Days Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17


Episode #13157 ~ Eric struggles with his feelings for Nicole; Chad and Sonny realize they have the same idea; Jennifer and Abigail are concerned when Lucas shows up drunk; Andre confronts Kate with knowledge of her kissing another man.

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Chad: Mm...

Abigail: [Giggles]

Chad: Good morning, ms. Soon-to-be-dimera.

Abigail: I like the sound of that. 'Cept I think it's probably closer to noon.

Chad: Hmm? Ohh...

Abigail: [Giggling]

Chad: Doesn't even matter. I don't care what time it is. I could stay like this for hours.

Abigail: It's not a dream, is it? Here we are. It's just you and me. We're really truly together.

Chad: Mm-hmm. Girl, you gots me here forever.

[Both laughing]

[Soft music]

Sonny: Do you remember the last time we had breakfast in bed?

Paul: Yeah! Yeah, the five-star hotel in new york, right? And you tripped and you spilled the entire tray of food--the coffee, the orange juice, the pancakes.

Sonny: Oh, don't forget the boysenberry syrup.

Paul: Oh, yeah. It ruined the sheets and the carpet.

Sonny: And the tabloids: "Star pitcher trashes hotel room"? They were convinced you were having that fling with, um... with that actress from the giant robot movie--what was her name? She's beautiful, she had the brown eyes. Boy, did they get that wrong.

Paul: Well, they did get the beautiful brown eyes right.

Bonnie: Oh, I-I...I don't think this is a good idea.

Justin: How can you say that? We're in love. Reunited. You're more beautiful than ever.

Bonnie: Ohh...

Justin: And you always were a morning girl.

Bonnie: But it--it's afternoon.

Justin: That never stopped you before.

Bonnie: No. No. We can't do this.

Justin: W-why not?

Bonnie: Because... oh!

Justin: Adrienne--

[Somber music]

[Dramatic musical sting]

Nicole: Brady. What are you doing?

[Solemn music]

Eric, vo: Dear nicole, your forgiveness has meant so much to me. When you opened your heart, i found mine touched in a way i didn't expect. I felt I had no right to burden you with this...but a friend made me realize I can't keep this secret any longer.

[Dramatic music swells]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: Ah, I just...I have a lot on my mind.

Nicole: You didn't sleep very well last night.

Brady: You didn't either.

Nicole: I did it... didn't I? I-I killed deimos.

Brady: Shh... stop.

Nicole: Brady, how do I live with the guilt?

Brady: You... you focus...on the fact that you kept your daughter from a life with a madman. You focus on the fact that she's gonna be in your arms soon. You focus on...on your future. Our future. Tate and holly--that's what you focus on.

Nicole: That's all I want.

Brady: That's what you're gonna have.

Nicole: You're my rock. I don't know...what I would do without you.

Brady: You're never gonna need to find out.

Nicole: Brady, I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding. You thought eric and I were having an affair.

Brady: It's in the past.

Nicole: I've learned my lesson. No more secrets between us ever again.

[Soft music]

Kate: Well, I'm glad the board is happy, mr. Shin. All it took was some leverage and finding the sweet spot-- anyone could have done it.

[Laughs] You're right, probably not. Well, anyway, I thank you very much for putting your trust in me. Thanks.

[Phone beeps]

[Lightly tense music] Ohh! God, could you stop lurking? Could you just walk into the room like a normal person?

Andre: But look at your glow! You must be proud of yourself.

Kate: If you have something to say, I would really appreciate it if you'd say it.

Andre: Could you imagine my surprise...when I went to the brady pub and saw you... kissing roman.

Sonny: [Sighs] I could stay here with you all day. But...there is one thing that's more exciting that french toast. Telling the world that we're getting married.

Paul: [Small laugh] But-- but, uh, before you make the big announcement, you might wanna... get rid of that little--oh, it's actually on the other--

Sonny: Oh, it's on the other side? Well, I better take a shower, then. Do you wanna help me with that?

Paul: Oh, yes, I do.


[Gentle music]

Chad: [Clears throat]

Abigail: You almost look like you didn't sleep in your clothes--almost.

Chad: Yeah, well, I am looking forward to not sleeping in my clothes with you.

Abigail: [Laughs] Yeah. That's another reason I'm looking really forward to getting outta here.

Chad: Yeah? Well, I talked to dr. Shah. Says you're gonna be back on your feet in no time.

Abigail: Well, can't come soon enough. I can't wait to chase thomas around.

Chad: Yeah. The boy's running circles around me--I don't know how I'm gonna keep up with you two.

