Days Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17


Episode #13132 ~ Abigail confronts Dario, but he turns the tables on her; Anjelica has an unholy alliance with someone unexpected; Lucas is jealous when he finds Justin comforting Adrienne; Paul has an urgent request for John.

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Kate: Oh, hey, could you hold these?

John: Yeah. Hello, Kate. How you doing?

Kate: Do you have a quarter? I'm having to feed the meter for my car.

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, I do, I do, and I wanna thank you for that warm welcome home.

Kate: Oh, you've been gone?

John: Yeah, for quite a while.

Kate: I didn't notice.

John: Well, that's because it didn't directly concern you. It wouldn't register. Nice to know you haven't changed a bit.

Kate: Something wrong?

John: I left a message for doc to meet me here. Hope nothing happened to her.

Anjelica: Natalie, don't ever book me on that airline again. That was just terrible. Well, what the--? Well, hello, Dr. Evans. I've been expecting you.

Marlena: Call me "Marlena." I think we should be on a first name basis if we're going to be working together.

Anjelica: Well, you know, I don't really consider it work. I consider it more a labor of love. You know, together, you and I are gonna bring Adrienne Kiriakis down once and for all.

Adrienne: I feel like I can't catch my breath.

Justin: Just calm down. Everything's going to be fine.

Adrienne: Sonny's facing a murder charge, Justin. Everything is not "fine."

Justin: And I am going to get him cleared, trust me. All you need to do is focus on running "the spectator."

Adrienne: You know, I've had better weeks, but even after everything that's happened, I... can still treasure that look on Anjelica's face when I told her we secured that loan. [Chuckles] Smug bitch never saw it coming.

Justin: You positively glow when you're vindictive.

Adrienne: Of course, I didn't see it coming either. I tell you, I can't believe helms approved the loan.

Justin: He knew a good deal when he saw one.

Adrienne: Hm, or...

Justin: Or what?

Adrienne: I'm just thinking maybe my knight in shining armor had something to do with it.

Justin: I had nothing to do with that loan.

Adrienne: I know that. I was talking about Lucas.

[Melancholy music]

Lucas: Ooh, bought the ring, now you're having second thoughts?

Chad: Sorry, I didn't hear you come in.

Lucas: Marrying Gabi's a big step. You know, it's par for the course to have cold feet.

Chad: No, I'm not marrying Gabi.

Lucas: Yeah, well, what's with the ring?

Chad: No, no, it's, uh-- it's Abby's.

Dario: I think--I think you need to calm down--

Abigail: I'm sorry, but I tend to get a little upset when I find out the man that I'm married to happens to be a counterfeiter and a thief.

Dario: Where--where did you get that from? I'm telling you, that's not true.

Abigail: Do I have your word on that, Dario? 'Cause god knows you would never lie, right? Your word's your bond, right?

Dario: I would not lie about something like that.

Abigail: You would lie about what you had for breakfast.

Dario: Look, I run a club, okay? I have a few companies tied to GDR, and, look, I may cut a corner here or there--

Abigail: I'm not talking about "cutting corners." I'm talking about counterfeit money, a federal offense. I'm talking about hacking into companies' computers and stealing their money-- my son's money!

Dario: Listen, listen to me. I think somebody's been feeding you li--lies.

Abigail: Yeah, it's you, and it's gonna end now.

[Dramatic music]

I've got proof, Dario. I've got you dead to rights.

[Dramatic music]

Lucas: All right, I'll bite. Why are you staring at Abigail's ring? Why do you have Abigail's ring?

Chad: She gave it back to me when she backed out on renewing our vows.

Lucas: That was a couple months ago, right? I mean, I could be wrong, but mooning over her ring--

Chad: Okay, you--

Lucas: Isn't gonna help you move on with your life.

Chad: I'm not mooning over the ring. I've--I'm not. I found it when I was looking for the countess w papers, which is the reason why I called you over here because I figured out who hacked us.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: It's pretty interesting stuff, isn't it?

Dario: How--how did you get this?

Abigail: I've been spying on you since I caught you with that cash.

Dario: You spied on me?

Abigail: But maybe skip the moral indignation. I've got proof that you've been stealing from my son's legacy.

Dario: No.

Abigail: Is that what you meant when you said you wanted to be like a father to him, hmm? Gonna take him out fishing after you stole his inheritance?

