Days Transcript Monday 7/31/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/31/17


Episode #13140 ~ Abigail is seriously hurt when she saves Chad's life; Marlena finds herself in deep trouble; John helps Paul develop a strategy to suss out Victor; Steve's suspicions about Tripp setting up Kayla begin to grow.

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Victor: What the hell are those for? We're in a damn police station. There are seven cops out there. This is unnecessary force!

[Door slams]

Sonny: Nice to see you haven't changed a bit.

Victor: You look like hell.

Sonny: I love you too, uncle vic.

Victor: You shouldn't still be in here.

Sonny: Dad's working on it.

Victor: Yeah, well, he's not working hard enough.

Sonny: I do have some good news. Paul came by yesterday, and he's going back to greece to follow up on some lead.

Victor: Really? What would that be?

Paul: Well, don't you think you should go straight home?

John: Oh, no.

Paul: No? Well, I do. I mean, I feel like crap dragging you away from marlena the minute you got back to salem. You need to go home and make up for lost time.

John: I will. But first I've got to find myself a bunch of lilacs. And, paul...

Paul: Yeah.

John: Don't call me. I'll call you. 'Cause the last thing I need when I get home is another interruption, okay?

Paul: Yeah.

[Soft music]

[Door closes]

[Door clicks open]

Marlena: Surprise!

Hattie: Right back at ya.

Marlena: Hattie?

Hattie: Is there anybody else who looks exactly like you?

Marlena: Hope told me you were out of jail. What are you doing here?

Hattie: You don't seem real happy to see me.

Marlena: Why should I be? You break into my house. You break into my bedroom.

Hattie: Well, if I rang the bell, I would have lost the element of surprise. And I do like to make a big entrance.

Marlena: It's time for your exit now. You need to leave.

Hattie: I'm not ready to do that yet.

Marlena: Hattie... what do you want?

Hattie: I want your life.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: [Sighs]

Roman: Hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Roman: You look like you could use a drink.

Kayla: Uh, maybe a succession of them, actually. Is, uh--is joey here?

Roman: No, no. It was slow, so... I told him to go home early. So, uh... I take it this is not a house call.

Kayla: I just cleared out my office.

Roman: I will get you that drink.

Kayla: No. I think that's a really bad idea.

Roman: Oh, man. Sis, I am so sorry.

Kayla: I know. You know what? Mom gave me this on my first day of nursing school. I didn't think I could get through the semester. And she said that she knew that I would end up being a doctor.

Roman: Well, you know what? If we're not gonna drink, I'm gonna go over and kick the hell out of that hospital administrator.

Kayla: No, you know what? He didn't have a choice. These were serious charges, and I had no proof that I was set up.

Roman: The proof is, you're the best damn doctor they ever had and you don't make mistakes. It was that nurse.

Kayla: I thought that she had an ax to grind, but she didn'T. I was wrong.

Roman: [Sighs] All right. Well, uh... what's steve doing now?

Kayla: I don't know. I mean, what can he do? I think that we have hit a dead end.

Tripp: So I've cross-referenced the work schedules against the date in question, and... sorry, none of the employees could have had anything to do with this.

Steve: So... looks like nurse shelly didn't do it. Of course you didn't do it. So it looks like whoever went after kayla... has won. Right, son?

[Tense music]

Abigail: Oh, my god, thank you, theo. Thank you so much.

Dario: She's with me. You want to go? You want to do this right now?

Abigail: I don't have to go.

Chad: Leave. Take abby with you. I really don't give a damn. Just don't come back to salem, ever. You understand?

[Tires squealing]

Abigail: Chad!


Chad: Abby!

[Tires screeching]


Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: Thank you.

Roman: Seems like a sorry substitute for a shot and a beer.

Kayla: [Chuckles] Well, I think steve's been through enough. He doesn't need to deal with a-- a weepy drunk.

Roman: Such self-control.

Kayla: [Chuckles softly]

Roman: [Sighs] You know, ma would know what to say.

