Days Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17


Episode #13195 ~ Nicole breaks Eric's heart. Sami and Lucas have an emotionally intense reunion. Marlena shares disappointing news with John. Paul and Sonny’s relationship is strained as they deal with the Will situation. Victor stuns Justin and Maggie with his announcement. After an argument with Sonny, Paul decides to sleep in his own bed.

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Lucas: Get it together, horton. Get it together. This can't be happening. You're seein' things that aren't there, just like you saw will. What the hell are you doing here? Why don't you get out of here? I know you're not real.

Sami: I'm not? Is that real enough for you?

Sonny: Could you really be alive?

Nicole: How am I supposed to break eric's heart?

Brady: Well, you can forget about telling him the truth-- that you killed deimos in cold blood and that I'm forcing you to do this, or otherwise, I'm just gonna have to go right to the police.


Eric: Hey, there you are. I was starting to get worried. You should have been here hours ago.

Nicole: I'm so sorry.

Eric: Doesn't matter now. What matters is that you're here.

Nicole: Oh.

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[Soft orchestration]

.Eric: Hey, where's, uh-- where's holly?

Nicole: I let her spend the night again at chloe'S.

Eric: Well, I'm sure chloe really appreciated that... I mean, knowing that she's gonna be all the way out here and she's not gonna be able to see her as much. I hope you made chloe feel always welcome to come out here. Did I tell you that our neighbor right down the road, he's got a little girl that's a bit older than holly but I tried to set up a playdate for us? And I mean, she's still a little young, but I thought it would be nice.

Nicole: Holly... is not moving in.

Eric: No?

Nicole: No. Eric, I...

Eric: You're having second thoughts. It's okay. You know what? I understand. It's the farmhouse, though, isn't it? I know. It's kind of isolated out here. I always pictured you more of a city gal anyway.

Nicole: It's not that.

Eric: Well, maybe you're thinking that holly needs to be closer to chloe and maggie. And that's okay too. I understand. We can live anywhere, as long as we're together. You know what? I think we should start looking for a place in salem.

Nicole: No, eric. This isn't about holly. This isn't about the farmhouse. It's about me. I'm not moving in with you.

Lucas: What the hell was that?

Sami: What the hell is this?

Lucas: Get your foot off my bottle. Give it back.

Sami: What is the matter with you? Lucas, you were clean and sober when I left. You have been for years.

Lucas: Yeah, well, things happen, don't they? The woman I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with decided to go back to her--her arrogant kiriakis ex-husband, and then I wake up in bed with a dead woman!

Sami: What?

Lucas: And to top it off, ben weston shows up and tries to tell me that--

Sami: I know, that will is still alive.

Lucas: His freaking father thinks so too. Wait a minute. Don't look at me like that. You knew, didn't you?

Sami: Lucas, my mother called me. She told me everything. And yeah, I knew. That's why I'm here. I'm here for will.

Bonnie: Now, victor, don't be such a gloomy gus. Maggie's a big girl. She'll get over it.

Victor: Just don't say her name.

Bonnie: Fine. But you're gonna have to tell big red that you're dumping her because you've fallen in love with me. Then she'll go boo-hoo, and then, like always, she'll be super, super wonderful and go to a meeting and tell all her drunk little friends what a big meanie you are.

Victor: Just shut up. You know, I've always known you were vapid, irritating, and banal, but I never realized you were such a stone-cold--

Bonnie: Tut! Tut-tut-tut-tut. It's not a good idea to say nasty things about the woman who knows you hired your nephew to kill your brother. Now, tell saint maggie that you want a divorce, and then you and i can live happily ever after.

Victor: [Sighs] .

Victor: You know, if I divorce maggie, the woman that I love...

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Victor: And marry you, the woman who bores me but whom justin loves, everyone is going to know there is something really, really wrong.

Bonnie: Well, you better make sure they don'T. Otherwise, I go to hope, and you end up in statesville.

Justin: Adrienne. I understand you've arranged a family dinner.

Bonnie: Well, I got to admit, I think it's gonna be memorable.

