Days Transcript Thursday 9/14/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/14/17


Episode #13172 ~ Bonnie begs Hattie not to expose her; Sheila gives Adrienne disappointing news; Marlena grows curious when Eric tells her about Hattie's strange therapy session with Adrienne; Theo admits he wants to get back together with Claire.

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Theo: I don't want you to be tripp's girlfriend, claire. I want you to be mine.

[Soft music]

So what do you think?

Claire: I forgot what a great kisser you are.

Theo: Not about the kiss-- about me wanting you to be my girlfriend again.

Claire: Oh, yeah!

[Laughs] That. Yes, yes. I want that too, definitely.

Theo: Ah-ah-ah! What about tripp?

Claire: What about him?

Theo: I mean, you were just going on about how it'd be so great to be his girlfriend, so... which one of us do you really want?

Adrienne: What is taking so long? Oh, my god, where's justin? I can't believe this.


Lockhart. Lockhart. You have a visitor, lockhart.

Adrienne: Oh, thank god. He's finally here.

Come on in.

Sheila: Howdy.

Adrienne: Sheila?

Bonnie: Damn, I thought this was gonna be smooth as silk, and now-- oh, look.

The suspect, hattie adams, falsified the medical reports of three people, committing them to bayview sanitarium. Pending trial, adams is expected to be back at statesville prison for an indefinite period.

Bonnie: Omg. What if hattie names me as her accomplice? Oh, my god, I got to get to her before she opens her big mouth!

[Dramatic music]


[Exhales sharply] Okay.

Brady: Adrienne! How you doing?

Bonnie: Hey, hi. Oh, I'd love to stay and chat, but I got to run.

Brady: Well, you know what? You know what? We haven't seen much of you at all since you moved in. We were thinking maybe we could all have dinner-- you and justin, nicole and I. What do you think?

Nicole: Yeah, we should do that.

Brady: That restaurant you liked in chicago, um... tout va bien--go there?

Bonnie: Oh, you know, gosh, uh, I'd love to say that I can, but I can'T. All right, take it easy, guys.

Nicole: Adrienne, wait. Where's the fire?

Eric: No, no, nicole walker, she doesn't work here any longer. However, we will be looking to, uh, hire somebody to take her place. No, no, it won't be easy replacing her. Right. Thank you. Bye.

[Soft music]

Nicole: You know, when-- when julie asked me to keep working at the center, I was so tempted to say yes. You know, I can take holly to the child care program...

Eric: Yeah, but you didn't say yes.

Nicole: Well, you know, brady and I discussed it, and... there's a lot I could do for the titan charities.

Eric: That was brady's idea?

Nicole: Well, we both thought it would be better.

Eric: Well, we are gonna miss you at the center-- I mean I will. I mean we all will.

Nicole: Yeah. I'll miss it too.

Marlena: Eric?

Eric: Mom? You--you really are my mom, right?

Marlena: [Laughs]

Eric: What was my favorite childhood food?

Marlena: Chocolate-covered peanut butter cups.

Eric: Only my mom would know that.

Marlena: Oh, honey!

Eric: I am so happy to see you.

Marlena: Oh, my love.

Eric: Oh, I'm so sorry, what hattie put you through.

Marlena: Yeah, well, that was pretty terrible.

Eric: Yeah, well, thank god it's over.

Marlena: Yeah. Or maybe it's not quite.

Hattie: I want to talk to justin kiriakis now. Are you gonna give me his number or not?

Justin: No need. I'm right here.

Hattie: Oh, thank god! Look, there's something I got to tell you. And I need to do it before it's too late.

[Tense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Eric: Well, hattie is in police custody. There's no way that she can get to you or john if she wanted to.

Marlena: There's one thing I've learned about dealing with hattie. Never underestimate her.

Eric: Yeah, I get it. I'm just so sorry for what she put you through.

Marlena: Well, john was the one who helped pull me through it.

Eric: Mm, yeah. He knew something was up from the very beginning. The moment that he thought that you--I mean hattie--wanted to be with my dad again...

Marlena: John said that you had gone to the salem inn to talk to me--her--me.

Eric: Right. [Laughs] Yeah, I did.

