Days Transcript Friday 7/14/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/14/17


Episode #13129 ~ Brady is jealous when he finds Eric and Nicole together; Abigail plants a listening device in Dario's office; Steve tells Kayla he thinks someone might be framing her; a vengeful Jade contemplates stirring up trouble one last time before leaving town.

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Kayla: There you go.

Steve: Thanks.

[Kayla giggles]

Steve: Baby, what are you doing here?

Kayla: Roman asked me to fill in for the lunch because Libby called in sick. Steve: Well, do you have time to sit down?

Kayla: Yeah. You know, actually, I was thinking that maybe I'd come back to work here. You know, stay busy while I'm on my suspension.

Steve: Well, I think you should enjoy your time off while you have it because it won't be long before they clear you.

Kayla: If they clear me. I mean, what if I was so distracted that I got the dosages wrong?

Steve: Sweetness, you have never been that distracted, even when things were really bad.

Kayla: I know you said that you thought that something was off, and that maybe... I'd been wronged somehow. But how? Have you come up with anything?

Steve: I'll tell you this, the doctor who hasn't made a mistake in years suddenly makes the same mistake three times in a short period? I have to think that doctor's being set up.

[Somber music]

Tripp: What were you going to say? Kayla's not what?

Jade: Please let go of me.

Tripp: Don't screw around with me, jade. I heard you. You've been after me for weeks to make Kayla pay for killing my mom, and then all of a sudden I tell you that I'm starting to feel sorry for her, and you get this weird look in your eye like you know something.

Jade: Come on, you know how I feel about her. That bitch has never given me a break, and she never will. She thinks I'm not good enough for Joey--

Tripp: You're off-subject, jade. Joey's got nothing to do with what happened to my mom. What kind of game are you playing here?

Nicole: I can't lose Brady-- not after what happened with holly. My god, there's only so much I can take. I'm feeling sorry for myself, in case you haven't noticed.

Eric: You're entitled.

Nicole: No, I'm not entitled. I have so much to be grateful for, and I'm going to get my daughter back. I have the love of a great man, and I can't lose that.

Eric: Nicole, are you going to tell Brady about the kiss or not? Nicole, answer me! Are you gonna tell him or not?

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Dario?

Dario: You're back.

Abigail: Obviously. You promised me that you weren't doing anything illegal. You lying to me?

[Tense music]

Dario: I wasn't lying to you, Abigail.

Abigail: So all this money...

Dario: It's the take from the club. I was in a hurry to get to the party, and I didn't have time to deposit it.

Abigail: So this is-- this is your profit? Because just yesterday you had to shut down early.

Dario: Yeah, we had a few good nights before that. I don't...I don't like that you think I'm lying to you.

Abigail: Sorry. Really, yeah. Here. You know, I should probably get to work.

Dario: I thought you had the day off.

Abigail: Oh, they just--they need some help finding a misplaced file.

Dario: Right. Well, talk to you later, yeah?

Abigail: Yeah, I'll see you soon.

Jade: I'm not playing games.

Tripp: Then tell me what you were going to say about Kayla.

Jade: It's just that trying to make her look bad isn't gonna work. People like her and Joey and your dad-- they never get punished for the things that they do.

Tripp: She's getting punished now. She's on suspension.

Jade: Good. That's enough. You don't need to do any more. She's not worth the risk. I don't want to see you getting in trouble trying to destroy her.

Tripp: You know, I don't get it... this whole 180 over Kayla, like you're starting to feel sorry for her too.

Jade: No, I'm not. I still hate her. She treated me like dirt, and I will never forgive her for that. But for your own sake, I think you need to let go of all this anger you have for her. Focus your energy on something that matters. Something that will make you happy. I'm only telling you this because I care about you. You've been a really good friend to me.

Eric: Nicole, I-- I hope it works out with you and Brady. He's obviously in love with you, and you with him. Nicole?

Nicole: I know what I have to do.

Steve: Have you been thinking about what I said?

Kayla: I-I just don't know who would want to do this to me. Fix it so that one of my patients dies? I don't have any enemies.

Steve: That you know of. Listen, do you mind if I do a little investigating?

Kayla: Do I get the family discount?

Steve: You get the sweetness discount. That's even better.

