Days Transcript Wednesday 8/9/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/9/17


Episode #13147 ~ Steve and Kayla clash over the situation with Tripp and Joey; Brady gets the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric; Justin makes a confession to Sonny; Hattie breaks Bonnie out of Statesville.

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Tripp: I know steve was lying to protect someone.

Joey: But it wasn't my mom. Okay, it was... tripp... it was me.

[Kayla sobs]

Joey: I killed ava.

Steve: Hey, sweetness. Kayla?

Kayla: Oh, I'm sorry. Morning.

Steve: Doing all right?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah. Just... just... processing.

Steve: There's a lot to process. How's joe?

Kayla: He's still sleeping.

Steve: Yeah, tripp too.

Kayla: Yeah. What did he say last night?

Steve: Not much. He's pretty shaken up by what happened. What he almost did.

Kayla: Do you think he's gonna go to the police? Is he going to turn joey in for killing ava?

Sonny: So can you tell me about the hearing?

Justin: Well, to be honest, I wish we were going in with a little more ammunition. Something we could use to convince the court to grant bail.

Sonny: So you don't think it's gonna happen.

Justin: Sonny, I'm trying. But, uh, it's gonna be hard without a solid lead.

Sonny: You mean like if they found another suspect?

Justin: Another suspect would be helpful. Sonny, is there something you're keeping from me?

Sonny: No.

Justin: If you know about another suspect, you have to tell me. It may be the only way I can keep you out of prison.

[Both laughing and grunting]

Hattie: Bonnie lockhart, today is the day you start living your dreams.

Bonnie: Today?

Hattie: Mm-hmm.

Bonnie: You're busting me out today?

Hattie: [Shushing] I am already out there living the life of dr. Marlena evans. Had to break up with that john black.

Bonnie: Oh, he's hot.

Hattie: Yeah, I know. But you know what? Now it's your turn.

Bonnie: My turn?

Hattie: Mm-hmm. Are you ready to start living the world of adrienne kiriakis?

Bonnie: [Moans] Better question: Is her world ready for me?

[Both laughing]

Brady: [Sighs]

[Tense music]

"I love you, brady. I love you, brady. Trust me, brady, you can trust me." "You can trust me." "You can trust me." Hey. Love is a funny thing, right? Who you love. You love me. I don't know who you love anymore, but, um, that's okay.

Nicole: Just remember, this is our little secret.

Eric: Brady will hear nothing from me.

Brady: Yeah.


[Glass clinks]

Nicole: Seeing holly and holding her in my arms and having to give her back again...

Eric: I get it.

Nicole: And once again you come to my rescue and pick up the pieces.

Eric: 'Cause that's what friends do. They help each other.

Nicole: I pushed you away for so long. I'm really glad we're friends again.

Eric: Me too.

[Chuckles] Listen, I'm here for you. Whatever you need.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Paul: Thanks, henderson. No, I'll see myself in. Hey, got your message.

Brady: Hey, man.

Paul: Something wrong?

Brady: No, no. Everything's good. I wanted to talk to you about sonny.

Paul: Good, so did you get victor to... brady, is this your drink?

Justin: Paul found a lead? A possible murder suspect?

Sonny: Maybe. But it's not like we have proof.

Justin: Sonny, I'm trying to save your life here. If you know something that could help your case you need to tell me what it is.

Sonny: Okay, fine. It's uncle vic. There's a possibility that he's behind the murder of deimos.

Kayla: How did it get this bad? Did you know this was going on with tripp? That he had all these doubts and suspicions about ava's death?

Steve: I totally missed it. He let me believe he was happy to be a part of our family now. My god, baby, when I walked in and saw him with that blade against your throat--

Kayla: No, it doesn't matter. It's over, that's over. What's important now is that we do everything we can to protect joey.

Steve: Okay, listen. Tripp knows that joe is his brother. He cares about him. I don't think he'll turn him in.

Joey: Tripp may not tell the police what I did, but I sure as hell will.

Hattie: You been studying up on the life of adrienne kiriakis like I told you?