Marlena: Must've been an interesting conversation.

Eric: Uh, "bizarre" is a better word.

Marlena: Tell me.

Eric: Well, when I got there, you know, I could hear this music blaring from another room, and it sounded like a party was going on. So I went to check it out.

Marlena: And?

Eric: Well, I knocked on the door, and no one opened at first. Then finally hattie-- well, what I thought was your laugh was her, and then she, uh-- she came and, uh-- well, it was disturbing, to say the least.

Marlena: And what happened?

Eric: Well, I could tell that she had been drinking. There was food boxes, there was booze all over, and there was clothes everywhere, scattered. But that wasn't the strangest part.

Marlena: Was she alone?

Eric: No, she wasn'T. She was also with adrienne.

[Dramatic music]

Adrienne: What are you doing here? You were supposed to find justin and tell him I'm trapped in here. I knew I should've written the address down for you.

Sheila: Oh, I found the place, no problem. Big ol' mansion, crawling with rich people. Fancy-ass figurines everywhere and everything. Mm-hmm.

Adrienne: So did you see justin or--or no?

Sheila: I did. And you called it. He's a hottie.

Adrienne: I said that?

Sheila: Sure did.

Adrienne: Okay, so-- so if you saw justin, then you gave him the card with my note in it, right?

Sheila: Well, um...

Adrienne: You did give him the card, didn't you?

Sheila: Uh, not exactly.

Bonnie: Fire? There's no fire. Least I hope not. I was just gonna take care of a little something and be out and back--

Brady: Okay, listen, if dinner is no good this weekend, we can do it another--

Bonnie: Well...

[Stammering] Maybe weekend after next.

Brady: Right.

Nicole: Great.

Bonnie: Awesome.

Nicole: Yes! Um, we--we just wanted you to know we're--we're glad things worked out between you and justin.

Bonnie: Aw, that's sweet, but I really have to--

Nicole: We were a little surprised, though. 'Cause last we heard, you were going to marry lucas.

Bonnie: Yeah, I know. I know. What can I say? Lucas and me, we just... you know, and then, uh, justin and me, we--it's, well, like it's always--

Nicole: Adrienne, adrienne, adrienne.

Bonnie: What?

Nicole: You seem really distracted. Are you okay?

Justin: What could you possibly have to tell me?

Hattie: Well, first of all, hattie adams.

Justin: I know who you are. It's all over the news, what you did to john and marlena, who happen to be very good friends of mine.

Hattie: Well, that's just my point. You see, this whole town is just in love with john and marlena, and that makes me public enemy number one. So...

[Stammering] I think the law says that a person is innocent till proven guilty, right?

Justin: That's true.

Hattie: So you just gonna stand there and let them take me to jail without a fair trial, or you gonna live up to your sworn duty and--and be my attorney?

Justin: Well, I'm certainly not the only lawyer in town. And since there's no valid reason for me to take on your case...

Hattie: Oh, I got a hell of a valid reason. And when you hear what I have to say, you'll be real glad you took my case.

If your skin had a wash label

Claire: [Exhales sharply] Okay. Truth is, I don't really want to be tripp's girlfriend.

Theo: Okay, but you said--

Claire: No, I know what I said. I know. But I didn't mean it. Okay, I lied. I lied, if you're gonna be so literal about it. Since when are you not literal, so... yes, I was not completely honest about wanting to be tripp's girlfriend and... a couple of other things.

Theo: Like what?

Claire: Like when I told you that I was okay just being friends with you. I never was. I was just telling you what you wanted to hear. Is that a deal breaker?

[Soft dramatic music]

Adrienne: What do you mean, "not exactly"? Did you give justin the card, or didn't you?

Sheila: I mean, well, if you put it that way, then no, I didn'T.

Adrienne: Why not? I told you justin would pay a fortune as a reward to get me out of this hell hole. Don't you want that kind of money?

Sheila: Sure, I do, and I'm getting it.

Adrienne: Okay, that doesn't make any sense. Why is justin paying you if you didn't tell him where I am?

Sheila: I didn't say that justin was giving it to me. I'm getting it from bonnie. You know, the one who took over your life?

