Days Transcript Monday 10/9/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/9/17


Episode #13189 ~ Nicole shows up at Eric's farmhouse and confronts him about the reason he left Salem; Hope gets important information out of Ben; Theo questions Tripp about his feelings for Claire; Kayla realizes Steve asked Tripp for a favor on her behalf.

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(some parts at the end got messed up and there may be a lot missing - hard to tell. We'll get it from the On Demand soon!)

[Slow country music]

Kayla: What are you doing?

Steve: Well... I was getting ready to dance with my wife.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: If that's okay.

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, it's okay. It'd be great.

Man: Dream with me



love the woman you are

fearless charm

and right

in my arms

Claire: If it wasn't

meant to be

our love would have

saved me

but baby

I'm back again

[Video game beeping]

Tripp: And if I held out

of skies and stars

you climbed

right into my arms


[Clears throat]

Claire: [Laughs] No, don't stop. It's cool that you know all the words.

Tripp: It's a good song, especially when it's sung by you without me ruining it.

Claire: Well, you sounded fine to me.

Tripp: [Chuckles] Well, thanks, but I'm-- I'm no singer. Unlike you, though. I mean, you have a great voice, really unique.

Claire: Wow, thank you, tripp.

Tripp: So how was the wedding?

Claire: Oh, yes, typical salem wedding. Crashed by an escaped murderer.

Hope: Let's talk about the visitor you had at bayview.

Ben: I don't remember any visitor.

Hope: How could you forget? He maybe used an alias to get inside, but surely... you haven't forgotten your father. He took a big risk coming to see you. Especially since he was the target of a massive manhunt.

Ben: Yeah. Guess he did. I just-- I hadn't thought of it that way.

Hope: If he took time out from trying to blow up salem and kidnap thomas to see you, it must have been very important.

Ben: He was just being a good dad.

Hope: What did he say to you that day? Is that where you got the idea that will horton... is still alive?

Victor: My god, you've got my stomach churning here, acting like a couple of arrogant jerks!

Sonny: How is it arrogant...

Brady: Excuse me, how is it arrogant if I'M...

Sonny: To want what's best for the company?

Brady: Constantly defending myself against this guy?

Victor: All right, all right! Shut up! Look, I know you're upset about what weston said at the wedding, but I'm not going to allow either one of you to use it to force me into a corner about titan.

[Thunder rumbles]

Eric: What are you doing here?

Nicole: I had to see you.

Eric: Is everything okay?

Nicole: No. No, it's not. I know the real reason you quit the horton center and moved back to this farmhouse. It's because of me, and I'm not gonna let you do it.

[Thunder crashes]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: Look, granddad, I understand where you're coming from, but with all due respect, we need to focus on the health of the company.

Sonny: Oh, right, yeah, because that's your focus.

Victor: Let him finish.

Sonny: No! This is his ego.

Brady: We need one strong leader of the company, otherwise it's gonna suffer.

Sonny: We have one strong leader and that's me. I proved myself to uncle vic and that's why I have the position.

Brady: You proved yourself, yeah, then you got arrested for murdering deimos.

Victor: He was exonerated.

Sonny: What does that have to do with anything, brady?

Brady: Really, you want me to spell it out for you? Do you understand that when you spend time in jail that undermines the confidence of the shareholders? That's what happened, sonny.

Sonny: Okay, what about you helping nicole kidnap a child? What do you think that does to their confidence?

Brady: You can't even compare the two. What are you talking about?

Sonny: Why the hell not?

Brady: Because it's different, that's why! It has nothing to do with anything.

Sonny: It's different. Because one of us spent time in jail, even though he was absolved of all guilt in the eyes of the law and the other one, what, helped and harbored a known felon. But that was cool and romantic, huh, brady?

Victor: Come on, sonny.

Sonny: No, I'm just saying how it is, uncle vic. He was out there being dudley do-right, while I was here moving the company forward, not backwards.

Eric: When you say I left town because of you, there's a lot more to it than that.

