Days Transcript Tuesday 7/18/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/18/17


Episode #13131 ~ With Theo's help, Abigail discovers Dario's secret; Angelica is visited by a surprise guest; Adrienne & Jennifer make one last pitch to save the paper; Steve is on track to prove that someone is setting Kayla up at the hospital.

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Tripp: Hey, I got your message. What's up?

Steve: Hey, Tripp. Oh, I just, uh, wanted to see how you're doing. You all right?

Tripp: Yeah.

Steve: You got time to sit down, get a bite to eat?

Tripp: I guess so. [Clears throat] So how's Kayla doing? How's she holding up? She doesn't seem like the type of person who enjoys paid leave.

Steve: No, you're right. Kayla is not one for quiet contemplation, especially when it's enforced.

Tripp: So... did they figure out how those dosage screwups got on her tablet?

Steve: Oh, they don't know, but I do.

Tripp: You do?

Steve: She's being set up. And I think I know who's doing it.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Adrienne: I...I put together the numbers for the ad sales for the last six months, and now I can't find them.

Jennifer: You know what? I have them. I have them. You sent them to me.

Adrienne: Oh, right. I'm sorry. All right, so we need to be able to talk about circulation. Hold on a second. I have those numbers-- wait--someplace.

Jennifer: Adrienne, I have them. You sent them all to me. Listen, when I was worried sick about JJ, I didn't even have to think about "the spectator" because of you. Please, let me return the favor.

Adrienne: Thanks, but this isn't about running the paper. Jennifer, we are fighting for its life, and we have to be a united front when we beg for that loan today. Damn that woman!

Jennifer: Okay, listen--

Adrienne: I mean, she-- she doesn't want this paper. She just wants to screw with me!

Jennifer: I'm going to be honest with you. We cannot go to the bank and we cannot beg the vice president to give us money.

Adrienne: What are you talking about? We've got to get this loan.

Jennifer: Yes, but, Adrienne, we need to walk in there and we need to present ourselves as ultra-capable, ultra-calm women.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Jennifer: And with Sonny being...charged with murder, do you think you can really pull that off?

JJ: I don't know. I shouldn't be drinking this. I'm on duty.

Lani: No, you're not. We're both off duty.

JJ: I know. I just love to hear you say that.

Lani: "Off duty."

JJ: Mm.

Lani: There's a kind of magic to those words.

JJ: Yeah, especially after this last month. I swear to god, I'm never gonna complain about being bored again. To relative sanity. I say something wrong?

Lani: I was gonna wait to tell you this, but since you're toasting sanity... my schedule's about to get crazy.

JJ: Why?

Lani: I've been assigned to work with Eli and the bureau, monitoring Salem crime families. Isn't that great?

[Smooth music]

[Suspenseful music]

Dario: Hey. How are things going with you and Gabi?

Chad: Excuse me?

Dario: How are things going with you and my sister?

Chad: You should ask your sister. There's nothing that I can think of that I'd want to talk to you about, especially something so personal.

Dario: Well, she's my sister. But I get it. I do. You still can't get over the fact that I'm married to Abigail. And even though you say you're over it and you have Gabi, you have your son, and your mansion, it still bothers you that I can make her happy. You couldn't.

Chad: Yes, it does. But there's nothing I can do about that now, so...

Dario: Yeah, it is what it is.

Chad: You know what, Dario? My, uh--my son is the most important thing in the entire world to me. Now, you--I don't really care about you, but I think that you are, uh--I think that you're petty. I think you're incompetent. I think you're a crook. And I think you're the worst possible influence to be around my son.

Dario: Mm, sticks and stones.

Chad: I'm gonna be watching you.

Dario: Oh, okay.

Chad: [Scoffs]

Dario: Chad. I know you say that you're-- you're worried about my marriage to Abigail because you're a conscientious father. And you may try to convince yourself that that's the truth. But deep down, you are jealous that I won...and you lost.

