Days Transcript Tuesday 8/22/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/22/17


Episode #13156 ~ Joey says goodbye to his loved ones; Bonnie grows nervous when Steve pays "Adrienne" a visit; Theo is jealous when he sees Tripp and Claire share a hug; a twist is revealed in Abe's case.

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[Soft music]

Claire: Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty, mayor hater71? You know, abe carver is a great man, and he's an excellent father.

Tripp: Anybody ever tell you not to feed the trolls?

Claire: Tripp! Whoa! Hi!

[Laughs] You're here--you didn't leave.

Tripp: [Sighs] Yeah, it would be...running away. You were right.

Claire: Me? I was right?

Tripp: Yeah, I decided it was better up and face the music. Same as my brother did.

Joey: Thank you for everything you've done to help me. You're the best uncle a guy could have.

[Both chuckle]

Roman: I love you... all right? And listen to me. Eva...made you do what you did. I'm just very proud of you for taking responsibility for it. Okay?

Joey: 'Kay. D.A. Cut me a deal. Now I'M...ready to face prison. I hate what it's doing to mom, though.

Kayla: Well, you know what? You don't need to worry about me. You were right. I raised you to be honest... and I understand now why you need to do this. And I'm okay.

Joey: No. You're not going to be okay until you stop pushing dad away.

Bonnie: Hmm. So... justin went to dubai, got himself a girlfriend, and didn't come home? Ha. No wonder adrienne dumped his ass.

[Knocking on door] I don't want the room done yet. Come back later.

Steve: Hey, adrienne, open up, it's steve.

Bonnie: Oh, crap, it's the brother. Hold on, hold on.

[Light music] Patch...patch. They call him patch? What is he, a pirate? No, wait a minute--I remember him--he--he's missing an eye. Okay, okay.


Steve: Hey, open the door!

Bonnie: Uh, I'm coming!

[Light music]

Sorry, patch, I was just gonna take a shower--come on in.

Steve: Whoa. Ha. Can't remember the last time you called me patch.

Bonnie: Well, I just like to keep you guessing, that's all. What's up?

Steve: You won't believe it.

Bonnie: Try me.

Steve: Well, I came here because you always have a way of...gettin' my head straight.

[Light music]

I feel like my whole world's falling apart.

Bonnie: There, there. There. There, there. Okay.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Bonnie: Hey, um... steve.

[Clears throat] Why don't you tell your baby sister all about it? Okay? Trouble with the wife?

Steve: Yeah, but not just her. It's really about joe.

Bonnie: Why don't you-- why don't you just come sit down?

Steve: All right. You remember when ava died?

Bonnie: Yeah. Who could forget ava?

Steve: And I told the authorities that I killed her.

Bonnie: You killed her?

Steve: And the isa claimed that I was ordered to...take her out.

Bonnie: The kidding.

Steve: You were around. You know all this.

Bonnie: Well, I know, i just...buried it deep... deep.

Steve: Well, the truth is... I didn't kill her. I was covering for joe.

Bonnie: Joe?

Steve: Your nephew?

Bonnie: Well, yeah, but he's a kid, you know? That's why I said that.

Steve: Well, he was drunk... and ava had pushed him too far.

Bonnie: Whew! I guess so.

[Light music]

Steve: He kept wanting to confess. He hated that I was covering for him. A-and kayla and I didn't want his life to be ruined, but he, you know, he kept holding it inside, and he couldn't take it anymore, so he made a full confession. And...

[Sighs] He's going to prison today.

Bonnie: Prison? Oh, no, he can't go there. He could run into--

[Soft dramatic sting]

Steve: Could run into who?

Hope: I was...just as shocked as everyone else when I was presented the evidence against mayor carver.

Jennifer: And what is this alleged evidence?

Hope: There was jewelry purchased using counterfeit bills by mayor carver.

Jennifer: But all that proves is that--is that the bills were in his possession. It doesn't prove that he was aware of that.

