Days Transcript Wednesday 9/20/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/20/17


Episode #13176 ~ Chloe and Julie form an unlikely partnership; Lucas's loved ones confront him about his drinking; Brady stuns Eric with his demand; Nicole makes a confession to Abe.

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Lucas: The hell? Hell am I? Oh, my god. Help me! I need help in here! Get me out! Get me out of this bed! I need help!

Chad: Who would've thought that getting married in in a church would require so much work? I mean, look at... look at all these questions.

Abigail: Well, imagine if we we were doing a regular old pre-cana, huh?

Chad: A pro-what? I'd rather--I'd rather not. I mean, look at--this is gonna take us--this is gonna take us all day.

Abigail: Well, then I guess we better get started, huh?

Chad: [Groans] Maybe if I just had some motivation.

Abigail: You need some motivation? That what you need? Get over here.

Chad: Yeah. Oh! I'm ready.

Julie: So, chloe, did you win the lottery or something? I mean, not to pry into your financial status.

Chloe: I can well afford this club, julie.

Julie: I see. Well, then the burning question is, why on earth would you want to?

Chloe: Well, as I told the person who's supporting me in this decision, I'm tired of being at other people's mercy. If I own this club, then I'll be in control of my own destiny.

Julie: Oh. But chloe, dear, I'm going to outbid you. So I'm afraid you have to come up with another plan to control your destiny. And I'm sure you'll find something more realistic.

[Soft dramatic music]

Victor: I take it the broken glass is your doing.

Brady: Yeah, I'm just coming by to clean that up.

Victor: Please, brady, tell me you're not drinking again.

Brady: Thought about it, but no, I'm not.

Victor: Damn it, brady, get your ass to a meeting!

Brady: Did you hear what I said?!

Victor: Do it now!

Brady: Granddad! I said I thought about it. I didn't do it.

Victor: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Brady: No, it's not supposed to make--

Victor: Then get real brady. Trying to deny that it's a bad sign that bodes ill for your precarious sobriety if you're even thinking about having a drink? Especially after a recent slip. What's nicole done now?

Brady: She--hey. Nicole hasn't done anything.

Victor: Well somebody's done something, or there wouldn't be broken glass and there wouldn't be you standing on the precipice of drowning your sorrows in booze. Answer me!

Brady: All right, I talked-- I talked to chloe. She let it slip that eric still has feelings for nicole, okay?

[Tense music]

Eric: I, uh... I never got us those waters.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: So now I have confirmation, thanks to chloe. But she didn't mean to tell me. It slipped, like I told you.

Victor: Well, slip or no slip, you deserve to know. Can't believe the bitch finally did something right for a change.

Brady: But you know what the most--the most infuriating part about it to me is that I was-- I was made out to be the jealous fool, granddad, you know? They thought it was me overreacting, that I was crazy not to trust them.

Victor: Hold it, hold it. Did you say that eric was the one that admitted that he still had feelings for nicole?

Brady: Yeah, according to chloe.

Victor: I can't believe I'm going to defend nicole. From what you said, what makes you so sure that she returns those feelings?

Eric: Look, I, uh...

Nicole: Yeah, I'm-- I'm gonna run some errands on my lunch break.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, of course.

[Phone rings] Horton center, this is eric. This is me

Chloe: Wait.

Julie: Yeah?

Chloe: I'm--I'm sorry, but I very much resent your patronizing tone, julie. There's nothing unrealistic about me wanting to buy this club.

Julie: Fine. Whatever.

Chloe: And why do you want to buy it? I mean, wouldn't it be a hassle and a headache for you at this point in your life?

Julie: At this point in my life. Obviously a euphemism for "at your age." So I'll respond. I have boundless energy. I'm married to an amazing man who also has boundless energy. We will have no problem whatsoever running this club.

Chloe: If you say so.

Julie: I say so. And it will be more meaningful to us because some of the happiest years of our lives were spent together running doug's place. The club my husband used to own.

