Days Transcript Monday 4/3/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/3/17


Episode #13058 ~ Gabi learns Abigail & Chad plan to renew their vows; Paul & Sonny finally make love; Marlena & Kate have a girls' night out; Marlena had a fantasy about John.

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JJ: [Whistles] You should start dressing like this at work every day.

Lani: Might be tough for me to chase down perps in these shoes.

JJ: It'll make the job a lot more fun for me.

Lani: [Laughs] I think I'll save the glamour for after hours. What time are we meeting Sonny and Paul?

JJ: We should leave for TBD in about 20. Let me go process this report, and we can roll on out of here.

Lani: Okay.

JJ: All right.

[Footsteps approaching]

Lani: You shouldn't see me doing this. It will ruin the magic.

Eli: I'll knock next time.

Lani: What are you doing here? And why are you looking at me like that?

Eli: I don't know. You look... different.

Lani: Now, answer the first question.

Eli: I came to check out some files and get a lay of the land.

Lani: Why?

Eli: 'Cause... we're gonna be working together.

Paul: You know what I love? Just how normal this is. I mean, you and I going on a double date like a real couple.

Sonny: We are a real couple. And we have some time to kill before we meet JJ and Lani, so we can talk.

Paul: Oh. What do you want to talk about?

Sonny: I've decided to secretly work with the police to put Deimos back behind bars.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Dario, it's-it's okay. I'm not gonna break--I'm okay.

Dario: You had a deadly poison injected into your body.

Gabi: I know, but I'm-- I'm really okay. Physically, anyway.

Dario: Yeah, that was crappy timing, Chad's party. He couldn't wait until you were at least out to break your heart again?

Gabi: Look, it just-it just kind of happened that way.

Dario: At least he's made his choice clear. He wants to cut all contact with you. You-you no longer have to worry about if he wants you or Abigail. You can start, you know, moving on with your life.

Gabi: Yeah, I guess.

Dario: What do you mean, you guess?

Gabi: I just-I just think that maybe Chad's choice is not as clear as you think.

[Country music playing]

Abigail: Whoa. Check out this place.

[Piano music]

Abigail: Okay. Look. Oh, my gosh. Look at these killer views of the lake. And all the tulips are gonna be blooming. And then our friends and family, they can just be all over. Oh, my gosh. It'd be so romantic to renew our vows there.

Chad: It's beautiful.

Abigail: Yeah. Of course, I know when you do things outdoors, you run the risk of rain, but... could get tents.

Chad: Yeah, well, if you're happy, then I'm happy.

[Door handle shuffles]

Abigail: You make me happy.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Sorry to interrupt the bliss.

Chad: [Clears throat] Uh, we were-we were just making plans to renew our vows.

Kate: Already?

Abigail: Seems like a lifetime since we got married. And I think it's time for us to reaffirm our commitment and have a fresh start and just put everything behind us.

Kate: What a lovely thought.

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: I got to take this.

Kate: She seems content.

Chad: We both are.

Kate: Really? Does that mean that you've put your feelings for Gabi behind you?

Chad: I am devoted to my wife and my son.

Kate: Well, devotion is admirable. But is that really what you want?

Lani: You're gonna be working here? How? And why?

Eli: You sure do ask a lot of questions.

Lani: And I'm not hearing a lot of answers.

Eli: I decided to stick around Salem to get to know my dad's family, the Hortons, so I put a call in to my bosses in dc and requested a transfer.

Lani: Here?

Eli: Whew. Damn. You catch on quick. I was able to convince the FBI that there's enough activity here in Salem to warrant an assignment.

JJ: An assignment? Does that mean you're going to be working on a specific case?

Eli: Well, actually, I'm here to work on the war between the DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families.

Lani: That's our case, and Rafe is on it too.

JJ: So you're here to assist us?

Eli: Actually, federal crimes have been committed, which means I have jurisdiction, so... technically, you'll be assisting me.

[Dramatic music]

Dario: Chad said he doesn't want to speak to you anymore. How much more clear-cut could he be?

Gabi: No, dar-- just, never mind. He's moving on, and that's good enough for me.

Dario: Yeah, yeah, except it sounds like there's more to it than that. What did he say?

Gabi: He didn't... feelings, they don't just go away, okay?

Dario: He still loves you.

