Days Transcript Thursday 3/23/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/23/17


Episode #13051 ~ Chad is forced to make an agonizing choice between Abigail & Gabi; JJ, Paul, & Dario search frantically for Chad, Abigail, & Gabi; Steve & Kayla treats his son with Ava to dinner in Arizona; Joey tends to Jade, who loves the attention.

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Steve: [Sighs] I've been worried about Joe. Says he's still at the hospital with jade. He's getting ready to take her home. I'm not happy about the situation.

Kayla: I think he's just trying to be a good friend.

Steve: I know that. But that poor girl is so needy. I'm afraid she'll do anything to rope him back into her life.

Kayla: I think Joey is sharp. He knows her and he's gonna be careful. Look, why don't we stay focused on Tripp? Okay? I mean, we couldn't find out where he lives, but we know this is where he works.

Welcome, folks. Sorry about the wait. My usual staff didn't show up tonight.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Are you the owner?

That would be me.

Steve: We're, uh, looking for an employee or yours. Young man named Tripp.

That son of a bitch? Believe me, he doesn't work here anymore.

Victor: Well, somebody is in a mood.

Sonny: You need to put a leash on Deimos. And I mean now.

Victor: What happened?

Sonny: Abigail and Gabi are missing. My guess it's retaliation for Chad stealing his business.

Victor: But you don't know for sure.

Sonny: What? I don't have proof? This isn't a court of law, uncle vic. He is hurting my family! So if you don't rein that son of a bitch in, I will!

JJ: We need to find out what that text said.

Paul: It looks like something hit him hard. Maybe news about Abigail.

JJ: Is there a way to, uh, to zoom in on Chad's phone screen?

Paul: Well, maybe if I can find an app that does that, yeah.

Dario: Well, you better make it fast because every second counts.

Deimos: In a few seconds the poison will have all been administered. Your bonds will be released and you will be on the clock. I hope you've made your choice, Chad, because if you hesitate even for a second, you could lose them both.

Chad: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, baby, it's okay.

Demos: The countdown begins. Thirty. Twenty nine. Twenty eight. Twenty seven. Twenty six. Twenty five. Twenty four. Twenty three. Twenty two.

Gabi: [Coughing]

Deimos: Twenty one. Twenty.

Chad: Gabi, you just keep working on that right there.

Deimos: Nineteen. Eighteen.

Chad: Okay, baby.

Deimos: Seventeen. Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen.

Steve: Well, it sounds like Tripp wound up on your bad side.

Kayla: What happened?

Well, for one thing, his buddies started coming around. I never caught him, but I know he was passing out free food. How do you guys know him?

Steve: Well, it's uh... it's a little complicated. But we'd still like to talk to him.

Well, you came to the wrong place for that. He's never gonna show his face in here again.

Kayla: Did he have anything to do with what happened to your eye?

Yeah, but I was gonna call the cops, but, hell, too much trouble, you know? Just glad he's outta here.

[Bell ringing]

 Be right back. I got an order up.

Steve: Well... that's not what I wanted to hear.

Kayla: I know. But we're gonna find out what's going on and we're gonna deal with it, right?

Steve: Right. You know what, sweetness? I can face anything as long as I have you.

Sonny: Deimos has no morals, uncle vic. No conscience! He's got zero self-control! Why you made him the head of titan is beyond me!

Victor: Alright, just push the pause button here. First of all, you're not sure that Deimos has done anything.

Sonny: I heard him on the phone, uncle Vic! He was crowing about how he was gonna make Chad pay.

Victor: That could mean anything.

Sonny: Abigail and Gabi are missing. Paul just told me Chad is missing.

Victor: Just because someone can't be found doesn't mean they've been kidnapped.

Sonny: Look. I know that you think people getting hurt is just part of the game. But we're talking about Gabi. She is the mother to my child. And Abigail is my cousin. I mean, doesn't my family merit protection?

Victor: If Deimos is protecting his fencing operation, he's also protecting our family against huge financial loses.

Sonny: It's not about the money! I'm talking about lives!

Victor: All right. If what you say is true, then maybe he's overstepped. But it's about the business, not about some personal vendetta. Don't antagonize Deimos. He's not always predictable.

Sonny: I'm not going to do anything stupid, uncle vic. But I'm also not gonna stand around and watch this man destroy the people that I love.

Victor: I understand. Just so you know, Sonny, I always thought of you as the best of us. One day you will lead the Kiriakis family.

Sonny: But not today.