Chloe: Really?

Julie: Oh, from our first hello. Doug had more charm, more charisma, than any man I had ever met. And to see him perform onstage singing those beautiful love songs and singing them to me, one look, my life changed forever.

Chloe: What a lovely story.

Julie: I miss those times.

Chloe: I'm sure you do. So since you've been married for so long and you have so many wonderful memories, wouldn't your retirement savings be better spent on something a little more relaxing and less stressful than running a nightclub? Like, I don't know, maybe another cruise?

Julie: Enough with the cruises. We've been to every port in the world five times over. No, no, chloe. Doug and I need something creative, involving, to keep our juices flowing. And it would be a chance to give something wonderful back to salem, the town where we met and fell in love. No, investing in this club will be like--like giving a valentine to doug. A trophy of our great love.

[Laughs] I can't wait to see his face when I hand over those keys.

Chloe: So, you want to surprise him?

Julie: Oh, I absolutely do.

Chloe: That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Julie: So now that you understand, you'll bow out gracefully, won't you?

Chloe: Not on your life.

Abigail: Okay, so, it says we are supposed to write down all of the names of the family members that you have that have ever been married at st luke'S.

Chad: Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea for my side. Okay, uh, let me think. Brady and kristen... uhhhh, sami and ej, and... no, that's, uh... shouldn't have brought that up.

Abigail: No, that's okay. I mean, it's not like it takes mentioning their name for me to think about their wedding. I think about it a lot.

Chad: Let's just, uh-- let's stick to your side of the family, and, uh...

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: Okay. Um, well, there's bo and hope. And then there's adrienne and, uh... no, okay, that doesn't really work.

Chad: No.

Abigail: Gosh, poor lucas.

Chad: Yeah. At least your mom and kate found him. Lucky--luckily, you called your mom.

Abigail: Can you imagine? I mean, all those years of sobriety, and it's just gone.

Chad: Hopefully he gets the help he needs.

Lucas: Help me! Help! I need help in here!

Kayla: Lucas--

Lucas: What the hell is going on?!

Kayla: Just try to relax, okay? Deep breath, deep breath.

Lucas: What am I doing here?

Kayla: Just try to relax.

Lucas: Who the hell did this to me?

Kayla: You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Kate: If jennifer and i hadn't found you, you'd be dead right now.

Lucas: What?!

Brady: No, you're right. I don't--I don't know how nicole feels about eric. And I should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Victor: I'm sensing a disclaimer.

Brady: I don't trust him. I don't trust him. He's been lusting after nicole for god knows how many months-- months! And all the while, I've been telling nicole, "hey, call eric up. You should get your gig back. I know how much you love working there." I mean, how much of a fool am I, huh?

Victor: I'm sorry, brady.

Brady: No, don't be sorry. I'm, I'M... I'm the only one to blame. Except maybe my dad a little bit. He was the one that, um, convinced me that if I keep nicole from doing something that she loves to do, she'll probably resent it later. You know? She'll probably-- she'll probably hate me for that and end up destroying our relationship, never thinking that my encouraging nicole to keep the job would actually be the thing that destroyed us.

Victor: Well, it seems to me that you've listened to the angel on your shoulder. Now it's time to hear from the devil.

[Portentous music]

Nicole: Hi, brandon, it's me. Listen, I know you're at work, but when you have a sec, can you call me back? Could really use a friend. Oh, and P.S., Holly can't wait to meet her uncle. Bye.

Abe: Hello.

Nicole: Oh, abe. Hi. I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.

Abe: Couldn't help but overhear your message to brandon.

Nicole: Yeah, we've been playing phone tag for the last few days.

Abe: You know, I think he's at a pediatrics conference up in the twin cities this week.

Nicole: Well, I could really use his advice right now.

Abe: Well, how about me?

Nicole: You. Um... well, [Stammering] It's pretty... well, you know, abe, I don't think so.