Bonnie: I've been trying, but you know how slow the internet is in this place.

Hattie: Slow.

Bonnie: Really. So tell me, what's the plan? How are you gonna get rid of adrienne kiriakis?

Hattie: I already did it.

Bonnie: You...

Hattie: No, no, come on, no. I'd never kill nobody. No, she's alive and well. Well, she's alive. Let's say she's taking a snooze.

Bonnie: Where?

Hattie: Trunk of my car.

[Both laughing]

Bonnie: Oh, my god. What are you gonna do with her?

Hattie: Well, the thing is, you know, there can't be any vacancies here.

Bonnie: Right.

Hattie: Everybody's gotta be accounted for. I mean, somebody's gotta be wearing your number.

Bonnie: Oh, my god. You're talking ol' switcheroo.

Hattie: Yeah, you bet.

Bonnie: Oh!

Hattie: So while you're out there walking around in salem...

Bonnie: Adrienne's sitting here living my life behind bars.

[Both laughing] God, you're a genius. Genius. Genius.

Justin: What makes paul so sure?

Sonny: Xander basically admitted it to paul and john that uncle vic brought him here to kill deimos.

Justin: Why am I just hearing about this now?

Sonny: Because I was waiting until I was sure, dad. Last I heard brady was trying to get a confession out of uncle vic.

Justin: My son is not gonna take the fall for that sneaky old bastard. He is not getting away with this!

Brady: That drink? No, paul, not mine. Grandfather must have left that out from last night.

Paul: Your grandfather'S...

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Does that mean that you confronted victor about deimos's murder?

Brady: Yeah, I laid it all out there. I accused him of freeing xander and having him come here to salem and kill deimos.

Paul: Did he deny it?

Brady: Well, your instincts were right, man. He did admit to bringing xander here to salem, but--

Paul: I knew it. No, I knew it. I mean, this is what we've been waiting for.

Brady: Paul, hold up--

Paul: Where do we go from here? Do you think that xander's gonna testify against victor? Do you think that--

Brady: Take it easy. You're not--look, buddy. You're not letting me finish. He admitted to bringing xander here to kill his brother, but he never got the chance to do it.

Nicole: And like I said, before, if that woman-- if holly'S... if holly's foster mom recognized me and reported me to the judge, this would all be over. I could've lost holly for good.

Eric: No, any mother would've reacted the same way you did when you saw your baby crying.

Nicole: How is it that you have this knack for pulling me back from the brink?

Eric: Maybe it's because I've been there myself.

Nicole: Well, I'm very grateful.

[Both chuckle]

Eric: It's nothing.

Nicole: No, it's not. Eric, it's everything.

[Upbeat music]

Kayla: Look, you're in shock over what happened last night. We all are. But if you could just--

Joey: Just what? Think about it for a while? I've been thinking about this since the day I killed ava. I've kept it buried long enough. I went to therapy. I tried to move on, but the guilt. The shame. It only gets worse.

Kayla: Joey. Joey, listen to me. You know, we could help you with that. We'll find another therapist and--and--and, you know what? We'll talk about it more. You and dad and I, and... you know what, maybe we just-- maybe we--maybe we didn't talk it out enough, you know? Maybe we-- why aren't you saying anything?

Steve: Joe's been dealing with this for a long time.

Joey: I don't want to live with it anymore. I can'T.

Kayla: What about what I can't live with? Doesn't that count for something? Joey, I cannot let you do this. I cannot let you throw your life away like this.

Joey: It's too late, mom. I murdered someone. My life is already ruined.

Nicole: When I lost ej's baby, you took me in to st. Luke's, even after all our problems.

Eric: Nicole, you needed help.

Nicole: But you gave me a job. You helped me pick myself up. You gave me back my life.

Eric: No, you did that yourself.

Nicole: I couldn't have done it without you. And everything that came after that-- getting back on my feet, falling in love with daniel, that was because of you. And I treated you so badly.

Eric: We've passed that.

Nicole: After losing daniel, I put your through hell when you were already suffering.

Eric: We were both suffering. We got to the other side. And now we're focused on the future.

