Days Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17


Episode #13064 ~ Nicole considers taking desperate measures to deal with Scooter; Jade tries to intervene with Tripp on behalf of the Johnsons; Marlena angrily confronts Victor about Eric; Eric has a dream about Nicole being in trouble.

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Steve: I mean, what--she's dead, and she's still messing with our lives.

Kayla: Well, you know what? We're gonna talk to Tripp again. We will explain to him what Ava was really like again. And somehow, we are gonna get through to him.

Steve: You think so?

Kayla: Ava wasn't reasonable, but you know what, I think Tripp is. He will come to see that his mother had no claim to sainthood. The truth will win.

Steve: But not the whole truth.

Kayla: Of course not. He cannot know... that Joey really did it.

[Tense music]

Steve: [Whispers] What if Joe-- I mean, look at him. He's so riddled with guilt. What if he feels he's morally obligated to tell Tripp that it was him and not me? Baby, did we get through to him? He can't tell his brother the truth!

Tripp: What do you mean I don't know what really happened to my mom?

Joey: It wasn't... like you think it was.

Jade: What's going on?

Tripp: Apparently, not only do I not know the truth about my mother's real character... I don't know the truth about how she really died. Joey here was just about to clue me in.

Eric: No, no, no, Mrs. Sumner, you don't have to thank me. I was just doing my job.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: Um... yeah, of course. Um...well, okay. I will, um-- I'll keep you posted.

Nicole: I can't believe I forgot to turn the mixer off before I took the beaters out of the batter.

Brady: Yeah, that wasn't your best move, but, you know, you've been distracted, so I'll give ya a break on that.

Nicole: Yeah, um, I'm really sorry.

Brady: It's okay. It was nothing compared to when Tate started flinging strained peas all over me.

Nicole: Yeah, that was funny.

Brady: Batter and peas. Do I have it on my face? How'm I doing?

Nicole: Let me--let me--

Brady: I feel something right there.

Nicole: Let me help you out a little bit.

Brady: Oh, you look-- you look great.

Nicole: Oh, thanks.

Brady: It's my turn. Honey, you got a little-- a little something here.

[Lightly tense music]

Nicole: Brady, please don't.

Steve: How can me make Tripp see that what's on those DVDs was not the real Ava?

Kayla: Well, it's not gonna be easy, and it's not gonna be overnight. He's had a long time to fantasize about his birth mother. He wants to believe that those recordings are the truth.

Steve: I know.

Kayla: You know what? The longer he knows you, the better he knows you. He will believe that you wouldn't lie to him about Ava. You know, he said that he got those DVDs from Ava's cousin, Angelo, but how did he track him down?

Steve: That's right.

Kayla: Wait, where are you going?

Steve: I'm gonna track down Angelo.

Kayla: Steve, come on.

Steve: It's okay.

Kayla: No, I--

Steve: It's okay. Its' okay. I'll see you later. Don't worry.

[Dramatic music]

Jade: Oh, guess I should leave you two alone then.

Tripp: Are you okay?

Jade: I'm fine. Just a little overdue for my meds.

Joey: Really? It seems like you just took them.

Jade: I swear I'm taking them as prescribed. They're upstairs on my nightstand. Do you mind getting them for me?

Tripp: Yeah, yeah. No problem.

Joey: Jade, we've talked about this. You have to be careful with those pills.

Jade: You were about to do something incredibly stupid. You can't tell Tripp the truth about how Ava died. Right now he thinks she's mother Theresa or something.

Joey: But those things he said to my dad--

Jade: Your dad can take it. What he can't take is Tripp turning you into the cops for killing his mother.

Joey: Damn it, jade, he's going to leave town. I can't be the reason my dad loses his son.

Jade: You're his son, too. You want him to lose you?

Joey: No.

Jade: And more than that, if you tell Tripp that your dad was lying about killing Ava... do you think he'll be able to handle it? He'll know that your dad covered up the murder and got it called an ISA hit.

Joey: Maybe you're right.

Jade: Look, I have an idea. You just have to let me talk to Tripp.

Joey: You? Why?

Jade: I'll tell him how good your folks have been to me. He needs to know that they really are good people. It'll be easier for him to hear good things about your dad if it's coming from me. I'm not family. I don't have a stake in any of this.

Joey: I guess its worth a shot. Thank you.

Jade: You don't have to thank me. I could never repay your family for what they've done for me. I'm glad I can finally do something for them... and you.

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Nic, we-- we set clear boundaries and I overstepped.