Raines: Detective brady can't say any more because she doesn't know more. She was only the arresting officer, as I've said before. This case was put together by the fbi.

Jennifer: Okay, well, may i please speak to that agent?

Raines: I thought he'd be here by now.

Jennifer: May I please have his name?

Raines: Eli grant.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Eli: I love you, grandma, but I don't have time to talk.

Julie: You're gonna make time.

Eli: I'm late for a press conference.

Julie: That's too bad.

Eli: You heard about abe.

Julie: Oh, yes, I heard about abe.

Eli: I know he's your friend and you're angry with me, but--

Julie: Angry? Angry doesn't cut it, eli. I am furious with you! In fact, I want this house back!

[Dramatic music]

This is me

Eli: I didn't go gunning for abe--I didn't even want it to be him.

Julie: It isn't him! You are so wrong! Abe is the most...the most upstanding man I know.

[Somber music]

Jennifer: This arrest is all eli grant's doing?

Raines: It was agent grant who instructed this department to arrest mayor carver. You'll have to address any further questions with him.

Jennifer: Well, I would like to, but he's not here.

Raines: This press conference is over.

[Edgy music]

Jennifer: Hope. Come on, this is insane. I mean, abe doesn't need the money. Why would you think he would be involved in something like this?

Hope: If abe is innocent, then he will be cleared.

Jennifer: That is not what you said on record. There is something else going on here, and you need to tell me what it is.

Abe: Theo... please. You shouldn't be here.

Theo: What the hell is going on, dad? It's all over the internet that you're a criminal.

Abe: I'm so sorry.

Theo: No, don't tell me you're sorry--tell me it's not true.

[Edgy music]

Claire: So joey told me he was thinking of turning himself in.

Tripp: Yep. It wasn't my idea.

Claire: So you don't want him to go to prison.

Tripp: No, I-I see now that... my mom really messed with him and steve and kayla a-and... that he thought what he did was the only way to stop her.

Claire: So you're...seeing it all differently now, huh?

Tripp: I am. Which is why I swore I wouldn't turn joey in to the cops, but he said he's sick of living with this guilt.

Claire: Now that I'm actually thinking about it... joey hasn't really seemed like himself in a really long time.

[Exhales] So he's really going to prison.

Tripp: Yep. He's leaving today.

Claire: Today?

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Claire: [Sighs] I mean, i got a text from aunt kayla. She says that she wants theo and me to go by the pub later today. Do you think it' that we can say good-bye to him?

Tripp: Yeah. Steve invited me to that, but I passed. Didn't really feel right, me being there, since I'm sort of the reason he's doing this.

Claire: No, that's not true. Steve invited you, then that means he considers you part of the family.

Tripp: Yeah, steve and kayla and joey, they tried to make me a part of their family, but... I just spit on them. Now I have to earn my place, and I haven't done that yet.

Kayla: You do not need to worry about your father.

Joey: I don't want you splitting up again because of me.

Kayla: It wouldn't be because of you, joey. Look, I...I have accepted that you're going to prison because of what happened to ava.

Joey: What happened is i killed her.

Kayla: Let me just ask you a question. Would you be coming to the same conclusion if your father hadn't found tripp and brought him here?

Joey: What I did was tearing me apart long before tripp got here. What was dad supposed to do? Tripp is his son. This is on me, mom.

Kayla: Joey...

Joey: Look, I'm not gonna lie--I'm scared. Going to prison--even a minimum security one, whatever that is. But I can get through it if i know that you and dad are going to be all right. You need each other. And I need you to be together.

Roman: Hey, uh... you mind, uh, giving your mom and I a minute?

Joey: No problem.

Roman: Bet you, uh, could use that.

Kayla: Yeah. I didn't sleep a whole lot last night.

Roman: [Softly] Yeah. You know what, sis? You raised a good son. You should listen to him. When you say good-bye to joey... you and steve are gonna need to lean on each other.

