Days Transcript Friday 5/26/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/26/17


Episode #13097 ~ Hope returns to Salem with Deimos in tow; Rafe gets bad news from Greece; Sonny, Paul, Chad, Gabi, JJ, Lani and Eli find themselves stranded on an island; Ciara says goodbye to Salem.

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Theo: That looks like her

Claire: Okay, next time, I'm picking the movie.

Theo: Think we were gone long enough for Ciara to stop being mad at me?

Claire: Well, you know, she might need more than two hours.

Theo: That looks like her luggage.

Claire: Yeah. What is it doing out here?

Ciara: I'm leaving.

Theo: What--where are you going?

Ciara: As far away from Salem as I can get.

Rafe: Abigail, wait up.

Abigail: What, is it the wrong file?

Rafe: No, the file's fine. Just, uh...when your shift is over, I'd like to talk to you about my brother.

Abigail: What about him?

Rafe: Well, you and Dario have gotten...pretty close, and-- well, what the hell is this?

Hope: Oh, a little souvenir I brought back from Greece for you.

Rafe: Oh, wow...

[Edgy music]

[Suspenseful music]

JJ: You know, I really wish we could have seen the look on Deimos' face when we brought him in.

Lani: Maybe hope will send us some photos.

Gabi: Where are we? What is this place?

Eli: I don't know, but I don't think there's a resort nearby. This place is desolate.

Paul: I am really glad that I grabbed those snacks at the café before we left. We are gonna definitely need them.

Chad: Where's sonny?

Sonny: Hey... a little battered and bruised, but...think after that crash landing, we're all very lucky to be alive.

[Edgy music]

Ciara: I'm going to Hong Kong to spend the summer with Shawn and Belle. I need a break from Salem. From everything.

Theo: What about...summer school?

Ciara: I've already canceled my registration--my plane takes off in two hours, and I still have to say bye to my mom.

Theo: You're still mad at me about Wyatt--that's why you're leaving.

Ciara: It's not just that.

Claire: I mean, Hong Kong does sound pretty exciting.

Ciara: I can't be here because of you, Theo. And you know why.


Wyatt: Is Ciara here? I need to talk to her.

Claire: I thought I made myself clear. Even if she is, she doesn't have time for a lying scammer like you.

Ciara: Claire, wait. He can stay--I need to talk to him. Alone.

Hope: Why don't you take a seat? We'll be here a while.

Deimos: I wouldn't count on that.

Hope: Swickey? Don't take your eyes off him. Hey, Abigail.

Abigail: Who'd you torture this time, hmm? You strap them to a chair and try to poison them too?

Deimos: You must have me confused with someone else.

Abigail: Hmm. Well... whatever it is that you did, it looks like you're finally gonna get what you deserve.

Deimos: We'll see.

Abigail: Yeah. We will. And I hope you rot in hell for everything that you did to me and Chad and Gabi...and everybody else in Salem whose lives you are trying to destroy.

[Edgy music]

Rafe: Oh, my god...I missed you.

Hope: I missed you too. Come here.

Rafe: So talk to me. What's the deal with Deimos? How the hell were you able to bring him back?

Hope: Eli's FBI contacts gave me jurisdiction.

Rafe: He actually admitted to anything?

Hope: Well...his own innocence, but luckily we have a witness to counter that-- a man named guy who actually helped Deimos set up this whole fake kidnapping plot that Xander carried out.

Rafe: Wow. Okay, so this guy guy--did he give a statement?

Hope: Well, it took some persuasion and a lotta pressure, but he finally spilled. We should have his statement and also the hard evidence he got linking Xander and Deimos in oh, gosh, the next hour.

Rafe: You're amazing. You--okay, I'm gonna go get in touch with the Greek authorities.

Hope: Okay. And I'm gonna call sonny because he wanted to be here when Deimos was taken away. I want him to miss not one moment of this.

Rafe: Unreal. Welcome back.

Lani: Don't bother. I already tried.

Paul: I had a feeling.

Chad: So does anybody know where we are?

Sonny: Well, I checked the instruments just before we crashed and, you know, we hadn't been out of Athens for more than a couple of hours, so I'm pretty sure we're on an island in the Mediterranean or Aegean or the Ionian sea....I don't know. I went so far off course looking for a landing place, I don't know where we are. There's just so many of these little islands scattered everywhere and they're too small to be noticed.

JJ: Well, you did get out a mayday signal before we started falling, right?

Sonny: I didn't have contact with anyone before we crashed.