Nicole: I mean, the thing is I haven't been "misty" for years, I'm just... some boring housewife.

Scooter: That's the great thing about sex. It's like riding a bike, but if you need a refresher course, I could always break out "locker room Lolita" to remind you.

Nicole: You're serious, aren't you?

Scooter: Hell yes, I'm serious.

Nicole: Brady's rich, he's rolling in it and--and he can... set you up for life and you don't have to worry about teaching those bratty, college kids.

Scooter: What's money? It's just a medium of exchange. I don't care if I have to teach those little, bratty kids the rest of my life, long as I'm getting what I want from you whenever I want it.

Nicole: No, Brady, it's not you.

Brady: You're sure?

Nicole: I am.

Brady: You're still upset about scooter, aren't you?

[Dramatic music]

When it's time to move to underwear

Marlena: You know, a the risk of sounding like your mother-- which I am thrilled to be... you look awful. [Chuckles]

Eric: Thanks. I'm just tired.

Marlena: Having a problem sleeping?

Eric: No, it's not that. Boy had a bike accident at the U. All banged up, you know, a lot of pain. Parents are overseas.

Marlena: So you...what? You took him to the hospital and then left?

[Eric sighs]

Marlena: You took him to the hospital and took it upon yourself-- as you do with everybody else in the world, took it upon yourself to take care of him?

Eric: No, mom, I didn't take it upon myself to take care of him. I just stayed with him.

Marlena: For how long?

Eric: All right.

Marlena: You didn't need to do that.

Eric: Mom, being able to help somebody helps me stay sober.

Marlena: You like this new job, don't you?

Eric: I do.

Marlena: Good. So you have a job you like now and... maybe it's time to think about, I don't know your social life.

Eric: [Sighs] Well, I tried, but it's too soon.

Marlena: Hm. You tried with, um... Jennifer?

Eric: Yeah, we had a date planned... I cancelled. I realized I could be making a huge mistake.

Marlena: Hm.

Nicole: Well, I am not thrilled that scooter knows about me, but lots of people know about my porno days. He's certainly not gonna be the last. It's just that... every time my past comes up, I feel violated all over again.

Brady: I get it. But you didn't do anything wrong, Nicole. You--you were forced to do those films and as far as this--this creep-- this perverted, creep scooter, I just wanna rearrange his face.

Nicole: Brady, you can't do that. Please.

Brady: I just wanna hit the guy. I'm not--

Nicole: Please.

Brady: I said I wanted to... I'm not going to do it. But I am going to make sure that we get the hell outta here.

[Tense music]

Scooter: If I tell old Hillary who you two really are, you'll be under arrest so fast your heads'll swim. Oh, and those two little kids... they'll go in the system and you'll never see them again.

Nicole: You're right. That's exactly what we should do. We should move on.

Brady: Yeah. The problem is it's gonna take at least two weeks to get these ids ready. That means we're gonna have to put up with our creepy neighbors for a little while, but after that... we'll not even remember that they were part of our lives.

Nicole: I hope so. I really hope you're right.

Brady: I am right. I'm also right about the fact that if Tate wakes up and we don't have cupcakes for him... he's gonna be upset. So I'm gonna go to the store and get some eggs.

Nicole: That's a good idea.

Brady: You all right? You sure?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm okay.

Brady: Oh, come on. You're Nicole walker, damn it. You've made it this far and you're not gonna let someone like Scooter Nelson ruin everything.

[Knocking at door]

Nicole: [Groans] What? Hey, hey, the kids are sleeping, you moron.

Scooter: You know, I think you should be more careful how you talk to me.

Nicole: Oh, you need more respect because you're such a great guy? What are you watching the house 24/7?

Scooter: That's right. So I know exactly when the pretend husband leaves the premises meaning I know exactly when we can be alone.

Nicole: We are not alone. The kids are here.

Scooter: Yeah, but you just said yourself... [Whispers] They're asleep.

Nicole: Scooter, go home.

Scooter: No, I don't think so. Hey, you know how some people listen to the same song over and over again?

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Scooter: I must've watched "locker room Lolita" a hundred times.

Nicole: Get out of my house.

Scooter: Oh, misty-- I can call you misty, can't I? See, you can't give orders-- I mean, you can, but it just makes it more exciting because we both know that you have to submit or this happy, little, pretend family of yours goes up in smoke.

Nicole: You really are a perverted, little creep. Blackmailing me into have sex with you?

Scooter: Misty, I've seen your movies, you can't play the virginal maiden with me. You know, I-- I think I'm gonna learn a lot from you.