[Somber music]

Kayla: I don't know if I can. Not now, and, uh... maybe not ever.

Abe: I-I know you're confused and angry. But I swear to you...I would never knowingly break the law.

Theo: Why did you want my laptop so bad?

Abe: Well, you know why.

Theo: You said you didn't want me working for the dimeras.

Abe: That's right.

Theo: The only things I did for the dimeras were about dario hernandez. Dario was part of the counterfeiting ring.

Abe: What are you getting at, theo?

Theo: Did you take my laptop so I wouldn't find out that you were helping him? That you were stealing from the dimeras too?

[Soft music]

Eli: I can't let my personal feelings or the feelings of people I care about get in the way of justice.

Julie: Well, how about no motive whatsoever getting in the way of justice? Think this through! Why would abe carver, at this stage of his life, turn counterfeiter? He would have everything to lose and nothing to gain but money!

Eli: The salem pd will work on that.

Julie: Which means you're letting hope--as the salem pd-- do your dirty work for you. I would like to tell you that hope and abe have been friends forever. Their children grew up together. You're not just hurting abe. Eli, you're turning your back on your own family.

Jennifer: Look. Look. It's off. Nothing you say is gonna end up in "the spectator." I just wanna talk to you as your cousin and abe's friend, not as a reporter.

[Dark music]

Hope: I hate every second of this. I hated arresting abe, I hate what this must be doing to lani and theo and-- I have an obligation... to uphold the law.

Justin: Valerie grant called me this morning. She wants me to represent abe.

Hope: Abe has an attorney.

Justin: She said he's not very good--he couldn't even get abe out on bail.

Hope: I know, but this is what abe--

Jennifer: did your job--let justin do his.

Hope: But this is abe's decision, cuz.

Jennifer: Yeah, but why wouldn't abe want justin as his lawyer? I mean, look what he did for sonny and chad.

Hope: You and adrienne must be very relieved.

Justin: Oh, we are.

Jennifer: And abigail, of course.

Justin: How is she doing?

Jennifer: She's wonderful. She's gonna make a full recovery.

Justin: Thank god.

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, we feel...we feel blessed. It was awful. But we had a lot of support, and, uh...lucas, you know, he texted me every five minutes to make sure we were okay. He was wonderful.

Justin: Lucas is going to need your support now.

Jennifer: What? What happened?

Justin: Adrienne broke it off with him. She decided she wants to be with me. We're back together.

[Edgy music]

Bonnie: Well, I'm not saying he into al capone or anything like that, I'm just... saying he's a kid, you know? He shouldn't be rubbing shoulders with hardcore cops, you know?

Steve: Yeah. And the general population at statesville is a bunch of lowlives. So that's why I called in some favors and I convinced the D.A. To send joe to a minimum security prison.

Bonnie: A country club place? Worst to learn there is how to cheat on his taxes. That' know, what I hear, and...god, you know-- you did right by joey.

Steve: Yeah. But now we have to watch him go to prison...and say good-bye to him.

Bonnie: I guess that's what you mean about your whole world falling apart.

Steve: That's not all of it. Kayla blames me for this. She kicked me out.

Bonnie: Oh, come on, she'll get over it.

Steve: I'm not so sure about that. Anyway, we're, um, we're having a get-together at the pub so that everyone can see joe... before he goes in, say good-bye to him. I knew you'd wanna be there.

Bonnie: Well, I haven't really spent that much time with him know, 'cause of my cancer, and I-I really don't think I should be there.

Steve: I need ya there, baby sister. I need your support.

Bonnie: Ah... well, when you put it that way, who can say no, right?

Steve: And, you know, lucas is invited too.

Bonnie: Oh...lucas won't be with me. We...we broke up.

Steve: What?

Adrienne: Yeah.

Steve: I didn't even know you were having problems. No wonder you seem kinda off today.

