Days Transcript Friday 10/13/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/13/17


Episode #13193 ~ Sami Brady returns to Salem; Brady turns the tables on Nicole; Paul ropes John into illegal activity; Lani urges Hope to lift JJ's suspension.

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[Tense music]

Brady: [Exhales]

Nicole: I'm all packed. Holly's upstairs and ready to go. I just... wanted to say good-bye.

Brady: Good-bye?

Nicole: You know, brady, maybe you're not ready to hear this yet, but I'm hoping maybe someday it won't hurt so much to be in the same room together. Because you've been such a wonderful friend to me, and the idea of never seeing you again--

Brady: Stop. Stop it! Don't you pretend that you care about me. 'Cause I know all you care about is being with eric. Go be with him.

Abigail: Look here. What you looking at? Huh?

Jj: Looking for a mrs. Dimera?

Abigail: Oh, hey, that's me.

Jj: Yeah, so I heard. Congratulations. I'm sorry I missed the actual tying of the knot. Maybe if someone had let me know.

Abigail: I know; I'm sorry. It just all happened really fast. We'd let everybody go, and then we knew that you and hope were just busy at the station and I just--

Jj: No, no, no. I'm just giving you a hard time. Mom said the ceremony-- she said it was beautiful and that you looked incredibly happy.

Abigail: Well, I would have been much happier had sonny and paul gotten married too.

Jj: Got to hand it to ben weston. If he wanted to make a whole lot of people miserable, chose the perfect day to show up.

Abigail: I know, right? Not only did he crash the wedding, but now everybody's wondering about whether will is alive or not. Poor sonny. So many horrible memories tied up with that murder.

Jj: Mm-hmm. You could see the hope and the fear in sonny's eyes when he came to see ben at the station.

Abigail: I just hope that all the questions about will get answered really soon, because I really want sonny and paul to be able to move on with their lives together.

Paul: Dad. Hey, I got your message. What's up?

John: Uh, hey, son. Yeah, listen, I've got some news; I wanted you to hear it from me first.

Paul: News about will?

John: Yeah, yeah. Um, not a whole lot to go on, but we got our first bit of credible information that indicates there... there may be something to ben's story.

Paul: Wait, wait. Are you saying there's a possibility ben wasn't lying? That will might actually be alive?

Nicole: Brady, I'm lying about how I feel about you.

Brady: Anymore, you mean.

Nicole: I will always care about you.

Nicole: Do you have any idea how condescending that sounds?

Nicole: Sorry, I--I just... I don't want to make this any harder for you than--

Brady: Then shut up.

Nicole: But you need--

Brady: Just stop talking.

Nicole: I need you to hear this.

Brady: Don't you tell me what I need; how dare you. I'll be the judge of what I need.

Nicole: I never led you on.

Brady: You never led me on? You slept with me. You told me you wanted to have a family with me. You consider any of those things misleading?

Nicole: I was...

Brady: What?

Nicole: I was in denial.

Brady: [Scoffs]

Nicole: I never thought I could... forgive eric for what he did to daniel.

Brady: For what he did to daniel? He killed daniel. He killed daniel. You're a big girl; say the words!

Nicole: I truly did love you, brady. I still do, only just as--

Brady: Just as a what? As a friend? Honey, I'm not your friend.

Nicole: Brady, we never wanted to hurt you. Eric was willing to leave his whole life behind just to make sure that it didn't happen.

Brady: Oh, he's such a saint, isn't he? Such a martyr. Is that what you're saying to me? Is that what you're telling me?

Nicole: No, I'm just-- I'm saying that if you're going to be angry with someone, be angry with me. Don't--don't be angry with your brother.

Brady: Okay, okay. You know me; I'll do anything you want to make you happy.

Nicole: I just--we're hoping that you can see... maybe someday you and eric can sit down you can talk things over.

Brady: What do you think's gonna happen? We're gonna sit down and have a few laughs? I have an idea. Why don't we all sit down together at thanksgiving, hmm? I can tell my brother how grateful I am that he's fornicating with the... with my slut of an ex-girlfriend. That'd be a big laugh at the table, huh? Well, don't bother, 'cause that's not gonna happen, nicole. Because you and eric are never going to get together at thanksgiving. Or ever again.

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[Soft orchestration]

[Knock on door]

Eric: Mom.

Marlena: Hi, honey.

Eric: Come in.

Marlena: Uh, I'm so sorry just to stop by without calling first.

Eric: No, it's not a problem.

Marlena: I--I just, um, got to talk to you about something.