Gabi: Maybe. Maybe, but that doesn't matter, because he's married to Abigail and he loves her. I mean, what was I supposed to do, jump up on my hospital bed and profess my love?

Dario: That's what I did. Except for the hospital bed part.

Gabi: What? What do you mean, that's what you did?

Dario: I told Abigail I love her.

Gabi: Why would you do that?

Dario: Because I do.

Gabi: Dario, what-- okay, sorry, what do you expect to gain from this?

Dario: I don't know. I just got all worked up, and I just--I blurted it out.

Gabi: Okay--what did she say?

Dario: She was shocked.

Gabi: Yeah, no kidding.

Dario: Yeah, she shut me down pretty fast. I-I tried to talk to her about it later, but... there's clearly a wall between us. Not one I'm sure I can knock down.

Gabi: She cut you off too?

Dario: Guess that's how they've decided to deal with their marriage. Eliminate any possibility of threats.

Gabi: Is that what we are? Threats?

Dario: We definitely could be.

[Country music playing]

Kate: I just think Gabi would be more suitable for you.

Chad: You've tried to make this point before.

Kate: Abigail is a Horton. Things are always so black-and-white with those people.

Chad: "Those people"? Lucas is a Horton, and so was will.

Kate: I raised Lucas. Will had Lucas and Sami's influence. Abigail is never, ever going to understand you the way Gabi does. Gabi gets that there's compromise. Compromise is necessary in this world.

Chad: And what? There's nothing wrong with Abby pushing me to be a better person.

Kate: You're a good person now. She should love you the way you are.

Chad: She does, and she has my back, always. I know that.

Kate: Till she disappears and lets you think that she died. Hmm?

Chad: [Groans] We've moved past that.

Kate: All I'm saying is that I saw you when you thought that she was gone. You walked around here for months like a zombie. You were half dead. I didn't think that we were ever going to get you back, but then we did, because Gabi gave you a reason to live. Chad, I have never seen you happier than the time that you spent with Gabi.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: It's funny-- I don't remember us asking for help from the FBI.

Eli: Oh, you don't have to ask for the FBI.

Lani: You know what, it's pretty arrogant of you to just assume that we couldn't do this on our own.

Eli: Well, in the last three months, there have been beatings, poisonings, kidnappings, explosions at sea, and a whole host of other crimes all committed by three families. How many arrests have you made?

JJ: We brought in one of Deimos Kiriakis' henchmen.

Eli: I'll alert the media. Look, I'm not here to fix any mistakes you guys have made--

Lani: Mistakes?

Eli: In the past. I'm here to stop this war from escalating.

JJ: Transfer is a done deal?

Eli: Signed and sealed. So. There's no reason to fight.

Lani: You better not get in our way.

Eli: Oh, I'm sorry. Do you not like when people interfere in your business? You sure didn't have a problem interfering in mine.

Lani: You know what, I was just trying to help you with your mom, and now you're just gonna throw it back in my face?

Eli: Help me?

JJ: Okay! Let's all take a step back here. Eli, I wish you would've said something to me before you went and talked to FBI brass. But--

Eli: [Clears throat]

JJ: All that matters is us trying to stop this war before someone gets killed.

Eli: Finally, a voice of reason.

JJ: We can find a way to work together.

Eli: That's all I want, all right, so let's have a seat and go over these files.

JJ: In the morning. Lani and I are headed out.

Eli: That explains the getup.

Lani: "The getup"?

JJ: All right, we got to go. This has been fun. We'll see you tomorrow.

Eli: Look forward to it.

JJ: All right.

[Dramatic music]

Paul: Sonny, if Deimos finds out that you're working with the police, you will not be safe.

Sonny: If I stay out of it, nobody will be safe. I don't have a choice, Paul. My family's legacy is on the line. I'm not gonna stand around and watch Deimos destroy what my grandfather, my dad, and I have been working for. And I love that you're worried about me and you care about me, okay? But I'm really hoping you're with me on this one.

Paul: And your mind is set? On this?

Sonny: Dead set.

Paul: Yeah, that's a bad choice of words.

Sonny: This is what I have to do.

Paul: Then you know that I'm with you.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Eli: Hey! When'd you get released?

Gabi: Hi! About half an hour ago. Thank you again for the flowers.

Eli: Well? Did they work? You change your mind?

