Days Transcript Tuesday 4/18/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/18/17


Episode #13069 ~ Nicole makes a confession to Brady; Chad explains to Gabi what happened at the vow-renewal ceremony; Dario confronts Abigail; Jade tells Claire she thinks Theo is jealous of Wyatt.

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Chad: It is funny running into you here. You would not believe--

Gabi: I actually ran into Kate, and she told me that Abigail bailed on your vow renewal. I'm sorry, Chad. What happened? I mean, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

Chad: She doesn't think I love her enough because I'm still in love with you.

[Somber music]

Abigail: I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Dario: Do what?

Abigail: Cry on your shoulder and everywhere else. God, I got makeup on your shirt.

Dario: Stop, stop. Don't worry about that. That's--that's what friends are for. And the dry cleaners.

We're still friends, right?

Abigail: God, I hope so. I... have already lost my best friend. I don't really think I can handle losing another one.

Brady: What the hell?! Hey! Get off her!

Scooter: Hey, hey, wh-what the hell?

Hillary: Freddie, what are you doing?!

Brady: Sorry. Oh, my God. Hey, hey, I'm--I'm sorry. I thought you were, uh...

Hillary: What?!

Brady: Sorry, thought you-- thought you were Bridget. Thought you were my wife.

Hillary: Why would you think that?

Brady: I don't know. 'Cause I got trust issues. I got severe trust issues. I'm sorry, I really am. You guys continue doing what you're doing. Hope you're having fun. That's--this is great. Bye.

Hillary: [Sighs]

Nicole: Brady?

[Together] What are you doing here?

[Tense music]

Claire: Mmm, what is that?

Theo: Some kind of cheese. What some more?

Claire: Mm, maybe, after I get some of this.

Ciara: And these are the roommates I was telling you about.

Abigail: God, if you could have seen his face. He was just so... shocked, and he was so terribly hurt.

Dario: I'm-- I'm sorry, Abigail. I don't know what to say.

Abigail: No, it's fine. I'm... I'm fine. And... and Chad is gonna be fine. I just--I went and I did what I had to do.

Dario: So do you really think that Chad belongs with Gabi?

[Melancholy music]

Abigail: I mean, I wish that I could say no, because he's worked so hard to forget about her and to block her out of his life, but come on, he... it shouldn't have been that hard. Not if he were fully committed to me. And you know, I can't hang onto a man whose heart is divided. That is not fair to me, and it's not fair to him. It's not fair to anyone. And when I was standing up there, and I was gonna say my-- I can't stand up there and pledge my unified mutual love with him. It's not--it would've been a total lie.

Dario: He does still love you, Abigail. You know that.

Abigail: Well, I am the kind of girl who wants her husband's undivided affection. I mean, call me crazy, is that not what marriage is supposed to be? 'Cause it is for me. And that was not happening, so how could I sit there and call it a marriage at all?

Chad: Abigail was going through my yearbook, and she saw a message that you wrote about baseball... found out that you were my pitching coach.

Gabi: That was forever ago. Why would she be upset about that?

Chad: The poisoning thing. See, the whole time, she thought that I went to her first, to save her. Uh, but now she--she sort of knows that, uh, I went to her first because it was the only way I could save both of you, because I knew that you would catch the vial.

Gabi: Okay, so why didn't you tell her that from the start?

Chad: Yeah, I know. I've gone over that in my head, too, so just because you and I can communicate all of a sudden, I just--I just--what, I don't love my wife? I do. It's just that I, I--

Gabi: Please just stop. Just... just don't say anything, okay?

Wyatt, Ciara's new bae. Hi, I'm Claire.

Wyatt: Hi.

Claire: And this is my boyfriend, Theo.

Theo: Hey.

Wyatt: It's really nice to meet you guys. Your place is amazing.

Claire: [Whispering] Damn it, he's hot.

Ciara: Shh. Uh, yeah, we've all known each other for, like, a while, so it's--it's a pretty cool set-up.

Wyatt: I would love to live with a bunch of friends in a place like this.

Claire: Oh, where do you live?

Wyatt: Dorms. But I'm hoping to move off-campus next year, though.

Claire: I mean, if things go well with you two, who knows? Maybe you could get an apartment together.

Ciara: Claire! Oh, my God, I-- I am so sorry, Wyatt.

Wyatt: No, no, it's all good.