Gabi: Wait, you're saying no one even knows we crashed, let alone where we are?

Paul: Listen, hope's gonna figure it out when we don't show up in Salem the next day or two.

Gabi: A day or two days? That's--are you serious?

Eli: Even if hope does notice, she won't know where to find us.

Chad: Look, we're gonna be outta here in no time.

Gabi: Yeah?

Chad: Yeah.

[Tense music]

Hi, I'm Paul

Ciara: Sure you wanna be alone with this creep?

Theo: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea, Ciara.

Ciara: Well, you should have thought of that before you set me up with him. I'm fine. I don't need an audience.

Claire: Come on. I want an ice cream after that movie anyway.

[Lightly edgy music]

Wyatt: Thanks for letting me stay.

Ciara: Don't get comfortable.

Wyatt: Look, I know you're upset...but this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.

Ciara: [Scoffs] So lying about who you really are is no big deal.

Wyatt: Th--that's not what I meant. But if anyone's to blame for me lying, it's Theo. He's the one that gave me all those details, what you liked, what you didn't like. I mean, I didn't even know what alt-country was, but once Theo told me about it, I figured--

Ciara: Why not lie and say that you did too? That way, I'd think it was fate that brought us together, and I'd do anything to keep it that way, like write your papers and give you money.

Wyatt: It wasn't like that.

Ciara: It was exactly like that. Theo might have set it in motion, but you took advantage of it.

Wyatt: Look, I wanted to tell you the truth... but I didn't know how once I--

Ciara: So you just went along for the ride? Using me and taking my money and my time?

Wyatt: No, that's not what it was.

Ciara: As mad as I am at Theo for what he least he had the decency to come clean.

Wyatt: Ciara... I really like you. I still do.

Ciara: I liked you too, Wyatt. I thought I met someone that finally got me, that thought I was special.

Wyatt: I did...I do. Please, just give me another--

Ciara: What? Another chance so you can tell me what an awesome girlfriend I am? Because I let you walk all over me? No way. You're a liar and a user, and I never wanna see you again.

[Somber music]

Hope: Hey, sonny, it's me. I thought you guys would have been back by now. Well, I guess you got delayed. All right, call me as soon as you get this. Hey.

Rafe: Okay. Well, I just got off the phone with the Greek officials.

Hope: Yeah? Did Xander finally give Deimos up?

Rafe: Not yet. He's still staying loyal to his uncle and assuming full responsibility for his actions.

Hope: You know what? Fine. Let him stay loyal. With guy's testimony, we'll take them both down.

Sonny: Always good to have a backup plan.

Paul: You never know when you're gonna be stranded on a desert island.

Gabi: Well, I had a feeling something might go wrong.

Sonny: Hey, Gabi, the fact that the survival kit is still intact means something went right.

Paul: With everything that's here, we should be good for about a week.

JJ: That's about a week longer than I'd hoped.

Lani: All right, well, what do we got?

Sonny: We got fire starters, food bars, water pouches... rechargeable flashlight, and waterproof matches. Which reminds me--we need to get some wood to start a fire.

Lani: Well, I...guess I can do that.

JJ: You're not going out there alone--I'll go with you.

Sonny: Make sure you leave a trail so you can find your way back.

JJ: [Softly] Thank you.

Sonny: We need to ration these. If we all conserve this, especially the water pouches, we're gonna be fine. We're gonna make it.

Paul: Could you, uh, at least pretend that you're not enjoying yourself out here?

Sonny: I'm just used to it. I know this is hell for the rest of you, but for me, this is a typical vacation.

Paul: Yeah, I remember you telling me--survivalist adventures you called them, right?

Eli: Don't tell me you're one of those guys who likes roughing it on purpose. Never got that.

Paul: Yeah, me either.

Sonny: Does that mean you're not gonna come with me when I backpack through Peru this fall?

Gabi: Yeah, well, we may still be on this island in the fall if we don't get rescued.

Chad: Maybe stop freaking out.

Gabi: Don't tell me what to do.

[Soft, edgy music]

Eli: All right, well, maybe we should empty out these bags and see how much we really do have long it'll last.

[Items clattering]

Chad: Gabi, stop! Stop.

Gabi: What?

Chad: Look, hey...ha. Hi. I know you're scared, but--

Gabi: Really? Y-you know I'm scared?

Chad: It's not like we're stuck in a meat locker or we're freezing.

Gabi: I'm sorry, is this your idea of comforting me? You're trying to be funny?

Chad: I'm saying everything is relative.

Gabi: No. No, it's not. Some things just suck.