Maggie: Well, if it's gonna be a family dinner, will sonny be here?

Justin: No, I'm afraid not. He, uh, has a lot on his mind.

[Dramatic music]

Paul: You don't have to hide that. I know you're thinking about will.

Sonny: I'm so sorry.

Paul: No, don't be. Everyone who's ever cared about will is wondering if what clyde said about that guy rolf could be true.

Sonny: What did your dad say? I mean, are there any leads on finding rolf?

Paul: Well, he's put out feelers.

Sonny: Paul, I know how hard this is for you. I'm so sorry, okay? But if we can find rolf, then we can put this to rest, especially now that lucas won't allow us to exhume will's body.

Paul: Sonny, there's something I have to tell you.

Eric: So you're... staying with brady?

Nicole: No.

Eric: You're not?

Nicole: I can't stay there, not now.

Eric: Does brady know that?

Nicole: Yes, of course he knows.

Eric: And how is he?

Nicole: Well, he's not great. Not great at all.

Eric: Well, maybe you're right. Maybe we--we need to take things slower and give you time to get used to the idea--

Nicole: No, no, no, this isn't about time, okay, eric? We just can't be together.

Eric: But we love each other.

Nicole: Yeah, well, the truth is, last night... I, uh-- I spoke too soon. .

Justin: I've been fielding calls about titan. I'm not sure how much longer I can stall. You need to decide between sonny or brady.

Victor: I'll flip a coin after dinner.

Justin: Oh, you're in a lovely mood.

Victor: Get me another one.

Bonnie: Mm! Mm.


Maggie: You must be worried sick about sonny.

Bonnie: Hmm? No, not really.

Maggie: What?

Bonnie: Well, I mean, if will's alive, that's great. But if he's not, he's still got paul, right? Hey, uh, justin, while you're over there, pour me a glass of bubbly. Victor has an announcement to make. Don't you, sweetie?

Justin: "Sweetie"?

Victor: I'm not sure this is exactly the right time.

Bonnie: Then it's the right time for me to go to hope and tell her your secret. Go ahead, baby. Don't keep them in suspense. Tell them.

Maggie: Tell us what?

Victor: I don't know how to say this except to just say it. Adrienne and I have fallen in love.

[Dramatic music]

Paul: So, um, john and steve will do everything they can to locate rolf. But, sonny, I have to tell you, I think this could drag on for a really long time. And so many people, I mean, they're going through hell. I mean, all the people that loved will... it's inside their heads, and it's just eating them up.

Sonny: I know. I know. I-I get that. I do.

Paul: My father, I mean, you know, he's as worried about marlena as I am about you. And you've seen, you know, what this is doing to lucas.

Sonny: I know. I understand. But what-- what are you saying, paul?

Paul: All right. I mean, there's all that. I mean, and then there's the fact that, you know, you and I are not getting married until this is settled, and we have no idea how long this is gonna take unless...

Sonny: Unless what?

Paul: So I asked my dad for help... to do the one thing that would just let us all move forward.

Sonny: Okay, what is the one thing?

Paul: I asked my father to help me open up will's grave.

Lucas: Putting our son's body in this grave was the hardest thing I ever had to do. And then those westons show up and they have the nerve to try to tell us that-- man, I will kill them.

Sami: I'll help you.

Lucas: I want it to be true, sami. I want it to be true more than anything. But he's dead. He's dead, and they're screwing with us, man. They're screwing with our heads.

Sami: Lucas. You know that clyde weston told your mom... that dr. Rolf is the one who claimed he revived will.

Lucas: Dr. Rolf? What, stefano's dr. Rolf?

Sami: The very same. Look, we have to find that guy. But right now, my mom and john...

Lucas: What are you thinking?

Sami: Well, they think that maybe...

Lucas: There's a chance? Does that mean you think it might be true?

Eric: I just-- I don't understand. You told me on the phone that you told brady you were coming over here and that... you and I were going to be together.

