Days Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17


Episode #13165 ~ Tripp tries to make things right with Kayla; Hope questions Bonnie about Anjelica; Theo becomes jealous when Claire says she wants to invite Tripp to move in with them; Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation.

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[Rock music playing]

Claire: Hello? Theo? Hey, they cut me from work early, so I can have dinner with you and valerie if that's still cool. Theo?

The way you make my heart

Claire: God, can you turn this up any louder?

[Music stops]

[Sultry music]

[Dramatic music]

Steve: I think it'll go a long way toward earning back her trust.

[Glasses clink] Hey, sweetness. You didn't get my text?

Kayla: Uh, it's been one of those days. I'm just trying to catch up on everything I missed when I was suspended.

Steve: Well, this'll just take a minute. Tripp has something to tell you.

Hope: Adrienne? Did you hear what I said? Anjelica deveraux was found dead in your room at the salem inn. In your bed. Do you have any idea how that happened?

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: I just spoke to dario.

Eli: What?

Rafe: Yup. He says he feels terrible about what happened and wants to make amends.

Eli: And how does he propose to do that?

Rafe: Said he sent himself a package to club tbd, it has incriminating evidence on raines.

Eli: Looks like we're home free.

Rafe: Let's get over there before someone else finds it.

Eli: Copy that. I'm on my way.

Raines: "Controlling your police investigation is worth it for a piece of the action, dario. Hell, my salem pd pension isn't enough to retire on. At least not in the style I'd like to become accustomed to, but with this haul of the counterfeit money, oh, man I can get myself a place on the cayman islands." I really wish you hadn't heard that.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Oh, that's--[Stammers] See, I don't even-- I don't even know what that was. I'm just gonna go--[Whimpers]

Raines: You hear me?

Gabi: Okay.

Raines: You're not going anywhere.

Gabi: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Claire: Uh, nice towel.

Theo: Oh, yeah, I just, uh, got back from a run and took a quick shower. So that's cool they let you off early.

Claire: Yeah. Um, where's valerie? I thought she was gonna make dinner.

Theo: Oh, yeah, they called her into the hospital. She said she'll be there for a while.

Claire: Oh, that's a bummer.

Theo: So I guess it's just us two.

Claire: Guess so.

Theo: Okay, I'm gonna get dressed now.

[Claire sighs]

Tripp: I know that I've caused a lot of problems here at the hospital. Especially for you... but I wanted to try to make things right.

Kayla: You know, it's really not necessary.

Steve: Kayla, can you please just hear him out?

Tripp: I wanna donate my money. The entire vitali inheritance to salem university hospital.

Steve: Think of how much good that money could do, kayla.

Kayla: I appreciate the offer, tripp, but there's no way in hell I'm going to accept it.

Hope: Adrienne, are you okay? Do you need to sit down? You look pale.

Bonnie: Oh, I must've forgot to put blush on. There. Is that better?

Hope: You're not having a setback, are you? Last week you told me the doctor gave you a clean bill of health.

Bonnie: He did. Well, she did. I mean, it was all very positive. And by positive I mean it was negative. It's all fine.

[Stammers] Benign findings of the bilateral post-surgical-- whatever. I'm not very good with the medical mumjo jumbo. I just--bottom line is I'm healthy as a horse. Where does that term come from anyway?

Hope: Adrienne?

Bonnie: I mean, healthy as a horse is...

Hope: What's really going on here? You're starting to worry me.

Justin: Oh, hey, hope.

Hope: Justin, hi.

Justin: Everything okay?

Bonnie: Yeah, I'm just feeling tired. I'd like to take a nap.

Hope: Okay, you know, I'll just come back, um-- I'll come back tomorrow then. We'll pick up where we left off about what happened to angelica.

Justin: What happened to angelica?

Bonnie: Apparently, she dropped dead.

Steve: Tripp, your offer is very generous. Kayla and I will talk about this and I'll call you later, okay?

Tripp: Sure. See you.

Kayla: I need to get back to work.

Steve: Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Please. Tell me why you're acting like this? Kayla... come on, will you talk to me?

Kayla: I saw you and tripp at the pub earlier.

Steve: You were at the pub? I didn't see you.

Kayla: Yeah, no, of course you didn't because you were too busy knocking back beers and toasting like you had something to celebrate. Well, you'll have to excuse me, but I am not in the celebratory mood since my son was sent to prison. I can't believe that you were on board with all this.

Steve: Okay, and you're not.

Kayla: It is blood money, steve, every cent of it because it comes from ava. How could you not get that? That woman cost me my son.

Eli: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Rafe: What?

Eli: Someone busted the tape.

