Days Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17


Episode #13201 ~ Justin, Steve and Kayla work to free Adrienne; Eli confides in Gabi about a regretful decision from his past; Hope enlists JJ and Lani to uncover secrets regarding Will; Bonnie and Sheila prepare to flee Salem.

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Jj: Hey, we heard sami brady was brought in. You had her arrested?

Lani: Don't tell me she--

Hope: No. No, but she did grab my gun. And she held rolf at gunpoint, demanding he tell her where will was being held.

Jj: So it's true? Will's really alive?

Hope: Rolf claimed that-- well, claimed that he attempted to revive will in the morgue. Yet he never did confirm that he succeeded.

Jj: Under whose orders did he make that attempt?

Hope: That's a good question. He insisted he wasn't working for stefano. But unfortunately, he bit down on a cyanide pill and died before I was able to get more out of him.

Jj: I don't believe this.

Hope: I know. Listen, I need you two to assist the csis in combing the room for clues, okay? I need to know who rolf was working for. Any hope we have of finding out the truth about will depends on it.

Gabi: You changed the subject the last time we ran into sheila. So, what, there's some bad history there?

Eli: Yeah.

Gabi: But you don't want to talk about it... and I agreed to stay out of your business. So forget I asked.

Eli: No. It's time I told somebody what happened between sheila and me. Truth is, we used to be pretty tight.

Gabi: Was she your girlfriend?

Eli: She was a lot more than that.

Bonnie: I need a taxi... like yesterday. No, I'll tell the driver once he gets here, all right? Yes, I'm going out of town. Far out of town.

Sheila: You better cancel that cab, 'cause you ain't going nowhere. And besides, I thought we had a deal. I keep your secret that you're really not adrienne, and you thank me by paying me cold, hard cash.

Bonnie: Are you kidding me right now? You were there! You saw me get busted. And now I got the whole kiriakis greek chorus after me! If I don't get out of town right now, I am gonna end up back at statesville. And you better pray, sweetheart, I don't take you with me.

Sheila: So what's that, a threat?

Smith: You're saying lockhart had a look-alike?

Steve: Who happens to be my sister adrienne. She was brought in here to take lockhart's place.

Smith: Look, I get that you're a former colleague of the doctor who runs our infirmary-- well respected and all-- but just how stupid do you think I am?

Kayla: We don't think you're stupid--

Bonnie lockhart is in cellblock c, most likely causing trouble that'll get her thrown back into solitary.

Steve: That's not bonnie! That's my sister! Bonnie lockhart escaped from here and put adrienne johnson kiriakis in her place!

Smith: Prove it.

Adrienne: [Sobbing] Oh, justin. Oh, god! It was so awful. I was so afraid. I was so scared I would never see you or anybody ever again.

Justin: It's over now, okay? Sweetheart, it's over. It's over. I'm gonna take you home. It's all over.

Adrienne: [Sobs] Home... home...

Justin: Sweetheart.

Adrienne: [Sobs] It's over...

Justin: Yeah, it's over.

Adrienne: It's over.

Justin: It's over.

Adrienne: You saved me. You saved me. Oh, my god, you saved me.

Time's up.

Adrienne: Oh, no. No.

Back to solitary.

Justin: You're not taking her anywhere!

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

I've been nice up until now. But I'm about to throw you out of this place.

Justin: You do that, and I'll see you not only lose your job, but I will sue you and this entire institution!

We'll see what my supervisor says, hotshot.

Justin: You do that. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Adrienne: Oh, god, do you think I care about him? Oh, my god, justin, I can't believe you're here. I can't believe my prayers have been answered.

Justin: I know, I know. You're safe now. You're safe now. This nightmare is over, baby. Nightmare's over.

Adrienne: Oh, I hope so.

Justin: Once steve and kayla finish explaining to the warden, you're finally gonna be free.

Adrienne: Free.

Justin: Yeah.

Adrienne: Oh, my god. Free. Free.