Claire: I'm sorry, really. I'm just saying, you know, any guy would be so lucky to have Ciara. Really, just look at her. She's beautiful. She's amazing. She's like the whole package. Am I right?

Wyatt: Absolutely.

Claire: Right? Like, she's smart and she's fun, and she's really good with elderly people.

Ciara: Claire, I think he gets it.

Wyatt: Wait. Wait, no, no, no, no. Keep going.

Claire: Okay, I will. So, um, last year, we all went to a cubs game, right? But, you know, I had to leave after the second inning to go shopping, 'cause baseball is just, like, snoozefest. But no, no, no, not this girl. She stayed for the entire game-- all seven innings.

Ciara: Uh, there's nine innings.

Claire: See, she knows stuff.

Ciara: So I like sports.

Wyatt: Yeah, it's just one of the many things we have in common. Guess I'm really lucky, huh?

Theo: Yeah.

Claire: Both of you guys are lucky. Ciara, I'm so glad that you finally found the kind of guy that you deserve.

[Tense music]

Brady: First of all, I apologize for, uh, leaving the kids with that couple we just met at the community center. I would never do that, usually, and I'm s--

Nicole: It's okay. You were just panicked. Although I'm not sure why.

Brady: Okay, let me-- let me... I thought it was you that met up with scooter tonight at that motel. I found a piece of the... I don't know, lingerie on the floor, and my wheels started spinning. I knew that we had a pervert living next to us. And--and then I looked in your tablet, and you had researched the maple leaf hotel, Nicole, and so I kind of--

Nicole: And you thought I was meeting scooter to have a little locker room Lolita action?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And then I was--I was gonna go to the, uh, motel and kick his ass. That was my plan.

Nicole: So romantic.

Brady: And I got there, and it wasn't you. It was Hillary dressed as... Lolita.

Nicole: So did, um...

Brady: What?

Nicole: Did you see, um, some--some stuff?

Brady: Yeah, I saw some "stuff." Yeah, I did.

Nicole: Well... [Stammering] Did it look like they were having a good time?

Brady: I think they were h-- I don't know. I mean, I didn't stick around to take photographs or anything, but I mean, it was--

No, I--I know. Of course not, I...

Brady: I'm just getting the impression that you were responsible for... creating this little kinky rendezvous for them, weren't you?

Nicole: Well, I--I mean, sort of.

Brady: Sort of? Hey, what do you mean, sort of? Come on. Did you?

Nicole: Okay, okay, okay. Fine, your... your hunch was right, okay? Scooter wanted to be with me.

Brady: Oh, my--see-- see, I knew it. No, I knew it!

Nicole: No, stop. Once he found out that I was misty circle, he did some research. He knows who I am, Brady. Nicole walker, wanted for kidnapping.

Brady: Um, really?

Nicole: And he blackmailed me because he wanted to have sex with me.

Brady: Whatever. You know what? I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to go and kick his ass.

Nicole: No, can you just let me--

Brady: I don't--this is not resting well with me!

Nicole: Stop. Please be quiet. Please be quiet.

Brady: I'm listening.

Nicole: He knows who you are, too. And he said if I--if I told you, then I would never see holly again, and he'd go after you and Tate, and I just knew I had to handle this on my own.

Brady: You shouldn't have handled this on your own, okay? You shouldn't have. And he's gonna tell Hillary.

Nicole: No, no.

Brady: No, the guy's gonna tell his wife.

Nicole: He's not. Everything's gonna be fine, okay? Scooter was just having this-- this fantasy about having sex with Lolita, okay? Just like in the movie.

Brady: Like in the movie, yeah. But... [Stammering] I wish--I wish you would have told me about this.

Nicole: Yeah, well, the worst part is, I was actually gonna give scooter what he wanted. I just couldn't go through with it.

Brady: Yeah. Here's my question, then. How did Hillary end up getting in that bed?

Nicole: Well, uh... Hillary came to me, and... [Stammering] And she said that she wanted to spice up her marriage. She was tired of watching her husband watching porn, and she didn't think that she was enough. So I gave her the costume, and I told her to go to the motel, and I intercepted scooter, and I said his wife is the one that's waiting for him upstairs, and she wanted to do anything she could to get him to desire her again... and that misty circle was the fantasy, and Hillary was the reality. And you know what? He was surprisingly onboard. He, he--he was happy to go upstairs and... and be with her, because he was still in love with her.