Dario: I didn't do this. Okay, look, when my father went to prison, I had to wrap up some projects that he had put in place because--

Abigail: "Some projects that he had put in place," huh? What, you think if you speak to me like some mealy-mouth MBA I'm just gonna skip over the fact that you're a thief? That you're a common crook?

Dario: I--I did this for you.


Abigail: Don't you dare pin this on me. I married you because I thought you needed help. I thought you were my friend. And I thought you were so much better than this.

Dario: I wanna be, okay? Let--let me make this up to you, all right?

Abigail: Okay, I've thought about this. Mainly, I have thought about everything that Gabi has been through, and so the person you're gonna make this up to is Chad. You're gonna return everything you stole, and, if you don't, I'm gonna turn all of this over to the cops, and they're gonna put you in prison just like they did to your father.

Dario: You can't do that.

Abigail: Oh, the hell I can't.

Dario: No, what I mean is if you do go to the cops with this, it's your precious Chad who's gonna end up behind bars.

Abigail: What, did you make it look like Chad embezzled money from his own company? 'Cause that's not gonna hold up. All the evidence leads back to you. That right there? I got that off your computer. And I will swear to that.

Dario: Yeah, I'm not talking about embezzlement. I'm talking about 25 to life. You know, you and everyone else here thinks that Chad is this stand-up guy, but, from where I'm standing, it's a pretty crappy thing to let a good friend of yours go down for something that you did.

Abigail: You're not making any sense.

Dario: No? Okay, okay, then let me spell this out for you: Sonny Kiriakis didn't kill Deimos. It was Chad.

Lucas: You know who did it? Great--was it titan? It was Deimos, wasn't it?

Chad: No, it wasn't.

Lucas: It had to be Deimos. Come on. It wasn't sonny. Did victor have anything to do with this?

Chad: Look, it doesn't-- it doesn't matter.

Lucas: How can you say it doesn't matter? Countess Wilhelmina almost lost everything. Of course it matters.

Chad: Just let it go.

Lucas: Uh, no, I think you need to tell me what happened. Tell me who did this so we can fight back.

Chad: Look, we're not-- we're not fighting back. What we're gonna do is we're gonna issue a press release, and we're gonna tell them that the situation is under control, that the company is thriving, and, if you can please have that to me by noon tomorrow, that would be great.

Lucas: You know, I can't run countess Wilhelmina if don't trust me.

Chad: I do trust you.

Lucas: Really, you do? That's why you called me over? And now you're not gonna tell me who did it?

Chad: I called you over here so I could--so I could tell you that the situation was being contained, that it's not gonna happen again, and the company is safe, okay? I need you to trust me, and I need you to trust that-- that telling you who did it is not gonna help in the recovery, but what it is gonna do is put the person who told me in grave danger, and I can't risk that.

Lucas: All right. All right, fine, I'm just not used to hearing a DiMera say "let it go," that's all.

Chad: Okay, well, what do you want--some milk and cookies served with that too?

Lucas: No, I gotta do a press release tonight, right?

Chad: No, you--it--just by noon tomorrow, so, if you want, you can take the night off and enjoy Adrienne.

Lucas: I'd like that, I would, but, unfortunately, she's--she's where she's always been lately, with her ex.

Justin: I knew you meant Lucas.

Adrienne: No, you didn't.

Justin: Yes, I did.

Adrienne: No, you didn't. When I said "knight in shining armor," you immediately went "c'est moi." Ego, a little bit?

Justin: Well, pardon me if your reference to a knight errant didn't conjure up a picture of Lucas.

Adrienne: Look, I know you don't see Lucas as the assertive type, but, you know what? Honestly, Justin, you could learn a lot from him. Seriously, instead of bossing women around and meddling in their business--sound familiar? He's just quietly protective.

Justin: Yeah, what a gem.

Adrienne: Look, I'm sorry I said anything, all right? The important thing is Jennifer and I have "the spectator" back, and Anjelica is gone for good.

Anjelica: You know, what is really galling is that I still have no idea how Adrienne managed to pull together the money to make that loan payment.

Marlena: It seems you underestimated her.

Anjelica: Oh, well, that barracuda probably pulled some damsel in distress act and batted her eyes and got some man to bail her out. So she gets to keep her crummy paper, so what? There are many far more satisfying ways to bring her to her knees.

Marlena: You know, your obsession with her is bordering on pathological.

Anjelica: Please, do not analyze me.

Marlena: Isn't that why you brought me into the plan? For my expertise?