Smith: Even you have to admit, this is hard to swallow.

Steve: If you don't believe us, ask bonnie. I'm sure the salem pd has her in custody by now.

Kayla: Actually, they don'T. According to maggie's text, she got away and made a run for it.

Smith: Huh. Isn't that convenient?

Steve: Listen. All you have to do is take my sister's fingerprints. I guarantee they won't match the ones you have on lockhart.

Smith: This is a correctional facility, not a police station. We don't take prints here.

Steve: So take her down to the station; have them done there.

Smith: She's not going anywhere. Not as long as my inmate count checks out and no one's missing.

Steve: How about we give you a firsthand account of what went down?

Smith: From who? The so-called sister you say isn't lockhart?

Steve: No. From another inmate. Hattie adams.

Jj: Whoever rolf was working for must've been pretty dangerous.

Lani: Why else would he take his own life rather than expose the boss?

Hope: Hopefully we'll find something solid enough in this room that will lead us to whoever that is.

Got a minute, commissioner?

Hope: Yeah. Be right back. What do you got?

Lani: I still can't believe sami flipped out and held rolf at gunpoint like she did.

Jj: I get it. The guy took her son away. It's hard not to go to that place when someone threatens the people you love.

Lani: That's weird.

Jj: What's weird?

Lani: The bag is empty, but I still hear something moving.

Jj: Sure you didn't miss a pocket?

Lani: I don't see an opening. But maybe I'm not supposed to. Bingo.

Gabi: "A lot more than your girlfriend"? I don't understand...

Eli: Sheila was like a sister to me. She and her brother russell and I, we grew up together.

Gabi: In baltimore, right?

Eli: Yeah. My mom worked at the county hospital. We lived in a nearby neighborhood.

Gabi: That's where you met them?

Eli: Yeah. My mom worked pretty long hours, and I sorta got caught up in the latchkey gang after school and in the summertime.

Gabi: Wow, so you were pretty much on your own? No adult supervision?

Eli: [Laughs] Which was cool at first. I mean, we had some good times. Hanging out at the park; playing stick ball; kicking it at the city pool. Things just changed when we got older--as they usually do.

Gabi: How did they change?

Eli: There was a couple incidents. I did some stupid stuff, and I got in trouble with the cops.

Gabi: This "trouble," does it involve sheila and russell?

Eli: Yeah, it does.

Sheila: Look, bitch, I'm tired of being strung along. It's bad enough I had to pretend to be the maid, and dust those stupid figurines--

Bonnie: Pretend is right. I did all the work! All you did was wear the uniform.

Sheila: [Scoffs] You need to be lucky I did that! And that snooty butler henderson still hasn't paid me. And the only reason I ain't trip and make a fuss about it is because I figured with you marrying the old man, my payday would be any day now.

Bonnie: Yeah, well, that's what I figured too. Now we're both in the same boat.

Sheila: Uh, no, we're not. Because you're gonna get my money. And you're gonna make sure of it.

Bonnie: Oh, and just how do you expect me to do that?

Sheila: I don't know. But you sure as hell better figure it out because I'm flat broke. And if you think I'm leaving salem by letting you off the hook, you're dead wrong! So I want what you promised, and I want it now!

Adrienne: Thank you. Oh, my god. You don't know what it's been like in here. When I first got here, they threw me in solitary. I don't know. Maybe it was better. I mean, at least I didn't get my butt kicked, right? But they wouldn't even let me make a phone call. And then when hattie let me use her phone card, I called you. I just thought it was my last hope.

Justin: I didn't get a call.

Adrienne: No, I know. Bonnie answered the phone. I guess she recognized the number. I mean, and I tried to scare her into giving up, but she just hung up on me.

Justin: I'm so sorry.

Adrienne: No, justin, it wasn't you. Then I tried to call lucas, and all he did was yell at me. I mean, he told me that he didn't want to hear a word out of my mouth and that I was nothing but a liar. I mean, I honestly, I can't blame him. I mean, he doesn't know that it was bonnie that broke up with him, not me. But--but still, he was so angry. And he didn't even sound like himself.

