Days Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17


Episode #13094 ~ Nicole dreads falling back into Deimos' clutches; everyone sets out to raid Xander's compound; JJ and Lani pressure Guy into confirming what everyone suspects; Brady says a heartfelt goodbye to Tate and John.

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Lani: We just want to ask you one simple question, OK?  That's it. What were you doing with Deimos Kiriakis?

JJ: Oh, you don't wanna talk? Oh, that's fine with me, but how 'bout we let you in on a little secret? We know who you are. We know all about your rap sheet. It would be smart for you to cooperate. I'm guessing...might get a plea deal. Otherwise, you're looking at going away for a very, very long time, my friend.

[Tense music]

Eric: No. Deimos would not hurt you.

Nicole: You don't know what Deimos is capable of. He's a monster.

Eric: No. What would the point be? Deimos--if he wanted revenge, what would the whole point be of sending Xander to Canada to kidnap you? Why wouldn't he just do it himself?

Nicole: I-I guess, but...

Eric: You know what I think? I think that he sent Xander to kidnap you so he could ride in on his little horse... and rescue you. Yeah, and then you would, like, coming running in to him... and you would be all happy, and the two of you could just live happily ever after together.

Nicole: You're right. And it all makes sense. As much as I despise you... Deimos is much worse. Oh, God, Eric, what am I gonna do? [Sighs]

Xander: Yeah?

Deimos: Did you get my text?

Xander: I did. I just didn't get a chance to reply yet.

Deimos: Everything all right?

Xander: It is.

Deimos: Excellent. I'll be coming for Nicole tonight.

Xander: And Eric?

Deimos: He's a liability.

Xander: What do you want me to do with him?

Deimos: Nothing. I want the pleasure of taking care of him myself.


[Dark music]

[Somber music]

Brady: Ehh...still here, eh?

John: I'm not goin' anywhere. You're doin' great, kid. You just... you just keep working on getting stronger, all right?

Brady: Dad, I gotta...I gotta know... did Nicole call back? I need to know if she's okay.

[Soft music]

Eli: Every house, someone answered the door. Everyone spoke a little English, and everyone wanted to cooperate. Not one of them has seen Xander and Nicole.

Hope: Yeah, well, I had the same exact experience. But the police say that Xander was seen in the area. We have yet to receive an address, though.

Eli: Yeah, and you probably never will. I mean, this whole thing, it just... to hell with it.

Hope: What? You wanna give up?

Eli: No. Look, um...I'm sorry. I don't--I'm just kinda bummed.

Hope: Because?

Eli: Gabi and I. It's over.

Hope: Gosh, I am...sorry. I'm sorry to hear that.

Eli: Yeah.

Hope: Wouldn't have anything to do with...with her running into Chad here, would it?

Eli: [Snickers] Let's just skip it, all right? All I care about is seeing Xander in cuffs walking behind Deimos in cuffs.

Hope: Yeah. Now, that's a nice thought, isn't it?

Eli: Yeah.

JJ: This is your life, my friend.

Lani: Actually, that's your past. You need to start worrying about your future.

JJ: These may be Greek to us, but...outstanding arrest warrants look pretty much the same everywhere.

Lani: We talked to the locals. Apparently, you're known for doing people's dirty work. People want you in jail, my friend...or even worse.

JJ: So here's the deal. You cooperate, we can help you. You keep sitting there giving us this silent treatment, we will turn you over to people who will drop you in a very deep, dark hole.

Lani: We know you met with Deimos Kiriakis.

JJ: Either you start telling us what you know about him, or your deal disappears.

Lani: Well... looks like he's not interested. I'll make that call.

Guy: Okay, I'll tell you what you want to know.

[Edgy music]

Deimos: This is going to be a surgical operation. No one should know I was even there. Is that clear?

Sonny: He's still on the phone. I think he's packed. Should be leaving soon.

Paul: Great. And we know where he's headed.

Sonny: To get Nicole.

Paul: Yeah. And we're gonna follow him.

Sonny: Yep. And we'll take him the minute we see Nicole and the baby.