Abigail: Well, you better figure it out, 'cause I'm living life full speed.

Chad: Well, I'll be with you every step of the way.

Abigail: Thank god you were cleared of killing deimos.

Chad: Thanks for having faith in me.

Abigail: Always. You look good.

Chad: Thanks. Well, you and miss lulu... I am gonna go check on thomas and share the good news with my brother and...probably anyone else I run into.

Abigail: Cool.

Chad: Cool.

Abigail: [Giggles]

Chad: I love you.

Abigail: I love you.

[Emotional music]

Chad: Okay, I gotta stop or you're not gonna get rid of me.

[Abigail laughs] Bye.

[Soft music swells]

Kate: So you've been spying on me?

Andre: Imagine my surprise... when I went to the brady pub hoping for a burrito breakfast, only to be treated to this vision of you kissing roman.

Kate: Roman kissed me.

Andre: Oh, I'm sure he did, yes. At least you don't deny it.

Kate: Well, why would I? It meant nothing.

Andre: Well, perhaps it's a slippery slope to an illicit affair.

Kate: Oh, my god. You can't be serious.

Andre: How do you think the board would react... if they discovered that you're cheating on your doting better half--the crucial dimera half of this relationship?

Kate: Really?

[Quietly] It was just a kiss. And you have no proof.

Andre: Oh, but what a kiss it was. Imagine someone taking a photo.

Kate: You didn'T.

Andre: There's always a next time...because I'm gonna be watching you.

Kate: Damn you, andre.

Chad: Whoa! Everything okay?

Andre: Ah, yes. Just the usual marital bliss. How's abigail?

Chad: She's great. Better than great. So am I.

Kate: Well, what's going on?

Chad: I have big news.

Abigail: Is this what I think it is?

Jennifer: I think so. Aunt maggie's lemon bars!

Abigail: [Squeals] Ah! Oh, my favorite.

Jennifer: Well, look at those rosy cheeks. If I'd known it just took a lemon bar, I would have brought some sooner.

Abigail: Or maybe it's because I'm a blushing bride-to-be. Chad and I are getting married again.

[Gentle music]

Bonnie: [Clears throat]

Justin: What's going on?

Bonnie: I had to powder my nose.

Justin: I mean with you. Us. This.

Bonnie: I thought you'd understand.

Justin: I thought I did. You said you loved me, that you want us back together again. But I'M...apparently missing a big part of the puzzle. Did you...change your mind? Do you wanna be with lucas again?

Bonnie: No.

Justin: Then why are you acting like this?

Bonnie: Justin, I just broke a man's heart. I can't just go jump in between the sheets...even with you.

[Light music]

Lucas: There he is! The lying, cheating, back-stabbing brother!

Eric: 'Scuse me?

Lucas: Brady told me about you and nicole and those nasty pictures you took of her.

Eric: Lucas, are you drunk?

Lucas: No, I'm feeling good. I'm fine. I'm living in the truth. You're the one who's in denial.

Eric: I'm sorry. I...heard about you and adrienne.

Lucas: Yeah, I got my heart handed to me. It's not the first time. Won't be the last, probably.

Eric: Did you wanna talk about it?

Lucas: No. I don't wanna talk to you about it--I'm fine. I'm just gonna go talk to bloody mary, see what she has to say.

Eric: How 'bout a meeting?

Lucas: You know, the funny thing is you...[Laughs] You hooked up with nicole when we were together. Boy, you just can't quit her, can you?

Eric: Lucas, there's nothing going on between me and nicole.

Lucas: Ah! Ha ha. Sure about that? Keep telling yourself that-- eventually maybe you'll believe it. 'Scuse me.

Eric: Hey, why don't we just go outside, take a walk? Maybe we can get some fresh air.

Lucas: How 'bout no? How 'bout you go to hell? How 'bout how could you do that to your brother? How 'bout that, eric?

Eric: Lucas, I will never betray brady. There is a total misunderstanding.

Lucas: Oh, really, really? You don't have the hots for nicole?

Nicole: Oh, brady, I hated deimos. I had my reasons for wanting him dead. But to kill him--I can't--

Brady: The man was evil. He was a blight on everyone in this town.

Nicole: That doesn't make it any easier.

Brady: The good news is is that sonny and chad have been cleared. There's no innocent person that's going to be charged for what you did.

Nicole: The police...are still gonna be looking for the killer. They're gonna dig up evidence, and when they find it, it's gonna lead to me.