Abe: Nicole, ah... we've known each other for a long time. And your mother was a very dear friend of mine, and i have actually considered you a member of my family.

Nicole: Yeah, I, um... I feel the same way about you.

Abe: Then you should know that if you have a problem, I would like to help.

Nicole: Okay.

[Tender music]

It's eric. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I think I have feelings for him. Prestige creams not living up to the hype?

[Light music]

Julie: So, chloe, don't take this the wrong way, but it takes a person with some experience to run and own a successful nightclub. And you're just a newbie at this. Practically a dilettante.

Chloe: With all due respect, julie, I have played some of the most prestigious opera houses in the world.

Julie: Wow. I don't care if you dueted with pl*cido domingo at the met. That doesn't qualify you to run a successful nightclub.

Chloe: Well, you might change your mind if you saw my business plan.

Julie: Business plan? Where would I find it, on the back of a cocktail napkin? Besides, how can you possibly afford it?

Chloe: Not that it is anyone's concern, but I found an investor who believes in me, and more importantly, I believe in myself. Gone are the days of where I'm waiting for someone else to give me a chance. I'm gonna create my own opportunities. So from now on, my livelihood and my son's, I will be the one holding the cards. And this club is just the beginning.

Julie: You're a very determined woman.

Chloe: I am.

Julie: Well, so am I. May the best determined woman win.

Chad: All right, what's the next question? Lay it on me.

Abigail: Next question is, okay, "have you ever had children out of wedlock?" Oof, okay, um, how do you wanna... how do you wanna answer this?

Chad: Well, um... yeah, just put--put yes for me.

Abigail: It's still really painful for you to think about grace, isn't it?

Chad: I mean, there, uh, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. Wondering what she'd be like.

Abigail: I think you should put that after yes.

Chad: All right. The priest wants honesty, then the priest gets honesty. No surprises.

Lucas: Get me out of here.

Jennifer: Please, we found you at st. Luke's, unconscious. Do you remember that?

Lucas: I don't want to be restrained like this. Get me out of here, I know what this is. This is an intervention, isn't it? Everybody's here, my sister, my mother, my sponsor--

Maggie: We are here because we love you, lucas!

Lucas: I had a couple drinks aunt maggie, that's it. It's not the end of the damn world.

Kayla: Lucas, this was very serious. You had severe alcohol poisoning; you could have died.

Lucas: Come on.

Jennifer: Please, we're not judging you.

Lucas: Yeah? That's funny. Some of you are, aren't you?

Kate: I love you. I love you! I just want you to be all right.

Maggie: Honey, listen, I've called a few treatment centers. And I found one that I think will be a good fit for you.

Lucas: I'm not going to rehab. There's no way in hell--

Kate: Listen to me! Honey, you have to go to rehab. You have an illness, and you have to get better. You need help. It's the only way.

Lucas: Don't!

Kate: Honey...

Victor: You don't want to lose nicole to eric, then you have to stop acting so damn selfless. Of course, the other solution is to dump her right now and forget the whole thing.

Brady: No. I don't-- I don't want to dump her. I'm in love with her. I love her little girl, I love the family that we have, for god's sake. I don't want to do that.

Victor: Well, then stop... handing her over to your brother on a silver platter.

Brady: I don't know what-- I don't know what to do. I want you to tell me what to do. 'Cause I can't make her quit her horton center gig. She loves it. I'd be a controlling jerk, just like deimos was. I don't want her to resent me for the rest of my life.

Victor: Not if she doesn't know about it.

Brady: You're saying i should go behind her back.

Victor: I'm saying you should find somebody else to do your dirty work.

[Light suspenseful music]

Abe: And these feelings that you had for eric that have resurfaced, are they recent?

