Days Transcript Monday 8/7/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/7/17


Episode #13145 ~ Joey puts himself in harm's way to save Kayla; Brady interrogates Victor, who finally comes clean; Gabi makes a difficult decision regarding Chad; Sonny is stunned by Paul's news.

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Sonny: Two visits in one night. This is either something really good or really bad.

Paul: Maybe a little of both. Sonny, it wasn't you. You didn't kill deimos, and I know that for sure now.

Paul: My god, that's-- that's amazing. But if I didn't kill deimos, then who did?

Paul: Well, that's, uh, that's the bad news.

[Music broods]

Victor: What gives you the right to throw accusations at me?

Brady: How about the truth? I know about deimos. I know what you did, granddad.

Victor: Just-- keep your voice down.

Brady: I don't need to keep my voice down. I don't give a damn who hears me, okay? I can't believe that you had deimos killed, and now you let sonny take the fall for it. What is wrong with you?

[Cymbal shimmers]

[Ominous music]

[Cell phone trills]

[Cell phone beeps]

Joey: Hey, jade. Thanks for calling me back. I'm fine--no--listen. I don't have time to chat and catch up on your life. I'm going to ask you a question, and I need you to be honest with me. Does tripp think my mother killed ava?

Tripp: Start... talking... now.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Whoa.

Tripp: Take another step, and she's a dead woman.

Steve: Okay. All right, I'm-- I'm staying right here.

Tripp: Keep your hands up where I can see them.

Steve: Okay. You don't have to worry. I don't want to hurt you, son.

Tripp: Don't call me that.

Steve: Whatever you want. All right? Let's just take a breath now, and you let kayla go.

Tripp: No. Not until she confesses to killing my mother.

Chad: I need you to come back to me, abby.

[Tender music]

Abigail: [Exhales]

[Music swells]

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: [Weakly] Hi.

Chad: There she is.

Abigail: Where am I?

Chad: Hey, um... uh, there was an accident.

Abigail: What happened?

Chad: Uh, well... you said that you were tired of me always having to save you. Well, this time you saved me.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Tender music]

Jj: There's no change in abigail's condition?

Jennifer: No. Chad's in there with her right now. He's barely left her side since the accident.

[Cell phone trills] That's julie. I--I need to talk to her, okay?

[Cell phone trilling]

Jj: Gabi.

Gabi: Hey. How's abigail doing?

Jj: Um, well, she still hasn't woken up.

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Jj: Well, if you're-- if you're looking for chad, he's--he's with her right now.

Gabi: I know.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Chad: The car was coming right at me, and you just-- you just jumped in and pushed me out of the way. What, do you think you're supergirl or something?

Abigail: [Weak laugh] Definitely not.

Chad: You saved my life, abby. I thought I lost you.

Abigail: It's okay. I'm still here.

[Soft laugh]

Chad: The way you protected me...

Abigail: It's just a car.

Chad: I'm not talking about the car. I'm talking about the picture.

Abigail: Picture?

Chad: Standing over deimos.

Abigail: Chad...

Chad: Look, I don't-- I don't remember anything about the party that night. I just remember being with you. It's--it's the only thing I can remember.

Abigail: [Exhales] Me too.

[Soft laugh]

Chad: And I know that your marriage to dario wasn't real.

Abigail: No, it wasn'T.

Chad: Can't imagine what it was like to be blackmailed into leaving like that. You risked everything.

Abigail: I wasn't gonna leave, chad.

Chad: I know you weren'T. I know you wouldn't leave your family.

Abigail: No.

Chad: I said all those terrible things to you.

Abigail: You were upset because of thomas.

Chad: It wasn't just because of thomas. I was upset at myself. I was scared that I was gonna lose you again. And I took it out on you. And I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?

[Tender music]

Gabi: Yeah, well, chad's not leaving abigail's side until he knows she's gonna be better.

Jj: She jumped in the way of that car. I'm sure he feels responsible.