Bonnie: No, I'm fine, really. Honestly, never better. Well, it's just, you know, with lucas and I and... well, justin and I-- well, let's face it. You can have more than one love in your lifetime, right?

Nicole: Uh, yeah, of course.

Bonnie: Right. And it's not like I didn't love lucas. I did. And it's not that i wasn't happy. But knowing that justin was carrying a torch for me... well, it just made me recheck my own heart, you know? And then I just realized that i had to end it with lucas.

Nicole: I see.

Bonnie: Not that that was easy. Poor guy was crushed. But that connection with justin, you know, it just couldn't be broken. I mean, I'm sure you know how that is, right? I mean, you never lose that pull towards your first love, you know? Soul mate. Hmm.

Marlena: Look, do you know-- did you even ask why "marlena" and--and adrienne were together?

Eric: Yeah, I did. Hattie said they were in the middle of a counseling session. "Role-reversal therapy," as she called it.

Marlena: Wow. She's done her homework.

Eric: She also claimed that she found adrienne drowning her sorrows because of a breakup with lucas.

Marlena: Well, that whole-- that whole "therapy" story is bogus. Wow, it must have been a cover-up for something.

Eric: Like what?

Marlena: I don't know. But there had to be some reason the two of them were together.

Justin: Given your involvement with a lot of people I care about, I would appreciate some clarification.

Hattie: Well, I'm not spilling squat till you agree to be my lawyer.

Justin: That's not going to happen. But I can assure you about... confidentiality. And I happen to have some free time, so why don't we continue this conversation someplace more private? Interrogation room? After you. So... what do you need me to know?

Hattie: What if I told you I wasn't working alone?

Justin: Well, considering what you were able to pull off, I'd say I'm not surprised.

Hattie: Good. So I am ready, willing, and able to give up that person-- right here, right now. Little dakota's nose was quivering in fear.

[Soft music]

Claire: I should've known it was too much to lay on you. At least I was honest.

Theo: No, claire, claire, come on, it's not--it's not a deal breaker. You know, I still want you to be my girlfriend.

Claire: What, you're not mad that I lied?

Theo: I mean, I'm not happy. Trust is a big deal to me.

Claire: I mean, like i don't know that. We broke up because I broke your trust. And I've been kicking myself ever since.

Theo: Well, stop. It's over.

Claire: Good. I hope so. 'Cause I hated hurting you.

Theo: Well, the way you had my back when my dad was in trouble, that--that pretty much makes up for it all. Besides, how could i stay mad at you? You know, I lied too.

Claire: What? You never lie.

Theo: I know. I-I told myself that I was okay with just being your friend as well, which wasn't true.

Claire: Okay. Well, that doesn't matter because everything is over now and we're back together.

Theo: Well... we kind of have a problem.

Claire: What do you-- what do you mean?

Theo: It'S... we kind of have a big problem, and I don't know how we're gonna fix it.

Bonnie: Well, that's my two cents on love. Really got to scoot, though.

Nicole: Yeah, and holly needs to eat anyway, so...

Bonnie: Holly? Who's holly? Oh, the baby, holly!

Nicole: Yeah.

Bonnie: Holy holly. [Laughs] Well, she sure is cute, now, isn't she?

Nicole: Yes, she is.

Bonnie: Oh, gosh, I hope I wasn't too loud.

Nicole: No, it's okay. She needs to eat anyway, so...

Bonnie: Oh, right. You know, I just hired us a maid. Her name is sheila, and I think she's in the kitchen. She could probably whip up something real super-duper special for this little one. But I really do have to go, so have a nice day.

[Holly fussing]

Adrienne: What do you mean, bonnie gave you the-- what do you mean that bonnie gave you the money? Where did you see her?

Sheila: At the mansion. I was there giving justin the note, and i ran into lockhart. And I got to admit, man, I wasn't going for the whole switcheroo thing at first, until I saw her again, and y'all really, really look like twins.

Adrienne: Unlike me, she is a real con person! If you think you're gonna get your money out of her, you can forget it. I've heard about her. Sheila.