Nicole: Yes. At least, I've only admitted them to myself fairly recently. Today, actually. You see, this... this young man came into the center, and he seemed really nice, and he had a similar story to eric'S. He was driving drunk, and he hit someone, and fortunately for him, the victim survived. And eric talked him through everything. He really made a difference in this young man's life.

Abe: Eric's made a difference in a lot of people's lives, from what I've heard.

Nicole: Yeah. But today, I was so moved and so proud. I reached out to grab his hand, and...

Abe: Nicole. Do you think you can fight these feelings? I mean, I assume you want to, since you're with brady now.

Nicole: Yes, of course I want to. I love brady. But this has been an issue with us, you know. He suspected that something was going on between eric and me, and he accused me of having feelings for him, and I didn't think I had feelings for him, at least not at the time.

[Sighs heavily] It turns out brady is right. I don't know what to do, abe. What am I gonna do?

Julie: Looks promising. Not a lot of bidders. Looks like I won't have much competition today.

Chloe: That's funny. I was thinking the same thing. What the... what is he doing here?

Julie: Who is he?

Chloe: That's myron. He used to work for dario.

Julie: I read all about him in "the spectator."

Myron: Hello, chloe. You look radiant today. And who is this? Let me guess--your sister.

Julie: Just an acquaintance. Julie williams.

Myron: Myron raditz. Pleasure. Well, I, uh, see you ladies have your paddles. Anyone up for ping pong?

Chloe: [Chuckles] Yeah, we're here for the auction.

Myron: Fantastic, 'cause so am I.

Julie: We gathered.

Chloe: So, um, what have you been up to since dario left?

Julie: Besides avoiding the law and getting away with it?

Myron: My hands are clean.

Julie: Oh. I'm sure you wash.

Myron: Well, to answer your question, chloe, I linked up with a tech firm out in silicon valley. Instead of taking a paycheck, I chose stock options. The very next week, the ipo exploded. Boom!

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to get started.

Chloe: Thanks to myron, it looks like neither one of us is gonna win.

Abe: I don't have any answers, nicole. We can't control our feelings, obviously. Just our actions.

Nicole: Right.

Abe: You know, it seems to me that... when we're in the proximity of someone we have feelings for, well, those feelings are likely to intensify when you're in the presence of that person every day. Hours at a time. Working closely together.

Nicole: So, I should stop working with eric? Is that what you're saying?

Abe: Actually, yes. Especially... especially if, um, nicole... has eric given any indication that he feels the same way about you?

Nicole: No. I don't think so.

[Reflective music]

At least I hope not. For both our sakes. I mean, if brady finds out, oh, my god. I hate to think how he would react or what he would do.

[Heavy knock]

Eric: Hey, brady. If you're looking for nicole, she's out running some errands.

Brady: I came to see you.

Eric: What's going on?

Brady: I want to talk to you about nicole. Every hour is a chance

Abigail: Oh, looks like we're already getting wedding presents, huh?

Chad: Ooh, who's it from?

Abigail: Let's see. Grandma laura. That's sweet.

Chad: Wonderful. Is she coming to the wedding?

Abigail: No. She's speaking at a seminar in seattle.

Chad: Is that code for "I don't approve of the groom, so I won't be joining you in celebration"?

Abigail: No, it's not code for anything. She adores you.

Chad: I'll bet she's probably got my picture on one of those dartboards so she can practice throwing bullseyes at it like you see in the movies.

Abigail: No. She gave us her blessing. You wanna open it?

Chad: No, I don't need to open no presents. My present's right here in front of me. It's the only thing I'll ever need.

[Warm music]

Lucas: I am not going. I am not going to rehab. Do you understand me?

Kayla: Lucas, listen, you have pushed yourself to the brink. If you do not get help, you may not be so lucky next time.

Lucas: I'm lucky now, really? I'm lucky strapped to a bed? This is not luck!