Bonnie: I do? Of course I do. You know, it's tough.

Steve: Here I am talking about my problems, and you're holding that in?

Bonnie: Actually, I'm the one who broke it off.

Steve: Oh. Okay. Well, um...did lucas take it hard?

Bonnie: Well, of course he did. I mean, he's nuts about me. But justin's the only man for me. In fact, we're already back together.

Steve: Oh! Wow! Ha! Well, I really didn't see that comin'.

Bonnie: Yeah, nobody did. Especially lucas.

Steve: You're full of surprises today.

(Vo) more "doing chores for mom"

Abe: Listen to me, theo. I am not connected to dario or any of his criminal activities.

Theo: Well, why didn't you say that in the first place?

Abe: All you need to know right now... is this is all a mistake.

Theo: Are you gonna be okay?

Abe: Yeah.

[Whispers] Yeah. I just hate what this is doing to you. And I promise...this will be over soon.

Theo: I really hope you're right.

Eli: No, commissioner raines wanted a detective of hope's stature to arrest abe. I'm sorry she even had to be a part of this.

Julie: Well, that makes two of us.

[Phone chimes]

Eli: I really gotta go. I promise you...I will review all the evidence against abe, and I'll make sure that he's treated fairly. If you say he's the man that he is.

Julie: He is! He is--ask anybody!

Eli: Well, then this'll all work out in the end.

Julie: [Sighs] I'm going to hold you to that, eli.

Eli: I understand. And if I don't keep my word, you can...kick me out and take the house back.

Julie: [Laughs] I really don't wanna do that, sweetheart.

Eli: I know. But I've also lived long enough in salem to know that...I don't wanna be on your bad side.

[Quiet music]

Jennifer: Uh... lucas never told me about you and adrienne. When did this happen?

Justin: Yesterday. I was surprised as anyone when adrienne said she wanted to be back with me. I mean, I--actually, I've gotten to know lucas pretty well. He's a good man, and I hope he can make peace with this.

Jennifer: I need to call him and just...and just see how he is--excuse me. You, know that steve and kayla are having a whole get together before joey leaves.

Hope: Yeah, cuz, of course i know, he'S... my nephew. Did adrienne happen to say... what changed her mind?

Justin: Not...exactly.

Hope: I always thought that lucas and adrienne were--

Justin: Were happy.

Both: Yeah.

Justin: And planning to spend their lives together. Me too. But adrienne and I, you know, we have four sons, a lotta history. Probably just caught up with her. She says...she never stopped loving me.

Hope: I'm happy for you. But could I just give you one... bit of advice?

Justin: Sure.

Hope: Don't rush into anything. Make sure it's what you both want.

Justin: Sounds like you think adrienne might change her mind again.

Hope: You're my dear friend. I don't wanna see you hurt.

Joey: What did, uh...uncle roman say about dad? Hey.

Steve: Hey. You okay?

Joey: I'm gonna go help uncle roman.

Steve: Can I sit? I much this is hurting you.

Kayla: Joey told me it's what he has to do and... I believe him.

Steve: Still, I know how hard it is.

[Somber music]

I want you to know I made some calls, and I'm doing everything I can to make sure he's safe in that facility. He's gonna make it through this. I promise.

Kayla: [Softly] Thank you. This just shouldn't be happening.

Steve: Baby...don't ya see? It was bound to. Joe was never gonna be at peace. And...that said, I... I probably should have thought more about the impact bringing tripp here would have on joe. But I just couldn't stand the thought of not knowing a child of mine.

Kayla: So here we are.

Steve: Sweetness... after everything...we went through to find our way back to each other... coming home to you at night-- it means more to me than anything.

[Somber music]

[Whispers] Love you. I love you so much. Baby... I can't lose you again. I just can'T.

Kayla: Finding out that joey... wanted to confess and go to prison, I... I-I-- just the thought of losing my son, I... I may have said some things that went too far, and... I'm very sorry.

