Days Transcript Wednesday 5/17/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/17/17


Episode #13090 ~ Nicole escapes to Eric's jet and reunites with Holly; Xander & Eric go over their past as Xander makes plans to find Nicole; Kayla informs Brady that his condition is getting worse; Marlena shares an emotional reunion with John.

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Tripp: [Clears throat]

Jade: How many times you gonna watch those DVDs?

Tripp: I mean, it's the only way I can get to know my mom-- thanks to Kayla.

Jade: So you're, like, 100% sure she's the one who iced your mom?

Tripp: Makes total sense-- even more now that after I talked to my dad's sister.

Jade: Adrienne Kiriakis? What'd she say?

Tripp: A lot. But what stuck to me most was that my dad took the rap for her when she killed their old man so she wouldn't get sent away.

Jade: I told you Steve's a good guy.

Tripp: Maybe. At least I know he was not the one who killed my mom. But she deserves justice, and I'm gonna make sure she gets it.

Jade: I doubt that there's any evidence against Kayla... especially since Steve is the one who took the rap.

Tripp: Then I'll find another way.

Steve: Aw, come on, Joe. You know she's just looking out for you.

Joey: I know. I just-- I wish she'd leave it alone, you know? I don't need mom to play matchmaker.

Steve: Look, she just wants you to meet new people.

Joey: Meet a new girl, you mean.

Steve: What can I tell you? She thinks you're a catch.

Joey: Yeah, right.

Steve: Yeah, well, I know you're kind of funny-looking and a little bit nerdy, but she's your mom. She thinks you're handsome.

Joey: Yeah, what's up with that?

Steve: I don't know. Anyway, maybe this dr. Trout's daughter really is a catch. You talk to her on the phone yet or texted with her?

Joey: Yeah, both. She actually seems pretty cool, so...

Steve: Alice, right?

Joey: Alyssa.

Steve: Oh. Okay. Well, listen, just a date. Try to have a good time.

Joey: I will, dad. Thanks.

[Cell phone ringing]

Steve: Hey, Tripp. What's up?

Tripp: Hey. Uh, remember when I said I wanted to get to know you a little better?

Steve: Yeah.

Tripp: How about now?

Steve: Oh. Well, I've got a case I'm working on.

Tripp: Another time, then.

Steve: No, no. Why don't you, uh-- why don't you come along with me?

Tripp: You sure? I don't want to intrude.

Steve: No, you won't be intruding. How about you meet me in the Salem inn lobby in ten minutes?

Tripp: I'll be there.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Hello? Is anyone here?

Roy: Nicole.

Nicole: [Gasps]

Roy: You made it. Eric showed me your picture. I'm Roy, the pilot.

Nicole: Oh, hi, Roy. Oh, my goodness.

Roy: Here you go.

Nicole: Hi, sweetheart. Oh, hi. Yeah. Oh, god, I wasn't sure I would make it back. Oh, my little angel. Roy, thank you. Thank you so much for taking care of her.

Roy: Oh, she's a special little girl.

Nicole: Yes. Yes, she is.

Roy: Where's Eric?

Nicole: Oh...

Eric: [Grunts]


[Door clicks shut]

Xander: You've been a bad boy, Eric, riding to Nicole's rescue, helping her escape. Looks like she's even found her way off the island.

Eric: Yeah, that's good to hear.

Xander: Not for you... and not for her when my men find her and bring her back to me.

Eric: Yeah, well, she's long gone by now.

Xander: I doubt it. I still have the one thing that she cares about more than anything in the world: Her precious little baby.

Eric: [Laughing] Yeah, you better guess again, buddy. You guess again.

[Monitor beeping]

Marlena: Hi, honey.

Brady: Hey.

Marlena: Um... any word from Nicole?

Brady: No. I'm hoping no news is good news, though.

Marlena: Yeah.

Brady: How about, um, dad?

Marlena: Oh, I tried reaching him. No luck so far.

Brady: It's fine, Marlena. It's fine.

Marlena: It's not fine. And if he knew what was going on, he would move heaven and earth to be with you. You know that.

Brady: I know that. I do.

[Knock at door]

Marlena: Oh.

Kayla: Uh, bad timing?

Brady: No, not if--not if you have the latest results for me.

Kayla: Well, I do, but I could come back when you're alone.