Kayla: You know, I have been wracking my brain to think of how I could have done this. But the thought that it could have been somebody else-- I mean, I just can't-- I'm afraid to even go there.

Steve: Baby, listen. I'm not just doing this because I love you. I'm doing it for all those patients who believe in you. Count on you. Someone is out to get you. I will stop him.

[Tense music]

You can count on that. Have fun at work.

Kayla: [Small laugh]

Tripp: You saying you care about me? I thought you were all about Joey.

Jade: You gave me a place to live. You stood up for me. That's more than Joey ever did. It's still not easy getting over him.

Tripp: You know, I heard the best way to forget someone is to...go for someone new.

Jade: Yeah?

Tripp: Yeah.

Abigail: Hey, Mel, how are you?

Mel: Abs, hi.

Abigail: Um...look, I came in because I have to ask you a favor.

Mel: Sure.

Abigail: I need to borrow a listening device.

Mel: You want to plant a bug? What for?

Abigail: Look, I wouldn't ask if it weren't really important, but, um, you kind of--you owe me. All those invoices you didn't turn in with the expense report, you know? I got you your money.

Mel: Yeah.

Abigail: Yeah?

Mel: Okay.

Abigail: Okay, thank you.

[Edgy music]

Eric: So... what have you decided? Are you going to tell Brady or not?

Brady: Eric? Hey-- hi.

Nicole: Hi.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Brady--

Brady: I wondered where you went this morning. Now I know. I came here to see, uh... see you, Eric. I wanted to apologize to you.

Eric: No, you don't have to do that.

Brady: No, listen, listen to me, man, I do because I, uh... I acted like a jerk. I wanted to say I was sorry. So what's going on here? Why are you here? Is this Horton center business or something going on here?

Nicole: No. I remembered something from the night Deimos was murdered.

Brady: You're kidding? And you came here to discuss it with Eric?

Nicole: Yeah. We were both involved.

Brady: What was it that you were involved with?

Nicole: First, I want to explain why it happened.

Brady: You don't have to explain--don't explain anything.

Nicole: I just think you would better understand why--

Brady: Why don't you just tell me what happened! It's easy. Just tell me.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: It's okay. Just tell me.

Nicole: Eric and I, uh... okay, I just remembered this today.

Brady: Just tell me.

Nicole: He and I... we kissed.

Brady: Okay, yeah, okay, you kissed.

Nicole: Yes.

Brady: You kissed.

Nicole: Okay, but we have a good reason for it.

Brady: There's always a good reason why people kiss. That's why people kiss.

Nicole: I swear...I swear to you, I love you so much, and it doesn't change--

Brady: No, don't--don't-- get your--get your hands off me.

Nicole: Brady. Brady!

[Somber music]

Tripp: Am I going too far?

Jade: You're really hot and a great kisser, but...everything with Joey-- I'm just confused, you know?

Tripp: Sure.

Jade: I think I just need a break.

Tripp: Especially from guys like me, right?

Jade: No, it's not you. I really like you. But my mom wants me to go on this trip with her, and I want it to be a new start for me and her.

Tripp: Right. Well...I'll miss you. Ha. But I hope everything works out the way you want it to.

Jade: Text me? Let me know what happens with Kayla?

Tripp: Hospital administrator says that there's gonna be an investigation, so she could lose her license. Still not as bad as what she did to my mom though.

Jade: Tripp, listen to me. If Kayla can't work as a doctor right now, you shouldn't do anything else. Just let it go, for your sake. I don't want this to blow up in your face.

[Soft music]

[Suspenseful music]

Dario: Abigail, what the hell are you doing?

Abigail: No, no, I, um, just brought you some lunch, and I was looking for a pen and paper so I could leave you a little note.

Dario: Well, this place serves food. You don't have to bring me lunch.

Abigail: I know, but I thought it would look really good just in case immigration was sitting there watching you.

Dario: I didn't think about that. Smart move.

Abigail: Yeah, I've never really been good at playing people and gaming the system, but, uh... I'm getting better at it, so...

Dario: You know, there's enough food here for two people. Why don't you stick around?

Abigail: Oh, no, I gotta-- I got to go run some errands, but I'll see you later?

Dario: Yeah, see you later.

Abigail: Bye.

Dario: Bye.

[Edgy music]

[Elevator bell dings]

Steve: Hey, Shelly.