Gabi: It's more than that. And you know it.

Jennifer: Gabi.

Gabi: Hi.

Jennifer: Thank you again for being here.

Gabi: Of course, yeah.

Jennifer: I was just, um, I'm gonna check on abigail. Chad has been in there the whole time. I want to give him a break. Hi, dr. Shah, is there any news on abigail's condition?

Dr. Shah: As a matter of fact, that's why I'm here. A nurse was passing abigail's room, happened to peek in. Your daughter's awake.

Jennifer: What?

Dr. Shah: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, jj!

[Laughs] Oh, thank you.

[Somber piano music]

Chad: You risked everything for me. And I said all those terrible things. I told you that our son would be better off without you. And I didn't--

Abigail: I made you believe that I was leaving, chad.

Chad: Yeah, but I know you.

[Tender music]

I know you. And I know your heart, know your heart better than I know my own. And I just keep thinking, if I would have just been honest with you and told you all of this stuff, then...

god--god, I don't deserve you. And I don't deserve your forgiveness.

Abigail: I forgive you.

Chad: Yeah? [Sniffs]

Abigail: Yeah. 'Cause it's-- it's, like, kind of our thing, right?

[Soft laugh]

Chad: [Sniffles] Yeah, I guess so. I just, uh, I-- I just keep screwing up, and you keep forgiving me. Abby, I need to tell you something. I...

Jennifer: Abigail. Oh, my baby.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: Are you okay? How are you feeling?

Jj: Oh, you have no idea how much you scared us.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Jennifer: No, don't be sorry, because you're here and-- and you're better. She's better, right?

Dr. Shah: Well, this is an excellent sign. I would still like to run some tests.

Jennifer: Of course, but can we please just be with her for a couple minutes?

Dr. Shah: For a couple minutes. Immediate family only.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: But chad is fam-- he's family--

Chad: Hey, it's okay. I'm gonna give you guys some time.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Chad: Yeah. Welcome back.

[Tender music]

Jennifer: Abigail. Hi.

Abigail: Hey. Hey.

Gabi: Hey.

Chad: Hey. Hi.

Gabi: Is abigail really awake?

Chad: Um, yeah, yeah, she's awake.

Gabi: Oh, wow. That means she's gonna be okay.

Chad: Yeah, she, um, she's weak. Yeah, she, uh-- but she's--she's smiling. She doesn't remember much.

Gabi: Doesn't remember saving you?

Chad: No.

Gabi: You were in the room with her when-- when she woke up?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: She must have known you were there. You brought her back.

Chad: I don't know, maybe.

Gabi: This is probably not the best time, but, um, is there-- can we talk? Somewhere private?

Chad: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: How you doing there, sweetness?

Kayla: I've been better.

Steve: Yeah. Well, we're working on it. Right, tripp?

Tripp: Stay back. Don't--don't try to handle me.

Steve: I just want to talk to you. Come on. Why don't you put that blade down? We'll hash this out.

Tripp: No. I'm still waiting on a confession. I want her to finally admit that she murdered my mother.

Steve: I killed ava. You know that.

Tripp: Stop! All right? No more lies! No more stories! You say I matter to you...

Steve: You do. You are my son.

Tripp: Then for once, tell me the truth.

Steve: Tripp, I--I-- I told you.

Tripp: She was my mother. My mother. But I never got to meet her because she was murdered. Then you found me and you-- you brought me here. And you made me really think that you cared about me. That we're a family.

Steve: We are.

Tripp: Real families don't lie to each other! They don't keep dark secrets. You--you let me work with kayla--you-- follow her around. What kind of father are you? Why should I ever trust you again?

Kayla: Okay, I did it!

Steve: Kayla.

Kayla: No, no. If you need to hear a confession, if you need that, then yes. Yes, fine! I did it! I killed her.

Sonny: Uncle vic killed deimos? No. I don't believe it.

Sonny: Well, not with his bare hands. Uncle victor used xander to do his dirty work.