Brady: Kayla, it's okay. She's--she's family.

Kayla: Okay. Um, the test shows that your body is not responding to the antirejection medication.

Brady: All right. Um, what about a new-- new heart for me?

Kayla: It's not likely.

Brady: You're telling me that I'm-- I'm already dying, aren't I?

Xander: How did you do it? That nanny had instructions not to release the baby!

Eric: Yeah, well, I told her her orders were to release the baby to me.

Xander: Damn you, Eric!

Eric: It's not my fault you couldn't hire somebody who could calm an infant.

Xander: You tell me exactly where the baby is!

Eric: She's safe in the arms of her mother, somewhere far away from here.

Xander: [Yells]

[Tense music]

Nicole: Eric is still with the guards. He was trying to keep them from coming after me.

Roy: Well, the fact that he still isn't back tells me that the guards are keeping him now.

Nicole: I didn't want to leave him. But he told me to go while I had the chance.

Roy: Eric told me if you come back alone, we should leave without him. You good with that?

Nicole: Yeah. I can't lose her again.

Joey: So, uh, your major... premed?

Alyssa: Why would you think that?

Joey: I don't know. I just assumed, since your dad's a doctor.

Alyssa: So's your mom. Are you premed?

Joey: No way. I hate the sight of blood.

Alyssa: Me too.

[Both laugh]

Alyssa: So, uh, my dad says you have a sister?

Joey: Yeah, uh, Stephanie. And a half brother, Tripp. Uh, he's my dad's son.

Alyssa: So you have a stepmom?

Joey: Uh, no, not-- not really. [Chuckles nervously]

Alyssa: What do you mean, "not really"?

Joey: Um... could we talk about something else?

Alyssa: Sorry. Yeah. Too many questions?

Joey: No, it's okay. Um, I just-- I want to hear more about you. So what is your major?

Alyssa: Promise you won't laugh?

Joey: Now I probably will.

Alyssa: Oh, my god.

[Both laugh]

Alyssa: I do that too. The minute someone tells me not to laugh, that's exactly what I have to do.

[Both laugh]

Alyssa: But seriously...

Joey: Okay.

Alyssa: Don't laugh.

Joey: All right. [Laughs]

Alyssa: I haven't even told you what it is yet.

Joey: Sorry. Sorry.

Alyssa: God, Joey.

[Both laughing]

Joey: Oh, I always do that. [Laughs]

Alyssa: It's theater. I know. I know.

[Both laughing]

Steve: Okay. Hey, lock the door. Make sure it's secure.

Tripp: So what's the story? We here to, you know, make a big drug bust? Break up a jewelry heist?

Steve: Well, first of all, I wouldn't have asked you along if there was any real danger involved.

Tripp: I mean, you know, not like I couldn't handle it.

Steve: Well, maybe you could, but, uh, I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you.

Tripp: [Sighs] So what are we doing here?

Steve: Well, as much as I would like you to believe your dad is a badass crime buster, sometimes the cases I work on are, you know, small-scale domestic issues. You know...

Tripp: Like what?

Steve: Well, custody battles, cheating spouses, that kind of thing. Come over here. See that building across the way? There's one window with a light on.

Tripp: What about it?

Steve: Well, that is where my client believes that her husband is having an affair with a coworker. It's my job to prove her right or wrong. I told you, small-scale today.

Tripp: I mean, small-scale or not, it'll, you know, still be cool to see you in action.

Steve: Well, you know, I-- I am grateful that you're giving me a chance to show you what I do.

Tripp: Yeah, but, uh...

Steve: What?

Tripp: Look, I don't think we should get ahead of ourselves, okay? I mean, I'm all up for the idea of me getting to know you a little better, but... it's not simple, you know? There are still some...issues.

Steve: I understand. We'll take it slow.

Xander: Are you looking to be forgiven? Is that why you risked your life for someone who hates your guts?

Eric: I don't want anything. I did what I had to do.

Xander: Oh, because you always do the right thing, don't you, Eric? Except for when you drive drunk and start mowing people down. I hope you get some satisfaction out of playing sir Galahad. This is not gonna end well for you...or Nicole.

Nicole: This nightmare is almost over, sweetheart.

[Door clatters]

Roy: We're ready to head back to Salem.

Nicole: No! No. I can't go back to Salem.

