Days Transcript Tuesday 7/4/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/4/17


Episode #13121 ~ Chad and Gabi become surprise witnesses to Abigail and Dario's last-minute wedding; thanks to Eric, Nicole gets caught in a lie; Joey makes a confession to Tripp about Ava; Tripp continues to make trouble for Kayla.

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Kayla: You are such a natural with the patients. I'm impressed with how quickly you pick things up.

Tripp: I'm lucky to be shadowing such a good doctor.

Kayla: No, I'm the lucky one. If you hadn't caught my error on the dosage of hope's medication, well, it could've been a real problem.

Tripp: It could've happened to anybody.

Kayla: But those kind of mistakes can't happen. People's lives are at stake. The idea that I could've hurt hope... I mean, it's hard enough-- if we lose a patient, and you've done everything right.

Tripp: Like Mr. Morales this morning?

Kayla: Well, of course you are always gonna wonder if there's something more you could've done to save his life. I--I have to check with a colleague, so I'll be back. Keep an eye on this for me, Shelly?

Shelly: Of course.

[Alarm beeping]

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: Hate think of what would happen if dr. Johnson accidentally put in 25 instead. Let's just move that decimal point one place over...

[Phone ringing]

[Beep] Hey, jade, yeah, yeah, yeah, I did it again. I made Kayla look like she messed up on the dosage. Except it almost went really badly. I--I could've killed somebody.

Steve: All right, let's fire up that grill, Joseph.

Eric: Hey, guys, happy fourth.

Roman: Hey, happy fourth, buddy.

Joseph: Sorry, hey.

Roman: Hey, great to have you here.

Eric: Hey, thanks for having me.

Roman: How you holding up? I mean, Deimos did drug you.

Eric: Dad, if you're worried about a relapse, don't be. You know, I'm trying to put everything that happened last night behind me.

Roman: That bad?

Eric: Dad, while I was under the influence, I made a mistake. Nicole.

Nicole: I can't believe he conked out during the parade.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: I mean, that marching band walked by, and he didn't even budge.

Brady: He keeps snoozing like this, he's gonna miss the fireworks.

Nicole: Wish I could sleep like that. I don't think I slept at all last night, thinking about holly living with strangers.

Brady: Hold on, I heard Maggie--she visited yesterday, right?

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: I heard the people were friendly. I heard the family was kind.

Nicole: Right. She said that holly was fine, but I don't believe her. I think she was confused and sad, like I am.

Brady: Nic, I think-- I think it's a great thing that Maggie at least gets to see her. And I know you're upset about what happened at that party the other night.

Nicole: I don't want to talk about it, Brady.

Brady: Nic, we gotta talk about it. We gotta talk about what happened that that house when Deimos drugged you.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I, Abigail Deveraux, take you, Dario Herman--

[Dramatic music]

Chad: What, uh-- what is this, a wedding? You guys are getting married? Seriously?

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, you don't have to remind me that she killed my mom. It's pretty much all I think about anyway.

Okay, uh, one last time, but I have to be more careful. Okay, I have to go.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Everything okay?

Tripp: Yeah, I'm just thinking about Mr. Morales again.

Kayla: Yeah, sometimes it's hard to let it go. It'd be a lot easier if we didn't care, but your empathy, and the good person you are, that's what would make you a good doctor. Hey, what do you say we go to the pub--there's a big fourth of July barbeque starting up there, and I know Steve would love to have you there.

Tripp: Barbeque sounds great.

Kayla: Good. You know what we do when it gets dark? We go over to the square, and we watch the fireworks. You like fireworks?

Tripp: The bigger the better.

Kayla: [Chuckles]

[Dramatic music]

Roman: All right, so--so something happened between you and Nicole last night. Did you two get in another fight?

Eric: No, I wish. It would be a lot easier.

Roman: You don't mean...

Eric: It's just the drugs. I just don't know what was real and what wasn't.

Roman: Okay, tell me you didn't sleep with her.

Eric: No, I--I mean, we just woke up next to each other and--

Roman: Okay, I don't need details. Did you two talk it over after the drugs wore off?

Eric: She just insisted that we never talk about it again-- just to put it behind us.

Roman: And never mention it to Brady, right?

Eric: Exactly.

Roman: You okay with that?

Eric: Of course, why wouldn't I be? What happened last night was nothing.