Sonny: Yeah, but xander's locked up in a prison in greece.

Paul: Your uncle is a very powerful man.

[Music broods]

Brady: It's over. We know that you hired xander to kill deimos. Are you gonna look me in the eye right now and deny it?

Victor: No, brady. I'm not going to deny it. That's exactly what I did.

Sonny: I can't believe uncle vic would let me take the fall for this.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe he thought that your dad would find a way to get you out.

[Soft dramatic music]

Sonny: I don't know. It just doesn't feel right. I don't think I can truly believe it unless I hear it straight from my uncle vic.

Paul: You might not have to wait long. Brady's trying to get a confession out of him as we speak.

Victor: I thought it was only fitting that deimos should die at the hands of a family that he nearly destroyed.

Brady: So xander came into salem, before the party, snuck in, and stabbed deimos. And you have been covering it up ever since.

Victor: No.

Brady: What do you mean, no? You--you just said--

Victor: No, what I said was I hired xander to kill deimos. That's the way I planned it. But things don't always go the way you planned them.

[Music broods]

Gabi: Andre told me about the, uh, the photo of you standing over deimos' body. He wanted me to help convince you not to turn yourself in.

Chad: I'm sorry he put you in that position.

Gabi: He also told me that you don't remember that. Is that true?

Chad: Yeah, the photo was as big of a surprise to me as it was to anyone.

Gabi: Is it--does it look bad?

Chad: Looks like I killed him.

Gabi: Are you gonna go to the police?

Chad: I don't have much of a choice. I can't let sonny take the rap for something I did. I just wish I would have known about the picture. I wish abby would have told me.

[Pensive music]

Gabi: Looks like she went pretty far to protect you.

Chad: Yeah, she-- she risked everything.

Gabi: She obviously still loves you very much. You obviously love her too.

Tripp: Finally. After all this time pretending to be my friend, you admit you murdered my mother.

Steve: What are you do-- what are you doing, kayla?

Kayla: It's clear. He is never going to accept that you did it. So if he needs to hear a confession, I'm going to give him what he wants.

Tripp: I'm waiting.

Kayla: I, um, I know--I'm sorry--I-- yes. I did it. I--I--I'm not proud of it. But ava did a lot of terrible things to my family. And I-- I felt threatened.

Tripp: So you put a pillow over her face and smothered her?

Steve: Okay. Listen. You heard what she said, now, please, let her go.

Tripp: It's not that simple.

Kayla: You--you want me to turn myself in? I'll do that. I'll--I'll go to the police station, and I'll--I'll confess.

Tripp: Is this some kind of trick?

Kayla: No, no. No. It is not a trick. Honestly, I'm tired of living with the guilt. I--I am.

Steve: Okay, tripp. Put the scalpel down. We'll all go down there together, okay? We'll all go together.

Kayla: Yeah. Joey.

Joey: Tripp, what-- what are you doing?

Kayla: Joey, joey, no!

Steve: We got this under control.

Joey: What the hell are you doing?

Tripp: Stay out of this, joey!

Joey: I just talked to jade. She let you believe my mom killed ava, didn't she?

Kayla: Jade?

Steve: Wait a minute.

Joey: Tripp, tripp. It was a lie. Okay, it--she didn't do it.

Tripp: She just admitted it to me.

Steve: Joe, stop, now.

Kayla: No, joey, joey, no, listen--listen, it's all set. Okay? It's time I came clean. We're going down to the police station, and I am confessing.

Joey: No, I can't let you do that.

Steve: Joe, let us deal with this.

Joey: I can't do that anymo--

Steve: Let us deal with this!

Kayla: Joey, come on.

Joey: Tripp, you're making a mistake.

Tripp: She murdered my mother.

Joey: No, she didn't, okay?

Kayla: Joey...

Joey: She didn'T.

Steve: Please stop, joe.

Joey: It wasn't her.