Roy: I don't understand.

Nicole: I guess Eric didn't fill you in. Look, I'm wanted for kidnapping, okay, but she is my daughter. It's a long story. But if the authorities get wind that I'm in town, they will take her away from me and I will lose her again.

Roy: Well, where do you want me to go?

Nicole: I don't know. Rome, Copenhagen. I don't know. Anywhere but Salem.

Roy: Okay, okay. I'll check into landing at some private, more secluded airports in Europe and maybe even the states?

Nicole: Fine. Just... stay far away from Salem.

Roy: I'll see what I can do.

Nicole: Don't worry, honey. Mommy's not gonna let anyone take you away from me again.

Kayla: Brady, you can't give up hope. Valerie and I are working very hard to get you healthy again. But we need your help.

Brady: Don't worry. I'M...not ready to concede defeat yet.

Marlena: Well, that's good. We want you around for a very long time.

Kayla: I'm gonna go find Valerie. And I'll check back with you later, all right? Hang in there.

Brady: Okay. [Groans]

Marlena: Mm, how are you feeling?

Brady: I'd feel a lot better if I knew that Nicole and... [Coughs] Holly were safe.

Marlena: There's got to be a way to find them both very soon.

Brady: No, I just-- I just need Eric to find them.

Marlena: Eric? Why Eric?

Brady: Don't be ups-- don't be upset with me. I asked him to go find them... and help them escape, Marlena. He went to Greece on a Kiriakis jet.

Marlena: Have you forgotten there's bad blood between them because of Nicole?

Brady: Well, he wanted to-- he wanted to go. He was grateful, wanted to help. He wanted to do something.

Marlena: [Sighs] Because of Daniel.

Brady: Because of Daniel, yeah.

Marlena: I, uh-- I'm gonna try to give him a call.

[Knock at door]

John: Hey, kid. Hey, doc.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, john! Oh.

John: Hey, kid.

Brady: How you doing?

Brady: Hey.

John: How you doing, kid?

Brady: Hell of a lot better now that I'm looking at you.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: I can't believe you're here. Pamela made it sound as though--

John: The mission I was on couldn't be interrupted? Well, it turns out that someone gave her an earful and she got a sudden pang of conscience.

Marlena: Oh! [Chuckles] I'm just so glad it worked.

Brady: Mm. Well, what about your-- your assignment?

John: Oh, I just called in a few favors, had it put on hold. Damn, I'm so sorry it took me so long to get here, kid.

Brady: It's all right. You're here now. That's all that matters.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Upbeat rock music playing]

Joey: Okay, so thing is, I don't want to insult you by assuming, because you're a girl, that I should pay. But I also don't want to insult you by assuming that you don't want me to pay if you do-- which is totally fine, since I asked you out.

Alyssa: Technically, our parents asked us out. So why don't we split it?

Joey: Okay. Deal.

[Both chuckle]

Alyssa: I have to go to the ladies' room. Be right back.

Joey: Okay.

Jade: Hey, Joey.

Joey: Jade, what are you doing here?

Jade: It's a public place.

Joey: Yeah, well, I'm actually here with someone, so if you don't mind...

Jade: Sorry. Wait, are--are you on a date?

Joey: Yes, okay? I'm on a date.

Jade: That was quick.

Joey: Not really. We've been over for a while now. I've moved on. I think you should do the same.

Tripp: Taking notes?

Steve: Yeah, I have to keep a log of activity-- or lack of it-- about every 15 minutes.

Tripp: So that's part of your process?

Steve: That's right. You know, it does get a little more complicated with criminal cases, though. 'Cause I spend most of my time trailing suspects and, uh-- and gathering evidence and putting it all together for them.

Tripp: And, uh, once you're done with that?

Steve: Well, then we give it to the police, or we confront the suspect ourselves.

Tripp: Sounds exciting.

Steve: Yeah, it can be. Got to tell you, though, some days, the most excitement I get is raiding the minibar.

Tripp: [Chuckles]

Steve: Yeah, go for it. I can expense it.

Tripp: You want anything?

Steve: Uh, see if there's any root beer in there.

Tripp: Seriously?

Steve: Something wrong with root beer?

Tripp: No, it's just, uh, I like it too.

Steve: Well, I think that deserves a toast. To one more thing we have in common.