Brady: Wow, that was your solution. That was your solution? To be compassionate and reasonable and wise?

Nicole: You sound shocked.

Brady: Oof.

Nicole: [Laughs] I was shocked too, because Brady, my first instinct... was to shoot scooter and... and frame Hillary. And then, of course, I decided differently.

Brady: Look who evolved.

Nicole: Really, that's because of you, I think.

Brady: No, no. Don't sell yourself short. It was you. You know what you did? Created some magic tonight, is what you did. Think about it, you took this-- this guy who's basically a pervert and his frustrated wife, and you brought 'em together. I mean, strange how you did it, but--but looks like they're gonna be together a long time, because of you.

Nicole: I--I did it for the kids and for us, and--and for our life together.

Brady: I know you did. And you're amazing. You're amazing. Come here.

[Uplifting music]

Wyatt: Ooh, I got to get going. I got to drop off a book at the library before it closes. Claire, it was really nice meeting you.

Claire: [Laughs] Super nice to meet you, too! Sorry, I'm--I'm a hugger.

Wyatt: So I'll see you at the pub later?

Ciara: Yeah, you bet.

Wyatt: Bye.

Ciara: Bye.

Claire: No freaking way! Ciara, he's perfect!

Ciara: I know, right? Yeah, he is.

Claire: No, I'm serious. Do--do not let this one get away, okay? He--he's nice, and he's fun, and he checks out books from the library. No, I'm serious. This guy's going places.

[Both laugh]

Claire: I can't believe you met him on an app.

Ciara: Right? I mean, we have so much in common. You wouldn't even believe it. We like the same sports teams, the same music--oh, and get this: He dips his pizza in ranch, just like I do.

Claire: Oh, no way. That's dorbs.

Ciara: Hey, Theo. You okay?

Theo: Yeah, why?

Ciara: Uh, you just-- you kinda left early. Did you not like Wyatt?

Theo: He's okay.

Ciara: Because I really like him, and I really want my friends to like him, too.

[Soft dramatic music]

So, Claire, okay... which one?

Claire: Hmm. Uh, that one.

Ciara: This one?

Claire: Yep.

Ciara: Cool. All right, later. See you guys.

Claire: Have fun with Wyatt!

Hey, Theo, uh, what's going on?

Theo: What do you mean?

Claire: Why are you acting so weird?

Nicole: Do you really see me as wise and compassionate? 'Cause, I mean, I want to be that way for you and-- and for holly.

Brady: Yeah, I do. I not only see you as those things, I see you as smarter, see you as stronger... you've completely turned your life around, Nic.

Nicole: I want to be that person, Brady, I do. I just--I'm worried.

Brady: I know--hey, hey. I'll--I'll monitor the scooter situation. I'm worried, too. I don't like the idea that he knows what he knows about us, but if he outs us, I'll handle it. With no bloodshed.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

[Soft thump]

[Suspenseful music]

[Sighs] Well, now's your chance.

Dario: Look, I know-- I know what I said before. Let's not forget, you knew that Chad had feelings for Gabi. And he told you he needed time to get over it, right? You think you gave him enough time?

Abigail: [Scoffs] Why are you taking his side? I mean, you're supposed to be the one person I can come to for support.

Dario: Listen, I am not taking sides, all right? I want you to be happy, Abigail, but let's not forget what happened the last time you gave up on your marriage.

Abigail: I'm not giving up on anything, okay? I'm getting a grip on reality.

Dario: Does Chad agree with your version of reality?

Abigail: That is not the point, okay? 'Cause I need to make up my own mind. And you know, for the first time in I don't know how long, I'm standing on my own two feet. I'm not letting anybody tell me how to think or how to feel. And--and while I feel terribly sad, that part feels really great. And for the first time, you know, I'm seeing it all clearly. And I don't--I don't know how I ever thought that it could work.

Dario: Are you sure it can't work?

Abigail: Look, I'm not the fragile person that everybody seems to think that I am.

Dario: I didn't say--

Abigail: I hate that my son is gonna be shuttled between two parents; it breaks my heart. But you know what? I am not gonna have him living a life with a mother who's constantly on edge because she's worried about what her husband is thinking or feeling. And I don't want him to grow up in a home with a dad whose heart is constantly divided between two women! I mean, my God! If I hadn't said or done something, do you know that situation would have gone on forever?!

Gabi: You shouldn't be talking. I'm--I'm not the person you should--not if--I need to go.