Paul: Sonny... we are going to grab him and hold him for the Greek police. That's it.

Sonny: Right. Yeah, yeah, of course.

Paul: The authorities promised that they'd honor any request for extradition, and Eli grant said that if Nicole confirms Deimos was involved, he'll file kidnapping charges, ASAP.

Sonny: And then that bastard's no longer head of titan. I am. What?

Sonny: You need to gut-check your motives, dude.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Damn it. I should have seen this coming a long time ago. Xander's been working for Deimos all along.

Eric: That's obvious--now, anyway. Why would he let him go? I don't get it.

Nicole: Well, you would if you were Deimos. He's wanted Xander in his debt.

Eric: Now he's collecting.

Nicole: This all started in Canada. I mean, Xander scared the hell outta me and held me at gunpoint. And then Deimos was supposed to swoop in and rescue me until it all went terribly wrong and Xander shot Brady. And now what, Deimos is gonna swoop in and rescue me here, and I'm supposed to be all grateful and... oh, my God. Deimos actually thinks I'm gonna fall in love with him again.

[Dramatic musical flourish]

Nicole: That text about... someone coming to get me. That had to be from Deimos.

Eric: Had to be.

Nicole: But at least holly is safe. The pilot knows to take off if I don't show up tonight.

Eric: Assuming you're right and Xander worked for Deimos... who's coming to save you tonight--what are you gonna do when he gets here?

Nicole: I have no choice, obviously. I have to go wherever he wants to take me. And I'll never see Brady again.

Brady: I spoke to Nicole earlier.

[Soft music]

John: You... spoke to Nicole.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah. She--she called me. [Coughs]

John: Really?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, she...said that she and holly were fine and that... I was just hoping that I would hear back from her, you know, by now. [Sniffs]

Marlena: Hello. Look who I brought to see you.

Brady: Oh, hey... buddy, how you doing?

John: Hi, kiddo.

Brady: It's good to see--hi! Welcome to my bed. I wish I was in the park. [Coughs, sniffs] I'll tell ya that. Hi.

Marlena: Look, we don't want to tire you out.

Brady: No, hey, seeing this guy... seeing this guy--you make me stronger. [Sniffs] You know, I gotta tell you something... I am so happy... now that you're in my life. You know that? You know that? [Sniffles] My whole world's just better 'cause of you. D-do me a favor. [Coughs] Do me a favor, hey. Never forget... how much I love you, all right? 'Cause I do. Okay? [Coughs]

Marlena: His heartbeat is getting better--I'm gonna go tell the doctor.

John: Say good-bye to daddy. Let's say bye-bye.

Brady: Gimme a high-five. High-five there. Yeah.

Marlena: You wanna try for a high-five, you wanna go? Marlena: All right!

John: That was a good one!

Brady: That's a good one.

Marlena: Bye-bye, daddy.

Brady: Bye, buddy. Bye, buddy.

John: [Laughs] Oh...look at that. Good job, kid. Seeing Tate just made you rally. This is good news.

Brady: Yeah, it's good. I just wanna get well for him, dad. [Sniffles] I just, uh...I wanna get well for him, but I'm tired. [Sighs] I'm tired. [Whispers]

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, just get some rest, all right? You're gonna get better soon, son.

Brady: What if I don't? What if I don't?

[Somber music]

Brady: I was just--I was just a baby when mom died, remember?

[Soft music]

John: Losing your... your wonderful mother Isabella was tough times all the way around, kid.

Brady: You kept her alive for me, though. Your stories, remember... stories...did a good job with that.

John: Well, I'm glad you think so. I-I-I tried.

Brady: Will you do that for...for me with Tate when I'm gone?

John: Wait, wait, wait, what are you talkin' about? You tell him your own stories. You're not going anywhere.

Brady: I think we'd both... like to believe that's...true, dad, but... we both know it's not.

[Somber music]

Sonny: My motives have been clear from the start. Why shouldn't I take over titan? Deimos has to go. End of story.