Justin: Yeah. He isn'T.

Adrienne: What do you mean?

Justin: Lucas is drinking again. He relapsed after... bonnie and i got back together.

Adrienne: Oh, god, no!

Justin: Maggie and jennifer and kate, they all tried to help him. They staged an intervention. They begged him to go into rehab. And basically he just told them to go to hell. I'm sorry.

Adrienne: After all those years of sobriety... god-- damn that bonnie lockhart for doing this to him!

Justin: Actually, it's just more than that. I mean, lucas's drinking isn't just about you--

Adrienne: What? Justin, tell me.

Justin: It's about will.

Smith: What's adams got to do with this?

[Knock at door]

Steve: You're about to find out.

Smith: Come in.

Hattie: Warden smith? Oh! Oh! Hey, look. Look. I--I didn't do anything wrong. You know? [Stammers] Please. The truth is that--that-- as soon as you left, I gave her my phone card so she could call and let people know she was here.

Smith: What are you talking about?

Steve: Hattie, just calm down and tell the warden how my sister ended up in here.

Kayla: Please, hattie. We need to know.

Hattie: Well, see, it was all 'cause of a woman named anjelica deveraux. So the back door of the kitchen was left open, and that was-- that was when the switch happened and bonnie became adrienne and adrienne became bonnie.

Steve: So now you know.

Smith: Quite a story.

Steve: It's amazing we figured it all out, huh?

Smith: Oh, "amazing's" the word, all right. Lies. Deception. Dopplegangers.

Steve: It's all true.

Smith: Next you'll be telling me that the devil made you do it.

Hattie: Well, I mean, anj wasn't any angel, but, boy, if she got-- if she got cross with you, she could sure let you have it.

Smith: And where is this criminal mastermind now?

Both: She's dead.

Smith: Oh, that's it. This meeting is over.

Steve: Come on. You just heard the whole story!

Smith: And I don't believe a damn word of it.

Steve: Maybe you don't want to believe it because it makes it look like you fell down on the job!

Kayla: You know what? I wouldn't believe it either. I mean, the story is a little over the top. But it is true.

Smith: Well, I'm having a hard time buying that.

Kayla: I understand that. But I think I know how we can settle this once and for all.

Hope: Any luck?

Jj: No, it's password-protected.

Hope: Yeah, of course it is. All right, I'm gonna call the tech lab down at the station, see if anyone knows how to bypass the lock. In the meantime, keep working on it, okay?

Lani: Do you have any clue how to crack the code?

Jj: I had a friend at salem u--jason-- used his own phone to crack into other people's clouds. If we can get into rolf's cloud the same way, we might be able to remotely change the password to the tablet.

Bonnie: Look, sheila, I'm trying to protect you here, all right? No one has put together that you and I are accomplices yet. So why don't you just roll on to greener pastures while you still can, all right?

Sheila: Great idea! Except for there's no green. And I can't go anywhere without it.

Bonnie: [Sighs] Really? You're not gonna let this go, are you?

Sheila: No, because the ticket the prison gave me I used that to get to salem. And the money I scraped together is gone now.

Bonnie: What about the benjamins I just gave you for the wedding that didn't happen? You don't seem to get it. I ran out of that mansion with nothing but the clothes on my back. I don't even know how I'm gonna pay for the cab I just called to get me the hell out of dodge!

Sheila: I should've helped adrienne when I had the chance. 'Cause she said you would stiff me.

Bonnie: You know, but i didn't want this to blow up in my face any more than you did, all right? I mean, come on. Don't you have a friend somewhere who can help you?

Sheila: I thought I did, but I was wrong. No, I don'T.

Gabi: Just how "stupid" were these things you did with sheila and her brother?

Eli: Nothing major. I mean, at least not by street standards-- shoplifting, vandalism. Mainly just to see-- just to see who had the guts to go through with it.

