Days Transcript Thursday 8/24/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/24/17


Episode #13158 ~ Brady shares a huge secret with Victor; Nicole is tempted to confide in Eric; Lucas and Bonnie make love; Marlena frets over John's fate.

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Sonny: Hey, nice to see you somewhere that's not a jail cell. Chad: You sneak up on me like that. What are these things? For me?

Sonny: Not for you, no.

Chad: No? Well, I gotta admit it was more fun waking up next to abby, although she's gonna be happy to see you.

Sonny: Yes, well, before I go in, uh, I have a question for you.Chad: Well, I have a question for you.

Sonny: Go first.

Chad: No, you go first. You said it.

Sonny: All right...

Both: Will you be my best man?

[Gentle music]

Sonny: [Laughs]

Chad: What did you just say?

Sonny: I asked paul to marry me yesterday.

Chad: I asked abby to marry me yesterday.

Sonny: This is crazy.

Chad: Not that crazy. Maybe the sanest thing that you or I have ever done.

Sonny: You know what? You're right. Congratulations, you are one lucky man.

Chad: Well, you know what? Congratulations, you are one lucky man.

Sonny: Bring it in.

Chad: Hah!

Abigail: So chad has sent me, like, a thousand photos, but this one is my favorite.


Abigail: Sweet, I know.

Jennifer: So sweet.

Abigail: Is that the greatest smile or what? Oh, I can't wait to be home with them. Oh, yeah, um, and I wanted to talk to you 'cause are asking when the wedding was gonna be. Chad wants to be married, like, yesterday, so I was thinking... mom?

Jennifer: Hmm, what?

Abigail: You are totally not paying attention.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Abigail: No...

Jennifer: Wait, what did you say?

Abigail: It's okay.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Abigail: You're thinking about lucas, aren't you?

Jennifer: Yeah, I just--i can't--I mean he was so committed to his sobriety. He was going to the meetings. He was working the steps, and now...

Abigail: Adrienne just broke his heart.

Jennifer: Yeah, and his spirit too.

Bonnie: I see you kept your room key.

Lucas: Well, I didn't keep the key to your heart, that's for sure.

Bonnie: I can also see you're very drunk. I'm gonna get you a tall glass of water and call you a cab.

Lucas: I don't need a glass of water. And I don't want a cab. I want you.

Bonnie: Look, lucas, you just need to go home and sleep it off.

Lucas: Do it here.

Bonnie: What?

Lucas: I'll do it here. I'll sleep it off right here.

Bonnie: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this isn't your bed anymore.

Lucas: I don't have anything anymore.

[Phone ringing]

Bonnie: Oh, no, wait, get back up, get back up.

[Phone ringing]

Lucas: My own mother's gonna fire me from the company I saved. My sister wants to take me to a meeting that's not gonna do any good. My son is dead. My daughter is god knows where. I don't have anything except for you-- you're here with me now. I can't lose everything. I can't lose you too.

Anjelica: Ugh, voicemail again. Damn it. Hello, it is I, anjelica. You know, if you would pick up your messages or answer a phone once in a while, we might actually be able to discuss the next phase of our plan, which we need to execute immediately. All right, now that lucas has been disposed of--and don't you touch him, all right? And don't touch justin either. He's mine, so... call me back asap.


Adrienne: And why did you move back, anjelica? Was it 'cause you just love what our city has to offer? Our museums and our theaters and our rich and varied cultural attractions? Or is it because justin's here?

Anjelica: Well, what if it is because he's here? What difference does that make to you?

Hattie: Ah, there you are. Dr. Marlena evans reporting for duty.

Anjelica: Ah, and you. You're another one.

Hattie: Another what?

Anjelica: Another one who doesn't answer her phone or return messages. You know, I called you last night. You never called me back.

Hattie: Oh, well, um, I'm sorry, but, you know, don't get yourself all sideways about it. You'll have a stroke. The fact is I just-- I turned off my phone 'cause a girl does need her beauty rest.

Anjelica: All right, all right, well, don't keep me hanging, I mean, what happened at bayview? Were you able to correct the marlena problem?

Hattie: Oh, yes, I told you i would, and I did.

Anjelica: Uh-huh.

Hattie: There was just a little snag.

Anjelica: Oh, god, there always is. What is it now?

Hattie: You know, that--that guy, that snoop, that sneak, that john black, he followed me.

Anjelica: John black? John followed you to bayview?

Hattie: Yeah. And, uh, he got a peek at marlena.