Paul: Yes. I realize that--

Sonny: And if he gets arrested for kidnapping, you're looking at the heir apparent. It'll be my time, and not a moment too soon, because that son of a bitch has wrecked titan and my family.

Paul: Okay, look, I'm not trying to stick up for him, Sonny...yes, he's evil. I hope that he gets caught and he's put away for life. But what I am worried about is you...that this job is gonna change you.

Sonny: Oh. Like I'm gonna wind up like Deimos? I'm gonna be a younger version of Mr. Evil? Come on, Paul. When this job is handed to me, it's going to be stressful. I'm gonna have to make decisions every ten minutes. But I'm good with that. I will stay who I am, who I was raised to be. I will never change.

Paul: You know, you're right, uh... yeah, yeah, I'm, uh... I'm with you, all the way. Count me in.

Sonny: Thank you. Now, let's get this bastard.

[Lightly edgy music]

Guy: I...I met Mr. Kiriakis when I tried to retrieve an artifact for him from Egypt, okay? An amulet, very expensive, but cursed. Everyone knows it's cursed. Anyone who ever came into possession has had terrible--

JJ: Okay, never mind that. Did you get it for him or not?

Guy: No, I screwed up!

Lani: Then why are we even talking about it?

Guy: Because, you see, I was afraid that he would be angry, that he would punish me. But all he wanted to talk about was his plan to get this certain woman and her baby to go away with him.

JJ: Holly and Nicole.

Lani: Did he give you a name?

Guy: No. He just wanted me to make the travel arrangements.

JJ: Meaning what?

Guy: A helicopter. He gave me cash to hire one with a pilot and supplies.

JJ: Did he say where this chopper was going?

Guy: Of course--I had to tell the pilot. It's going to thaskada... an island just off the coast. But he didn't say where they were going after that.

JJ: Where's that helicopter right now?

Guy: North of the city. You have a map?

Lani: On it.

Guy: But I've got to tell you something very important. On thaskada...the helicopter is going to land on a villa that is owned by a very bad man, okay? I've seen him once or twice in town, and the stories... you cannot comprehend. Dozen of armed guards. Very dangerous.

JJ: This the guy?

Guy: Yes, this is him! Very dangerous!

Lani: So Deimos arranged for this helicopter to fly to thaskada where he's gonna run into a firestorm of security, but...somehow manage to get Nicole walker and her baby on this helicopter and fly off into the night.

JJ: How the hell does he expect to pull that off?

Guy: No, no, no, you don't understand. The man living on the villa-- he works for Deimos Kiriakis!

[Dramatic music]

Eric: I have to ask. How in the world could you convince yourself you loved a man like Deimos?

Nicole: Oh, okay. I know, it was stupid, all right? But at least... now I know why.

Eric: Why?

[Soft music]

Nicole: Because when Daniel died... I was devastated. I was so empty, and not--not just because he was my whole world. And I know this is gonna sound stupid... but because he wanted me to be a better person like him.

Eric: I can understand.

Nicole: And after he was gone, I just...I just got so angry.

Eric: At me.

Nicole: Yes, at you, at God, at the whole world. And I just--I didn't care anymore. I didn't care about...being a better person. That woman who he wanted me to be...she died with Daniel. Does that make sense?

Eric: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. Then Deimos, he stepped in, saying that...he would love you just the way you were.

[Soft music]

Nicole: Yeah. And I didn't have to be a better person with Deimos. I just had to...take the easy road. [Small laugh] And we all know that never works out, does it?

Eric: Not really. But you loved him.

Nicole: Yeah. A...twisted version of love. Then that--that woman who wanted to be better...was reborn.

Eric: With holly.

Nicole: Daniel's daughter. And it's like a part of him came back to tell me that I could... do better, be better.

Eric: Nicole, being a mother has completely changed you.

Nicole: And if I lose holly, I will lose myself, that... that Nicole that Daniel wanted me to be.

Eric: Hey, Nicole, look at me. Hey. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Ah. Here, Paul. You watch for a while before my neck winds up in traction.

Paul: Yeah, no problem.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Hey, JJ, what's happening?