[Baby fussing]

Nicole: Brady, I... I told you, I don't remember the--the second half of that night. We were all downstairs, and there was a toast. I had a couple sips of champagne, and then everything after that was a blur.

Brady: That must've been scary.

Nicole: And confusing.

Brady: What the hell was Deimos doing there in the first place?

Nicole: I don't know, Sonny said he was there to steal some amulet, but, if you ask me, Deimos was there to do what he always does--create chaos, hurt people. That son of a bitch wrecked lives up until his very last breath.

Brady: Well, he failed. He failed--it's a good thing he did too. I mean, that many people under the influence of a drug like that--I mean, anything could've happened.

Chad: The ink isn't even dry on our divorce papers, and you're already getting married?

Dario: We're in the middle of something--I'd like for you to leave.

Chad: Abby, what are you doing? I mean, your brother's at the police station facing murder charges and you're having a wedding? I know your mother wouldn't be okay with this. And you, really, Abe? You're okay with this?

Dario: Abigail's made her decision.

Chad: I haven't heard her say anything.

Abigail: Chad, I--

Gabi: What's going on here?

Kayla: Oh, look who we got here!

Steve: Oh-ho-ho, now it's a party.

Kayla: Yeah.

Tripp: Oh, nice apron.

Steve: Uh, well, this apron has a very important message. Hint, hint.

Kayla: In that case, I don't mind if I do.

Steve: Ah, thank you. I hope you're hungry, Tripp. I've budgeted two burgers and three dogs per person.

Kayla: Are you sure that's enough? What if a impromptu hot dog eating contest breaks out?

Steve: Oh, baby, come on, now--what is independence day about? It's about freedom-- freedom from tyranny, freedom to create a country by the people, for the people. Freedom to eat hot dogs and potato salad until you're stuffed to the gills.

Tripp: Hey, well, I'll do my part, sir, for America.

Steve: Well, that a boy. Hey, has Kayla told you anything about her famous all-American apple pie? You be nice to her, she might show you how the magic happens.

Kayla: Uh, I tried with Stephanie--it was a complete disaster. Joey just likes to eat it, doesn't he?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: But you, you know, you have shown yourself to be an excellent student, so...

Steve: Shadow her. Shadow the Jedi pie master.

Tripp: All right, I'll give it a try.

Kayla: Okay, I'll get the ingredients ready then.

Steve: All right.

Kayla: Okay.

Brady: What was it like for you to see Deimos lying there with a knife in his chest? I mean, you, come on, you loved him at one point.

Nicole: No.

Brady: You did, it's--

Nicole: No, it wasn't love. It wasn't. Deimos made me feel like it was him and me against the world. And after losing Daniel, that seemed appealing, knowing that I had someone in my corner that would do anything for me. So I was attracted to him, but it was not love. I could never love someone who could hurt so many people the way he did.

Brady: Well, he can't hurt you anymore. Can't hurt anybody anymore. Whatever he was trying to do that night by drugging you didn't work.

Brady: But you know what is working? This, you and me. And we're still here, and I swear to god, I swear to you, nobody, nothing, is gonna get in between us ever again.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Is this what I think it is?

Chad: Yep, apparently you and I have crashed a wedding.

Dario: This is why we chose to have a private ceremony.

Gabi: I mean, what about me? I mean, I would not have thrown any shade. Why was I not invited?

Chad: That's an excellent question--why didn't you invite any guests? Maybe because you knew nobody would show up?

Dario: It was a quick decision. We didn't want to wait any longer.

Chad: What about JJ?

Abigail: I think that JJ's situation is all the more reason for us to get married. I'm so tired of bad news-- I'm tired of disaster. I want--I felt like I wanted to do something that was good. I wanted to feel connected. I wanted to feel safe.

Gabi: I wouldn't have stopped you, Abigail.

Chad: You're actually okay with this?

Gabi: I mean, why not? They're in love, right? And they want to get married. Then why--who am I to stop them?

Chad: 'Cause you're his sister and Abigail's best friend. I mean, you don't see the little strings attached to her back as if she's being manipulated like a little puppet?

Abigail: You are way out of line, okay? I understand that this is a really volatile situation for you, so, because of that, I am going to cut you some slack. But I make my own decisions, okay? I'm not a puppet.

Gabi: And Chad's not talking for me either. I don't understand why you guys did this the way that you did, but if this is what you want, then I'm happy for you-- for the both of you.

Dario: Thank you, that means a lot.

