying to double-cross us. Then chad would want to confront him, and it would be a disaster. So can I count on you?

Theo: No, you can'T.

[Soft music]

Tripp: Still no sign of theo?

Claire: No sign of theo.

[Candy wrappers crinkling] Oh, god, nougat. I hate nougat.

Tripp: Yeah, everyone does. So you gonna call him?

Claire: I mean, no. He knows about the party, and he knows that I'm waiting for him.

Tripp: What did he have to do?

Claire: I don't know. He didn't tell me, which is really weird, because he usually tells me everything. He's like an open book.

Tripp: Is that-- is that like an autism thing?

Claire: What do you mean, "like an autism thing"?

Tripp: Sorry, I just-- I mean-- I just don't know how to talk to him sometimes. I mean, he seems pretty much like a normal dude most of the time.

Claire: Yeah, yeah, he is a normal dude.

Tripp: I didn't mean to say the wrong thing.

Claire: No, I mean, he's exactly like everyone else, except sometimes he's just more direct, you know? He says exactly what he's thinking.

Tripp: Yeah, well, if he says exactly what he's thinking, then he's not like everyone else. In a good way.

Claire: It is good. It is. You always know where you stand with him.

Tripp: You're right. I do know where I stand with theo, which makes me think that I should move out.

Chad: No, no. No, stop. Get--no, no. No more candy corn.

Abigail: Why? Come on.

Chad: Do you want to continue to have nightmares?

Abigail: That was when I was a kid.

Chad: Oh, so you're immune to them now that you're all grown up?

Abigail: No, but actually I do happen to have the most loving, wonderful man on earth, and so when I go to sleep, there's not many dreams that I want to wake up from, 'cause they're all romantic and wonderful, except for the fact that I do happen to have the most wonderful, loving man on earth lying right next to me, so...

Chad: Well, I hate to burst your bubble and mine, considering you've just given me credit for a consistent stream of amazing and wonderful dreams, but may I remind you of your dream of a couple weeks ago? Not so wonderful.

Abigail: No, really?

Chad: Yes.

Abigail: No.

Chad: Yes, salem was underwater.

Abigail: [Laughing]

Chad: Salem was underwater, and you couldn't swim.

Abigail: No. Okay, you were the hero, remember? You rescued me. You can't go and skip the happy ending.

Chad: Chad the whaler.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: Fine, have some more.

Abigail: Okay. You know, on second thought, I think I'm gonna need to take a little bit more of this even sweeter stuff.

Chad: A little bit of what?

Abigail: This, this stuff that's going on. Yeah, you get it. Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Brady: So you call him a son of a bitch, and then he asks you to marry him.

Eve: It was a whirlwind courtship.

Victor: Yeah, it's a crock. It was a crock then; it's a crock now.

Brady: How long was this whirlwind courtship? 'Cause it sounds like you got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

Eve: Well, it was just one of those things, brady.

Victor: One of those financial things, huh? You looked into his big brown eyes and saw dollar signs. I wonder what attracted him to you. Maybe he was drunk, like you were when you married theresa.

Eve: He was as sober as a judge.

Victor: Yeah, an alcoholic judge.

Eve: He knew exactly what he was doing when he asked me to marry him, all right?

Victor: Good god, woman, you can't expect us to believe this. I mean, you were living in the same house together, under the same roof. He hardly even noticed you.

Eve: You know what? You're absolutely right about that. But the day that I came to see tate, we bonded over you.

Deimos: Well, you were certainly right about nicole. She looked like someone I once loved very, very much. My mistake was believing that she actually had a soul. Well, good riddance to her. I'm just sorry I ever met her.

Eve: I think a lot of people felt the way that you feel about her. What's next? You moving on?

Deimos: I'm not going anywhere. I'm still running titan.

Eve: For how long? Victor will inevitably turn on you.

Deimos: Victor and I made our peace.

Eve: You tried to destroy him. He's a very vindictive man. You and brady are mortal enemies now, and-- come on, deimos. You really think that victor's gonna choose you over his precious grandson? No. Victor is just biding his time until he can make you pay. If I were you, I'd take control of my life before you lose everything and wind up like me.

Marlena: At the best, it's a concussion, but it could be something worse.

John: Loc, head wound, concussed.

Sami: Look what you've done. You've--

Marlena: He needs a hospital. He's got to have a ct scan.

John: Yeah, yeah, we do have a doctor here. She wants him run to the hospital for a ct. Yeah. Paramedic's on the way.

Sami: You know, you are gonna pay for what you have done.

[Pounding at door] Here are the police right now. Thank god. Yes, hello, sir. Can you please come right this way? I have a man here that you need to arrest.

Elvis: I'm afraid the little lady's mistaken. You need to arrest these people. .

Elvis: It was self-defense. These people broke into my house. That man, he attacked me.

Sami: Okay, first of all, the only reason is because he refuses to tell us what he knows about my son. You just call the salem police department. They'll explain that my son is... well, he's missing. And this man knows what happened.

Can you prove that this is your residence?

Elvis: Will a driver's license do?

Yeah. If this is his residence and he says you're intruders, I can't arrest him. Now, what's all this about your son?

