Days Transcript Thursday 4/20/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/20/17


Episode #13071 ~ Kayla bails Tripp out of his situation, and the bond between stepmom and stepson grows; Tripp offers Jade a place to stay; Steve tells Adrienne about his newfound son; Gabi & Julie have a nasty confrontation.

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Eli: How's that coffee?

Gabi: Cold.

Eli: Well, you look like you could use some cheering up.

Gabi: Hmm. Yeah, you might say that.

Eli: Did anyone ever mention to you that I am a world-class... cheerer-upper? [Chuckles]

Gabi: I don't--I don't think they have, no.

Eli: Come with me.

Jade: I can't believe this. You think I should move out?

Joey: No, I'm telling you to move out.

Jade: I'm still getting over major surgery.

Joey: Getting over it how? By sacrificing your health to get my attention?

Jade: Okay, you're mad now. I get that, but... remember the day that we had our sonogram and we saw the baby moving inside of me? We loved our baby and we loved each other. I know we did. You look me in the face and tell me that none of that matters anymore. You tell me that you don't give a damn about me.

Adrienne: Well, that's all the scotch I have.

Steve: That's fine.

Adrienne: [Laughs] You put more scotch on your cereal in the morning.

Steve: I've reformed.

Adrienne: Oh, god. Since when?

Steve: Hey, I didn't come here to talk about me. Come on. I want to know what's going on with you. How you doing?

Adrienne: Well, the recovery is long, but I am feeling stronger every day.

Steve: Good.

Adrienne: In fact, I'm going to Scottsdale tomorrow morning.

Steve: With Lucas?

Adrienne: No. Boys are taking me camping at pinnacle peak.

Steve: Camping?

Adrienne: Hmm. Actually it's called "glamping."

Steve: Why?

Adrienne: [Laughs] Well, they arranged it through a five-star hotel, so it's "glamorous" camping.

Steve: Ooh.

Adrienne: Yeah. So all I do is sit back, enjoy a beautiful view and some wonderful downtime with my sons.

Steve: Well, nobody deserves that more than you, baby.

Adrienne: Mmm. So how about we cut to the chase and you tell me what's going on with you?

Steve: Nah, not much.

Adrienne: Steve, I'm your sister. Tell me what's going on, please?

Steve: [Groaning sigh] I don't want to lay it on you right now.

Adrienne: Steve, really, I have had it up to here with "all about me." You can lay it on me. Please?

Steve: Well, the son I had with Ava? He's alive after all. He's here in Salem.

[Somber music]

Adrienne: [Exhales sharply]

Kayla: Thank you for calling me.

Hope: He wouldn't let me call Steve. I told him it was either you or I'd make him sober up in the holding tank overnight. That's what roman had in mind anyway when we brought him in.

Kayla: I can't believe he almost hit roman. It's crazy.

Hope: Yeah. Well, obviously he didn't realize that he was an ex-cop.

Kayla: Lot of things he doesn't know. Most of them bad.

Hope: Think you can get through to him?

Kayla: I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Hi. So, what happened?

Tripp: I got drunk and tried to punch the guy who runs the Brady pub.

Kayla: I know that part. What I don't know is why.

Julie: Hello, Hope.

Hope: Hey, Julie. What a nice surprise.

Julie: Uh, as an officer of the law, I think you need to know Gabi Hernandez is at it again.

Hope: At what?

Julie: At Eli. Our newly discovered family member, darling. He's barely arrived in Salem. She has already got him in her sights.

Hope: And you don't think you're overreacting just a wee bit?

Julie: No. No, I don't, and I think it needs to be nipped in the bud because, god forbid, a romance develops, something goes wrong, she's liable to shoot him like she shot nick.

Hope: Okay, you know what? Stop right there. Honestly, what happened between nick and Gabi, there's no comparison.

Julie: I'm not blind to what nick was. I'm not. Eli is hardly the tortured soul that nick became. But he's the grandson I didn't know I had, and he's all that I have left of David. And Gabi has been bad news for every man that she's gotten mixed up with. No, hope, I have got to put a stop to this.