Brady: Chad--chad wiped the prints off the murder weapon. There's no one stepping forward. There's no eyewitnesses. You are in the clear.

Nicole: The amulet. It directly links me to deimos.

[Edgy music]

Brady: It's right here.

Nicole: Mm. Deimos cursed me with that. Please put it away.

Brady: Nicole... no one's gonna find it. You will be safe. I promise you.

[Edgy music]

Justin: Look, I understand that you love lucas. And of course you have such a big heart that you feel terrible about hurting him.

Bonnie: You know me so well.

Justin: Unless... you're also having doubts about us.

Bonnie: No. I have zero doubts about what i want or who I want.

Justin: Neither do I. You're the love of my life. My best friend. And I know beyond all doubt that you are the right woman for me. But...I'm putting my heart out there again...okay? And I barely picked up the pieces from the last time. So maybe it's just best that... if you're having second or third or fourth thoughts about choosing me that we wait just a little bit longer.

Bonnie: No.

Justin: It's okay, I've waited this long, and I'm willing to wait...forever. So...maybe it's best for both of us that if you just take this time to figure out what you really want, and we... revisit a few weeks? I'm ok--

Eric: Nicole's my friend.

Lucas: Who's in love with your brother. But that hasn't stopped you, has it?

Eric: Once again, this a is misunderstanding--

Lucas: Hey, hey, look, man, I get it, I get it, all right? I do. You and I both want someone who wants somebody else. I see it, man, you don'T. Difference is, I've accepted it, so why don't you come to the bar with me, man? We'll have a drink, get you a little shot of reality on the rocks, okay? You can pay--come on, let's go .

Eric: No, I can't let you do that.

Lucas: What do you care anyway, man?

Eric: For one thing, you helped me when I had my own addiction problems.

Lucas: You wanna help me? Get outta my way!

Eric: And there's your sister. 'Cause she knows how important your sobriety is to you.

Lucas: So do me a favor-- don't tell her about it. You're gonna say something, aren't you? You're unbelievable. You know what, I don't need this place and I don't need you. I'll just go somewhere else--

Eric: I can't let you do that, because you're in no shape to drive.

Lucas: I'm not gonna drive, you moron! I'm gonna take a cab, you idiot! What do you think I am, you?


[Door slams]

Jennifer: You're engaged.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: When did this happen?

Abigail: Um, it was right after chad got out of jail. He came straight here and proposed.

Jennifer: That--that's wonderful, but...

Abigail: But what?

[Solemn music]

Andre: [Laughing] You and abigail, husband and wife again! As it should be. This is the best news ever.

Chad: Thank you.

[Andre chuckling]

Kate: Well, not for gabi it isn'T. How could you just throw her aside?

Chad: She, uh, she understands.

Kate: The hell she does.

Andre: Gabi was never chad's equal. You think we can have a little grace here?

Kate: Oh, my god.

Andre: Oh, you know... as well as I do that kate's, um...understanding of the affairs of the heart is not very good.

[Chuckles] Well...anyway, you just ignore her. I'm gonna watch a movie if anybody needs me for anything. I'm thinking, um... "roman holiday."

[Soft instrumentals]

Chad: Is he being...weirder than usual?

Kate: Okay, you have no idea.

Chad: Right?

Kate: Just ignore him.

Chad: You're not gonna congratulate me?

Kate: Are you sure about this?

Jennifer: Are you sure about this?

What makes a lipton meal?

Nicole: What if this curse is real? What if killing deimos is only the beginning?

Brady: What's real is that i love you. What's real is that holly will be with you again soon. You have got to forgive yourself for killing deimos. You've got to--

[Door opens]

Paul and brady: Hey.

Paul: I'm glad you're both here.

Brady: Hey, man, if you're looking for sonny--

Paul: No, no, I just left him--we've been celebrating his release. And no one has worked harder than you to prove that he was innocent.

Brady: I'm glad it finally happened, paul.

Nicole: Yeah, it--it's great news.

Paul: At least now all the cops have to do is find the amulet. And then they're gonna find the real killer.

Nicole: Um...I'm sorry, it's getting late, and I need to go grab my things for work. Bye.

Paul: Yeah. Is everything okay?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's all--all good.

Paul: Yeah, 'cause the last time you tried to convince me of that, you thought nicole was cheating on you, and you were about to take a drink--

Brady: Okay, hold on. I was mistaken. Nicole and eric were not having an affair.

Paul: Well, that's great news, man. She wouldn't do that to you! See, I told you. She loves you, right?

Brady: Yes, yes.

