Days Transcript Monday 10/23/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/23/17


Episode #13199 ~ Maggie and Justin interrupt Bonnie and Victor's wedding; Hope and Sami demand answers about Will from an old foe; Kayla and Steve try to figure out what's causing Adrienne's bizarre behavior; Jennifer urges Eric to come back to Salem.

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Steve: [Sighs]

Kayla: Do you think that you could just sit down?

Steve: No. I can't sit down. I can't take this anymore. I got to go.

Kayla: Where are you going?

Steve: Where do you think I'm going? My sister's about to marry victor kiriakis.

Kayla: Well, what are you gonna do?

Steve: I'm gonna stop that wedding, baby.

Bonnie: Wait, what in the hell do you think you're doing?

Maggie: Putting an end to this charade.

Bonnie: This is not a charade. Victor and I are in love, maggie. He told you so himself.

Maggie: I didn't believe a word of it, and I still don'T.

Bonnie: Maggie, this must be very upsetting for you, but you have to face facts. You and victor are over, I am marrying the man of my dreams, and this time you're not gonna screw it up.

Maggie: "This time"? What is that supposed to mean?

Eric: Jennifer, you shouldn't be here.

Jennifer: Well, I'm not gonna leave you here like this. Oh, you cut your hand, eric.

Eric: It can hurt. I don't care.

Jennifer: What--what happened here?

Eric: She did. I lost everything that matters to me.

Sami: I want to know everything. When did you hear from dr. Rolf? Did he say anything about will, and where the hell is that sick bastard right now?

Andre: Well, he called this morning, shortly after you left.

Sami: No one called me?

Andre: Well, you threw yourself at chad. Now you're beginning to sound like a banshee. It doesn't suddenly inspire feelings of obligation.

Sami: We're talking about my dead son here, and you care about manners?

Kate: Andre, sami is right. She's a grieving mother who deserves to know whether her son--my grandson-- is still alive.

Andre: Well, she has nothing to worry about. I placed the matter in hope's capable hands.

Rolf: Hope brady.

Hope: Rolf, what's the matter? Were you expecting someone else?

Rolf: I wasn't expecting the woman who shot the great stefano dimera in cold blood, I'll tell you that.

Hope: You just imagine what I'm gonna do to you- if you don't tell me the truth about will horton.

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Bonnie: I didn't mean to sound like that you ever messed anything up for me before.

Maggie: Well, then what did you mean?

Bonnie: I meant so many weddings in salem get screwed up. Look at my wedding to lucas. Justin barged in on that and stopped it, and my poor son and his boyfriend, a psycho killer walked in on theirs.

Sheila: For real?

Bonnie: Yes, and this wedding, my wedding, will not be ruined by someone who wasn't invited. Buh-bye.

Maggie: I'm sorry, but what you said was that I wasn't gonna do this to you...again. So what exactly did I do to you?

Bonnie: Listen, you got me so upset, I don't even know what I'm saying except this: Get out!

Brady: Why don't we step out, get some air or something?

Maggie: Thank you, brady, but I'm not going anywhere. This wedding isn't happening.

Bonnie: Will you please stop her from embarrassing herself?

Victor: Look, I couldn't stop her if I wanted to. She's a force of nature.

Bonnie: Fine, then like everything else, I'll do it. Get out or I'm calling security.

Maggie: Go for it. I'm not moving.

Justin: And neither am I.

Bonnie: [Scoffs]

Each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.

Jennifer: I came here just to tell you that I ran into nicole.

Eric: You did?

Jennifer: Yeah, and she told me what happened.

Eric: Maybe you can explain it to me because I sure as hell don't understand it.

Jennifer: Well, she told me that-- that the two of you really wanted to be together, but when she thought about telling brady, she knew how much it would hurt him, and she couldn't go through with it.

Eric: Do you know where she is now?

Jennifer: I think she went to go pick up holly, but, eric, listen to me. Nicole told me that she thinks that it would be better for everyone if she just leaves town.

Eric: When?

Jennifer: I got the feeling that she was leaving right away.

Sami: If you think rolf is gonna to talk to a cop, any cop, you are as crazy as he is.

Andre: Well, hope has had a long history with dr. Rolf. I'm sure she's quite capable of handling him.

Sami: Rolf, are you kidding me? He, he doesn't brush his teeth without stefano telling him it's okay, and if stefano really gave him the orders to revive will, then there is no way he's going to tell anyone anything unless he feels it's absolutely necessary, and there's no way a cop can make him feel like it's absolutely necessary.

