Days Transcript Thursday 6/15/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/15/17


Episode #13108 ~ Sonny tries to get through to Paul; Lani admits to Eli that she's not sure where she and JJ stand; Steve learns that Anjelica is out for revenge against Adrienne; Jade is forced to make a confession.

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Chad: [Screams] Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. We'll do what you want, all right? Just--just let Sonny go, okay?

Gabi: Oh, please let him go. We love Sonny very much and we love you. Please let him go. [Screams] No! No!

[All grunting]

Gabi: No, Sonny!

Paul: [Grunting]

Gabi: [Whimpers] No! Please! [Screams]

[Men grunting]

Gabi: Oh, my God, Sonny. [Crying indistinctly] Sonny! Oh, my God.

[Knock at door]

[Tense music]

Steve: Hm. What? [Chuckles] No family photos, huh? No pictures at all. What am I missing?

Anjelica: Looking for something? Steve Johnson.

Steve: Anjelica Deveraux.

Anjelica: Hey, patch. Been a long time.

Steve: Not long enough.

Anjelica: You sure haven't changed.

Steve: Neither have you. So tell me. What kind of bomb are you planning to drop on us this time?

Claire: Tell Theo the truth, Jade. That sex tape was all your idea!

Joey: Sex tape? What sex tape?

Claire: Oh, your friend decided to plant a camera in the room where she knew that Theo and I were spending a romantic afternoon. And it recorded everything.

Joey: Why would she do that?

Claire: To help me get famous.

Joey: What?

Claire: Oh, yeah, you know, she figured that if it worked for Kim Kardashian, then why wouldn't it work for me? So she did it without me knowing. And then she uploaded it to my computer. Or at least she thought she did, but she uploaded it to Theo's computer by mistake.

Joey: Wow.

Claire: When she told me about it, obviously, I was horrified. And I thought I deleted it, but... guess who Theo loaned his computer to, and guess who saw it? Theo's dad and my grandma hope.

Jade: I told you to empty his trash.

Claire: No, don't you dare try to blame any of it on me. Okay, you planted that camera without my permission because I told you that I hated the idea and I would never do it, right? I had nothing-- I had nothing to do with this video. Tell them the truth now, you crazy bitch!

Lani: Hey. Glad I found you. I was getting worried.

Eli: Sorry, look, I, um... I guess I just needed some time to myself.

Lani: Are we getting on your nerves?

Eli: No, you guys aren't getting on my nerves. I...well, I guess I kinda do feel like the odd man out in this merry little band.

Lani: Yeah, I'm sure it must be a little awkward for you seeing Gabi and Chad together.

Eli: They're obviously in love. That's why I stepped aside. Oh, well, look. I know I made the right decision.

Lani: I'm glad you do.

Eli: What do you mean? I know you're not talking about JJ. Oh, come on, you two are great together.

Lani: That's what I thought. But... now I'm not so sure.

[All grunting]

Gabi: Sonny. Sonny, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Sonny: Ah, what happened?

Gabi: It was Paul.

Sonny: Paul? Is he okay?

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, get up, get up, get up. Okay, easy.

JJ: He's burning up.

Chad: Paul, Paul, Paul! Hey, Paul, Paul? Hey, Paul? Paul, wake up. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Sonny: Paul!

Joey: Okay, calling people names isn't going to help, Claire.

Claire: Oh, okay, I'm sorry. What will help, Joey? Your ex has just destroyed my life. And she's not even gonna take responsibility for it, will she? Wow, for once in your life, you have nothing to say. The girl who won't shut up is not poor, pitiful me.

Joey: Jade

Claire: Oh, God, please.

Joey: Jade, come on, you've talked about being a responsible person. You gotta own this, make it right. Please.

Jade: It's true. It was all me.

Lani: Nothing like being trapped with someone for days to test the limits of compatibility, right? I mean, either you're gonna get closer, or you... [Sighs]

Eli: Or?

Lani: I'm just thinking about JJ and me and that maybe we're not on the same path about where things are going.

Eli: Really? Hm. That's odd. I mean, any relationship I've ever been in has been totally smooth sailing.

Lani: I know. I know, it goes with the territory.

Eli: Well, I'm just-- I'm just teasing you. Like, just because it happens a lot doesn't make it any less frustrating or hard. So tell me. About the different pages you and JJ are on.

Lani: Well... in a nutshell, he's all about taking things slowly. Living in the moment.

