Days Transcript Friday 6/16/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/16/17


Episode #13109 ~ Gabi & Chad cling to one another; Dario presses Abigail to file for a quickie divorce; Nicole is upset over news regarding her community service; Eric & Jennifer's date doesn't go as planned.

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Nicole: It's good to be home, huh?

Brady: Yeah. Just...I'm with you, I'm happy to be anywhere.

Nicole: Hmm. How lucky are we that the judge spared us both jail time?

Brady: Pretty lucky.

[Gentle music]

Nicole: Now we get to see our little boy.

Brady: He's probably sleeping though, don't you think?

Nicole: No. I am sure he is waiting up to see his daddy. I'm gonna go get him.

Brady: Okay. Nic?

Nicole: Hmm?

Brady: I'm sorry. Sorry that holly isn't here. Hey, I-I-I miss her. I miss her too. If there was anything I could do to put her right in your arms, I would do it. I'm sorry.

[Baby cries]

Chloe: Shh, it's okay, sweetheart. You're home now.

Nancy: Chloe, sweetheart, she's been crying for a long time now.

Chloe: Thank you for pointing that out, mother.

Nancy: You know what? Why don't you let me hold her?

Chloe: No.

Nancy: Honey, maybe I can comfort her.

Chloe: Oh, and I can't?

Nancy: I didn't say that, but just let me try.

Chloe: If you don't get away from her right now, I swear...

[Baby cries]

Nancy: I just want to help you.

Chloe: Well, you're not helping, you're upsetting me, which is upsetting holly even more.

[Baby cries]

[Chloe shushes]

Chloe: Well, what is that look on your face? What are you thinking?

Nancy: Just that...

Chloe: Just that what?

Nancy: Maybe she misses Nicole.

Chloe: Oh, there it is! I knew that was coming.

Nancy: Honey, why else would she be crying so hard and for so long?

Chloe: 'Cause she's a baby. Babies cry.

Nancy: Not like that. The child is inconsolable.

Chloe: It's okay, it's okay. Ohh.

Nancy: And it doesn't stop. Honey, it's not like she has a wet diaper or she's hungry. You have fed her, changed her, and rocked her--

Chloe: Mom, babies get fussy!

Nancy: Not like that.

Chloe: She's gonna be fine. Isn't that right, angel? Yeah, you are. You are. She's bonded with me before, and she will again, okay?

Hope: Jenn, hey. I-I-I was just calling you. Oh, my god, honey.

Jennifer: Sorry, I didn't even see you.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I have been praying for JJ, and I know Rafe is so worried too.

Jennifer: Thank you. Praying a lot too.

Hope: I hope we're gonna hear something soon. How's Abigail?

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

Hope: I know she's planning on marrying Dario.

Jennifer: Yeah, and she's not even divorced yet. Hope, she really believes that she is acting so strong and so decisive, but she's not. She's acting recklessly, and I-I am afraid she's gonna live to regret it.

Abigail: I'm sure I am bringing way too many things.

Dario: Abigail...

Abigail: I mean, it's the Dominican republic. It's 90 degrees in the shade. How many clothes do you need?

Dario: You're not going alone.

Abigail: Sure I am. I mean, as long as I don't get lost on my way to divorce court, I will be fine. No, no, this--this is wrong.

Abigail: [Sighs] What is?

Dario: You going by yourself to do something very difficult.

Abigail: Well, compared to other very difficult things that I have done in my life, this is not that big a deal.

Dario: Yeah, no, I know, but this isn't exactly a fun trip.

Abigail: I can handle it.

Dario: I know you can, but I'm not gonna let you.

Abigail: Dario...

Dario: I'm coming with you.

Abigail: That is very sweet, but I--

Dario: But nothing. Listen. I can see how worried you are about your brother, and Chad, and everyone else who's on that plane.

Abigail: We're all worried.

Dario: Yeah, but you don't have to act so damn brave about it. Not just brave, but selfless, doing this for me. So, please, Abigail, let me... let me do this for you.

[Tense music]

Gabi: There's enough room in this for two.

Chad: Oh. Is sonny watching Paul? He's gonna snap out of it.