Rafe: Oh, boy.

[Suspenseful music]

Eli: This door was locked.

Rafe: I got you, E.

[Whispers] Hey, I'll check out the back.

Eli: Damn it!

Rafe: Well, if raines was here, he's gone now. Oh, son of a-- he beat us to it?

Eli: Look, at least we still got the plan in place with myron.

Rafe: Well, looks like that's our best bet now, isn't it? It's gabi's

Gabi: [Whimpering] Please. Please don't hurt me. Please! Okay, just let me go. Please just let me go! Please, I have a daughter. Please. Just let me go, okay?

[Door slams] Please don't hurt me.

Raines: Would you shut the hell up?

[Metal crunching] Now that that's taken care of. What am I gonna do with you?

Claire: Hey, theo, I forgot to tell you, um, mr. Brinkley stopped me on the way in.

Theo: Great. What'd he want? More complaints about my loud music?

Claire: Uh, no, actually. He wants the rent check. He says we have until friday.

Theo: So, uh, what are we gonna do with all this food? I don't really feel like cooking, do you?

Claire: How about we find ourselves a new roommate who likes to cook? I mean, jade says that tripp is pretty good in the kitchen.

Theo: Okay, I don't want to talk about this right now.

Claire: Okay, well, we need a new roommate and the two of us can't afford this place.

Theo: Didn't you say we have until friday?

Claire: God, why are you being like this? What? Do you wanna post some ad online and have a random creep move in?

[Knock at door] Shh, it's probably mr. Brinkley. Let's just pretend that we're not here.

Theo: Claire, he knows you're here, he just saw you come home. Great, and it's tripp.

Steve: Kayla, you don't have to remind me of the hell ava put us through, but is this about her or is it about tripp? Because if it's about tripp, he didn't even know his mother. He didn't have a parent to teach him what was right. He had to figure all that out on his own. And he's still trying to do that.

Kayla: You're making excuses for him again.

Steve: I don't mean to do that. I'm just trying to be a father to him. Best way I know how.

Kayla: Well, joey's father was absent for most of his childhood, too.

Steve: [Sighs] That's right. And you know why. I wasn't always there for our kids. With stephanie it was because of everything dimera did to me. And with joe, I had to leave africa to keep you and him safe. You know that. I regret not always being there for our children, but I'm just grateful that they had you. You did a wonderful job with them, kayla. Those kids... they're kind, they're hardworking, they're honest. I would give anything to go back and change things. But I can'T.

Kayla: No, you can'T. But now you do get to spend time with tripp and make it right because you still have a son.

Claire: Oh, my god, tripp, hi, we were just talking about you. Um, do you like to cook because jade says that you're amazing in the kitchen.

Tripp: Uh, I-I don't know. My burritos are okay I guess.

Claire: See, theo, I told you, he cooks.

Tripp: Yeah, so, anyway, I just came by to let you guys know that I'm moving.

Claire: Wait, what? You're not leaving salem, right?

Tripp: No, no, no, no, I'm sticking around. It's just since I decided to donate all the money I got from my mom to charity, I just can't--

Claire: Wait, oh, my god. Wow, that is really, really nice of you.

Tripp: Yeah, it's just, uh... it's the right thing to do, you know? Other people can benefit from that money a lot more than I can, but until I get a job, I just need to start cutting expenses and find a cheaper place to live.

Claire: I think I know the perfect place for you to live. Here. Why don't you move in here?

Justin: Anjelica's dead? What happened to her?

Hope: Anonymous call came into the station earlier. Someone claiming there was a dead body found in adrienne's room at the salem inn. Actually, in her bed.

Justin: [Scoffs] What?!

Bonnie: Poor angelica. Oh, and that person who must've found her must've been so scared. God, I'm sure glad it wasn't me, 'cause I'dve passed out for sure.

Justin: What else do you know?

Hope: Forensics idd the body, but that's it. Still waiting on cause of death. Adrienne... what the hell was angelica doing in your room? And in your bed?

Rafe: It's definitely gabi.

Eli: I ran into gabi here maybe an hour ago outside.

Rafe: What was she doing here?

Eli: I don't know, she had her keys and she was about to come in, but I told her she couldn't because of the investigation.

Rafe: So she disobeyed again. That sounds like gabi.

Eli: Well, she must've come back because I escorted her to the square. That's the last place I saw her. So she came back here. She came back here, she found the package, and then raines--who we know was on his way to meet myron, saw her... damn it. He's got her. I swear to god, if he does anything to her I'm gonna kill him. Kill him.

Gabi: So this is where you and dario were running your counterfeiting ring? You're not gonna get away with this. You know that?