Nicole: No.

Tripp: Where's Joey?

Jade: I asked him if I could talk to you alone for a minute.

Tripp: Me? Uh, why? Oh, here are your pills.

Jade: Thanks. I really don't need them yet I just needed you out of the room so I could ask Joey to leave.

Tripp: Okay, again... why?

Jade: I grew up in a house that sounds a lot like yours. You and I... we know things about life that Joey doesn't.

Tripp: [Scoffs] Yeah, you can say that again.

Jade: But Joey also knows things that we don't. Things that I'm just beginning to learn.

Tripp: I don't follow you.

Jade: Growing up I would see happy families in my neighborhood or in the store and I honestly thought that it was fake. I mean, come on, parents being nice? Kids laughing? No way that's real. But there are good parents. Joey's parents-- your dad, he's a good guy, Tripp.

Tripp: Good guys don't murder the mother of their kid.

Jade: Okay, those videos that your mom made, they're not a true version of who she was.

[Tripp scoffs]

Jade: There was something really, really wrong with her.

Tripp: No.

Jade: Okay, Tripp, the Johnsons are ready for you to be a part of their family... a good family.

Tripp: How much are they paying you to say this?

Jade: Oh, come on. You don't know the whole story.

Tripp: I know enough. Okay, they may have bought you off with this fancy loft and easy life, but not me. As of today, I don't need a damn thing from anybody.

Jade: God...

[Dramatic music]

Angelo: You summoned me?

Steve: Let's cut the crap, Angelo. I know you met with my son Tripp.

Angelo: I met with my late cousin's son. You know, and since she was murdered-- God rest her soul, I'm looking after her interests.

Steve: Well, I'm looking after his and I'm here to tall you he doesn't need you... or anyone else from your family in his life.

Angelo: You don't give me orders. You hear me? I had a duty to make sure that Ava's final wishes were carried out. And it was my pleasure to deliver this touching message from beyond the grave to her son.

Steve: What you did was fill that boy's head with lies, but you failed to mention that his mother was a psychopath.

Angelo: Who put lies in his head, hm? You told him that the ISA put a hit out on Ava, but we both know that's not what happened.

Scooter: Mm, you smell so sweet.

Nicole: Ugh, the kids are in the next room.

Scooter: They're kids. What's it to them?

Nicole: What is wrong with you?

Scooter: Nothing you can't fix... misty.

Nicole: Don't call me that.

[Car door shuts]

Nicole: Oh, look at that. Brady's back which means you better go out the back way because unlike you, he works out and he is very protective!

Scooter: Yeah, if he touches me, and I'm siccing my wife on both of you. Can't you me off forever, you know.

[Car door closes]

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Hey, hi.

Nicole: You need any help?

Brady: No, I'm good. I'm good. I think I can manage. Anything happen while I was out?

Nicole: No. No. Nothing at all.

Steve: It's been established that the ISA put a hit out on Ava.

Angelo: That's bull. The ISA had no business with Ava, they had no reason to see her dead. But you did. You had lots of reasons... and being the piece of dirt that you are, lood. You waited until she was unconscious, you cowardly, little weasel... and then you got the ISA to cover your sorry ass.

Steve: Well... the agency says otherwise. You can believe whatever you want to. But you leave Tripp out of it.

Angelo: Well, my work with him is done. See, he knows you're a liar. He knows you set up Ava and threw her out like a piece of garbage. And he's never gonna believe anything that comes outta your mouth ever again.

Joey: Hey.

Kayla: Hi, baby. Um, is Tripp here?

Joey: No, I guess he just took off.

Kayla: Oh, I was hoping to talk to him. I thought that things might be a little less fraught with me than with you or-- especially your dad.

Joey: Yeah, that's just what jade was trying to do. She told me to leave, but then I got back and they were both gone.

Kayla: Jade? She shouldn't be out.

Joey: Yeah, I know. I would've stopped her, but she left while I was gone.

Kayla: Well, we need to go find her. Do you think that she's with Tripp still?

Joey: I guess.

Kayla: Where do you think that they would go?

Angelo: According to these documents you just inherited the Vitali fortune. That's right.

Tripp: But--but I don't understand. Um...

Angelo: Ava was Martino's only child you're her son, that makes you the main beneficiary.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, but... these numbers. Have you looked at this? That's a lot of zeros.

Angelo: It's set up as a trust. It'll come to you in payments, but, yeah, it looks like you just won the lottery, kid.

Jade: Hey.