Gabi: Have you, uh, set off that flare yet?

Chad: [Clears throat] I have not. I have been waiting for the right moment. Hopefully this one actually gets seen.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, that's what we all think every single time.

[Flare gun clicks]

Chad: Hmm. Have faith.

Gabi: Chad, I mean, this is the last one. What if--what if no one sees it? What if... this could be our last chance?

Hope: I'll call you, I promise, the second I hear anything.

Jennifer: Please, please.

Hope: I will.

Eric: Jenn, hey.

Jennifer: Oh! Hi! I'm so sorry. I've been meaning to call you, and I just--

Eric: No, no, no, I should have called you. I mean, you've been dealing with so much. And JJ, I mean, is there any word?

Jennifer: No, not yet.

Eric: You know what? You shouldn't be dealing with this alone. Why don't I take you to dinner or something?

Jennifer: That's really sweet, but there's-- there's nothing open right now. I mean, every diner's closed--

Eric: No, no, no. TBD is still open.

Jennifer: Yeah. That would be nice. I just--I have to go see Abigail. I promised her I would stop by on my way.

Eric: Yeah, well, how about I wait for you at TBD?

Jennifer: Yeah. Okay.

[Gentle music]

[Upbeat music]

Do you wanna go downtown do you wanna go downtown Give it to me give it to me, give it to me Do you wanna go downtown do you wanna go downtown with the law

Hope: Looks intense.

Myron: It's nothing.

Hope: It's nothing? If it's nothing, why are you closing those windows--ooh-- so quickly?

Myron: I don't want to lose any of my work.

Hope: I'd think an it wizard like yourself will get it back.

Myron: Well, you can never be too safe.

Hope: Hmm. So... who hired you for GDR? You're already working for Eduardo?

[Keys clacking]

Hope: Did Dario bring you in?

Myron: That's none of your business. I've got to go.

[Suspenseful music]

Gabi: Okay, it's time to come clean. See, I know that when you were telling me that we're gonna be okay and we're gonna get over these life-and-death situations that you were just preventing me from panicking and you were trying to make me feel better.

Chad: Well, it worked, didn't it?

Gabi: Yes, because you're amazing.

Chad: True.

Gabi: But listen. I know you. I know that you were scared.

Chad: Well, I-I-I-I'd do anything to make you feel better, even appear to be scared.

Gabi: Well, it's hard to not be upset under the circumstances.

Chad: Well, if you see the silver lining.

Gabi: And you think we have one here?

Chad: I sure do. If the flare works and we get rescued, or we don't, we're, uh, we're together... and we'll survive for as long as we have to. I know that much.

Abigail: [Sighs] Okay, no, but this doesn't even make any sense.

Dario: Of course it does. Listen, we could even take Thomas. We'll make it like a family adventure. Hey, we'll go swimming, chill on the beach.

Abigail: You're not thinking straight, Dario.

Dario: Oh, I am. I am thinking straight. I wasn't thinking straight when I was gonna let you go by yourself.

Abigail: So how does that even work? Are you even allowed to leave the country?

Dario: Well, I probably need a fake identity to get back in.

Abigail: Okay, that right there. That does not make any sense. So I don't understand why you're willing to take all of these risks right now. I personally don't think you should be breaking any laws.

Dario: Well, I wouldn't have to if...

Abigail: If what?

Dario: If, after you got your quickie divorce... we got a quickie marriage, came back to Salem husband and wife.

This blue goo leaves a residue to make clothes appear brighter.

Chloe: Yeah, I knew I could get you to stop crying, even though someone thinks that I couldn't and that I'm a bad mother.

Nancy: Chloe, I never said you were a bad mother.

Chloe: Well, you insinuated that I couldn't comfort my own child and that you could.

Nancy: Honey, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It's... I think you're a wonderful mother. You've done a remarkable job with parker and holly.

Chloe: Thank you.

Nancy: It's just... I think that over the past few weeks, holly got attached to Nicole and vice versa.

Chloe: So she'll get unattached.

Nancy: Maybe. But Nicole won't.

Chloe: She'll have to.

Nancy: Chloe, that's not gonna happen. She is Nicole's flesh and blood.