[Lightly tense music]

Abigail: Chad and I belong together. I've never been so sure of anything in my life.

Jennifer: When he wanted you to renew your vows last time, y-you weren't sure, so--

Abigail: Well, I've made mistakes.

Jennifer: And so has he.

Abigail: We both have. But it's different this time, mom. I'm different. I'm stronger. For the first time in my life, I understand I am worthy of his love. And when I look that man in the eyes, I have no doubt that I'm his equal. We're partners, and...this is a whole new beginning for us.

Jennifer: You are... my brave, beautiful, wise girl. And I-I am so happy for you. I am.

Chad: I understand that i hurt gabi, and I do--I feel terrible about it.

Kate: Really? Because I can tell by that glow on your face that you're getting over it.

Chad: Okay. You know what? For the record, she ended it with me. She understood how I felt.

Kate: Yes, well, of course she did, because gabi is an amazing woman.

Chad: And so is abigail.

Kate: Yeah, I...yeah. If you like that "damsel in distress" type.

Chad: Okay, you know what? She saved me. She's done it plenty of times.

Kate: Then why couldn't you just have thanked her? Do you have to marry her? I mean, really, chad... she broke your heart. She left you. She ran out on you. I just can't help worrying.

Chad: How many times have i broken her heart? My heart is in good hands with her, believe me.

Kate: Okay.

Chad: [Softly] Okay.

Kate: If you're happy... if you're happy, I'm gonna suck it up.

Chad: Thank you. That's very big of you. How--how are you? How's--how are things with andre?

Kate: Oh, my god, it's just like one big chess game.

Chad: Yeah? He's making you, like, miserable?

Kate: That's what the martinis are for.

[Both laughing] You know, honestly, the poor soul doesn't realize that I'm always two steps ahead of him.

Chad: In high heels, no less.

Kate: You bet.

Chad: You know, thank you for saving the company. I'm forever grateful.

Kate: I just want you to be happy.

Chad: I am. And I want you to know that I am always here for you.

Kate: Honey, I love you.

Chad: I love you too.

Kate: Okay.

[Soft music]

[Kate chuckles]

Justin: Mixed message received.

[Knock on door]

Bonnie: Ah--oh, I'd better get that. I'd better get that. Uh... okay.

[Exhales] Oh, it's jackson!

Sonny: Hey, haven't called me that in a while.

Bonnie: Sorry I missed you at the courthouse. I'm so glad you're free, though.

Sonny: So am I! Yeah. Can I come in? I have some really good news.

Bonnie: Of course. Ha ha! Come right in.

Sonny: Hey, dad, what are you doing here?

Justin: You wanna take this?

Bonnie: Yes. Your father and I... realized that we just couldn't fight fate any longer.

Sonny: You mean...

Bonnie: Yep. We're back together.

Sonny: What? That's fantastic!

Bonnie: Oh--

Sonny: Oh, my--you two are just full of surprises.

Justin: You're tellin' me.

Sonny: Oh, I'm so happy! I always knew you two would end up together. You were meant to be. Wait a second, what-- what about lucas?

[Somber music]

Kate: Okay. And I'll send over the countess wilhelmina report as soon as the meeting gets out.

Lucas: Hang up the phone. Come on--let's get this party started, okay?

Kate: Um...I'll call you back.

[Phone beeps] What's going on with you? Are you drunk?

Lucas: As a skunk.

Kate: Ohh...god. Lucas, what is going on? Why?

Lucas: She dumped me. Adrienne dumped me.

Kate: I told you so.

[Dramatic music]

Kate: Adrienne's my friend. But I knew...that she was gonna hurt you. I knew it. Lucas, how long did she leave you standing by while she was trying to decide which man she wanted to be with?

Lucas: I don't know.

Kate: You know, the day that you didn't get married could have been the luckiest day in your life if you had just walked away. But you couldn't do that. The way you couldn't do it with sami and you couldn't do it with nicole and you couldn't do it with chloe.

Lucas: You're unbelievable. What was I thinking? Compassion from my mom? I must be drunker than I think.

Kate: I'm sorry. I am sorry... for what has happened to you. But I really do think it's for the best. don't see it now, but you're going to see it. And, honey, in the meantime, you gotta get yourself cleaned up. You can't let what happened with adrienne get you drinking again.

Lucas: Don't--don't do that! Don't pin this on adrienne. I drink because of you! Because of your insults and your interfering and everything you do to me! I can see the look in your eye right now! You're disappointed in me, right? You hate me, don't you? You hate me--look at that mean look in your eye. Go ahead, look in the mirror! Look at you!