Eric: Sounds serious.

Marlena: Well, it is. We've had some news about will.

Nicole: I don't understand. You said--

Brady: That you could go off and be with eric. You can, you can. Do what you want. But just know that if you do, there's gonna be a price that you pay for that choice.

Nicole: Price? What are you talking about?

Brady: Did you really think that after everything that I've done for you, that I was gonna be cool with the fact of you just walking in here, taking holly, leaving me and blowing up my family and my future and then running off into the sunset with eric? Is that what you thought?

Nicole: Eric and I feel terrible about this.

Brady: I'm sure you do. I'm sure you've felt so terrible that you've already picked out a wedding dress. Pro tip: Don't pick white.

Nicole: Brady, nobody's getting married. We're taking this... one step at a time.

Brady: That's very mature of you.

Nicole: No one wants to live a lie.

Brady: [Scoffs] I find it so interesting that the woman that's been lying to me for months, swearing up and down that nothing's going on with my brother, is the one that finally realizes now that nobody should live a lie.

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Brady: Well, hey, maybe you and eric have one of those "love is all for the ages," you know, loves that never die, the love that keeps going and going and just gets stronger. Well, I think that's great. I think that's beautiful, and you should be with him. But know this: If you act on those feelings, nicole, your ass is going to prison. For murder.

[Baby coos]

Abigail: So what's going on with ben? He told the police everything he knows about will, right?

Jj: Yeah, as far as I know.

Abigail: So now are they just gonna send him back to bayview? Hopefully with added security.

Jj: Yeah, I'm sure that's the plan.

Abigail: Why are you talking like you don't know what's going on?

Jj: Because I don'T. I'm not on the case anymore.

Abigail: What? Why? Is it because of me? Do they not think you can be objective?

Jj: No, no. I was suspended. By the new commissioner.

Lani: Hey. Is this a bad time?

Hope: Oh, seeing as I've lost track of it, no, not at all.

Lani: I just wanted to say congratulations on the promotion.

Hope: Thank you.

Lani: You really deserve it, hope.

Hope: Thanks. And, lani, thank you very much for your encouragement.

Lani: I hope all the stress eases up soon.

Hope: Yeah. We both. These first 24 hours have been a bit rough.

Paul: Okay, so let me get this straight. A psychotic killer, ben, was told by a violent criminal, clyde, was told by a demented quack rolf that will is still alive? That the demented quack somehow brought will back to life?

John: Yeah, that about covers it.

Paul: Even--even though gabi found his body and then sami and lucas saw him in the morgue and they buried him in the salem cemetery.

John: I agree, son. It's quite a stretch.

Paul: Okay, so then why are we even taking this seriously?

John: Because this... this kind of thing, it's dr. Rolf's M.O.

Paul: Resurrecting dead bodies.

John: The reason that I'm sitting in front of your right now is because of what that man can do.

Paul: Oh, my god. Okay, um, why did rolf choose will?

John: I don't know. I don't know; I don't even know how he could have pulled this off, but there's one thing I've learned: Never say never when the dimeras are concerned.

Paul: So you think stefano's behind this. I mean, you did say rolf was his go-to guy.

John: Son, son, your guess is as good as mine. We just need to follow every lead on this.

Paul: But you really consider this a lead?

John: I know the idea that will may be alive comes with a lot of complications that you probably don't want to think about, but... son, maybe you better start.

Eric: What did sami say when you told her about will?

Marlena: Not much. In fact, I had to ask her if she was still on the line.

Eric: Doesn't sound like her.

Marlena: I know. And then it made me wonder if I shouldn't have said anything at this point. I mean, we don't have any real concrete information.

Eric: Yeah, I agree with you. About ben weston being a reliable source. If you factor in dr. Rolf's involvement, I mean, we all know what he's done in the past in bringing john back to life.

Marlena: Yeah, I'm not-- I'm not so sure we'll be that lucky this time.

Eric: Scares me to think what sami's gonna do with the information she has now.

Marlena: We'll know soon enough. She's heading home.

Nicole: Oh, my god. You're threatening to turn me into the police if I leave you for eric?

Brady: [Clicks tongue] You got it.

Nicole: You don't have any proof.

Brady: Hmm. I have this. Everybody keeps saying that whoever has this is the one that killed deimos. I think your fingerprints are all over it.

Nicole: So are yours. That doesn't prove anything.

Brady: Maybe not. But your confession sure as hell does.

If you've been struggling

with belly pain

Eric: Figures the moment i leave town, my twin sister decides to come home.