Andre: You know, that's why I wanted to confront him myself, but somebody convinced me that it would be best handled by the authorities.

Sami: What moron would say that?

Kate: Me. I really do think it's better if you let hope handle it because you're too close to the situation to get involved, sami.

Sami: The situation is will. My son, he--please. Okay, okay, you tell me right now, where are rolf and hope?

Hope: Now, you and I are gonna have a nice, long talk.

Rolf: I know nothing about will horton.

Hope: You and clyde weston were in the same federal prison on the same cell block. I also have a signed statement saying you bragged to clyde about reviving will. Is it true? Is will alive?

Rolf: Um, clyde who? I don't know who that is.

Hope: Don't play games with me. I'm not leaving this room until you tell me the truth.

Kayla: Can you please just sit down and talk to me?

Steve: My sister is about to marry victor kiriakis, and you want me to sit around here and do nothing?

Kayla: Well, there are other options besides do nothing and charging off to the wedding and dragging her out of there.

Steve: Like what?

Kayla: Like you could calm down and then you could try to reason with her.

Steve: Justin says there's no reasoning with her.

Kayla: Well, do you still think that hattie had something to do with it?

Steve: She swears that she had nothing to do with it. She didn't brainwash adrian or anything like that, but she was very nervous when I questioned her. I'm sure she knows more than she was saying.

Kayla: Well, you know what? Why don't we just sit down for a little while, and we'll try and figure this out. There has to be a logical explanation.

Steve: Okay, I'll give you 20 minutes, but after that, I'm gonna do it my way.

Bonnie: I don't know what you two are playing at, but it's not funny.

Justin: Do you see us laughing?

Bonnie: Listen, you need to get it through your thick skull, we are history. I don't love you anymore.

Justin: And you expect me to believe that you now love victor after barely tolerating him all these years?

Victor: Hey, I'm in the room here.

Justin: I don't know what's gotten into you.

Sheila: I think I have an idea.

Justin: But I do know that something is seriously wrong with you.

Sheila: Maybe the love bug got into them, I--

Justin: Shut up. You need help.

Bonnie: Justin, we have been all through this, all right? Just because I don't want you doesn't make me crazy. But, you know what, I'm not gonna go over this anymore. You two want to sit here and torture yourselves and watch this, you go right ahead. All right, let's get this show on the road. Skip to the part with the vows.

Sheila: How does that-- how does that--

Bonnie: God, woman, get it together.

Sheila: Hey, I've never married people before.

Maggie: Don't worry about it, sheila. Victor isn't marrying adrienne.

Bonnie: Yes, he is. Come on, honey, tell them. Tell them how much you want to marry me.

Victor: The hell I do.

Eric: You know, it's very insensitive of me to keep going on and on to you about my feelings for nicole.

Jennifer: I knew what you were going to say, and I still wanted to come here to see how you're doing.

Eric: As you can see, I'm in great shape.

Jennifer: All right, well, let me help you just clean up this whole mess.

Eric: No, please, no. This is--it's my mess. I'm gonna clean it up.

Jennifer: Eric, then talk to me. I promise you, I can-- I can hear anything that you need to say.

Eric: Okay. You know, for so long, nicole and I, we, uh... just could never be able to get our feelings to be the same way at the same time. When she walked through that door, she was different.

Jennifer: Different how?

Eric: We admitted how we felt about each other-- about us living together at this farmhouse. She said the first thing that she had to do was be honest with brady.

Jennifer: But it had to be terribly hard for her to hurt brady like that.

Eric: I waited all day yesterday, but when she walked through that door, there was something-- there was something different again. You know, she told me she could never come between brady and I. What she--what we had, what she felt for me, wasn't important to her. I mean, it's all on the surface, and it all makes sense, but the more and more I think about it--

Jennifer: What?

Eric: I just can't shake the feeling that brady had something to do with the change of her heart.

Bonnie: You can't do this to me.

Victor: Let me get something straight. I don't want you, I don't love you, and I certainly don't want to marry you. I don't even want to be in the same room with you.

Brady: What--what is going on here?

Bonnie: You're making a very big mistake. You really don't want to stop this wedding.

Victor: Your services will no longer be necessary. There's not going to be a wedding. Oh, you can make yourself useful. Empty adrienne's things out of my bedroom.

Bonnie: Don't you move a muscle, sheila.

Maggie: Didn't you hear the man, adrienne? The wedding is off. He doesn't want any part of you.

Bonnie: Well, he's not going to be with you, honey, because victor is going to prison for the rest of his life for putting out a hit on his very own brother.