Gabi: Hey, I think we should, um, head out and give these guys a moment.

Chad: No, I'm not leaving.

[Dramatic music]

Liz assumed she could trust

her all dressings were made equal.

Joey: Ooh, they got the new guy on pie duty, huh?

Tripp: Yeah, you want to help?

Joey: Oh, sorry, man, I've already been recruited to be the grill keeper's sidekick.

Tripp: All hands on deck, I guess.

Joey: Yeah, get used to it, man. It's what it's like being part of the Brady-Johnson clan, growing up with lots of traditions, favorite recipes, and holidays.

Tripp: I guess Ava was not a big fan of holidays.

Joey: No, Ava was only a fan of herself.

Tripp: Ouch.

Joey: I'm sorry, man. It's just--when you mention Ava, especially on a day like today, it just brings back a lot of bad memories.

Tripp: You have specific memories of her?

Joey: Do you really want to know?

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Joey: Fine.

Um, well, when Ava first showed up in Salem, she came to me first. She acted like she was long-time friends with my parents, like she was trying to reconnect with them.

Tripp: Why would she need your help?

Joey: She claimed that she had wronged my parents in some way and that she wanted to make up for it. I liked her. And my mom and dad were apart, and she made it seem like she was helping me put my family back together.

Tripp: She wasn't.

Joey: It was part of some bigger plan. She was using me to try and tear my family apart. My parents are lucky they're alive. You know how it ends.

Tripp: Yeah, Steve killed her.

Joey: It was kill or be killed. That's how he felt.

Tripp: You know, why is it that every time it comes to my mom, I feel like everyone's holding out on me? Are you, Joey? Is there more you're not saying to me?

Brady: Did you see that hot dog cart? I'm going to get some hot dogs, okay? So we can probably stay out here until Tate wakes up-- where are you? Where are you? Are you okay?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm sorry. I--my head is still cloudy from the drugs.

Brady: Honey, why don't we get you checked out? Why don't--

Nicole: No, no, I'm fine. Physically, anyway. I think I just need some sleep.

Brady: Yeah, I think you do. I think that's the only way that you're actually gonna remember what happened that night that Deimos put those drugs in your drink.

Nicole: Oh, my god. Oh, ah, oh, my god! Brady, I think those memories are buried forever.

Chad: No, I'm staying, I'm-- 'cause this is-- I think this is a load of horse crap, so I am going to sit here and watch it with my own two eyes.

Dario: Yeah, well, you don't seem to understand that you're not invited.

Abe: Yeah, hey, look, I have to agree with Dario. I know this is difficult, Chad, but this is their wedding you're interrupting.

Chad: Well, they need witnesses.

Gabi: Why are you doing this?

Chad: 'Cause I don't understand what's going on, and I want to watch it.

Abigail: There's nothing to understand, Chad. Dario and I--we want to get married.

Dario: Yeah, without you making trouble.

Abigail: Yeah, you know what? If Chad feels like he needs to see our marriage in order to believe that it's real, then we're gonna go ahead and let him do that. Great, perfect.

Dario: You're right. Chad, Gabi, please stay. Your honor, we're ready.

Abe: Look, are you sure? I mean, we can do this another time.

Dario: No, no, no, we're not waiting.

Abe: Abigail?

Abigail: Oh, today is the day.

Gabi: Are you sure you want to sit through this?

Chad: Let's get on with the show.

Abigail: Oh, and, Gabi, since you're here, maybe you could take a few photos for us so that we have the memories. That would be really nice.

Gabi: Sure, yeah.

Abigail: Thank you.

Dario: Great idea, great idea.

Abigail: Let's do it.

Abe: Okay, we have our photographer and our witnesses. Are the bride and groom ready?

Dario: We're ready.

Abigail: Ready.

Abe: All right, hit it. Abigail, would you please repeat after me...

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Abe: I, Abigail Deveraux, take thee, Dario Hernandez, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Smooth, easy strokes.

Joey: When it comes to Ava, there's nothing left to say. I think you should let it go and move on, man.

Tripp: Yeah, I guess I'll just get back to pie land.

Joey: Hey, Tripp, welcome to the family.

Brady: Here's the ketchup, you wanted.

Nicole: Thank you.

Brady: I don't know why you put ketchup on a dog, but whatever.

Nicole: What are you talking about? Everybody loves ketchup--

Brady: No, ketchup is great. You put it on fries.