Hope: Okay. But before you do... two words of advice.

Julie: Of course.

Hope: Butt out.

Gabi: How did you know ice cream always makes me feel better?

Eli: Well, for one thing, it makes everyone feel better.

Gabi: Hmm. Yeah. You're right. But, um, sometimes, when I get really low, I have to admit--I go home and I have, like, a whole container, preferably cookies and cream.

Eli: Mmm.

[Both chuckle]

Eli: So... what'd Chad DiMera do now?

Gabi: Nothing. Nothing. We just--we spoke for a minute. I mean, we bumped into each other. I just--I don't want to talk about it.

Eli: Hmm. That's fine by me. So, we can sit here and eat our ice cream, or we can take a walk, enjoy the first real night of spring. Your call.

Gabi: Actually, yeah, a walk sounds pretty nice.

[Gentle music]

Tripp: Yeah, the grumpy dude at the pub wouldn't serve me.

Kayla: So you tried to hit him? That's the kind of guy you are?

Tripp: Yeah, he was lecturing me and trying to make me eat chowder.

Kayla: Ah, the nerve.

Tripp: The guy's a total tool.

Kayla: That tool happens to be my brother.

Tripp: Oh, sorry. I-I--what I meant to say was that it's all my fault. I guess I'm crazy, you know, just like my mother.

Kayla: I don't think you're crazy at all. I think you just need somebody to talk to.

Tripp: You mean someone like you?

Kayla: Yeah.

Julie: No, hope. I think in the past I... "butted out" too much.

Hope: Really?

Julie: Well, when David backed out of my life, I just let him do it. I was passive.

Hope: And here I thought you were respecting his wishes.

Julie: Wishes or no, I should've fought to hang on to him. I was his mother. If I'd done a better job of being his mother, he might still be alive.

Hope: Julie... David passed away in an accident. You had nothing to do with his death. You were a wonderful mother.

Julie: Well, I'm not gonna sit by and see his son's life ruined by Gabi. I-I-I owe him that much.

Hope: [Sighs] Eli's not a kid. Trust him. He knows what he's doing.

Julie: I came for your support, not a lecture. I won't bother you again.

Hope: No, Julie. Julie.

[Tense music]

Joey: Okay. The day you got the sonogram and I saw the baby... I thought there might be a chance for us. I wanted to think that. I wanted it for the baby. But then there wasn't a baby anymore. And that's the reality we live with now.

Jade: But you wanted to be with me.

Joey: I wanted... to make things work. I thought that maybe the baby could bond us or something.

Jade: It could have.

Joey: Jade, babies aren't glue, okay? Eventually we would have split up. We're not soul mates. We never were.

Tripp: Why would you want to get mixed up with me? I'm Steve's bastard, not yours.

Kayla: Don't call yourself that.

Tripp: Why not, huh? I acted like one tonight.

Kayla: You are Steve's son, just like Joey is.

Tripp: Did he call you to come pick up the pieces or something?

Kayla: He doesn't even know I'm here. Detective Brady called me.

Tripp: Why did she call you?

Kayla: She said that you made it very clear that you wanted nothing to do with Steve. So tell me, um, what really happened tonight? Before you tried to belt my brother? I know you saw your dad--

Tripp: He's not my dad. Dad--dads coach your little league team. You know, they--they teach you how to ride a bike, tie a tie.

Kayla: You know, just for the record, he wasn't here for Joey for those things either. And quite frankly, I don't even know if he knows how to tie a tie.

Tripp: Yeah. Well, he knows how to hand out the advice though. Yeah, he's real good at that.

Kayla: You know, maybe he's trying too hard. Maybe he's doing all the wrong things. But I'll tell you something. The second he found out that you were out there, he tried to find you. It's not his fault that he wasn't there to raise you.

Tripp: Oh, yeah. Nothing's ever his fault, is it? Not even when he killed my mother.

Adrienne: That poor boy. All that information at once? I don't even think I could process all that.

Steve: It's pretty heavy. I tried to talk to him. I think I kind of blew it though. He doesn't want anything to do with me.

