Days Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17


Episode #13050 ~ Chad & Dario panic when they realize Abigail is missing; Abe asks Lani for a favor regarding Eli; Deimos reveals his plan to give Chad an impossible choice; Sonny realizes Chad is imminent danger.

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[Indistinct chatter]

Chad: Hello? Hello, hi. How's everyone doing? My name is Chad DiMera, and on behalf of DiMera Enterprises, I would like to thank everybody for making it out to yet another




Dario: Hey. I need you to find someone for me. Abigail DiMera. Put everyone you know on this. There's nothing more important right now.

Eli: Chad, hey.

Chad: Uh, hey. Uh, hey, um, Eli. Hey. Thank you for the toast.

Eli: No, man, I'm just trying to represent for my new cousin. Looks like tonight was a big success.

Chad: It was. Um, and thank you for coming. Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I really have to get going. Okay?

[Cell phone beeps]

Abigail, thank--

[Suspenseful music]

Wait, wait. put in the report? "The stakeout was a colossal waste of time"?

JJ: Oh, what are you talking about? I think we got some valuable information on the suspect.

Lani: Like what? He barely left his house.

JJ: Well, we learned that he chews with his mouth open.

Lani: That's not a crime.

JJ: It should be. You see what he was eating? Disgusting.

Lani: Well, all I know is, it was freezing in that car. Didn't spring start yesterday?

JJ: Oh, come on. It ain't so bad. Miami's made you soft, girl.

Lani: [Chuckles] Well, at least in Salem, I have a partner to help keep me warm on cold stakeouts.

JJ: All you have to do is ask.

Abe: [Clears throat]

Lani: Dad.

Abe: Lani... JJ.

JJ: Mr. Mayor.

Abe: Detective, could I have a moment with my daughter, please?

JJ: Sure, why not? I'll just, uh, get some refills on the coffee.

[Soft dramatic music]

Abe: Hey, what's that look all about?

Lani: You know what it's about. You intentionally made that awkward.

Abe: Did I?

Lani: Yeah. Dad, you're gonna have to learn to deal with me and JJ. It's a real thing, okay? And I know you're technically his boss, but I--

Abe: I'm not acting as the mayor. I'm acting as your father who's trying to keep you from making a mistake.

Lani: You've made it very clear that you don't think JJ is good enough for me.

Abe: JJ is not a bad person. He's just...troubled, he's impulsive, and... uh, I'm just not so sure that I can trust him. I'm not sure I can trust him with my daughter.

Lani: Okay, well, who would you trust with your daughter? Exactly. Look, he makes me happy, dad. And that should be good enough for you.

Abe: Oh, I know he's one of the reasons you decided to stay in Salem. And at least for that, I'm grateful.

Lani: As you should be. And it's important to have someone like that in your life. Speaking of which, I hear Valerie's sticking around. I know that makes you happy.

Abe: Well, actually, that's what I want to talk to you about. I need to ask a favor of you.

Sonny: You seem extra pleased with yourself tonight.

Deimos: I'm a very busy man, Sonny, so unless you have something worthwhile to say--

Sonny: What did you do to Chad?

Deimos: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sonny: Think really hard. I just heard you on the phone.

Deimos: Mm. So I guess no one ever taught you that eavesdropping is rude.

Sonny: Tell me what you've done.

Deimos: Like I just said, I don't know what you're talking about. And even if I did, why should I tell you? So you can run and snitch to your cousin JJ?

Sonny: So I can save this family from you sinking it in the ocean.

Deimos: [Laughs] All right, let's get honest here, Sonny boy. I'm the only one keeping this family afloat. Chad DiMera declared war on us. He stole money from our pockets.

Sonny: The money that you were making trafficking stolen artifacts.

Deimos: That deal kept titan from going under after we lost the Orwell.

Sonny: After you lost the Orwell.

Deimos: The DiMeras ruined that too. They are our enemies.

Sonny: Chad is my friend. He is married to my cousin.

Deimos: I don't give a damn if he's engaged to your favorite dog! You're a Kiriakis! The DiMeras are out to destroy us. It's time for you to man up and choose sides. There's only one family that's gonna survive this, and I'm gonna make damn sure that we're the ones with the future.

Sonny: I am the future of this family! Do you understand that?