Tripp: I know that steve was lying to protect someone.

Joey: It wasn't my mom, okay? It wasn't-- tripp, it was me. I killed ava.

[Dramatic music]

Liberty mutual stood with me

[Tense music] Saying this, joey?

Kayla: He's--he's just protecting his mom. You can see that.

Joey: It's the truth. I'm the one who killed your mom.

Steve: Joe, don't say another word.

Joey: Remember when I told you about ava tricking me? I thought I fell in love with her.

Tripp: What?

Joey: And when I found out she was just trying to hurt my parents, I--I lost it. I was so angry.

Kayla: Baby, baby, baby, please stop--

Tripp: Hush! Keep going.

Joey: One night, I got drunk. I came to the hospital. And...

Tripp: And what?

Steve: Joe, joe, please stop. Think about what you're doing.

Kayla: Joey, joey, stop!

Joey: I put a pillow over her face, and I didn't stop until she was dead.

Kayla: [Crying] Joey, please.

Tripp: [Crying] You killed her...

Joey: Dad--dad stepped in to protect me, but my mom had nothing to do with it.

Kayla: Joey.

Joey: I'm sorry, tripp. I'm so sorry. I know what I did was wrong.

Tripp: You killed her.

Joey: I didn't want dad to take the fall, and I--I hated lying. I hated it, especially to you.

Kayla: Joey, please, stop.

Joey: But I've gotten away with it for too long. I deserve to be punished.

Steve: No-no-no-no...

Kayla: Joey, please, stop...

Joey: Let my mom go. Okay? She's innocent. But I know you're angry. I know how angry you are, so--so if you have to kill someone, kill me.

Kayla: No! Joey, stop it!

Steve: No!

Kayla: Please, stop.

Steve: Don't hurt him, no. No. Tripp, please?

Abigail: Jj.

Jj: Yeah?

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Abigail: Was dario arrested?

Jj: Don't worry about him right now.

Abigail: I want to know.

Jj: [Sighs] Well, dario, he, uh, he skipped out on his pick-up with the witness protection program. We're looking for him. So far, we don't have any leads.

Abigail: I'm sorry I didn't tell you what was going on in my marriage.

Jj: You should be. You know, when you get yourself in a jam like that, you come to your brother. Okay?

[Gentle music] Okay?

Abigail: Okay.

Jj: All right, good. Now no more handling things on your own, all right? There's too many people out there who love you.

Abigail: Are you one of them? Hm?


Gabi: I heard you talking to abigail when she was asleep.

[Tender music]

Chad: I wish I would have known that you--

Gabi: That's the point, chad. When you're with abigail, you don't-- you don't know I'm there.

Chad: That's not true.

Gabi: It's not a bad thing. No, it's--it's actually a good thing, you know, that I--I got to see it with my own eyes, because for a long time I didn't want to-- I didn't want to see it. I didn't want to believe it.

Chad: Believe what?

Gabi: The truth about us. No, I get it. You've never looked at me that way. And you never could.

I'm just tired, okay? I'm tired of spending every day worrying that I might lose you to abigail. I mean, I already have. I--I--I never had you in the first place, okay?

Chad: I am so sorry.

Gabi: Me too. But it's okay because now I know what I-- what I have to do. I have to let you go.

Sonny: You have to make me a promise.

Paul: Anything.

Sonny: If my uncle vic confesses, if he really did hire xander to kill deimos, I need you and brady to come to me before you go to the police.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paul: Sonny, victor let you get arrested for murder--

Sonny: Promise me.

Paul: I can't believe that you're trying to protect him after everything that he's put you through.

Sonny: Please, paul.

[Ominous music]

Paul: Okay. I promise, sonny.

Sonny: Thank you.

Victor: The night of the party I stayed up late, waiting for news on deimos. Finally, we were gonna be rid of that scourge. And then, xander came to see me.

[Suspenseful music] That idiot never could take direction.

Xander: Hello, uncle.