Adrienne: Give him some time, Steve, and don't give up on him. [Chuckles] Look who I'm talking to. You would never let a son of yours become a Vitali.

Steve: Well, Tripp's not a little kid. He is 21.

Adrienne: Doesn't matter. You gotta fight for him... like you did with Kayla. And look, you got her back. And I've seen you and Kayla get Joey through some pretty rough times already.

Steve: Yeah, well, I don't think the rough times are over for Joe.

Adrienne: Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice for him to feel like he had a brother with Tripp?

Steve: Would be nice. I'm not so sure that's gonna happen though.

Adrienne: Well, there's no reason for them to be at each other's throats, right? (Vo) more "doing chores for mom"

Jade: You're just mad because of the pills.

Joey: [Sighs] I'm trying to get through to you.

Jade: You always act like this when I do something you don't like.

Joey: Jade, I tried to stay friends. That's why I fixed it so you could live here. But all you see is what you want to see. Look, if I sent you mixed signals, that was wrong, but whatever there was between us is over, and that's not gonna change. Look, I'll give you time to find a new place to stay... but you have to move out as soon as possible.

Jade: Why do you have to be so mean? You're just like my father!

[Somber music]

[Phones ringing in background]

[Gentle music]

Hope: You try that again, Raines, and you leave me no choice but to file a complaint with hr at this time.

Rafe: That's not funny. It's not.

Hope: Kind of funny.

Rafe: No, 'cause I know I'm a way better kisser than that jackass.

Hope: Oh, is there something you haven't told me?

Rafe: Yeah, as a matter of fact, there is. 'Cause I saw him in the locker room...

Hope: Ooh.

Rafe: He was tucking his t-shirt into his tighty-whities.

Hope: Observing Raines in the locker room, huh?

Rafe: Yeah, well, anyone who does that is not a good kisser. Trust me.

Hope: I do trust you.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: I hope you can spend the night again tonight.

Rafe: Huh. You talked me into it.

Hope: Good. Why don't we grab some dinner on the way home?

Rafe: Great.

Hope: Okay if I leave a note for Kay? Maybe she and Steve could join us.

Rafe: Why would you leave a note? Why don't you just call her?

Hope: Because she's in there trying to get through to Steve's newfound son.

Rafe: What'd he do?

Hope: He got loaded at the pub, tried to punch roman.

Rafe: That was stupid.

Both: Yeah.

Hope: He has a chip on his shoulder, kind of like his father did at his age.

Rafe: Well, if anyone can get through to him, it's Kayla.

Hope: Yeah.

Kayla: I can't defend what happened between your dad and Ava without making her look pretty bad. And I don't think that that would be very productive right now.

Tripp: She was my mother. And--and from what I can see... she loved me.

Kayla: So does Steve. And he's still here.

Tripp: S--so, what, I should just let him off the hook?

Kayla: Well, I think that's up to you. But maybe before you write him off, you can make an honest effort to see what kind of man he really is.

Tripp: Look, you're being really nice, but this is a totally messed up situation. And what do you even care how it works out?

Kayla: Well, people tell me that I'm a good judge of character... and I think that you are a pretty good guy underneath this attitude of yours. Hangover checking in?

Tripp: Yeah, big time.

Kayla: You know, I just-- I just want to ask you. When they let you out of here, just--just please don't--

Tripp: Split?

Kayla: Yeah.

Tripp: Yeah, I'm not gonna do that.

Kayla: Good.

Tripp: Yeah, I've got way too many questions that people don't want to answer.

Kayla: Well, all I ask is that you just take it one day at a time, okay? And maybe when you get more of your questions answered... you could decide to give your dad a chance.

Gabi: It's nice and, uh, peaceful out here.

Eli: Yeah.

Gabi: Haven't had, uh, much of that in my life lately.

[Cell phone rings]

Eli: [Sighs] Well, so much for peace and quiet.

Gabi: It's okay. Just take it. I'll wait here.

Eli: Sorry.

[Cell phone beeps]

Eli: Hey, what's up?