Tripp: Damn.

Jade: I found you.

Tripp: Great. Now turn around and leave.

Jade: You know, I think you could actually be fun if you didn't insist on being a jerk all the time.

Tripp: I should be like you, huh? Pushy and rude? Getting involved in stuff that's none of your damn business?

Jade: You know, we actually have a lot in common.

[Tripp scoffs]

Jade: Like we both like a small taste to help us chill. Buy me one?

Tripp: You're underage and trying to grow a new liver, but... yeah, other than that, it's a great idea.

Jade: Well, I will have you know that my liver is fully regenerated. I think we should drink to that, don't you? I mean, unless you can't afford to buy me one.

Tripp: That's not the problem.

Jade: Fine, I'll go somewhere else to have fun. I hear there's a kegger down the street.

Tripp: You're in no shape to go trolling for parties. So what do you want?

Marlena: Hm, did something happen that made you decide you shouldn't date Jennifer?

Eric: There's just too much history between us. We're both newly sober. I don't think it's the right time to start thinking of getting into a relationship. After everything Jenn's been through, I mean, I don't think she needs a wounded bird like me. I still need time to get myself together.

Marlena: You are not a wounded bird! Look, getting your life together takes strength, coming back to Salem takes strength.

Eric: Not everyone would agree with you there.

Marlena: What do you mean by that?

Eric: Nothing, just-- you know what? Never mind.

Marlena: Did somebody say something to you?

Eric: Nothing I haven't said to myself.

Marlena: Who was it?

Eric: It doesn't matter.

Marlena: Maggie?

Eric: Mom, Maggie has been great to me.

Marlena: I hope so. Well, it couldn't be Nicole, she's gone.

Eric: Let it go. Okay, mom? Show me some high marks of letting it go.

Marlena: It's Victor. It's Victor. What did he say to you?

Eric: He didn't say anything that wasn't true.

Marlena: He's got no right to say anything to you at all. Nothing! Can I get you something to eat?

Eric: Mom, really? I've got a new job, please let-- this one's on me.

Marlena: All right, have it your way. I'm so glad you're home. [Giggles]

Eric: Take care. Well, there she goes. Straight to Victor. Serves him right.

Brady: Okay, "cupcake wars, the sequel." Oh, God.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Hillary, what's wrong?

Hillary: Scooter and I got in a really big fight.

Nicole: Oh, about what?

Hillary: Well, I know that we hide it really well, but... he and I have been having problems for a while now.

Nicole: Really?

Hillary: Mm-hmm. And I thought that... coming back here to our cabin and spending time together away from work and anything might get us back on track, but if anything it's just gotten worse.

Nicole: I'm so sorry.

Hillary: We're driving each other crazy.

Nicole: Yeah, that--that-- that can happen.

Hillary: And then when you guys moved in, I just-- I don't know I thought that being friends with a happy couple like you and Freddie might remind scooter of when we fell in love, but he's just gotten worse and... now I really afraid he's gonna leave me.

Nicole: Well, is that... such a bad thing?

Hillary: Yes! No. I don't know. I don't know. I'm so confused I can't even think straight. I can--I can put up with his lousy work ethic, the porn. You know, but when he starts comparing my body to one of those sluts in those movies--

Nicole: What?!

Hillary: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. That's embarrassing.

Nicole: No, no, no, you shouldn't be embarrassed. He should be horse-whipped.

Hillary: Bridget, I want to strangle him. I shouldn't even say that. You probably think I'm awful.

Nicole: No, I-- Hillary, that is how you feel and I am certainly not gonna judge you.

Hillary: Why is this happening? It's--it's like he's cheating on me. Is he? Do you know anything?

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Marlena, please, come in.

Marlena: Victor, we need to talk.

Victor: Oh, well, I'm all ears.

Marlena: You know, when a man goes charging around like a bull in a china shop, once in a while, well, we can dismiss that. But when he attacks a man who's already down, that isn't okay. It's no way to behave.

Victor: So, Eric went whining to mommy, huh? What a surprise.

Marlena: Look, Eric knows he made a terrible, terrible mistake. He knows how many people he's hurt.

Victor: Another reason to feel sorry for himself, but not so sorry that he can't go out on a date. Paint the town red.

Marlena: Victor, you have spent your entire life consciously and deliberately hurting people to get your way. You cared about nobody's pain but your own. Right now a different kind of man would be helping his wife through this... but all you care about is snorting and pawing the ground and acting like an old bull who's got nothing left but bluster.