[Dramatic music]

Theo: Well, it's pretty clear that Dario is counterfeiting money and he's done something even worse.

Abigail: Oh, god.

Theo: He's been hacking into a couple major companies, bilking them out of a lot of money.

Abigail: I just--I cannot believe that he is stealing. I mean, I knew that he had done things in the past, but counterfeiting money? That's a federal offense. And hacking into companies? God, it's just crazy.

Theo: It also seems to be personal.

Abigail: What do you mean?

Theo: He's not just stealing from strangers.

Tripp: You, uh--you know who's going after Kayla?

Steve: I think it's one of the nurses, nurse Shelly.

Tripp: Really?

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Tripp: Okay, I mean, she's not a load of laughs, but why do you think it's her? She seems pretty competent, a real stickler about following orders.

Steve: Yeah, well, that wasn't always the case. Kayla had to write her up for insubordination a little while back. And, uh, Shelly never let it go. Also, she's the one who almost gave hope too much of that sedative. Thank god you were there.

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, I see what you're saying.

Steve: So have you, um, noticed anything odd about her or heard anything about her while you've been shadowing Kayla?

Tripp: Come to think of it, I have heard about her bad-mouthing Kayla. I just thought she was letting off some steam.

Steve: Well... I'm gonna get to the bottom of this one way or another. And when I find out who's doing this to Kayla... man, they are gonna pay.

Tripp: Okay, okay, okay. Security code. Uh... Kayla, Steve, Joey. Start with brother's birthday. Ah, bingo! Okay, Mr. Sherman, let's look at your chart, shall we? Yeah. I'm just gonna up your dosage of morphine 10% over the limit. Oh, this is tragic. Dr. Johnson has made a very fatal mistake.

Abigail: Okay, I need you to explain that. What do you mean, it's personal?

Theo: I recognize this code. It belongs to DiMera enterprises, more specifically, countess Wilhelmina.

Abigail: Oh, my god. That's what happened to it? It was Dario?

Theo: Well, he had to have help. I mean, DiMera security is state of the art. Just by getting in, it proves that Dario is really, really tech-savvy.

Abigail: Myron. Oh, god, it was Myron.

Theo: Well, they not only slipped in, but they drained all the accounts and disappeared without a trace.

Abigail: Okay, well, I'm gonna need evidence. How--can you get it for me?

Theo: Yeah, I'm downloading them right now, and we can look at it after we get out of here.

Abigail: And how long is that gonna take?

Dario: No, that's not the price we agreed upon. Well, call me back when you get one.

Abigail: Oh, my God. We got to hide, Theo.

[Dramatic music]

Anjelica: Oh, what a surprise. If it isn't the one-eyed brother to the rescue.

Steve: Excuse me?

Anjelica: Oh, are you gonna pretend we just happened to bump into each other here?

Steve: Would you like me to pretend something else?

Anjelica: Oh, you know, I think you forgot. Coy doesn't cut it with me. No, I know you're here to beg the evil, unfeeling Anjelica to please, please, please spare your sister's paper.

Steve: Hmm. You know, I don't quite remember. Have you always referred to yourself in the third person?

Anjelica: Well, I think I deserve a moment of grandiosity. After all, I'm just a few hours away from, uh, being the new publisher of "the spectator."

Steve: And what a happy day that'll be for journalism.

Anjelica: You know, I forgot all about your lame attempts at sarcasm.

Steve: Okay. Okay, no more sarcasm. How about an honest question? You're filthy rich. "The spectator" is anything but grandiose. It's barely worth the paper it's printed on. Why do you want it? It can't mean anything to you.

Anjelica: Oh, but it means so much to Adrienne. And that's why I want it. I want to take something she loves away from her the same way she took Alexander away from me.

Lani: Well, that seemed to just stop the conversation dead.