Deimos: Right, right. You keep telling yourself that.

Gabi: So you're using us as bait to get Chad? What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do to him?

Rigo: That's up to the boss.

Abigail: The boss, Deimos Kiriakis, right? Look, you might as well just come clean. This is payback because Chad ruined his deal with the antiquities dealer.

Gabi: What? That's what's going on? The guy we danced for? Really? Deimos lost a business transaction, and this is how he's throwing a tantrum?

Rigo: Do yourselves a favor. Stop talking.

Abigail: You won't have to listen to another word if you let her go right now.

Gabi: What?

Abigail: I'm Chad's wife. So if you want to get his attention, I'm all you need. Gabi's just--she's just in the way.

Gabi: No, Abigail--

Abigail: I'm the love of his life and the mother of his child. He would do anything to keep me safe. So there's no reason for you to keep her here. Just let her go. She has nothing to do with this.

Rigo: That's not what I hear.

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: Ware-- warehouse eight. It's somewhere-- around somewhere. [Grunts]

Abe: You know, than to watch someone you care about suffer.

Lani: You mean Valerie?

Abe: Yeah. Her son, Eli, has, uh--he's said a lot of hurtful things. And, uh, now he's cut her off. He's cut her off completely, won't even take her calls.

Lani: He's angry that she lied about his father, right? That he was a Horton?

Abe: Yeah. Yeah, he's got every right to be angry. And Valerie has some good reasons for, uh-- for making the choices she did.

Lani: But Eli doesn't see it that way.

Abe: No. No, he's hurt, and he's angry. He's taking it out on his mother.

Lani: I know how that feels.

Abe: Yeah. That's why I'm here. I was hoping that maybe you could talk to Eli. I mean, your mother didn't tell you about me, and... well, I know that you were as angry as Eli at first. Yeah, I didn't think you'd ever get over it, but somehow you found a way to forgive her. And here we are.

Lani: Here we are.

Abe: You know, you were-- you were a surprise, that's for sure. [Laughs] But having you come into my life, that was-- that's one of the greatest gifts I ever received. I'm so lucky to have you.

Lani: Boy, you are pulling out all the stops.

Abe: Just telling the truth.

Lani: I think I'm the lucky one to have found you. But I got to be honest. I don't think I could be much help to Eli. I don't know the guy, for one thing. And to get into something so personal?

Abe: Well, you know, you could, uh, finesse it. [Laughs] I have faith in you. Come on. Just give it a try, would you? For me?

Lani: Sure. Why not? I'll talk to him.

Abe: Ah! Mwah. [Chuckles]

[Dramatic music]

Dario: Hey. You haven't seen Abigail recently, have you?

Eli: Uh, Chad said she had to go home to be with their kid. Something wrong?

Dario: No. No, no, no. I just--I didn't get a chance to say bye to her.

Eli: Sounds like she took off in a hurry, man.

Dario: Right. And Gabi, she left the club too, right?

Eli: Yeah, yeah. She--she said she wasn't feeling too well. She left right around the time Chad went up to make his speech.

Dario: Okay.

Eli: You know, she seemed kind of distracted. I'm trying not to take it too personally.

Dario: All right, I'll-- I'll check on her.

Eli: Hey, um, when you do, just tell her I hope she feels better.

Dario: I will. Uh, Gabi. Hey, it's me. Um, listen. I hope you're feeling better. Um... we can't seem to track down Abigail. I was wondering if you'd seen her. Call me as soon as you get this.

[Line rings]

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Hey. You get anything out of Deimos?

Sonny: You need to find Chad now.

Paul: Wait, what? I'm watching some of Deimos' guys right now.

Sonny: No, don't worry about them. You need to get to Chad and you need to get to him fast.

Paul: Hold on. What is going on?

Sonny: I just heard Deimos on the phone. He has something planned for Chad tonight. It's already happening.

Paul: And do you know where Chad is?

Sonny: He's at the fund-raiser at TBD.

Paul: And you're still at the house?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I want to keep an eye on him, see if I can learn some more specifics.

Paul: I really don't like the feel of this, Sonny. Maybe we should just pull the plug on the whole thing, call the cops now.