Victor: I wouldn't count on that. It may be more than bluster if Eric doesn't start treating Daniel's memory with more respect.

Marlena: Don't talk about my son. If you wanna talk about somebody, talk about your brother. He's even more of an animal than you are.

Victor: No time to stay for a glass of wine?

[Door slams]

[Somber music]

[Keyboard clacking]

Eric: [Sighs] "No sightings. Trail cold."

[Keyboard clacking] "Nicole walker is still a fugitive."

Hillary: Oh, never mind. You don't know. How could you?

Nicole: So, uh, what are you gonna do?

Hillary: I don't know. I feel like all my choices are awful.

Nicole: You know, I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I wish there was something I could do to help.

Hillary: [Chuckles] Kill him? I'm sorry, that's a bad joke. [Chuckles] You know what? The truth is you have helped.

Nicole: I-I haven't done anything.

Hillary: Yeah, you have. It's been good for me to have a friend. Talking to you I realized that, like... I can run marathons. I can--I can charge into burning buildings. I can kick the ass of those guys in my self-defense class. I'm not gonna be a victim to scooter's whims.

Nicole: You are really strong.

Hillary: It sounds like you know what I'm talking about.

Nicole: Yeah, I've been through the mill myself and, unfortunately, there are a lot of guys out there like scooter.

Hillary: Well, I am really glad that you and Freddie found each other. Seriously. You guys give me hope. So I am off to the shooting range. That has always been a huge, huge, huge stress reliever for me.

Nicole: Yeah, uh, whatever works.

Hillary: Hey, you know what? You should come with me sometime.

Nicole: Oh.

Hillary: I asked scooter once if he thought-- if he thought maybe we could find something to do together as a couple, you know? 'Cause I really think part of the problem is that we don't spend very much time together. And then when we do, we usually-- [Crying] We usually end up getting so angry. Damn it, I'm sorry. I hate crying. Excuse me.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: I want you to stay the hell away from my family from now on.

Angelo: He's my family, too. He's got Vitali blood running in his veins.

Steve: Well, God help him.

Angelo: You know, you can be all high and mighty about us--about Ava, but you can't be high and mighty about Tripp. For one thing, he is old enough now to decide who he can... and cannot trust.

Steve: Oh, he's gonna learn to trust me.

Angelo: How? When? I mean, now that he knows that he doesn't need you-- for anything, he'll be moving on. You know, lucky for him, he doesn't need a father now. Hell, he doesn't need anything from you.

[Dramatic music]

[Jazzy music]

Jade: Damn, beer tastes good when you haven't had one in a while.

Tripp: This your first one since the surgery?

Jade: The doctor said it was okay.

Kayla: Put that drink down, jade.

Jade: Why? I just--

[Dreamy music]

Eric: Hey, stop... before you make a terrible mistake.

Hillary: I'm really sorry to bring my drama over here. I better get going.

Nicole: Hey, Hillary, one way or another... everything's gonna be okay.

Hillary: I'm glad you think so.

Nicole: I know so.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: You can't talk to her like that.

Jade: Tripp, it's okay.

Tripp: You pay her rent so you think you can just run her life? Who the hell do you think you are?

Joey: Hey, don't talk to my mom like that.

Tripp: I don't need this crap. I'll see ya, Jade, if they let ya.

Kayla: Tripp, wait.

Joey: I don't think that's a good idea. He's too mad. He doesn't want to hear anything you have to say.

Kayla: Maybe you should go after him.

Joey: Mom, we tried everything. I hate to say this, but... I think we should just let him go.

Steve: What do you mean he does need anybody? He doesn't need me.

Angelo: Well, Tripp's his own man, now. He' See, I inherited the Vitali fortune... and when I found out about him, I set up a trust. You know, Ava would've liked that idea. So, like I said, yeah, he doesn't need you for anything and he sure as hell doesn't need to hang around Salem.

Steve: You keep away from him.

[Dramatic music]

[Dark, somber music]

Eric: "Dear Nicole...

[Keyboard clacking]

Nicole: If I give in to scooter, this will never end. I have no choice.

Brady: Okay, cupcakes done. In the oven. Kids are still asleep. What are you doing?

Nicole: Planning our future.

Brady: Planning our future?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Brady: That sounds good. I like the sound of that.

Nicole: Yeah.

Brady: You know, since you've been talking to that Hillary girl, you're kinda like your old self again.

Nicole: Yeah? Well, I feel like my old self again.

Brady: Good.

[Intense music]

Hillary: Kill him?

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