Sheila: [Laughs] Funny you'd say that, 'cause she said the same thing about you, how, when justin read the card, he'd have no reason to give me the money because he already knew where you were. Ugh, whatever.

Adrienne: No, that's not true! That's not true. He'd be very grateful. He'd want to reward you!

Sheila: Not according to bonnie. And she has a reason to pay me. Because if she doesn't, I can blow her whole cover sky-high. Last thing she wants to do is get booted out of the "greek tycoon's" estate.

Adrienne: What? I don't live at the mansion. I live at the salem inn with lucas.

Sheila: Uh, not anymore. See, the you that people think is adrienne, she and justin are back together.

Justin: Seems to me you're trying to weasel out of paying for your crime.

Hattie: No! No, not at all. I-I just don't want to pretend that I didn't have help.

Justin: Well, even if you did, even if you were the brains behind the operation and this other person was nothing more than a grunt doing your dirty work--

Hattie: I did--I did most of the dirty work myself. But the fact is, they're just as guilty.

Justin: "Just as guilty"? You kidnapped a woman and stole her life!

Hattie: Yeah. Well, what they did is just as awful.

Justin: Okay, then. Tell me who it is.

Eric: So hattie admitted to everything?

Marlena: [Chuckles] Thank you, sweetie. Uh, you know, I-I actually saw her at the station. She fell apart and confessed.

Eric: Including why she was hanging out with adrienne?

Marlena: No. No. But she did say she was not working alone.

Eric: Well, do you think adrienne was trying to help hattie do what she did?

Marlena: Oh, honey, I don't want to think that.

Eric: Well, I'm sure she thought hattie was you, just like we all did.

Marlena: I'm so curious what that--that "therapy session" was all about.

Eric: Yeah, it was more like a celebration to me.

Marlena: A celebration? Of what?

Eric: I wish I knew.

Marlena: Well, in any event, we'll get to the bottom of it sooner or later. But I really want to ask how you're doing.

Eric: Me? Oh, I'm fine. See?

Marlena: Hmm.

Eric: Mom, you have to be somewhere now, don't you?

Marlena: Well, no, no, I do have some time, actually, so--

Eric: Mom, you came here to talk about hattie, didn't you?

Marlena: We can talk about hattie, but first we'll talk about you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Nicole: I like working at the center. But, brady, this isn't because of eric.

Brady: What is it because of, then?

Nicole: Well, because I-I like people. I like helping them. You know, I even wrote a few grants, and julie seems to think we'll get additional funding.

Brady: That is great.

Nicole: Brady. Brady, come here, please. This isn't about eric. So? What do you think?

Brady: What do I think? I think that after everything that's happened between you and eric in the last couple weeks that if I were to look at you right now and say it didn't bother me at all that you were going back to work with him, I'd be lying to your face. That's what I think.

Nicole: Oh, I never thought being around someone could make me so happy.

Brady: [Sighs] Well, I wish you were talking about me, but I know better.

Nicole: No. Brady, you make me happy too. It's just, having holly back and watching her play with tate and hearing her laugh, it's like all my prayers have been answered.

Brady: Nothing's gonna change that.

Nicole: Nothing's gonna change us either, right?

Brady: What do you mean?

Nicole: Well...[Sighs] After what adrienne said, you know, that you never get over your first love-- I mean, I don't believe that. And I'm hoping you don't either.

Brady: I don'T. I don'T. I mean, that's-- it's a cliché about love that never made much sense to me. It's kind of ridiculous, if you think about it.

Nicole: Me either. I mean, your first love, it could be awful, could be a terrible relationship, and of course you would get over that, right? I mean...

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Unless you like to wallow in your own misery.

Brady: Who wants to do that? Exactly.

Nicole: So... you're okay with me going back to work at the center?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah. I-I said I was. You know, I said I was, and I meant it to you, and I know it means a lot to you to do it. Besides, who can say no to julie, right? So...

Nicole: It's not easy.

Brady: You told me there's nothing going on between you and my brother, and I believe you. And this not only gives me the chance to say that I'm totally fine with it, but it gives me the chance to prove it to you, okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Adrienne: This can't be happening. I can't be back with justin.