Shelly: Steve. How's Kayla doing?

Steve: Ah, not great.

Shelly: I heard about her being suspended, but I'm sure she'll be cleared. I mean, if she's done nothing wrong.

Steve: Let me ask you a question. You've worked with Kayla for years. Can you think of any reason why she'd suddenly start making mistakes?

Shelly: No.

Steve: Stress maybe?

Shelly: No, but... I have noticed that a lot of doctors begin to think that they're infallible.

Steve: Well, I'm married to this doctor. She doesn't think that. So patient orders are all entered into the hospital's computer, right?

Shelly: Right.

Steve: So once Kayla put an order in, is there any way someone else could change that?

Shelly: I don't see how. Every doctor has an individual password. They have to enter it or they can't access the charts.

Steve: Hm. Well, nurses update charts all the time. Does that mean you have the passwords?

Shelly: No. The only thing we can do is enter notes about a patient's condition. We can't adjust the meds. Is Kayla trying to blame this on one of us?

Steve: No, absolutely not. She's been wracking her brain trying to see how she might have done it herself.

Shelly: Oh.

Steve: But I think somebody's setting her up.

Shelly: Well, she's your wife, and you love her. Why wouldn't you think that?

Steve: Don't patronize me.

Shelly: Sorry, but everything points to doctor error.

Steve: Can you just tell me who does have access to the doctors' passwords?

Shelly: Each doctor generates their own, and they're the only ones who know it.

Steve: Well, computer systems area getting hacked every day.

Shelly: Good luck to you. It's too bad that being a nurse wasn't good enough for Kayla. Maybe she wouldn't be in all this trouble.

Kayla: Hey. What can I get you?

Tripp: What are you doing here?

Kayla: Well, my brother needed me to fill in for the lunch rush, so I-I thought I'd go crazy staying at home.

Tripp: Yeah, I guess.

Kayla: Yeah, but, hey, listen, I'm gonna have all this time on my hands now, so I could help you study for the mcat. I mean, if you decide that you want to pursue a career in medicine. I know I told you I wouldn't push you, so I'm sorry.

Tripp: No, you're not. Not at all.

Kayla: Well, tell me. What do you want to eat?

Tripp: A burger. Medium.

Kayla: Okay, coming right up, and it's on the house.

Tripp: Kayla--

Kayla: Yeah?

Tripp: Are you worried?

Kayla: Yeah, I'm worried. My career's on the line, or...maybe even worse.

Tripp: It's not like you'll go to jail though, right?

Kayla: I don't know that. Uh, I mean, I probably will lose my medical license, and there could be a malpractice suit. But, hey, you know what? If that happens, I'll deal with it. And maybe I will just sit back and watch you become a doctor and fall in love with medicine just like I did.

Tripp: You're not gonna lose your medical license.

Kayla: Well, you don't know that.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I do, because I know you didn't mess up those dosages.

Nicole: Brady.

Brady: I don't wanna talk to you.

Nicole: I know you're mad at me.

Brady: What was your first clue, Nic?

Nicole: Would you just listen to me, please?

Brady: You told me--you told me--you told me nothing happened between you two. You said that to me.

Nicole: I know, I know.

Brady: "Nothing happened, Brady."

Nicole: That's what I believed at the time. But, Brady, I swear to you, I just remembered the kiss today.

Brady: You just remembered. Well, tell me, what triggered the memory? I'd love to know.

Nicole: I just remember... Eric telling me that he did a bad thing, and he was afraid that it had something to do with Deimos. But then I-- god, we were so high on halo. The memories are confusing. They're harder to bring back than normal memories, okay? They're harder to bring into focus. I need you to understand that.

Brady: And somehow you were finally able to bring it into focus. [Snaps] Just like that?

Nicole: Well... well, yes. Eric realized that--that... the reason he felt that bad thing, why he felt guilty... was because of the kiss.

Brady: Why did that happen? Have you thought about why it happened? Maybe you still feel something for him. Maybe you're in love with him. Maybe that's what you should focus on, the fact that you...

Nicole: No, Brady, I'm not in love with him!

Brady: Still care about him!

Nicole: Please, stop.

Brady: What!

[Soft music]

Nicole: It was... it was because of Daniel.

What does life look like during your period? It looks great

Brady: Daniel? How kissing Eric could be about Daniel?