[Gentle music]

John: Hey, it's okay, baby. I'm here, I'm here, honey.

Marlena: Okay.

John: Everything's gonna be okay, all right? Everything's gonna be okay. Who the hell did this to you?

Marlena: It was hattie. She--she drugged me, and then she--she took my place.

John: Ugh, that explains everything.

Marlena: Explains what?

John: Never mind. It's all over, doc. I'm gonna get you out of here.

[Door closes] Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, what's going on here? Hey, come on, hey, open this door up! What the hell's going on?

Hattie: No, it's okay. Now you and marlena can have a little undivided time together. You've been wanting that, right? And you know what? See if you can't get her a manicure while you're at it.

John: Oh, my god, open this door! You're--

Marlena: John, what happened to john?

[Dramatic music]

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[Soft orchestration]

[Gentle music]

Marlena: Was he? It wasn't a dream. John was here.

[Gentle music]

John: [Growls]

Marlena: I knew you'd find me. I knew you would.

John: I can't believe hattie did this to you.

Marlena: You're here now. You're here--that's all that matters.

John: That's right, that's right, don't worry, doc. I'm gonna get you out of here, and I'm gonna take you right back home where everybody loves you, honey. Oh, sweetie.

Marlena: Oh, mm.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Well, thank god sonny's out of jail. You know, what I can't understand is why eric hasn't been arrested yet. You did turn the amulet over to the police, didn't you?

Brady: I didn'T.

Victor: Why the hell not?

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: So intense. What are you working on?

[Gentle music]

Eric: I was just working on a letter for all the businesses reaching out for donations for the center.

Nicole: Oh, well, I could write that in my sleep. Why don't you let me take a look? My belly pain and constipation?

Chad: Look at us, moving from cell block b to the altar. Puts it in perspective, don't it? Not knowing how long you're gonna be away from the people you love.

Sonny: I just hope I can keep that perspective. I never want to take paul for granted.

Chad: Yeah, well, that's the challenge, right?

Sonny: Yeah, but I'm determined.

Chad: Me too. And, to answer your question, I would be honored to be your best man.

Sonny: That's great.

Chad: Under one condition. Be mine.

Sonny: You got yourself a deal.

Chad: Deal.

Abigail: Mom, if you wanna go find lucas, it's okay.

Jennifer: Honey, I wouldn't even know where to begin to look for him.

Abigail: Did you know that he and adrienne were having problems?

Jennifer: No, I don't think lucas knew either.

Abigail: So this just totally came out of the blue?

Jennifer: Yes, completely. I know that adrienne can be indecisive, but for to just string him along like this? He has been there for her by her side through her cancer treatments, and now she just dumps him and goes back to justin?

Abigail: It just--it doesn't really sound like adrienne to me.

Jennifer: No, not the adrienne that I know and love.

Bonnie: Lucas, you are a very good man.

Lucas: Then why'd you dump me?

Bonnie: I never meant to hurt you.

Lucas: You should've been honest. You should've told me the truth. Why didn't you tell me the truth if you wanted justin in the first place?

Bonnie: It was a very hard decision to make. But truth be told, breaking your heart--it almost broke mine.

Lucas: Why are there two of you?

Bonnie: What?

Lucas: There's two of you. There's two of everything, oh...

Bonnie: Be careful, be careful, be careful.

Lucas: I got it.

Bonnie: No, no, I got it.

Lucas: I got it-- it's my mess. I'll pick the damn thing up.

Bonnie: Please, don'T.

[Dramatic music]

Lucas: What is this?

Brady: Thing is, I was-- I was wrong. I was wrong about everything. That's why I couldn't turn eric in to the police.

Victor: Wrong about everything? What the hell are you talking about?

Brady: I confronted nicole about my suspicions, and she told me what was going on with her and eric, and it turned out to be nothing.

Victor: And you believed her.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I did believe her. It's complicated, grandfather, but the point is she was looking out for my feelings.

Victor: Oh, dear god.

Brady: Now, don't-- "dear god" what? What?

Victor: Look, I know you don't like to hear it, but I know how nicole operates. Just because she's not cheating on you now doesn't mean she won't be by noon. You'd do well to remember that.

Brady: Well, you should remember that I love her, and you should remember that I trust her.

Victor: And you're an idiot.

Eric: Uh, no, it's just a rough draft, so why don't you let me write something coherent and--and you can read it?