[Calm music]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Tense music]

Gabi: Julie. Uh...

Julie: Wow. I'm out for a walk and find you here. Amazing when that happens.

Gabi: When what happens?

Julie: Well, you're thinking and thinking about someone, and suddenly there they are.

Gabi: Why were you thinking about me?

Julie: Because you and I need to have a little chat. From the moment you met you wanted to surround them in

Lucas: I just hate the idea of you taking this trip right now. I feel like it's too soon.

Adrienne: Well, I told you. The boys are gonna take good care of me.

Lucas: I know, I know.

Adrienne: I just wish you were going with us.

Lucas: Well, I was gonna go. I guess the computer hackers who stole all that money from countess w had other ideas.

Adrienne: How's that going?

Lucas: [Sighs] Well, I had to shut down worldwide distribution, right? To stop the cash flow. It's really gonna hurt the DiMeras, and I guess that's what Deimos wanted all along.

Adrienne: Mmm. You are gonna fix this, my love. I have all the faith in the world in you.

Lucas: I don't know about that.

Adrienne: [Shushes]

Lucas: Ooh.

Adrienne: Mmm.

[Tense music]

Tripp: Uh... thanks for driving me home.

Kayla: My pleasure. If you need anything else, please call me.

Tripp: I'll think about it.

Kayla: Good, do that. Good night.

[Somber music]

Tripp: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Joey: Thought I heard my mom.

Tripp: Uh, you did. She just left.

Joey: What were you guys doing?

Tripp: I got arrested and she drove me home when the cops let me go.

Joey: Why'd you get arrested?

Tripp: [Chuckles] I had a few too many and tried to punch out a guy who turned out to be your uncle roman.

Joey: Oh, man! What happened?

Tripp: I don't want to get into it right now. My head's killing me, and my stomach is not the best.

Joey: Club soda?

Tripp: What?

Joey: Settles your stomach so you can take the aspirin for your head.

Tripp: How'd you know that?

Joey: Mom's a doctor.

[Both chuckle]

Tripp: Hey, Joey, uh... you've been pretty chill about this. Thanks.

Joey: Sure.

Tripp: Everybody seems to think we should get to know each other. [Chuckles] I guess we should.

Joey: 'Cause we're brothers?

Tripp: Yeah, I've always wanted a brother.

Joey: Me too.

Gabi: Look, Julie. I know that you-- that you hate me, but you really don't know what nick was really like.

Julie: Well, I've really become an expert on what you're like. You are a predator, Gabi.

Gabi: What?

Julie: First will, then JJ, then Chad, and now you needed a new victim, so you've chosen Eli. And you will charm him and then move in for the kill.

Gabi: That's not true. That's not true. You can ask JJ. You can ask Chad.

Julie: Oh, I'm sure they would all stand up for you. And how you do that, I have no idea.

Gabi: No, no! You don't even know what you're saying. You're just--you're talking out of your head.

Julie: Am I?

Gabi: Yes, you are.

Julie: Are you home tonight with your little baby girl? No! You're out in the park trying to win Eli over.

Gabi: We went out for a walk.

Julie: That's how it starts-- a walk in the moonlight. Isn't it romantic? Make a nice guy like Eli think you're a sweet and simple girl instead of the man-eater that you really are.

Gabi: How dare you call me that!

Julie: I calls 'em the way I sees them, dear, and I see you very clearly. And from now on, I'm going to be watching every single move you make.

Gabi: [Scoffs] What would Alice Horton think of the way you're treating me?

Julie: My grandmother? You never even met my grandmother.

Gabi: No, I didn't, but I've heard enough about her to know that she would hate what you're trying to do to me. And this is enough! I can't take it anymore, so please get it through your thick head that I don't give a damn what you think about me! I don't care. You act like you're this pillar of the community, and you're just nasty and-- and judgmental. Eli is a grown man, and if he decides to ask me out, and if I decide to--to go, that's none of your business, and you can't do anything about it.

Julie: [Gasping] I can't-- I can't breathe!