Nicole: I did tell him. But I changed my mind. I... I was packing, and I realized that I couldn't do that to brady. I mean, I hurt him so much when I told him. I've never seen him like that before. And I know you. You would not be happy knowing that your brother is in so much pain. And you would end up resenting me.

Eric: No, that's not true.

Nicole: Yes, well, I think it is. You need to think about that. You'll have to give up your entire family. Marlena is your mother, and john is brady's father, and they'll end up getting caught up in the middle of everything.

Eric: There's no two people who should better understand this than them. My mother did. I told her. She was great about it.

Nicole: Well, maybe I don't want to be the woman who rips two brothers apart and an entire family. So I-I am taking holly and I'm leaving salem.

Eric: What? You can't do that.

Nicole: Yes, I can. Brady doesn't want to have anything to do with me, and--and I can't say that I blame him. The decision has been made. That's final. Good-bye, eric.

Eric: No! I can't lose you again. I won'T. We both pushed down our feelings for brady's sake, and in the end, it just didn't work. Look, you--you did it. You told brady the truth. The hard part is over, and now we can-- we can be together. I know it's gonna take him time, but he's gonna get over it.

Nicole: No. No, he won'T.

Eric: Nicole, this is not about brady. About last night... it was real. That was love.

Brady: I would never keep you here against your will. Besides, I already told you, I don't want to be with some slut who can't keep her hands off my brother.

Nicole: So what do you want?

Brady: I want you to break eric's heart... just like you broke mine.

Nicole: Last night was a terrible mistake. Suddenly you're telling me you love me, and I was upset with brady for trying to take away my job-- and yours. I was vulnerable, and you took advantage of that.

Sami: I don't know. I don't know what to believe. But I do know that john was brought back to life by dr. Rolf, so... I mean, anything is possible, right?

Lucas: Oh, I want it to be true. I do. But when gabi found him, he had no pulse. And we saw his dead body laying on the morgue slab.

[Somber music]

Sami: How does he look... to you?

Lucas: What?

Sami: His face. How does he look?

Lucas: He looks like our boy.

Sami: The whole way here on the plane, I was just... picturing his face at every age. The look on his face when he saw us coming. At that school halloween party. That camping trip. He was mortified. We embarrassed him. I... I embarrassed him-- or worse. I just tried to think of one time--one time when he was happy to see us and we didn't screw it up. And I--and I couldn'T.

Lucas: The night we showed him how to dance.

Sami: That's right. That's right. He was--he was so happy that night. And he was so bossy about it too, remember?

Lucas: Yeah, he was. Wonder where he got that.

Sami: We should have been better for him. He deserved better. But will was not lucky.

[Sighs] Not from the beginning of his life with us till right now.

Lucas: He knew that we loved him. He loved us. We got better. He found love, despite us. Despite even his own problems.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah, he did. Yeah, he did. Despite us. Oh, will. He needed more time. To get better, to... to love his little girl, and to--to be happy and-- and safe. Oh, will. You can sleep now. We're here. And we're gonna keep the tigers away.

[Sobbing] Oh, lucas.

Lucas: I want it to be true more than anything in this world, but it's just not possible. I miss him so much every day.

Sami: Me too, lucas. Me too.

She's nationally recognized .

Eric: That's not true. You came to me. You wanted to know how I felt about you, and I tried to leave, but you came after me. And I finally told you how I felt, that I loved you. And then you told me-- you told me that you loved me.

Nicole: I got caught up in the moment. Okay? I... I never meant for any of that to happen.

Eric: No! And I didn't either! We made love last night. We made love this morning. Don't you turn your back on that.

Nicole: It wasn't love. It was just sex.

Bonnie: Maggie, I am so sorry. Victor and I tried to fight it, but it was just bigger than the both of us.

Maggie: Victor.

[Chuckles] This cannot be true.

Justin: Of course it isn't true. This is their idea of a joke, but it's a sick joke, a very sick joke.

Bonnie: Victor, tell them again.

Victor: It's not a joke. I'm serious.

Justin: Wait a minute. You told me the other day that adrienne was hitting on you. And I thought you were imaging it.