Marlena: Honey, this is gonna be very hard for her. She is going to need you.

Eric: I know, and I'm here if she needs me. The farmhouse, it's not that far away.

Marlena: Yeah. Hey, since tomorrow is your birth-- since tomorrow is your birth days... um, and since she's going to be in town, I was wondering if we should just maybe have a little dinner. And would you be willing to come to that?

Eric: Thank you.

Marlena: Good.

Eric: But I'm not going to be able to come.

Marlena: Why not?

Eric: Because I've already gotten the best birthday present I could have ever asked for.

Marlena: Really? Oh, that's great. What'd you get?

Brady: Nicole and I are back together.

Nicole: What confession? I haven't told anyone, except you.

Brady: Cellphones. They're so handy, aren't they? They record anything. All you gotta do is just hit a button.

Nicole: I will never forgive myself for killing deimos.

Brady: You had your reasons. He lied to you.

Nicole: He was gonna take holly, keep her from me forever.

Brady: You hated him.

Nicole: I did. But I... I loved him once.

Brady: And then you killed him.

[Phone beeps] Ooh. Is that proof enough for you?

Paul: Does sonny know about clyde's story? How this dr. Rolf claims he brought will back to life?

John: Kate's telling him right now.

Paul: Sonny wants so much for this to be true, that will's still alive. Why am I even saying that? Of course she does; we all do.

John: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: I mean, will was murdered in cold blood. It was a terrible tragedy.

John: Yeah, it was.

Paul: Damn it, if-- this could all be over with if lucas just let us exhume will's body.

John: Hey, listen, I don't blame lucas for turning you down. That's a hell of a lot to ask a man who's still grieving his son.

Paul: Okay, what about-- what about will's mom? I mean, could we ask her? I don't mean to sound callous--

John: I know you don't, but but asking sami, no, that's not a good idea.

Paul: Well, why not?

John: Sami, well, she's a loose cannon; you never know what she's gonna do or say. And with lucas drinking again, you know, if we asked her to overrule his wishes here, man, that's gonna get ugly.

Paul: Okay, so there's-- there's only way to really prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that will is really dead.

John: Yeah, and what's that?

Paul: We have to do what we did to stefano dimera. We exhume the body ourselves. (Woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.

Hope: I spoke to shane. The isa is going to help us track down rolf, find out if there's any truth to the story clyde told kate.

Lani: Do you think it's true? That rolf somehow brought will back to life?

Hope: Let me just say this. I know better than to dismiss the possibility. And enough not to get my hopes up. Hey, it's late. You should call it a night.

Lani: My car's in the shop. I was just waiting for jj to pick me up.

Hope: You sure you want to meet him in here?

Lani: Actually, I would like to talk to you about jj and his suspension.

Hope: Lani--

Lani: Commissioner. I don't want to overstep. I understand why you suspended him, and I would never presume to question your decision. But jj's partner and his girlfriend, I would like to say something on his behalf.

Jj: Ben was mouthing off. Talking about will. And paige.

Abigail: I'm sorry. You know, unfortunately, I know how good ben is at pushing over the edge.

Jj: Yeah. He did exactly that. I lost my cool. Completely. I pulled my gun on him in the interrogation room.

Abigail: Oh, jj.

Jj: I thought I could scare him into telling me what he knew about will. It was stupid. Reckless. Hope had every right to suspend me.

Abigail: Yeah, but she had to know that these were extenuating circumstances.

Jj: Or, you know, she can choose to make an example out of me. I'm her first disciplinary case. No one would blame her. Look, um, I didn't come here to talk about work. I came here... to give you this.

Abigail: Aww.

Jj: I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to give it to you and chad earlier.

Abigail: No, you didn't have to get us anything. Should I wait for chad?

Jj: You know what, no, no. He might not appreciate it.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Jj: Well, I was trying to figure out what to get the couple who literally has everything, and it hit me, "get them nothing."

Abigail: Doesn't really feel like nothing.

Jj: Go ahead. Open it.

Abigail: Okay.

Nicole: You never had any intention of letting me go, did you?

Brady: You're not a hostage, nic. You want to go be with eric, there's the door.

Nicole: But you said... you understood. You let me go pack my things and get holly ready, knowing this whole time you were going to drop this bomb on me.

Brady: Like the bomb you dropped on me. When you came in here and told me that you didn't love me anymore? A bomb like that?

Nicole: Eric and I never meant to hurt you.