JJ: We got something. That thug you guys collared finally decided to talk, and guess what--Xander is working for Deimos.

Sonny: I knew it! There's no way Xander and Deimos just happened to be in Manitoba at the same time. I'll be right there. The thug just gave up Deimos. Xander is working for him.

Paul: Yes! We're gonna get 'em both.

Sonny: This is perfect.

Paul: Okay, um, look, you get the local cops up to speed. Arrange for backup. I'm gonna keep an eye on Deimos.

Sonny: All right, I'll see you soon--this is gonna be sweet.

Paul: Hey, listen, Sonny. I know how bad you want this, okay, but you need to remember who we are dealing with. This is Deimos, and if he is cornered...he's gonna be twice as dangerous.

Sonny: I got it. You be careful too.

Paul: Right.

[Suspenseful music]

[Phone vibrates]


Paul: Dad, hey, what's up? How are you? Where are you?

John: I'm in Salem, son.

Paul: Great. Did you finally finish that assignment you were working on?

John: No, no, not yet. Listen, I...I want you to... prepare yourself for some bad news.

Paul: Brady?

John: Correct. No matter what the doctors are doing, his body is rejecting Daniel's heart.

Paul: Oh, man.

John: He's losing the fight, son. It's just a matter of time.

Paul: That's, uh... uh, well, okay, uh...I'll square things up here, and then, uh... we got a lotta people on this, so...I'll go straight to the airport and I'll get to you as soon as I can, dad. I'll be there no later than tomorrow, okay?

John: No, no, you-- oh, God, I can't believe I'm saying this out loud. You...won't be able to make it here in time.

Paul: Well, uh, I, uh... I can be there. I-I can still be there for you.

John: No, no, I'll be okay. I want you to stay there. You say a prayer for your brother, and you do...whatever it takes to catch the guy that shot your brother. Would you do that?

Paul: Yes. I will. Damn right.

John: All right. And then you find Nicole, and you do what your brother would want-- you bring her home safe.

[Somber music]

Nicole: You're not gonna let that happen, huh? Well, that's great. I mean, it's totally meaningless, but what the hell? You were a priest, right, and they taught you how to be reassuring.

Eric: No, I'm serious.

Nicole: Well, just stop being serious, okay, because we have nothing.

Eric: Nicole, I made a vow to Brady to get you and holly to safety.

Nicole: Well, when the pilot takes off with holly, you've done half your job--you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Eric: No. I can't guarantee we're gonna get another chance to escape.

Nicole: Well, we're not.

Eric: If we do...I don't want you to worry about me. I want you to run, and don't look back--

Nicole: Okay, will you stop, please with the noble speeches? They're making the air all sticky.

Eric: The only thing that's important is getting you... back to holly. Getting to safety.


Eric: What is that?

Nicole: The cage.

Eric: What cage?

[Tense music]

[Intense percussive music]

Eli: All right, you ready to get back at it?

Hope: Yeah, just give me a second. I got a message from Julie. How did I miss this? I'll just give her a call tomorrow. So, Eli, tell me... how's it been, huh? Being the latest member of the Horton clan?

Eli: Interesting.

Hope: I bet.

Eli: No. Everyone's welcomed me like...I've always belonged. It's really cool having a big family.

Hope: Yeah. I know Julie can be a little possessive, but it's--it all comes from love.

Eli: No kidding.

Hope: Okay?

Eli: She has been all over me about breaking up with Gabi. I'm sure once she finds out that I did it, she'll be thrilled.

Hope: Yeah. Uh, shall we?

Eli: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Eli: Oh, wait, this is Lani. Lani, hey. Hope and I aren't having much luck over here. How's it going on your side?

Lani: Well, Mr. FBI, I know you'll be thrilled to hear that JJ and I just broke this case wide open.

Eli: Uh-huh! Not too competitive. What's going on?

Lani: Come back to the plane. We'll fill you in. Then...we'll plan on how we're gonna arrest Deimos and Xander both.

Eli: Whoa. All right, detective, we're on our way.