Gabi: Did your mom know about it?

Eli: She had her suspicions. Yeah, she was not about to let that happen. She, um... she scared the hell out of me. The cops, on the other hand, they scared me straight. But my mom was no joke. She, um... she ordered me to stay away from sheila and russell.

Gabi: Did you? Stay away?

Eli: Yeah. I did. Then a couple months later, she got transferred to another hospital. You know, I still think that she put in on that just to get me away from those two.

Gabi: So what happened to sheila and her brother?

Eli: I went to say goodbye before we left. And I found out that they had moved on from petty theft to dealing drugs.

Gabi: And were they eventually arrested?

Eli: Yeah. By me.

Kayla: If I could just get some swabs from dr. Thompson, I could take a dna samples from steve and adrienne, and not only would it prove that they are related, but that the woman in there is not bonnie lockhart.

Smith: We don't have a lab here either.

Kayla: Well, dr. Thompson can send them to whatever lab he chooses, at no cost to the prison. And I will authorize clearance for you and dr. Thompson to review adrienne's medical records.

Smith: Why would I need to see them?

Kayla: Because they will show that adrienne had a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and is in remission for breast cancer. That is a condition that bonnie couldn't fake if she tried.

Smith: I'll allow it.

Kayla: Thank you.

Smith: Don't thank me just yet. If the woman I believe is lockhart does turn out to be your sister, I still have a missing inmate.

Steve: Well, isn't that your problem?

Smith: Actually, it's yours. Unless you can find me the other bonnie lockhart, the woman in cellblock c isn't going anywhere.

Adrienne: Poor sonny. I mean, come on. He finally finds someone who's gonna make him happy, and then that maniac walks in and tells him will's still alive?

Justin: Our son is stronger than even he knows. But obviously it's been very hard on him.

Adrienne: Do you think it's possible-- I mean, come on, do you think will is--

Justin: Yeah, I didn't think so at first. Once we heard from clyde weston who heard it from dr. Rolf himself.

Adrienne: Stefano's rolf?

Justin: Yeah, and considering he has brought people back to life before, the salem pd thinks it's worth checking out.

Adrienne: I need to see my son. He needs me. Lucas needs me too. I can't believe i haven't been there for them, justin.

Justin: Sweetheart, you'll see them soon enough, okay? But again, you're not going anywhere until steve and kayla straighten things out with the warden.

Adrienne: I know. I just--

Justin: And since we're stuck here waiting, there's something that I'd like to straighten out myself-- namely, what that kiss was about.

Jj: So, I was right-- the user id for rolf's cloud is his email address.

Lani: Well, hopefully, these stats will help figure out his password.

Jj: I'ma try his birthday first.

Lani: If that doesn't work, try birth place or his mother's maiden name, the year he graduated med school. Where he went to med school--

Jj: Can you just give me a second to try one of them?

Lani: You know, this kind of reminds me of that time we were stuck on the plane in greece together.

Jj: [Laughs] Right. When everyone else got to go after xander and we were ordered to hold down the fort.

Lani: It wasn't that bad. It was kind of romantic, thanks to you. Check this out.

Jj: All of that is just right outside these windows.

Lani: Or it could be right here, inside.

Jj: I think I see where you're going with this.

Lani: We are in one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Let's use our imaginations.

Jj: Oh, I can do that.

Lani: [Laughs]

[Greek music]


Jj: Oh, I can't wait till we can go on a romantic adventure without any work involved. No bad guys, no amulets.

Lani: I'm with you on that.

[Phone beeps] Are we in?

Jj: We've been locked out!

Hope: What happened?

Jj: Damn! Three failed attempts, now I'm locked out permanently.

Hope: Well, I just talked to the tech lab. They said to bring it in, they'll take a shot at it.

Jj: You know, maybe they don't have to. Hey, guys, hold on. Will you hold up?

Lani: What are you doing?

