Days Transcript Thursday 5/4/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/4/17


Episode #13081 ~ Brady asks Eric for an important favor; Marlena gets unsettling news about John; Nicole tricks her captor and attempts to escape with Holly; Tripp questions Kayla about the day Ava was killed.

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(part is missing due to news break)

Steve: Not as beautiful as you.

Kayla: Why are you giving this to me?

Steve: Eh... because I love you.

Kayla: Something bad happened. Are you trying to cushion the blow?

Steve: No.

[Phone ringing]

Kayla: It's Tripp. Are you sure nothing bad happened?

Steve: Not that I know of. Answer it.

Kayla: Hey, Tripp. What's going on?

Tripp: Ah, do you have time to meet me?

Kayla: Well, you know, your dad and I are sitting right here at the pub. Why don't you come over here?

Tripp: I want to see you alone. I'm in the park by the square.

Kayla: Sure. I can do that.

[Foreboding music]

Bye. Hmm.

Steve: He doesn't want to see me, does he?

Kayla: All I know is, he wants me to come by myself.

Eric: Chloe, hi.

Chloe: Hi. How's it going?

Eric: Some good, some bad. You?

Chloe: Oh. Okay. I just got back from visiting parker and my folks in new York. It's so great to spend time with them. I was hoping it'd take my mind off of holly, but it didn't.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Chloe: Are you really? Didn't seem that way last time we spoke.

Eric: Have you, uh, thought about what I suggested?

Chloe: What, you mean compromising with Nicole? Letting her be a part of holly's life so that she'll come home? Yeah, I've thought about it a lot.

[Solemn music]

Deimos: You seen Brady?

Sonny: Yeah. Paul's with him. The hell are you doing here?

Deimos: I just came by to see how Brady's doing. Has he come to?

Sonny: Worried about what he'll say?

Deimos: I'm the one that got him here, sonny.

Sonny: You got him away from Nicole, too.

Deimos: I'm also the one trying to track down Xander so we can find Nicole and holly. So why don't you get off my back?

Sonny: [Sighs] You know, it just seems weird. Because the cops have been looking for Nicole and holly for weeks and are coming up empty. And then Xander, who's on the run himself--and not the brightest bulb in the circuit--knows exactly where to find them. You have any idea how that happened?

Deimos: Well, it sounds to me like our family's underestimated Xander.

Sonny: Especially you. You said you killed him. You saw him drown. How could you make a mistake about something like that?

[Tense music]

Brady: Wh-what are you doing here?

Paul: You're back in Salem, Brady.

Brady: Where's Tate?

Paul: He's fine. He flew back with you on the plane, and he's with Maggie now. And your grandfather's on his way here.

Brady: Wait, hold up. Where's Nicole? Nicole...

Paul: We're, uh--we're doing everything we can to find her and the baby.

Marlena: Brady. I just heard. Who did this to you?

Brady: Xander. Xander has Nicole and holly.

[Somber music]

Nicole: Brady...

[Door opens, closes]

Xander: Good morning, beautiful.

Nicole: Xander. Give me my baby.

[Suspenseful music]

Xander: Is this your baby? I heard she was Chloe's.

Nicole: Give me my baby. Or I swear I will kill you with my bare hands.

Xander: Right. Don't get your knickers in a twist. I didn't like being the new babysitter any more than I liked being the new gardener.

Nicole: Oh, honey. You okay?

Xander: She's fine.

Nicole: Did he hurt you? I was hoping you were a nightmare.

Xander: Surprise.

Nicole: Deimos shot you. You went into the river.

Xander: Mm. Funny thing about that river. People who fall into it don't seem to stay dead. Came in handy, though, having all you morons in Salem think I was fish food. Made it easier for me to fly under the radar and keep track of certain people. Must've been a dream come true, having Daniel's baby months after the poor sod croaked.

Nicole: Shut up.

Xander: And then you screwed it all up by kidnapping the brat. You never learn, do you? One stupid mistake after another.

Nicole: Not as big as the one you're making right now. You know Brady's gonna find me.

Xander: How do you know Brady's not dead? Dead-dead, not river-dead?

Nicole: Oh, my god.

[Dark music]

Brady: I tried to stop Xander, but he had A... he had a gun.

Marlena: God, I don't understand any of this.