Nicole: Deny it all you want, eric, but chloe told me everything.

Eric: What did she tell you?

Nicole: She told me how you really feel. And now I know. And that letter you left me... it was just... meant to placate me. You're not doing well. You're not moving on. You're running away. That's true, isn't it?

Eric: Yes. You are the reason why I left.

[Thunder rumbles] I do have feelings for you. I love you. I have never stopped.

Brady: How dare you insinuate that what nicole or i did anything criminal. You know that nicole had every right to take holly.

Sonny: Well, the court didn't think so.

Brady: Well, screw the court! You know it was an unfair accusation. Nicole had her daughter taken from her, sonny. How would you like it if I told you, you know what, you're never gonna see ari for the rest of your life?

Paul: Sonny.

Sonny: Hey, did you find out anything? Did marlena get anything out of ben?

Paul: Yeah, she did.

Ben: You know, I don't really remember much of the visit with my dad, just... that he was there, really.

Hope: I might be able to help you remember more than that. I spoke to dr. Evans.

Ben: That woman, she tried to shrink me real good before.

Hope: She said you were very open to her.

Ben: I've always been a cooperative patient.

Hope: And you were very cooperative with her. I know you're not denying you strangled will.

Ben: Nope. That was me, all right.

Hope: Which is why I think that it was your-- it was your father who told you that will was still alive.

Ben: It's starting to come back to me, but--

Hope: Good. What was it... exactly... that your father said to you about will?

Just open the door

we're worth

fighting for

hear when I say

don't walk away

Kayla: [Sighs]

Steve: What's going on, baby?

Kayla: I just keep thinking about joey and... seeing him tomorrow.

Steve: I've been thinking about that, too.

Kayla: I'm just wondering whether we should tell him about what happened at the wedding. I mean, a part of me thinks that maybe we shouldn'T. I mean, he's been through so much. Do we need to tell him when every bad thing happens?

Steve: Oh, I don't know. I mean, joe is tough. I think he can handle it. Besides, if he thinks we're keeping something from him, it'll make him feel more cut off than he already does.

Kayla: Yeah, I guess you're right. We shouldn't keep the outside world away from him, good or bad.

Steve: So we're on the same page? We're gonna talk to him about it, tell him?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, we are. We should be open and honest with him. Just like I hope that you would be open and honest with me... about tripp.

Claire: Well, anyway, ben weston apparently had this major nervous breakdown, right, after he committed the murders. So instead of going to prison, he got sent to a funny farm, but then he escaped from the funny farm and he showed up at the wedding.

Tripp: To get back at his ex?

Claire: No, actually, he didn't come to see abigail. He-- he had some news for sonny. And according to ben, sonny's first husband, will, is still alive.

Tripp: Wait a minute. Could that be true?

Claire: I don't know, but I hope it is.

Theo: Well, either way, hope's gonna get to the bottom of it.

Hope: According to bayview, your father showed up using the alias, jordan ridgeway.

Ben: Yeah, he did. That's why at first I thought my sister was coming to see me. You're not jordan.

Clyde: No. But I'm family. It's good to see you, son.

Ben: What are you doing here? What do you want?

Clyde: I came to tell you that I'm gonna get you out of here and reunite you with your son.

Hope: Your father came to tell you he was going to help you escape? And get thomas?

Ben: That's right.

Hope: Ben. Thomas is chad dimera's son, not yours.

Ben: Who the hell are you to tell me that?

Hope: The secret's out. Everyone knows--

Ben: Enough! Stop trying to make me feel bad. Please. Like I haven't had enough misery in my life?

Hope: Just trying to figure out why your father would tell you that will horton is still alive. Ohn's disease.

[Thunder rumbles]

Nicole: You love me?

Eric: You had no idea? You don't have to answer that. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you in this position... especially after all the troubles you've had with brady.

[Thunder rumbles] Brady wanted me to fire you. I couldn't let myself do that. You love your job too much.