Sheila: All I know is, when I was there looking for him and I ran into bonnie, she said she lived there with him at the mansion.

Adrienne: I don't get it. Live--live there? What about lucas?

Sheila: She probably dumped him.

Adrienne: Oh, my god! Oh! Oh, my god, lucas!

[Sobbing] This must've been her plan all along-- to take over my life so she could get to justin and his money. Oh!

Sheila: And, uh... it looks like it's paying off.

Adrienne: No. Justin's a smart man. He will figure this out sooner rather than later.

Sheila: Girl, wake up. A man has no use for a brain when it comes to love. They see what they want to see. When your ex sees bonnie, girl, all he sees is you.

Adrienne: [Gasping]

Hattie: You might not believe me at first. But when you hear what I got to tell you, you're gonna--

[Door opens]

Bonnie: Justin, what are-- what are you doing here?

Justin: What am I doing? I'm listening to this woman try to convince me to represent her.

Bonnie: Can I see you for a minute outside?

Hattie: Uh, no. No, you may not see him for a minute outside. I'm talking to him now. You'll just have to wait your turn.

Bonnie: It'll just take a moment, please.

Justin: Hold that thought.

Hattie: Hey, wh--

Justin: I'll be right back.

[Suspenseful music]

Bonnie: Are you forgetting what that woman did to y-- our friends? I mean, john and marlena-- what would they think when they found out you were representing her?

Justin: Well, I haven't agreed to do that. She's just insisting that i hear her out.

Bonnie: About what?

Justin: Well, apparently she wasn't working alone and she's hoping that if she gives up her accomplice, the judge will go easy on her.

Bonnie: You know, that woman's practically a grifter. I mean, you can't believe anything she has to say.

Justin: Well, I'd still like to hear her out.

Bonnie: Well, just promise me you won't represent her.

Justin: Adrienne, you need to calm down.

Bonnie: Promise me! Please.

Justin: Why do you care so much anyway?

Bonnie: Well, I-I don't want you to get involved with-- with a client who's clearly bad news.

Justin: Well, whether I do or not, it's my decision. Now, I know you didn't come down here to tell me to steer clear of hattie adams. Why are you here?

Claire: Okay. Tell me, theo. What is this big problem?

Theo: Uh, tripp. You know, he asked me if I was cool with him asking you out, and I don't think I want to live with someone who wants to date my girlfriend.

Claire: Oh. Yeah, you won't have to.

Theo: Okay, so are we gonna tell him he can't move in?

Claire: No. No, no, no, he can still move in.

Theo: Okay, I'm confused now.

Claire: Okay, okay. So the reason that tripp asked you how you felt about him asking me out is because I told him how you got jealous after you saw us hugging. And then he decided--on his own, I swear-- that he wanted to help me out by making you even more jealous.

Theo: And how would that help you?

Claire: Because if you got jealous enough, then... eventually you'd admit that you want me back, kind of like you did. You still want me back, don't you?

Eric: Mom, please. Don't look so worried. Everything is fine.

Marlena: Or are you being stoic? I know things aren't easy, working here with nicole, especially given your history.

Brady: Why don't you call eric, tell him you're gonna come back?

Nicole: Really? I mean, I'd like to... especially because he's probably stressed out right now about trying to replace me.

Eric: It wasn't easy at first, working with nicole. In fact, it was downright uncomfortable. But we found a way to work through it.

Marlena: I'm so glad to hear that.

Brady: You don't have to explain, and you don't need to get my permission, that's for sure. I want you to do what you want to do. So call eric. Right now, if you want to.

Eric: Not that it matters anymore.

Marlena: What do you mean?

Eric: Nicole-- her time here is over. It's probably for the best.

[Line rings]

[Cell phone ringing] Excuse me.

[Soft dramatic music]

Adrienne: I can't believe that justin would even take me back after I... listen to me. Listen to me. Whatever bonnie's giving you, I'll beat it.

Sheila: Sorry. I can't risk it. I got to go for a sure thing.

Adrienne: Then why would you even come here if not to negotiate a better deal?

Sheila: Because I know what it's like to wait for a rescue that's never gonna happen. Somebody once promised to have my back too. I remember sitting in my cell day after day. I just didn't want to put you through all that.