Nicole: I don't know if I can do that until I get my baby back. You know, seeing holly today was wonderful. But... it's also made things so much harder. What if she does forget me? What if she doesn't remember her own mother?

Eric: No, no, look. Maggie talks about you every time she visits her. Maybe maggie, she can... record a lullaby if you sing it and play it for her.

Nicole: No, it... a recording's not the same thing. It's not the same thing as seeing her mother. I read that after a few months, a baby puts a voice to a face, and if she never sees me--

Eric: Okay, wait, wait, wait. I got an idea.

Paul: You just said that victor confessed to bringing that psycho back to salem to murder deimos.

Brady: Apparently, xander got spooked when he saw the amount of people at that party. He came back here and he started making all kinds of crazy demands to my grandfather, and victor pulled the plug on it.

Paul: Just like that? He gave up?

Brady: He felt it was too risky at that point. He didn't trust xander.

Paul: He's lying. He has to be lying. Why else would he let sonny sit in that jail all this time?

Brady: Paul, I gotta be honest with you. I believe him.

Paul: You do?

Brady: I do. Tell you what, victor is a lot of things, but he's loyal to the people that he loves. There's no way in hell he would let sonny take the fall for a crime that he didn't commit.

Paul: That is exactly what-- okay, wait, you're telling me that your grandfather believes that sonny is guilty.

Brady: Tell you something else. I'm beginning to think so myself.

Justin: Just when I think victor has turned things around, he does this to his own nephew.

Sonny: We don't know what uncle vic was thinking.

Justin: He is gonna pay for what he did, and if brady can't get the confession out of him, I will.

Sonny: Dad, just take it easy. Paul and brady are gonna handle things. The truth will come out.

Justin: Are you protecting victor after what he's done to you?

Sonny: No, I'm not protecting him. We just don't know his side of the story.

Justin: There is no other side. And it's not just to what he's done to you. It's what he's done to your mother. As if she hasn't been through enough damn it!

Bonnie: Hold on a second. What happens when adrienne starts hollering to everyone within earshot that she's not bonnie lockhart?

Hattie: Eh, that's not gonna be a problem.

Bonnie: How do you know that?

Hattie: Honey, you know I love you with all my heart. But everybody knows you're a colossal pain in the ass.

Bonnie: What?

Hattie: Which is why-- which is why nobody's gonna believe it when she starts saying she doesn't belong in jail. You know what I mean?

Bonnie: If you say so. Then there's that little teensy weensy little detail. How are you getting me out of this hellhole?

Hattie: I got that figured out. Listen, you report to your kitchen duty same as usual. And then when you get there...

[Indistinct whispering]

Bonnie: Oh, god!

[Both laughing]

Sonny: Mom's okay, though, right? I mean, she said she got a clean bill of health.

Justin: Yes, she did. And god willing, she will continue to stay healthy. But seeing her son locked up for murder... is taking a toll on her.

Sonny: She seems... okay when she comes to see me.

Justin: Because she doesn't want to worry you. She is the strongest woman in the world. But I see her struggle. I can see it in her face. And the longer you're in here, the more damage is done.

Sonny: Dad, don't do this to yourself.

Justin: I can't let it happen. We almost lost her once and I can't let it happen again.

Sonny: You know, dad, the way you're talking about mom... are you still in love with her?

Paul: Sonny did not kill deimos and I believe that with all of my heart.

Brady: Paul, I don't want to believe it either.

Paul: Then have faith in him like I do. Have faith that we'll figure out a way to clear his name. I will find the real killer. I'm not gonna let him down, especially not after I got his hopes up.

Brady: You tell him about granddad?

Paul: I had to. He needed some ray of hope in there.

Brady: Well. I'm sorry, but if there's anything else I can do, I'll do it. I'd like nothing more than to hand the reigns of titan back to sonny.

Paul: Thank you. I'll keep you posted. Hey, are you sure that you're okay, brady?

Brady: Me?

Paul: Yeah, I wasn't gonna press it earlier, but that drink's fresh. It doesn't belong to victor, does it?