Kate: If you don't get sober, I'm going to fire you from countess wilhelmina.

Lucas: Of course you would do that. Of course you would.

Kate: It's called tough love, lucas--that's what it's called.

Lucas: Do you know any other kind?

[Solemn music]

Bonnie: Well...[Ahem] Of course, lucas took the news really hard, you know, and i feel...god, I feel just awful about that. But I had to follow my heart, and it...ran straight back to your father.

Sonny: You know I've always rooted for you two to be together.

Justin: So, what's this big news that you came by to spring on your mother, and...can I hear it too?

Sonny: Absolutely. Paul and I are getting married.

[Contemplative music]

Brady: That's fantastic news! Engaged? You and sonny, you deserve the happiness, man, you really do.

Paul: You're the first person I told.

Brady: Well, I'm honored about that.

Paul: Ha ha. But the truth is, it's only 'cause I couldn't reach dad.

Brady: Uh-huh...

Paul: No, I left him a message, and he hasn't responded yet.

Brady: Well, if I hear from him, I'll make sure he touches base with you.

Paul: So, um...I mean, you sure you're all good?

Brady: Yeah! Wh-why--why wouldn't I be good? My little bro's getting married.

Paul: Well, maybe you and nicole'll be next, huh?

Brady: Hmph.

Eric: Jennifer, it's eric. I need to speak with you. It's important. It's about lucas.

[Phone beeps]

[Tense music]

[Dramatic musical buildup]

This is me

Nicole: Paul left?

Brady: Yeah. He's busy sharing the news that he and sonny are...getting married.

Nicole: That is wonderful news.

Brady: It is.

Nicole: They probably would have been engaged sooner if sonny wasn't sitting in jail for a crime I committed.

Brady: Nicole, you...can't think like that.

Nicole: Well, it's gonna take me a while, brady, okay? It's really hard to get those pictures out of my head.

Brady: Look, if you wanna talk about it--

Nicole: I can't, I-I-- I have to go to work.

Brady: Well, don't let me keep you... from work.

Nicole: Brady... there's nothing going on... between eric and me. You understand that, right?

Brady: I-- I do understand that. I do.

[Somber music]

Nic. You have to keep this between us. You cannot tell eric that you remember killing deimos, you hear me?

[Somber music]

Eric, vo: I love my brother. I see how happy you are with him. I tell myself I have no right to interfere, cause even a moment's unhappiness for either of you. I expect no response to this letter--nothing from you in return. But the truth is: I love you.

Jennifer: I'm sorry I'm late, but that press conference at the police station took way too long.

Abigail: Mmm. Abe carver is not a counterfeiter. I mean, has that man ever even had a parking ticket?

Jennifer: I know, and the fact that the case was built against him by valerie's son... I mean, it is so sad for everyone.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: But I feel like there is something more going on.

Abigail: I just hope he's cleared soon.

Jennifer: It was so hard to see abe being treated like a criminal. But I wanna talk about something about something happy. I about you, and a wedding now! I mean, what are we talking here, spring, summer? What are you planning?

Abigail: Oh, I...I gotta get out of this bed first and, i mean, I am still married to dario.

Jennifer: That's unfortunate, but it's--it's a divorce, and you just have a lot of paperwork.

Abigail: Yeah. And then in the meantime, I just--I'm looking really forward to going home and being with chad and being with thomas and...just celebrating every moment that i can.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I think we should toast. Let's toast with our lemon bars.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: To long overdue happiness with chad. Long...may love reign.

[Both laughing]

Lucas: Hear, hear! To great, glorious love.

[Somber music]

Sonny: As soon as I got out from underneath those murder charges, I couldn't wait another second to commit myself to paul. You know, when you sit in that jail cell, you realize how short life really is.

Bonnie: Yeah, right? Oh, god, I'm just so happy for you. I'm so happy for you and paul. Your football star...

Both: Baseball.

Bonnie: Yeah, I know. Ha! That's what I meant. I guess love is in the air for all of us, then, huh?

Sonny: The four of us should grab dinner sometime really soon, celebrate all this love. I'd love to stay, but I gotta go see abigail in the hospital.

Bonnie: Abigail. Right. Your cousin. Oh, honey, that's so sweet of you.

Sonny: All right, you kids have fun.

Justin: Yeah. Give her our best. Wow! Now...that was a surprise.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah!

Justin: But I couldn't be happier. Justin: After will, it's time that he found real love again.