Steve: So let's hear it. What do you think?

Kayla: Well, it's possible that adrienne's going through some sort of post-traumatic stress reaction to her battling cancer.

Steve: Yeah, but why would she take it out on justin and lucas? They were her support system through all of that.

Kayla: Well, maybe she's trying to distance herself from them. You know, they knew everything that happened with her and maybe she doesn't want to think about it.

Steve: Well, that still doesn't explain why she's rushing into marriage with victor kiriakis, of all people, and especially right now when sonny's going through all of his trouble.

Kayla: You're right.

Steve: I mean, adrienne never even liked victor, and now she's in love with him? I don't buy it. We're missing something.

Hope: I know that normal human emotion is a stretch for you, but could you at least try to think about what will's family must be going through right now? Rolf, tell me something, anything, that I can tell his family. Tell me something.

Rolf: I have nothing to say to you, officer brady.

Hope: It's commissioner brady now.

Rolf: Congratulations.

Hope: I can see you want to do this the hard way. Maybe some time down the station in a holding cell will help you. Sami, what are you doing here?

Sami: I'm going to get some answers from this creep.

Hope: Well, I was just about to escort him down to the station. Let's go, rolf. Ooh, sami!

Sami: Stay back, hope. This bastard is not going anywhere until he tells us what's going on. This is me

Kayla: Well, I guess we could safely say that adrienne's not marrying for love.

Steve: Yeah, and we both know she never really cared about money.

Kayla: What then, security? I mean, did she just want to feel safe because she was scared about her health for so long?

Steve: Well, she had that with justin. She felt safe with him.

Kayla: Okay, so it's not for love or money or emotional security. What would she get out of marrying victor kiriakis? Other than hurting maggie...

Steve: You know what? Maggie might be the key.

Bonnie: See, I heard victor on the phone talking to his nephew xander. They were talking about how they plotted deimos' murder. Now, victor swears that xander didn't kill deimos, but what else is he gonna say, right? So you all are gonna have to deal with the fact that victor is going away for a very long time. Now, I know this must be a tremendous shock to you all, but--

Justin: Actually it's not. Brady and I both knew.

Brady: Yeah, we did.

Bonnie: What?

Maggie: I know too. Not as long as brady and justin, but victor recently told me everything, and I mean everything, including your blackmailing him into marrying you.

Brady: Are you kidding me?

Maggie: I'm not. See, we're all gathered here today because adrienne told victor that if he didn't divorce me and marry her, that she was gonna make sure he went to prison, and he just pretended to go along with it, and then he came straight to justin and me and told us the truth. So everything that we've done since then has been an act, and you went for it-- hook, line and sinker.

Kate: I don't know what ever possessed you to tell sami where to find rolf and hope. I really don'T. She's only going to make things worse.

Andre: Actually, I would have done anything just to shut her up. And also, you reminded me that she is will's mother, and that she has a good reason to know what's going on.

Kate: Well, I guess we're just going to have to pray she doesn't burst in and stop hope from finding out the answer she so desperately wants.

Andre: Well, that's a possibility, knowing samantha.

Kate: You know, really? Don't be so hard on her. She's been through hell, all right? Ej was her soulmate, will her first born, and he is simply irreplaceable.

Andre: Do you know what's unsettling? Seeing you and samantha getting along so well.

Kate: Older, wiser.

Andre: I've grown accustomed to seeing the two of you at each other's throats.

Kate: You know, if you reveal what I am about to tell you, I will haunt you.

Andre: Oh, well, mum's the word.

Kate: I really, really miss sami being around.

Andre: Are you joking? Well, you're mending fences with samantha, convincing me that it's best that the authorities handle rolf. Oh, you're mellowing, old girl.

Kate: No, no, I'm not. Actually, I just did all of those things for dimera.

Andre: Well, whatever reason you did it for, you were right, yes. Why get into a situation that will tarnish my reputation any worse than it already is? But there is one person that doesn't mind their reputation being tarnished... samantha.

Rolf: Well, I must say, this has become quite the welcome home party.

Sami: Well, you better be the entertainment or you won't like how this ends.

Hope: Give me the gun.

Sami: Stay back. Hope, I'm serious.

Hope: You're forcing me, you are forcing me--

Sami: Stop it, stop it!

Hope: Don't do this.

Sami: This is my son we are talking about. You weren't getting anywhere with him or you wouldn't be trying to take him to headquarters. He needs a different approach.

Rolf: Look, I-I-i don't know--

Hope: Sami!

Sami: Now, how about you start talking? Ohn's disease.