Victor: The hell are you doing here? You were supposed to go right to the inn.

Xander: Yeah, funny thing, I lost my keycard.

Victor: You idiot. Why did you come to this house? You should have gone right to the airport. The pilot is waiting to take you back.

Xander: What can I say? I went to plan B.

Victor: Don't mess with me. Is it done? Is deimos dead?

Xander: No. Not yet.

Victor: Why not?

Xander: It's too risky. Half the town's at that stupid party.

Victor: That was the whole point.

Xander: Yeah. About that. If I'm going to do this whole killing your brother thing, I'm going to need to renegotiate the terms.

Victor: Renegotiate?

Xander: I want more money. And a good, legitimate job at titan.

Victor: Have you lost your mind?

Xander: No. I was a natural. It's in my blood. I was doing such a good job before you turned me into your gardener.

Victor: Because you screwed everything up. Over and over again.

Xander: That's a lie.

Victor: Tonight is a perfect example of your incompetence. I break you out of prison, and you failed me. I should have known you are not to be trusted. That's it. Deal is off.

[Dramatic whoosh]

Brady: So you called it off? Xander went quietly back to greece?

Victor: No, of course not. He tried to escape. My men grabbed him. They kept him in the salem inn overnight. Next day, they flew him back to greece.

Brady: Why didn't xander tell all of this to john and paul?

Victor: Because he's smart enough to know that if he turns me in, it would be a big mistake. A mistake he might not survive.

Brady: How do I know that this is the real story, granddad?

Victor: 'Cause you know me, brady. I'd never let sonny sit in jail if xander had accomplished his mission.

Brady: Well, you were fine with that up until now.

Victor: Yes. That's because I suspect that sonny's guilty.

Chad: You're letting me go?

Gabi: Everyone warned me that you-- that you weren't over abigail, that you never would be. And in my heart, I kind of knew that. But when we were together, it just felt real.

Chad: I really wanted it to be real.

Gabi: I really wanted it to work out.

Chad: I know.

Gabi: You know, I loved trying to put together a little family, you know, me, you and ari and thomas. But it's time, it's time for us to be honest with each other, with ourselves.

Chad: I never wanted to hurt you. You know thaT.

Gabi: I know. And you know I love you, chad. I know that you do love me in your own way. You're just not in love with me. I mean, how could you be? You've always been in love with abigail.

[Tender music]

Kayla: [Crying] Joey, please. Please, just go away.

Steve: No, no, joey--

Tripp: Get back, steve! Steve, get back!

Kayla: No, no, no!

Joey: Tripp, take me.

Kayla: No! Joey!

Joey: I'm the one you want to hurt. Okay, it's time to take responsibility for my mistakes.

Steve: You don't have to do--

Joey: I'm tired of everyone protecting me.

Kayla: No, this isn't how to do it!

Joey: Go ahead.

Steve: No, no!

Joey: Go ahead!

Kayla: No, joey!

Joey: You were right, okay? I was lying to you. All that time we spent bonding, getting to know each other as brother, I was lying. And I hated it. I wanted to tell you, but I was too scared. I took your mother's life, so if you need me to pay with mine, go ahead.

Steve: No! No! No! Stop this, both of you! Now!

[Intense dramatic music]

Joey: Tripp, she's innocent. Let her go. Take me.

Kayla: Joey, joey...

Joey: Take me, I'm the one you want.

Steve: No! No! No! No!

Kayla: Joey, no. No! No, joey! No! [Sobbing] Joey!

Steve: Tripp!

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Oh, tripp. Tripp. Listen. Hey. Is this--is this who you are? Come on. Look--I know you're hurting. I know how you feel betrayed.

Tripp: Stop-- just stop talking for a second. I--I need to think.