Eli: Which is code for not ready to commit.

Lani: Right. But the thing is, if we don't get off the island, that moment could go on forever. Then again, our time could be cut very short, and... none of that seems to be giving JJ any sense of urgency to just move things along. [Sighs] I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... go off like that.

Eli: No, no, look. It's totally fine. I'm just glad that you feel like you can open up to me. Come on.

Sonny: Paul! Paul!

Gabi: Sonny--

Sonny: No, I have to get to him.

Gabi: No, it's okay. You have to sit here. You have to rest, he'll be okay.

Chad: JJ, I don't know, man.

JJ: His vitals are strong.

Chad: Okay, well, he's better like this. He's not gonna hurt anybody.

JJ: Let's get him back to camp. We need to restrain him for when he wakes up.

Chad: Okay, I'll get him.

JJ: Come on.

Chad: Hey, hang on.

[Chad grunts]

Sonny: Don't hurt him!

Gabi: It's okay.

Sonny: Please!

Gabi: They won't hurt him. Come on.

Steve: Anjelica Deveraux. Yeah. All starting to make sense.

Anjelica: Oh, you catch on fast.

Steve: You know, my sister doesn't have an enemy on the planet. No one in the world would wanna hurt her but you.

Anjelica: Oh, it's just baffling, isn't it? I mean, just because she stole the man I loved and our child.

Steve: You're a lot of things, Anjelica. But I didn't think delusional was one of them. Justin Kiriakis was nothing but a boy toy to you. And Alexander was a side benefit you threw away.

Anjelica: He was my life.

Steve: Is that why he doesn't speak to you?

Anjelica: Adrienne poisoned him against me. And that's why now she is gonna pay.

Steve: Adrienne married Justin decades ago. Now they're divorced and she's engaged to Lucas Horton. Why the hell would you wanna go after her now?

Anjelica: Oh, patch, haven't you ever heard? Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Joey: It was you? You set this all up?

Jade: I thought that I was doing a good thing.

Theo: A good thing?

Claire: Good thing? How could you think that? Really, how could invading someone's privacy be a good thing?

Jade: I don't know. I guess I wasn't thinking straight.

Claire: Whoa, that is a great excuse!

Jade: Claire, I never meant to upset you. Or you, Theo.

Claire: No, no, upset us? Jade, you didn't upset us. You upset someone when you don't text them back or you forget their birthday. No, what you did was so much worse than upsetting. It was terrible and mean. And it was stupid, and it was the worst thing that a friend has ever done to me in my life. You ruined everything.

Jade: That was the last thing that I wanted to do, I swear.

Claire: What, you thought that Theo and I would be happy and grateful? You thought that we would throw you a parade? Joey, Joey, how did you not know that this girl was one sick puppy? Why would you ever bring her into our lives?

Joey: Okay, come on, Claire.

Claire: No, no, no, no, don't "come on" me, Joey. How would you feel if there was a sex tape of you and Jade out there for the world to see? As in your mom, and your dad, and your friends. Would you be cool with that?

Joey: No, of course not.

Claire: Right, your head would explode like mine is about to do right now.

Jade: Claire, I was only trying to help you get what you want: Fame. And we all know that getting fans is about getting attention. Eyes on the page. And I knew that a sex tape would get you more exposure.

Claire: Great choice of words.

Jade: You were all mopey and desperate because your career was going nowhere. Sex tapes have made a lot of people famous.

Claire: Yeah, people who are twisted, disgusting. People who think that it's okay to take private and special moments and make them public just to get attention. My God, you saw it, my grandmother saw it.

Theo: My dad.

Jade: I only did it to prove to you what a good friend I am and how much I care about you.

Claire: Oh, God. I'm gonna throw up. [Scoffs] Really, you did it because you care? Because you wanna be my friend? No wonder you don't have any.

Jade: I thought you were my friend. I really did.

Claire: Well, you thought wrong. I never liked you. And I like you even less now. You know, I'm sorry, I take that back. I hate you with every cell of my being. The sight of you makes me sick.

Jade: I'm sorry.

Claire: Oh, come on, stop with the tears. You're not the victim here.

Jade: I know that.

Claire: Oh, you know that? Yet, you're all, "oh, poor me. Poor me, I'm so alone in the world. Just because I'm a terrible stupid, insensitive human being that nobody wants to be around. Like, I don't--I don't get it. Are we supposed to feel sorry for you?