Kayla: I think you're doing a pretty good job. Just the thought that after all these years, you would go kick the hell out of somebody for me, I mean... it means a lot.

Roman: That is what big brothers are for. That's why god invented them.

Kayla: Oh, roman, I swear... ugh. Oh.


Steve: Hey, sweetness.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Steve: Baby. No, no, no.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Steve: Come on.

Kayla: No, no, I'm good.

Steve: Don't be sorry.

Kayla: No, I'm good.

Steve: Listen.

Kayla: Good.

Steve: We're all family here. We all know what's been done to you. Sit down, tripp.

Kayla: Oh, hi.


Steve: Can I get you something to drink?

Kayla: No.

Roman: Oh, she's, uh-- she's not drinking.

Kayla: I'm good.

Steve: Yeah, well, she's always been way smarter than the two of us.

Roman: Put together, yeah.

Steve: Usual?

Roman: Yup, usual. Thanks.

Steve: You want anything? You know, kayla, I just want to tell you, tripp... has been doing everything he can to help me find out who did this to you. Makes me really proud of him.

Kayla: And he should be. And I just want you to know that I don't want you to worry, okay?

Tripp: What?

Kayla: I mean, just because you can't shadow me at the hospital doesn't mean that I won't help you.

Tripp: Uh... thanks, but you don't have to do that.

Kayla: No, no, I want to. I-I need to. I need something else to focus on.

Steve: What? What do you need to focus on?

Kayla: I was just telling tripp that I want to keep, you know, working with him. He's gonna be a great doctor someday.

Steve: Wow. Well, that's great.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: That's great. Isn't that great, tripp?

Tripp: Yeah, yeah.

Steve: That means that all of her years of working her way through medical school and the internship, residency, all those years of studying, all those three-day shifts with no sleep... are you listening to me, tripp?

Tripp: Yeah.

Steve: Well, then look at me. I'm just saying that... all kayla's hard work and dedication to build her medical career... well, it won't all be for nothing. Because she can still help you.

Chad: Hey, hey, abby, abby, abby.

[Tense music]

Marlena: You want my life?

Hattie: Who wouldn't want your life? You're beautiful, you're successful, and you're about to have a romantic evening with the man of your dreams.

Marlena: Which is why I'd like you to leave.

Hattie: Do you have any idea what it's like to always get the short end of the stick?

Marlena: Hattie, I don't have time for this.

Hattie: Make time.

Marlena: I can see you're upset.

Hattie: You bet I'm upset. I did jail time for a guy that used me and abused me and made me take the fall for something. So you think that's fair?

Marlena: If what you're saying is true, no, I don't think that's fair.

Hattie: Well, what I'm saying is true. So andre dimera should be punished and punished bad.

Marlena: I don't see what that has to do with me.

Hattie: You will. You will. Oh. So you're making things nice for your boyfriend, huh? You know, in my whole life, I never had a man that was worth diddly-squat. And you, you had two of them. You had roman, and you threw him away. A really good guy, and you just got rid of him. Well, you know what? I wouldn't do that to him. I'm never gonna throw him away.

Marlena: So you're still pining away for roman.

Hattie: He's the man of my dreams.

Marlena: I happen to know that he's down at the pub. Why don't you go down there and talk to him?

Hattie: That wouldn't do any good. He doesn't even know I'm alive. He wouldn't even take a look at me. You know, but you, you, I don't think he ever got over you. Why, I bet if you asked him, he'd take you back in a heartbeat.

Marlena: You know, roman, um, understands that I love john, that he is the one and only man that I love.

Hattie: [Scoffs softly] Well, that's gonna change... soon as I take your place.

John: Oh, good, you're still here.

Paul: Yeah, I called. I can't, uh, see sonny till after 9:00. Wait a minute. Why are you still here?

John: Well, son, I got to thinking, since I may be out of touch for a while...

Paul: Well, you better be. You have a hell of a lot to make up for. You got to give marlena a ton of undivided attention.