Eli: Come on, you're okay.

Gabi: You have to be kidding me!

Julie: I feel like there's a star on my chest. Oh, god!

Eli: What did you do to her?

Gabi: Nothing! I was just talking! Yes, I was yelling at her, but--

Julie: Eli, I don't-- I don't want to alarm you. I think I'm having a heart attack.

Eli: You're gonna be all right.

Julie: Oh, god!

[Cell phone beeps and trills]

Eli: Yeah, I need an ambulance at the park off--

Gabi: No. The Horton town square.

Eli: Horton town square. Right away! Julie Williams! She says she's having a heart attack! I don't know. Please!

Kayla: Oh, hi.

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: Good. I'm so glad you got my note.

Kayla: Hi. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hi.

Steve: Hey, baby.

Kayla: Hi, Rafe.

Steve: So, um, hope was just telling me how you tried to talk to Tripp tonight. I really appreciate that.

Kayla: Well, it was really hope figuring out who he was and keeping roman from pressing charges.

Steve: Yeah. I-I don't think he's always like that. I just got him really upset tonight.

Kayla: It's not all you. I-I think he's just upset in general.

Steve: Yeah. Ava left him, uh, videos telling him how much she loved him.

Hope: Coming across as a sane, loving mother?

Steve: Well, I think when she made those, that's pretty much what she was. She was a mother-to-be looking forward to a new baby.

Kayla: Flash of sanity.

Steve: Anyway, it gave Tripp this idea of what could've been. How's he doing now?

Kayla: I dropped him at the apartment. He's nursing a hangover.

Steve: Thanks for getting him there.

Hope: When Tripp saw the videos, um, that Ava made, he just--he couldn't believe that anyone would kill a woman like his mother.

Rafe: Let alone his father.

Steve: Yeah, well, I tried to make it clear to him... who she was, and I'm afraid I went too far.

Rafe: Well, what'd you say?

Steve: I showed him pictures of that room she kept when she was in Salem the last time. You know that crazy shrine?

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: I thought that would show him what she had in mind for Kayla, and it was just too much for him. It was too soon. He couldn't handle it. So I blew things sky high with him. I don't know what to do next.

Hope: You know, I... I have an idea.

Valerie: I'm Valerie grant.

Gabi: Hi. Yes. Yes, I know. I'm Gabi Hernandez. I'm Eli's friend.

Valerie: Yeah, Eli texted me. He said his grandmother was admitted tonight.

Gabi: Yeah, that's her room, and he's in there with her right now.

Valerie: Do you know what happened?

Gabi: I don't know. She was gasping for air, and something with her heart.

Valerie: Does she have a history?

Gabi: I don't know. Please, please, help her.

Valerie: Yeah, yeah, of course, of course.

[Soft ominous music]

[Monitors beeping]

Julie: Don't tell me you're gonna be my doctor.

Valerie: Eli called me, but I won't treat you unless you allow it.

Julie: You called your mother? And the two of you reconciled?

Eli: No, but she's a really good cardiologist, and that's what matters.

Julie: Well, I'm feeling a lot better now, Eli. I'm gonna be fine. I real--

Valerie: Why don't you just let me do my job?

Eli: Please? Grandma, she knows what she's doing. Even if you do feel better, I want her to check you out.

Julie: All right, Eli. If it's what you want, fine.

Eli: Thank you.

Valerie: Uh, would you mind leaving the two of us alone?

Well, um... so do you want to tell me what happened?

Gabi: How's she doing?

Eli: My mother's in there with her. You mind telling me why you were fighting with her?

Gabi: Look, I was raised to respect my elders, and I have tried to respect your grandmother, but when you went to take that phone call, she walked by, and she just started in on me.

Eli: About what?

Gabi: About you. She warned me to stay away from you. She called me names. So, yes, I'm sorry I lost it.

Eli: Yeah, I guess so. Gabi, she couldn't breathe and she was having chest pains and you were yelling at her.

Gabi: I'm sorry. I feel terrible, but she went after me. I had to stand up for myself.

Eli: I hope she survives it. Hey. How is she?