Brady: Does that make it okay? You know, I literally had my heart ripped out of my chest because of that son of a bitch. And it's happening again to me.

Nicole: No, that's-- that's not fair.

Brady: That's not fair? You want to know what's not fair? How about the fact that deimos and I were the ones that proved that holly was your daughter? We did that. You know how you repaid deimos? You killed him.

Nicole: Deimos was a monster. He was going to take holly and disappear.

Brady: I did take holly and disappear. With you. I left everything for you. I went to another country for you. I almost died so you could be with her. A little girl that I call my daughter now.

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Brady: Don't say you're sorry. Actually, you know what you can be sorry about? The fact that my little boy, I don't know how I'm going to explain this to him, nic. You see, when theresa left us, he was too young to understand, but understands this. He's gonna remember your face and holly'S.

Nicole: So what's the plan, brady? You gonna blackmail me to stay with you? Knowing that I'm in love with another man?

Marlena: Honey, I'm--I'M... I'm happy for you. I mean, I'M... I'm happy for you and nicole. I know that you've been fighting your feelings for her for a very long time.

Eric: Yeah, I have. But, mom, I am happy. Now that nicole and I are together now, finally, it's just, um, it's just a bit more complicated.

Marlena: Brady.

Eric: Yeah, she told brady. That it's over. That she has feelings for me. She's actually on her way her now.

Marlena: Oh, uh, do we have any idea how brady took it?

Eric: Well, according to nicole, brady, uh, he took it well. Maybe he was prepared for it. He knows how I feel about her. So maybe, you know, with the holidays coming up, maybe it's not the best idea to invite me to any family gatherings.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh, no. Please--let's not go there until we have to, okay?

Eric: But just know that I hope brady understands that I still love him.

Marlena: Honey, we just can't ever control who we love. Just... how we behave. You and nicole, I mean, you've... you've been in love for a very long time. Believe me, I do understand those feelings.

Eric: I know you do. Thank you, thank you for understanding.

Marlena: And I'm sure that you and brady can sort this out at some point.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I hope we do, 'cause I'm going to keep trying. Till we work things out, I just... any problems that brady and i have, I hope it doesn't create any issues for you or john.

John: You're not really serious. You can't exhume will's body.

Paul: Why not? It's not like we haven't done it before.

John: Come on, son. It's a different situation with stefano. It was a whole different ball game.

Paul: Look, I know that will was family to you, but--

John: It goes beyond that. You know, we just-- we can't ignore lucas's wishes. I mean, he doesn't want his son's grave disturbed. We have to respect that. And the law.

Paul: What other choice do we have?

John: We'll figure out something.

Paul: Like what? We have no idea where rolf went after he left statesville, and he's the only person who can give us answers.

John: I just need you to be patient right now.

Paul: Okay, for how long? A few days? A couple of months? Even if we find rolf, there is no guarantee that he is going to cooperate. He could send us on another wild goose chase and we'll end up right back where we started.

John: I know that you're frustrated.

Paul: I am not frustrated. I am scared, dad. I'm scared that this distance that I'm starting to feel with sonny is not going to go away. And that it's only going to continue to grow the longer that this goes on. As much as I love him, and as strong as I know our love is, I can't compete with a ghost. I know that I am asking a lot from you, dad, but please. Please. Won't you do this for me?

Lani: Jj would be really upset if he knew I was here talking to you about this. But I think it's important that you know. First of all, he feels really awful about what happened.

Hope: I know he does. He told me.

Lani: Did he also tell you the horrible and personal things ben said to goad him?

Hope: No. No, he didn'T.

Lani: Let's just say, I would have lost my cool too. I think most of us would have. Commissioner, I'm not asking you to lift his suspension. But jj and I work really well together, and if you would just give him another chance...

Abigail: Wow. Oh, my gosh, this is so cool.

Jj: Since I couldn't come up with something for you and chad, I decided to get something for thomas instead.

Abigail: Oh. Wait... is this the one that you used to carry around all the time? This is the one that grandpa bill gave you?

Jj: Yeah, yeah. And he told us that this actually belonged to his grandfather, so in a way, it's kind of a family heirloom. So I thought it was time to give it to thomas.

Abigail: That is so incredibly sweet. Thank you so much. Oh. You know, um, we'll just-- we'll keep this on loan until you have your own family. Right?

Jj: No, no, no. No, it's thomas'S.

Abigail: Don't you want to give it to your kid someday? Next generation of hortons?

Jj: I think we're looking at the next generation. Better take good care of this, buddy. I'm counting on you.