Jj: There might be another way to crack the code. We just need some help from the good doctor himself.

Gabi: So you arrested sheila and her brother?

Eli: Yeah, I did. And they were sent to prison.

Gabi: Yeah, but, you know, you didn't do anything wrong. They were dealing drugs. You were just doing your job, right?

Eli: It was-- it was a little bit more than that.

Gabi: Go on.

Eli: When I got assigned to the fbi, I got assigned to a case involving this drug kingpin out of chicago. The bureau was trying to crack down hard on this guy. I figured I'd go undercover and infiltrate the worker bees.

Gabi: Okay.

Eli: Anyway, when I got the file, there were mug shots of sheila and russell.

Gabi: So they left baltimore?

Eli: Yeah. Not long after I did. And they were pretty high up in the chicago drug ring. So I offered to go undercover, and I didn't tell any of the higher-ups that I knew some of the key players.

Gabi: In other words, you used your friendship with sheila and russell to infiltrate the crew and break up the drug ring.

Eli: They trusted me, and I threw them under the bus to advance my own career. I got a promotion, and they were sent to prison.

Sheila: I thought we were friends.

Bonnie: We are, sheila. I'm talking about someone who's liquid enough to float you a loan.

Sheila: Well, don't you have someone who can float you some dough? Like the daughter you took that murder rap for? Yeah, she owes you big-time.

Bonnie: My daughter mimi she does owe me big-time. The problem is, she's not taking my calls.

Sheila: [Scoffs] Hell, at this point, I'll take whatever you have on you.

Bonnie: How many times do I have to tell you? I got nothing! Not one red cent.

Sheila: Well, I'll take that.

Bonnie: My pin?

Sheila: Yeah, I mean, it ain't my taste. But I remember you going on and on about how priceless--

Bonnie: You can't have this! This is all I have left of my mickey. Are you kidding me?

Adrienne: Kiss. It just sort of--

Justin: Happened.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Justin: For me too.

Steve: There she is!

[All talking at once]

Adrienne: Steve! Thank god!

Steve: Let me look at you. You all right? No one hurt you, did they?

Adrienne: No one hurt me. Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm looking at you guys.

Kayla: Let me in. Let me in. Hi, baby. Oh, my gosh. So good to see you.

Adrienne: Oh, my god. I can't believe I'm looking at you guys. I missed you so much. Oh, my god. And joey, my sweet nephew. Oh, my god, I kept remembering how he was kidnapped by orpheus... and I kept trying to, you know, channel him, 'cause he was so co-- what? Oh, my god, is joey okay?

Steve: We can talk about it later.

Adrienne: No! We're gonna talk about it now. What? What?

Kayla: Joey's in prison--

Adrienne: What?

Steve: For killing ava.

Adrienne: What? I thought you--

Steve: I was covering for him. And once tripp came into the picture, he couldn't handle the guilt anymore. He needed to turn himself in.

Adrienne: I can't believe I wasn't there for him. And sonny and lucas and everybody else.

Kayla: It's all right. You know what? We all understand. We do. We understand.

Adrienne: I hate it! I hate iT. Ohn's disease.

Hope: Think this'll work?

Jj: We've got nothing to lose at this point.

Lani: I think it's brilliant.

Jj: All right, now that I've imprinted rolf's fingerprint on the adhesive, we should be able to use it to access the tablet. We're in!

Lani: You did it!

Hope: See anything?

Jj: I see a lot. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what it means.

Lani: It looks like rolf was heavy into algorithms and formulas. Who knew we had another einstein on our hands?

Hope: More like dr. Frankenstein. I don't see anything here that's gonna help us. But that might.

Eli: When I first ran into sheila and told her I'd been fired from the fbi, she said she was glad to know that there was still some justice in this world.

Gabi: Guess you can't blame her.

Eli: I don'T. In fact, I took losing my job at the fbi as karmic payback.