Eve: So how is your memory these days, victor? Do you remember when deimos went off the grid for a while? Well, that's when we eloped to new york. And he told you it was a business trip.

Victor: And you were the business.

Eve: We went to city hall.

Victor: Ah, well, there. Did you write your own vows?

Eve: And we honeymooned in the tropics... for a nanosecond, until one day, he just left me on the beach, high and dry.

Victor: Oh. I wonder what made him leave you. Revulsion.

Eve: It wasn't me, okay? He got a lead on nicole, and he just disappeared. And now he's gone for good. And I was notified that his remains were released, and that's why I'm here today.

Brady: You look so torn up about his passing, eve.

Eve: Almost as torn up as you, brady.

Claire: Wait, tripp, no. No, you cannot go. You can'T. I would be completely devastated.

Tripp: Really? Why?

Claire: I mean, becau-- because without your share of the rent, I would be completely broke.

Tripp: Yeah, well, I don't think theo would be too devastated.

Claire: [Sighs] Come on. It'll get better, okay? He'll get used to you being here, I promise. Just please don't go.

Tripp: It's not like I have a lot of option right now.

Claire: I know. Look, I'm sorry that things have been rough with theo. I shouldn't have asked you to lie for me.

Tripp: It was--it was my idea to tell him that I was crushing on you.

Claire: I know. I know. He just has a huge problem with lying.

Tripp: Boy, does he live in the wrong town.

Claire: He's very literal. So sometimes he doesn't get that the truth can be... relative. I mean, the whole reason we broke up the first time was because my aunt ciara--

Tripp: She's your aunt?

Claire: Yes, and my friend, except when she's not. But anyway, ciara kind of wrote him a letter, and I kind of... made sure that he didn't get it.

Tripp: And it took him a long time to forgive you.

Claire: Yeah, but he eventually did. And he'll forgive you too. It just might take a while.

Theo: Look what happened the other times I helped you out, okay? I've pissed my dad off. People got hurt. And another thing, kate: I'm not good at keeping secrets.

Kate: Theo, people are still going to get hurt. This isn't just about me and the company. This is about chad and his future. It's about abigail. It's about thomas. I need you to think about your nonno and his legacy. Do you realize that dimera enterprises could go completely belly up if we don't find this person and stop them in their tracks?

Theo: Fine, I'll do it.

Kate: Thank you.

Theo: I hate secrets.

Kate: I know. But this one, you have to keep.


Paul: I'm going with him.

Are you next of kin?

Paul: No.

I'm sorry; you have to follow the ambulance.

Marlena: Look, I would go with him, but I think I'd better stick around and make sure sami doesn't go crazy.

John: Good luck with that.

Sami: You should haul him down to the station and question him. Right now.

Marlena: You have got to calm yourself down.

If you want to press charges against the whole group, it might take a while.

Elvis: No, just get them out of my house, now.

All right, you heard him. Let's go.

Sami: What? You're not even gonna question him?

I suggest you get her out of here.

Marlena: Sami.

Sami: No!

Marlena: Let's go.

Sami: He's the only person who knows what happened to my son, you idiot!

Oh, okay. That's it, young lady.

Sami: Oh, don't you "young lady" me. Get your hands off me!

You just scratched me with those super-sharp fingernails and earned yourself a ride downtown. .

Marlena: Officer, she did not mean to hurt you.

Sami: Look, I can't believe that you are not going to take that guy downtown. I mean, he hurt sonny. He's going to the hospital!

That guy doesn't have a police record. Now, you've been arrested so many times, I have to scroll down to see 'em all.

Sami: What?

Come on.

Sami: No, we're going-- no, we're not.

Marlena: Sami--

Sami: That is not fair.

Marlena: Don't make a fuss.

Sami: What are you--

Marlena: Sami, be careful.

Sami: Mom, you got to do something. I mean, you got to help me.

Marlena: I'll be right there.

Sami: Hey, let go of me!

Marlena: Stop it. Stop it.

Claire: Hey, where were you?

Theo: Um, some work stuff. But I'm ready.

Claire: No, you're not. You don't have a costume.

Theo: Um... well... now I do, because I am a baseball fan.

Claire: Wow. Wow, you really just knocked yourself out for this one, didn't you?

Theo: Yeah.

Tripp: You guys have fun tonight.

Claire: Thanks. What are you gonna do?

Tripp: Ah, just hang out. Man the door.

Claire: You know, if you want to, you could, like...

Tripp: I could what?

Claire: I don't know. You could just order a pizza. The--the new place on the corner is really good. All right. All right, theo, let's go.

Theo: All right.

Claire: Bye, tripp.

Tripp: Later.

Eve: Now, feel free to check out everything that I've told you. The hotel that I stayed in was the crystal bay, and we were in the honeymoon suite. But you're gonna find out that everything I said was true.

Brady: Hmm. So tell us. I mean, what have you been up to since deimos left you on that beach?

Victor: More importantly, what do you want now?

Eve: Well... this is neither the time or the place to have that particular conversation, okay? But I will leave you alone with your grief.

[Light rock music]

Elvis: You can come out now. They're gone. Don't worry. Nobody knows you're here. That was a close one, but hopefully that's the last you've seen of them.

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