Days Transcript Tuesday 9/26/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/26/17


Episode #13180 ~ Nicole tells Brady that Eric left Salem; Marlena visits Eric and questions him about his feelings for Nicole; Chad and Abigail desperately try to track down Dario; Bonnie gets major dirt on Victor.

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Brady: Well, it's my brother's last night of bachelorhood, so I want it to be memorable. No, just make sure the guy's a pro, okay? All right, thank you.





[Line trilling]

[Beep] Where's--?

[Beep] You said you left over an hour ago, nicole. Where the hell are you? Where are you?

[Dramatic music]


Nicole: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Nicole: I called the house, and maggie said you were here getting ready for paul's bachelor party.

Brady: Yeah. Why aren't you at work?

Nicole: Uh, well, something happened today, brady. Eric made a big decision.

Brady: About--about what?

Nicole: The center's future. And mine.

[Melancholy music]


[Melancholy music]


Eric: Mom, how'd you know where to find me?

Marlena: Jennifer told me that you'd quit your job and left town. We put our heads together. Didn't take too much to figure out where you'd be. Why didn't you call me, let me know you were leaving?

Sheila: [Chuckles] Eli grant. Long time no see. Why so shocked, honey? Never mind, don't-- I know the answer to that. You still thought I was locked up, huh?

Eli: No, no, it's not that--

Sheila: Hey, I served my time. Now I'm out and free as a bird. So aren't you happy to see me?

Victor: Listen to me. We'll tell no one about our plan to kill deimos. Do I make myself clear, xander? Or do I need to remind you what will happen if you cross me?

Bonnie: Jackpot! Exactly what I need!


Maggie: [Clears throat]

Abigail: The judge doesn't want to grant us an annulment unless we get a sworn statement from dario, but then nobody knows where he is, so...

[Sighs] I just want to get married. That's all--all we want...

Chad: No, I know. I know, okay? And I know you had your heart set on tomorrow...

Abigail: But instead of getting married, I'm getting arrested.

Chad: No, no, that's not gonna happen. I will not let that happen. One way or another, I will find dario, and I will get him to sign that thing. You will be my wife again.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Dramatic music]

Chad: You know it's gonna be okay, yeah? I mean, you know how I am when i set my mind to something. I'M...

Abigail: Yeah, I do.

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Well, then you know I'm not giving up, okay? I'm not gonna give up until that thing is signed. We're not--we're not gonna give up.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: Okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: And the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go--we're gonna go talk to rafe 'cause if there's anyone that can find dario, it's him. Yeah?

Abigail: Let's do it.

Chad: Come on.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Could-- could this be any weirder?

Rafe: Probably not.

Hope: [Sighs]

Rafe: I really do think you're the best person for the job.

Hope: No, I think the same about you.

Rafe: And you do realize the only reason that I called abe to tell him that I was interested in the job is because you led me to believe that you weren'T.

Hope: Yeah, well, same here. I sa-- only, you know what? We don't have to worry about it anymore. It's not up to you. It's not up to me. It's up to abe.

Rafe: It's up to abe.

Hope: It's up to abe.

Rafe: That's right.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Okay, be honest with me. Now that he's not here, there's one--I wanna know, honestly, are you gonna be okay with whatever he decides?

Hope: Will you?

Brady: So what's this big decision?

Nicole: Okay, first of all, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you encouraging me in going back to work at the center, but, after eric's decision, you might wish you hadn'T.

Brady: I'm--I'm sure I'll be fine.

Nicole: Even if the job i have now might be more time consuming than either of us counted on?

Brady: Wait, I'm sorry, so, wait, wait, the job you have now? What is--what do you mean by that?

Nicole: Well, as of this morning, I'm the new director at the horton center.

Brady: Really? Wow, how did that happen?

Nicole: Eric quit. And he's leaving salem for good.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: I knew how you'd react, and I didn't want you or anyone trying to talk me out of it.