Chad: Okay, well...then I stand corrected.

Gabi: And you bringing up bad memories does not help me, okay? So please don't do that to me again.

Chad: Fine. Can I make--may I may a suggestion then?

Gabi: [Scoffs]

Chad: Please.

Gabi: Go ahead--since you're so clever and you're so level-headed, what is it, Chad, that you're gonna tell me that I'm just magically not gonna be scared or terrified--what?

Chad: Can I talk, please? Thank you. First off, I think we're gonna get through this, I think we're gonna be just fine. Second, I think it's gonna be better for you and everybody around us that cares about you if you calm down.

Gabi: Calm down?

Chad: Yes.

Gabi: I knew you were gonna say that--see, I knew you were gonna say that. I hate when people tell me to calm down or to stay calm or to chill out--actually, "chill out"--that's the one I hate the most!

Chad: Hey, I didn't say chill out.

Gabi: No, I'm glad you didn't. You know it's voluntary, right? You can't just force yourself to not be scared any more than you can force yourself to sleep or to blush or to shiver when you're cold.

Chad: Okay, I didn't tell you not to shiver or--

Gabi: This is not funny.

Chad: [Laughs] I--it's--you're right. It's just--it's adorable when you get mad.

Gabi: I'm adorable?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: I mean, could you be any more condescending?

Chad: How was it con--it was a compliment!

Gabi: Well, I didn't take it that way, because I'm obviously very mad at you. I don't even wanna look at you!

Chad: What did I do?

Gabi: What did you do? What do you mean, what did you do? You're carrying an amulet that is cursed! And you know very well that as long as you have it, bad things will continue to happen!

JJ: Sure you got all that?

[Buzzing and chittering]

Lani: What was that?

JJ: A-a bug or an animal

Lani: What kind of animal?

[Chittering, buzzing]

JJ: You face down drug dealers and criminals...and you're scared of wildlife.

Lani: I'm a city girl.

JJ: Kinda like it when you're scared.

Lani: Well, if you think I need a hero, I don't.

[Loud buzzing] Except now.

[JJ laughing]

[Island sounds continue]

Chad: Hey...hi. So... I was thinking about, uh, checking out the island tomorrow...maybe get a lay of the land.

Gabi: It's a lovely idea.

[Indistinct] Some luck of something.

Chad: I was wondering if you wanted to...join me.

Gabi: And risk falling off a cliff or getting eaten by a snake?

Chad: Ha ha. Snakes don't eat--they bite.

Gabi: [Scoffs] So now you're an expert on snakes? I mean, some snakes might very well eat.

Chad: Okay, I'll concede. They eat--just not people.

Gabi: Why are we talking about snakes? Can we not talk--

Chad: You brought it up.

Gabi: Yes, because--and now you won't let it go, because it's creeping me out, and me getting creeped out amuses you, apparently.

Chad: No, it doesn't amuse me. What amuses me is that you're mad for no reason at all.

Gabi: No reason at all? No reason at all! Chad Michael DiMera, ever since you touched that stupid amulet, things have been going wrong. Everywhere. Now, you have to believe me. You know that it's true! You don't see a pattern here?

Chad: Okay, I see a little pattern.

Gabi: Thank you.

Chad: But only because we're looking for it, and I think it's time that we just give up this silly superstition.

Gabi: It's not silly, no, it's serious--

Chad: [Indistinct] Serious.

Gabi: It's very serious, and it's very meaningful...okay? Ever since you've touched that thing...things have been going wrong, and the longer you have it, the worse things are gonna get.

Sonny: I was really looking forward to seeing the look on Deimos' face when that cell clanged shut behind him. If only there was a way I could get ahold of hope, have her take pictures for me.

Eli: Wait, isn't there a satellite phone on the plane?

Paul: There should be.

Sonny: I don't remember seeing it.

Paul: Well, we were all in such a hurry. I'm gonna go back and see if it survived the crash.

Sonny: Wait, wait, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul. Why don't you wait until morning when it's light out?

Paul: I'll be fine. Listen, if we get ahold of somebody tonight, we might be off this island by tomorrow. Thanks, bud.

[Soft music]

Claire: See? Isn't this better than watching Ciara rip into Wyatt?

Theo: He better not hurt her again.

Claire: I'm sure she can handle him.

Theo: I don't know about that.

Claire: What I don't know is what Ciara meant when she said that she couldn't be around you and you knew why. What was that about?

Theo: You'll get mad if I tell you.

Claire: I won't, I promise.