Gabi: [Giggles]

Dario: D-d-did I miss something here?

Gabi: Well...

Eli: I put my number in Gabi's phone, and I asked her out. She turned me down flat. [Laughs] But I have a feeling I'll wear down her defenses eventually.

Dario: Yeah, she's very stubborn.

Eli: So am I.

Gabi: Hey!

Eli: Well, I'm gonna get my takeout and head back to work. See you guys around.

Gabi: See you.

Dario: Whoa. He is into you.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I think maybe he feels guilty because our first date ended in me being kidnapped.

Dario: Oh, yeah, that-- that was-that was a bad ending.

Gabi: Also, I haven't ruled out that he may be trying to get some information out of me.

Dario: What kind of information?

Gabi: I forgot to mention he works for the FBI.

Dario: Yeah. Yeah, somehow, you-you forgot to mention that.

Gabi: Yeah, and he asked me questions about Chad and Deimos, so probably won't be long until he asks me questions about our own family.

[Country music playing]

Chad: I can't deny how much Gabi meant to me. You know, when I thought my life was over, Gabi was there. Gabi-Gabi brought fun back into it for me. She helped me-helped me take care of my business and my son, and she helped me pick up the pieces, but none of that would have happened if I knew Abigail was still alive!

Kate: That's not the point.

Chad: Yes, it is. It is the point, because Abigail is back, and she's in my life again.

Kate: Oh, I see. Okay. So she returns-she returns, and suddenly, your feelings for Gabi just magically disappear?

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Uh, no!

Kate: No! Of course they don't, because it doesn't work that way, Chad. You're in love with Gabi. You still are.

Chad: I thought they would've--I thought that my feelings would've... I thought that they'd be gone by now.

Kate: Why? Because you wanted them to be?

Chad: No. Because I am devoted to my wife and my son. Love them both.

Kate: Okay. But the thing is, one thing doesn't have anything to do with the other. Even Deimos knew that you-- that you couldn't make a choice.

Chad: Deimos is gonna get-- get what's his, okay? But one thing that-that happened with all of that, almost losing Abigail and Gabi, was it brought me clarity. It reinforced my decision to say good-bye to Gabi. I can't see her. I don't want to be around her. I-I-I am gonna commit fully to my marriage. That is how I will get over her.

Kate: Sounds to me like you're running away.

excited about doing a ceremony at the lake?

Abigail: Mm. I'm not so sure it's the best plan.

Chad: What do you mean? Why not? Looked incredible.

Abigail: You know me, I get these crazy romantic notions.

Chad: Yeah, that is exactly what I love about you.

Abigail: I mean, it's not about setting. It's-it's not about setting. It's not about the party. It's not about the people. It... it's about you and me.

And so it should be intimate and personal, and we can just have it here like we did the wedding.

Chad: That's--if that's what you want.

Abigail: Yeah. It doesn't matter where we have it. We can invite JJ and my mom and André and... Kate if you want.

Chad: What's wrong?

Abigail: Nothing. It's just that Kate doesn't like me very much.

Chad: That's not true.

Abigail: No, she doesn't.

Chad: No.

Abigail: And she wants you to be with Gabi.

Chad: Well, Kate... kate-kate likes to think she knows everything. Okay? But her opinion doesn't matter. Mine does. You are the only woman that I want to be with. I love you more than anything. Do you have any doubts about that?

Abigail: No. Not anymore. I hate the position that Deimos put you in, but... I love that you choose me first.

Chad: Just acted on instinct.

Abigail: I'm starving.

Chad: [Chuckles] Let's-- you want to, um-- let's go get some-let's go get some food, and then we can talk more about the ceremony.

Abigail: Okay. Yeah.

Chad: Yeah. I can't-- you know--wait. I can't--you know, I just can't-I can't wait to marry you again.

Abigail: Me too.

Paul: Ah, so it looks like you two aren't sick of each other. You're partners at work all day, and you still want to spend time together after hours. That's a good sign.

JJ: Mm, what can I say? She can't get enough of me.

Lani: I was just gonna say the same thing about him.

JJ: And I'm about to look extra good now that Eli's going to be around.

Sonny: What about Eli?

Lani: Can you believe that jerk got himself reassigned to Salem? Just so he can watch over our shoulders.

JJ: Well, I don't think that's exactly the reason.