[Suspenseful music]

JJ: Guy gave us everything. He's scared to death.

Sonny: He should be. He ratted out Deimos. Over here, that's a death sentence. I'm gonna go ahead and call Spiros at headquarters, arrange the arrest warrants. He'll give us all the backup that we need.

JJ: Okay, but make sure he understands this operation has to be totally silent. Deimos can't hear us coming, and neither can Xander. If they know they're trapped... only God knows what they'll do to Nicole and her baby.

Brady: It'll be okay, dad.

John: [Whispers] Yeah, it will. 'Cause you're gonna come through this just fine.

Brady: Yeah...

John: Because...

[Brady coughs]

John: You know, since I got back, I been hearing some--some talk. So what's going on? Is my son falling in love again?

Brady: Oh, no... [Weak laugh]

John: [Laughs] What's going on?

Brady: Okay, I'll tell you. Yeah. Your son's in love with Nicole.

John: [Laughs]

Nicole: No--stop! Hey! You listen to me. If you value your soft parts, you will not put me in that cage!

Milos: Stop talking! The cage is not for you--it's for him. Xander doesn't trust you to be together. Now, turn around!

[Tense music]

Nicole: Aah!

Eric: Nicole, get off! Stop!

Nicole: [Crying] Eric, I'm sorry. I tried--I'm sorry.

Eric: I'm gonna be fine. Just remember what you promised.

[Intense music]

[Intense musical sting]

Lani: Greek cops agree to do backup?

JJ: Well, they're more than happy to have us lead the charge, but...yeah, they got our backs, plus any kind of warrant we need.

Lani: Great. Eli just texted they're ready to roll.

JJ: Hmm.

Lani: What are you doing? I'm a big girl, you know.

JJ: What do you want me to say? I wanna make sure you're all right.

Lani: You care.

JJ: Of course I care. I want you to be safe.

Lani: [Chuckles] You sure do have a way with the romantic words. I'm blown away.

JJ: I'm being romantic all over the place. I adjusted your vest, didn't I? It's perfect.

[Soft music]

Lani: Now yours is too.

Brady: You know, I didn't even--I didn't even see it coming.

[Both laughing]

[Brady coughs]

John: Well, kid, you know love can be whacky like that. Sometimes you're the last to know.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it took her some convincing. [Coughs] But I finally got her to come around. And, dad, we were happy. We were happy.

John: [Whispers] That's nice, son.

Brady: Up there in Canada, we were a family. The four of us, you know--Tate, me, Nicole, and holly. I loved it. I just... I'm sorry I'm never gonna feel that again. I wanna feel that. [Crying] I wanna feel that again. [Sniffles] [Coughing] [Labored breathing]

[Tense music]

Deimos: All right, it's time. I told you everything we need to happen. You have any questions?

No, sir. Everything's clear.

Deimos: Good. Go.

Nicole: You were loaded, and you got behind the wheel of a car when I told you not to. You killed Daniel! And your sorry isn't gonna bring him back any more than my crying and grieving will.

Eric: I know, I know... I know what I did. I'm sorry.

Nicole: You don't know. You're not sorry. You couldn't understand because you walked away from that accident. You're alive, Eric. You're alive! [Crying] I'm sorry...that you're in hell. But you put us both there. I can't even find my own way out, let alone help you. And the only way that you're gonna help me is you stay out of my sight. You stay away from me, and don't you ever speak to me again, ever! Get away from me!

[Door clicks]

Xander: Well, well, well. See what happens to naughty boys in my house? How's it going, Eric? Feeling like a...caged lion? Lemme hear you roar. No? No, knowing you, you probably just want to whine like a little puppy, don't you?

Eric: Why don't you just keep me and let Nicole go?

Xander: You know, it is funny how much you worry about Nicole. How can you still have feelings for someone who hates your guts? It's pathetic.

Eric: No, what's pathetic is that you think you can be as important as the other men in your family.

Xander: Watch your mouth.

Eric: Daniel, Brady...Philip. They're all better than you will ever be. Victor--he said it best. You're worthless.