John: That's a fact. Uh, but before I do, I think... you and I need to go over the information that, uh, we got in greece and how you're gonna deal with it.

Paul: You mean that victor masterminded deimos' murder and he's letting sonny take the blame for it?

Sonny: I don't know where paul went, exactly, or why.

Victor: I thought you said he had a lead.

Sonny: Yeah, but I just-- I don't know what it is. I don't know anything except I moved deimos' body.

Victor: And you don't even know that. You were under the influence of that damn drug. It was a hallucination.

Sonny: No, it wasn'T. I remembered under hypnosis.

Victor: Oh, hypnosis is a load of crap.

Sonny: No, it's not. Marlena hyp--

Victor: And what were you thinking, bringing her into this whole damn act? The woman tries to shove her nose into everything.

Sonny: I was trying to remember something, uncle vic, that would exonerate me. Marlena was just trying to help me.

Victor: Oh, fat load of help she was.

Sonny: It is not her fault that I moved the body. I did that. And god knows, maybe I did kill deimos.

Victor: Now, you listen to me. There is no way you're going down for the murder of my worthless son-of-a-bitch brother. You understand me? You are not going down for this.

Sonny: How can you be so sure?

Kayla: Come on, sweetie. It's not like any of this is tripp's fault. You know what I think we need to do? We just need to schedule some prep time for the mcat.

Tripp: Kayla, I don't think you need to be worrying about me right now.

Kayla: I already told you, I need it. I-I need something else to focus on.

Roman: Hey, don't argue with her. Guarantee you, it's a waste of time, okay? Uh, steve... let me get you a shot.

[Soft dramatic music]

Steve: What's up?

Roman: I didn't want to say this in front of kayla, but... it's joey. I am really worried about him.

Chad: Abby, hey. Hey, open your eyes.

Dario: She all right? Abigail.

Chad: Don't touch her! Go call the cops! Go! Call 911!

Dario: I don't have my phone! I don't have my phone!

Chad: God, you're--

Dario: Oh, I'm--I'm so sorry.

Chad: Yeah, I, uh-- I need an ambulance.

Dario: I'm so sorry. This is my fault. Abby, abby. Abby, please.

Chad: [Stammering]

Dario: Abigail. Thanks for loading, sweetie.

Kayla: [Speaking softly]

Roman: All right, listen. Joey made me promise not to tell kayla, but he didn't say anything about you.

Steve: What'd he say?

Roman: He was talking about ava, what he did to her, and, uh, he said the guilt is just getting worse.

Steve: Oh, man.

Roman: He thinks it's because he got to know tripp and, uh, he sees firsthand what losing his mother did to him. He is really, really having a hard time with this, steve. Poor kid.

Steve: It's been rough... on all of us.

Kayla: You know, I hope that steve didn't scare you off with his tirade about how difficult medical school is. I mean, it's hard, but you just take it day by day and you--and you get through it.

Tripp: Right.

Kayla: And you know what? You are a natural. You're so good with the patients. You have genuine compassion. That can't be taught.

Tripp: Well, I don't think anybody can be great with all the patients. I mean, some of them are pretty hard to deal with.

Kayla: You just treat them. You don't have to like them.

Tripp: Like when you treated my mom?

Kayla: Yes. Like your mom. We had a very bad history. And I knew that she had injected herself to frame me. But I treated her because it's my job.

Tripp: She still ended up dying, though, right? I mean, eventually, anyway.

Kayla: [Softly] Yes.

Tripp: I'm--I'm sorry to bring it up. I know I didn't even know her, but I just still feel like I'll never get over losing her, you know?

Kayla: I can imagine that that's true. I'm very sorry, tripp.

Tripp: I mean, you don't know what that means to me.

Marlena: Take my place?

Hattie: That's what I said.

Marlena: You have to go. You have to--you have to go.