Sonny: No, no, no, no. We are sticking to the plan. You need to go to TBD, get close to Chad so you can protect him. But we need Deimos to make a move so we can catch him in the act, and then we're gonna put him away for good.

Paul: Okay. If that's what you think. I'll keep you posted. But just be careful.

Sonny: You too. Deimos! Deimos! Damn it!

Abigail: Chad? Chad, honey, can you hear me? Chad. Please. Chad? Chad!

Chad: Abigail?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, honey, look at me. It's me. Chad.

Chad: [Mumbles]

Abigail: It's me. Thank God you're okay.

Chad: Where are we?

Abigail: We're in a warehouse. Deimos' guys brought us here. At least I'm pretty sure that it's Deimos.

Chad: Did they hurt you?

Abigail: No, it's okay. It's okay. They just brought us here because they wanted you to--

Chad: Who's us? What?

Gabi: Chad!

Chad: Gabi. Hey, what-- hey, what--what--what-- what are you doing to her? What are you do-- hey! What are you doing to her?

Abigail: They wouldn't tell me either. [Whimpers]

JJ: I should've brought three. I'm sorry. Thought you'd be gone by now.

Abe: Well...[Clears throat] I'm just leaving. You two have a good evening, hmm? Thank you, Lani, for doing this.

Lani: I'll let you know how it goes.

Abe: All right. Bye.

JJ: What?

Lani: I know he was tough on you, but you didn't have to make it worse.

JJ: What did I do? Okay, I was just standing up for myself... and for you. What did he want, anyway?

Lani: He wants me to talk to Eli, try to help him patch things up with Valerie.

JJ: And you said yes?

Lani: Yeah. My dad really likes val. What was I supposed to say? But I don't know how to get in touch with him. Do you have his number?

JJ: I can get it from Julie. But I know he's busy tonight.

Lani: And how do you know that?

JJ: My sister set him up on a date with Gabi for the fund-raiser at TBD.

Lani: Eli and Gabi. You cool with that?

JJ: Whatever. But I told abs I'd try to stop by the benefit if I got done with the stakeout in time. Could be fun.

Lani: You want to go together?

JJ: Yes. That would be great.

Lani: Yeah, and then maybe I can talk to Eli there.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Dramatic music]

Dario: Rafe, are you sure? You haven't seen Gabi? She didn't come home? No, no, no, no. It's not a big deal. It's just, uh-- I just had something I had to ask her. I'm sure she just stopped somewhere on her way home. Listen, if you see her, tell her to call me, okay? Thanks, brother.

Chad: Hey, what's-- what's in the IVs, huh? Hey. Hey. Hey, don't you touch her! Huh?

Rigo: Ooh, easy there, DiMera. You're gonna bust a vein or something.

Chad: I swear to God-- I swear to God, if you hurt her, I will kill you.

Rigo: Uh, how would that happen?

Chad: Lookit, I'm the one that you wanted. You got me. So why don't you just let them go, huh? Huh? Huh?

Rigo: So, ladies... comfortable? Oh, and how are those needles in your arms? Because I've been practicing on tomatoes all week.

Chad: Don't you talk to them, huh?

Abigail: Chad, listen. Stop, stop, stop. Listen. Hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. Chad.

Chad: Huh?

Abigail: Look at me, Chad! Look at me!

Chad: Aah! I'm so sorry I got you roped into this. I'm so sorry. You warned me. You warned me not to get involved with Deimos. I'm sorry.

Abigail: It's not your fault.

Gabi: She's right. She's right. Deimos is a monster!

Chad: I should've never got you involved.

Gabi: No, no, he hates my family as much as he hates yours, okay?

Chad: No. No.

Gabi: We're in this together.

Chad: Hey, listen. Hey, listen. Come on, I'm sor--I'm sorry, okay? Hey, Deimos' beef is-- it's with me, and he's a lot of things, but he's not a coward, so-- hey, so why don't you tell that son of a bitch to come down here and face me, all right, huh? Huh? Hey, why don't you tell that son of a bitch? What are you doing? What are you doing? I'll kill you. What's that?

[Distorted laughter over speaker]

Chad: What the hell?

[Distorted male voice]

Deimos: Always so noble, Chad. A true unicorn among the DiMeras.

Chad: Deimos, you son of a bitch.