Rolf: Are you just going to stand there and allow her to do this to me?

Hope: This has gone too far, samantha.

Sami: Oh, it's not gone nearly far enough. You hear that? She's gonna call for back-up and you had better talk before I hear sirens, or they're gonna walk in and find your dead body. Clyde said that you told him that will was still alive, and that you knew it to be true because you had revived him. How is that possible? He showed up at the hospital doa. I was in the morgue with his dead body. When did this intervention happen, or is this just some scam you and stefano are pulling? Say something!

Rolf: All right. I'll say something. After all you have been through in your life, you should know, things are not always as they appear.

Eric: He found out that I'm still in love with nicole.

Jennifer: How?

Eric: Chloe told him.

Jennifer: Why?

Eric: Because she assumed that he already knew, and then he came down and demanded that I fire nicole from her position.

Jennifer: Is that why you quit so abruptly, and left town?

Eric: Nicole left her job at that center. I didn't think that it was right or she deserved to be punished because of my feelings for her.

Jennifer: That was a really foolish thing for brady to do. Eric.

Eric: Brady came down there, and he said everything that he could think of to make me feel bad, and I'm pretty sure that he did the same thing to her.

Jennifer: Eric, you can't expect for brady to be happy that nicole wants to leave him for you, and no matter what he says to her, he can't stop her from wanting to be with you.

Eric: I guess not.

Jennifer: I talked to nicole. This-- this was her decision, and I'm-- I'm so sorry.

Eric: You know what? I appreciate you just being so straightforward with me. It's just that all my dreams came true, but they morphed into a nightmare on the same day. Yeah.

Jennifer: Hey, you are gonna get through this.

Eric: Well, I don't even know where to start.

Jennifer: Well, you have me. And you have a lot of people that love and care about you, and they're not gonna let you down. So what we need to do is get you out of here, and we need to leave all of these memories behind, and you need to come home... to salem.

Bonnie: But... I saw the divorce papers.

Maggie: They're fake.

Justin: No divorce goes through that quickly. I would think you'd know that, given the number of times you and I have gone through it.

Bonnie: I thought victor had connections.

Victor: You know, you played your part so convincingly, I was upset. Justin, you were wonderful in your part too.

Bonnie: How could you do this to me, justin? Were you in on this too?

Brady: No.

Sheila: Me neither.

Victor: Well, if I were you, I would stop trying to play the injured party. You don't really pull it off too well.

Bonnie: Don't you get all high and mighty on me. You're the one who tried to kill your brother, and tell me, no one here has a problem with that?

Maggie: When victor told me I certainly did, and I still do, but he's my husband, and I love him, and I'm gonna stand by him.

Bonnie: You didn't keep your end of the bargain, sir. If you think I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, you got another thing coming.

Victor: Talk to whoever you want to. Nobody's gonna believe you.

Bonnie: They'll believe xander, now won't they?

Victor: Now, there's the rub.

Bonnie: What?

Victor: Well, you see, the whole divorce and wedding thing was all part of a stall. We had to make sure that xander was...neutralized.

Bonnie: You had him rubbed out?

Victor: Oh, no, no. He's alive and well. His sentence was miraculously commuted though, and he's free as a bird, and vanished in a puff of smoke, just like your leverage.

Steve: I think we're on to something here. Maybe adrienne is doing this to hurt maggie.

Kayla: Why?

Steve: I don't know, but justin said that adrienne's been in maggie's face since she moved in there.

Kayla: I have never heard adrienne say one bad word about maggie.

Steve: Well, neither have I, but justin also said that maggie blames adrienne for lucas falling off the wagon. She wasn't very welcoming.

Kayla: I really don't think that adrienne would retaliate against maggie by breaking up her marriage with victor. That is just not like her.

Steve: You're right, it's not.

Kayla: But you know what? The other day jennifer told me that adrienne, all of a sudden, was absolutely useless at the "spectator," that it was like she was a totally different person. I just don't get it.

Steve: Oh, god. I think I do.

Eric: I don't know if I'm really ready to go back there yet.

Jennifer: Well, then you must have heard that ben weston is claiming that will is alive.

Eric: Yeah, I saw sami this morning. She seemed to be suffering.

Jennifer: Yeah, she needs you, and your parents need you, because you can help them in a way that no one else can. And the center, I mean, what are we gonna do without you at the center? You can't- you can't lock yourself away again.

Eric: Yeah, I guess, well, anything would be great to get me out of having to clean up this mess.

Kate: I should have gone with sami.