Anjelica: You know, I don't like it that I need you, but I need you. Only the vaunted Marlena Evans could help me get what I want here, even if it means pulling a fast one on the entire town of Salem, including Marlena's lapdog, Mr. John black.

Kate: Too late-- $75.00 ticket.

John: [Chuckles]

Kate: You know, it's times like this that I really miss Stefano. Cops used to know their place in this town.

John: Mm. Can I have my quarter back?

Kate: So she stood you up?

John: Yeah, I don't think she got the message.

Kate: Or she stood you up.

John: Nah.

Kate: You've been gone a long time--she could have moved on.

John: You know what? I had forgotten just how comforting it is to talk to you.

Kate: You have left her high and dry, john, more than once, so maybe she's heard the clock ticking. Maybe she found someone else to spend her golden years with. And, if that's true, that's all on you. The cat's been away for a long time.

Anjelica: You know what I would love to do? I would love to take a selfie of the two of us together and send it to john. I mean, how do you think he would react--to see the two of us working together, plotting and scheming?

Marlena: I think that would be hard for him to process.

Anjelica: Oh, well, don't worry--he won't find out. He needs to be kept in the dark until I get exactly what I want here.

Marlena: I agree-- provided I get what I want also.

Anjelica: Look, you will get exactly what I promised you if and when you hold up your end, but don't ever forget who's really running the show here.

Marlena: Nice job doing that. The first round goes to Adrienne.

Anjelica: I told you-- I don't care about that stupid paper of hers.

Marlena: You know, you need to watch yourself here. These mood swings you have are gonna bring down our whole plan.

Anjelica: I do not have mood swings.

Marlena: Oh, oh, really? Sorry. Anjelica, cool and calm in one moment and frothing at the mouth in the next. People are gonna think you've got some sort of a bisexual disorder.

Anjelica: Oh, my god, that's bipolar disorder, you ninny.

Marlena: Oh, right.

Anjelica: Oh, no, you are never gonna be able to fool anyone, especially john black if you keep making stupid mistakes like that.

Marlena: Hey, wait a minute here. You need me. You better watch how you talk to me.

Anjelica: Oh, well, I am so sorry--did I offend you? You know, I just thought or assumed that a trashy ex-con like you would have a little thicker skin, Hattie.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry I'm late--I got tied up at the hospital.

John: Ah, forget about that. The most important thing is we're together right now.

Marlena: And for how long?

John: Mission's over, doc. I'm home. I'm not going anywhere. Now it's just a matter of me and you and an issue of planning a wedding.

Marlena: Oh, that sounds wonderful to me.

Paul: Dad?

John: Whoa, whoa, kid, hey!

Paul: Hey, oh.

John: This is perfect.

Paul: I'm glad you're back. We have to save sonny.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: I'm not just trying to make you feel better. I am telling you the truth. Sonny's case is not going to make it to trial.

Adrienne: He confessed.

Justin: And I only have 12 different ways to get that confession tossed out, starting with the fact that he was still under the influence of that drug when he confessed.

Adrienne: The waiter saw him standing over Deimos' body. And Justin, even if you get them to drop the charges...

Justin: Yeah?

Adrienne: Look, I'd only say this to you. And I don't want to think of our son as capable of murder, but we both know how much he hated Deimos and how ambitious he was. What if he really is guilty?

Lucas: All right, I gotta go work on a press release, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Chad: All right.

Lucas: Okay.

Kate: Hey, honey, this is a nice surprise.

Lucas: I was just leaving.

Kate: Didn't you come to see me?

Lucas: No, I didn't come to see you--Chad called me over. He, um--he knows who jacked countess Wilhelmina.

Kate: Oh, I need a pickup. Let the revenge start.

Lucas: Just one problem. He won't tell me who that is.

Kate: What?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe if you ask him, he'll tell you.

Kate: Okay, who are you protecting?

Dario: It's true. Chad killed Deimos.

Abigail: That's a lie.

Dario: Think about it. He had every reason to hate Deimos. Look at what he did to you and Gabi. God, how he exposed Chad for the two-timing wimp that he really is. And, in business, Deimos bested Chad. Chad doesn't like to be bested.

Abigail: Chad was with me the whole night.

Dario: You sure about that? The whole time?

Chad: Hey, no, no, stop!

Abigail: You can't tell me what to do--stop.

Chad: Yes, I can, stop. You stop. He's dangerous.

Abigail: I know that, but I have just as much reason to wring his neck as anybody else, which is exactly what I'm gonna do if I find him.