Tripp: [Chuckles]

Steve: Mmm. So, Tripp, um, have you given any more thought to what kind of work you want to do?

Tripp: Well, I'll tell you that my days of bussing tables are over. I'll tell you that much.

Steve: I don't blame you. I was just hoping you're not planning to, um, live off the Vitali money.

Tripp: Look, I know you're not thrilled I took the inheritance, but it comes in small installments, so... I still need to work.

Steve: Well, that's not a bad thing.

Tripp: No, no, not at all. I'm used to it. Just wish I had some idea what I really wanted to do. [Chuckles]

Steve: You remember when Kayla said she thought you had a gift for something in the medical profession? I know she was really impressed with the way you helped her save roman's life.

Tripp: I mean, I was just glad I could help. But, I mean, medical school? That's a big commitment.

Steve: Yeah, it is. But maybe you could test it out first. You could, uh, follow Kayla around the hospital, you know, shadow her.

Tripp: Think she'd be okay with that?

Steve: Man, she said she'd do anything she can to help.

Tripp: [Chuckles] Right. Yeah. That's really nice of her. And, you know, shadowing Kayla... not a bad idea.

Eric: I'm not worried how it's gonna end.

Xander: You don't care that you're completely expendable? I could kill you right now and feed you to the sharks.

Eric: Your call.

Xander: I'll figure out what to do with you later. Right now, I need to find Nicole. She's not getting away from me again.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Yes, uh, I need to get a status on a patient, Brady black. Me? Oh, um... I'm his sister, belle. Listen, I-I-I really need to talk to my brother. I just can't remember his room number. Can you patch me in? Thank you so much.

[Line clicks]

[Phone rings]

Brady: [Grunts] Yeah. Uh, put--put her through. Hey, tink, how you doing?

Nicole: Brady... it's me. It's--it's--it's Nicole.

Brady: Nic! Nic, oh, my god. Are--are you okay? Is holly okay?

Nicole: Yes, we're-- we're fine. We're on the Kiriakis jet, and, uh, we're about to take off.

Brady: Oh, god, Eric, he-- he found you, right? Thank god he found you.

Nicole: Yes, he did, but, um--

Brady: Don't be upset with me that I sent him, okay? He was the only one that I could count on. I wanted him to-- to be the one. Nic, he didn't even hesitate. He said he-- [Coughs] He said he wanted to do anything to help you and holly.

Nicole: Yes, we wouldn't be on this jet if it weren't for Eric.

Brady: I was so worried about you. Nic, I love you. I love you so much, you and holly.

Nicole: We love you so much too.

Brady: Is, uh-- [Coughs] Is Eric there? I want to talk to him.

Nicole: Brady... Eric's--Eric's not--

[Static crackling on line]

Nicole: Brady? Brady, are you there?

[Bell dings]

Roy: We're all clear. Ready to go.

Nicole: Brady.

[Static crackles on line]

Holly: [Cooing]

Nicole: Shh.

[Dramatic music]

 Really. I mean, it's like, I feel we have a lot in common, you know?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah, me too. Um, at first, I wished my mom hadn't set this up, but... turns out it was a good idea.

Alyssa: Definitely.

Jade: That witch will do anything to keep Joey away from me. I heard about your mother.

Joey: Arrested for murder! Oh, god, it's horrible.

Jade: I'm so sorry, Joey.

Joey: How am I gonna get through this? How?

Jade: Hey, I'll help you. I'm here for you.

[Soft music]

[Both laughing]

Alyssa: Why, thank you.

Joey: You're welcome.

Jade: I've got to find a way to get rid of Kayla. It's the only way I'm gonna get Joey back.

Kayla: We've done everything we can, john.

John: Yeah, I don't doubt that for a second. I just wish there were something that I could do.

Kayla: Well, unfortunately, the only thing that's gonna save Brady right now is if his body stops attacking his heart.

John: And if it doesn't?

Marlena: Well, we just have to hope that it will and that Brady will make it through this.

Nicole: Officer? Officer, oh, my god. I-I-I need your help. A-a-a-a man named Xander or Alexandros Cook Kiriakis, he--he kidnapped me and my baby. I mean, we got away, but he's holding someone else hostage. It's the man that rescued me and my daughter. Xander, he's got--he's got him in a villa on a small island just not far from the mainland. Could you please help me?