Chloe: Don't say that.

Nancy: But it's true, sweetheart. Genetically, holly is Daniel and Nicole's child. And for that reason alone, Nicole is never gonna give up on trying to get her child back.

Chloe: Well, she'll have no choice.

Nancy: It's her only child.

Chloe: Will you stop saying that? "Her baby," "her child," "genetically hers." That is my child. I gave birth to her. She is legally mine.

Nancy: I know that. It's obviously complicated, but...

[Baby cries]

Nancy: I just don't want to see her get hurt.

Chloe: She won't. I won't let that happen.

Nancy: I hope you're right. But what if--

Chloe: Mom, stop it. No "what ifs." And I think Nicole's even coming around to this. Maybe we could all finally have some peace of mind or maybe even be happy. Isn't that right, my angel?

[Baby coos]

Nicole: How sweet was that big ol' smile when he first saw you?

Brady: He was smiling at you too. He was happy to see you.

Nicole: Yeah, well, Tate knows how much I love him.

Brady: Yes, he does. Now, first order of business, we gotta find a place to live. Our own place.

Nicole: Brady, you just got out of the hospital.

Brady: I'm not saying we have to do it today. I'm just-- I don't want you across town in Daniel's place. It's not right. I don't want you there.

Nicole: I'll be fine.

Brady: I don't want you to be fine. I want you to be awesome and terrific and... I want you to consider moving in here. Just--just for a little while.

Nicole: [Sighs] I don't know.

Brady: Come on.

Nicole: Brady, I--

Brady: Look, it'll be temporary, just until we find our perfect place.

Nicole: Well, Henderson won't be pleased.

Brady: He likes you. It'll be fine.

Nicole: Yeah, okay. Victor will go through the roof.

Brady: Yeah, I'll play the I-almost-died card. Get whatever I want. I know you wanna say yes. Say yes, say yes, say yes. Say yes.

Nicole: Brady... I never want to be apart from you again.

Brady: That's a good answer.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Thank you.

Dario: Okay, listen. Going off together--

Abigail: [Shushes]

[Baby coos]

Dario: Going off together is going to convince everyone that you and I are truly in love. And coming back married is gonna take the pressure off of me with immigration. Now, listen. I know this is a lot to put on your plate, and I'd have to talk to my lawyer and look at the documentation and all that. [Sighs] What?

Abigail: [Sighs] I just... I get that you are really desperate to get this whole thing resolved. But given the circumstances-- I mean, JJ, Chad, Gabi, and everyone else that's on that plane, we don't even know if they're still alive. So it just--it doesn't seem right to me for us to just run off and get married.

Dario: I told you before, I truly believe that everyone is fine. It's just a matter of time before they find them.

Abigail: That's great, and I'm trying really hard to be optimistic too, but until they are actually found...

Dario: And if--no-- when they are found, are you gonna be okay getting married then? Or when Chad does come back, are you hoping he comes back to you?

Gabi: Okay, so when you say maybe we can survive this together, what-- what do you mean? What does that mean?

Chad: What do I mean? I mean that after everything that we've been through, I know that you and I can survive anything together.

Gabi: I think so too.

Chad: Good. Now watch me shoot this flare up in the sky and save all of our lives.

Gabi: [Giggles]

Chad: Come on.

Gabi: Careful.

Chad: Ready?

[Suspenseful music]

[Flare gun fires]

[Flare sizzles and pops]

Abigail: Okay, look. I have told you over and over and over and over how I feel about Chad and me and everything that's going on.

Dario: You're right. And...I withdraw the question. It was petty and sounded jealous. It was--it was out of line, okay? And you know what? You're right about the timing too. I mean, as much as we're-- we're trying to be optimistic here about my sister and everyone else--

Abigail: But I don't want you to feel bad because I-I-I know that the clock is ticking, you know? And I know that.

Dario: I am just so grateful that you're willing to do this for me. But that's it. No more talking about making this happen. Now you finish packing, okay? I'll be back in like half an hour to take you to the airport.

Abigail: Okay.

Dario: And listen, Abigail. I really want you to feel okay about this. So if it takes a little longer, so be it.