JJ: Um, no, no, I was just, um-- I was just thinking that this is a, um-- a very, you know, big break for you. Working with the bureau on a very high-profile project. Congratulations. Eli is lucky to have you.

Lani: You're not thrilled that I'm gonna be working with Eli, are you?

JJ: No, I'm not thrilled to lose you as a partner.

Lani: And that I'm going to be working with Eli-- because of what happened at the party.

JJ: Okay, the party. Deimos drugged all of us. I know nothing people did that night was, you know, real.

Lani: You hate that I kissed Eli, okay? I get that.

JJ: No, like I said, we were drugged, and nobody was acting in their right minds. I mean, I danced with Gabi and thought I killed Deimos. So did Sonny. I still can't believe he did it any more than I did.

Lani: We'll keep working on that to make sure he didn't.

JJ: But tomorrow. Remember, we're off duty. And right now, all I want to do is focus on you.

Lani: Sounds like a plan.

JJ: You know what? Um, I didn't tell you, but I'm moving into the martin house.

Lani: Mm!

JJ: Got my own bedroom, my own private room.

Lani: So we both have good news.

JJ: Yeah. Well, yours is better.

Lani: It doesn't matter. We both have something to celebrate about.

JJ: Cheers.

Lani: Cheers.

[Soft music]

Helms: Everything seems to be in order.

Adrienne: So do you have a decision for us?

Helms: When I received your application, I did a little research. You must know that banks aren't exactly flocking to invest in print journalism.

Adrienne: Well, if you read our proposal, you'll see that we're committed to taking "the spectator" into the future. Not only have we enhanced our digital presence with videos and live blogs. Our readership is up 4%, which I know is not a lot, but it's a solid start.

Jennifer: Yes, and our commitment to unbiased, fair reporting hasn't changed. My late husband, jack, he was-- he was the editor. He set the bar so high.

Helms: I remember jack well. And you've had quite a career at "the spectator" too, ms. Horton.

Jennifer: Yeah, thank you. Which is why I am so proud to be the co-owner with Adrienne. And we knew that it would take a lot to resurrect "the spectator," but I believe that we have succeeded and we have proved everybody wrong.

Adrienne: Mr. Helms, I know I can speak for Jennifer when I tell you that neither one of us will ever give up, which is why it's so frustrating for the foster Kane group to try to move in and dismantle not only a piece of Salem history but a strong local paper which this city really needs. So can you see your way clear to giving us the money we need to keep this paper running?

Dario: I'm not interested in excuses. Call me when you get an answer.

[Suspenseful music]

Abigail: Oh, my god.

Theo: All right, it's done. I've copied everything. Let's go.

Abigail: Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

JJ: You know what? I want some wings. You want some wings?

Lani: That sounds good.

JJ: Yeah, off duty and eating wings.

Lani: And your own room.

JJ: Yeah, it doesn't get any better than this.

[Both chuckle] Hey, um, my cousin's sitting over there. I didn't see him come in.

Lani: You want to ask him to come over?

JJ: You wouldn't mind?

Lani: I remember being new in town. Invite him over.

JJ: Tripp. Hey, man, um, Lani and I are about to get a little bite to eat. Want to come join us?

Tripp: It looked like you guys were having a good time without any company.

JJ: Nah, man, it's all right. Come on over--if you want.

Tripp: Yeah, bro.

JJ: All right. Take a seat.

Lani: Hey, Tripp. How are you enjoying Salem?

Tripp: It's okay. Kind of weird getting to know a father you didn't know you had.

Lani: I can relate to that.

Tripp: I guess it's cool.

Lani: And are you still working at the hospital with Kayla?

Tripp: Well, I'm working at the hospital, but she's not. She's been placed on leave.

JJ: I heard about that, and it doesn't make any sense at all. I mean, she's the best doctor that place has. There's no way she'd-- she would ever do anything to hurt a patient.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: So hope's on 2.5 milligrams of vicatril. Um... I'd hate to think what would happen if dr. Johnson accidentally put in 25 instead. Just move that decimal point one place over and... whew.