Chad: [Grunts] You--okay.

Abigail: The whole time. And you weren't anywhere near the party, so there's no way you can know what Chad did or didn't do.

Dario: Unfortunately for Chad, you're wrong. But, I mean, it's sweet you would lie for him. But you're not the only one with proof.

Chad did it with a knife in the parlor.

[Dramatic music]

Dario: I don't think it's his best side, but it's a pretty clear picture of a bloody knife in his hand. And that napkin sure makes it look like he's trying to wipe the knife clear of finger prints. His finger prints. Isn't that what it looks like to you?

Abigail: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Dario: You know, the way I see it, if that's not incriminating, I don't know what is. It also pokes a huge hole in your statement that the two of you were together the whole night.

Abigail: Where'd you get that?

Dario: I took it myself.

Abigail: You weren't there.

Dario: Oh, but I was. I worked like a dog so I could come back to that party and surprise you. Well, you can imagine how surprised I was when I walked in and saw this. You know what they say. A picture's worth a thousand words.

Abigail: So thieving just wasn't low enough for you, was it? Had to turn to blackmail?

Dario: Come on, come on. I think you should be thanking me for keeping this quiet for as long as I have.

Abigail: Why did you keep it quiet?

Dario: Well, as you know, I don't have a great relationship with cops, and I figured as long as they were chasing their tails with Deimos, they'd stay out of my way. And, with all the crap that Deimos pulled, I figured maybe Chad did us all a favor.

Abigail: I think Gabi would never forgive you if you sent Chad to prison.

Dario: That's right. She loves him. Almost as much as you do.

Chad: I'm not covering for anyone.

Kate: Then tell us who did it.

Chad: Look, I'm gonna tell you the same thing that I told Lucas, and that's that the situation with the hacker's being handled, and that's-- that's all you need to know.

Kate: Oh, really?

Chad: Yeah.

Kate: Because I'm the CEO. I need to know. I have the right to know.

Chad: Well, I need you to trust me.

Kate: I have backed you in everything you've done-- hell, I even married André so you could hold on to the company.

Lucas: That's going above and beyond the call of duty.

Chad: I'm not telling you. That's that.

Kate: Oh, really? That's that?

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Because I don't think that's true.

Lucas: Oh, here it comes. Here comes the ultimatums. I'm gonna go before she draws blood--good luck, boss.

Paul: Okay, so I got a lead that might clear sonny.

Marlena: Couldn't you ask Steve if he could help you with this?

Paul: I did, but, you know, he's got his hands full trying to prove that Kayla wasn't negligent.

John: What are you talking about?

Marlena: Oh, I'll--I'll-- I'll fill you in later. So what do you know that might help sonny?

Paul: Okay, there was a key card found at the crime scene, and the cops traced it back to a room at the Salem inn. Now, whoever it was, they checked in with a phony name, and, inside the room, they found pornography, the same kind that Xander liked. Now, there were no finger prints, and the DNA was inconclusive, but I think that Xander was involved.

Marlena: Wait a minute, isn't Xander in prison in Greece for trying to kidnap Nicole?

Paul: Yeah, but I think that he got out to get his revenge on Deimos for letting him take the fall.

John: And then he returned to the Greek prison? It's quite a stretch. He couldn't have done that without help.

Marlena: Who would help him? He's as bad as Deimos is.

Paul: Okay, okay, there are a lot more questions than there are answers, but that's why I need your help. And--and that means that I'm gonna be taking him away from you for a while.

Hattie: Oh, oh.

Anjelica: What on earth are you doing?

Hattie: Oh, I'm trying to get comfortable. It's one thing to be in prison-- that was bad enough. But trying to look and act like and dress Dr. Marlena's making me crazy, ugh. Want some chew?

Anjelica: No, no, you don't have time to get comfortable, and you cannot chew gum. You have to be Marlena Evans 24/7, all right? And believe me, you're gonna need all the practice you can get.

Hattie: Hey, you know what? Go find somebody else to play this part. Why don't you do that? Go on some website. Go on--go on marlenaevansgoppledanger.Com. See what that shows you.

Anjelica: Oh, my god. It's doppelganger. Oh, god, this is not gonna work. It's like, you know, if you are going to do this, you are going to have to walk into this woman's life and look and think and walk like her 24 hours a day, all right? Marlena Evans 24 hours a day. That's what you've got to do-- comprende vous?

Hattie: Oui, oui, señorita. I got it. Got any booze around here? I need a highball.