Paul: Sonny learned that Deimos tracked Brady and Nicole down to a town in Canada. So sonny and I followed him. And when sonny and I got to where they were staying first, we found Brady on the floor with a bullet wound, and we got him to the hospital immediately.

Marlena: And what if you hadn't been there?

Brady: I'd be dead, probably.

Marlena: I thought Xander was dead.

Paul: Yeah, we all did.

Brady: I got to find her.

Marlena: No, no, no. Stop this.

Brady: Got to find Nicole.

Marlena: You're too weak.

Brady: I need--

Marlena: You are too week.

Brady: [Coughing]

Paul: Brady, the Canadian authorities, they're on this. And the FBI, too. They will find her.

Marlena: This is just unbelievable.

Brady: He's been waiting. Xander's been watching, probably. He hates her. He's gonna--I need to find-- I need to get--

Marlena: No.

Brady: I need to find her.

Marlena: Listen to me. Listen to me. You're very weak. You have lost a lot of blood. You were shot in the chest. Your lung collapsed. This all puts a great deal of stress on your heart, so you must take it easy. Look, I need a favor. Whenever you can, track down john. He would want to be here right now.

Paul: I'll get right on it.

Marlena: Okay. You know, we've been mighty worried about you.

Brady: Because I ran off with holly and Nicole? It's one of the best decisions I've made, Marlena.

Marlena: Why would you say that?

Brady: [Exhales heavily] Because, I told you... I told you we're in love. I love her.

Marlena: Look, Brady. I know you think that, but right now--

Brady: No. No, stop. Please tell me--there's nothing you can say about it. We're in love. We love each other. We've been through enough to know that. We're gonna be a family-- the four of us. And we're gonna be happy.

Marlena: You will be happy again. You will be.

Kayla: I'm sorry that Tripp wants to see me by myself.

Steve: Well, listen, if he's making a connection with you, I think that's progress.

Kayla: I keep encouraging him to give you another chance.

Steve: I know you do, baby. But we both know it's an uphill battle. Thinks I killed his mother. How's he supposed to deal with that and deal with me?

Kayla: I wish he would have known Ava and seen what she was really like. Well, I'll keep talking to him.

Steve: Good. Well, you'd better go. See what he wants. He's an impatient kind of guy.

Kayla: Wonder where he gets that from. All right, I'll catch up with you later and let you know what I find out.

Steve: Okay. Thanks.

[Slow dramatic music]

Deimos: I never said that Xander was definitely dead.

Sonny: Don't give me that. I was there.

Deimos: I said I shot him. And I saw him fall backwards into the river. That's all true. I presumed he was dead just like everybody else. Don't you think if I thought for one second that he was still alive that I would have tracked him down? I know how much he hates this family--how much he hates Nicole.

Sonny: You would do anything for Nicole, wouldn't you? Like bribing the judge in her custody case.

Deimos: What's your point, sonny?

Sonny: You blew that case for Nicole. She wants no part of you. And after you took off for where she's been hiding, Xander grabbed her and shot Brady.

Deimos: Mm. Again, what are you getting at?

Sonny: How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

Deimos: I know you don't like me, sonny. I also know that you'd rather be running this family instead of me. But I'm sorry to disappoint you. I don't have the time or the patience for this nonsense... your ridiculous accusations. I have a mother and daughter to find.

Sonny: I hate that son of a bitch.

Paul: Oh, really? I had no idea.

Sonny: I mean, can you believe that? He thinks he can run my family.

Paul: Yeah.

Sonny: He's part of this. I'm sure of it.

Paul: Look, the best thing that we can do right now is find Nicole.

Sonny: How do we do that?

Paul: Marlena wants me to call my dad--tell him about Brady. But I'm gonna ask him for his help, and Steve's too.

Sonny: Good.

Victor: Take me to my grandson.

Nicole: Is Brady alive?

Xander: How should I know? I didn't stick around to call 911.

Nicole: Where is he, Xander?!

Xander: Wherever he is, it's his fault. He got in between me and what I want, trying to play the hero like always. And victor always falls for it.

Nicole: You're a sick bastard. If you killed Brady, I will--

Xander: There you go again, making another one of your stupid mistakes... threatening me, when your life and your baby's life are in my hands.

[Tense music]

Marlena: I'll let you know as soon as I hear from john. I'm sure he'll want to join in the search.

Brady: Should be me.

Marlena: Oh, honey, honey. Please...

Victor: Ah. Good to see you again.