Maggie: You were hitting on my husband in my house?

Justin: And besides, you can't stand adrienne. And adrienne can't stand victor. So you haven't been able to stand each other for decades.

Bonnie: Well, that was an act. I-I think that was victor's sad but noble way of fighting how he felt for me.

Justin: Hmm. It was a hell of an act.

Maggie: What in god's name is going on with you? First you dump lucas, then you dump justin. How long do you think she's gonna put up with you after she gets her hands on your money?

Bonnie: [Scoffs] I find that offensive.

Maggie: Oh, and I'm supposed to be nice to the serial slut?

Justin: Wow.

Maggie: You're gonna have to get yourself a new lawyer, 'cause I doubt that justin is gonna want to draw up your prenup. And you're sure as hell gonna need one.

Bonnie: You know, I thought we could all be adult about this. It's not like you've led a blameless life there. So now you and justin are gonna have to accept the fact that victor and I are in love and want to be together. And honestly, I think it's time we just ripped off the bandage.

Maggie: What are you saying?

Bonnie: Go ahead, victor. Tell them what we decided.

Victor: I want a divorce as soon as possible so I can marry adrienne.

Bonnie: Justin? How about that champagne?

Sonny: I can't freakin' believe this!

Paul: You said it was all right to exhume his body.

Sonny: And lucas, will's father, said no. Do you know how painful, how gut-wrenchingly awful it was to bury him? And you think, what, you can just dig up his body so we can move on with our lives?

Paul: I'm sorry. I mean, I thought I was doing it for us.

Sonny: Why didn't you tell me beforehand? It's because you knew it was wrong, paul.

Paul: I knew that it was illegal, and I didn't want to implicate you.

Sonny: Well, thank you for caring. What happened? Did you find his body?

Sami: As painful as this has been for us, I can't help thinking about ari, how she lost her daddy. I'm just so grateful she has sonny.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, him.

Sami: What? What?

Lucas: Let's just say i wouldn't call him the husband of the year, all right? He--he left will. He ditched him.

Sami: I know. I know, but... you know, we have to acknowledge that will wasn't exactly a perfect husband either, you know? He--he made some pretty major mistakes.

Lucas: Yeah, whatever. I don't care about that. Sonny's got a lot of nerve. You know what he asked me? He asked me to dig up will's grave just to prove that he was dead. You should have heard me. Man, I gave him a piece of my mind so quick.

Sami: Well, he didn't pass on the message. Paul and john had no idea you felt that way.

Lucas: What? What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Sami: I caught them here, tonight, with shovels. They were gonna dig up will's grave.

Lucas: Are you kidding me? Those sons of bitches. I can't believe that.

Sami: Don't worry. I called the cops on them.

Lucas: Yeah, you did. Good job. Really good job. I knew they had their hands full, running into you. This whole rolf thing, I mean, I don't know. I know what he's capable of, but... I just don't want to get my hopes up, you know? I don't want to have to go through all that grief all over again.

Sami: I understand that. We're just gonna have to find him. But in the meantime, lucas, we got to talk about you.

Lucas: No, we don'T.

Sami: Yeah, we do.


Maggie: I think we should call a doctor. I think victor's either had a small stroke or something.

Bonnie: Victor is perfectly healthy and in love with me. And I'm in love with him, and we want to get married.

Justin: I think adrienne is having a delayed reaction to the chemo.

Bonnie: [Laughs] This has nothing to do with my cancer... except made me realize that life is too short and that I want to marry the man of my dreams before I get another day older. And victor wants that too. Don't you, dear? Don't you, dear?

Victor: Of course.

Maggie: Okay. I'm outta here. The gorge is rising.

Justin: I don't know what's going on here. But I'm gonna figure it out.

Bonnie: So finally, maggie gets what's coming to her after what she did to me.

Victor: Just what do you mean by that?

Sonny: Sami caught you? Will's mother?

Paul: As I keep saying, I'm sorry.