Steve: So you admit it. It is about petty revenge.

Anjelica: Well, that and... a kind of burning passion to maintain a spirited free press in Salem. No, no, I'm just kidding. No, it really is all about petty revenge.

Steve: And you don't care who gets hurt in the process.

Anjelica: Oh, god, I feel a lecture coming on.

Steve: Yeah, well, I'll tell you something. If you do get "the spectator," you're gonna find out real fast just how much work it's gonna take to keep it going.

Anjelica: Yeah, but, you know, I hear you can hire people to do things like that.

Steve: It's gonna take so much work that you won't have time for your Bikram yoga and your, uh, Botox regimen.

Anjelica: Oh, oh! You think I'm not up to the job and that the paper will fail. You know what, honey? I don't care.

Steve: You don't care that it won't be just Adrienne who gets hurt? What about all those poor people who'd lose their jobs?

Anjelica: Oh, my god! I mean, you have opened my eyes! What was I thinking? I have got to change my ways. Or...I could just go ahead with my plans, take that paper away from that bitch sister of yours, fly back to new York, and reevaluate my new asset at a later date.

Steve: You know... it's really hard to believe that such a warmhearted woman hasn't landed another husband yet.

Anjelica: I know. Lots of loves, but marriage just wasn't in the cards.

Steve: And no more kids, thank god, huh?

Anjelica: Oh, I am so flattered you've been investigating me. You know, I really must fly.

Steve: Why the rush? You got a lover you need to get home to?

Anjelica: You know, patch, I'm just not in the mood for sharing. But I will see you around.

Helms: Look, it's very clear that this paper is more than just a business to you. If I didn't sense your deep commitment, I probably would have declined your request, despite the slight turnaround.

Adrienne: But you're not?

Helms: No. I'm putting my money behind the two of you.

Jennifer: We--we cannot thank you enough.

Helms: No, it's my pleasure. I'll pay off the outstanding loan immediately.

Adrienne: Excellent. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some work to do.

Jennifer: Yes, we need to get moving on this.

Helms: I know you do.

Jennifer: Thank you again.

Helms: No problem. Keep up the good work. You certainly are on the right track. And I will be in touch.

Adrienne: Well, you won't be sorry. I promise you that. Thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you. Bye.

Justin: Thank you, Mr. Helms. I owe you one.

Helms: You know I had nothing to do with that.

Justin: She looked happy, didn't she?

Abigail: Did you find anything else?

Theo: Hang on. I'm still going through everything.

Abigail: Dario can tell himself he was stealing from Chad, but he has been stealing from Thomas too. After everything that I have done for him...

Theo: Abigail, this is big. Okay? You need to go to the police.

Abigail: No. No, no, no. I can't. I want to do this on my own. I want to convince Dario that what he's doing is wrong.

Theo: And how are you gonna do that?

Abigail: I don't know. I got to think about it and figure out what's the best approach.

Theo: But, Abigail--

Abigail: No, but thank you so much, Theo, for everything that you're doing. But you got to promise me you're not gonna tell your dad, okay? Okay?

Theo: Whatever you say. You know what I think you should do with this.

Abigail: [Softly] Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: [Sighs] Hey, it's me. Yeah, I need to meet with you right away.

Tripp: Well, it was nice talking to you guys.

Lani: JJ and I have really busy schedules, but we should find some time to hang out.

Tripp: Yeah, I'd like that. You two enjoy your day.

JJ: You too.

Lani: You too. Was something bothering him?

JJ: Um, did seem a little preoccupied.

Lani: And he was drinking alone in the middle of the afternoon at the bar.

JJ: Well, you know what, baby? I don't want to-- I don't want to talk about him. All I want to do is talk about you.

Lani: Mm! Well, I'm not sure I want to talk at all. So tell me about your new living arrangements, she said provocatively.