Raines: Well, pardon me. Are you comfortable? That's the least I can do to try to make your final moments as pleasant as possible.

Gabi: What are you talking about? My final moments? What are you gonna do to me?

Raines: It's funny how things work out, isn't it? If your thug brother hadn't betrayed my trust, you wouldn't be in this situation. Then there's your other brother, detective hernandez. Oh, he and his fiancée, they were just a little bit too close for comfort. Well, ms. Hernandez, your entire family has been nothing but trouble, but now... it's my turn.

Gabi: Okay, look, look, I am not-- I'm not making excuses for dario. Yes, yes, he's a criminal. Right? But you are the police commissioner. You out of all people should know there's no honor among thieves.

Raines: My plan would've proceeded without a problem if it wasn't for your snitch of a brother. I covered his ass. I made the arrangements. I did every damn thing for that son of a bitch. Everything! And all I did was take just a fraction of the profits.

Gabi: That doesn't look like a fraction to me.

Raines: [Chuckles] That's a mere pittance for all the work I did. I helped dario build the family business. Convinced abigail to marry him so he wouldn't be deported, but of course, all of that was a lie and what did he do? He screwed it up 'cause he wasn't man enough to take the fall himself. So he threw our righteous mayor carver under the bus.

Gabi: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for whatever dario did to you, but he was pushed into a corner and when people are pushed into a corner, they will do anything to survive. You would do the same thing to protect yourself. So can you blame dario for running?

Raines: No, I can'T. Your brother has every right to be afraid of me.

Gabi: Well... I'm not afraid of you.

Jj: Myron just checked in. Apparently, raines never showed up. He never got the evidence to plant on abe.

Eli: Damn it.! He definitely knows that we're on to him.

Lani: Well, where do you think he is?

Eli: Wherever he is, I'm afraid he has gabi.

Jj: Wait, what?

Eli: We found her purse at tbd.

Lani: Oh, my god.

Rafe: Gabi never showed up at the babysitter's to pick up arianna.

Jj: We'll put out an apb. I'm sure someone saw something.

Eli: Hey, we're gonna find her, man.

Rafe: Yeah.

Justin: Hope, you don't honestly believe adrienne had something to do with this?

Hope: I'm just trying to gather the facts. But adrienne doesn't seem up to answering any questions right now.

Bonnie: I'd love to answer the questions, I just don't feel--

Justin: Adrienne, hold on. Uh, look, adrienne couldn't possibly know anything because she was here with me last night.

Hope: Why would anjelica be in your room?

Justin: Maybe she was delivering room service? Extra towels?

Hope: Should I put that in the report?

Justin: I'm sorry. That's not helpful.

Hope: No, it's not.

Justin: Look, all I know is that anjelica did want to call a truce with adrienne. So maybe that's why she went up there. To do just that.

Hope: Okay, okay. Maybe. I mean, I suppose that could be the reason, but it still doesn't answer why she took off all her clothes and got into adrienne's bed.

Justin: Right, right. Well, that's your job to figure out, not ours. All I know is that adrienne was here with me last night.

Bonnie: My favorite place to be. My love.

Hope: Well, I've taken up enough of your time, so, um... and, you know, I just want to make it clear that I'm not accusing you of anything, I just want some answers as I'm sure you do as well.

Bonnie: Of course I do. I mean, someone winds up dead in my bed, I'm curious. Not to mention...[Shudders]

Hope: Okay, then, feel better and I'll be in touch.

Justin: Thank you.

Hope: Okay, bye.

Bonnie: Bye.

[Sighs] Thank you. Thank you for standing up for me and for getting that woman off my case. I mean, really? Just because anjelica winds up dead in my bed, I mean, really?


Justin: Just let me in, I'll help you pack.

Bonnie: No.

Justin: Adrienne... is there something you're not telling me?

Bonnie: Justin, you're my man. The love of my life. Why would I keep secrets from you?

Justin: I don't know, but I do know when I went to your hotel room last night, you were acting really strange. You wouldn't let me into your room. I mean, like you really didn't want me to go inside. Like you were hiding something.

Bonnie: Wow.

Justin: Wow what?

Bonnie: You really think I did it. You think I killed anjelica.

Justin: No, I don'T. But I also know that you and anjelica had a very volatile relationship, so I'm just thinking that maybe you might know something and if you do, now is the time to tell me. I love you. You know I would do anything to protect you.

Bonnie: Justin, I swear to you-- on our children, I did not see anjelica last night.

Justin: Okay. But I'm still curious as to why you wouldn't let me inside.

Bonnie: [Sighs] You really wanna know?

Justin: Yes.