Gabi: But you know what? It wasn't like they were innocent, all right? Had you not arrested them, another agent would've showed up and broken up that drug ring.

Eli: Another agent wouldn't have made the pact the three of us did as kids-- to always have each other's back, no matter what.

Gabi: Okay, I get that. But sheila is free now. And she can move on with her life. And so can her brother.

Eli: No, he can'T.

Gabi: Why not? What happened?

Eli: A member from an opposing gang attacked him in prison. He died.

Gabi: Oh my god.

Eli: If I hadn't stabbed my friends in the back, russell might still be here today.

Sheila: You're a real piece of work, you know that?

Bonnie: Sheila, you don't understand, all right? Mickey gave this to me as a symbol of our love.

Sheila: I thought it belonged to maggie.

Bonnie: Well, yeah, it did at first. But when mickey thought that maggie had been killed by that serial killer, he gave it to me. And I remember seeing it in old red's jewelry box. I mean, it was like mickey was calling out to me, you know?

Sheila: Maybe he was calling, "give it back."

Bonnie: It's not funny. Look, I may not have got my revenge on maggie, but at least I got back the one-- the one thing that mickey gave me.

Sheila: And now you gonna give it to me. Come on. Give it to me.

Bonnie: All right, okay. Give me a sec. Here. But seriously, haven't you ever lost someone and wished you had one special thing to remember them by?

Kayla: We got you, baby. We got you.

Adrienne: I just need to be able to make up for lost time now. Be there for people even more than ever.

Steve: We're just so happy to have you back, baby sister.

Adrienne: [Sobs]

Justin: So what did the warden say? When is she gonna be released?

Kayla: Well, we've run into a little bit of a snag.

Justin: Don't tell me--

Steve: Yeah, bonnie got away.

Adrienne: What?

Justin: How? When I left, she was surrounded--

Kayla: Well, she saw an opening and she took it. Brady went after her but he lost her.

Justin: Okay, but to prove that she's not bonnie, can't we just run adrienne's prints--

Steve: The warden refused to do that.

Both: What?

Justin: I'm gonna go talk to him.

Steve: No, no, you don't have to do that. Kayla came up with an idea to put everyone's doubts to rest.

Justin: Okay, I'm listening.

Kayla: Well, first off, I've ordered your medical records. I want to show the warden all the things that you went through the past year and let him see that there's no way that bonnie could have gone through those things while she was locked up.

Adrienne: Right?

Kayla: Right. The next thing I'm gonna do is swab both you and steve for your dna to prove that you are related.

Steve: We'll send the swabs to the infirmary; dr. Thompson will send them out to the lab for results.

Adrienne: What are you waiting for? Swab.

Kayla: Okay, all right.

Steve: Hold on just a little bit longer, babe?

Adrienne: Oh, my god, i waited this long, haven't I? Just don't let him put me back in solitary, please.

Justin: Don't you worry. Don't you worry. I'm not letting you out of my sight.

Oh, god. Thank you. Thank you all. And now, I help people find discounts,

Kayla: Just gotta get this off to dr. Thompson send off.

Adrienne: No, wait.

Kayla: Okay, group hug. One more hug. Okay. You're gonna be okay.

Kayla: Stay strong, all right? We'll be right back.

Adrienne: Hurry, please. Hurry.

Steve: We'll hurry.

Kayla: Take care, would you?

Adrienne: Oh, my god.

Justin: Won't be much longer.

Adrienne: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Justin: I'm so sorry for what anjelica put you through. So sorry.

Adrienne: All because she was obsessed with you. Can't imagine why. Justin, about that kiss--

Justin: It was just an emotional momenT.

Adrienne: Yeah, it was.

Justin: I was relieved to finally find you.

Adrienne: And I was relieved to be found.

Justin: Right. I mean, I know it didn't mean any more than that. I'm not deluding myself. I know that soon you and lucas...

Adrienne: Poor lucas. Oh, my god, I can't imagine what he's going through. I mean, after finally accepting that his son was gone-- to find out that he might still be alive? My god.