JJ: You know, um, it's nice.

Lani: Mm-hmm.

JJ: But I would like to add a, uh--a woman to the decor.

Lani: Hmm.

JJ: Would you like to come up and see my etchings?

Lani: JJ. I thought you'd never ask.

[Smooth music]

Helms: Look, all I did was play a part in your ruse. You're the one floating your wife and her partner's loan.

Justin: Ex-wife. And this is classified information.

Helms: Why? Why not just give her the money directly?

Justin: I tried, and she turned me down. Which is why I needed you.

Helms: Well, I'm glad to help. She must be a special woman.

Justin: She is. And she's, uh, going through hell right now, worried about our son. And she doesn't need to be worried about this damn paper too.

Helms: I've seen husbands who wouldn't do for their wives what you just did for your ex. Your divorce seems beyond "amicable."

Justin: Our marital status is irrelevant. Adrienne and I are... well, whatever it is we are, it's till death do us part.

Helms: Well, she's lucky to have you in her corner, even though she doesn't know it.

Justin: This isn't all altruistic. I mean, I'm glad to be doing something nice for Adrienne, but it's also very satisfying to be screwing over a truly horrible person.

Helms: Ah, Anjelica Deveraux.

Justin: Mm-hmm. It's because of me that she's going after Adrienne in the first place. And she's going to regret that.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Adrienne: [Clears throat]

Jennifer: Huh?

Anjelica: Ah, the old Brady pub. Brings back memories. Musty, pedestrian, provincial memories, but hey. So this is where you two chose to turn over the keys to "the spectator"?

Adrienne: Actually, this is where we choose to give you the news that like so many of your plans and dreams, this one laid a big fat huevo.

Jennifer: If you would like to check the status of our loan, you will see that it is in the process of being paid back. You no longer have a claim to the paper.

Adrienne: Want some chowder? Ooh, perhaps a nice serving of crow?

Anjelica: You cannot be serious. I mean, no one in their right mind would lend you two money. The high point of your curriculum vitae is making change in a bar in a honky-tonk. You don't know the first thing about running a newspaper.

Jennifer: But I do.

Anjelica: No, you don't. You were married to somebody who knew how to run a newspaper, but, honey, you are no jack Deveraux.

Adrienne: No, she is a strong, independent woman and a great reporter. And despite everything you tried to do, she is still the co-owner of a great paper.

[Cell phone ringing]

Anjelica: Excuse me.

Jennifer: I wonder if that's someone from the foster Kane group giving you late-breaking news.

Adrienne: [Laughs] Jennifer.

Jennifer: This is fun. Winning is so fun.

Adrienne: It is, it is, it is, especially when your adversary is all about arrogance. Oh, boy.

Jennifer: Ooh, she does not look happy.

Adrienne: She looks like she has a case of the vapors.

[Both laugh]

Adrienne: Shh! [Clears throat]

Jennifer: [Clears throat]

Adrienne: Bad news?

Anjelica: Well, it seems I have hit a temporary setback in my plans. But if you and your little Pulitzer prize wannabe here think that you have won, you better think again. 'Cause believe me, I am gonna have the last laugh here.

Adrienne: Hey, Angie. Love the shoes, especially when they're walking away. [Laughs] Ooh! [Laughs] That felt good. [Laughs]

Chad: Hey! Hey. What's up?

Theo: Uh...

Chad: Is everything okay?

Theo: Yeah, no, she-- she, uh, told me not to tell my dad, and I didn't, and you're not my dad, so I think this is okay to tell you.

Chad: Hey, Theo, Theo, calm--calm down, okay? You can tell me anything that you want.

Theo: Okay.

Chad: Who are you talking about?

Theo: Abigail. She's in trouble.

Chad: Okay. How?

Theo: Uh, André asked me to help her with a computer problem, and it turned out to be about Dario.