Hattie: Hey, you're not calling the shots here, you know. I am. Oh. You feeling a little wobbly, are you, hmm? Get in that champagne, did you?

Marlena: Hattie, what did you do? What--what did you give me? How did you do that?

Hattie: Oh, calm down. Come on. I may have run a con now and then, but I never killed nobody. You'll be fine.

Marlena: This won't work. John is coming home soon.

Hattie: Tell me something I don't know.

Marlena: What are you going to do?

Hattie: Spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams.

Marlena: You're talking about--you're talking about-- talking about being with roman.

Hattie: Ding, ding, ding, ding!

Marlena: W-what about john?

Hattie: What about john? I mean, he practically never even comes home, right?

Marlena: Hattie, you're delusional.

Hattie: Is that your professional diagnosis?

Marlena: This will never work. All right, you look like me--

Hattie: What? I'm not smart like you? I'm not ladylike like you?

Marlena: You'll end up back in prison.

Hattie: Your concern is overwhelming.

[Tense music]

Marlena: [Groaning] What--what's wrong with me?

Hattie: A-cute drug toxicity.

John: Look, son, I know xander implied that it was victor--

Paul: Damn it, it was victor. He paid back deimos for what he did to maggie, to bo.

John: Yeah, I know. God knows, vic had-- had motive here. But--but--

Paul: But what?

John: I just don't see him letting sonny hang for this. He loves sonny. Sonny is family. Now, say what you will about vic, he always loves and protects his family.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe he's thinking he doesn't have to tell the truth and sonny will get off. I don't care. The fact is, I'm not gonna let sonny sit in a jail cell for something that victor did!

John: Paul, just slow down, okay? If you start tipping your hand right now, vic's just gonna clam up. You know that.

Paul: Okay, so then what do I do? Because I'm going to do something.

John: Yeah, actually, I have a few ideas.

Victor: Look, you're going to get out of here soon. Just keep your mouth shut about what you think you remember, and you'll be back to running titan in no time.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I really don't think I'm the man for the job.

Victor: That's not your call.

Sonny: Me getting arrested for murder is not the publicity we were looking for. And I'm the one who fired deimos' people, and now I can't clean up my mess.

Victor: Just don't worry about titan. Worry about yourself. Now, is there anything you need before I can get you out of here?

Sonny: Actually, there is. I would like an answer.

Victor: To what?

Sonny: Last time you were here, you said there was no line you wouldn't cross to help me. What exactly did you mean by that?

Dario: The ambulance is on the way.

Chad: Stop! Don't touch her! Don't touch her! You're gonna kill her. If you move her, you could kill her. Hey, hey. Ambulance is on the way, okay? I need you to just hold on, all right? Hey, what the hell happened? That car was coming right at us.

Dario: I know. I know. It was coming for me. That's why I'm going into witness protection. They're trying to kill me.

Chad: Everything around you just seems to suffer, doesn't it?

Dario: I know. I know, okay? And I have to leave. I have to leave.

Chad: Yeah? Then what are you waiting for? Go!

Dario: Yeah.

Chad: Go!

Dario: I have to leave because they'll kill her if I don't leave! Do you understand? I'm sorry. I'm s--I'm so sorry. I love you. Always love you. Don't die on me. Please don't die.

Chad: That's enough. Get out of here. It's okay. I need you to stay with us, okay? Thomas needs you, okay? I need you. I need you. I need you.

[Somber music]

Roman: All right, here you go.

Steve: Thanks.

Roman: All right, now, steve... what's going on? You are even weirder than usual.

Steve: I'm just worried about kayla and joe.

Roman: No, no, no, it's more than that. Come on. You want to tell me what you're thinking?

Steve: No.

Roman: Right. Anything I can do?

Steve: No. I need to handle this alone.

Roman: Like always. But, you know, if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

Steve: Okay.

[Sighs] Why?

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Hello.

Seth: Dr. Johnson. Seth burns. I was hoping you could come in and talk to me.

Kayla: Now?