Chad: Hey, what--[Stammering] What were you gonna say?

Gabi: I know Abigail, okay? I know that the only reason she's doing this is because she thinks this is what you want. And I know you, Chad. You would never give up on something you've worked so hard for. Don't give up on your marriage. Go--go home and make it work. Do whatever you can to get her back. Abigail's your wife. She's your son's mother. She's always gonna have a huge piece of your heart. She's the one that you need to be with. Unlike ordinary diapers, pampers stay up to three times drier,

Theo: I'm just nervous about this bio exam next week. You know, the class is really hard.

Claire: You sure that's all it is?

Theo: Yeah, that's all.

Claire: Okay.

Theo: Okay. All right, well, I got to go study, so I will see you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Jade: If you ask me, he's jealous.

Claire: Mm-kay, well, you know, I did not ask you, jade. What are you, spying on us?

Jade: God, no. How boring would that be? I can hear everything up there. Did anyone get juice? Of course not. No one around here ever goes to the store.

Claire: Look, why would you say that Theo's jealous?

Jade: Seriously? You need me to spell it out for you? Theo's, like, the friendliest person on the planet. I mean, he even smiles at that homeless drunk on the corner. But with that Wyatt guy just now--total shade.

Claire: Okay, well, he's nervous about this biology test. That's why he's acting so weird.

Jade: That's a lame excuse. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't him and Ciara used to have a thing?

Claire: Look, jade, I know what you're gonna say, but that was forever ago.

Jade: Right, right. Forever.

Claire: Okay, listen. In case you missed the news flash, Theo's really into me. I mean, it's pretty obvious.

Jade: Why, 'cause you guys are having sex?

JJ: Gabi, hey. Have you seen my sister, by any chance?

Gabi: Sorry.

JJ: I can't seem to get a hold of her. I'm starting to get worried. Voicemail.

Gabi: When was the last time you saw her?

JJ: You're probably gonna hear about this eventually, so... Abigail bailed on the vows. It's crazy, right? I mean, she loves Chad. I don't know how she could just... I'm hoping it's a little blip, and they worked it out.

Gabi: They didn't.

JJ: How do you know that?

Gabi: I--I talked to Chad.

JJ: Yeah. Of course you did.

Dario: So what are you gonna do now?

Abigail: I am gonna go home.

[Sad music]

I am gonna go to the mansion, and I'm gonna pack my things.

Dario: [Sighs] Well, listen. If--if you want to use my truck, or if you need any help--

Abigail: No, I'm good. I--I need to do this on my own.

Dario: Right.

Abigail: Thank you for listening, Dario. I know this is kinda awkward because--

Dario: No, no. It's fine. Listen, if you need me anytime, call me, okay?

Abigail: Okay. Ugh, I just feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I mean, it's--it feels kind of nice, like a relief, to be able to move on.

Dario: Come on, Abby. Who're you trying to fool?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah, you're right, I... you know how I really feel? I feel like going home and crawling under the covers and never coming out, but... [Clears throat] This day was hell, Dario. It's gonna be hell tomorrow. It's gonna be hell next week. It's gonna be hell next month. But I hope and pray that eventually I'm gonna be able to look back on this, and I'm gonna say, "hey, you know what? That was the beginning of your brand new life." I'll see you around.

Scooter: I just wanted to say... thank you. What you did tonight--you know, Hillary and the hotel room-- it was appreciated. I didn't ever think I would see my wife in that way again, but because of you, I think we're back on track. You were right, Bridget--Nicole. I didn't want you. First of all, you're-- you're a lady now. A mom. Not the misty of a thousand years ago. I don't mean that in a bad way.

Nicole: I didn't take it in a bad way.

Brady: Scooter, why don't you get to the point?

Scooter: Look, I--I know I've been kind of a jerk.

Brady: Kind of a jerk?

Scooter: Okay, maybe that's an understatement. I'm sorry. I--I just got carried away, that's all. Give me a break, I--I look at algorithms all day. This was the most excitement that I--I've ever experienced--

Brady: All right, here's-- here's the deal. We don't--we don't want to hear excuses. I need good faith that...

Nicole: We don't have to run. Do we?

Scooter: No.

Brady: And how do we know that?

Scooter: 'Cause I'm afraid of you.

Nicole: Scooter, thank you for coming by tonight, and I'm glad things are working out with Hillary, but... we're gonna need you to leave us alone now. My sweetheart's gone sayonara.