Chad: Okay, go on, Theo.

Theo: And Abby knows that he's been doing a lot of illegal stuff, so she asked me to help find out what it was. And I hacked into his computer, which I know is wrong. I know it's wrong. But Abby asked me to, so I--

Chad: Hey, hey, no, no. She asked-- okay, look, you know what? It's fine. If she asked you to, then it's fine, okay?

Theo: Yeah.

Chad: So what did you find?

Theo: Um, he's been counterfeiting and stealing from a lot of big companies, like, uh, DiMera enterprises.

Chad: Yeah, countess w?

Theo: Yeah.

Chad: Okay, and then did, uh--did she say if she was gonna go to hope or JJ or tell anyone?

Theo: No. Um, I told her that she needed to go to the police, but she said she wasn't going to. She thinks she can just talk to Dario and make him stop doing this bad stuff, but, Chad, he's in pretty deep. Please, will you help her out? I'm just--I'm really worried. I'm--I'm really worried.

Chad: Hey, hey, you know, it's fine. It's okay. Thank you.

[Tense music]

[Line rings]

[Cell phone rings]

Dario: Hey, Abigail, what's going on?

Abigail: I need to see you-- right away.

[Upbeat rock music]

Oh, yeah

Lani: [Giggling]

JJ: I'm sorry. I haven't unpacked.

Lani: I don't care. We're alone and off duty. [Laughs]

Adrienne: Okay, honey, just--just stay strong. All right, bye. It was Joey. He's very worried about Sonny.

Justin: We all are.

Adrienne: I know. Well, you're not gonna believe this, but we actually have some good news. I kind of forgot what good news was.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Justin: Well, love to hear it.

Adrienne: The bank agreed to secure our loan on the paper. So Jenn and I and "the spectator" are still in business.

Justin: Fantastic! That is fant-- I'm really happy to hear that. For both of you.

Jennifer: Thank you so much. The best part was, we got to tell Anjelica in person.

Justin: That must have been fun.

Adrienne: Oh, it was great.


Jennifer: You'll be surprised to know she is a sore loser.

Adrienne: Right?

Justin: Anjelica?

Adrienne: I know!

Justin: No.

Jennifer: But, true to form, she had to have the last word.

Justin: Of course.

Steve: Tell me what she said exactly.

Jennifer: She just said that if we thought we won, we were mistaken.

Adrienne: Sour grapes. I think she was just talking through her hat.

Steve: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about that.

Adrienne: Why? What are you thinking?

Steve: Well, uh, I should tell you, Kayla and I broke into her hotel room.

Adrienne: What?

Steve: Yeah. Uh, we didn't find anything, but she was on the phone, and...

Adrienne: And what?

Steve: Well, we overheard her side of the conversation, and she was talking to somebody about you. And it was all kind of vague, but I didn't get a good feeling about it.

Adrienne: Maybe she was just talking to a business associate.

Steve: No. It was a lot friendlier than that. And she asked this person if they were doing their homework. Is Alexander taking classes that you know of?

Adrienne: Alex? He hasn't taken classes in years, and he does not speak to his mother.

Justin: Yeah, he knows what she's like, knows that she can't be trusted. Besides, he would never conspire against Adrienne, especially not with Anjelica.

Adrienne: You know what? Just to make sure, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna call him. Excuse me.

Justin: Do you really think that she has something else up her sleeve?

Steve: I don't know for sure. But I have the feeling we haven't heard the last of that woman.

[Dramatic music]

Dario: Is everything okay?

Abigail: Meet me at home.

[Knock at door]

Abigail: Um, what--what are you doing here? This is really not a very good--

Chad: Theo, really?

Abigail: Oh, god, I told him not to tell.

Chad: Yeah, and you're having him lie to his-- lie to his family? What are you doing, Abby?

Abigail: You should not know. This makes this even worse.

Chad: I have no right to know? I have every right to go after him. He stole from my company.