Seth: There's been recent findings in our investigation.

Kayla: Okay. I'll--I'll be right there.

Steve: Who was that?

Kayla: It was seth burns. He wants to see me.

Steve: Did he say why?

Kayla: No, he didn't say why, but he...sounded grim.

Steve: It's gonna be okay, baby.

Kayla: Let's get this over with.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: I think it's obvious what I meant. I'll pay for the best defense that money can buy.

Sonny: Okay. Just sounded like you meant something more...extreme.

Victor: "Extreme"? A moderate man like me?

Sonny: [Chuckles softly] Your moderation. It's what I like best about you, uncle vic.

Victor: [Chuckles] Sonny...

Sonny: I love you, uncle vic.

Victor: I love you too.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paul: That's good advice.

John: Mm-hmm.

Paul: I will get right on that. Right after I see sonny, that is. I miss him so much.

John: Yeah, I know what you mean. I got a feeling I'm gonna need a greenhouse full of lilacs to make up all the time I've been away.

Paul: No, no, I'm sure marlena will be happy just to see your face.

John: Yeah, I hope so. 'Cause I have put that girl through a lot lately.

Paul: Mm.

[Soft music]

Marlena: You drugged me. How?

Hattie: The strawberries and whipped cream. We spiked 'em. You couldn't resist, could you?

Marlena: "We"?

Hattie: On the good side, you didn't put up much of a fight.

Marlena: John...

Hattie: You know, I find you high and mighty and as irritating as a bad rash, but I got nothing against you personally. Sorry. John's not gonna save you this time. You know, you've had a-- a pretty good run for a while now... but this, this is hattie time.

Chad: She was hit head-on. Um, the car must have been going 30, 40 miles per hour. I-I-I don't know. She pushed me out of the way. It should have been me.

Let me take a look at you.

Chad: I'm fine. Will you just--will you please just focus on--on her and make sure she's okay?

Are you family?

Chad: Um, yeah.

Her husband?

Chad: Um, no.

Then I'm sorry. You can't ride in the ambulance. And the cops are on their way. They'll want to talk to you. Stay right here.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Like hell. (Vo) more "doing chores for mom"

Steve: That guy is a real jerk. Who does he think he is, making you wait out here like this?

Kayla: You know what, sweetie? Please, promise me something.

Steve: What?

Kayla: That you won't deck him. I know you want to, but please, will you just promise me?

Steve: I promise.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: [Exhales deeply] I really hate this, baby.

Kayla: Me too.

Steve: But you shouldn't have to worry about me acting like a jerk. I'm sorry.

Kayla: Sorry? Do you know that you're the only thing that's getting me through this?

Seth: Dr. Johnson. Be seated. This shouldn't take long.

Kayla: If you're gonna fire me, don't you think that we can do this privately?

Seth: I'm not gonna fire you. Mrs. Sherman's body was still at the morgue. Lucky for you, she donated it to the university for research.

Steve: You're not firing her?

Seth: The investigation shows that the amount of medications that were in her body was the appropriate amount.

Kayla: Really?

Seth: There's more. The it department reports that there may have been a glitch in the system or the software that's on their tablets.

Steve: A glitch?

Seth: Yeah, there's been another similar incident. Upshot for you, though, is, you're being reinstated immediately.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: It's over.

Seth: I actually mean immediately. The er's slammed, and there's upcoming trauma right now. So as of this moment, you're back on call.

Kayla: Oh, my god. Oh, my god!

Steve: Oh.

Kayla: Can you believe that?

Steve: I told you. I told you.

[Dramatic music]

John: He loves sonny. Sonny is family. Now, say what you will about vic, he always loves and protects his family.

Victor: Paul. Welcome home.

Paul: How did you know I went anywhere?

Victor: Sonny told me.

Paul: You're talking to sonny.

Victor: Said you were following a lead. Did you come up with anything?

Paul: Maybe.

Victor: Huh.

Marlena: "Hattie time"?