Victor: You're just not ready.

Sonny: What's it going to take, uncle Vic? Does someone have to die before you realize that you made a mistake?

Paul: Damn! This program is supposed to capture the image and magnify it without distortion, and it keeps cutting out.

Dario: You said that you heard Deimos talking about Chad?

Paul: No, no. Sonny heard that--he heard Deimos say that Chad was gonna pay.

JJ: Which made my sister a target. One of Deimos' guys must've grabbed her outside the club. That's why she dropped her purse.

Dario: It's voicemail. She always picks up because of Arianna. This is--this is bad.

Paul: There! I--I got it! I got it.

Dario: "We have your wife. Docks warehouse eight. Come alone or she's a dead woman".

Paul: Oh, my God! Come on!

JJ: Son of a bitch.

Pau: Come on!

Gabi: [Whimpering]

Deimos: Eight.

Chad: There you go.

Deimos: Seven.

Chad: Gabi!

Deimos: Six. Five.

Gabi: Congrats on the win. I heard it was an intense game.

Chad: I couldn't have done it without you.

Gabi: Well, you know what this means. Now, Chad person-woods accepted help from a girl. How are you going to sleep at night?

Chad: I'm gonna dream about it.

Gabi: [Laughs]

Chad: I'll probably will.

Gabi: Perfecto!

Chad: Ready?

Gabi: Come on.

Deimos: Four. Three. Two. One.

Jade: Must be weird. I mean, all of a sudden you've got a brother you never knew existed. Especially since his mother..

Joey: I told you I don't want to talk about Ava, okay?

Jade: I don't blame you. She played you. Jus so she could hurt your mom and dad.

Joey: I wish I'd never met her.

Jade: You still going to that therapist?

Joey: Yeah. It helps. A little. Pretty heavy load though.

Jade: Yeah, gotta be a lot of guilt. Good thing therapists can't say anything, huh?

Joey: What?

Jade: Oh, I mean, you murder someone, you tell your therapist. But you can't go to jail because of the whole doctor-patient confidentiality thing. Don't worry. You don't even have to ask. I'll never ever say anything.

Kayla: Remember. We're a team. And if Tripp is your son, and Ava is gone, then we're all he's gotta have.

Steve: Right. I know he'll be damn lucky to have you in this life.

Get the hell out! I told you not to show up here!

Tripp: Yeah, well, I did!

Turn around and move your butt! Or maybe you want me to call the cops?

Tripp: You know what I came for. Give it to me!

Not gonna happen! Out! You hear me? Out!

Chad: It's okay, baby. You were fine. We're okay. Just breathe. Just breath. Gabi! How're you doing, Gabi?

Gabi: Okay. Abigail!

Abigail: Okay, go over there. Go see her.

Chad: Okay.

JJ: Back.

Paul: What the hell?

Dario: What's going on?

JJ: What the hell happened?

Chad: Look. We gotta get these IVs out, all right? We gotta get them to the hospital. They've been poisoned.

Dario: Oh, my God!

Paul: What?

Gabi: [Sobbing]

JJ: Abs, I'm right here. Come on, we're gonna get you out. You hear that? We told an ambulance to come meet us here.

Chad: You hear the ambulance? Thank God!

Dario: Yeah, okay? We'll have you outta here.

Dario: Okay, Gabi? You okay? Look at me. Mírame! Mírame! Gabi! Gabi, stay with me. What's wrong?

Chad: No, no, no, no!

Dario: Gabi! Gabi, what are you doing? No, no, no, no! Esto no puede ser. Come here. Come here. Let's get her outta here. Come on! We don't have time! Let's go! Let's go! Come on!

Deimos: Damn it! Damn it!

[Glass breaks]

Jade: Mom? Yeah, I did. I gave dad part of my liver. Well, maybe if you'd gotten him into a program or something, stopped him from drinking, I wouldn't have had to. You know what? I don't care if you feel guilty. No, I don't want your stupid money. Just leave me the hell alone!

Joey: Okay. So you're supposed to take... this one...with food. Okay? Who called?

Tripp: You owe me, Charlie. Six days pay and all the tips on the credit cards.

Dream on, punk! I said get out!

Tripp: How about we do call the cops? Celia and I'll give our statements on what you did to her.

Leave Celia outta this.

Tripp: Groping her every chance you got? Knowing she needed the job and wouldn't say anything--

Shut the hell up!

Tripp: Don't think I don't know what you were gonna do whenever I pulled you off her.