Theo: Yeah, you say that when you want me to tell you something.

Claire: Don't you think you've kept enough secrets from me?

Theo: You're right. All right, Ciara can't be around me because she is in love with me.

Claire: Did she, like, say that for real?

Theo: Yes.

Claire: Well, did she say why she said it? I mean, was she trying to, like, win you over?

Theo: See? See, you're mad.

Claire: I'm not mad, just please tell me why she said it.

Theo: She didn't say why... okay? But she couldn't win me over anyway, because I'm in love with you.

Claire: Are you sure?

Theo: Yes, I'm sure.

Claire: Okay. You know, I kinda just feel bad for her.

Theo: Because of Wyatt?

Claire: No. 'Cause of you. Well, because...she likes you, and you like me. Now she has to go all the way to Hong Kong to deal with that.

[Soft music]

I'm gonna...I'm gonna say good-bye to her. Just see if I can make her feel better about everything before she leaves.

Theo: Okay, well, I should probably stay away because she said it hurts to be around me. Will you, uh... tell her I say good-bye?

Claire: Yeah, I will.

Theo: And that I'm really sorry.

Claire: 'Kay.

[Soft instrumentals]

Ciara: I don't wanna hear from you, so don't call, text, email, or tweet-- nothing. Got it?

Wyatt: Come on, that's a little extreme.

Ciara: If I see you on campus in the fall, just walk the other way.

Wyatt: This--this is crazy!

Ciara: You can go. We're done.

[Somber music]

Hope: You'll be processed as soon as guy's statement comes in.

Deimos: If it comes in.

Hope: He's already told the authorities you were working with Xander.

Deimos: A man with a grudge will say anything.

Hope: And you would know all about that, wouldn't you? So...are you saying it was just a coincidence... that you happened to show up in the right place at the right time to save Nicole and her baby?

Deimos: Why would that be so hard to believe? When I want something to happen, I do whatever it takes to make it happen. Just like I did for you when you were in prison. You may not have survived, had it not been for my protection. Now, given that fact, could be a little nicer.

[Edgy music]

Hope: I will never... forgive you for what you took from me. This is payback, Deimos.

[Dramatic musical flourish]

Claire: Hey. How'd it go with Wyatt?

Ciara: He's gone. For good.

Claire: And you? You still leaving?

Ciara: As soon as I get these bags in my car.

Claire: Gonna be lonely without you.

Ciara: You're gonna love having a room to yourself. Don't worry--I'll pay the rent.

Claire: I'm not worried. But I will miss you. I-I promise I will not change a thing in the loft. You know, your side of the room will be exactly as you left it.

Ciara: It doesn't matter.

Claire: Yes, it does. I want you to come back, okay?

Ciara: I will.

Claire: I'm sorry about Wyatt.

Ciara: You didn't have anything to do with it. Did you?

Claire: No, no, of course not. You know, I should have seen what was going on, and I should have stopped it.

Ciara: At least Theo told me.

Claire: I also know that it hasn't been easy for you to see me and Theo together. And I hope that you can get past that so that we can be friends like we used to be.

Ciara: Me too.

Claire: Keep me in the loop, okay? I want you to call me and text me every two seconds. Okay?

Ciara: Okay. Deal.

Claire: I love you so much, Ciara.

Ciara: I love you too.


Deimos: So now it's your turn to rip into me. Mmm. I'm just curious. I mean, how many more people are gonna stroll in here to give me a piece of their mind?

Rafe: I'm just seeing if you're finally ready to start telling the truth.

Deimos: I already told the truth. But from this point forward... I think I'll wait for my lawyer.

Rafe: You know we've got you dead to rights.

Deimos: But I did nothing wrong.

Rafe: Well, not according to your hired henchman.

Deimos: Why don't we wait and see?

Rafe: Oh, we'll see, all right. We'll see. Don't think for a minute that I've forgotten about what you did to my family... setting up my father, having my brother beaten up and kidnapping my sister. I'm gonna save my rant. I'm gonna save it till you're boarding that prison transport van.

Deimos: You might not wanna hold your breath.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Sure thing, pal.

[Edgy music]

Hope: How'd it go?

Rafe: He really thinks he's gonna slide.

Hope: Not this time. No, he's finally gonna get the justice he deserves.

JJ: Hey, sonny. Where should we put this, man?

Sonny: Oh, you can just set it right here.

JJ: Here?

Sonny: Yep.

JJ: All right.

[Lani giggles]

Eli: Don't worry, man. He'll be all right.