Nicole: Okay, okay, just hear me out, please?

Brady: I'm listening. Tell me.

Nicole: Because...of that stupid drug, we were so high we were hallucinating... thinking that we both... saw Daniel in the room with us. It's crazy, I know. I mean, Eric saw him first. And I was obviously... suggestible in my drugged state that I saw him too. And Daniel was telling Eric that he needs to forgive himself for the accident, and he was telling me that I need to forgive Eric.

[Soft music]

Nicole: And I told Daniel that I would try to forgive Eric for him-- for Daniel. And I...I went to wrap my arms around him... and we kissed. I thought I was kissing Daniel. I know it doesn't make it right. I know it doesn't make this easier, I--

Brady: Mm...

Nicole: I could have lied to you, Brady. I could have kept this from you. Baby, I-- I love you too much to do that. Will you please... please forgive me? Please?

Dario: Okay, that's it for the single malt. And give me two cases of tequila. One of the well brand and one of the good stuff. You said I'll have it Thursday? Morning or afternoon? Good.

[Phone beeps]


Hey, Myron, it's me. Yeah, I had a close call this morning. Somebody found money stashed in my wife's room. Yeah, it was the counterfeit. Why do you think I called? No, I got it now, and the person who found it's not gonna turn me in. I'm sure. Now, I don't want to back off the counterfeiting yet. It's working too well right now. But it's a good thing GDR has other ways to make money. How's our new project going? Have you been able to gain access to Titan? Well, keep at it. That phony money operation is chump change compared to what we can get out of titan industries.

Kayla: Thanks for your vote of confidence, but... I'm not so sure I deserve it.

Tripp: Just hear me out, okay?

Kayla: Okay.

Tripp: When I found out how my mom died, I...went a little crazy.

Kayla: We all wish that things would have turned out differently with your mother. But Steve is--is so grateful that you were able to forgive him.

Tripp: No, no, you're wrong.

Kayla: No, because, you know, forgiveness is hard. I know that. You know, even for me. I tried so hard to accept jade for Joey's sake. I did, really, but I just could never do it.

Tripp: Oh, yeah?

Kayla: I mean, it was the way she drew him in, and she got him to do things that he would have never done had he not met her.

Tripp: You know, you're wrong about her. She's not the devil.

Kayla: Please, don't get taken by her.

Tripp: Doesn't matter if I am now. She's leaving town.

Kayla: Really.

Tripp: Oh, you look happy.

Kayla: Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, I don't know what's worse--what she did to Joey or that she might do the same thing to you.

Tripp: Yeah, I'm not Joey.

Kayla: No, you're not. But the only thing that works with a person like her is physical distance.

Tripp: Yeah, that or death, right?

Kayla: I don't know what you mean.

Tripp: What you're saying about jade-- that's what everybody else here talks about my mom.

Kayla: Tripp.

Tripp: Except she wasn't about to leave town, though, right? Steve just killed her.

Kayla: It wasn't like that.

Tripp: Put her down like a rabid dog. Guess I'm not as forgiving as you think I am. You know, forget the burger. I'm not hungry anymore.

Kayla: Tripp!

[Edgy music]

Steve: Hey, baby.

Kayla: Hey. Hey, did you see Tripp out there?

Steve: No, why?

Kayla: Well, he was just in here and we had the strangest conversation.

Steve: What happened?

Kayla: Well, he was telling me that he was sure that I didn't screw up the dosages. And then we started talking about jade, and he got so angry.

Steve: At her?

Kayla: No, at me, and compared her to Ava.

Steve: I don't even get that.

Kayla: Well, apparently, he is very protective of jade. And I'll tell you something, no matter what he says, he is not over what happened to his mother.

[Edgy music]

Steve: I wonder what set him off like that.

Kayla: I have no idea. So where have you been?

Steve: I was at the hospital. I had a talk with nurse Shelly.

Kayla: Why her?

Steve: Because she's the one who almost gave that injection to hope that could have killed her.

Kayla: Right.

Steve: Mm-hmm. Wanted to find out if anyone other than a doctor could have changed the dosage.

Kayla: The answer's no.

Steve: That's what Shelly said. She said some other stuff too.

Kayla: About me?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: Well, I mean, we did butt heads a few times, but--

Steve: Yeah, well, she's got a real attitude about you. She said that being a nurse wasn't good enough for you.