I wasn't gonna do a damn thing! You're lucky you're not in jail, Tripp. And you will be if you don't get moving! I said out!

Steve: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on, guys. How about we take it down a notch, huh? And if you owe him back pay, you've gotta pay.

Butt out, pal.

Steve: No, no, I'm just saying, if there's money owed, you've gotta pay the guy.

What the hell's the matter-- I said butt out, pal!

Steve: Whoa, whoa.

You think you can come here and order me around? Is that what you think, huh?

Steve: No, hey! That's what I think.

You son of a bitch!

Steve: You really need to learn to control that temper.

That's it! I'm calling the cops! You're both going to jail!

Steve: Do what you gotta do.

Tripp: Wow! I didn't see that coming. Not that he didn't deserve it. So... who the hell are you?

Steve: I think I might be your father.

Victor: Where have you been?

Deimos: [Exhales] Out.

Victor: Dealing with Chad DiMera?

Deimos: What makes you say that?

Victor: Sonny thought you might be pulling some retaliation move. I know. Chad stole the artifact, you take revenge. You know, if you're gonna move on your enemy, the least you can do is cover your damn tracks.

Deimos: You can relax, all right? There's no evidence I did anything tonight. Yes, I did figure out a way to make Chad suffer the most. Nicole walking out on me taught me a very valuable lesson. Losing the one you love is a pain unimaginable.

Victor: So you're gonna make him lose his wife.

Deimos: Actually, Chad loves two women. So I decided to make him choose. Lose his wife or Gabi Hernandez.

Victor: And?

Deimos: Actually... didn't go the way I'd planned. I assumed he would choose one, and then be haunted for the rest of his miserable life, because he let the other one die. The bastard tried to save them both.

Victor: And did he?

Deimos: At first... yes. And now they both might die.

Victor: So you managed two dead in one night. What happened to that leaf you were turning over? The mending of your ways?

Deimos: Stuff happens.

Victor: Well, put a lid on it. Forget about this vendetta against the DiMeras. It bothers Sonny.

Deimos: I don't care about Sonny.

Victor: You will care!


Chad: I love you. I need you. Thomas needs you. So you have to fight. For both of us. Okay? We're gonna need you to fight.


Dario: How's she doing?

Chad: She's still out. Gabi?

Dario: Same. No more convulsions though. The doctors kicked me out. They had to run some kind of test.

Chad: Just thank God that they're both still alive.

Dario: What happened?

Chad: Deimos. He... tied Abigail and Gabi both up to a chair, hooked them up to iv lines. Said that he was going to poison both of them. That the...antidote was by my chair. But there was only enough to save one of them. So it was up to me to decide who lives... and who dies. And... I couldn't. So I gave half to Abigail, and half to Gabi. [Sighs] I mean, what--what was I supposed to do? I couldn't let either one of them die.

Dario: If both only got half a dose, what if... if neither one of them wakes up? And now, I help people find discounts,

Joey: Good. So who called? Reporter. Wanted me to make a statement about my dad.

Joey: Really? How'd he get your number?

Jade: Who knows? You know, what my dad did was really messed up. I can't just sell his story to some gossip site. I don't care how much money they offer me, and I can't even pay my own rent here, but, I just, I can't.

Joey: Don't worry about the rent. Okay? My parents are cool with it.

Jade: I do worry. I have nothing. I'm alone.

Joey: You're not alone. You've got five people living here. I'm definitely gonna take care of you.

Jade: Will you? You're the best, Joey.

Tripp: You're my... dad?

Steve: I might be. It's a definite possibility.

Tripp: I've been looking to find my-- seriously?

Steve: Seriously. Look, can we, uh, sit down? Talk about it?

Tripp: Uh, I don't know, man. We better go. Charlie is calling the cops. We'll wind up in cuffs.

Steve: Don't worry about him. I'll handle it. I'm Steve Johnson, by the way.

Tripp: Steve Johnson.

Steve: My wife Kayla.

Tripp: Hi, Kayla. Tripp Dalton.

Kayla: Nice to meet you.

Tripp: So are you...

Kayla: No, no, no, no. I'm--I'm not your mother. I'm Steve's wife.

Tripp: This is, uh...[Laughs]

Steve: It's a lot to take in, right?

Tripp: Yeah. I've actually been on, like, this quest. You know? Trying to tack down my birth parents.

Steve. I know. Kayla and I didn't just show up out of nowhere. You remember Raymond? The guy you contacted about your adoption? He's the one who put me on to you.