Brady: [Laughs] First of all, there's nothing fresh about it. It's 30 years old. What--what are you asking me?

Paul: Just be honest with me. Are you drinking again?

Nicole: So you're going to take amazing picture of me?

Eric: Of mommy, remember? And then you can ask maggie to hang them next to holly's crib.

Nicole: So I'll be the first person holly sees in the morning?

Eric: And the last one she sees before she goes to sleep.

Nicole: Do you think the foster mom would agree to it?

Eric: She allows maggie to take pictures for you, right? So I don't see why she'd say no.

Nicole: But what if she recognizes me from the incident in the square?

Eric: I think we handled that.

Nicole: Okay, so what are these pictures gonna be like?

Eric: Well.. well, they won't be like they used to be. They won't be, you know, these glossy beautiful headshots of nicole walker, titan tv reporter, supermodel.

Nicole: Just nicole, holly's mom.

Eric: Exactly. Real. Loving. A smile that would brighten anyone's day.

Nicole: [Exhales] Well, that sounds amazing.

Eric: Great.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Eric: You know what? I got my camera upstairs, if you're game.

Nicole: Yeah, let's-- let's do it.

Kayla: Listen, I-- I realize how difficult it was for you to see tripp in pain like that, but..

Joey: I killed his mother. He never even got to meet her.

Kayla: You were just protecting your family. She could have killed any one of us. Have you forgotten what she was like?

Joey: Why are you excusing what I did? I took someone's life.

Kayla: Joey, you turning yourself in is not gonna bring her back.

Joey: But it will finally give me some peace. And maybe tripp, too.

Kayla: Please. You have worked so hard in school. You'll lose all that. Your whole future. Your hopes and your dreams... joey, please. Before you give all that up, will you please just think about it? For me? How are your teeth whiter than mine?

Nicole: Okay, so, um... where do you want me?

Eric: How 'bout right over there?

Nicole: Like this?

Eric: That's perfect. Okay, just relax. You know you can trust me.

[Camera shutter clicking]

[Laughs] What?

Nicole: Oh, nothing. I-I just remember you saying that the first time you took my picture.

Eric: Did it work?

Nicole: No, no, I still felt terrified and self conscious.

[Both chuckles]

Erick: You know what? You were a little green. But it never showed up in the pictures.

Nicole: You always thought I was this nice, sweet girl.

Eric: Oh, you had me fooled.

Nicole: Yeah, I was... I was ambitious. All I wanted was money, respect. I wasn'T... a very good person back then.

Eric: You know what they always say about the lens. It's a truth teller.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Nicole: And what did your camera say about me?

Eric: When I looked through this camera lens, I could see the real you. I saw somebody with a good heart.

Nicole: Trouble was, I didn't see it.

Eric: I hope you do now.

Nicole: I'm getting there. Thanks to you.

Eric: Good.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Brady: How could you-- how could you ask me that? You know how hard I've fought to become sober. You accuse... all right, man. I poured it. I did, I poured it for myself, but I didn't drink it, all right? I was tempted to, and I didn'T.

Paul: Brady...

Brady: It's all right. You don't know what's been going on with me. Uh, I've been upset because my--I think my-- my girlfriend nicole is cheating on me with my brother.

Paul: No way.

Brady: Yeah.

Paul: No way, man. Not after everything you went through to be together. She loves you. And tate. She wouldn't screw that up.

Brady: I didn't want to believe it either, man.

Paul: And I thought she and eric didn't even get along.

Brady: I thought so too. When I was in the hospital when I had gotten shot, eric went to greece to rescue nicole, and I think during that time their relationship-- the coldness kind of thawed.

Paul: But she came home--

Brady: Paul, they kissed, all right? The night of the party, the night that deimos was stabbed, they kissed, they had a--I don't even know what happened--they had a moment. They had a moment together.

Paul: Everyone was drugged. They were out of their minds that night, man.

Brady: I know. And I have taken that into consideration. The problem is just recently I walked in on maggie and nicole talking about some... some secret that nicole and eric have, that they've shared. I don't know what it is.