Brady: Don't take it personally, but I'd rather be somewhere else.

Marlena: I think I'll, uh, check on Tate.

Brady: Thank you.

Victor: You know, I had a whole lecture prepared for the next time I saw you.

Brady: Let me guess... "Brady, you're so stupid to chase Nicole around the world," or something like that.

Victor: Exactly. Then you went and got yourself shot--screwed up my whole scenario.

Brady: No, give it to me anyway, while I'm on the pain meds. It might not be that bad.

Victor: Will you just tell me why it is you feel so damn compelled to continually rescue this woman?

Brady: She's fun. She makes my life fun. I... got to say, she's never boring.

Victor: Well, I agree with the second part of that. Get yourself sent to prison for helping her, I guarantee you won't be bored.

Brady: There's something else, you know. I love her.

Victor: Oh, for crying out loud. I'm sure that's the pain meds talking.

Brady: Don't tell me that you've... you've never done anything risky for a woman that you loved.

Victor: Yes, I suppose I have. Well, I'll have to save the lecture for later. Concentrate on trying to keep you out of jail.

[Somber music]

Chloe: Why is everybody on Nicole's side? I don't get it. I'm the one who gave birth to holly. I've taken care of her. I have legal custody of her. And I may never see her again.

Eric: I think the best way for you to see her is to let Nicole know that you're open to compromise.

Chloe: [Sighs softly] I'll think about it.

Eric: Good.

[Phone ringing]

Eric: Excuse me. Hi, Mom, what's up?

Marlena: Brady's been admitted to the hospital.

Eric: Is he all right?

Marlena: Um, he will be, I think.

Eric: Is--is Nicole with him?

Marlena: Can you come over here?

Eric: Yeah, I'm on my way.

Marlena: Okay. I'll explain when I see you.

Eric: All right.

Chloe: Are--are Brady and Nicole back in Salem? Where's holly?

Eric: I don't know. Brady's just in the hospital.

Chloe: Why?!

Eric: I don't know. I'll let you know when I get there.

Chloe: I'm coming with.


(News break here)


Kayla: You were already dealing with a birth father and a brother and sister that you didn't even know you had. It was already so hurtful, obviously, to know all these things about your mother. To unload more of her problems on you, it just seemed-- it seemed really unfair.

Tripp: Okay, fine. But now I'm asking for you to tell me what you know.

Kayla: Where do you want me to start?

Tripp: The overdose.

Kayla: I came home, and I found her unconscious on our living room floor with a syringe next to her.

Tripp: What was in it?

Kayla: I--I didn't know. Not until I got her to the hospital and ran a blood test and found out that it was morphine.

Tripp: How did she get morphine without a prescription from a doctor?

Kayla: I don't know. But she had connections. She had money. You can get anything on the black market. My only focus was to get her to the hospital and save her life.

Tripp: She didn't really want to die, right? Just--just to get you in trouble?

Kayla: I couldn't begin to get inside her mind. I can just tell you that she was jealous, and she hated me.

Tripp: Well, it seems to me that you felt the same way about her.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: I understand that if you and Deimos hadn't found Brady when you did, he'd be dead by now. You two make me very proud.

Sonny: Don't lump me with him.

Victor: Sonny...

Sonny: Uncle Vic, I know that you feel guilty about Deimos being in prison for all those years, but your guilt is making you blind to who and--and what he really is.

Victor: Explain.

Sonny: Do you think it's a coincidence that he found out where Nicole was right before Xander showed up?

Victor: What are you saying?

Sonny: Deimos was going around saying he was gonna rescue Nicole.

Victor: Well, obviously, he's--he's obsessed with her.

Sonny: Yeah, he is obsessed with her. And he was not gonna lose her to Brady. And if he had gotten there first, he might have done exactly what Xander did.

Victor: Oh, you don't know that.

Sonny: I'll tell you what I do know. Deimos is the plague incarnate. And I'm not giving up until I prove that to you.

Nicole: It's okay, sweetheart, mommy's here. Only I just... don't know where here is.

Xander: You're on a bloody Greek island.

Nicole: You brought us to Greece?

Xander: Well, you probably don't remember the long flight. I gave you a little something to help you sleep.

Nicole: Oh, my god.

Xander: [Scoffs] People spend a fortune to come here, and you're complaining.

Nicole: You ruined my life, Xander. Oh, god. Brady...