Adrienne: Then don'T. Then don'T. Give justin the card, please. I swear--I swear to you, I'll make it up to you. I'll make it worth your while.

Sheila: Sorry, but if i help you, then bonnie gets ticked and I might end up with nothing.

Adrienne: So, what, you're just gonna leave me here?

Sheila: Yo, stop stressin'. Just stop stressin'. Lockhart doesn't have much time, what, two years, tops?

Adrienne: "Years"? Did you say "years"?

Bonnie: Actually, I'm here to talk to hattie.

Justin: Why? Do you know her?

Bonnie: [Scoffs] Know her? How could I know her? I heard about her arrest on the radio. And I thought if I got here first and got the exclusive that it'd be a coup for "the intruder"--"spectator."

Justin: [Laughs] Only you are not a reporter.

Bonnie: Well, I know that. I just feel like I haven't been pulling my weight lately, and jenn's already ticked at me for dumping lucas, so...

Justin: Still, I think, since jenn is a reporter, she should be the one to cover the story.

Bonnie: Look, I'm doing it, all right?

[Cell phone rings] I'm sorry. I just don't want some other annoying, pushy reporter getting the scoop on me.

Justin: Yeah, what do you got? Look, I got to take this.

Bonnie: No, no, go ahead. I'll be fine.


Do you have police clearance?

Bonnie: Well, I'm mr. Kiriakis'...associate. He had to take a call, and he asked me to get the 411 on our client. What the hell, hattie?

Hattie: What the hell, bonnie?

Bonnie: Please tell me you weren't just about to give me up to justin back there.

Hattie: [Sighs] They got me dead to rights. Marlena evans was here. She knows everything.

Bonnie: Oh, god, everything?

Hattie: Well, no. I mean, she doesn't know about you, not yet. But look, babe, we were partners in crime. It's only a matter of time now before they get you.

Bonnie: Well, not if you keep your big mouth shut. I make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,

Marlena: I'm so glad to see you.

Eric: Me too.

Marlena: Hmm. And if you ever want to talk about anything at all...

Eric: I know. I know.

Marlena: I'm here.


Eric: I'm grateful for that, mom.

Marlena: Mm.

Eric: I love you.

Marlena: I love you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Nicole: Um... eric's not answering his phone.

Brady: He's probably busy trying to juggle everything down there without you.

Nicole: [Laughs] Yeah. Maybe.

Brady: Why don't you go down there? Go down there and tell him in person.

Nicole: Oh, I-I don't know.

Brady: No, no, no. Hey, hey. It's okay. Holly's sleeping, and... I'll be here for her when she wakes up. I can handle it.

Nicole: He probably really does need help right now, you know. So, um, I'll call you and let you know how long I'll be.

Brady: No worries.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: Go.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, uh... you're the best.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: [Sighs]

[Suspenseful music]

Hattie: I kind of feel like you're leaving me high and dry here, you know. Do you expect me to take the fall all by myself for this?

Bonnie: Well, if you're the only one who got caught, why ruin both lives?

Hattie: Well, because you were involved in it too.

Bonnie: [Sighs]

Hattie: Look, you stole adrienne's life, same as I stole marlena's life. And you put adrienne in prison, and I put marlena in the nuthouse.

Bonnie: All right, all right, all right. Just keep it down, would you?

Hattie: It just doesn't seem fair to me, you know? You're out there living in the lap of luxury and you got that greek god just drooling all over you.

Bonnie: Honey, but it's not my fault that things didn't work out for you and roman, really.

Hattie: I know it's not. I know it's not. It just seems like I get the short end of the stick, you know? And... well, before, I had to go up for a crime I didn't commit. And don't think I want to go back there without a fight.

Bonnie: Look, I don't expect you to do that. I just-- please, please, hattie. Please.

Hattie: I don't know, bonnie. Seems to me like if i got to go back to prison, well, then you should too.

Theo: Of course I still want you back.

Claire: Oh, okay. Phew.

Theo: But, um, you're sure you didn't put tripp up to trying to make me jealous, right?

Claire: Yes. Yes, I'm sure. I swear to god, that was all tripp.