Nicole: So you quit instead. Eric, you are-- are making a huge mistake. The--the center is-- is doing great because of you.

Eric: And it's gonna do great without me.

Nicole: No, it won'T. It-- you are the one that turned that place around. People rely on you. You're very important to the center, to the clients, and you have a special way of helping people.

Eric: I'm sorry if I'm letting anyone down. This is a decision that I'm going to make. And I-- I can't go back.

Nicole: You--you can if I leave.

Eric: Nicole, you don't get it. I can't be around you. Even if you're not in the office, salem, it isn't a big place. I can't risk bumping into you and brady.

Nicole: That would be too hard for you?

Eric: I can't handle it.

Nicole: You could ignore me.

Eric: I could never do that.

[Thunder rumbles]

Nicole: But you can't just run away, uproot your life and leave your family behind. Eric, please, don't-- don't make this about me and--and brady. What about you? What do you need? You can't just live out here on your own and become some kind of hermit. It'd be like going back to prison, and you deserve so much more than that.

[Cries] Eric, this is wrong. Everything about this is so wrong!

Eric: Don't you understand?

[Thunder crackles] I love you so much that I can't allow myself to even be near you.

Paul: So ben had a visitor at bayview, his father. Now, we think he might be the person that told ben will was alive.

Sonny: How would clyde weston know that?

Paul: That's what hope's trying to find out.

Hope: I need you to tell me exactly what... your father told you. I need to know exactly... what happened, ben.

Ben: I'm not sure that's a very good idea. I'm not sure I can be the father thomas deserves. I--

Clyde: Well, you'd be a hell of a lot better father than chad dimera.

Ben: My god. How could thomas even look at me in the eye? I killed three people in cold blood.

Clyde: Actually, that's not true. You only killed two.

Hope: Are you saying... you didn't kill will?

Ben: It's just coming back to me, what he said. According to my father, I killed serena mason, paige larson... not will.

[Video game beeping]

Tripp: Want to play?

Theo: No, not right now.

Tripp: Cool. I'm gonna... go grab a bite to eat.

Theo: Wait.

Tripp: Yeah?

Theo: Is claire the reason that you didn't go to the wedding?

Tripp: Why would claire be the reason?

Theo: Because you like her and she was my date.

Tripp: Okay... for one thing, that would be a really lame reason. I mean, I'm not that immature, okay? And if you must know, the reason I didn't go to the wedding was because-- actually, that reason isn't really important, but what is important is that all that stuff I said before, I was just trying to help claire out. No, we're just friends, I promise, you know, that's all. The truth is, she gave me some good advice once, and I just wanted to show my appreciation, you know, be a good friend to her in return. I mean--I mean, she's great, you know.

Theo: Yeah.

Tripp: She's--you know, I really like her as a person, but she's-- she's your girlfriend, you know. And like I said before, I was just helping her out.

Claire: This is all very true. I mean, tripp was just helping me out. And I'm so, so happy that you gave me another chance. And I think we both owe you for that.

Steve: I don't know what you mean, baby. How have I not been honest with you about tripp?

Kayla: Okay, saying that you're not being honest may be unfair, but I think sometimes you avoid talking to me about him.

Steve: You know why I don't talk to you much about tripp.

Kayla: Because you think I can't handle it.

Steve: Because I know you're very sad about joe. We both are. You know, why should I make it harder for you by going on about my other son all the time?

Kayla: Because he's a part of your life, which makes him a part of my life.

Steve: Okay. What do you want to know?

Kayla: You haven't told me why he didn't go to the wedding.

Steve: What's your mom always say? An invitation isn't an obligation.

Kayla: I would think that he would want to be there to support his new family.

Steve: It's a good thing he wasn't there, though. I mean, like, what a disaster it turned out to--

Kayla: Oh, stop it, okay? It wasn't--it wasn't tripp's decision not to go, was it? It was yours. You--you asked him not to go, didn't you?

Steve: I thought it would be best, that the last thing you needed was to see was tripp at a family celebration.