Nicole: What are you talking about? You're an excellent writer. All--all those letters you wrote to me from prison, they were so moving. I know you wrote them for your own peace of mind, but I wish i read them a long time ago 'cause, if I had, things would be so different.

Eric: Different how?

Nicole: I--I just had so much hatred inside of me. I let it take over my life. Otherwise how could I give my heart to someone like deimos? Someone who--who's pure evil?

Eric: Nicole, you were lost. You were hurting. Deimos--he took advantage of you.

Nicole: I've done so many horrible things in my life. Even so, I can never imagine what it felt like to take someone's life, but now...

Eric: Now what?

Anjelica: John followed you to bayview, he found marlena, and you are just telling me this now?

Hattie: Yeah, don't worry about it. I took care of him.

Anjelica: You took care of him? Oh, please, tell me you didn't--

Marlena: No, no, what? I didn't ice the guy. I'm not a psychopath, you know?

Anjelica: Hattie, what did you do to john?

Hattie: Well, I--I just did what I had to do. I--I locked him up with her. I mean, and now those two love birds can--can be together in the loony bin, hmm?

Anjelica: You locked john black up in the sanitarium?

Hattie: [Laughs] Good thinking, huh?

Anjelica: Oh, hattie, that is not good thinking. God, that is not thinking at all. I mean, how do we explain one of the world's top isa agents locked up in a loony bin? You know, by god, john black is gonna blow our plan sky high.

[Gentle music]

Marlena: Where did he go? What happened?

It was the night that you came back from greece. Um, hattie came to the townhouse. I thought, when I heard the noise, I thought it was you.

John: Aw, I stopped to get you flowers. I'm sorry, I should've come straight home.

Marlena: No, no, no, no, you couldn't have known.

John: Here, tell me. Sit, please. And?

Marlena: Hattie--hattie broke in and she said that she wanted to live my life, and so she drugged me, and she put me in the trunk of her car.

John: Oh, my god, that had to be terrifying.

Marlena: Well, I just remember bits and pieces of it, not a lot. Um, but she brought me to the sanitarium, and she had me-- had me put here under her name.

John: Well, I'm just glad i found you.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: I'm telling you, doc, when I got home and you weren't there, I knew something was wrong. I was worried sick, and then hell, when you came back, I--when hattie came back...

Marlena: Oh...

John: She said that you and i were done. She said that I had neglected you, that I'd taken your love for granted.

Marlena: Did you believe her?

John: Honey, I didn't know what to believe. I'd been gone for so long. I just-- well, you know, I persuaded myself. I said, "well, yeah, she's angry, and she's hurt, but, if, you know, if I give her a little bit of time, she'll come back to me." And then when I found out you planted that kiss on roman--

Marlena: What?

[Gasps] That must've been hattie. Of course. Of course she would do that. She's always been obsessed with him. She's got a severe case of ocd. Yeah, yeah, and she also has incredibly low self-esteem. And clearly no conscience.

John: Yeah, well, I had a severe case of jealousy when I heard about that kiss, so now I owe roman an apology for decking him.

Marlena: You what?

John: I'll make it up to him when we get out of here. It'll be okay.

Marlena: Well, I'm sure he'll understand. I'm just so glad I was able to reach you by phone.

John: Oh, yeah, about that-- I didn't hear a word you said until you screamed "help."

Marlena: How did you find me?

John: Well, like I said, I knew something was wrong, so I followed her. So I followed you. Hattie. And she led me right to you.

Marlena: Mm, thank god, they'll be coming to check on me pretty soon. I can feel the sedatives starting to wear off.

John: You know, hattie might have done us a favor when she panicked and locked me in here with you.

Marlena: Yeah, and then they'll see you, and they'll-- they'll realize it's you, and they'll let us both out of here.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: Mm.

Victor: Look, if you really trusted nicole, you wouldn't have fallen off the wagon, drunk yourself into a stupor.

[Gentle music]

Brady: Why don't we not talk about that anymore?

Victor: Fine. Nicole and eric didn't do the deed. Doesn't mean he shouldn't walk on another murder charge. God, after what he did to de--

Brady: Granddad, he didn'T. He didn't do it. He didn't kill deimos.

Victor: How do you know that?

[Gentle music]

Eric: Nicole, are you okay?

Brady: Nic, you have to keep this between us. You cannot tell eric that you remember killing deimos, you hear me?

Nicole: When you... when daniel was killed, it was an accident. You had no intention of hurting anyone, let alone taking a life. And you punished yourself more than any law ever could, but that wasn't enough for me.