Lani: Look. I know he's your cousin, but all he's gonna do is just annoy us and get in the way of our investigation.

JJ: Here's what I know. You and I are a team, and nothing's going to get in the way of that.

Lani: Mm.

JJ: Come here.

[Sultry music playing]

Dario: I officially support your decision not to go out with Eli again.

Gabi: Now that you know he's FBI?

Dario: You know, it's bad enough having JJ hang around all the time. We don't need a fed up in our business.

Gabi: Rafe is a cop. Should I stay away from him too?

Dario: Gabi, that's family. This is different. You get to decide who you date, whether I like it or not.

Gabi: Whatever. So you don't want me with JJ or Eli because they're in law enforcement, but then you don't want me with Chad because he's a DiMera.

Dario: Listen, you are a strong woman. You-you should focus on your career. You don't need a man.

Gabi: Oh, yeah. That's-that's great. Why don't I just join a convent? I'll make a great nun. I can... head over to the church of... holy cross, talk to sister Agnes, and you know what, maybe they'll throw in an exorcism to see if I can get over Chad.

Dario: Listen, it's gonna happen. I know it hurts. Believe me--I know. Just give it some time.

Abigail: Yeah. [Chuckles]

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Um... if you...

Abigail: No, no. It's okay. It's a small town. We're gonna run into her at some point.

Chad: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Hey, maybe we should leave.

Dario: Why should we leave? They're the ones who cut us off. Besides, we were here first. I still haven't finished my French fries.

Gabi: I lost my appetite.

Dario: You know, we should just get used to seeing them. It's gonna happen sooner or later.

Gabi: So, what, we just pretend like they're not here?

Dario: Exactly.

Gabi: How the hell am I supposed to do that?

Dario: Willpower.

JJ: I think we're gonna call it a night.

Paul: So early?

Lani: Yeah, we got to be back at the station, bright and early, to face Eli.

Paul: She sure is giving your cousin a warm welcome, huh?

Lani: What he deserves is a nice swift kick where it counts.

JJ: On that note, this has been fun. We should do it again.

Sonny: We should, yes. And next time, we won't spend the entire night talking about Deimos.

JJ: We can dream, can't we?

Lani: Bye, guys.

JJ: Have a good night.

Sonny: See you later.

Paul: Bye.

Sonny: Be safe. You know, it's not that I don't enjoy hanging out with them, but I have been waiting all night to be alone with you.

[Sultry music playing]

Kate: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. What am I doing?

Marlena: You're having a drink with your best friend.

Kate: No, what am I doing here? This is Eduardo's bar.

Marlena: They make a mean mojito.

Kate: No. What I'm saying is, if I go into here, I might run into him, and if Chloe's with him, then...

Marlena: Wait, wait, wait. Chloe lane? What is that about?

Kate: It's a really long story. Let's just say that, uh, he's trying to get under my skin, and... you know, what do I care? Screw it. Let's go in.

Marlena: [Laughs] That's my girl. [Laughing]

Kate: You're with him? What the hell are you thinking?

Sonny: You have a problem with me seeing Paul?

Kate: Do I even have to answer that?

Marlena: Hi, fellas. Um, look, they're having a nice night out. Why don't we just leave them alone?

Kate: I can't do that.

Sonny: Marlena?

Marlena: Hmm?

Sonny: You-you want to keep Paul company just for a second? I'll be right back.

Marlena: Sure.

Sonny: What is your problem?

Kate: Have you forgotten that Paul is the one that broke up your marriage to my grandson?

Sonny: It is more complicated than that, and you know it.

Kate: It's just not right. It's not right--it's like you're spitting on will's memory.

Sonny: You don't think I've felt that? You don't think I've asked myself those same questions? Am I forgetting about will? Am I disrespecting what we had? Kate, I have been resisting my feelings for Paul for a very long time. I hated myself for feeling them at all.

Kate: You're not resisting them anymore.

Sonny: I loved will. I wouldn't be who I am today without him. Not a single day goes by that I don't miss him. If I go to the park with Arianna or we share ice cream together, when she calls me daddy, I miss him, and I would give anything to have him here right now. But he's gone. And he's never coming back. Paul is a great guy. He cares about me so much. And Arianna. He's so genuine, he's so sweet, and he's so fun. I will never, ever forget about will, but Paul is in my life now. Okay? It would mean the world to me if you could respect that, please, and be happy for me. And if you can't, then at least just... stay out of it.