Nicole: No, you know what? I'm gonna put it on you in a minute if you don't hush it up.

Brady: Don't even--hey--

Nicole: Hush it up.

Brady: Stop it--hey, man.

Eric: Hey, I didn't know you all were here.

Nicole: Oh, um, I'm gonna go get Tate a snack at the café. I'll be back.

Brady: Okay.

Nicole: Just a second.

Eric: Hey, I can't stay--

Brady: No, no, Eric, come here. I need to talk to you. Just for a second.

Eric: Brady, I have--

Brady: Eric, it's important. Come on, come here, have a seat, just a second.

Eric: All right, what is it?

Brady: Listen, hey, I--I need to talk to you about what happened at the party last night.

Eric: Did Nicole tell you?

Brady: Yeah, she did.

Eric: That's a relief. I don't like secrets, and, you know, what happened in the room really wasn't a big deal.

Brady: What do you--hold on, hold on, hold on, you remember what happened?

Eric: No, I just thought--

Brady: What--what is this? What--I'm sorry, what's this room you're talking about? Did something happen that I'm supposed to be aware of, or what?

Abigail: I, Abigail Deveraux, I take you, Dario Hernandez, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Abe: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Abigail: To have and...

Abe: Abigail?

Abigail: Sorry, I don't wanna do this. Sorry, I just--the formal vows, I'm sorry, Abe.

Abe: No, no, that's okay. That's all right. Dario, do you have the rings?

Dario: Yeah, yeah, no, I have them--I have them right here.

Abe: All right, please place it on Abigail's finger, and repeat after me. Abigail, with this ring, I give you my promise.

Dario: Abigail, with this ring, I give you my promise.

Abe: To honor you and give you my love, in all ways, forever.

Dario: To honor you, to give you my love, in all ways, and forever.

Abe: Abigail, would you place the ring on Dario's finger?

Abigail: Yep.

Abe: And please repeat after me.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Abe: With this ring, I give you my promise.

Abigail: With this ring, I give you my--my promise.

Abe: To honor you and share my love with you, in all ways, forever.

Abigail: To honor you and share my love with you, in all ways, forever.

Chad: Stop, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, I can't-- I can't let you do this because I'm in love with you. Please.

Gabi: Chad, you all right?

Chad: Uh-huh.

Abe: Having entered into the covenant of marriage, by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Dario, you may kiss your bride.

Abigail: Oh.

[Camera shutter clicks]

She's nationally recognized

Steve: Well, thanks for the assist, buddy.

Roman: Oh.

Steve: I think my wingman went AWOL on me.

Roman: Not a problem. Glad to pitch in.

Steve: Hey, you know, speaking of pitching in, I know you're kind of busy running the pub here now that mama Brady's in la, but I was wondering if maybe you might be looking for a little something more in your life.

Roman: Not really. You know, I thought I'd miss the force, but actually I'm enjoying my life.

Steve: Oh, come on, you can't tell me you don't miss the action, getting the old heart pumping, making a difference in the world.

Roman: Okay, all right. What are you getting at?

Steve: Well, we could use someone with your experience at black patch. You could come on as a consultant at first, see how it feels, see if you still have the fire in the belly. What do you say?

Roman: Well, I don't know about fire, but I got no food in my belly, and I don't make a decision on an empty stomach, so why don't we eat. We'll talk it over.

Steve: All right. Well, look who's here, just in time to eat the food.

Kayla: Oh.

Joey: Yeah, that looks great, dad.

Steve: Yeah, damn right it's great. So come on, everybody. Do your patriotic duty.

Kayla: Okay, I can do it. I can do it.

Steve: Chow down.

Joey: Okay, what do we got here?

Kayla: Oh, pass the plates, pass the plates. You can start.

Eric: You said she told you, and I thought that maybe...

Brady: Oh, you thought-- you thought Nicole told me what?

Eric: Nothing. What I thought-- it meant nothing.

Brady: What meant nothing? I don't even know what you're-- you're talking about.

Nicole: Hey. What, um, what's wrong?

Brady: Nothing's wrong. I--he, uh, he's telling me some things about the night at the party. Last night.

Nicole: You were?

Brady: Yeah, apparently he's having some memories from last night that are coming back to him.

Nicole: Oh, really?

Eric: They were foggy at best. Uh, you know, whatever happened, I mean, the drugs, it's because they kind of, like, messed with our mind, and--

Nicole: Yeah, I was completely hallucinating.