Marlena: I've got a pretty good idea why you did this.

Eric: It was just a feeling it was time for me to go.

Marlena: Nicole had nothing to do with it?


Eric: It was hard, you know? Being there with her.

Marlena: Does she have any idea how you feel?

Eric: No, no, no, and I don't want her to. She and brady deserve to be happy, which is why my leaving is the best thing for everyone.

Marlena: What about all the people that love you? Whose lives will just never be the same without you in it?

Bonnie: How long were you standing there?

Maggie: Oh, long enough to hear that you got exactly what you needed, whatever that means.

Bonnie: Well, it was a lead for a story I'm doing for "the intruder." I mean, "spectator," gosh--I'm working so overtime on this story. In fact, I think I'm gonna crank this puppy right out right now.

Maggie: Is that the latest journalistic attire?

Bonnie: Journalistic what? Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I was just so intent on getting the scoop that I forgot I was undressed.

Maggie: Mm, mm-hmm. Lunch is ready, victor. Cook has prepared a lovely poached salmon.

Victor: Not hungry.

Maggie: Something wrong?

Bonnie: Bet you're still upset over that phone call you just got.

Maggie: Didn't you have an article to crank out?

Bonnie: Well, yeah, but i came in to get my phone. Say, what was that call all about anyway, victor, huh? Somebody say something to upset you?

Victor: None of your damn business.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Yes, of course. I will be totally okay with whatever abe decides, okay?

Hope: Me too. In fact, if he decides on you, I will be the first in line to congratulate you.

Rafe: I'll throw you a party.

Hope: It'll be great. I'm gonna be yelling and screaming from the mountaintops.

Rafe: There's gonna be a parade, this giant--

Hope: You deserve this. You're more qualified than I am.

Abigail: Hi, sorry to interrupt.

Chad: Hi.

Hope: Hi, oh, sorry.

Rafe: No, it's okay, sorry. What's up?

Hope: We're just, um...yeah.

Chad: No, it's fine. Do you guys have a minute?

Hope: Yes, please, come.

Rafe: Come on in.

Hope: Come in.

Rafe: Wait, hold on a second though. Shouldn't you two be getting ready for the big day, huh?

Chad: Yeah, that's kind of what this is about. We need to find dario.

Rafe: Dario? As in my brother? Oh, boy, what happened?

Chad: The judge isn't gonna finalize the annulment unless he signs off on it.

Abigail: But didn't you talk to him when the whole raines thing blew up?

Chad: You don't have a number that you can call?

Rafe: No, no, the number was--it was blocked. It was untraceable.

Hope: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what about the envelope you got from dario with the evidence implicating raines? What about that?

Rafe: No return address. No postmark, nothing.

Chad: There's nothing else you can try? There's nothing else you can do?

Rafe: Believe me, I have gone through every channel. I've exhausted every outlet to try and find dario. Nothing.

[Dramatic music]

Sheila: Bet you thought you'd never see me again.

Eli: Well, I'm glad that's not the case.

Sheila: Don't get carried away--come on, don't touch me.

Eli: You look good, sheila.

Sheila: [Laughs] No thanks to that rat hole I was stuck in where I looked like hell and felt like it too, but you wouldn't know nothing about that, since you never came to see me.

Eli: I'm sorry about that. It's just that--

Sheila: Just don't bother explaining. Don'T. I figured you were wrapped up in your fancy-ass fbi job. So how's that going for you anyway?

Eli: It was going fine till i got fired.

Sheila: Hmm, well, looky, looky, there might be justice in the world after all.

Eli: Sheila, I wanted to tell you what was going on.

Sheila: What, eli? Rewrite history? Pretend what went down didn't go down? 'Cause we both know there ain't a damn thing either one of us can do to change what happened.

Gabi: Eli?

Victor: And just why were you eavesdropping on my call, adrienne?

Bonnie: Oh, I wasn't listening to anything. I just see how rattled you are.

Victor: You shouldn't be where you can see me be rattled.