Paul: Brady, I really think that you're jumping to a lot of conclusions here.

Brady: That's what maggie said, but what you don't understand, man, is it happened again. 'Cause I went to the martin house recently and I... nicole was just walking out of eric's room. Just walking out.

Paul: Have you talked to her about that yet?

Brady: No, I have not.

Paul: So you have no proof. Look, before you drive yourself to drink, I mean, don't you think you at least should have a conversation with the woman that you love?

Justin: Of course I have feelings for your mother. We were married for many, many years. We have children together.

Sonny: That's not what I asked.

Justin: I don't see how this is relevant right now, sonny.

Sonny: Well, I say it is. Are you in love with mom or not?

Justin: Adrienne is now with lucas. They seem happy.

Sonny: That's not an answer either.

Justin: I don't want you to worry about me. Okay, you have enough on your plate.

Sonny: Okay, fine. You know what, it's none of my business that you're living in denial. Just let lucas and mom live this happy life together and you can sit on the--

Justin: Yes! Yes. Okay? Yes. Are you happy? Yes. I'm still in love with your mother. This time it's his turN. Rself.

Hattie: Hey! It ain't polite to keep a lady waitin', you know.

Chet: Do I get my money now?

Hattie: YeaH. Yeah. Soon as you promise to keep that gate by the kitchen unlocked.

Chet: Hold on. You never said that. The last time I helped you, that crazy woman, hope what's-her-face attacked me.

Hattie: Yeah. You were so brave. I really believe in rewarding a man for his bravery.

Chet: There's a lot of cash in that envelope.

Hattie: Oh, yes, there is. There's enough cash in there to find yourself a nice little gal. Buy her a nice dinner. Couple of drinks. And maybe something else.

Chet: I want to help you, but if someone else escapes, they're gonna question me. What if I crack under pressure?

Hattie: Hey, don't you worry. 'Cause you know what? At bed-check, every dame is gonna be accounted for.

Sonny: Does mom know how you feel?

Justin: I don't think so. But I'm pretty sure lucas is suspicious.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he can't be happy you two have been spending so much time together since I ended up in here.

Justin: Well, I've done my best to give her and lucas their space. But it has been nice to get close to mom again.

Sonny: So now that you've admitted that you love mom, what are you going to do about it? You gonna tell her how you feel?

Brady: I tried--I tried ignoring these feelings, paul, but... I love nicole. I wanna trust nicole.

Paul: But you don't trust her. So you have to say something.

Brady: You're right. You're right, I don't wanna... I don't wanna feel like this anymore.

Paul: Good. You know, maybe you're gonna find out that this is just all a misunderstanding. Maybe you're gonna be wrong about her and eric.

Brady; [Sighs] Damn it, I hope so. I hope so.

Paul: Yeah, well, look, either way, if you ever consider drinking again... look, I know that you get a lot of help from the meetings and a lot of support from the aa community, but hey. If I can be of any help at all, you call me. Okay? And I don't care what time of day it is. You call me, okay? You don't have to fight this alone.

Brady: Thank you. Thank you. I'm sorry about sonny.

[Sighs] Hey. Um...

[Liquid splashes]

[Sighs] Get out of here.


[Phone line trilling]

[Exhales] Hi, this is brady black. Is nicole walker there, please? Oh, she's supposed to be doing her hours at the horton center. Is she expected back soon? Oh, no, no, that's no problem.

[Stammers] Can I talk to eric brady, please? Uh, okay... all right, um...well-- no, no, no, I don't-- I don't need to leave a message, thank you. Son of a--

[Glass shatters] God! Come on.


Eric: I want you to imagine holly is behind me. Just you and your daughter.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Nicole: She's so beautiful, isn't she?

Eric: She's like an angel.

Nicole: So should I make like a funny face or something?

Eric: Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Nicole: Like...

[Both laugh]

Eric: That's great. I love it.

Nicole: I don't look like a crazy lady, do I? I don't want to scare her.

Eric: No, you don'T. You know what, you actually look like the kind of mom that any girl would be lucky to have.