Scooter: Listen, as much as I hate the thought of keeping secrets from Hillary, I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have, Nicole. Your secret is safe with me.

Nicole: And yours with me.

Brady: That's great. You can go now, scoot.

Scooter: Oh, there's one more thing you should know.

Nicole: Yeah?

Scooter: Hillary and I are leaving town. We're going on an extended second honeymoon. I want to start couples therapy before she goes back to work. Obviously, I have a lot of issues.

Nicole: That's smart.

Scooter: It was her idea. Well, yours, Nicole, just now.

Nicole: Just take care of her, okay?

Scooter: I will.

Brady: Time to go. Pal, listen. You get any other ideas, just remember I'm a Kiriakis, okay? You can Google it.

[Solemn music]

Jade: Why do you look so shocked? It's a good thing, Claire. It's just sex. And look at this way: Finally made varsity.

Claire: Okay, whoa, I'm officially ignoring you.

Jade: Ew. What kind of cheese is this?

Claire: Oh, my God, this is a disaster!

JJ: So Chad went straight to you. Why am I not surprised?

Gabi: That's not what happened, okay? We just bumped into each other. It was a coincidence. We spoke for a minute, okay? He was pretty shook up.

JJ: And what did he say?

Abigail: He's not gonna give up on your sister. That he still loves her.

JJ: And what did you say?

Gabi: That he needs to do everything he can to get her back. Why, what did you think I said?

JJ: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come after you like that. I know how hard this must be for you.

Gabi: It's really hard, JJ. I love Chad. I do. But I will not come between him and Abigail. Not now, not ever.

Wyatt: So I was thinking that for our next date, we would do something different--something we haven't done before.

Ciara: Yeah, totally. What'd you have in mind?

Wyatt: Well, I was thinking, uh, I'd let you decide.

Ciara: Oh, well, I hate making decisions, so how about you pick this one, and I'll get the next one?

Wyatt: Uh, okay.

[Phone ringing]

Ciara: Oh, I got to take this. It's my study partner. Two seconds.

Wyatt: Yeah, take your time. Come on, boss, where is that cheat sheet? Boom. Ciara's favorite hobbies.

Ciara: What you looking at?

[Tense music]

Claire: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, this cannot be right.

Jade: What? Don't tell me. They discontinued your favorite nail color?

Jade: My--my subscriber numbers. Look at this, I'm tanking!

Jade: So are you officially un-ignoring me now?

Ciara: My fans are losing interest. I--I don't even know how this can be happening.

Jade: All right, let me see. "These songs all sound the same." "Cover your ears." "Epic fail." Wow. Sucks to be you.

Claire: God. How am I ever gonna be famous?

Jade: Don't you have a meeting with some record exec?

Claire: Yeah, but he keeps putting me off.

Jade: Well, you could always go the Kim k route.

Claire: A reality show?

Jade: No. Sex tape.

Claire: [Gasps]

JJ: I got to say, I'm impressed. You--you've handled this really well.

Gabi: Doesn't feel like it.

JJ: Well, if you... if you ever need to talk...

Gabi: I mean, that's-- that's gonna be a little awkward, don't you think?

JJ: Maybe.

Gabi: Yeah.

JJ: It still felt right to offer, though.

[Tender music]

Gabi: I'm kinda tired of talking about this. But thank you, JJ.

Abigail: Hi.

Chad: Hi. Look, I--

Abigail: My mom still has--

Chad: Sorry, um, you go.

Abigail: My mom has Thomas, and so we're gonna stay at her house tonight. And then I'll send movers to get my things tomorrow.

Chad: Wow, this is--this is not how this day was supposed to end. We're supposed to be celebrating right now. Planning the rest of our lives.

Abigail: I'm doing this for you, Chad, so that you can move on.

Chad: Move on? I'm losing my family. I'm losing-- I'm losing everything.

Abigail: No, you're not. You're not losing Thomas, okay? We are gonna do this amicably. It's gonna be 50-50. I'm not gonna have some big custody battle, because I don't want to disrupt his life any more than you do.

Chad: Sure doesn't seem that way.

Abigail: That is not fair.

Chad: The best thing for Thomas is for his mother to be here.

Abigail: Chad, can you just please--

Chad: And I'm not just asking you, baby.

Abigail: That's not what--

Chad: I'm not just asking you as--as his father. I'm--I'm begging you as your husband. Please don't go. You wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.