Bonnie: You really wanna know? Well, it's like I said. I'M...still having issues with my body. That's it. I'm just not ready for you to see this. I don't feel comfortable. And I hope you understand.

Justin: Of course I do. I'm sorry.

Bonnie: Now do you believe me? Or would you rather think that I killed a woman and stripped her naked and tucked her into my bed before climbing into yours?

Eli: Yeah, I'm on it.

Lani: Apbs are out.

Jj: I'm going to find myron, see what he knows.

Eli: I called in some favors at the bureau, I'm gonna check in with them.

Rafe: Thanks, guys. Thank you.

Hope: Rafe, oh, my god, I just heard your message. We're gonna find her.

Rafe: [Mumbles] I swear to god, if raines hurts gabi--if he hurts her, I'm gonna tear him-- I'm gonna tear him limb from limb.

Hope: He is not gonna hurt her. We're gonna bring her home. Safe.

Raines: [Chuckles] Sit your ass down.

Gabi: Why should I?

Raines: Then I guess your life isn't that important to you.

Gabi: If you wanted to kill me, you would've already done it.

Raines: Ms. Hernandez, don't push me.

Gabi: These idle threats, they might've worked with dario, but they're not working with me.

Raines: Oh, you're quite the little spitfire, aren't you?

Gabi: Yes, yes, I am and you know what you are? You are a bully. You see people's weaknesses and then you take advantage of them like you did with dario.

Raines: Sit down.

Gabi: No, I know what it takes to be a real cop. Somebody that people respect and love and look up to like rafe--

Raines: I said, sit down.

Gabi: You don't have that and you never will. You don't have the character or the strength to be on the right side of the law.

Raines: Oh, like dario? Yeah, he's a real choir boy.

Gabi: He wasn't a police officer. You are literally the most important man in salem pd. What you're doing is ten times worse!

Raines: You wanna talk about courage? Every time something went wrong, dario split. Ran like a little scared boy. Left me to clean up his mess. He's a coward.

Gabi: Oh, yeah? What kind of man gets behind the wheel of a car and runs innocent people over? I mean, abigail almost died doing what you never would have done which is protecting people that she loves. You know, she has more courage than you ever will!

Raines: [Shouts] Enough! Sit down! Ah, boy. I liked abigail. It was an unfortunate incident that happened. You know, I was very upset about that. But sometimes-- as you're about to find out, innocent people get hurt.

Claire: So, since we don't want help from joey's parents and now that there's only two of us splitting the rent, it's just, you know-- it's way too much. And not to mention the water bills and the electricity bills and all that. So if we could just divide things up three ways, then it would be a win-win-win for all of us.

Tripp: Yeah, I guess that does make sense and I wouldn't have to move my stuff very far.

Claire: Right? I know. And I could even talk to my boss at the cafe and see if they need any extra help.

Tripp: Ah, really? You'd do that?

Claire: Yes, oh, my god, of course, tripp, this is going to work out.

Tripp: And, uh, theo? You haven't really said much. What do you think?

Theo: Claire knows what I think. I don't think you should move in.

Steve: What are you trying to say, kayla? That I'm okay with what happened to joe because I still have tripp? You don't really believe that, do you? Look at me. When joe went to prison, I lost my son, too. And there is nothing and no one who can ever fill the hole in my heart. I regret every single moment of joe's life that I missed. And I mourn all the moments that could've been if he hadn't been taken from us now.

Kayla: Look, I, uh-- I know that I encouraged you to be there for tripp. And I would--I would never ask you to turn your back on him... just because it hurts me to see you being a father to him. I just-- I just feel like... my being a mother to joey... has been taken away from me.

Steve: No, baby. Joe will always need his mother.

Kayla: I know now that he's grown up, but, you know, everything, but I just-- I just keep thinking about when he was a little boy. He was so afraid of his own shadow, you know? I would tuck him in at night and he'd start yelling, "mom! Mommy! There's a monster in my room!" And I would go in there and I would turn on every single light and he would take my hand... and we would search out every corner of his room...

[Sniffles] Until he felt safe. And now I just-- he's in such a dark place and... I can't do anything about it. And I can't make him safe.

[Somber music]

Claire: Theo.

Theo: What?

Claire: Don't be rude!

Tripp: No, no, no. It's okay, claire. This is about joey, isn't it? You're loyal to him. That's cool. I respect that. And there's no hard feelings. I'll just find another place to live.

Claire: Tripp. Tripp, just wait one second. Okay?

[Whispers] What is your deal?

Theo: What?

Claire: What is your deal? This is the perfect situation for us.

Theo: No, this is the perfect situation for you.