Justin: It's been hard on everyone who cared about wilL.

Eli: I'm sorry. You don't need to hear all this. It's not like you're not going through enough already.

Gabi: Stop. I needed a distraction. And you needed to talk about this.

Eli: I guess. Although it sure as hell ain't gonna change anything.

Gabi: Okay, eli, listen to me. Look at me. Hey. You losing your job at the fbi, it was not payback for what you did. You made a mistake, that's it. You never wanted to hurt anyone.

Eli: The thing is--is that even when I had the chance to make it right, I-- never mind.

Gabi: What? Say it.

Eli: Sheila's in trouble again.

Gabi: That's why she came to talk to you before?

Eli: She asked me to help her, and I turned her down. The look that she gave me-- it was the same look it was the same look she gave me when they sent her away.

Gabi: Why didn't you help her?

Eli: But I just got hired at the salem pd. I mean, I wanted to, but-- again, I was scared to cross the line.

Gabi: What would that kid in baltimore have done?

Eli: He would've helped her, no questions asked.

Gabi: You'll get another chance to make things right.

Eli: I hope so. Hey, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I guess now you know what type of guy I am.

Gabi: A great guy. With a great heart. But I mean, I already knew that, so...

Sheila: Hey, lockhart. Catch.

Bonnie: What?

Sheila: We're good.

Bonnie: You mean it?

Sheila: I mean it. The old man, he meant something to you. So you should keep it.

Bonnie: Thank you. So much.

Sheila: Can i give you some advice?

Bonnie: Could I stop you?

Sheila: No, probably not, but next time, please don't go chasing--just don't bite off more than you can chew.

Bonnie: [Laughs] I never could resist a challenge, you know that.

Sheila: Yes, and I know that. That's part of the problem.

[Sighs] Anyway, so where's this cab gonna take you?

Bonnie: Oh, I have no idea. But you know, you're right about my daughter mimi. She owes me. Sooner or later, she's gonna have to take my call, you know?

Sheila: I want you to take care, lockhart.

Bonnie: You too, watkins.

Sheila: Bring it in.

Bonnie: Really?

Sheila: Yes. Take care of yourself.

Bonnie: You too. Never forget you for this.

Sheila: Hey, may not happen again.

Bonnie: [Laughs]

Eli: Sheila?

Sheila: I have nothing else to say to you.

Eli: Wait, please. Just--just hear me out.

Sheila: Well?

Eli: About before-- I'm sorry.

Sheila: Sorry means it's too late.

Eli: Well, I hope not. Look, if you're in trouble, I want to help.

Sheila: You mean it?

Eli: I may not be able to be there for russell anymore. But I can still be there for you. I want to.

Sheila: All right.

Bonnie: You don't really think you've seen the last of bonnie lockhart, do you? Don't worry, salem, I'll be back.

Adrienne: What's taking so long?

Steve: Hey.

Adrienne: What happened?

Steve: Dr. Thompson sent the dna samples out.

Kayla: So now we just have to wait for those medical records to show up, which should be any minute.

Adrienne: Can I go?

Steve: Not until we get the results back.

Justin: And how long will that take?

Kayla: Well, dna tests can take 12 to 24 hours to get back.

Adrienne: 12 to 24?

Justin: Steve, I told her that she'd be out tonight. I mean, what if the other inmates get wind that she's not lockhart?

Steve: Don't worry! I've made sure you have your own private bodyguard.

Hattie: Don't you worry, honey. Nobody's gonna mess with you. Not while hattie adams is on the job.

Hope: According to this bank register, rolf's frequently been receiving large payments that were being deposited into a foreign bank account monthly. Is this enough to find out who was making these payments?

Lani: Should be. But it's gonna take time, and we'll probably have to jump through hoops to get clearance.

Jj: But if we follow the money, I think we'll be a step closer to finding out who he was working for.

Hope: And if will really is alive.

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