Wyatt: I was just, uh, checking the hours for the ice rink. Do you skate?

Ciara: I love to! My mom used to take me all the time.

Wyatt: Oh, yeah?

Ciara: Yeah, I am not one to brag, but I was pretty good back in the day.

Wyatt: Okay, you got some moves? Maybe I can see 'em.

Ciara: Do you skate?

Wyatt: Oh, yeah, I practically grew up at the rink. Did hockey for years.

Ciara: No way! That is crazy how much we have in common.

Wyatt: It's crazy.

Ciara: So when do you want to see these moves of mine?

Wyatt: Well, the rink's open now.

Ciara: What are we waiting for?

[Foreboding music]

Wyatt: [Exhales]

Claire: Oh, my God, I would never do anything as desperate as a sex tape.

Jade: I mean, it would really put you on the map.

Ciara: Oh, and how would you know? Have you done it?

Jade: Listen, you want to trend on social media, you got to make some noise. You're not gonna do that with your sappy songs.

Claire: Hey, my songs aren't sappy.

Jade: Whatever. Not the point. Look, I'm not advising you to go bang it out with some random. Your fans know you're in love, right?

Claire: Uh, yes.

Jade: So do it with Theo.

Claire: [Laughs] Are you crazy? He would never go for that.

Jade: Duh. Don't tell him.

Claire: Okay, and what happens when he finds out?

Jade: You beg for forgiveness. And if that doesn't work, then you have material for a new break-up song.

Claire: Oh, my God, no wonder you're single.

Jade: If you want to bank on the flaky record exec, go ahead. Maybe you'll be that one-in-a-million. Wouldn't count on it, though.

Claire: You know, jade, you can say whatever the hell you want. But it is gonna happen for me. You just wait.

Nicole: Brady, thank you for everything.

Brady: You don't have to thank me. You handled this all on your own. And I almost ruined it by barging in on those two.

Nicole: Uh, excuse me, but there's no way I could have done any of this without you. I am--I am so glad you're here. Not just for your comfort or how you--how you are with holly, but because you ground me, and you keep me from being my own worst enemy. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Brady: Well, there's-- there's, um, no place I'd rather be.

Nicole: You know what I realized tonight?

[Tender music]

Nicole: You know, I--I left everything behind me for holly. And I didn't think I'd miss one part of my old life, but that is--that's not true. I missed you. And here you are, again. You're always here for me when I need you. You are my rock, Brady. Maybe I've just been too afraid to say it, but the truth is, I'm not just grateful for you. I mean, you're--you're here because it's--it's right. And I understand how much you've sacrificed. You mean a lot to me. You... God, I just... [Stammering] I just don't understand why I can't say it. [Whispering] Brady, I... I love you. I do. I love you.

Dario: Gabi, Gabi, I'm so glad to run into you. You are not gonna believe what just happened.

Gabi: Abigail dumped Chad.

Dario: Wait a minute, how did you--how did you--

Gabi: I ran into Chad.

Dario: And?

Gabi: And I told him he needs to fight for his marriage.

Dario: Wh-why would you tell him to do that?

Gabi: Because he's not-- he's just not ready to move on, okay? He needs to try harder to make things work with Abby.

Dario: What if he can't?

Gabi: As far as I'm concerned, Dario, that is not an option.

[Solemn music]

Abigail: Chad, I'm sorry. I'm not doing this to hurt you.

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, come on. You just--you can't just walk-- you know, you can't just-- just walk away, you know. We have a life together. We--we have--we have-- we have dinner plans that we committed to next weekend. Right? And we were gonna take Thomas to the aquarium. And we were--we were gonna go to Chicago next month, right? And we were gonna--you know, we were gonna dance, and we were gonna... you know, we had--we have-- we have stuff, so let's just-- we--look at me, hey. Let's just take it a step at a time, okay? We can--

Abigail: Chad, that's no way to build a life.

Chad: Yes, it is. We can do it. I don't--babe, you're not-- I don't--you're not thinking this through.

Abigail: I've thought it through. I've thought it through so much, and this is what is best for everyone.

Chad: What do you think? I'm not gonna--I'm not gonna go--go be with Gabi. I'm gonna... I'm gonna be here! Waiting for my wife to change her mind and come home to me, again, okay?

Abigail: And I'm sorry. Chad, I'm really sorry. [Weeping] God.

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