Maggie: What was the call about, victor?

Victor: Titan business, nothing else.

Bonnie: Huh, I thought you were retired.

Victor: I don't give a damn what you thought. And why are you still here?

Maggie: Is that melon?

Bonnie: Yeah, I brought it in for victor, but he wasn't interested. I'm so sorry, victor. Next time, I'll bring you some of my special hot cross buns. No one can say no to those.

Victor: Try me.

Bonnie: You know, you should try being a little nicer. You keep lashing out like that at people, sooner or later, somebody's gonna come lashing right back.

Chad: What about the guy who worked for dario?

Rafe: Myron?

Chad: Yeah.

Rafe: No, he hasn't heard from dario since-- since before the hit-and-run.

Abigail: But what about your mom? He said he used to talk to her once a week.

Rafe: Hasn't called her. Probably worried that they're tracing the phones.

Hope: Probably doesn't want to worry her.

Rafe: Yeah. I'm sorry, it's just like he's fallen off the face of the earth.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry. This has gotta be so hard. I mean, after everything, all the arrangements you made for the wedding.

Abigail: Well, it is paul and sonny's big day. So you know what? We're gonna be there no matter what.

Chad: What are you talking about? We're gonna be there. We're gonna have a damn double wedding. It's gonna be our day too.

Abigail: Okay.

Eli: Gabi, hey.

Gabi: Eli, what's going on?

Eli: Nothing, what are you up to?

Gabi: I just finished dropping off arianna at ballet class.

Eli: Oh, yeah, I bet she's excited about her debut as flower girl, huh?

Gabi: More than excited. She keeps dropping rose petals all over the house.

Eli: So what--what time should I pick you--pick you two up tomorrow?

Sheila: I guess he's not gonna introduce us. Hi, I'm sheila.

Gabi: Hi.

Eli: Yeah, sorry. Sheila, gabi. Gabi, this is sheila.

Gabi: Nice to meet you.

Sheila: Likewise.

Gabi: So wait, how do the two of you know each other?

Marlena: Eric, I know how tough it is for you to work with nicole, but, honey, to give up the work that you love so much--

Eric: Mom, it was the right choice.

Marlena: You've done so much for the center. You breathe new life into the place.

Eric: And I didn't do it alone. Nicole was a big part of that. She's gonna do an amazing job as its director.


Marlena: It's the way you light up when you talk about her.

Eric: Now you know why i couldn't stay. Don't--don't tell anyone why my decision to leave was because of her. Please don't tell john. Especially not nicole.

Marlena: You don't want her to know that you're in love with her?

Brady: I--what did eric say? Why did he leave?

Nicole: I don't know. I didn't see him, but he left me a letter explaining his reasons. You can read it.

Brady: [Sighs]

Well, it, um, seems like he's really prepared to move on. And he's putting you in charge. I mean, that's great, right? I mean, that's great.

Nicole: I guess, yeah.

Brady: You guess? What do you--? It's terrific. I mean, it's a promotion. It's a vote of confidence for you, nic.

Nicole: It does feel good to know that he thinks I can handle it.

Brady: It's 'cause you can. It's because you can, and I'm proud of you.

Nicole: Listen, I'm gonna let you finish getting ready for paul's bachelor party.

Brady: Oh, yeah.

Nicole: And I am gonna go home and check on holly.

Brady: Okay.

Nicole: Okay, so have fun tonight.

Brady: Okay, thank you.

Nicole: Behave yourself.

Brady: I--I will.

Nicole: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

[Door closes]

Eric: Mom, I don't want nicole to ever know that I'm in love with her. Promise, promise me that you're gonna keep this between us.

Marlena: I told you I would. I just wish there were a different solution.

Eric: Leaving is the only way.

Marlena: I know you feel that way, but I will keep on hoping that you change your mind, that you come home where you belong.

Eric: I love you, mom.

Marlena: [Sobs] I love you too.