Abigail: Thank you for understanding.

[Knock at door] Hi.

Jennifer: Hey. Got your message.

Abigail: Yeah, I-I had a favor I wanted to ask you.

Jennifer: Dario.

Dario: Hey.

Abigail: Is there any news about JJ and the others?

Jennifer: Unfortunately, no.

Dario: I'll be back.

Jennifer: So, a favor?

Abigail: Yeah, uh, I wanted to see if you could watch Thomas for a few days.

Jennifer: Yeah, of course. I love spending time with my grandson. Why? You going someplace?

Abigail: I am. I am going to the Dominican republic... for a divorce.

Nancy: Sweetheart, there's nothing I want more than your happiness, but I just-- I don't think you're gonna find it here in Salem.

Chloe: What does that even mean? You don't think I should live here?

Nancy: No, I--look. I don't have a solution. All I know is that I have to get back to new York, and when I go, you're not gonna have a support system, and I wonder who's gonna take care of parker and holly when you're at work.

Chloe: Well, I will figure that out before you leave.

Nancy: Okay. I just want you to make sure that you find someone neutral.

Chloe: Neutral?

Nancy: Chloe, this is a small town. There are a lot of people that think that you should give holly back to Nicole. Not that I agree. Kidnapping holly shows that Nicole is not exactly stable, but you're going to be running into a lot of her friends, and could get awkward.

Chloe: Well, I will deal with that when the time comes. Right now, I've just gotta get to the club, okay?

Nancy: What happens, Chloe, when you run into Nicole? When she finds out about this singing gig, she is gonna jump on the chance to babysit.

Chloe: Mom, can we not worry about something that hasn't even happened yet? As long as I have my two beautiful children, then it'll all work out.

Nancy: If you say so.

Chloe: I do. I love you. Thank you. Good night.

[Door closes]

Brady: [Sighs] You've made me happy. I'm happy.

Nicole: You happy?

Brady: Don't worry. We won't be here for long. Promise. It's okay. As long as we have some privacy some of the time.

Brady: Oh, trust me. I'm gonna make sure of it. We don't even have to eat with victor and the rest of the clan. We can--we can hide out in the bedroom. You can lock the door. I'll take you out every night, if you want.

Nicole: Okay, that sounds perfect. And I guess it's good for Tate to be here, you know? He's used to it and gets a lot of attention.

Brady: That is important. But even more important, I think, we just need our own place. And I'm gonna start looking tomorrow, if it's okay with you. And one more thing. I don't ever want to be apart from you either. Ever.

Nicole: Thank god I have you in my life. My best friend, my love. And even when things seem dark, you always find a way to make me feel better.

[Both laugh]

[Knock at door]

[Tense music]

I was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...

[Suspenseful music]

Eric: I went by the hospital to check in on you. They said they sent you home. Henderson didn't say anything about company.

Nicole: Told you Henderson doesn't like me.

Brady: He likes you.

Eric: I'll come back.

Brady: Eric, stop. It's fine, it's fine. Listen. It's fine and I'm fine, according to dr. Grant.

Eric: Right. How's your legal problem?

Brady: Um, legal? Good. You were right. The judge went easy on me. I got a fine and some community service.

Eric: I'd say we all got lucky.

Brady: Yeah, we sure did.

Eric: Well, I just wanna let you know that I'm here for you if you need anything.

Nicole: If Brady needs anything, he can come to me.

Hope: Oh, hi.

Dario: Hope.

Hope: Dario, do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you.

Dario: Talk or harass? I heard that's what you did with Myron.

Hope: All right. I have to ask. Are you and Myron involved in something illegal?

Dario: Are you serious?

Hope: I'm dead serious. I owe it to your brother to find out.

Dario: Oh, don't pretend that this is about Rafe, okay? I know you're Abigail's cousin, and I also know you're on team Chad, so you probably figure if you can nail me on something, she'll go running back to him.

Hope: Well, you know what? Maybe she'll do that on her own.

Dario: No, no, no. Chad and Abigail are over. She's divorcing him whether you like it or not.

Jennifer: You cannot be serious.

Abigail: Mom, please, please.

Jennifer: I mean, have you forgotten that Chad is still missing?