Kayla: Great.

Steve: Mm-hmm. So what if that injection wasn't your mistake at all? What if Shelly filled that syringe with the wrong dosage deliberately to put you in your place?

[Dark notes]

Nicole: Brady... all of my life I have been looking for the kind of happiness that I've had-- that I've had with you and holly and Tate. And now I might lose that because Deimos gave me some drug that could cost me my relationship with you? What can I do--what can I do to convince you that Eric means nothing to me?

Brady: Stop, stop, stop it.

Nicole: That that kiss meant nothing to me--tell me, and I will do it!

Brady: Stop it! I'm a jackass. I'm a jackass.

Nicole: No, you're not.

Brady: No, I'm sorry. Baby, I doubted you and that was wrong and I'm sorry.

Nicole: Really? Really? Because I'm so sorry. I am so sorry...

Brady: I understand. I understand now.

Nicole: Too. Eric means nothing to me. You are my love. You are my heart. God, I hope you believe that!

Brady: I do believe it. I believe it.

Nicole: Oh, thank you, thank you.

[Soft music]

Eric: Abigail?

Abigail: Oh, hi.

Eric: Everything okay?

Abigail: Why?

Eric: Well, you looked a little uncomfortable there.

Abigail: I could probably use someone to talk to, and it cannot be my mom.

Eric: Will I do?

Abigail: As long as you promise not to tell anybody anything I'm gonna say.

Eric: That goes without saying.

Abigail: You know, I married Dario Hernandez, and I found out this morning that he was doing some things that are pretty illegal.

Eric: Illegal how?

Abigail: I don't really know a lot of the details. He talked about counterfeiting money, uh... he's really not a bad person. He just makes...bad choices.

Eric: Yeah, really bad choices.

Abigail: Yeah.

Eric: Is that all you heard?

Abigail: No, no, he was talking about doing something to titan industries.

Eric: He can't do that to Brady. I know victor's up in age, but he can destroy Dario.

Abigail: Look, he's a good man, really, and I know that I have to do something to help him so that he doesn't wind up like his father. He's gonna be in jail or worse. He might wind up dead.

Steve: What?

Kayla: Well, a few months ago, I did-- I did have to write her up.

Steve: Why?

Kayla: The way she was talking to the patients. She was putting doubt in their minds about the quality of care.

Steve: Anything come of it?

Kayla: Well, she didn't lose her job. She got a talking to, and it went on her record.

Steve: And you're the one who turned her in.

Kayla: I-- I can't believe she'd be that vindictive.

Steve: You said you don't have any enemies. Who else could it be?

[Lightly edgy music]

Tripp: I should have been here. I could have taken care of you. All I can do now is make sure that Kayla pays for what she's done. And I swear, I'm gonna do it.

[Gentle music]

Nicole: So this is over?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, it's over.

Nicole: I love you so much, and I am so grateful you forgive me.

Brady: I forgive you. I understand now. You made me understand.

Nicole: I know you have a lot of work to do, and... Maggie took Tate to the playground, and no one's here... and I miss you. I miss you so much.

Brady: I miss you too.

[Suspenseful music]

[Doorknob clatters]

Abigail: Hi, what are you doing home?

Dario: This is for you... for bringing me lunch today.

Abigail: Oh, gosh, that's sweet. Are you going back to the club?

Dario: Not until tonight.

Abigail: Is it still kind of slow over there?

Dario: Yeah, but business will pick up, you know? People are on vacation.

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, you're probably right.

Dario: You know, I was thinking, since Thomas is with Chad, we can go down to the lake.

Abigail: I was just about to leave. You know, I'm gonna go see a movie with a friend from work, so...

Dario: You know, you can quit that job if you want. I can--I can take care of you.

Abigail: That wasn't really part of the arrangement, I don't think.

Dario: Yeah, but I don't care--I wanna do it.

Abigail: I really like my job. But rain check on the lake, okay?

Dario: Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Abigail: Okay. I'll see you.

Dario: I'll see you later.

[Line ringing]

Abigail: Hey, André, it's me. Yeah, you know, you remember how you said I could call you if I ever needed help that no one else could give me? I need it now. Bye.

[Phone beeps]

[Intense musical buildup]

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