Theo: All right, stop. Stop talking, please.

Lani: I wish we knew what was going on. You know, if they...found Paul.

Eli: Yeah.

Lani: You know, the longer we're here...

Eli: What?

Lani: Never mind.

Eli: The slimmer our chances are of being rescued? Is that what you were gonna say?

Lani: A version of that.

Eli: You know what I think we need to do?

Lani: What?

Eli: Talk about normal stuff. Like... like everything is gonna be okay.

Lani: Right. Normal stuff.

Eli: Yes. Normal stuff.

Lani: You go first.

Eli: [Laughs] Um...okay. Read any good books lately?

Lani: None that you'd like.

Eli: How do you know what I would like?

Lani: "Eat, pray, love." "Bridget Jones' diary." "The divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood."

Eli: Okay, yeah, I got it.

[Both laugh]

Eli: Next question.

Lani: Go for it.

Eli: [Sighs] Have you tried talking to JJ? I mean, if you're not happy about the way things are going--

Lani: And we are back to the serious stuff.

Eli: Yeah, maybe I'm overstepping my boundaries. You don't have to answer that.

Lani: No, it's okay. You ever hear the expression, "the one who cares the least wins?"

Eli: No.

Lani: I read about it in this magazine article. "How to make him fall in love with you" was the lame title. But...I think it's true. Sadly, I mean, at least in the beginning stages of a relationship. And right now, with JJ, I'm not winning.

Eli: And you're sure about that? I mean, I've seen the way that he looks at you.

Lani: Yeah, he... enjoys being with me. We have... good chemistry. You know, but... that's all it is for him. So I gotta protect myself. My heart.

Paul: Wait, wait... what are you...

Chad: It's okay. Down, easy, easy, easy.

Paul: Stop. Stop...stop.

Chad: It's fine. Hey.

Paul: [Gasping]

Chad: It's fine, gonna be fine, okay?

Paul: [Gasping and panting]

Chad: Got him?

Sonny: How is he?

Chad: His fever's breaking.

Sonny: Paul? Paul, it's me, Sonny.

Paul: Please, please don't. Please...

Gabi: Can't just do nothing. We have to help him!

Sonny: And we will. I have an idea.

Theo: All of us have tried to be your friend. Do you not understand what that means?

Jade: Maybe I don't.

Claire: Maybe?

Jade: I wasn't trying to hurt anyone. You have to believe me. I guess... I just didn't think sex was that big a deal. Okay, I-I take that back. I know sex is a big deal. If anyone knows, it's me. And I got pregnant. And making a baby is very serious and important and amazing. But I guess I just didn't think that sex had to be that private.

Claire: Really, okay, so you'd be totally fine if somebody taped you and Joey having sex without your permission.

Jade: I guess I wouldn't like it

Claire: And yet you thought it was fine to do to Theo and I.

Jade: Look, my friends send me pictures of them with their boyfriends all the time. Hanging out in bed in their underwear.

Claire: Oh, and you like that? You want to see that?

Jade: I don't mind it. I mean, I guess it's just their way of showing me that they're having a good time. And that they have a boyfriend and they're in love.

Theo: That's what love is to you? That's just sad.

Jade: Maybe it is. Maybe I just don't know what love it.

Eli: You know what I think? I think the sun's getting to JJ.

Lani: The sun?

Eli: Well, something must be frying his brain. I mean, come on, how could he not know how damn lucky he is to have you in his life? Hey, it's either the sun, or he's just plain loco.

Lani: This coming from the guy who hated me at first sight.

Eli: I did not hate you.

Lani: It's okay. 'Cause, uh... I hated you too.

Eli: But I didn't hate you!

Lani: [Laughs]

Eli: I was just a little intimidated, I guess.

Lani: Really? By little ol' me?

Eli: Well, listen, it happens sometimes. Especially with very beautiful women who are also smart and strong and sexy and... do you have any idea how beautiful you are?

Lani: Yeah, right. I haven't showered in days. No makeup, I'm just...

Eli: You don't need any of that. I mean, you being beautiful is a plus. You're not only smart as hell, you're strong, you're tough. I mean, I saw you grit your way through detox. And JJ didn't even know about it because you were trying to protect him. If that guy doesn't see what he has in you, then... forget him. He's not worth it. Any guy in his right mind would be lucky to have you.

Sonny: Here, drink something.