Abigail: Have I forgotten? [Scoffs] Are you seriously asking me that?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: I can't even sleep at night I am so terrified thinking about Chad and JJ and Gabi and everyone else that was on that plane, mom. The idea that I might never see them again is a complete nightmare. You know the last thing I said to Chad? The last thing? We got in a--we got in a fight. We got into an argument, and we walked away from each other like we were complete strangers. So the idea that I might never get to see him again, that I might never get to tell him I'm sorry, that "I love you. I didn't mean to hurt you," that "I never stopped loving you"--

Jennifer: Abigail, that is why I'm asking you to think about this decision.

Abigail: I can't, mom! If I don't go and act now, then Dario's gonna be in a mess.

Jennifer: Dario? No, he won't. He will find a way. This is not just about his life. This decision will affect your life too, so I'm just asking you, can you at least just wait? Wait till Chad comes home.

Abigail: Okay, but what if Chad doesn't come home, mom? And so then, on top of that-- on top of all of that, Dario gets deported because I didn't--

Jennifer: I don't think that's gonna happen.

Abigail: You don't know! Mom, you do not know!

Jennifer: What I know is that you love Chad.

Abigail: Just stop!

Jennifer: You love him and he loves you.

Abigail: Stop it, please! Stop! I am so sick and tired! You talk about Chad's needs! Dario talks about what he wants! What about me? Does anybody care about me? I am one person! Can you please just at least be on my side? Because I'm getting pulled back and forth and back and forth. I swear I'm gonna snap.

Jennifer: Abigail...

Abigail: Stop.

Jennifer: Don't you say that. Do not say that.

Abigail: I won't. I won't. I won't. I'm sorry. Whatever happens, I'm gonna handle it, okay? I will, but I need you to stop telling me what's right and what's wrong, who loves me, who doesn't love me. Mom, I've had enough. [Groans]

[Door closes]

Chad: What are you thinking?

Gabi: Thinking about Arianna. How much I miss her. How much I wanna hold her. What if she's scared? And I know that you're thinking about Thomas too.

Chad: I am.

Gabi: Chad, if I didn't have you--

Chad: You do. You do.

[Pensive music]

Jennifer: Abigail, I'm so sorry. I love you so much, and I am just as scared as you are right now.

Abigail: I know, mom, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. Oh, my gosh.

Jennifer: I know. It's okay. I understand. It''s hard. You know, it's just-- it's a hard time for all of us right now.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: But I am more than happy to watch Thomas as long as you need me to watch him. I'll cancel plans I had tonight. It's not a problem.

Abigail: No, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. No, Julie's gonna watch him tonight. I didn't know--I didn't know if you'd have to work or not.

Jennifer: Oh, Julie's gonna be thrilled to watch him.

Abigail: I know.

Jennifer: She's gonna be excited.


Abigail: I should probably finish packing.

Jennifer: Okay. Abigail... you and Thomas and JJ are everything to me.

Abigail: I know that.

Jennifer: And I love you. And I love you so, so much. And you are such a kind and loving woman, and... I know that you are-- you're gonna make the right decision. No matter how difficult it is, you're gonna make the right decision.

Abigail: I love you too, mom, so much.

Jennifer: Okay.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: Mmm! Okay.

Hope: I'm not here about you and Abigail. Or Chad. I'm putting you on notice, Dario, for your brother's sake and for Abigail's. So clean up whatever dirty business you have going on... or I'll be waiting with handcuffs for you.

[Tense music]

Nicole: As grateful as I am to you for helping Brady, rescuing me and holly... some things, for me, are impossible to forgive.

Eric: I understand. I'm glad you're feeling better, Brady.

Myron: Hey, Dario. Did you get my message about Detective Brady trying to grill me again?

Dario: Yeah, she was sniffing around me too. But there's nothing to worry about. Trust me, if she had something, she would've blown the whistle already.

Myron: Just the same, shouldn't we back off the hacking?

Dario: No way. I got too much riding on this.

Myron: You mean because you're marrying Abigail.

Dario: Yeah, and she deserves someone who can give her the world. This hacking thing is way too big of a money machine to give up now. We just... we just gotta be careful. Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Dario, wait.