Kate: Do you love him?

Sonny: Think he feels the same way.

Kate: He better. I'm sorry, I just... I think I miss will so much, it's just really hard for me to see you with anyone else.

Paul: I think will would want me to find love.

Kate: I know he would.

JJ: So are we totally lame for bailing so early?

Lani: Do you care?

JJ: Not really.

Lani: So, were you telling the truth about wanting to get a good night's sleep?

JJ: Sleep is important.

Lani: Mm.

JJ: But I wanted to spend some more time with you. Alone.

Lani: We spent all day together.

JJ: I know.

Lani: Mm-hmm. And we're back at the station first thing in the morning.

JJ: Yep.

Lani: You sure you're not getting tired of me?

JJ: No, that's never gonna happen.

Lani: We should go back to my place.

JJ: I can't.

Gabi: I saw you looking over there.

Dario: No, I wasn't.

Gabi: You're not as slick as you think you are.

Dario: Okay, fine, I was, but it wasn't on purpose.

Gabi: What happened to willpower?

Dario: I'm working on it.

Gabi: Yeah, me too.

[Country music playing]

Dario: Why does she have to look so damn good?

Gabi: To torture you.

Dario: She's succeeding.

Abigail: [Chuckling]

Chad: Look, we don't have to pretend this isn't awkward.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

[Phone beeps]

Abigail: Mm. Sorry. Oh, it's my mom. I'm just gonna stop outside and give her a call.

Chad: Okay, you want spaghetti?

Abigail: I'm good.

Dario: No, I'll pay for it.

Gabi: [Indistinct]

[Tone chirping]

Abigail: Hey, Mom. Hey. Yeah, I got your text. Yes. I do have the best news. Um, Chad and I, we're gonna renew our vows. [Laughs] Yeah. I'm really excited. I just--I think that this is exactly what we need.

[Dramatic music]


Marlena: Oh. Not soon enough.

Kate: Aren't you worried?

Marlena: [Hems and haws] I've accepted his job. I know that when he goes away, he's in danger, and... there's always a chance that he might not come back.

Kate: How do you deal with that?

Marlena: Well, I remind myself that... love is always worth the risk. I've got faith in john. I've got faith in us.

Kate: You two even give me faith.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

Kate: Well, I'm predicting that john's going to come home to you very soon, and I am going to be happily standing at your wedding and watch you begin your happily-ever-after.

Marlena: Thank you.


Paul: Did you ask them to play this song?

Sonny: When would I have done that?

Paul: [Laughs] Do you remember this song? Right? You remember?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Paul: It was playing that night, on the rooftop in san Francisco.

Sonny: Mm.

Paul: First night we met.

It's taking control

Paul: We talked about how much we loved it.

Sonny: How much you loved it. How much--you played it constantly.

Paul: It grew on you. Come on, admit it.

Sonny: Uh, okay. I do like it now.

Paul: See?

Sonny: I do like it.

Paul: See? You like it. I'm a good influence.

Now all I want

Sonny: The best.

For you please

Paul: I mean, that moment felt like such a long time ago. Never would've thought that we'd be here together, as a couple. [Laughs] There's nothing else I could've ever asked for.

Sonny: Me either. There's no place I'd rather be than with you right now.

Paul: Actually, there's one place I can think of that I'd rather be.

All I want are your lips

Paul: Come.

I've never felt like this I'm all caught up in you caught up in you

Lani: You don't want to be alone with me?

JJ: Oh, of course I do. More than anything.

Lani: Then... what's wrong?

[Piano music]

JJ: What's wrong is, I screwed it up so bad before. How it happened in Miami. We got together, and the next morning, I didn't even remember.

Lani: You thought your sister was dead. Okay? You were-you were really messed up.

JJ: I hurt you. And you deserve so much better than that.

Lani: I'm over that, okay? I-I know that's not you.

JJ: But I've made mistakes. In the past. Bad choices. I hurt people I cared about. That's the reason your dad doesn't trust me. I don't want to do that to you.

Lani: You won't. Okay? I-I trust you.

JJ: But I'm not sure I've earned that trust. Not yet. I want to prove it to you.

Lani: And... how're you gonna do that?