Sonny: She's in salem. Do you know what this means? Marlena must have told her what ben said about will being alive. Marlena didn't want to put sami through that unless there was no hope. You know, this means that-- that marlena actually believes what clyde is saying about rolf.

Paul: Sonny...

Sonny: Paul, I mean, honestly, do you know what this means?

Paul: Yeah! Yeah, I know what this means.

Sonny: Okay, why are you raising your voice?

Paul: Because I see how-- I see how strong this thing is. Ben planted a seed of hope, and clyde helped it right along. And we didn't get married because? Because of will. And I thought, "hey, I get it. I'm gonna give sonny some space, some time." But then the thing is, that seed, it just-- I mean, it kept growing, sonny. I love you, and I know you really, really well. I know-- I know there's not a second of the day that you're not thinking about will instead of me.

Sami: Look, lucas, you need to focus on all the good things in your life, on ali. Focus on the positive. Focus on--

Lucas: Don't do that. Don't throw ali in my face like that. She lives with you now, remember? She doesn't live with me anymore.

Sami: Well, that's not the point.

Lucas: You know what? It's exactly the point. It's the most important point there is. She's not around. I don't have to be sober, all right? I could be drunk lord of salem if I want. And by the way, you're a little late to play the ali card anyway. Everybody's tried that-- my mother and maggie and jennifer and chloe. Hasn't worked yet. Get in line to throw lucas a little help. They even tried to stage an intervention, but that didn't work. No way. I wasn't having any of that. What do you think? You think I'm my own worst enemy? Is that it?

Sami: No. I am.

Eric: It wasn't just sex. We both know the difference. I'm not letting go of you. I get you don't want to hurt brady, but we belong together.

Nicole: Last night was a mistake, a terrible mistake.

Eric: What did brady do to you?

Nicole: I'm taking holly, and I am leaving salem.

Eric: What did brady do to you? Did he--did he guilt you?

Nicole: No.

Eric: Did he threaten you?

Nicole: No! I'm not gonna let anybody tell me what to do, okay? I know what I need, and it is not you! Last night was just physical, okay? It didn't mean anything, at least not to me.

Eric: And you're lying to me. We made love. You said you love me. And I said that I love you. .

Victor: What has maggie ever done to you?

Bonnie: I don't want to talk about it. Just divorce her and marry me. Make me mrs. Victor kiriakis or get ready for prison. Those are your only options.

Victor: Well, it seems that you have the upper hand here.

Bonnie: And don't you ever forget it.

Victor: Oh, I never forget anything.

Sonny: I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, that I wasn't attentive enough. But I just found out that my dead husband might not be dead, paul. So I'm sorry that I'm not thinking of you 24-7.

Paul: Okay, that is not what I meant, and you know that. I-I can't--I can't imagine what you're going through. But there's nothing that I can do. We aren't us right now, sonny. And if we're being honest, will's back in our lives, whether we like it or not... and will stay there for-- till you find out the truth.

Sonny: I just don't want to talk about this-- I mean tonight. So can we just...go to bed?

Paul: You know, I don't think there's enough room in this bed for the three of us. I'm just gonna go home. And I'll see you in the morning. I hope you can get some sleep.

[Dramatic music]

Lucas: Better stop doing that.

Sami: [Coughs]

Lucas: Classic sami brady. A grand gesture that doesn't mean a damn thing. There's more where that came from. You ever think of that?

Sami: No, because there's not. That's over. Things have changed profoundly, my friend. I'm back, and I am so on you. 'Cause I'm not gonna let you throw your life away, lucas.

Lucas: I don't have any life, okay? Before you stop me for wallowing in my self-pity, I loved you. Gone. I loved my children. Gone. I loved adrienne. She's gone too. So really, you tell me what life I have.

Sami: Oh, lucas. We're gonna figure it out. We're gonna figure it out together.

Lucas: I am glad you're back.

Nicole: No.

Eric: Yes. You love me. I feel it!

Nicole: No! No, it is over! And you just have to accept it.

Eric: Nicole! Nicole! Nicole!

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