Valerie: No, her EKG looks normal. I'm having her blood work rushed through the lab, and that way I'll be able to tell if she had a heart attack or not.

Eli: Look, I... I want to thank you for coming right over.

Valerie: Of course. I'll do everything I can to take care of Julie. for Tripp to hear the truth from you, then I could talk to him as the cop who investigated her. And let's not forget, I was one of her victims. Maybe he'd listen to that?

Rafe: Well, he did see tonight what a fair person hope is.

Steve: Eh, you know what? I would like to think that would work, but it won't. Ava's cousin Angelo has Tripp believing that she was a good person who just happened to be a little bit complicated. No matter what you told him, he doesn't want to see her in a bad light. And he'd probably think I put you up to it.

Hope: You're probably right.

Rafe: Yeah.

Steve: So there's nothing more we can do right now. Ball's in his court.

Kayla: Well, you know, I talked to him tonight about you and what a good person you are. He agreed to think about it.

Steve: You're the best, baby.

Kayla: Well, you know what? Maybe tomorrow when his hangover is gone, he'll have a better perspective about what happened tonight, and he won't see you as a monster.

Steve: Yeah, what if he doesn't?

Kayla: We'll think of something else. We're not giving up.

Steve: [Chuckles softly] She is the best, right?

Rafe: Yes.

Kayla: Mmm.

Joey: How you doing?

Tripp: Ahh. Better.

Joey: You want me to grab you some aspirin before I go to bed?

Tripp: No, no. I know where it is. And, uh, tomorrow, I'm gonna start looking for my own place.

Joey: You're gonna stay in Salem?

Tripp: Yeah, why not?

Joey: You inherited all that money. You can go wherever you want.

Tripp: I'm only getting that money a little bit at a time.

Joey: The place next door is for rent.

Tripp: Really? I mean--I mean, would you be okay with me staying there?

Joey: Why not?

Tripp: Cool.

Joey: So I'll be seeing you?

Tripp: Yeah. I mean, I'm--I've got major problems with, uh, our dad, but you and your mom have been really great to me. Thanks.

Joey: Sure. I, uh, hope you can get some sleep.

Tripp: Heh, yeah, me too.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Door closes]

Jade: Oh, hi.

Tripp: [Chuckles] Hi. Uh... [Clears throat] I was just getting ready for bed.

Jade: Sure. I'll get out of your way.

Tripp: Something wrong?

Jade: I'll be fine. I just sort of had the worst night of my life.

Tripp: [Chuckles] Your night sounds like mine.

Jade: What happened to you?

Tripp: You first.

Jade: I had a huge fight with Joey. He hates me. Told me to move out.

Tripp: Why?

Jade: He's trying to walk the straight and narrow. Saw me taking too many pain pills. And just like drinking with you, the other night wasn't good for my liver. Neither are too many pills. But I just thought that if I was sick again, he'd be nice to me. God. I'm such a loser.

Tripp: Yeah, kind of scary what you did. You must be really into Joey then, huh?

Jade: I love him so much. I thought when I moved in here, I could make him love me back, but it's not gonna happen.

Tripp: Where you gonna go?

Jade: Like I know? I mean, my dad's in jail. My mom wants nothing to do with me. Only reason I'm here is 'cause Joey's mom is paying my rent. I have no idea where I'm gonna go.

Tripp: I... might have an idea.

Eli: Hope's on her way. You want me to call Doug?

Julie: Oh, no. Uh, not--not yet. Doug worries about me too much as it is.

Valerie: I got your blood work back. You did not have a heart attack. Everything looks stable.

Eli: Then what happened to her? I mean, this was real, mom. I was there.

Valerie: Um, did you forget to eat today?

Julie: No.

Valerie: Well, I see you are also on blood pressure medication. Did you get busy and maybe forget to take it?

Julie: Well, I thought I took it. Maybe I didn't. All I know is I was perfectly fine until I ran into Gabi. And she said such horrible things to me, I got very upset.

Valerie: So maybe what you felt maybe was a panic attack?