Eric: What do you mean?

Nicole: I wanted an eye for an eye, so I was cruel to you.

Eric: It was just your way of grieving.

Nicole: No, I-- I had no right to judge you. And I'm sorry that I didn't forgive you sooner.

Eric: I understand. You know that, right?

Nicole: You and I-- we have a complicated history.

Eric: Yeah. To put it mildly.

Nicole: But there was also a lot of caring and kindness in that history. Especially from you. And I'm just glad we could move forward as friends.

[Gentle music]

Eric: Nicole, there's-- there's something I need to tell you.

[Gentle music]


[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Gosh, I just-- I feel so bad for uncle lucas, but still I don't really feel like I can judge aunt adrienne. You know, I--I have certainly been guilty of being indecisive myself.

Jennifer: Hold on one minute. This is not even the same, sweetie. You were battling an illness at the time.

Abigail: No, I was in my right mind, mom, when I cheated on ben with chad. And when I left chad even though, you know, he wanted to try to make things work.

Jennifer: I just think that was a really difficult situation.

Abigail: It was made difficult by me, okay? I told chad to go and move on with gabi, and then--then i decided to go and get furious because a man did exactly what i told him to do, and then i turned around and I just married dario.

Jennifer: Because you were trying to help a friend.

Abigail: Look, that might have been part of it, sure, but I just--I can't help but feel like if I had just not been so eager to try to make sure that chad knew, you know, "I can build a life without you," I don't know, maybe I wouldn't have fallen for dario's lies.

Jennifer: So now that you've brought it up, what--what does that mean? What are you gonna do?

Abigail: Oh, uh, well, uncle justin seems to think it won't be a problem to just get an annulment, and it'll be quick and easy.

Jennifer: Oh, that's good.

Abigail: Yeah.

Jennifer: That is really good.

Abigail: Yeah, especially because it means I get to be mrs. Chad dimera again.

Sonny: You know, it's gonna be tough to pick two wedding dates that'll work for everyone.

Chad: It's wedding season, huh?

Sonny: Well, we could flip a coin to see who goes first.

Chad: Or I could just have the date since I'm a dimera.

Sonny: Well, I'm a kiriakis.

Chad: You know what? Why don't we save the feuding? We'll just flip the coin.

Sonny: You know, it's crazy. 24 hours ago, we were sitting in a jail cell. We had no idea what our futures would hold, and now we're out, and we have all this happiness going around.

Chad: Yeah, I hope it's contagious.

Sonny: I think it is. I didn't tell you-- my parents go back together.

Chad: Get out of town.

Sonny: I know.

Chad: That's something.

Sonny: It is something. I was just as surprised. I really hope it works out for them this time.

Bonnie: Give me that book! Please may--may I please have that back?

Lucas: Wait a minute, you have a file?

Bonnie: No, I was just looking at some old pictures. Is that a crime?

Lucas: Is that--is that my corporate headshot?

Bonnie: Okay, all right...

Lucas: Wait a minute, what are you doing? What are you doing looking at photos of me?

Bonnie: This is so embarrassing I--you know, sometimes it hard to-- hard to let go. And I just missed you. So much.

Lucas: I knew it. I knew it--I knew you still loved me.

Bonnie: No-- no, stop it, we can't do this. Stop.

Lucas: What's the matter? I want you, and I know you want me now. It's okay. Come on.

Bonnie: No, no!

Lucas: It's all right.

Bonnie: Oh, god, you're right, what the hell?

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Why am I still here? What happened to john?

John: Now if I could just get you out of this straightjacket. I've never seen one like this before. Ahh, good timing, guys. Listen, call the salem pd and get--hey, what? What are you doing, guys?

Orderly: Enough, not another word out of your lying mouth.

John: Get your hands off of me!

Victor: Eric is not innocent. You have proof to the contrary for god's sake.

Brady: What, what? The amulet?

Victor: Yes. It was taken from deimos by whoever killed him. You found it in his room.

Brady: I did, look, I did find it, but--except eric didn't take it there.

Victor: Well, then, who did?

Brady: It doesn't matter. Just let it go. It doesn't matter.

Victor: How do you know that?

Brady: Who cares, all right? Deimos got what he deserved. No one's mourning the loss of that guy. He was a rotten son of a bitch. Let it go.

Victor: Use your head, brady. It's not a matter of what deimos deserved or didn't deserve.

Victor: As long as the real killer is out there, there's a cloud hanging over sonny's head.