[Melancholy music]

I do, my dear. Take care of yourself. You are so precious to everybody that knows you.

[Line trilling]


Eric: Hey, brady.

Brady: What the hell are you trying to pull?

Prestige creams not living up to the hype?

Victor: If I offended you, I am sorry, but I am not interested in your melons or your buns.

Maggie: Good heavens, victor, really?

Victor: Well, it's true. What the hell do you want me to say?

Maggie: You came in for your phone, didn't you?

Bonnie: Ah, yes. You're gonna regret treating me like this.

Victor: Are you mumbling?

Bonnie: Hmm, no, nothing. Nothing.

Victor: That woman is getting on my last nerve. I don't know how the hell justin can put up with her.

Maggie: He's in love.

Victor: Eh, in love, out of love, he's gonna get fed up with her shenanigans soon enough. No wonder he cheated on her.

Maggie: Oh, victor.

Victor: The thing is I can't remember adrienne being so obnoxious. I mean, I never liked the woman very much, but I never thought of her as a royal pain in the ass.

Maggie: She's been through a lot, so I guess she's changed.

Victor: Obviously for the worse.

Maggie: I agree. But we need to be nice to her. We have to really try, for justin's sake.

Bonnie: Boy, would I like to teach those two old coots a lesson. Oh, and what a lesson it would be for mag-pie to know exactly what I heard her sweet old victor say on the phone just now. No, no, no, no, no, this time, I will do it differently. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.



Sheila: [Sighs] Eli and I were old friends from back in the day. Well, I guess I'll get back to work and...

Eli: Yeah.

Sheila: Sorry to bring up a sore subject. It was nice to meet you. Gabi, right?

Gabi: Right, nice to meet you too, sheila.

Sheila: Take care.

Gabi: You too. Are you okay?

Eli: Huh? Yeah, I'm great. Why?

Gabi: What did--what did sheila mean by "back in the day"?

Eli: Long story.

Gabi: Well, I have nothing to do--plenty of time, so you can share with me.

Eli: Chad, hey, my man. How you doing? What are you guys up to? Running errands for the big day?

Chad: Um, not exactly. We hit a bit of a hiccup, but we're fine. We're gonna get it worked out, and, uh--

Abigail: Yeah, we just might have to postpone the wedding a little bit, but it's good.

Brady: We agreed that you were gonna fire nicole, only that didn't happen. Why? What, did you think that you could guilt me into changing my mind if you pretended to leave instead?

Eric: I thought your objective was to make sure that I didn't see nicole every day.

Brady: And you obviously had a problem with that.

Eric: Actually, I didn'T. But you were right. The situation wasn't fair to you or me.

Brady: Well, at least you got that much.

Eric: You got the results you wanted, brady. What difference does it make how it happened?

Brady: Eric, it makes a big difference, man, all right? I didn't ask you to leave the people that you know and love.

Eric: Just nicole, right? Well, I did. So why does it matter as long as the work gets done, whether it's me or her? She's gonna do a great job.

Brady: I don't doubt that.

Eric: Be happy for her. She feels like she's making a difference. And she is. I could never take away that happiness any more than I can take away her happiness with you or yours with her.

Brady: I don't know what to say.

Eric: Then don't say anything. Just be happy, my brother. And that's all I want because I love you, and I'll miss you.

Brady: I'll miss you too. Good luck to you, man.


[Dramatic music]

Brady: Hi, I thought that you left.

Nicole: I--I forgot eric's letter. I wanted to double check that there weren't more instructions for the center. What's wrong? You look upset.

Brady: I got off the phone with eric. I was trying to convince him not to leave. I don't want him to leave.

Nicole: Well, if anyone could do it, you could.

Brady: No, he-- his mind is made up.

Nicole: You're a good brother for trying.

Brady: I don't feel like one. It--I didn't want any of this, nic. I'm sorry.

Nicole: Hey, don't beat yourself up. It's not like you're the one who made him leave. So is he hiding, or did he tell you were he went?