Theo: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Not that I wasn't happy that he did it. I should probably say something to him.

Theo: What are you gonna say?

Claire: "Thank you"-- for helping you and me get back together.

[Soft music]

Sheila: First thing you got to-- first thing you got to do is chill.

Bonnie: Oh, that's easy for you to say. You're already out!

Sheila: Time will go by in no time. You'll be out before you know it.

Adrienne: No, but i shouldn't even be here! Please, you can't just leave me here! Please!

Sheila: You need to be happy I came in the first place. This is the last place i ever wanted to see again. But I figured it's the least I can do.

Adrienne: No, the least you could do is give that card to justin. Please, sheila.

Sheila: Oh, my god, you sound like a broken record, you know?

Adrienne: I need to get out of here!

Sheila: Girl, I know the feeling. Deuces.

Adrienne: No! Don't you go! Don't you go!


Adrienne: Don't you leave me!


Lockhart! What is your problem?

Sheila: She attacked me for no reason!

Adrienne: I did not! That's a lie! That's a lie! Please! I need to speak to whoever's in charge! I need to get out of here!

You won't be speaking to anyone but yourself.

Adrienne: What do you mean?

It's straight back to solitary with you.

Adrienne: No! No!

Let's go. Let's go!

Adrienne: Don't you take me back there! No!

Sheila: Have a nice life, bonnie!

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Eric?

Eric: Nicole, what are you doing here?

Nicole: Well, I-I tried calling you, but you didn't pick up.

Eric: Because I needed to finish these requisitions.

Nicole: Okay, well, why don't you give me half?

Eric: Thanks, but... you put in your hours. You're free, remember?

Nicole: Yes, but what if I don't want to be free?

Eric: What are you talking about?

Nicole: Well, the reason i called you was to say-- well, to ask... that I'd really like to keep working here, if you'll still have me.

Eric: What about brady?

Nicole: It was his idea.

[Door opens and closes]

Marlena: Brady!

Brady: Hi! Oh, my god. It's so good to see you. So good to see you.

Marlena: Oh, honey.

Brady: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What was my favorite candy growing up?

Marlena: [Laughs]

Brady: Tell me. Tell me.

Marlena: Uh, red jelly beans. You sound just like eric.

Brady: So good to see you. I was so relieved to find out that you and dad got out of that place in one piece.

Marlena: Yeah, well, I was glad he was able to get me through all that.

Brady: Maggie would want to see you. You want to see maggie?

Marlena: No, no, no, not maggie, not maggie, no. Um, actually, I came here to see adrienne. I-I hear that, um-- hear that she's staying here now, that she and--and justin are back together.

Brady: Yeah. I'm surprised too, because of lucas. Did you want to talk to her about that? Is that why you came over?

Marlena: Well, that and-- and some other things.

Brady: Well, she had a-- she had an errand to run or something. She said it wasn't a big deal, but she--she bolted out of here.

Marlena: Oh. Let me ask you something. Does she seem...odd to you?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, actually, since she's been here, she hasn't acted or sounded like herself.

Marlena: Hmm.

Bonnie: Please, please, hattie, don't take me down with you, please. I will do everything I can to help you beat this rap, I swear.

Hattie: Oh, really?

Bonnie: No, I mean it. I mean it. Now, we both know that I can do more good on the outside than in, right? And I'll hire you the best lawyer. I'll use all the money I have.

Hattie: Hey, I was about to get a lawyer, you know? I was about to convince him to take on my case when you walked in and messed the whole thing up.

Bonnie: I'm sorry. I thought you were gonna rat me out.

Hattie: Hey, you know what else? I got stuck cleaning-- cleaning up that mess when anjelica dropped dead on us.

Bonnie: Oh, come on. You told me you were a pro. I didn't think it would be that big a deal.

Hattie: Well, it was a big enough deal to land me back in statesville, that's what it was. And you know what? You should've been there with me!

Bonnie: No, please. Please, please. I'll be there for you. I'll take care of you. I swear to god, I will take care of you. Please.

Hattie: You know what? You need to help me out--

Justin: Adrienne. What's going on in here?

[Tense music]

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