Xander: [Sighs] Stop bawling. Brady's still alive.

Nicole: What? Are you sure he's alive?

Xander: For now, anyway.

Nicole: Oh, thank god.

Xander: But he's in no shape to come looking for you.

Nicole: If Brady is alive, then he told everyone you kidnapped us. You can't play dead anymore. The cops and the FBI are looking for you.

Xander: I'm smarter than them.

Nicole: Brady and I aren't dummies. We worked like crazy to stay one step ahead of them.

Xander: Yes, but then you went to Canada. Another one of your stupid mistakes. Far too close to home.

Nicole: Excuse me, but you're a Kiriakis and you're in Greece. You don't think they'll put two and two together?

Xander: I'm not worried.

Nicole: You know, the last time I saw you... you didn't have enough money for a bus fare. And now you could afford to fly us here and hole us up in this place?

Xander: I've come up in the world since the last time we spoke. And I'm in the country of my birth, so I can do whatever I want.

Nicole: So--so what am I doing here? What do you want with me?

Chloe: This is all your fault, Brady. If anything happens to my little girl...

Marlena: Chloe, stop this right now.

Chloe: It will be on you!

Marlena: Stop this. He's been hurt.

Chloe: My child's been kidnapped! How do you want me to act?!

Marlena: Come with me right now--come on.

Eric: Please.

Marlena: Let's go.

Eric: Go with her.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Eric: I'm sorry. She was with me when mom called, and she insisted on coming.

Brady: There's nothing she can say that I already haven't said to myself. Oh, god, Eric, I told her... I told Nicole that I would protect her, and I didn't. I thought all we had to worry about was the police arresting us and... I didn't even think about Xander finding us.

[Knock at door]

I'm here to get a statement from Mr. Black. Mr. Black, you're under investigation for the aiding and abetting of Nicole walker.

Tripp: Well? Did you hate my mother?

Kayla: You know, Tripp, your mother caused me a lot of pain. And the last time she was here, it was clear that she wanted to destroy my family. So was I angry? Yes, of course I was. I would protect my family with my life.

Tripp: So would Steve?

Kayla: Yes, and that's why he wants you to be part of this family. Can't you please just let go of the past and focus on now and--and the future? Please, give Steve another chance. He will do anything for the people he loves.

Tripp: Yeah, he--he does seem like that kind of guy.

Kayla: He is that kind of guy.

Tripp: So maybe I am putting too much of the blame on him.

Kayla: You can see that now? Is it something I said?

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, you've really helped me a lot.

Eric: My brother was shot last night. He's in no position to talk.

Brady: Eric, Eric, it's all right. I'll talk to him.

Eric: At least let me get you a lawyer first.

Brady: No, there's no time for that. Listen... the sooner I talk, the sooner they can start looking for holly and Nicole. It's what I want.

[Melancholy music]

What were you doing in Canada?

Brady: I went there with Nicole walker. Provided passports and ids under other names so that Nicole, myself, and the children could get across the border. Took up residency there, and we've been there peacefully until last night.

Describe what happened.

Brady: [Exhales] We were going off to bed. An intruder was in the house. His name was Xander Kiriakis. He also goes by Xander cook. He confronted me, and he shot me. And he took Nicole and holly with him, and I have no idea where they are.

Xander Kiriakis is dead.

Brady: Presumed. I don't know how he survived, but he's alive. I know it was him. He's a psychopath and he enjoys hurting people, so you find Nicole and holly before it's too late.

[Dark music]

Sonny: I just saw a cop go into Brady's room.

Victor: Well, let's hope he keeps his mouth shut until your father gets here.

Deimos: Victor... I'm really sorry about Brady.

Victor: Yes, thank you. Will you call your father and tell him to get here as soon as possible?

Sonny: I'll try to reach him.

Victor: Thank you.

[Tense music]

You assured me that Xander was dead.

Deimos: I'll tell you what I said to sonny. I know I shot him. I saw him fall into the river. How could he not be dead?

Victor: That's what I want to know.

Deimos: If I thought for one second that he was still alive, of course I would have tracked him down until I found him. I know what a threat he is to this family.

Victor: If Brady doesn't make it through this...

Deimos: I promise you, victor, I will make Xander pay.

Xander: Remember when you were coming on to me? All the things you said? I thought I'd give you an opportunity to make good on some of the promises you made.