Brady: I have no-- he didn't say.

Nicole: Whatever. Listen, I better get going.

[Dramatic music]

You okay?

Brady: Yeah. Bye.

Sheila: Where are you sneaking off to? About to go play "let's pretend" with justin who thinks you're the real love of his life?

Bonnie: Keep it down. Justin isn't even here, but the two old lovebirds are right in there, all right?

Sheila: Ooh, mags and your future sugar daddy?

Bonnie: I said quiet.

Sheila: Oh, don't have a cow.

Bonnie: Where you been anyway? You were supposed to be here to serve lunch. You know, it doesn't look too good for you to just cut and run whenever the spirit moves you.

Sheila: I went to get some air, not that I can get anything else, seeing that I'm barely scraping by on this lousy maid salary. So when you gonna fork over the big payday you promised.

Bonnie: This should tide you over.

Sheila: Was that even yours?

Bonnie: Hello, do you carry a purse when you're dressed like this? No, it's maggie'S. She's got so much, she'll never even notice.

Sheila: But don't take too long getting me the rest 'cause, if you don't, I'ma tell justin where the real adrienne's holed up.

Bonnie: Don't you worry. I will deliver.

Sheila: Yeah?

Bonnie: Mm-hmm.

Sheila: Huh, so any progress with the old man?

Bonnie: Actually, yes. See, victor may not be interested in my melons or my buns, but a juicy little tidbit of information just fell into my lap, mm-hmm.

Sheila: Oh, yeah? So how juicy?

Bonnie: Well, let's just say I have everything I need to blow up him and maggie. I just gotta figure out when's the best time to drop the bomb. Boo-di-bomb-bomb-bomb.


Abigail: And since no one's been able to reach dario, including rafe, we haven't been able to get the annulment finalized.

Chad: Yep, and, yeah, we can't do it until he signs it, so...

Abigail: I'm sure this is the last thing that you want to be talking about.

Gabi: No, I--I care about both of you, and I'm glad you told me. You know, I feel really bad. You tried to help my brother, and you're still paying for it. But I think there might be a way I can help.

Chad: Wait, really? How?

Gabi: I know a way to contact dario.

[Dramatic music]

Patrick woke up

with a sore back.

[Gentle music]

Nicole: It's eric.

[Laughs] I know this is gonna sound crazy, but, um, I think I have feelings for him.

[Sighs] You're already gone. I have to let you go.

[Melancholy music]


[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing]


Eric: Hello, nicole.

Rafe: I hate that I couldn't help them. Dario's already put abigail through enough. Now she can't marry chad because of him? Ridiculous.

Hope: It's not like they're never going to get married. They will. At some point, they will.

Rafe: Yeah, some point, right. Got it.

Hope: It's not the "when" that's important. It's the "why."

Rafe: Mm.

Hope: Like us, the "why" we already have. We love each other. We know that we're gonna be spending the rest of our lives together.

Rafe: Right, yes, yes.

Hope: Right?

Rafe: Not only that, but, no matter what happens, we'll always make each other happy.

Hope: No matter what.

Rafe: No matter what.

Hope: No matter what.

Rafe: No matter what. Right.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Dario read in "the spectator" that I got dragged into the whole mess with raines and decided to call because he felt bad to see if I was all right.

Eli: You never told me that.

Gabi: Well, I thought if i told you, you would report it.

Abigail: You didn't tell rafe either?

Gabi: For the same reason. Dario and I just thought that it'd be better if we did not put him in a compromising situation, but I think that if abigail calls, he'll give you what you want.

Eli: You have his number?

Gabi: I have the last phone number that he called me from.

Abigail: Yeah, but if he sees my name, I don't think that he's gonna answer.

Gabi: Well, we can use my phone.

Abigail: Are you sure?

Gabi: Yes, I'm sure. I will dial, and you'll talk.

[Dramatic music]

[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing]


Dario: Gabi, is everything all right?