Brady: No, no. I would never keep you here against your will. Besides, I already told you, I don't want to be with some slut who can't keep her hands off my brother.

Nicole: So what do you want?

Brady: I won't you to break eric's heart. Just like you broke mine.

Marlena: You are so sweet to think about john and me.

Eric: I just need to know that you are both okay with this.

Marlena: Hey, this is your life. And you have to live it the way that makes you happy.

Eric: Mom.

Marlena: Hmm?

Eric: What is it?

Marlena: Oh, oh, oh. Well, I was kind of thinking about, you know, paul and sonny. Their situation is so similar to the situation between you and brady.

Eric: Really? How so?

Marlena: Well, because if by some miracle will is alive, well, then sonny will get to have a second chance at his first love.

Eric: Yeah, and then in that case, paul could have his own heart broken.

Marlena: I know. And john and I would never wish for that kind of pain for paul. But on the other hand, if there's a chance that will is alive, how can I not wish for that?

Paul: If will's grave is going to be exhumed, isn't it better that we're the one's to do it? We're not strangers. We will be respectful. I understand how upsetting this is for marlena. And lucas, sonny. I do not want to add to that, but they deserve to know the truth. We all do. Dad, maybe we just don't tell them until it's all over with.

John: When do we do this?

Paul: Tonight. Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Hope: You make a very persuasive argument, lani.

Lani: Thank you.

Hope: But considering--

Jj: Sorry, I was just looking for lani. Fitz at the desk told me that she was in here.

Hope: Not a problem. Actually, lani and I were just discussing her partner assignment.

Jj: Right. Listen, I want to tell you again, I'm sorry for what happened with ben. And I feel especially bad that it's the first thing you had to deal with as commissioner. But I want you to know, you made the right call. I've learned from my mistake, and it won't happen again. Just let me know when you're done.

Hope: Jj, wait.

Marlena: I know the search is on for rolf.

Eric: The police, do they have any leads?

Marlena: Well, no, not yet. I'm sure they've got to do a lot of digging to find out where we went after statesville.

Eric: Yeah. Well, keep my posted.

Marlena: I will. When there's any news, you'll be the first to hear.

Eric: I hope you get all the answers you need and want about will.

Marlena: Thanks. I do too. Well, uh, I guess nicole's on her way over. I won't take any more of your time. I love you so much.

Eric: I love you too. Let sami know I'm here for her if she needs me.

Marlena: I will. Bye.

Eric: Bye.

Nicole: How am I supposed to break eric's heart?

Brady: Well, you can forget about telling him the truth. That you killed deimos in cold blood and that I'm forcing you to do this, or otherwise I'm just gonna have to go right to the police.

Nicole: And how is that supposed to happen?

Brady: It's easy; you go to eric, you dump his ass; you tell him that whatever you have or whatever had is dead and gone. And then you pack your bags, and then you take holly and you get your ass out of town so that I never have to see your lying, cheating face ever again as long as I live.

Nicole: God, brady. Who are you?

Brady: I'm exactly who you turned me into. You, kristen, theresa, and every other whore that said they loved me and then did nothing but lie to me.

Nicole: Brady, please don't--

Brady: Those are my terms. You take 'em or you go to prison.

[Tense music]

[Cell phone rings]


Paul: I know you hate keeping anything from marlena. I'm sorry to put you in this position.

John: She's gonna find out soon enough. Let's get to work.

Hope: If you can't toe the line going forward, you will be terminated. Am I clear?

Jj: Completely.

Hope: I've been debating I should suspend you. Because we're family, there's additional scrutiny involved.

Jj: I understand.

Hope: I don't want to accused of favoritism. And public trust in the department is at an all-time low thanks to raines. But right now, both lani and rafe are without partners and struggling to keep up with their own caseload as it is. So... the deimos kiriakis murder is fast becoming a cold case, which is why I have decided to reinstate you. Effective immediately, jj.

Jj: What? I... hope, commissioner, thank you. Thank you so much.

Hope: Don't thank me. Just do your job.

Jj: I will. You have my word.

Hope: I'd like to treat you like I do every other cop, but I can'T. If anything, I need to be tougher on you because you are my family. Don't make me regret this decision.

Eric: Where is she?

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Your lover must be wondering where you are, huh? What's it gonna be? Lovesick and free? Or lovesick, childless, and behind bars for the rest of your life? Choose.

Paul: I'm so sorry, will. I hope you know that. If there was any other way...

Sami: Don't even think about it.

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