Jennifer: Stop it, stop it! You are gonna hurt yourself. Stop it. Look at me! Listen to me! I know what you're going through. You know that. Please, I know how you feel. I know you're in denial. I know that you think you can conquer this whole thing on your own, but you can'T. Look at me! You need help. And you know that the way to recovery is admitting that you need help, right? Lucas, you know that. Please. Stop. Lucas, stop!

Kate: Lucas, listen to me. This place--maggie found it, and it has an excellent, excellent reputation. It's really close by, right, so that is always a good thing. Honey, there's an opening for you today. Today!

Lucas: I know what you're doing. You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you? You're trying to get rid of me so I won't embarrass you guys anymore, right?

Maggie: Not around to embarrass you?! Oh, come on, lucas. Come on, do you really think we're so callous and so shallow that that's what we care about? Or maybe, just maybe, it's that we don't want you to die! So come on, that's the reason that we want you to get help.

Lucas: You know what, aunt maggie, if you care so much about me, if you're worried about me being a raging drunk and almost dying, then why did you let adrienne move back into justin's house?

Maggie: Justin is victor's nephew! It was not my place to stop adrienne from being with him.

Jennifer: We feel horrible. We feel horrible for everything that happened with adrienne, but you can't throw your life away. You have a daughter you need to think about.

Lucas: [Panting] Allie is with sami. My son is gone. I don't have anything left. They won't even let me see my granddaughter anymore.

Jennifer: Stop.

Lucas: And if that's not bad enough, you fired me! You took things from me. You fired--you took my whole life from me. What do I have now? What do I have? A big, fat nothing, that's what I have.

Kate: Lucas, listen to me. No! That's not true. You have so many people who love you. I love you. I love you. I fired you because I had to help you.

Lucas: Right, right. Tough love, I remember. I get it. I do, I get it. I don't want your love! I don't want your love tough, I don't want it otherwise. I don't want anything to do with you. I don't want your help. I don't want you guys here right now. Get me out of here! Get me out of this bed and get me out of these restraints now. Now!

Maggie: Lucas, stop.

Nicole: You're right, abe. There's only one thing I can do. I have to quit my job at the center.

Abe: You know I only suggested that because I know-- I think we all know that it's hard to tamp down feelings for someone we care about if we're always around them.

Nicole: You know, I was... I was so determined to go back to work at the center. You know, I thought that i wanted to make a difference. I thought it was this noble side of me that wanted to help people. And I felt the same way with my job at the parish office. But eric worked there too, so i wonder if my love for both these jobs is because of eric. Because I wanted to be near him.

Eric: Brady, why don't we just start by calming down--

Brady: Stop. No, no, no, no. Stop. Are you seriously gonna stand there right now and deny that you have feelings for nicole, hm? Come on, come on, admit it to me. Just say it to my face.

Eric: Okay, okay. I do. I do. But I've never done anything about it. She doesn't know how I feel.

Brady: How long have you had feelings for her? Just tell me. How long have you been in love with her?

Eric: I never said that I--

Brady: How long?!

Eric: I guess it started when I came back to salem.

Brady: About six or seven months then, huh?

Eric: Brady, we never did anything about it. I never--she's with you.

Brady: [Scoffs] That's never stopped you before, man.

Eric: Are you kidding me? You're talking about kristen, who drugged me?

Brady: The hell is it with you, anyway? You always want what you don't have. Well, that's gonna stop. That's gonna stop today, 'cause you're not having her. You hear me? You're not having nicole!

Eric: Brady, I'm telling you, I don't want nicole! You're my brother. I will never come between you two. Because I want you to be happy.

Brady: You mean that?

Eric: Yes, of course I do. I mean it.

Brady: All right, all right. Then I want you to do us a favor. I want you to fire her. Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Abe: Nicole... can I give you some fatherly advice? I want you to think, long and hard, about where you are in your life. You know, maybe brady has bailed you out of a few situations over the years, but I'm willing to bet you've done the same for him. I don't want to see you get trapped in a relationship because you feel you owe it to someone. Gratitude and love are very different things.