Xander: I don't need your opinion...about anything. You're nothing but a drunk and a murderer. A priest who couldn't hack it. In fact... if I were you, padre... I'd say my prayers.

[Dark music]

[Suspenseful music]

[Percussive music]

[Phone vibrating]


JJ: Hey, man, we all set?

Lani: Our Greek backup ready to move?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I, uh...I just spoke to 'em and... they're all set, so...they're on their way.

Lani: Great. As soon as hope and Eli are-- Sonny, is there something wrong?

Sonny: Paul's not answering.

JJ: Well, maybe he put it on silent.

Sonny: No. It's always on vibrate so I can reach him. Something's wrong. I have to go back there. Do not leave without me.

[Tense music]

Eric: What, you wanna kill me? You can.

Xander: Yes. I can.

Eric: Well, then go ahead. I've made peace with my God and all those I've hurt. So you think you--

Xander: [Scoffs] Come on, Eric. I'm not gonna fall for the oldest trick in the book, you know, and look behind me so you can grab my gun. Guess what? I'm not that stu--

Eric: Nicole! How'd you get out?

Nicole: I stole that guard's keys.

Eric: I told you not to risk your life coming for me. You should have run and never looked back!

Nicole: Come on. Look, we gotta get outta here, okay, but we're surrounded by guards.

Eric: We're gonna find a way outta here.

Nicole: Okay.

[Thrumming sound]

Nicole: What is that?

Eric: I hate to say it, but it's a helicopter. It's coming this way.

Nicole: Oh, no. That means Deimos will be here any minute.

[Machine beeping]

Brady: I...I was remembering when I was little.

[Quiet piano notes]

John: Okay.

Brady: When I first learned how baseball.

John: [Laughs] Baseball.

Brady: I couldn't, uh... couldn't hit the damn ball, dad. I was good in the field. I couldn't hit.

John: [Laughing] Oh, I don't know, I think you did okay.

Brady: No. You're lying to me. I couldn't hit. Couldn't hit a grapefruit. You kept...saying those four words to me: "Hang in there, son," is what you said.

John: And you did.

Brady: And the last game--last game of the season, I finally hit that ball. It was terrible, dad. I grounded it... short--[Coughs] Short stop. I didn't even run. I just stood there like an idiot. [Laughs] Reason I didn't run is 'cause I was looking at you in the bleachers. I wanted to see your face. I wanted... I wanted to see if you were proud of me and that you knew that your son didn't quit.

John: I was buttons.

Brady: I didn't quit.

John: [Whispers] You didn't quit.

Brady: No. You hang in there, Dad, you... [Murmurs] You hang in there.

[Somber music]

[Alarm beeping]

John: No, no, no, no, no. No, come on, so--come on, son, fight, you fight, son, come on, son, fight. Hey, I need some help in here. I need a doctor. I need some help in here. My son needs some help in here.

[Alarm beeping]

John: I need some help in here, please.

Marlena: You know, there must be somebody that I can call. I-I'm just afraid that without a new heart for Brady, there's no--

[Somber music]

Marlena: I'll call you back.

John: He's unconscious. He's barely breathing. Doctors don't think that he's gonna make it.

[Dramatic music]

Paul. Paul! Are you all right? Hey...

Paul: I think so...

Sonny: Here, come here. Come sit down. What happened?

Paul: I don't know. I was watching Deimos, and then some--somebody hit me from the back. Ohh...

JJ: Okay, backup's here. As soon as Sonny and Paul tell us Deimos is on the move, we're outta here.

[Phone rings]


Hope: Hey, Sonny.

Sonny: Deimos left the hotel. We have no idea how long ago. He could be in the air already.

Hope: Deimos is in the air.

Eli: Not a problem. We know exactly where his helicopter's headed.

[Dark music]

Deimos: Xander? What the hell is going on with the lights? Xander--you hear me? What the hell?

Eric: Drop the gun, Deimos!

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Oh, my goodness, Deimos. You came all this way? Well, as you can see, we've been expecting you.

[Intense percussive music]

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