Claire: What does that mean?

Theo: You knew I'd be pissed. Why would you ask him to move in here?

Claire: I don't know, I guess the bigger question is why are you pissed? Is it really because of joey? Or is it something else? Look, theo, we need to be very practical right now, okay? Tripp needs a place to live and we need a new roommate. So will you get off of your high horse about this or would you rather ride it right out of this apartment?

Eli: Guys, I'm sorry. Feds don't have any leads.

Hope: You can't be serious? Nothing?

Rafe: Hold on! Hold on. I think I got something.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Rafe's gonna track me down. As a matter of fact, you know what? He's probably on the way over here.

Raines: Which means we need to get this show on the road.

Gabi: Come on, just let me go okay, this is pointless. You're gonna get caught. Why don't you just turn yourself in, okay? All of these threats, they're useless because I'm not leaving here as your hostage.

Raines: [Chuckles] You don't get it, do you? You're not a hostage. You're a witness.

Justin: Sweetheart, of course I believe you. I'm just having a really hard time trying to piece together what might've happened. I mean, you have to admit this is... really bizarre.

Bonnie: [Scoffs] I know, right? I mean, anjelica winding up dead in my bed-- technically, it wasn't my bed, it was the hotel'S.


Justin: Anjelica and i may have had our differences, but...[Sighs] I would've never wished this on her.

Bonnie: Oh, me, neither. What a shame.

Justin: Well, I better call alexander. He should hear this from me.

Bonnie: Oh, your son with anjelica, of course. Um, give him my best...

Justin: I will.

[Upbeat dramatic music]

[Line trilling]

Bonnie: [Whispers] What is going on, hattie?! I just got paid a visit from hope brady who wanted to know anjelica was naked and dead in my bed! And you know what? I have the same question. What the hell did you do after I left?!

Theo: You should know that claire hates it when you drink straight from the carton.

Tripp: Wait, wait, so does that mean--

Theo: Welcome to apartment 4.

[Claire and tripp chuckle]

Tripp: Really? Are you sure?

Theo: Yeah, it's the practical thing to do.

Tripp: Thanks, guys, and I promise no drinking from the carton.

Claire: Okay, and don't turn the a/c below 68 or I will freeze to death.

Tripp: You got it. I'll go start packing my stuff.

Claire: Okay and let us know if you need any help at all because theo here is really good at lifting things.

Tripp: Cool. Thanks.

Claire: [Sighs] Finally we can get mr. Brinkley off of our backs. You like him, don't you?

Claire: Mr. Brinkley? Ew, he's like 40.

Theo: You know what I'm talking about, claire. You like tripp.

Claire: You know what, theo? Yes, I do like tripp. I do and he's always been super nice to me. And I think you need to give him a chance. You know, I really don't understand why this is bothering you so much. You know, you and i are just friends, so... obviously I know that you're not jealous. Okay, whatever. I'm gonna go see if tripp needs any boxes.

Steve: Baby... I know how much pain you're in because I share it with you. But we should be trying to get through this together. That's what joe wants. He told us that. And when he killed-- when he killed ava, he thought he was protecting his family. I wish he could've considered the consequences, but in the state he was in, how could he? What a horrible thing for any young person to have to live through. Don't make him watch his family be torn apart. And this money that tripp is offering the hospital, you know it's not ava's anymore. It's his. And he's offering it because he's trying to make amends. He's trying to show his gratitude to you for welcoming him into the family. And his regret for all the pain he caused. I don't wanna see him denied the opportunity to make those amends and to show how much he respects you and respects us. Sweetness... please don't let the ghost of ava come between us anymore than it already has. Please.

Kayla: Okay. Okay. I'll accept the donation.

Steve: Thank you. I'll tell tripp.

[Somber music]

Rafe: I think it's a lead.

Hope: What is it?

Rafe: It's a list of gdr assets that the fbi froze when dario went on the run. Okay, look, here's tbd, a couple of his other businesses I recognize, but look at this address.

Hope: It's just outside of salem.

Rafe: Exactly. It could be where raines has gabi.

[Dramatic music]

Raines: You know way too much, my dear. I'm afraid you've become a liability.

Gabi: I won't say a word. Okay? I won't say anything. The tape, you destroyed it. So there's no evidence. There's nothing.

Raines: Except for you. You can't erase that tape from your mind.

Gabi: Yes, I can. I can--I can totally do that.

Raines: Poor baby. I'm sorry. Can't take that chance.

Gabi: What?

[Gun cocks] No, please! Don't!

Raines: I'm afraid this is it.

Gabi: [Whimpering] Please don't!

Raines: Shut up.

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