Bonnie: Yeah. You know what? I think it's time for me to move back with you too. Back into the kiriakis mansion.

Justin: [Laughs] Okay. First you want me, then you wanna take it slow. Then you pull me into a barn-burn of a kiss. And now you wanna move in. My officially spinning.

Bonnie: Well, I think I'm just so...happy to see our son in love and so happy that we're in love, I just...god, it's just made me doesn't make sense to wait.

Justin: Why don't we seal that with a kiss?

Bonnie: I just think we-- honestly, we should--we should really wait on the physical part.

Justin: Adrienne...

[Lightly edgy music]

The mastectomy. The reconstruction. You're feeling self-conscious.

Bonnie: You have no idea.

Justin: Sweetheart, don't you know that when I look at you, I see...that beautiful girl sitting on a park bench all those years ago who took my breath away. Still does, every day. All I want is for you to feel loved and safe. So I will wait...till you're ready. It won't be easy... but I'll wait.

[Lightly edgy music]

Bonnie: Thank you. Ha. And if you get things going, you could have me back in the kiriakis mansion by tonight.

Justin: Pack your things. I'll see you later.

Bonnie: Mm!

[Edgy music]


Jennifer: Lucas.

Lucas: I'm not done with that, you know.

Jennifer: Oh, you are done. You are done, and you have said enough. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that adrienne broke up with you, but that is not the answer, lucas.

Lucas: Workin' pretty good so far.

Jennifer: Listen to me. I don't know why...she did that. And I don't know why she was so cruel about it, but you are not alone.

Lucas: I am alone. What are you talking about? Adrienne was the best thing that's ever happened to me. We were gonna get married. We were gonna spend the rest of our lives together, and now it's over just like that!

Jennifer: Listen to me. You sat in the same room with me a couple days ago when I didn't know if abigail was gonna live or die. And you gave me so much love and so much support, and please let me do that for you right now. Please.

Lucas: I can'T. I can't--I gotta go.

Jennifer: Lucas!

[Somber music]

Kate: Is the movie over already?

Andre: I want to negotiate.

Kate: [Sighs] There's nothing to negotiate.

Andre: You know we're headed for an all-out war.

Kate: Not if you do what i tell you to.

Andre: I'm done being marginalized. What do you think, I'm inferior to you? I'm stefano dimera's eldest living son. I bring value to the company, to this relationship, to this family.

Kate: So...what do you propose?

Andre: I want equal partnership--co-ceo.

Kate: [Laughs] Well, the board will never approve that... since we're in this charade of a marriage because they're convinced you're insane.

Andre: If I get a licensed psychiatrist to certify my sanity... will you agree to my demands?

Kate: Of your sanity? Oh, you're certifiable, all right.

[Dark music]

Andre: I've been more... than gentle with kate, father. In part, in deference to you, and also to the affection that chad shows her. But she has pushed me too far.

[Intense musical buildup] Copd makes it hard to breathe.

Chad: No, just, uh, just take the contract to kate. I support whatever decision she makes. Yeah.

Sonny: Hey. Nice to see you somewhere that's not a jail cell.

Chad: Jeez, sneak up on me like that. Well, who--what--look at these things--for me?

Sonny: Not for you, no.

Chad: No? Well, uh, gotta admit, it is more fun waking up next to abby. Although she's gonna be happy to see you.

Sonny: Yes. Well, before I go in, I have a question for you.

Chad: Well, I have a question for you.

Sonny: Go first.

Chad: No, you go first.

Sonny: All right.

Both: Will you be my best man?

[Bright music]

Chad: Ah...

[Both laughing]

Abigail: Is lucas okay? What did he say?

Jennifer: Adrienne broke up with him.

Abigail: What? But I-- I thought that they were so in love with each other.

Jennifer: You know, I saw adrienne at the pub earlier.

Abigail: Uh-huh.

Jennifer: And she's not herself, and I can't even believe that she would break up with lucas after everything he has done for her. Something's not right.

Bonnie: Baseball. Baseball, damn it, not football. I can't keep screwing up like this. Man, I call someone by the wrong name, call a brady a horton, it's back to statesville for me. And there's sure as hell no way I'm going back there.

[Clattering at door]

[Beep] What are you doing here?

Lucas: I-I can't live without you.

Bonnie: Hey--

[Dramatic music swells]

[Suspenseful music]

[Amulet clatters]

[Dramatic music]

[Intense musical buildup]

Nicole: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Eric: I didn't notice.

Nicole: So intense. What are you working on?

[Soft, dramatic music]

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