Tripp: He told me he had no idea where I should look.

Steve: He wanted to talk to me first.

Kayla: And just so you know, Steve didn't even know that you existed, until just a little over a year ago.

Steve: And when I found out, I did try to find you. At that time Raymond had some records that said you'd died as a baby. But then when you reached out to him, he saw your adoption papers, he realized he'd made a mistake. That's when he told me I could find you in Arizona.

Tripp: I--I can't believe this. Are you sure?

Kayla: Well, it's not a certainly. We really need a DNA test to know for sure.

Tripp: I--I came here trying to get my last paycheck, and I found... so if Kayla's not my mom, then who is? And where is she?

JJ: Deimos Kiriakis thinks he can do any damn thing he wants. Anytime.

Paul: She looks so vulnerable.

JJ: She's tougher than people think. Sometimes. I've gotta file a police report.

Paul: Uh, if Deimos made his usual moves, there won't be a shred of evidence he was involved.

JJ: I know. Gotta do it anyway.

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: Hey, Paul. Any word?

Paul: We found them. Chad, Abigail, Gabi, they were in a warehouse down by the docks.

Sonny: Uh, terrific! Are they okay?

Paul: Chad's fine. But Gabi and Abigail, they were poisoned.

Sonny: What?

Paul: Yeah, they're in the hospital now. Abigail, she's, uh, she seems a little better than Gabi, but... they're both still unconscious. You should probably get over here.

Sonny: I'm on my way. You son of a bitch! When it's time to move to underwear Judging you. All right? I'm just...worried. Scared.

Chad: Yeah, well, I am too, okay? All I keep thinking about over and over again is, what if neither one of them wake up? 'Cause I decided to split the antidote.

Dario: Look, if I were you, I probably would have done the same thing. Either one of them.

Chad: Sorry. I need a minute.

Dario: I wish you knew. I wish you knew how much I care. You gotta get through this. You've got to. 'Cause I-- look, I'm in love with you.

Abigail: [Sighs] Chad? [Sighs] Dario?

Dario: You don't know how happy you just made me.

Deimos: I'm guessing you think I did something wrong.

Sonny: Don't even start with me. I know you poisoned Abigail and Gabi!

Deimos: Sounds like I had a busy night.

Sonny: They're in the hospital right now. They are fighting for their lives! And that's all because of you.

Deimos: Right. Right. Because I'm evil incarnate. You know what? I've got better things to do than listen to this.

Sonny: No! You know what? You're not walking away from this. You've gone way too far. I want you to look me in the face right now. I promise you, you will not be leading this family. You don't think I can make it happen? Just watch me.

Abigail: Did you say... I made you happy?

Dario: [Laughs] You're awake! [Sighs] You have no idea how worried we've been about you. You have no idea. Abigail, if-- if anything happened to you, I--

Abigail: What?

Chad: Hey, baby. You're awake! Hey. I was scared to death. I thought I made the worst decision of my entire life.

Abigail: No, I'm fine.

Chad: Come here. Let me look. Look at you! Let me see those eyes. God! You are so beautiful. I love you so much. Baby.

Abigail: It's okay. I'm really glad that everybody is so happy to see me, but... I don't--I don't remember what-- us, the warehouse. The poison and then you-- you had the antidote. Where's Gabi?

Chad: It's okay.

Abigail: How is she?

Chad: Shh, shh, shh. She got half the antidote. Okay, same as you.

Abigail: But she's okay? She's okay?

Chad: I don't know that. It may have been too late.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: It's okay.

Abigail: Chad, we've got to go see her.

Chad: No.

Abigail: Wait. I need to know--please...

Chad: Baby, you just woke up, okay? I want to stay with you.

Abigail: Can you just go see, please? I need to know.

Paul: He said it was like... some kind of sick test. Chad had the antidote, but it was only enough for one person.

Sonny: He had to choose?

Paul: Yeah. Abigail or Gabi. He said he, uh, he split it between them, and just as they were starting to recover, we got there, but... they both collapsed. I mean, Abigail is awake now, but Gabi, she's--

Sonny: My God! He didn't even think twice. Deimos decided that one of them should die.

Paul: It's a lot worse than what we ever expected.

Sonny: Yeah, it was. This is all my fault.

Jade: Joey, you make a mean sandwich.

Joey: Good. Gotta get you up and running again. Did you drink your water? They said you're supposed to have lots of fluids.

Jade: Yeah, I'm cool.