Deimos: Deimos? The DiMeras have so many enemies. Why narrow it down to just one?

Chad: [Yells] I'll kill you! Hey, why don't you come down here, huh? I'm the one that you want. Why don't you kill me, huh? Get it over with.

Deimos: Killing your enemy is too easy, too quick. Better to watch him suffer. Better to make his life a living hell. And after tonight, that's exactly what yours is going to be.

Chad: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I want the most out of my health and life.

JJ: Hey, there he is.

Eli: JJ, what's up, man?

JJ: Hey.

Lani: Hey, Eli. I'm Lani. We met briefly at the funeral.

Eli: Abe's daughter. Yeah, I remember.

Lani: Right.

Eli: Well, you missed the party, man. It's pretty much over.

JJ: Oh, that's okay. It's been a long day. But I'm glad we actually ran into you, 'cause Lani wanted to talk to you about something. But, um, where's Gabi?

Eli: She wasn't feeling well. She left early.

JJ: Oh. She okay?

Eli: I don't think it's a big deal.

JJ: Good. I'm gonna go say hi to my sister.

Eli: Abigail left early too. Something with her kid. But I think Chad's still around somewhere.

JJ: All right, I'll find him while you two have a nice chat. I'll see you inside?

Lani: You know what? I'm actually gonna call a cab. I need to go home, soak in a hot bath, and defrost. I'll see you tomorrow?

JJ: Yeah. Can't wait.

Lani: Okay.

Eli: Mm!

Lani: So, uh, David was your father?

Eli: Yeah. Yeah, he was.

Lani: I had wondered, you know, the day of the funeral. I came back. I had left my phone there. And I saw you standing alone at his casket. It seemed like a very personal moment. But now it all makes sense.

Eli: Yeah, it was a very personal moment, one I hadn't intended to share with any strangers--

Lani: I didn't mean to-- I wasn't trying to--

Eli: So what's this all about? You needed to talk to me, right? I hope it's about something other than you watching me at the church.

Lani: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. And look, it wasn't my idea to talk to you.

Eli: Well, it certainly wasn't mine.

Lani: I'm doing this as a favor.

Eli: You're talking to me as a favor?

Lani: Yes. My dad asked me to talk to you...about your mom.

Paul: Hey, JJ.

JJ: Hey.

Paul: You seen Chad?

JJ: I just got here. But I'm looking for him too. What's up?

Paul: Well, Sonny has reason to believe that Deimos is planning something tonight.

JJ: An attack on Chad?

Paul: Yeah, he, uh-- [Sighs] He doesn't want me involving the police at this time, but look, I'm glad you're here.

JJ: Tell me everything you know.

Paul: Okay, I'll do my best. Uh... Sonny had a plan to get rid of Deimos forever.

JJ: I already don't like the sound of that. Come with me. Where's Chad?

Dario: I don't know. I can't find him.

JJ: He's missing?

Dario: I didn't say that.

JJ: Okay, look, I get it. You don't want to say anything to the police. You have your code or whatever. Well, I don't give a crap about your code. If Deimos has gone after Chad, he can use all the help he can get.

Dario: Look, there's no point in arguing with you. We can't afford anyone else to go missing.

Paul: What are you talking about? Who else has gone missing?

Dario: A little while ago, I found Abigail's stuff all over the ground outside, like someone had knocked it out of her hands.

JJ: Wait, you don't know where she is?

Dario: No, and Chad couldn't get in touch with her. And now he's gone too.

JJ: Someone took them.

Dario: And I'm pretty sure they have Gabi too.

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: Must be a helpless feeling, to see the two women you love in such peril. And yet there's absolutely nothing you can do to help them.

Chad: [Breathing heavily]

Deimos: You're awfully silent, Chad. You're not gonna deny that you love your wife and her best friend? My, my. Quite the tangled web you have woven.

Chad: What the hell do you want?

Deimos: I can tell you what these two lovely ladies want. They want you to make up your mind. It's not fair that you keep stringing them along.

Abigail: That's not what he's doing.

Chad: Abby, don't--don't-- don't even engage him.

Gabi: You don't know what you're talking about. Whoever you are, you don't know what you're talking about!

Chad: Gabi.