Brady: Sonny's gonna be fine.

Victor: He's not gonna be fine.

Sonny: He's gonna be fine.

Victor: Who are you protecting, anyway? My god, it's nicole, isn't it?

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Don't lie to me, brady. It was nicole, wasn't it? She killed deimos.

Brady: Yeah, it was. It was nicole, but it was self-defense, granddad, okay? Listen to me. Deimos was the reason that she lost holly.

Victor: Or so she told you.

Brady: He bribed a judge to take holly away from nicole and put her in foster care.

Victor: Damn him.

Brady: He also said after the 60 days were up that he was gonna take holly, skip town, and raise her on his own. Can you imagine what nicole was thinking? That that lunatic was gonna raise her daughter? I mean, when--when deimos grabbed her and they both struggled to get that knife, nicole wasn't just fighting for her life. She was fighting for holly's life as well.

Victor: Get a grip, brady. You're her lover, not her defense attorney.

Brady: Look, I know how you feel about nicole. I get it. But you need to promise me, right here and right now, that you won't tell a soul.

Nicole: What is it you wanna tell me?

Eric: I know brady has his suspicions about us.

Nicole: You don't have to worry about that.

Eric: And I also know how brady gets when he gets fixated on something.

Nicole: No, that's what I'm-- I'm trying to tell you. He's not suspicious or fixated anymore because I talked to him. I told him everything. I--I told him that I've forgiven you for the accident, and I told him about the photos for holly. I was completely honest, and he knows that just because i forgave you, I'm not-- look, he knows that we're friends and that he's the one i love with all my heart.

Eric: I'm glad he understands.

Nicole: Me too. He was really in a bad way. I mean, he--in fact, he's the one that ransacked your room. He was looking for evidence that we were having an affair.

Eric: Yeah. What did he think he was gonna find?

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: He said he was going for holly-- he was gonna take her from the foster home, and I was never gonna see her again. So I lashed out. I raised the knife, and we struggled over it, and in the struggle, I plunged it into his chest, and then-- then I watched him die on the floor. And I left with it.

And I went back upstairs-- back to eric's room.

Brady: That's where I found it.

Nicole: You thought it was eric.

Nicole: And it was me all along--I'm--I'm guilty. I murdered deimos.

I don't know. But you said nothing was missing, right?

Brady: No, no, no, it was just--it was just destroyed. That's it.

Nicole: You're not gonna file a police report--?

Eric: Against my brother? No. Nicole, why are you shaking?

Nicole: I--I'm fine.

Eric: No, no, you're not. What's wrong?

Anjelica: Oh, this is a nightmare. Oh, an absolute nightmare.

Hattie: Will you just stop pacing around? Maybe I should whip out marlena's prescription pad and write you a 'script for some benzos, huh?

Anjelica: Ugh, you think this is funny? It is not funny. John black is gonna tell those doctors everything, and, when he does, they're gonna let him and marlena go.

Hattie: Oh, come on, chicken little, the sky ain't falling yet.

Anjelica: Hattie, there is no way this ends well for either of us.

Hattie: You just wait and see.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: They grabbed him. They grabbed john. Stop it, stop, listen to him! Listen to what he's saying!

Orderly: Give it a rest, hattie, stop screaming.

John: That's not hattie! That's dr. Evans, and I'm john black--let me go, you fools!

Orderly: I know who you are. Dr. Evans already told us. Today you're john black. Tomorrow you're john robicheaux.

Marlena: No, no, no!

Orderly: Worst case of dissociate identity disorder we've ever seen.

Marlena: John, john!

Orderly: You're as crazy as hattie!

Marlena: Stop it!


Bonnie: Oh, yes, lucas! Yep, right there. No, don't stop, don't-- hey, hey, what, what, what's wrong?

Lucas: Just--something's different.

Bonnie: Oh, honey, that was just a little move I was trying out that I saw in an adult movie.

Lucas: No, it's you. You're different. You're not adrienne.

Bonnie: Really, lucas? What's in a name?

Lucas: [Grunts]

Bonnie: [Giggles] Right, right?

[Moans] Oh, yes. Oh.

Jennifer: A missed call from eric.

Abigail: What did he want?

Jennifer: Just to talk to me about lucas.

Abigail: Mom, you should go. You gotta see what he has to say.

Jennifer: No, it's fine. I don't wanna leave you here alone, honey.

Abigail: Mom, no, come on. Go, I'm fine. And chad's gonna be back any minute. Go.