Joey: Okay, let's go over your meds. All right, once a day, every day for these babies. Important to get your liver growing again. And also this anti-inflammatory. One in the morning, one in the evening.

Jade: I guess.

Joey: No, no guessing. You do it.

Jade: Okay, but I'll probably forget. You'll remind me, right?

Joey: Jade, you have to do this on your own, okay? I'm not always gonna be around.

Jade: But why wouldn't you be around?

Steve: Your mother's name... is Ava. We were together a long time ago.

Tripp: Were you married?

Steve: No. Anyway, it didn't end well. And she never told me she was pregnant.

Tripp: Why not?

Steve: I don't know. But if she had, I would have stepped up. I would have been there for you.

Tripp: I can't blame you if you didn't even know. Right? So...what about Ava? Why'd she give me up?

Steve: From what I understand, she didn't want to. Her father forced her to do it. He made it happen.

Tripp: Did she ever try to find me?

Steve: I'll tell you what we'll do. I'll give you more information about Ava after we have that DNA test, okay?

Tripp: Sure. Although I get the feeling you don't like talking about my mom. Why is that?

Paul: Sonny, nobody would-- could have known that Deimos was gonna try something that sick. You were right there on the lookout. The minute things got bad, you were on it.

Sonny: I was way behind the curve, Paul. I should have been all over it sooner.

Chad: Sonny, this wasn't your fault. Deimos was coming after me. It's my fault.

Sonny: I heard Abigail is awake.

Chad: Yeah, she, uh, she is. The doctor is with her now. She's doing better.

Sonny: Sounds like you did the right thing, splitting the antidote.

Chad: Gabi is not out of the woods yet, so...

Sonny: I'd like to see Abigail.

Paul: Me too.

Chad: She'd like that.

Sonny: Later.


Chad: Hey, you. I'm gonna need you to fight like hell. Hey. Gotta see them beautiful brown eyes again. Never quit until you win. He's asleep.

Joey: Jade, of course I'm gonna help you, okay? But you need to get into a routine, and take these right on time.

Jade: I get that. Um, what about pain? Did they give me anything?

Joey: Pain? You said you were fine at the hospital.

Jade: Well, I am, but, I mean, what if in the middle of the night or something?

Joey: [Sighs] Okay. These guys. But only when you actually have pain. And only once every four hours. They can be really dangerous and really harmful on your partial liver.

Jade: Got it. I'll be careful.

Joey: Okay. Good. I'll take this.

Jade: He only pays attention when I need him.

[Tense music]

[Siren wailing]

Steve: Tripp, listen. If that DNA test says that I'm your dad, I'll tell you everything I know about Ava.

Tripp: Oh, man! Charlie's out there right now telling the cops to arrest me! Probably you too. Come on, there's a back way. We can disappear up the alley.

Kayla: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Tripp: No, I'm serious, okay? I've got a record. Charlie'll press charges and it won't matter if I did the right thing for Celia.

Steve: Sit tight. I'll handle it.

Trip: Is he--is he some kind of cop?

Kayla: No. He's a private investigator. But he was an agent for the ISA. Don't worry. He's gonna take care of it.

Tripp: Wow! And he's really my dad?

Kayla: Why don't you come back to Salem with us and we'll find out?

Sonny: Looking good, cuz.

Abigail: Mm. No, I'm not. But thanks. Paul.

Paul: Hey. I'm glad you're felling better.

Abigail: Me too. It was really great to see you guys at the warehouse.

Paul: Yeah, I just, uh-- I wish we could have gotten there sooner.

Sonny: Did anyone see Deimos when this was happening? I mean, Chad said his voice was piped in.

Abigail: Mm-mm. No, mm-mm. And the voice was distorted. But it was--it was Deimos. No question.

Sonny: I am making you a promise right now, Abigail. Deimos is gonna wish he'd never even thought of hurting you or Gabi.

Abigail: Sonny, listen to me. This has to stop. This war--there's nothing that's ever gonna come of it. This war's gotta end.

Sonny: Depends on Deimos.

Abigail: How's Gabi? I sent Chad to go find out.

Paul: She's uh-- she's hanging on.

Chad: Abby is awake. Now it's your turn. And I hope you--I hope you at least know that I'm here. How much I care about you. You have to come back to us, okay? I need you to open those eyes.

Dario: Chad?

Chad: Hey.

Dario: Shouldn't you be with your wife?

Chad: Right. [Clears throat]

[Tense music]

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