Paul: Please...

Sonny: Hey, Paul. Hey, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

JJ: I'm gonna go look for Eli and Lani. Let them know we found Paul.

Sonny: You know, I was thinking about last Halloween. When we worked together to save Marlena. You know, we weren't even a couple yet. Look how much we've accomplished since then. We took the fight to Deimos. We found Nicole and holly. You and I are conquerors. We've come through so much together. With your baseball career ending. And with me losing will. But you and I can get through anything. Because our love makes us strong. Please come back to me. Please come back to me.

Anjelica: So you're a pi these days, huh?

Steve: Partner in black patch.

Anjelica: Oh, and it's you and john black. Very clever. So what has the dynamic duo found on Google or truthfinder or just going through my drawers here?

Steve: Oh, I think I'll save it, tell it to Sebastian Howard directly. And while I'm at it, I'll tell him what a nut job he's working with. So when will the dude be back?

Anjelica: Oh, patch. There is no dude.

Steve: [Chuckles] Why didn't I guess? You're Sebastian Howard.

[Melancholy music]

Claire: I don't want to talk to you right now. Please go away.

Theo: Um... I owe you an apology.

Claire: No, I said I don't want to talk to you right now.

Theo: Okay, well, I just-- I have to say what I feel. And you don't have to listen if you don't want to. Look, I'm really sorry, Claire. Okay, when this came out of the blue, I felt embarrassed and hurt and empty all at the same time. You know, and then I jumped all over you without even hearing the full story. You didn't deserve that.

Claire: No, no, I didn't. And I don't accept your apology.

Lani: Well, that was... quite the speech.

Eli: It's not a speech. Just telling it like it is.

Lani: So when did you come around to not seeing me as the enemy?

Eli: It was a gradual process. But hey. I'm man enough to admit when I was wrong.

Lani: Well, I was wrong about you, too.

Eli: JJ is a good man. And smart too. I'm sure he knows the good thing he's got.

JJ: Yeah, that's right. I do.

Sonny: I know you never meant to hurt Gabi. Or me. You're the kindest, gentlest person I've ever known.

[Eerie music]

[Music intensifies]

Paul: What have I done?

[Melancholy music]

Joey: Here.

Jade: I'm fine. I don't need your sympathy. I don't deserve anybody's sympathy. I am where I am because of the dumb things that I do. I'm a pathetic mess.

Joey: Jade, no.

Jade: Yes, Joey. I stole a hotel key and snuck into the room knowing that Theo had this romantic afternoon planned for him and Claire. And I taped them having sex, and I thought that it was a good idea.

Joey: Jade, we've all done things that we would take back in a heartbeat if we could. Much worse things. We have to forgive ourselves.

Jade: And what makes you think that anyone's gonna forgive me?

Joey: Because it's not totally your fault. Okay, when it comes to the way you feel about sex, I sure didn't help. I acted... I acted annoyed when you fell in love with me. Like there shouldn't be any feelings attached. But there were. There are. And I'm sorry I didn't see that sooner. I'm sorry I hurt you, Jade.

Theo: You won't accept my apology?

Claire: No, it's not enough.

Theo: I mean, what more can I do?

Claire: It's too late.

Theo: Claire, come on--

Claire: No, Theo, just think about it, okay? Think about it, now that you know the truth I immediately told you that I had nothing to do with the video. And I was as shocked as you were. But instead of believing me, you accused me of lying to you.

Theo: 'Cause the whole story just sounded so crazy.

Claire: Yes, I know the story sounded crazy because I was the one telling it. And you don't trust me. Theo, you don't think that I'm a decent person with morals and values, someone who would never ever sink to the level of making a sex tape with someone she loves. Loved. Past tense.

Theo: Claire, come--Claire! It wasn't even about you.

Claire: No, wrong. Wrong, it was about me. 'Cause if I were Ciara, you never would have doubted me for a second.

Lani: JJ, did you guys--

JJ: We found Paul.

Eli: Oh, thank God.

JJ: Yeah, we restrained him. Can't hurt anyone. Or himself.

Eli: Hey, um, I'M... gonna head back to camp. I'll let you guys talk.

JJ: Is there something we need to talk about?

Lani: Yeah. There is.

Paul: What--how will anyone forgive me? How will you forgive me, Sonny?

Sonny: I already have, Paul. Okay, we just need to get you better, and we will.