Steve: Baby, you don't need to apologize. Just tell me it's not over between us.


Kayla: I, uh... can't imagine getting through this without you. And I can't face it alone.

Steve: Yeah. Neither can I. Listen. We'll do this together. We'll be there for each other and for our boy.

[Soft, emotional music]

Claire: I'm sorry, it's from theo. He said that he's seen his dad, and he's on his way over here.

Tripp: Yeah? You guys still friends?

Claire: Yes. We are. But that's it. We're just friends. Ha. Screwed that one up just like I screwed up everything else.

Tripp: Aw, don't be so tough on yourself. He'll probably come around eventually.

Claire: I don't know.

Tripp: I mean, come on, you're a really cool person. I mean, what you said to me yesterday kept me from...leaving town. Helped me really see how lucky I am to have a dad like steve.

[Small laugh] Thank you.

Claire: You're welcome.

[Laughs] Go, me. Wow!

Tripp: Yeah.

Claire: Oh... theo, hey. How'd it go with your dad?

Theo: Uh, he said he didn't do anything.

Claire: I mean, you believe him, right?

Theo: I don't know what to believe anymore, honestly. He's always going on about how my mom's family's so horrible, but what if he's no better? You know, I don't--I don't wanna talk about it anymore, so what was the text that you sent about everyone going to the pub?

Claire: Okay, I will explain on the way over. Let's go.

[Soft guitar]

Hope: Sir, I need to take a longer lunch hour. I have an important family gathering I have to attend.

Raines: Sure, sure. Look, detective, I know speaking to the press, especially jennifer horton, had to be hard on you--I hope you don't let it get to you.

Hope: Well, the media has an obligation to tell the public the truth. Just as police officers have an obligation to uphold the law.

Eli: Hey, sorry I missed the press conference. I got held up. So did abe carver change his story after a night in jail?

Raines: No. He still denies having any connection to dario hernandez. So...hope you and your colleagues at the bureau can make these charges stick.

Eli: We're doing everything we can.

Raines: I hope so. Very unpopular arrest.

Eli: Yeah, well, it's hard for people to accept that an admired public figure could abuse his position for his own gain.

Raines: Couldn't agree with you more.

[Tense music]

Claire: You're gonna email, right?

Joey: If I can. By the dad's gonna cover my portion of the rent until you guys can find someone to move into my room.

Theo: Dude, who cares about the rent? It's not gonna be the same without you.

Claire: No. We're gonna come and visit you, I promise.

Joey: Thanks, guys. That means a lot.

Julie: I just can't believe this of joey!

Roman: Yeah, well...he's been living with this for too long. He just couldn't take it anymore. He insisted...on turning himself in.

Julie: Between abe and joey, it's a bad day for salem. I gave eli a piece of my mind. About making you be the one to arrest abe carver.

Hope: It's not eli's fault.

Julie: Well, whose fault is it? Hope, you don't believe that abe is guilty?

Hope: He's human. We all make mistakes. I'm just hoping once all the evidence is in...abe's cleared.

[Quiet music]

Kayla: Oh, adrienne. Thank you for coming.

Bonnie: Oh, sure, no problem.

Steve: Hey, joe. Come say hello to your aunt adrienne.

Joey: Hey, aunt adrienne. Nice of you to come.

Bonnie: Well, I wouldn't miss a send-off.

Kayla: Well, that's not what this is.

Bonnie: Oh, I'm sorry, you're right--you know, it was just a bad choice of words to...

Jennifer: Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Bonnie: Yeah, sure.

Both: Excuse me.

Jennifer: Um... I heard that--

[Laughs] That you broke up with my brother without any warning.

Bonnie: Yeah, I'm sorry. I...didn't think it was fair to stay with him when I figured out I didn't love him anymore.

Jennifer: Adrienne, my brother was so devoted to you. He took care of you when you had cancer. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

Bonnie: You sound pretty mad.