Sonny: I should have gone. I'm the one who did this.

Paul: I found it!

Sonny: Hey, took long enough!

Chad: Is that the, uh, satellite phone?

JJ: Did you try it?

Lani: We should call hope.

Gabi: That thing probably doesn't even work.

Paul: No, no, it doesn't. I think it got damaged when we hit that boulder.

JJ: What about the cockpit radio?

Paul: It's a tangled mess of charred wires.

Eli: May I?

Paul: Yeah, be my guest.

Eli: You got a screwdriver in that survival kit?

Sonny: Yeah, there is. Right there on top.

[Eli grunts]

Paul: I'm sorry about the phone.

Sonny: Don't worry about the phone--I'm just glad that you got back in one piece.

Paul: You weren't worried about me, were you? Sonny, we just survived a crash landing. Going back for a phone--that's a piece of cake. But, you know, sleeping on cardboard boxes--that's gonna be a problem.

Sonny: I really messed up. If I hadn't hit the rock, the engine wouldn't have caught fire, and we'd be inside the plane right now.

Paul: No, no, you did the best that you could...okay? Stop worrying about all the bad things that happened and just try to laugh at the irony of all this.

Sonny: Which is?

Paul: Victor just handed you the keys to the kingdom, and you are in the one place where all your money and power are useless.

Chad: Power? Since when?

Sonny: Uh, since today, actually. I'm gonna be the CEO of titan.

Chad: you and I are gonna be full-on rivals.

Sonny: I can handle it. Can you?

Abigail: Deimos is gonna go to jail, right?

Rafe: Abigail...not to worry. I'm gonna go get his cell ready.

Hope: Abigail...uh, I wanted to talk to you. About Chad.

Abigail: Oh, what about him?

Hope: When we talked the other day, um... I was worried about him as well. Which is why I followed him to Greece.

[Somber music]

Abigail: Well, if you saw Chad, then that means you probably saw Gabi too. I know that she's there.

Hope: She was. But she...was there with sonny and Paul. Because of Deimos. Chad was there... was there on business alone.

Abigail: Oh. I-I didn't realize.

Hope: Yeah. He was very upset when he found out you'd filed for divorce. I must say I was pretty surprised myself. You sure you're not rushing into things?

Abigail: No. I did what I had to do. You know, Chad is probably relieved. Even if Gabi didn't go there to be with him, they're probably together now.

Hope: He truly loves you.

Abigail: Then he sh-- what's done is done. And I have no regrets.

Chad: Thought maybe this would help with your mood.

Gabi: You wanna know what's gonna help with my mood? Really? Is you getting rid of that amulet.

JJ: What are you talking about?

Sonny: Did you say amulet?

Gabi: Yes.

Chad: Shh. You're being ridiculous.

Gabi: No, I'm not. Was the fuel leak in sonny's plane ridiculous? Was us landing on a deserted island ridiculous? No. That thing is cursed.

Eli: Cursed amulet?

Chad: This is crazy.

Gabi: No. You just don't wanna get rid of it because it's worth $20 million.

Sonny: Did you say $20 million?

Chad: I should never have told you about it.

Gabi: And it's not just what's happened here. No, your plane malfunctioned, too, and your hotel room was burglarized, and also all of the personal things that have been happening in your life.

Chad: [Whispers] End of discussion.

[Suspenseful music]

Ciara: Hey, mom, are you almost finished for the night?

Hope: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am. What a nice surprise. What's up, honey?

Ciara: I need to talk to you. I couldn't do it over the phone.

Hope: Is everything all right? Did something happen?

Ciara: Can we go somewhere else?

Hope: Yeah. Of course. How about the pub?

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Okay. All right. Hey, it's so good to see you, sweetheart.

[Soft music]

Lani: I hate the outdoors. I don't mind chasing bad guys, but I cannot sleep if I don't take a shower.

Paul: Running water. Ha. Sounds like such a luxury right now, doesn't it?

Sonny: I just can't wait to get home, go down to the police station, and make sure that Deimos is very comfortable in his new cell.

JJ: Something I, for one, cannot wait to see.

Paul: We should make a toast to Salem pd's latest coup.

Sonny: To the demise of Deimos Kiriakis.

Gabi: Hey, do you think you can fix it?

Chad: Hey, Gabi...

Eli: Some things can't be fixed.

Chad: Is it fixed? Um, hey, so I've done a lot of soul searching, and I made a decision about the amulet.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Tossed it in the ocean.

Gabi: No. Seriously?

Chad: Yeah, you can pat me down if you don't believe me.