Nicole: Aw. You think this will work?

Eric: You know what I think? I think... when holly sees these pictures, she's gonna realize how much she's loved.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Nicole: Eric.

Eric: Yeah?

Nicole: I know how... hard these last few years have been for you. You've been to hell and back.

Eric: So have you. So have all the people who were close to daniel.

Nicole: Yeah, but... I'm talking about you. And I just wanna say... after what I've observed, one thing hasn't changed. You still have the same kind soul inside, the same one you've always had.

Joey: Okay, mom. Before I turn myself in, I'll think about it.

Kayla: Thank you.

Joey: But don't expect me to change my mind. See... nothing has felt right for me since that day. It's like... I don't look forward to anything anymore. Hanging out with friends. Going to the movies. Having a girlfriend. I don't give a damn about any of that. Not since that day. The only thing I look forward to now... is being punished for what I did.

Kayla: Joey.

Joey: I'd better go. I have a shift at the pub.

Kayla: No, you know what? I could call roman--

Joey: I have responsibilities. I can't just bail on them.

Kayla: Joey, I...

Joey: I hear you, mom. But I have somewhere I need to be.

Kayla: Why didn't you say something?

Steve: I think it's a decision he needs to make on his own.

Kayla: What if he goes through with it? He could be arrested for murder. Are you telling me that you're okay with that? Come on. You gotta talk to him. You gotta talk him out of it.

Steve: I don't think I should.

Kayla: You're okay with our son confessing to a murder? Come on. We--we could help him.

Steve: I'm not sure we can anymore, kayla. He's made so many bad decisions this past year. And it all goes back to that night. I'm afraid he'll never be at peace until he feels like he's paid for what he's done.

Kayla: So you're willing to step aside and let him turn himself in and go to prison.

Steve: Yes, if that's what he needs to do, yes!

Kayla: Well, if you're so okay with our son going to prison, then your son should too!

Nicole: You really are a wonderful photographer.

Eric: It's not hard to make you look good.

Nicole: [Scoffs] So do you think we have enough?

Eric: Oh, definitely. You know what, I'll let you know as soon as I get 'em printed.

Nicole: Okay, thank you for everything.

Eric: Yeah, well, thank you for letting me help.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Spending time with you does make me feel better.

Eric: Me too.

Nicole: I know it can't be easy to keep this quiet from brady.

Eric: It's okay. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Nicole: Well, I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures you took.

Eric: And you won't be disappointed. They're beautiful.

Nicole: Okay. Thanks.

[Tense music]

Sonny: Are you gonna tell mom that you wanna be with her? Or not? Paul!

Paul: Hey. Hi.

Justin: Paul.

Paul: Justin. I filled him in on uncle vic.

Justin: So did brady get the confession out of the old man?

Paul: No, I'm afraid not.

Justin: All right, that's it. I'm on it. I'll get it out of him. Don't you worry. I'm on this, sonny.

Paul: Wait, justin. He didn't do it. Xander didn't kill deimos.

Sonny: What?

Paul: I know, I promised that you'd be free, but-- but I was wrong. I'm so sorry, I... it's a dead end.

Bonnie: [Giggling] I can't believe it worked! It really worked! I walked right out that gate.

Hattie: 'Course it worked. Have you met me? I know what I'm doing.

Bonnie: You... you and that mysterious boss lady.

Hattie: Yeah, well, the point is, you're here. You're not in jail anymore. So. This is your new home.

Bonnie: Wow.

Hattie: How's it feel, huh?

Bonnie: [Laughs] Well, I kinda hate the clothes you took off adrienne. But other than that, oh, my god. All I can say is... I am free!

[Both laughing and whooping] Watch out, salem! Bonnie lockhart's back in town! Whoo!

[Both laughing and whooping]

When you get your hands on contraband whisky, you might want to go easy on the sauce. Rise and shine, bonnie!

Adrienne: [Gasps] What'S... oh, god, where am I?

Same place you been for the past ten years, lockhart. Statesville prison.

Adrienne: What? What?

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