Dario: You know, I got a beer delivery out back that I gotta--

Jennifer: I know. I will make this brief.

Dario: Listen, if... [Laughs] Oh, if this is about me and Abigail getting married--

Jennifer: I understand that my daughter wants to save your life. I do get that. But it is really hard for me to stand by and watch my daughter rush into something where she could end up getting very hurt--

Dario: Hurt? Wait, wait! Hurting your daughter is the last thing that I want to do! I love your daughter. If you'll excuse me.

Brady: Nicole, I'm not gonna tell you how to feel. Can't do that. But...I guess I was just hoping that after Eric had literally rescued you and holly that you could see that he wasn't just doing this for me, that he was trying to make it up to you. Do you understand?

Nicole: I know that, Brady. I know, I know! I know he's trying to make it up to me, convince me that he's this good guy with a kind heart who just made one, big, colossal mistake. You know, what the hell? We all make mistakes, right?

Brady: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, no. Not that kind of mistake, Brady. And I'm not gonna join you and the others to ease Eric's conscience or absolve him of his guilt. Because, for me... for me, there's no making up for what he did. Do you understand that? And as far as rescuing us, I thanked him for that. And I'm sorry, but that is just gonna have to be enough.

[Phone rings]

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Hello? Uh, no, you can. You can reach Nicole walker here. She's not available right now. Can I take a message?

[Tense music]

What--no--hold--no! Hold on. That can't happen.

[Tense music]

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Brady: I'm sorry too.

Nicole: [Exhales] But like that.

Brady: I shouldn't-- I shouldn't have pushed you about Eric. You have to feel the way you need to feel, and I have no say in that. I'm sorry.

Nicole: Thank you. Now, I-I-I heard the phone ring when I left, and I'm not sure if Chloe would call me if anything was wrong with holly--

Brady: Yeah, no, no, no, no. That--it wasn't Chloe. It was for you though. Um, it was the court officer with your community service assignment.

Nicole: Oh, goodie. So what's it gonna be? Am I gonna be picking up trash on the side of the highway, huh? Bringing meals to the inmates at Statesville?

Brady: Nope.

Nicole: Nope?

Brady: You are, um, you're gonna be working at the Horton center... reporting to Eric.

Eric: Listen. I'm really sorry what you're going through. I just want you to know I'm praying for JJ and his friends and the others.

Jennifer: Yeah, thanks. But something is bothering you too. What is it?

Eric: I saw Brady. Nicole was there.

Jennifer: And?

Eric: Nothing you need to know, not now. [Sighs]

Jennifer: You know, you, uh... you were so kind... worrying about me and not wanting me to be alone tonight, but... I think that's what I need. I hope you understand.

Eric: I do.

Jennifer: I just, um... it would probably be better if we did this another time.

Eric: Okay, I'm gonna take you home now.

Jennifer: No, no, I am-- no, I am so out of your way. I can take a cab.

Eric: No, I--

Jennifer: Yes, I'm good.

Eric: Are you sure?

Jennifer: I am positive. Thank you anyway.

Eric: I'll call you tomorrow.

Jennifer: Okay.

[Door opens]

Dario: Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Dario: So I spoke to my lawyer. Turns out it's too much of a risk for me to leave the country anyway.

Abigail: Well, I thought that we had decided, because of everything that's going on, you weren't gonna go.

Dario: Yeah, I was checking just in case you changed your mind, but doesn't matter anyway. Quickie marriage isn't gonna work, so...

Abigail: Neither is a quickie divorce.

Dario: What do you mean?

Abigail: I'm not going to the Dominican republic. And I know that you're in a bit of a time crunch here, but I just--I don't-- I don't feel good about ending this marriage without seeing Chad first.

Dario: Hey, one question.

Abigail: Shoot.

Dario: How'd you go from not caring what Chad thought to not wanting to move forward until you run it by him first?

Abigail: I-I just don't think that it seems right for me to marry anyone for any reason until I get to see him again. And I'm sorry.

Dario: Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Chad: You wanna know something?

Gabi: What's that?

Chad: I do love you.

Gabi: I love you too.

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