Detective Demopoulos: I hear of this man Kiriakis. Very dangerous, no?

Nicole: Yeah, so I need you to help me free this hostage. Can you?

Detective Demopoulos: You show me location?

Nicole: Yes, but we have to hurry.

Detective Demopoulos: We'll use a patrol boat.

Nicole: Okay, fine, but we have to go now. Can we--

Detective Demopoulos: [Speaking Greek] This way.

Nicole: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: Thanks for the advice on shadowing Kayla at the hospital. Sounds like a good plan, if she doesn't mind.

Steve: Oh, I told you, she'll do anything she can to help. I'm sure she's happy to do it. You know what? It's kind of nice that, uh, one of my kids is taking my advice. You know, I'm so used to Stephanie and Joe rolling their eyes every time I make a suggestion.

Tripp: [Chuckles] They don't know what they have.

Steve: What do you mean?

Tripp: I'm not judging, but, you know, most kids take their parents for granted.

Steve: Yeah.

Tripp: You know, my old man-- or my adoptive dad-- didn't care anything about me to give me any advice other than, "steer clear of me, kid."

Steve: Well, that's too bad. I guess you've heard enough stories about me to know that I wasn't a perfect parent, though. I missed, um, most of Stephanie's childhood-- although that wasn't by choice. But with Joe, I made the decision to stay gone... because I thought it was the only way I could protect my family.

Tripp: You do that a lot-- go to the extremes to protect the people you love?

Steve: Well, like you, I didn't grow up surrounded by a lot of love. So once I found it, yeah. I did anything I could to protect them.

Tripp: Looks like your client's husband is locking the door. And...he's not alone.

Steve: You sure?

Tripp: It's just him and a pretty redhead.

Steve: Oh!

Tripp: And now they're kissing. [Chuckles]

Steve: They are definitely more than friends. Here we go.

[Camera shutter snapping]

Tripp: Jeez. You'd think they'd close the blinds.

Steve: You're not supposed to be watching this.

Tripp: Is what they're doing even legal in this state?

Steve: Hey! Didn't you tell me you just turned 21? Give me that!

Tripp: [Laughs]

Nicole: Okay. This is the place. Can I go back to the boat now?

Detective Demopoulos: Not yet. I need you to identify the suspect.

Nicole: Well, are you sure we should go in without any backup? I mean, Xander's got guards surrounding this place.

Detective Demopoulos: I already called backup. They're probably taking down the guards as we speak.

Nicole: Well, that explains why we haven't seen any.

Detective Demopoulos: Follow me.

Nicole: [Sighs] [Gasps] That's him. That's the man who kidnapped me. That's the man who is holding Eric Brady hostage. Well, what are you waiting for? Arrest him!

Detective Demopoulos: Are you doing what she says you're doing, Mr. Kiriakis?

Xander: I'm happy to admit that I am.

Nicole: Oh, of course, you're proud of that. It's over, Xander.

Xander: You're right about that.

[Lock clicks]

Xander: Thank you, Detective Demopoulos, for bringing back what belongs to me.

Nicole: No. No!

Joey: So, uh, maybe we can do this again sometime?

Alyssa: Sure. I'd like that.

Joey: Great. Um, can I walk you to your car?

Alyssa: Thanks, but I have to make a call.

Joey: Okay. Um, I'll call you.

Jade: You okay?

Alyssa: Excuse me?

Jade: I just saw you talking to Joey Johnson.

Alyssa: Who are you?

Jade: We don't know each other, but, um, I know Joey. He's my ex. And I just--I saw you talking, and I felt obligated to warn you.

Alyssa: About what?

Jade: Joey. He comes off all polite and nice, but... he's a total player.

Alyssa: That's hard to believe.

Jade: He played me. He made me think that he loved me just to get me in bed and then...knocked me up and dumped me.

Alyssa: Oh, my god!

Jade: Yeah, I-I lost the baby. Had a miscarriage. It was-- it was really bad. Um, but Joey was relieved, because that meant that he didn't even have to stay in touch with me after that.

Alyssa: I'm so sorry.

Jade: Yeah. Um, look, just take it from me and skip the second date? You'll be glad you did.

Alyssa: Definitely. Thanks for the heads-up.