Nicole: I promised you nothing.

Xander: All right, then. I'll get a priest to come down here and force you to love, honor, and obey. Well, honor and obey.

Nicole: And what will the priest do if the bride-to-be tries to claw the groom's eyes out?

Xander: You keep forgetting! I'm the one with all the power here. And I have lots of ways of making you do whatever I say.

Paul: Hey, what's up at the hospital?

Sonny: A cop is with Brady.

Paul: Already?

Sonny: I know. My dad's heading down there right now to represent him. Uncle Vic and Deimos, they're together. I have no idea what they're talking about. But what did Steve find out?

Paul: He's gonna keep tabs on Deimos, and he's gonna track down where Xander took Nicole and holly.

Paul: Okay, and if he finds out where they are, we need to get there before Deimos, because he will grab Nicole, and he will take off. I am sure of it.

Paul: Yeah. Try not to obsess about it, okay? Whatever Deimos is up to, we are gonna find a way to stop him.

Deimos: I don't want any trouble from you, Chloe.

Chloe: I know. Look, actually you may be the only person in the world who can help me.

Deimos: And why would I ever do that?

Chloe: Because I know that you are looking for Nicole, and I just want my daughter back. You and Nicole can do whatever you want, but right now, I would beg the devil himself to help me. So I am begging you. Please help me find my child before it's too late.

Nicole: You don't have to slap me around. I'll behave.

Xander: That's better.

Nicole: You know, if this place is so great, why don't you show me around?

Xander: We'll see.

[Baby crying]

Nicole: Oh, it's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. Um... you know, Xander, holly's diaper has been wet for a while. And if she gets a diaper rash, she definitely won't stop crying.

Xander: I'll get you some nappies.

Nicole: Okay.

Xander: Oh, and, uh, just in case you get any ideas, there's alarms on all the windows and armed guards everywhere.

[Suspenseful music]

Nicole: It's all right, sweetheart. It was just an act. Mommy's gonna get us out of here.

Marlena: Oh, I'm trying to reach one of your agents. His name is john black. No, wait, wait--listen to me. An emergency. His son has been shot. Well... then you were telling me the truth? You don't know where he is?

Kayla: Tripp read the police file on Ava's last few days and how she tried to frame me, so of course he had a lot of questions for me.

Steve: What kind of questions?

Kayla: He wanted to know my version of the day that she gave herself the overdose.

Steve: Oh, man.

Kayla: So I told him the sequence of events that led to her being admitted to the hospital.

Steve: How'd he take it?

Kayla: Oh, you know. In the end, he said that maybe he'd been putting too much of the blame of her death on you.

Steve: Really?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: So maybe you convinced him that Ava brought it on herself.

Kayla: I hope so.

Steve: If anybody could, it'd be you, baby.

[Warm music]

Thank you.

Tripp: No. No, no, no. I'm telling you, Angelo, I don't care what Steve said about how my mom died. I don't think he did it. I think he made up the whole story about the ISA telling him to take her out. Because I think he's protecting the person who really did it, that's why. Yeah, it was Kayla. She's the killer.

Deimos: I'm not gonna make you any promises. All I can tell you is that I'm not gonna stop until I find holly and Nicole-- they're safe and back here in Salem.

Chloe: I'll settle for that.

[Ominous music]

Eric: Um, she, well... just try to... put what Chloe said out of your mind.

Brady: How do I do that?

Eric: She was trying to hurt you because you believe that holly belongs with Nicole.

Brady: She's not wrong about Xander. Anything could set that guy off. You know that.

Eric: Nicole knows that. She has holly to think about. She's going to be careful.

Brady: Eric, you've dealt with Xander before and survived. You know how his mind works, don't you? Listen to me, man, I want you to find them. I want you to find holly and Nicole. I'll--I'll give you anything you need to do it.

Eric: Brady, I'm not a detective, all right? Just let Steve and Paul do their jobs. They're professionals.

Brady: No, you-- you're my brother. I know you care about Nicole. I know you can find her. I want you to do this for me. You tell me--tell me you'll help me find them.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Here you go. Make sure she stays quiet.

Nicole: Okay, uh, I'm gonna need some formula and bottles.

Xander: Whatever.

Nicole: Oh, oh, god, I'm-- Xander, I'm sorry. Could you get that? I don't--I don't want to take my hands off her.

[Exciting music]

[Baby bawling]

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