Andre: But you couldn't have stopped her, whatever she had in mind.

Kate: No, but at least I could hear what that madman is saying about will. This waiting is killing me.

Andre: Yeah, but as soon as samantha and hope have information to report, you'll know.

Kate: So what do I do with myself till then?

Andre: Tell me about will.

Kate: I've already told you all about will.

Andre: But tell me some more.

Kate: Well, he was the best baby. He was such a good boy. He was; I adored him. He was his grandmother's boy.

Andre: I'm sure he was.

Kate: He was wise. That boy was wise beyond his years. He was sami's right hand. He just--just when he was toddling around. And he understood me, and he--he accepted me more than my kids ever did.

Andre: You were close.

Kate: Yeah, yeah, we were close. You know, when he was still a kid, victor, he blew up my life, in front of my face, really, and I ended up working in this diner.

Andre: You're joking.

Kate: No, no, I was really down and out. Pretty much all of salem hated me, and one day sami came into the restaurant. I think she was coming in to gloat over my misery, and she brought will with her. You know, she had forbidden me to see him. I think she just wanted to put salt in the wound. So anyway, I'm, you know, I was standing at the counter and I'm waiting for an order, and I feel this little hand tug on my uniform, you know, and I looked down, and there he was. He had snuck away from her to come over and tell me that he still loved me.

Andre: No wonder you grieve for him.

Kate: I miss him every minute of every hour of every day. Andre, I'm really afraid that-- because I'm getting my hopes up. I'm getting my hopes up, and that terrifies me, because what if they're dashed? You know, I don't think I could go through that pain of losing him again. I don'T.

Andre: No, no, you're going to be fine, I'll see to that.

Sami: So is that your way of telling me that will is still alive?

Rolf: It's my way of saying that cheating death is a specialty of mine. If anyone could have pulled off something so audacious, so impossible, it is I. Well, you know my history.

Sami: Unfortunately, I do. You and stefano terrorized this town for too long.

Rolf: Yeah, the good old days. Stefano was a creative genius, and I--I was the one who turned his visions into a reality. I would do anything for him.

Sami: Did you do this for stefano? Did you make us think that will was dead? Stefano hated me. He certainly hated the bradys enough.

Rolf: Hmm, I would say that is an accurate assessment.

Sami: So it's true. Stefano put you up to this.

Victor: Talk to whoever you want to. You have no proof. You'll come off like a woman scorned. You've lost.

Bonnie: This isn't right. You all ganged up on me.

Maggie: We ended your reign of terror, that's for sure.

Bonnie: I was this close to getting everything I ever wanted. It can't end like this, damn it.

Justin: Adrienne, adrienne, look. It has been killing me to be around you until we dealt with xander, but now that I have... sweetheart, you need help.

Bonnie: Oh, shut up! I need to get out of here.

Justin: No, I saw what you went through with the cancer, and I think you're having some sort of delayed reaction to the chemo.

Bonnie: You know what? Don't shrink me.

Justin: And you were across the hall from that hattie adams. She's a con artist, and I think she had some sort of influence over you. She hypnotized you or something, but whatever it is, you are a changed woman. I mean, you are not the adrienne that I know and love.

Steve: You got that right, didn't he? (Avo) if you've been struggling with belly pain

Jennifer: Car's all packed and ready to go. You have everything you need?

Eric: Yeah, yeah, let's get out of here. Thanks.

Kate: I'm so sorry for spilling my guts like that.

Andre: No, no, no, no, no. It's no--it's no problem. That's what husbands are for-- well, at least that's what I've heard.

Kate: I think I better... call the police, you know, find out if hope's back.

Sami: Stefano always adored will, and he was living in salem then. He could have been keeping tabs on him, and I'm sure he still had you on call.

Rolf: That is correct, but stefano had nothing to do with will's resurrection.

Sami: There was a resurrection. You did do something to will.

Hope: If stefano wasn't behind this, then who? Who were you working for, rolf?

Bonnie: Kayla, patch, what are you guys doing here?

Steve: Yeah, you called me patch that day I came to your room. I thought it was weird at the time, but my son was leaving for prison that day so I forgot about it.

Bonnie: What's wrong with patch?

Steve: You don't call me that. You never have, and that's just one in a long list of things that don't add up about you. But now, kayla and I figured out why that is.

Justin: What are you talking about?

Steve: You want to fill them in? Or should I?

Maggie: Steve.

Steve: This woman is not my sister.

Justin: She's standing right in front of you.

Steve: That's not adrienne johnson. Her name is bonnie lockhart.

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