Kayla: Is that so? So I'm guessing that you said something to him like, "hey listen, man, don't--don't go to the wedding, okay? Because I know that you're my son, but my wife is very fragile right now and she comes first," right? Is that what you said, some--some version of that?

Steve: No, I didn't say anything like that, no. In fact, I hardly had to say anything at all because tripp understood.

Kayla: Of course, because he's a sensitive guy.

Steve: I don't know what you want from me, kayla.

Kayla: I want you to consult me before you go reading my mind and telling your son that I don't want him around. That is unfair. Don't ever do that again.

Hope: Gabi found will. He was dead. There was a funeral. He's buried in st. Luke's cemetery. What'd your father say to you?

Clyde: Hey. Yes, it's true you killed those two women in order to frame chad dimera, but will...

Ben: I killed him, too. I used a necktie... to strangle him. I watched him die... as I tightened it around his neck. He was my friend. I hated killing him, I-- I had no choice. He knew what I did. I watched him stop breathing.

Clyde: Hey, I know that's the way it looked. But things aren't always the way they look.

Ben: What does that mean? If I-- if I didn't kill him, what the hell happened?

Man: All right, time's up.

Clyde: Yeah. I'll explain everything when I come back and get you out of this hellhole.

Ben: That was it. I didn't hear from my father again after that.

Sonny: Why would clyde tell ben that will's alive?

Victor: I don't know, but it seems to me the two of you need to get down to the station and see what hope has found out.

Sonny: You're right.

Victor: But before you go, look, I understand why you're doing what you're doing. I mean, you're trying to process all of this, but your family is not your enemy.

Sonny: Wish I felt the same way.

Victor: I'm worried about him.

Brady: Yeah, you should be. He's a mess. He had no right to go after nicole that way either. I don't--speaking of which.

Victor: What?

Brady: Well, I-I left nicole and holly at the horton square hours ago. Should have been back by now.

Eric: I'm sorry for dropping this on your shoulders. It's the last thing you need.

Nicole: No, I'm a-- I'm a big girl. I can handle it. But right now, I'm worried about you.

Eric: Don't be. I have experience feeling this way. I got through it once. I can do it again.

Nicole: Yeah, well, I've experience being a damn fool.

Eric: Don't you say that.

Nicole: When I left you for lucas, all those years ago, I was under the sad illusion that if I was rich...

[Thunder crashes] Maybe I could finally like myself. Maybe I could forget about all the terrible, humiliating things I had done.

Eric: Nicole, you were forced to do those things.

Nicole: When I left you for lucas... I chose money over love, and it's the biggest regret of my life.



Eric: Well, it's time I made the choice. I'm gonna take myself out of the equation before i make a bad situation worse.

Nicole: Eric, I need you to tell me. When you left salem all those years ago... was I the reason you stayed away so long?

[Thunder rumbles] Was it to escape me? (Avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation,

Sonny: Hey, did you-- did talk to him? Well, what did he say? Please tell me, what did he say?

Hope: Well, according to ben, clyde visited him at bayview during the siege. He said that his father told him he was gonna help him escape and reunite him with thomas, but he told clyde that he shouldn't get thomas back. He felt he wouldn't be a good father.

Paul: Wow, ya think?

Hope: For him to admit that, that's huge. It's a lot closer to reality than he usually is.

Paul: If clyde told ben that he was gonna kidnap thomas, and then he tried to do it--

Hope: What's your point?

Paul: Maybe-- maybe clyde was trying to alleviate ben's guilt by saying that he hadn't killed will. Maybe, you know, clyde was thinking that ben's sick mind would latch onto it and it wouldn't ruin his plan of reuniting ben and thomas.

Sonny: That's possible, but--

Paul: But what?

Sonny: If ben was worried about thomas's perception of him being a killer, why wouldn't clyde try to convince him that he hadn't killed anyone?

Hope: Right, and why would he single will out?

Brady: Nicole, it's brady. I just left you a message. Call me.