Gabi: Pat you down. What are you talking about? I've never patted anyone down in my life. Really?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: Okay, then I trust you.

Chad: It's been a while since I've heard that.

Gabi: Well, I'm glad you made the right decision. Hopefully now we're gonna get rescued out of here.

Chad: Yeah.

Hope: Six weeks? My gosh, that is a long time, honey.

Ciara: I know. I'm gonna miss you, but...

Hope: But what? I don't understand. Why this urgent need to get away, huh?

Ciara: Things just didn't work out with Wyatt.

Hope: Something happen?

Ciara: He's not who I thought he was.

Hope: I see.

Ciara: Mm-hmm. Mom, I just-- it doesn't matter, okay? Bottom line is, I am not ready for a relationship right now.

Hope: Okay. I understand. And if you have to get away, I'm glad you'll at least be with your brother.

Ciara: Are you gonna be okay without me here?

Hope: Yeah. If you're okay...then so am I. Oh...[Chuckles] My beautiful baby girl. I love you so much, Ciara Alice. And I am so, so proud of you. Courage... you've been through so much, honey. Especially these last couple of years. [Sighs] My baby girl's all grown up.

[Ciara laughs]

Hope: You are one... strong young lady.

Ciara: I get that from you and dad, right?

Hope: [Laughs] Your dad. Your dad.

Ciara: No, mom, come on. I mean, you're the most incredibly strong and brave person. I mean, I've always been so proud of you.

Hope: It means the world to me.

Ciara: We, uh, should go to the airport.

Hope: Yeah. Okay, um... you'll wait for the takeout. I'll--I'll bring the car around, okay?

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Love you.

Ciara: I love you too, mom.

Theo: Ciara.

Ciara: What are you doing here?

Theo: I came to tell you again how sorry I am.

Ciara: Theo, I don't have time for this, okay?

Theo: Look, I-- I never meant to hurt you. Okay? You're my best friend. I just--I really wanted you to be happy.

Ciara: Well, setting me up with a fake soul mate wasn't the way to do that.

Theo: I know. Look, I-- I hated lying to you. I'll never do it again.

Ciara: I know, I-- I don't like lying to you, either. That's why I can't just pretend that I'm okay with being friends.

Theo: 'Cause you wanna be more?

Ciara: I don't know what I want anymore, okay? All I know is that it hurts too much to be around you. That's why I have to go away. This isn't good-bye forever.

Theo: I know.

Ciara: I'll see you in the fall.

Hope: Sweetheart, okay, I brought the car. We're all set. Theo.

Theo: Hi. Um, I came to say good-bye to Ciara.

Hope: Right. I'm sure you're gonna miss her.

Theo: I am. Very much.

Hope: Let's go, sweetheart. Ready?

Ciara: Yeah. Bye, Theo.

Theo: Bye, Ciara.

[Somber music]

Rafe: What? How the hell is that even possible? You-- oh, my--okay. Keep me posted. Son of a--damn it!

Abigail: What happened?

Rafe: The guy--the guy that was supposed to bring down Xander and Deimos?

Abigail: Yeah, the one whose signed statement we're waiting for.

Rafe: Yeah. He's dead.

Abigail: [Stammers] How? Why?

Rafe: I don't know. I don't know the details, I just-- they weren't able to get a signed statement from him.

Abigail: Okay, so what does that mean for Deimos? He's still gonna go to jail, right?

Rafe: We have nothing in writing, we have nothing on Deimos.

[Dark music]

[Ominous music]

Gabi: Hey, so you... gave up on fixing that phone?

Eli: Waste of time.

Gabi: Listen, I know you--

Sonny: Hey, everyone, gather around. Since the cabin was ruined by smoke...

Paul: We get to sleep under the stars.

Lani: Sounds like a plan.

Sonny: Well, unfortunately, there's a blanket shortage, so a few of us are gonna have to share.

JJ: I think we can handle that.

Chad: Oh, what'd I miss?

Sonny: Good luck.

Eli: I'll go solo.'s all right with you.

Gabi: Yeah, I guess that'll work.

Gabi: Okay, uh... do--do you want this?

Chad: Uh, no, it's fine. I'm good.

Gabi: Are you sure?

Chad: Yeah, I--

Gabi: You're gonna be cold.

Chad: If I shared, it's not like I'd have half anyway.

Gabi: Stop it! What are you talking about?

Chad: You hogged the blankets.

Gabi: No, I did not. Get over here--I don't want you to be cold. Come here.

[Soft music]

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