Jade: Yeah. Us girls have to look out for each other. I only wish someone had warned me.

Tripp: Would you ever lie? You know, to spare the woman's feelings? Like, I know she hired you, but there's got to be a part of her that hopes it's not true.

Steve: Well, it is my job to gather evidence and, uh, deliver it. I don't always enjoy it. I mean, it is tough to find out that the one you love has betrayed you.

Tripp: I bet it was tough on Kayla when she found out about you and my mom hooking up last year.

Steve: Where'd you hear that?

Tripp: Uh, it was in the police file.

Steve: I didn't realize that had made it into the case file.

Tripp: Yeah, I was surprised myself. I thought you and Kayla were together then.

Steve: Yeah, we were. We were. When I agreed to go looking for you, your mother was holding Kayla hostage. She wouldn't tell me where she had her unless I slept with her.

Tripp: Wait, are--are you-- [Scoffs] Are you saying that my mom was blackmailing you into sleeping with her?

Steve: Yeah.

Tripp: That's--that's so sick and twisted.

Steve: I won't argue that. And when that didn't work--

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I know the rest. I bet Kayla was really upset when she found out.

Steve: She was devastated.

Tripp: Yeah, I can imagine.

Hold it right there.

Xander: Oh, I'm starting to think that this game of cat and mouse is even more fun than poker.

[Speaking Greek] You should be more careful who you approach in alleys.

Nicole: You bastard!

Xander: I have many friends on the mainland police force. Lucky me, you happened upon an officer on my payroll-- who was already looking for you.

Nicole: I hate you.

Xander: No, you don't. You're just mad at yourself for not getting away when you had the chance. I must say, I am surprised to see you risk your freedom for a man who killed the love of your life. Something tells me you're going to regret that--big-time.

Steve: Hey, baby.

Kayla: Hi!

Steve: Hope I didn't miss your break.

Kayla: Nope, it's just starting.

Steve: Oh, good.

Kayla: How'd it go? Any progress on the case?

Steve: Well, as a matter of fact, yeah-- on the case and, uh, with Tripp.

Kayla: With Tripp?

Steve: Uh-huh. He called me up. He said he wanted to hang out. So I invited him to come along with me on the stakeout.

Kayla: Well, that's great. How'd it go?

Steve: Really well. I'm not so sure that he's into stakeouts, but, uh, guess what. He is thinking about a career in medicine again.

Kayla: Hmm.

Steve: So he'll probably be calling you to find out if you wouldn't mind him shadowing you here at the hospital.

Kayla: Mind? I would love it.

Steve: Hey, Joe.

Joey: Hey.

Kayla: Hey, I was just thinking about you.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: How did your date go with Alyssa?

Steve: Hey, I want to hear about that too, but I got to take this. I'll be right back.

Kayla: So?

Joey: It was okay.

Kayla: That's it, "okay"?

Joey: She was nice. I don't know.

Kayla: Well, did you guys just not click or something?

Joey: Actually, we did. It's just...

Kayla: Tell me.

Joey: [Sighs] I don't know. I just-- I just kept thinking. Even if I find the right girl, there's always gonna be this secret that I can't tell her-- about Ava, how she died.

Kayla: Baby.

Joey: Don't get mad. But at least with jade, I could be completely honest and she still loved me.

Tripp: Hey.

Jade: Hey. How'd it go with Steve? Was it a total bonding experience or what?

Tripp: Yeah, I wouldn't go that far. But it was nice to get to know him a little better, see how he does his job, you know. He's a total pro.

Jade: Of course, he is. He's like a superhero. And his wife is a super-witch.

Tripp: He actually gave me an idea on how to get close to Kayla, which could help when it comes to...ruining her life.

Jade: Yeah, she deserves to pay.

Nicole: [Grunts]

Xander: You two play nice. Oh, and by the way, if you try and escape again, my men have orders to use excessive force. So don't test them--or me.

Nicole: [Sighs]

[Door clicks shut]

Eric: Nicole. Why the hell aren't you on that plane?

Nicole: Well, for Brady's sake, I couldn't leave you behind.

[Monitor beeping]

[Soft dramatic music]

John: Sorry, kid. Sorry I couldn't do something to prevent this. But I'm here now. By god, I'm not gonna leave until you're out of the woods. I love you, son. I love you, son.

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