JJ: By waiting. I-I want to-I want to show you that what we have is about more than-than sex.

Lani: So you're saying you want to be a gentleman?

JJ: I guess you could call it that. I just want you to know how real this is. So I want to wait. I hope that's okay with you.

Lani: That's the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me. I'm not used to this kind of treatment from a guy.

JJ: Well, get used to it, partner. 'Cause I always want you to know just... how special you are. Come on. Let me walk you home.

Abigail: Hey, mom, you know what, I'm out to dinner, so do you mind if I just call you back later and... give you all the details? Yeah. All right. Okay. Yeah. I love you too. Bye.

[Phone beeps]

Abigail: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I didn't--

Gabi: No, don't. Don't be sorry. I saw you walk out, so I just wanted to come talk to you.

Abigail: Oh.

Gabi: Look, I know we... talked about me staying away from Chad, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for... for us to talk.

Abigail: You probably weren't expecting to hear me gush about renewing my vows with Chad.

Gabi: No, I wasn't expecting that.

Abigail: Gabi, I'm sorry.

Gabi: No, it's okay. You guys deserve it.

Abigail: So what did you want to talk to me about?

Gabi: Well, I... I came out here to say that if, um, you needed to take a step back from our friendship, I would understand.

Abigail: Do you need to take a step back?

Gabi: Yeah, I just think that, um, being best friends just, uh, is a little hard right now.

Abigail: I understand. I mean, I hate it. I just--I want things to go back to the way they were.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, maybe they will someday.

Abigail: I want that. I just want us all to be friends again, and... I don't know, maybe we'll take another belly dancing class together.

Gabi: Yeah, I can't wait for that day.

Abigail: I love you.

Gabi: I love you too.

Abigail: Aww. God.

[Romantic music]

Sonny: What's wrong?

Paul: Are you sure?

Sonny: I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life.

Marlena: Oh--uh, I'm sorry. Where are you going?

Kate: I'm gonna go flirt with that man over there.

Marlena: Wait, wait. In Eduardo's club? That will get back to him.

Kate: That's what I'm counting on.

Marlena: Have you heard a word I've said?

Kate: I heard exactly what you said--you said, "don't be afraid to take a risk on love," so that's what I'm gonna do.

Marlena: This can't go well.

Just one kiss I'd risk it all just for this 'cause I...

[Marlena sighs]

Want to love you forever it only gets better

Marlena: Do you have any idea how much I've missed you?

And I've...

John: Oh, I could probably guess.

Beautiful days turn to years before...

Marlena: Did you miss me?

Love you

John: Only...

Sweet caress

John: Every single moment of every single day.

Just for the warmth

Marlena: I hate it when you leave.

John: Yeah, so do I, but I love coming home. Because even after all these years that we've spent together, there is...

I'd do it all

John: There is nothing better than holding you in my arms.

'Cause I...

Marlena: Then don't ever let me go.

Love you forever

John: You got it, Doc.

From here and I've waited come whatever as beautiful days turn to years

Abigail: [Sighs] So, you want dessert? Can heat it up. Put some ice cream on it.

Chad: Uh... mm... sure.

[Romantic music]

Abigail: Or... we could skip dessert.

For once in my life I felt a little good thing inside

Abigail: [Giggling]

In your eyes I only want to love you and hold you tight I feel fine because you're mine Because you're mine, mine because you're mine mine, mine because you're mine because you're mine Because you're mine

Gabi: Hey, uh, thank you for picking me up at the hospital and... also for being there for me when things aren't so great.

Dario: You're helping me too. My natural reaction is to just knock Chad out and sweep Abigail off her feet. You're helping me become a better man.

Gabi: It's not easy.

Dario: [Chuckles] What happened outside before with you and Abigail?

Gabi: Chad and Abigail are renewing their vows. Yeah.

Dario: That's just fantastic. What a-what a great way to end the evening.

Gabi: Sorry.

Dario: I'm gonna go check out things at the club. You want to come?

Gabi: No, I think I'm gonna head home.

Dario: Hang in there, kid.

Gabi: Okay.

Dario: We'll get past this.

Gabi: You too.

[Mellow music]

[Phone beeps]

[Tone chirping]

Gabi: Hey. Eli. Hey, it's Gabi. Listen, you were right. I, uh, changed my mind. We should hang out.

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