Paul: [Groans]

Sonny: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

Paul: No, no. No, it's okay. It has to be this way. This... this disease, it's... it's still inside of me.

Sonny: No, no, no, you're better now. I see the man that I love.

Paul: If you love me, you will keep me tied up. For everyone's sake.

Gabi: Sonny's love brought him back. It's probably not gonna last, is it? You don't think it will.

Chad: I didn't say that.

Gabi: But you thought that. Chad, what if we don't get--

Chad: Just think of all the other life or death situations we've overcome in the last few months. We got this. We got it.

Steve: Big, bad Anjelica Deveraux had to hide behind a false identity so Adrienne couldn't even fight fair.

Anjelica: Well, if she wants life to be fair, I think she needs to reevaluate.

Steve: I think Adrienne knows just about better than anyone that life's not fair.

Anjelica: Oh, is that why she sent you to do her dirty work?

Steve: No, I'm just looking for information. While she's running the paper and taking care of her family. And being the kick-ass woman she is.

Anjelica: So she can fight her own battles, eh?

Steve: Oh, you can count on that.

Anjelica: Well, that is great to know. Now get out of my office because this kick-ass woman has three offers on the table to negotiate by the end of the day.

Steve: One second. I just have a question for you. So you being as busy as you are, rolling around in your piles of money, why do you care about "the spectator"? A modest paper barely turning a profit.

Anjelica: I don't want to see it fail. See, you think of it as Adrienne and Jennifer's little hobby. But it was my stepson's legacy too.

Steve: Jack.

Anjelica: I was in his life longer than any of you. I helped make him the man he was with no help from any of you.

Steve: So this hostile takeover is about my brother. Not Adrienne or Jennifer or Justin or Alexander.

Anjelica: Patch, it is all encompassing. It's about my rights.

Steve: And revenge.

Anjelica: Which I will have. Whatever it takes.

Lani: I was talking to Eli and, um... I realized that I was talking to the wrong guy. It's you... that I need to talk to.

JJ: Okay.

Lani: I feel like you are distancing yourself from me. And at first, I could handle it, JJ, I just-- I care about you so much. And I just... I feel like you're pulling away more and more, emotionally. Am I wrong?

JJ: No. You're not.

Sonny: It's going to be okay, Paul. It has to be.

Gabi: You're right. You're right, we've survived all kinds of life or death situations, and we're gonna get past this.

Chad: Together.

Gabi: Together.

Chad: Yeah.

Steve: So. You're declaring war on everyone who's ever done you wrong?

Anjelica: Oh, I think y'all better gear up for the fight of your lives.

Steve: I'm looking at someone who married a serial killer. Who's just now making the biggest mistake of her life.

Anjelica: Yeah, well, we'll see about that, won't we?

Steve: Oh, yes, we will. Last, Sebastian.

Jade: You're being so nice to me.

Joey: I wanna be friends. I told you that.

Jade: Yeah, but... I don't think that's possible. Joey, I still love you. I can't just shut that off. Even now just being here with you, all I want is for you to hold me in your arms.

Joey: I understand. Well, maybe we'll have to be friends from a distance for a while. But maybe the next time you come up with one of your schemes to help somebody, you run it by me first. Not that I have the greatest judgment, but...

Jade: Yeah, well, I think I'll take all the help I can get.

Theo: Claire, look, I should have believed you, okay? I wish I had. It's just, I knew how badly you wanted attention for your music page, and...

Claire: Yes, I wanted attention, but my God, Theo. I've said I love you. And you said you love me. I'm not desperate to be famous. I just want my music to be heard. I want it to mean something. I want to touch people's lives. I want to let them hear what I think love means. I thought it was this. Us. I thought that we had something special. And I thought that you thought I was special. Now I know I was wrong.

Theo: [Sniffling]

JJ: It's just... if I'm being honest with myself, I am pulling back. I'm scared of hurting you.

Lani: Why?

JJ: 'Cause I seem to hurt everyone I care about.

Lani: Is that all it is?

JJ: Yeah. That's all it is.

Lani: I am not worried about you hurting me. So don't you worry about it either. Okay?

JJ: Okay.

Lani: Are we good?

JJ: Yeah. Good.

Sonny: [Exhales] I promised him everything would be okay. I have no idea if I can keep that promise. What are we going to do, Chad?

Chad: I don't know. I don't know. I'm just glad we're here with the people we love.

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