Jennifer: What? We have been friends forever, and we're...we're business partners. What you did to him was just heartless!

Bonnie: Who are you to say something like that to me? I'm not the one hooked on pain meds.

Jennifer: What did you say?

Bonnie: Oh, you heard me.

Jennifer: What is wrong with you? You know that I've-- I've been in recovery. I can't even believe you would throw that in my face!

Bonnie: No, I'm sorry...

Jennifer: Adrienne!

Bonnie: I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry--I don't know what came over me. I just...look, I didn't wanna hurt lucas, okay? He's a sweetheart. But the heart wants what it wants, and mine wanted justin. Justin! Oh, I didn't know you'd be here! Hi!

Justin: Hi.

Jennifer: Excuse me.

Bonnie: Oh, boy, am I glad to see you.

Justin: Glad to see you, too.

[Bonnie giggles]

Kayla: Poor lucas.

Steve: After everything my sister's been through... this past year, who are we to judge?

Eli: Hey.

Abe: Eli.

Eli: How they treating you up in here?

Abe: Oh, I...feel like I'm at the ritz.

Eli: Guess that was a bad question.

Abe: Theo was here.

Eli: How's he doing?

Abe: Didn't think enough... about how this would affect him. I just hope...I haven't made a terrible mistake.

Eli: Well, you won't have to play this role much longer.

[Dramatic music] Just until we make dario's silent partner think he's in the clear.

Eli: I'm sorry I rushed you into helping me out. When I asked lani to help me investigate dario and the counterfeiting operation, it just never occurred to me that dario's silent partner would be someone so close. Or that he'd threaten her.

Abe: Because it didn't occur to you that dario's partner could be her boss. And after all his talk about how the corrupt bradys ran the police department... he gets roman's job, and he uses it as a front for his counterfeiting ring.

Eli: Commissioner raines. Who would've guessed?

[Intense music]

[Beep, click]

Bonnie: Ahh! Boy, am I glad that's over with.

Justin: Well, I know it meant a lot to steve and kayla and joey that you were there. And...I'm glad it's over too.

Bonnie: Huh?

Justin: You and I are alone.

Bonnie: Oh.

Justin: Missed you so much.

Bonnie: Mm... ha.

Justin: Wow.

Bonnie: Wow. Ha ha. No, wait--hey, hey, hey! What do you think you're doing?

Justin: [Laughing] Well, if you don't know, I must be getting rusty.

Bonnie: Nope! Nope! Nope! No, we can'T.

Justin: Why not?

[Light percussive music]

Joey: What are you doing here?

Tripp: I, uh, saw your duffle bag by the door, and I figured you'd be back for it. I needed a chance to say good-bye.

Joey: Coulda come to the pub.

Tripp: That was--that was about you.

[Soft music] Lotta people are gonna miss you, you know. I'm one of 'em.

Joey: You know, tripp, I-- could never tell you enough how sorry I am.

Tripp: Then we're even. 'Cause I don't know how I could ever tell you enough how sorry i am for what I did to your mom.

Joey: Everything's out in the open. It's better that way. While I'm gone, you'll get a chance to get to know dad better. Take care of him, okay?

[Soft guitar]

[Elevator bell dings]

Kayla: What are we doing here?

Steve: Do you remember... standing outside a room like this...looking in at baby joe in an incubator?

Kayla: I'll never forget. He was so tiny!

Steve: He was three months early.

Kayla: Couldn't feed him I-- I couldn't even hold him.

Steve: All we could do was stare through the window and... hope that he was a fighter.

Kayla: And he was.

[Soft guitar]

Steve: You know... that fighting spirit? He's still got that. And it's gonna help him through what's coming next. Ready to do this?

Kayla: No. But I know I can if we... if we do it together.

Steve: [Whispers] Let's go get our boy.

[Quiet instrumentals]

You ready?

[Softly] Okay.

[Emotional music]

[Emotional music swells]

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