Julie: That probably was it. I'm sorry, Eli. I know Gabi is some sort of friend of yours.

Eli:'s okay.

Julie: Thank goodness you came along when you did. I have spent years taking over-the-counter products

Steve: Okay. Here?

Kayla: Because I want to talk to you about something.

Steve: Well, if it's about Tripp, I love you for what you did tonight, but I don't expect you to work a miracle.

Kayla: It's not about him. I mean, not really.

Steve: So what's wrong?

Kayla: You know how we wanted Joey to see that jade was making herself sick on purpose?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: But more importantly, I wanted her to see what she was doing to her own body.

Steve: Well, that's why you gave her the fake meds, right?

Kayla: Yeah, well...

Steve: So is that why you're upset?

Kayla: It worked. She did finally realize what she was doing to herself, and Joey found out that he was the reason why.

Steve: Okay. So what's upsetting you?

Kayla: When I left, he was really mad at her.

Steve: At jade?

Kayla: Yeah, and I'm just afraid that if he unloads on her--

Steve: Jade knows... that Joe killed Ava.

Kayla: What if she tries to get back at him by telling Tripp--

Steve: No, no, no, no. She won't do that. She won't do that. She can't.

Tripp: Yeah, Joey said the place next door is empty, so I'm going to look into renting it.

Jade: You are?

Tripp: Yeah. If it works out, you could... live with me.

Jade: Are you serious?

Tripp: Sure.

Jade: You know I don't have any money. I mean, I'd have to get a job.

Tripp: That's okay.

Jade: Why are you doing this?

Tripp: It seems like you could use a break.

Jade: Thank you. You're like... answer to a prayer or something.

[Both chuckle]

Jade: Good night.

Tripp: Night.

[Soft dramatic music]

Gabi: Well, Julie started yelling at me, and then I started yelling back. She started saying that she couldn't breathe, and then she collapsed. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.

Hope: I'm gonna go check on her.

Gabi: Okay. Rafe, what if I did this to her?

Rafe: Hey, hey, stop. Don't even go there, all right? Julie's tough. She's gonna be fine.

Gabi: Okay.

Hope: Thank god you're all right.

Julie: Well, I'm better. Thank you for coming.

Hope: So it wasn't a heart attack?

Valerie: No, no. Her EKG and blood work all turned out fine. She isn't so sure she took her blood pressure medication this morning, which--which might have caused a spike in her pressure and made her dizzy. But I am going to order some more blood work and find out if the medication is in her system, and be sure she gets it tonight.

Hope: Will she have to stay the night?

Valerie: Just for observation. I want to nail down what actually happened.

Hope: Thank you for everything.

Valerie: Oh, of course. Eli, why don't we give hope and Julie some privacy?

Eli: Yeah, right.

Gabi: Is Julie gonna be all right?

Eli: Yeah, looks that way. I'm gonna go call Doug.

Gabi: Okay.

Rafe: All right.

Gabi: I really did not mean for this to happen to her.

Valerie: She did not have a heart attack.

Gabi: She didn't?

Rafe: See? I told you she was gonna be all right.

Gabi: Well, I mean, something happened.

Valerie: Yes, and I'm gonna get to the bottom of that. Don't you worry, okay?

Gabi: Thank you.

Valerie: She's in good hands now.

Rafe: Thank you.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

[Ominous music]

Julie: [Gasping]

Eli: Yeah, I need an ambulance at the park off--

Gabi: No. The Horton town square.

Eli: Horton town square! Right away! Julie Williams! She said she's having a heart attack!

Gabi: I knew it.

Rafe: Knew what?

Gabi: That sneaky phony, she faked it. [Sighs]

Hope: Want to tell me what really happened? Or are you still mad at me?

Julie: I don't know what happened. I'm the one who felt sick.

Hope: Okay. Well, whatever it was, it sounds like you could use some rest.

Julie: Would you talk to your dad when he gets here?

Hope: Of course, I will. I'll wait for him, okay?

Julie: Thank you.

Hope: Okay.

Julie: I think I can sleep now.

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