Anjelica: Oh, great.

Anjelica: Eight, nine, ten. All right, look, I'm sorry, but--Hattie, what are you doing? Look, look, look, I'm sorry. I am a little on edge, and I took it out on you, all right?

Hattie: Yeah, okay, well you gotta watch that. Look, I'm no shrinking violet, but I got feelings, you know?

Anjelica: I know, I know.

Hattie: And you don't have to keep telling me how hard it's gonna be to convince that john black that I really am, you know, Dr. Marlena. Is me being her really necessary?

Anjelica: Well, I think so, and I think that you should also stop being so negative about the plan. I think you should concentrate on how great it's gonna feel to pay back André DiMera for what he did to you.

Hattie: You're right. You're right about that. But why do I have to be Dr. Marlena for it?

Anjelica: Well, because he would be on guard against Hattie, but, see, as Marlena, you could get close enough to hit him where it hurts.

Hattie: Yeah, right in the DiMera family jewels.

Anjelica: Well, that's a little graphic.

Hattie: Well, that's how I see it.

Anjelica: All right, all right, yes, yes, I know, but you have to remember that Marlena Evans is exceptionally well-spoken, so, you know what? If you're gonna wanna have any chance with roman Brady, you're gonna have to be all Marlena, and zero Hattie.

Hattie: What are you saying? Roman wouldn't like me like this?

Anjelica: That's exactly what I'm saying, yes. He's never really gotten over Marlena. So if you play your cards right, you could still end up with the man of your dreams. But first, Marlena has to break up with john black.

Paul: Look, I am really sorry, but I need dad to go to Greece with me. We have to prove that somehow Xander got out of that prison somehow--that Xander was the one that killed Deimos. I am in over my head here, and this is right up your alley. I mean, you know I'm right about that.

Marlena: I do.

Paul: Okay, I know that this couldn't have come at a worse possible time, but... I would understand if you said "no."

John: You love him, don't you, son?

Paul: I do.

John: Then I can't say no.

Sweetheart... I just keep thinking-- what if this was one of our kids facing what sonny's facing? And what the hell are Adrienne and Justin going through right now?

Adrienne: You know, if anything good has happened from all this, it's that sonny has Paul. After he lost will, I was so afraid he'd never find that kind of happiness again.

Justin: You never forget your first love.

Adrienne: True. Although Lucas and I are proof that you can love again. Enough talk, I'm sorry. You know what? I have to get back to "the spectator," and you have to get back to work on sonny's case, please.

Justin: Yes, please, please, try not to worry, okay? I'm gonna take very good care of our boy.

Adrienne: I know that. Thank you.

Justin: Of course, and call me anytime. I don't care how late, okay?

Adrienne: Okay, good.

Lucas: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Paul: I'll leave you two alone.

[Delicate music]

John: What do you think about all this?

Marlena: I think you wouldn't be you if you didn't go. I want sonny cleared as much as anybody does. Arianna needs him. And Paul needs his dad.

John: You are so understanding.

Marlena: I do think it's rather bad timing, but I've enjoyed these two minutes with you.

John: I will be back as soon as I can.

Marlena: Do that, would you, please? 'Cause I don't know what I'd do if I lost you again.

Anjelica: Okay, so your first significant test will be to break off your relationship with john black.

Hattie: Oh. Yo, dude, hit the road. You bother me.

Anjelica: All right, let me rephrase that. To break off convincingly Marlena's relationship with john black.

Hattie: Oh, you want me to be a little more ladylike, is that it?

Anjelica: Well, yeah.

Hattie: I'm needling you here. Oh, man, you just make people want to needle you. Hey, and something else, you know what? If I'm gonna be working with you, don't treat me like I'm stupid.

Anjelica: All right, all right, look, I'm sorry if I-- if I come off as a little overbearing.

Hattie: Now there's a word for it.

Anjelica: It's just the stakes are so high.

Hattie: You never did explain to me what the stakes are for you.

Anjelica: Well, if everything goes according to my plan, I'll get a chance at love again too. With Justin.

Justin: What do I think I'm doing? I think I'm having a cup of coffee with Adrienne. Do you have a problem with that?

Lucas: I have a problem with you taking advantage of the situation, yeah.

Justin: The situation? You mean our son who's facing murder charges?

Adrienne: All right, I hate this, guys, really. I hate this.

Lucas: You know what you're doing. You're using her concern for sonny to try to shove me out of the picture.

Justin: Wow, a little self-absorbed, are we?