Abigail: It's me, dario. It's abigail.

Dario: Are you all right?

Abigail: I'm fine.

Dario: I'm sorry, abigail. I haven't stopped thinking about you. The last thing I ever wanted to do was--

Abigail: I said I'm okay. But I do need something from you, which is why I used gabi's phone.

Dario: What do you need?

Abigail: I need you to help end our marriage.

Maggie: Well, now that it's just the two of us, do you wanna tell me what's really got you so on edge?

Victor: It's nothing.

Maggie: No, it's not nothing. Adrienne mentioned a phone call.

Victor: Maggie--

Maggie: Now did someone say something to you that upset you?

Victor: I will take care of it. I don't want you to worry about it--please.

Sheila: Well, girl, don't keep me in suspense. So what's this nugget you have on the great tycoon?

Bonnie: Mm, no, better keep this one to myself.

Sheila: Well, come on, you gotta give me something.

Bonnie: Let me put it to you this way-- what I have on victor will make him tap dance to any tune I choose and get me the revenge on maggie I've been waiting for.

Sheila: I wouldn't mind getting a little revenge myself.

Bonnie: What's that supposed to mean?

Sheila: Better I keep it to myself for now.

Dario: How could I say no? With everything you've done for me.

Abigail: Thank you, dario.

Dario: I really am sorry, abigail, for everything.

Abigail: Take care of yourself.

Gabi: Yeah. Hola, gracias, mi hermano. Sí, que bueno.

Dario: About time, right?

Gabi: Sorry I tricked you into thinking it was me.

Dario: It was a good thing even though I know this must not be easy for you either.

Gabi: Yeah, I will get that document sent to you electronically.

Dario: You sure it won't be traced?

Gabi: Well, jj taught me how to block that, but, yeah, I'm sure you're gonna have to move.

Dario: It's time, anyway.

Gabi: Cuídate, okay? I love you.

Dario: I love you too.



Abigail: Thank you. Thank you.

Well, looks like we're getting married tomorrow.

Chad: Hell, yeah.

[Door closes]

Marlena: Hello, anybody home?

Brady: Marlena? Hey, you know, we're closed for a private party.

Marlena: Private party, yes, I've heard.

Brady: You gonna jump out of the cake or something?

Marlena: Oh, brady, really? I'm doing less of that these days.


Brady: Thought I'd ask.

Marlena: Mm-hmm, um...

Brady: What are these?

Marlena: Well, john can't make it, so he asked me to drop off this box of cuban cigars.

Brady: Ahh. I love it. Let me guess--another isa assignment?

Marlena: No, he had to coach a little league game. He tried to get a sub, but he couldn't, so if he can't coach, they have to cancel the game.

Brady: He would never disappoint the kids.

Marlena: Nope, he would not.

Brady: But I'm sorry he's not gonna be here.

Marlena: Yeah, he is too. But he will be at the wedding.

Brady: If paul survives tonight. I have a little bit of entertainment planned for him.

Marlena: Oh, should I be worried?

Brady: No, it's my duty as a brother to provide this entertainment.

Marlena: Mm. Speaking of brothers, I guess you heard about eric.

Brady: Yeah, he told me he's leaving town. I can't believe it.

Marlena: I couldn't either. But I talked to him, and I-- I think I understand what's going on.

Brady: What did he say to you?

Marlena: He said that he had accomplished what he set out to do at the center, and it's time to move on. And I--well, I guess I was just hoping he'd stay closer to home, but I don't think he's going to. So--so it breaks my heart.

Brady: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Melancholy music]

Nicole: Why did you do it, eric? Why did you quit the center? Why did you leave salem?

Eric: It's all in the letter.

Nicole: Yeah, I read the letter. It still doesn't make any sense. Eric, look, I know this is your decision, but I still wanted a chance to say-- to tell you...

Eric: Tell me what?

Nicole: Good-bye.

Eric: Bye.



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