Brady: Do you remember what happened?

Nicole: Sort of.

Brady: Nic, you told me you didn't--you didn't remember a thing.

Nicole: I--well, I said things were blurry.

Brady: Okay, let's start from the beginning, um... tell me everything that you remember.

Nicole: Well, um, I was confused, and I stumbled into Eric's room.

Brady: Okay, um, and then?

Nicole: And then the next thing I remember... we woke up together.

Dario: [Sighs] You know, I'm sorry about before. That was--that was just bad timing. I hope moving forward we can make this work.

Chad: Make what work?

Dario: Look, this is-- this is complicated, you know? But we all want the same thing.

Chad: Meaning what?

Dario: I want you to be happy with Gabi, and I want what's best for Thomas.

Chad: Thomas is--is my son.

Abigail: Just a second. Chad, please, don't do this.

Dario: I know he's your son.

Chad: Just 'cause you're Abigail's husband doesn't mean you're gonna have anything to do with my son.

Dario: Well, I'm married to his mother.

Chad: I don't want you around him.

Abigail: That's not really for you to decide.

Chad: Yes, it is. I'm his father. His well-being in my job. It's my job to protect him from bad influences.

Dario: You don't have to protect Thomas from me. I care about him a lot.

Abigail: Thomas really loves spending time with Dario, and Chad, I'm sorry, but I am his parent too.

Chad: When you're here.

Abigail: That is a pretty low blow.

Chad: He's been through a lot in his little life.

Abigail: Well, now he's gonna have four people to take care of him.

Chad: Well, I'm his father. And it's my job.

Abigail: Why are you here? Why did you even come here today, really?

Chad: I came here to tell you something, but never mind. Congratulations on your wedding. Good night.

Remember our special night?

[Melancholy music]

Gabi: Hey.

Abigail: Hey. Thank you for coming, Gabi.

Gabi: Do you realize that now we are sisters-in-law?

Abigail: I already thought of us as sisters.

Gabi: All right, good. Listen, I'm gonna--I'm gonna go talk to Chad. This is crazy.

Abigail: Yeah, well, I appreciate that, and I should probably go. I gotta--I gotta break the news to my mom. [Sighs] But it's good to see you.

Gabi: Yeah, congrats.

So what's new?

Dario: I'm married.

Gabi: I noticed, I did notice that.

Gabi: See when you mentioned that you wanted to get married with Abigail, I didn't think it was gonna be this soon.

Dario: Yeah, neither did I.

Gabi: I mean, silly me, I thought there was gonna be invitations, you were gonna plan something...

Dario: I--you know, you know me. I like to do things spur of the moment.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, I do know you.

Dario: Believe me, it's not like I didn't want you here.

Gabi: No, I know, I know, it's not... no, this is not about me. But Dario, come on, I mean, what is this rush? I mean, what is it that you're not telling me? Is she pregnant? Don't tell me that she's pregnant.

Dario: No, no, no, no, it's-- it's nothing like that. It's just... it was time.

Gabi: I know you love her.

Dario: I do. I do, and hopefully, one day soon, we can have a real wedding with invitations and guests and everything.

Gabi: Oh, it's a good idea. I mean, let me know, I'd like to attend. I'd love to go.

Dario: You'll be the first to know.

Gabi: Thanks. All right, listen, I'm gonna go calm down Chad or something.

Dario: Would you just talk to him and try to get through to him and make this nice?

Gabi: Yeah, I'm gonna do my best. You go be with your bride.

Dario: Say that again. I like that--say...

Gabi: Go be with your bride.

Dario: Mm, te quiero.

Gabi: Yo a ti.

Brady: You two woke up together.

Nicole: But we were fully clothed, Brady. Nothing happened.

Eric: Yeah, we were out of our minds.

Brady: No, it--

Eric: We just passed out.

Brady: It was--it was the drugs--I get it.

Nicole: You do?

Brady: Of course. You can't be held responsible for what happened. I of all people know and understand that. I've been there.

Eric: Well, I'm glad you understand.

Brady: I trust you. I trust you. It's all good, all right?

[Baby fussing]

Brady: Listen, we need to get this little guy home. So, hey, happy fourth.

Eric: Yeah, same to you.

Kayla: There you go.

Steve: All right, thank you.

Abe: Thank you.

Steve: Oh, man.