[Phone alarm beeps]

Nicole: Well, um... sorry, I guess my lunch break is over. Abe, thank you for listening.

Abe: Hey. I'm always here for you.

Nicole: Thank you.

Eric: You want me to fire nicole?

Brady: It seems that that's our only option.

Eric: Because I care about her, she should lose her job?

Brady: Yeah.

Eric: You know what? I want you to know something. Nicole is making a difference here. People are walking in here asking to see her. You know what she's doing? She's helping people get back on their feet and get their lives together.

Brady: I know that, and i think that's terrific. But by firing her, you'll be able to move on with your life. That's a win-win for everybody, eric. Fire her.

[Soft dramatic music]

Okay, folks, we're gonna start the bidding at $200,000, which is a real steal considering the high-efficiency appliances that were installed earlier this year. The comps near horton square are going for twice as much. So, do I hear 200,000?

Chloe: 200,000.

I have 200,000 from the woman with the beautiful blue eyes. Let's go 210. Do I hear 210?

Julie: 210!

Fantastic. 210 from the lovely lady in red.

Myron: 215.

215. Do I hear 220?

Chloe: 220.

Julie: 225.


Chloe: Great, brady only lent me so much. 245.

We have 245.

Julie: 250!

250 going once, going twice...

Myron: $400,000.

Julie: That's twice the opening bid. I can't afford it.

Chloe: Me neither.

Okay, folks. We have $400,000 from the gentleman up front. Anyone gonna top that? Going once... going twice...

[Together]: Five! $500,000!

Myron: You guys got robbed. I'm out.

That's $500,000. Anybody else? Going once, going twice, sold.

[Squealing] If a denture were to be

Julie: We did it! We did it! [Laughing]

Chloe: I'm sorry, myron.

Myron: Well, I wasn't gonna risk my entire nest egg just to meet a few chicks. Good luck to you guys. I have a feeling you're gonna need it.

Julie: Chicks! Chicks, he says. Chloe, that was an inspired idea. Inspired! It just goes to show, stronger together.

Chloe: Yeah, except now we're gonna have to work together.

Julie: Oh, don't worry about that. I'm an easygoing boss. I meant to say partner. I think this is great. It's a great idea. You are gonna learn so much from me.

Chloe: Or the other way around.

Julie: Eh, six of one, half a dozen of the other. Congratulations, partner. Where do I write the check?

Chad: You know, are you-- are you feeling-- how you feeling, 100%? You feel good?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm good.

Chad: Yeah, all better? Then what would you say if i said maybe we should take this upstairs and...

Abigail: I would say I'd love to do that more than anything.

Chad: All right, so we'll go on up.

Abigail: But... no, I'm not gonna go to bed with you right now.

Chad: Uh...

Kate: Lucas, please, I am begging you. I am begging you to reconsider.

Lucas: What part of no don't you understand? I am not going to rehab. Okay? Not now, not ever.

Jennifer: You cannot do this on your own. You know that as well as I do.

Lucas: All I know is, I have to get out of here now. I'm out of here. I want out, all right? I want--I want my discharge papers, now.

Kate: I'm not going to authorize that.

Lucas: You don't have to authorize it! You don't have a legal right to keep me here. None of you do! I want to sign the papers so i can go, okay? That way I won't have to burden anybody anymore.

Jennifer: Lucas...

[Somber music]

Victor: I'll have the documents signed and messengered over to your office by the end of business today. All right, thank you, bryan. Well, how'd it go?

Victor: I did everything you told me to do. But I'm having second thoughts about it.

Victor: Oh, stop doing that. You did what you had to do. Listen, I've got to get these papers signed.

Brady: All right.

[Tense music]

Nicole: How was your lunch?

Eric: It was productive.

Nicole: Yeah, same here.

Eric: Nicole... before we get back to work, there's something I want to talk to you about. Oh, my god.

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