Eric: Hey. I thought you'd be happy that you've straightened everything out with brady.

Nicole: No, actually, I'm terrified--

Eric: Why?

Nicole: That I could lose holly forever.

Eric: You have done everything you needed to do to get holly back, and you're gonna bring her back home where she belongs. I don't even know why they took her away in the first place.

Nicole: You're right. I never should've lost her.

Eric: And you shouldn't be worried about a thing.

Nicole: Oh, god, eric, i can't lie to you.

Eric: Nicole, I-- I can't lie to you either.

Victor: [Sighs] You know, as much as I loathe the woman, she did accomplish what xander couldn'T. But I can't forget what she did. I mean, she left sonny on the hook for murder.

Brady: No, no, no, that's only because she didn't-- she didn't remember anything. I was here when she recalled doing what she had done. She didn't know that she had killed deimos. Granddad, she was drugged like everybody else that night. Do you remember that?

Victor: If that's true, there's not a jury in their right minds that would convict her.

Brady: Maybe not. But then she loses holly for the rest of her life, and deimos wins. You really want daniel's child and maggie's granddaughter to be raised by strangers?

Victor: No, I don'T.

Brady: Well, then this has to stay here--this has to stay right between us. Hell, hell, I'll take the fall for--for deimos' murder if not. You gotta give me your answer.

Victor: Fine, I'll keep quiet, but you gotta hold on to that amulet--curse or no curse.

Brady: Why?

Victor: 'Cause, as long as you have it, she won't go to prison. You're responsible for her freedom. She's gotta remember that.

(Vo) more "doing chores for mom"


Abigail: [Giggles]

[Door opens]

Chad: [Mimics trumpet]

Abigail: Aww, please tell me that's what I think it is.

Chad: Someone's doctor told me that my favorite patient could start having sweets again.

Abigail: Is that apple sauce?

Chad: It is apple sauce topped with cinnamon.

Abigail: Oh.

Chad: You don't like cinnamon, do you?

Abigail: I love cinnamon.

Chad: You love cinnamon?

Abigail: No, I love cinnamon. And I love you, so gimme, gimme, gimme, thank you.

Chad: You're the boss, apple sauce.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Chad: If you're that excited about apple sauce, I can't wait to share my other surprise with you.

Abigail: You have a surprise?

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: What is it?

[Gentle music]

That's very nice, but that's not really a surprise.

Chad: Well, that is just to celebrate my surprise, my news.

Abigail: You have news?

Chad: Mm-hmm. It's some news.

Abigail: Really?

Chad: It's gonna make you happy.

Abigail: What is it?

[Dramatic music]

[Door slams]

Brady: Hey, welcome home.

Sonny: Thank you. What were you looking at?

Brady: Oh, just another one of granddad's old heirlooms sitting in a drawer collecting dust.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: Nicole, I--


Jennifer: I'm sorry I missed your call-- I'm interrupting. I'll come back.

Nicole: No, no, no, no, please, stay. I have an appointment.

Eric: Nicole, I--

Nicole: I was--I'll finish my hours later, okay?

[Somber music]

Anjelica: Oh...

Hattie: Hey, slow down, will you? These new heels are killing me.

Anjelica: Oh, well, don't worry about it. At the rate we're going, you won't be in them much longer.

Hattie: I told you, dr. Ross is on vacation, and I got john put in that sanitarium and nobody was the wiser.

Anjelica: Yeah, but for how long? That's what I wanna know.

Hattie: I keep telling you, don't worry about this stuff.

Anjelica: Oh, god, why do i not find that reassuring. Okay, well, let's check and see what the blond behind door number two has screwed up.

[Knocking] Bonnie, open up.

Hattie: Hey, shouldn't you call her adrienne?

Anjelica: Oh, right, right, right, adrienne? Adrienne? Open up, now!

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, hi, uh, now's not a very good time for me, okay?

Anjelica: Oh, I don't care.

Bonnie: No, no, no!

Anjelica: Look, we have to talk about-- oh, my god.

Hattie: [Gasps]

Anjelica: What have you done?

Hattie: Honey, you got lucky.

Anjelica: What did you do?

Marlena: [Gasping] Where is he? What have they done to him? John, john, can you hear me? Oh, god, oh, god, oh!

[Whimpering] John, can you hear me?

John: Doc.

Marlena: John? Where are you? John, is that you?

John: Yeah, I'm right here, doc. I'm right here.

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