[Cell phone beeps]

Victor: No answer?

Brady: I'm sure she's fine. She's fine.

Victor: Nice of her to let you know that.

Brady: She's a little late, all right. She's just as little late. It's not a big deal. She's probably driving, and she can't answer her phone. I'm sure she'll-- she'll be here any minute.

[Thunder rumbles]

Eric: When you chose lucas... I knew I needed to move on.

Nicole: And then you went to colorado to be near your grandmother, and you accepted a photojournalist job in africa, and... that led you to the priesthood.

[Thunder rumbles] I thought about it constantly. I thought about you... where you were, what you were doing.

Eric: Nicole, I thought about you, obviously. But dredging up the past is not gonna change my mind. My feelings for you are one-sided. You obviously know how that feels. I guess all of us experience unrequited love at least... one point in our lives. It's not fair. It's not fair to you or to brady to have me around feeling the way I do... especially not for you. It's not fair of me to put you in that position.

Steve: I'm sorry, baby. I was trying to protect you, and I ended up hurting you. You've gotta know that's not what I wanted to do.

Kayla: And I love you for wanting to protect me. And what tripp did, I-- I just--I just can't open my heart to him. I hope that's not always the case, but... it is right now.

Steve: And you know I understand that, right?

Kayla: Yeah, I do. But you know what, this is bigger than me, bigger than us. And as much as we always have to think about what's best for joey, you need to think about what's best for tripp.

Steve: You're right. I'm sorry I second-guessed you. Won't happen again. I... am such a lucky man.

Kayla: Yes, you are. I'm lucky, too.


Steve: Give me a big one.


Theo: You know, I think we're both pretty lucky to have you as a friend.

Tripp: Well, I-- I feel really lucky, too. You guys have been pretty great to me.

[Laughs] Well, I'm gonna go grab some fresh air or something.

Claire: Okay.

Tripp: Maybe a beer. You all--you all have a good night, okay?

Theo: Thanks. You, too.

Claire: Good night, tripp. Aw. That was nice of tripp...

Theo: Yeah, it was.

Claire: Giving us some time alone.

Theo: Mm-hmm.

Claire: You know, I was actually hoping that this night might end a little bit differently. You know?

Theo: What do you mean?

Claire: You can't guess?

Theo: Yes, I can guess.

Brady: Maybe nicole's at the horton center.

Victor: With holly, at this hour?

Brady: It's not that late.

Victor: Late enough. Maybe they've gone to see eric.

Brady: What? You know, why would you-- why would you say that to me?

Victor: Because it's a possibility.

Brady: She's not with eric.

Victor: Fine.

Brady: Eric is out of town. He left town. She's not with him.

Victor: Whatever.

Brady: Whatever.

[Thunder rumbles]

Eric: I hope you understand why I have to do this, why I have to leave salem.

Nicole: I'm trying to. But what I still don't understand is, why would brady give you an ultimatum?

[Thunder rumbles]

Eric: He loves you.

Nicole: I know that, but what about respect? If he truly respected me, he would know that you've been a huge part of my life. Not only have you saved me from myself time and time again, you rescued me and my daughter from xander. I mean, if you hadn't done that, where would I be, where would my daughter be? Eric... you truly have become... one of my best friends.

Eric: You're mine, too. I will always hold you close to my heart and take you wherever I go.

Nicole: Eric. What if I don't want you to go? ben agai

He:O, son. I n't let you that. I think ben ha useverything he knows,hich is,sadl not very much.

Pl: So whatyothinthat clydweon might kw more?

Hope: There'sy one wayto find ou ke drive out tstatesville tomorrow, talk to m, hear whaheas to Y.

Paul: What if he won't talk tus?

Sonny: Then I know someoneiltalk to.

Bradyco on, nicol where are you? E?

Eric:Icole, do yoursela favor, go to th car and never look back.

Nicole: No. Please just go. I want you to forget about me before I do something I regret.

Nicole: Something like what?

[Thunder rumbles]

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