Lucas: Like you were when you were married to her, maybe? You screwed up, Kiriakis. You did that all on your own. Now you want her back.

Adrienne: All right, uh, tuh, stop it. Right now, just stop it.

Chad: Kate, neither the police nor our security department could figure out who the hacker was. I owe the person that did. Now--now my source seems to think that they can not only arrange for us to get our money back, but also ensure that it's never gonna happen again. Now, isn't that the best possible outcome?

Kate: No, it's not, because if we have vulnerabilities in our cyber security, we need to get as much information as possible can from the hacker to retool our system.

Chad: Well, I made a promise that I wouldn't say anything until the hacker has the opportunity to make things right, okay?

Kate: So that's what your source wants?

Chad: Yes, and there is nothing you're gonna be able to say to make me waiver.

Kate: Hmm. See, now I know who you're protecting. You're protecting Abigail, aren't you?

Abigail: I don't love Chad. He's moved on, and so have I.

Dario: Well... no one wishes that were true more than I do. Then maybe you and I could have been happy together.

Abigail: No, Dario. I told you from the beginning I didn't think that I could ever love you. I think maybe even then I sensed what you were really like.

Dario: There's no point in crying over spilled milk. You still love Chad.

Abigail: He's the father of my child.

Dario: Yeah, and you would do anything to protect him. So I think it would be best for everyone concerned if you just forgot about what you uncovered here. Because it would be a damn shame if that made its way over to the police. Chad DiMera would go down in flames, and I wouldn't think twice about lighting that fire.

Adrienne: Justin just spent the last half hour talking me down off the ledge, telling me that he was sure that he could get sonny cleared, and I hugged him--I hugged him. Now, if you can't deal with that, you need to tell me now.

Lucas: No, I--I can deal with that.

Adrienne: Well, good.

Lucas: I just can't trust him anymore, sorry.

Adrienne: All right, do you swear not to use sonny to come between me and Lucas?

Justin: Do you even have to ask?

Lucas: Oh.

Adrienne: Look, honestly, fellas, I can hardly wait till the two of you grow up. Seriously.

Lucas: Couldn't answer the question.

Anjelica: You know, even after all these years, I've never loved another man the way I love Justin.

Hattie: Mm.

Anjelica: I want him back, but first, I have to get Adrienne out of the way.

Hattie: Yeah. Wait a minute, aren't they divorced?

Anjelica: Well, yes, but he's still hung up on her even though he won't admit it. You know, he's a wonderful man, but he has terrible taste in women.

Hattie: Yeah, well, you would know.

Anjelica: I just need him to give me another chance, you know? Just to show him how good we could be together.

Hattie: Yeah, well--well, I can see that, you know, but, see, what I don't get is, um, how does me being Dr. Marlena help--help you get Justin?

Anjelica: Well, if you will have a seat, I will explain it to you. But first, lose the gum.

Hattie: [Chomping] [Spits]

Anjelica: Thank you.

John: You're never gonna lose me, doc, 'cause I could never love another woman the way I love you. Every when we're away, you always have my heart.

Marlena: I'm glad we both understand that.

John: That's a fact.

Marlena: Mm.

John: I love you, sweetheart. Always and forever.

Chad: You and I are done talking.

Kate: Because I'm right. Of course, because I'm right. This is about Abigail. Not that I think that she did the hacking. That leaves Dario, which makes perfect sense. Like father, like son. Like you too. 'Cause you have that look on your face that Stefano used to get when he's not gonna say another word. But take a little advice from someone who's been there. It's one thing to put your marriage before business, but you're no longer married to Abigail, and I am not going to let this company suffer because you're pining for your ex-wife.

Abigail: I can't believe I ever thought you were a good person.

Dario: Look, I don't like playing hardball with you, but you left me no choice.

Abigail: So what? You just expect me to let you off the hook?

Dario: No. No, I--I'm actually expecting a little more than that. I know you say you don't love Chad, but I know--I know you do. So does my sister. And he's committed to her. So why don't you just-- just give me a chance to make you happy? I'll give you some time to think about that. If you do go to the cops with what you found, all I have to do is push a button, press send, and the picture of Chad and the dearly departed go straight to the police. Chad's future's in your hands.

[Door shuts]

Abigail: [Gasps]

[Phone ringing]

Chad: Hey, it's me. I was just calling to check on the situation with Dario. I--believe it or not, I'm just worried about you, so, um, give me a call when you can. Thanks.

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