Steve: Okay. Okay. Let's all calm down. Let me tell you something. Finding you was one of the best days of my life. I'm not kidding. You reminded me of-- of myself when I was your age. I know you had a rough life, but you found a way to not let it crush you. And, you know, you-- you've become part of our family in such a short time. Tripp, I am so sorry. I'm so sorry that we couldn't tell you the truth about ava. But we are your family. We are. Me and joe and--and stephanie and kayla too. Tripp, we love you. We love you. Tripp. Is this really what you want to do? You want to kill your own brother? You want to destroy the only real family you've got?

Tripp: Ah!

[Somber music]

Kayla: [Sobbing]

Steve: [Crying]

Jennifer: [Laughs] I'm serious, I can't wait to see kayla. And I am gonna hug her so hard, and thank her for saving your life.

Abigail: Me too, yeah.

[Soft laugh]

Jennifer: Oh, I'm not gonna lie, I was-- I was petrified that I was gonna lose you again.

[Tender music]

Abigail: I hate that I put you through that.

Jennifer: No. But chad, he told you what happened, what you did for him, right?

Abigail: [Sighs] It's crazy, huh?

Jennifer: It's crazy. I'm crazy proud of you. Eric took me to the chapel when-- when things looked really bad. And we prayed. We prayed to god to save you. And I prayed for a miracle. And guess what?

Abigail: What?

Jennifer: That's what god does. And you're here. He brought you back to us.

Abigail: Chad brought me back.

Chad: Seeing her lay there...

Gabi: Made you, uh, made you realize how much she meant to you.

Chad: Yeah.

[Tender music]

Gabi: And you can't stop yourself from loving someone. You should go, um, to be with her, because abigail needs you right now.

Paul: Hey, you're not, uh, you're not upset with me for digging up this info, are you?

Sonny: Of course not. No, I--I am so grateful that you've been out there, trying to save me.

Paul: Well, I'd do anything for you, sonny. For our future.

[Gentle music]

Sonny: I love you, paul.

Paul: Love you too, sonny.

This is gonna be over soon.

Brady: No. I don't believe it. No, sonny would not kill deimos. The real killer, he's still out there.

Victor: Well, I'm not taking any chances. Sonny has sat in prison long enough.

Brady: What are you gonna do?

Victor: I'm gonna find somebody to pin the murder on. And you're going to help me.

[Ominous music]

[Tender music]

Tripp: [Cries]

Steve: I've got you.

[Tender music]

Jj: Gabi?

Gabi: Yeah. [Sniffs]

Jj: Are you okay?

Gabi: What--why are you not at the hospital? What's going on?

Jj: Abigail made a request for takeout. What are you doing out here?

[Somber music]

Gabi: Me? I, uh...

Jj: What's wrong?

Gabi: Chad. I had to say good bye, had to let him go.


Jennifer: Is there anything I can get you? Some more ice chips or...

Abigail: It's all right--

Chad: Hey--whoa, sorry. Uh, I didn't-- I didn't mean to interrupt. You want--I can...

Jennifer: I'm gonna go see if I can find kayla.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: [Kisses] Love you, baby.

Abigail: I love you.

Jennifer: Hey.

Chad: Hey.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Abigail: You're back.

Chad: Yeah. Wow, you look so much better than me. And you were the one in an accident.

Abigail: I feel better.

[Soft laugh]

Chad: Uh, so I came--I--I-- I know that I said I'm-- I'm sorry, but I don't-- did I say thank you? For saving my life, you know, and, um, and everything that you did for me? It means a lot.

Abigail: I would do it all again.

Chad: Actually, there's, um, there's something that I didn't get a chance to say to you.

[Tender music]

Abigail: What was it?

Chad: You're everything to me, abby. You know, and i keep thinking, wondering how we got here. You came back.

I should have fought for you. And I didn'T. I'm sorry. The truth is there hasn't been a moment since the day I fell in love with you that you have not been in my heart. Or that I haven't wished that I could just hold you in my arms. I know it sounds simple, but I-- I don't know how to say it any other way. I love you. I never stopped loving you.

Abigail: I love you. I love you.

[Tender music swells]


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