Hattie: [Chuckles] Hattie time. Sounds like a beer commercial.

[Sighs] My roman does love his beer.

Marlena: Hattie, this won't end well. It never does.

Hattie: Well, might not end so well for you. But me? I'm gonna be living the life I always wanted.

John: Marlena? Are you here?

Hattie: [Chortles] He finally came home.

Marlena: [Weakly] John... help.

Kayla: Oh!

Steve: Here we go.

Kayla: This feels so good.

Steve: It looks good too. Hey, listen, um, would you mind if I go back to the pub and tell roman the good news?

Kayla: Of course. Go. And--and call joey and stephanie and tell them. And if you see tripp, you tell him I want to see him first thing here tomorrow morning.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Listen. Whoever that trauma case is they have coming in, they're really lucky to have you as their doctor. Go get 'em.

Kayla: Okay.

[Sighs] This place never looked so good to me.

[Elevator bell dings] Okay, what have we got?

Profound trauma, patient unresponsive.

Kayla: Oh, my god. It's abigail.

[Somber music]

Paul: Sorry, I'm, uh, not allowed to talk about what we've found out.

Victor: "Allowed"? "We"?

Paul: Well, looks like I've already said too much. Um, let's just leave it at this: If things pan out, I'll make sure you'll be the first to know. Oh, and, um, whoever tried to pin this on sonny, I'll also make sure that they fry. It's good seeing you, victor.

[Soft dramatic music]

Kayla: I know her. She's my niece.

Chad: Is she gonna be okay?

Kayla: We're gonna do everything we can to help her. Er, stat.

Chad: Can I just--

Kayla: No, no, no, you need to stay here, all right?

She's right. I need to ask you a few questions. Did you see what happened? Do you know how mrs. Hernandez was hit?

Chad: Sorry, who?

Mrs. Hernandez. Can you tell me what you saw?

Chad: Uh...

Abigail: Chad!

[Tires screeching]

[Dramatic music]

[Engine revs]

Chad: Abby!

[Tires screeching]


John: Hey, doc, are you-- what the hell?

Sonny: I know you weren't gone long, but, god, did I miss you. So how was it?

Paul: I wish I could say it was all over, but, um... I really think that I'm on the right track. And I'm not gonna stop until I get you out of here.

Sonny: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

[Line rings]

Victor: I just saw sonny. He looks awful. I can't let him stay in that jail any longer. It's time to give the police another suspect.

[Suspenseful music]

Hattie: [Grunting]

[Panting] Oh, man. You should have gone light on those strawberries and cream, babe. You are heavier than a jailhouse sack of potatoes.

[Panting] Okay. Okay. Let's try this again.


[Suspenseful music]

Chad: Uh...uh... sorry, just, um-- it was, uh, a hit-and-run. Car came out of nowhere. I didn't see the driver or the license plate. I didn't--

Make of the car?

Chad: No, the--the headlights were in my eyes. I couldn't see a thing.

Mr. Hernandez?

Chad: He's gone.

Steve: Hey. Is tripp still here?

Roman: No, he took off. What did burns want?

Steve: Kayla was reinstated.

Roman: Okay, well, you lead with that.

Steve: You know where tripp went?

Roman: No, got no idea. But, uh, could you give me a hand? I just got a delivery, and, uh, I told ma I'd call her right about now. So...thanks.

[Tense music]

Tripp: She gets away with everything. She's not gonna get away with murdering my mom.

Kayla: Okay, let's order four units of o negative. I'm gonna open up the iv here. We need to stabilize her blood pressure.

[Somber music]

Chad: You know what? Leave. It's fine. You know what? And maybe for once, I'll finally--I'll be able to just-- I'll be able to move on with my life. It's great. Why don't you go ahead? Leave. Leave! You may as well! You're dead to me! And this time, why don't you do me a favor? Stay dead, please.

[Monitor alarm beeping]

She's coding.

Kayla: Get the crash cart.

[Tense music]

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