Abigail: Chad, please listen to me. Just let me talk to him first, okay? I promise you will get-- you'll get back all the money. Just promise me you will not go talk to him. Don't do anything. I don't want to put life on hold

because of a headache.

Jennifer: I guess it's sentimental. I feel like if I had lost the paper, I would be letting jack down. I mean, it was his baby. I think some of the happiest times in his life were at "the spectator."

Justin: [Chuckles softly] I think you had a great deal to do with how happy he was.

Adrienne: All right. Alex swears he hasn't talked to Anjelica recently. I wonder what she's really up to.

Steve: Come on. Nobody's gonna know you talked to me. Just answer my question.

Okay, yeah, Shelly had a beef with your wife. But she has a beef with anyone in authority. She's one of those people. You know, she knows everything, doesn't play well with others.

Steve: So she wasn't focused on Kayla?

I didn't say that. I overheard her talking to a nurse. She told her "that cow dr. Johnson should be put out to pasture."

Steve: You think this other nurse will talk to me?

If it'll help your wife. Everyone here really likes Kayla. Nobody thinks she made mistakes like they're saying she made.

Steve: Maybe they weren't mistakes.

Chad: How are you gonna take care of it yourself, Abby? Hmm, you gonna walk up to him? You gonna say that "I'm onto you? I know that you're a criminal. Please don't hurt me"?

Abigail: Dario would never hurt me.

Chad: Why, because he's such a great guy?

Abigail: No, because he loves me.

Chad: Ben loved you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say--

Abigail: You said it, Chad. And that's all right. I know what you think of my judgment.

Chad: It's just--it's Dario. It's crazy that you think that you can trust him.

Abigail: "Crazy." Great. Really love that word.

Chad: Look, don't do that. You know what I'm saying. I'm worried about you.

Abigail: Why, 'cause I just can't take care of myself?

Chad: I didn't say that.

Abigail: You didn't have to.

Chad: You know what? I have every right to press charges against him.

Abigail: Yeah, legally, you do. But I'm asking you not to. Okay, it's your choice. I can't make it for you. But I swear, Chad, if you-- if he winds up in prison because of you, I will never forgive you.

Chad: [Laughs] Oh, okay. So just like that, you're gonna--you're gonna-- you're gonna take the side of a criminal?

Abigail: He's my husband, and I take it very, very, very seriously.

Chad: Whatever, Abby. Be safe this time around, huh?

The smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it.

[Cell phone rings]

Tripp: Hey, where are you?

Steve: I'm at the hospital. I just talked to an orderly, introduced me to this other nurse. She told me Shelly is flat-out gunning for Kayla.

Tripp: So you think that she's the one who set Kayla up?

Steve: Oh, I'm gonna find out.

Tripp: And if it's not her?

Steve: I'm gonna keep looking until I do find out.

Lani: Well, that was worth the wait.

JJ: Yeah.

Lani: [Laughs softly]

JJ: Yeah, I haven't felt this way about somebody in a long time.

Lani: I'm glad you're letting down your defenses.

JJ: I think I get that from my dad. Trying to change it, though.

Lani: Is there anything I can do to help?

JJ: You know what? I think there is.

[Soft music]

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: [Sighs]

Dario: What's wrong?

Abigail: I know about the counterfeit money. I know about the hacking. I know about every illegal thing that you have been up to.

Justin: I really don't think we need to worry about Anjelica anymore.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think Justin's right. I think--I think Steve is overreacting. I mean, we got Anjelica back in her cage, and she's going back to new York.

Adrienne: I don't know. Steve thinks there's more. Maybe he should keep digging.

Justin: That's just conspiracy-theory Steve. I mean, what else is there to find out about her, anyway?

Anjelica: Natalie, don't ever book me on that airline again. That was just terrible. Well, what the--

[Tense music]

Well, hello, Dr. Evans. I've been expecting you.

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