Kayla: Is it good?

Steve: I didn't know you could improve on perfection.

Kayla: Let me try it.

Steve: But this pie is better than ever.

Joey: Yeah, it's great.

Steve: I'm not kidding.

Joey: I can't believe you were mom's sous chef. Maybe you should be a baker instead of a doctor.

Tripp: I don't know about that.

Joey: It would be less schooling.

Steve: Well, it'd definitely be less blood, anyway.

Tripp: I'll consider it.

Kayla: Well, you know what? I think that you will do great in whatever you choose, but I did enjoy mentoring you in the kitchen and the hospital.

[Phone ringing]

Tripp: I gotta take this. Sorry.

Kayla: No, you eat it.

Steve: Come on, come on.

Tripp: Hey, jade, no I'm at the Brady pub with the Johnsons. Yeah, sorry you weren't invited. Listen, I'm--I'm having second thoughts about ruining Kayla's life. 'Cause it would ruin Steve and Joey's too, and-- this family, the way they've treated me, I--I don't want to lose this. I've never had this before. Yeah, she doesn't seem like a cold-blooded murder though. She seems like a really good person. I just--I just think maybe we should call all this off.

Steve: Did I ever tell you how working a grill is a metaphor for life?

Tripp: Oh, no, Joey warned me about this one.

Steve: Oh, I bet he did. Here, grab a towel.

Kayla: Okay, all right, I'm on my way. Oh, man.

Steve: Sweetness, what, are you leaving? What about the fireworks?

Kayla: There's something wrong at the hospital, and they want me to go back.

Steve: Well, you're not on call. What's going on?

Kayla: I don't know. Shelly said it was serious and that Seth is demanding my presence.

Brady: I have some calls I have to make.

Nicole: On the fourth of July?

Brady: Well, the guy's in the UK, so it's not exactly a holiday over there.

Nicole: Brady, wait, wait.

Brady: What is it?

Nicole: I need you to know how sorry I am about Eric.

Brady: You don't have to apologize.

Nicole: No, things have been so good between us--I just want to pretend it never happened because, for me, it didn't, and it makes me sick even talking about it after how Eric wrecked my life.

Brady: Nicole, you didn't do anything wrong.

Nicole: I understand you saying that, but I need you to know I would never hurt you.

Brady: I know that.

Nicole: Do you?

Brady: Yes, I know that.

Nicole: Do you, really?

Brady: Yes.

Nicole: This doesn't change things between us, right? Because I love you, and you and Tate are my family, my life, and I would never do anything to mess it up.

Brady: It's okay. It's okay. I understand. I understand.

Dario: You think we should get a shot of this?

Abigail: Oh, yeah, that's a really good idea. Then I can--I could post it for immigration so the wedding looks real.

Dario: Right, for immigration.

Abigail: Okay, whoo, hey--

Dario: Are you ready?

Abigail: Uh, yeah, what? Ahh! Okay, you better not drop me 'cause we're on camera here.

Dario: Never.

Abigail: Cool, okay.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Abigail: I got it. Okay, good, so that's the first dance. So now, now we need to do, like, cake or something, yeah?

Dario: Right, we do, but first, I'd like to make a toast.

Abigail: Yeah, ugh. Thanks.

Dario: I know today wasn't easy, especially with Chad barging in, but I-- I want to thank you for making an incredible sacrifice to keep me here in the U.S. This country's been my home. And for an immigrant family, like mine, it's provided so many opportunities, so many chances to make something of our lives. Now, I know we haven't always made the right decisions, but I promise to be a good husband to you and a great father to Thomas.

Abigail: I know you will.

Dario: To this great country and to my wife.

Abigail: And to my husband.

[Door slams]

Gabi: Chad. Listen, um, I know it must've been a shock to walk in on Abigail and Dario's wedding like that. Do you want to talk about it?

Chad: No, uh, I'm good. Glad I saw it. Solidified what I already knew.

Gabi: Okay, which is what?

Chad: That's my past. And this, this, this right here, this is my future. I'm just sorry that--that I was so upset.

Gabi: No, it's okay. It doesn't matter now. What matters is that we're here now.

Chad: You know what we should do?

Gabi: What?

Chad: We should grab the kids, we should go into the garden, the chef's got a big cookout planned, celebrate.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: I got sparklers.

Gabi: I love sparklers.

Chad: Everyone loves sparklers.

Gabi: That's true.

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