Deimos: You shouldn't be so hostile to me, ladies. I'm trying to help you out of this Bermuda triangle. [Chuckles] Tonight I'm going to relieve Chad of the burden of his indecision.

Chad: What the-- what the hell does that mean?

Deimos: I'm sure you've all been wondering what exactly is in those IVs attached your two lovely ladies' arms. It's a substance called tetrodo-- ah, never mind. I won't bore you with the scientific name. All you need to know is that it's a poison, a fast-acting poison.

Chad: You son of a bitch.

Gabi: Oh, my God!

Chad: Don't you dare.

Deimos: You need to listen, Chad, and listen carefully, because this is the important part. In a short time, Abigail and Gabi will be injected simultaneously.

Chad: [Yells] I'll kill you!

Deimos: But here-- here is the good news, Chad.

Chad: Okay.

Deimos: My friend here will leave you with a vial containing the antidote. Only one vial.

Chad: [Laughing] You sick son of a bitch.

Deimos: Once the IV bags have been depleted and all the poison released into their bloodstreams, your two great loves will have 30 seconds before their lungs cease to function.

Abigail: No, no, no!

Gabi: No, no, no, no! You can't do this! We have little children at home waiting for us! Please!

Deimos: As I'm sure you've figured out, Chad, once your bonds are released, there will only be enough time to save one of the women and only one vial with which to do it. It'll be your choice which woman you save and which woman you sacrifice. Just think. You'll no longer be torn between Abigail and Gabi. On the other hand, for the rest of your miserable life, you'll have to live with the knowledge that you killed a woman you loved and left her child motherless. So... are we ready to get started? Then we wad it up to make it nice and soft.

Lani: Like you, my mom lied to me about who my father was for most of my life, so I get what you're going through. You know, I felt like my whole life was a lie. But after I got over being so angry about it, I started to understand that she was just doing the best she could under really tough circumstances. And yeah, I still wish I could've grown up with my dad in my life, but at least now--

Eli: Are you done?

Lani: Excuse me?

Eli: Are you done with your speech?

Lani: It wasn't a speech. I was telling you how I felt.

Eli: No, you were trying to tell me how to feel. So why don't you stop meddling in my life and mind your own damn business?

JJ: I'm going to put out an APB on all three of them.

Dario: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If Deimos has them, he's prepared for cops. If he gets wind that you're sending the cavalry after him, he's-- well, this might not end so well, all right?

Paul: I hate to say it, but I agree with him. Now is not the time to spook him.

JJ: Okay, so we keep it small and do it ourselves. Let's take a look at the club's security footage.

Dario: I'm on it.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Sonny.

Sonny: He's gone. Deimos is gone. I come back in, and he's gone. He could be anywhere right now, Paul. Did you find Chad?

Paul: He's missing.

Sonny: What do you mean, he's missing? He's hosting the benefit.

Paul: He was here, and then they had to wrap early because... Chad couldn't find Abigail.

Sonny: What do you mean, he couldn't find her?

Paul: Well, she was here too, but... she disappeared. They found her purse outside the club. And we think that Chad went to go look for her.

Sonny: You think?

Paul: He's off the grid, just like Abigail. And now Dario thinks that Gabi might be missing too.

Sonny: All three of them? It's Deimos. It has to be. He said he wanted to make it personal.

Paul: We have to give up the plan, Sonny. I know how much you want to bring down Deimos, but it's not about that anymore. We have to find Chad, Abigail, and Gabi before it's too late.

Abigail: What's the matter with you people? So somebody's gonna die over this stupid war?

Chad: Abby, it's okay. I've got this.

Deimos: Is it okay, Chad? Does that mean you're going to pick Abigail? It certainly makes sense. She is your wife, the mother of your child. But if that's your decision, I'm sure you'll want to say good-bye to Gabi, tell her how sorry you are. I know you two share something very special. She was there for you when you thought Abigail was dead.

Chad: Hey, kill me, okay? Look, why--why--why-- why don't you just kill me? Because if you don't, Deimos, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life hunting you down, you son of a bitch.

Deimos: [Chuckles] Now, that is a tempting offer.

Chad: Yeah.

Deimos: But I think I'll stick with plan A. Gives me more time to savor my victory. But enough talk. It's time to make a decision. Ladies, good luck to you both.

Abigail: No.

Deimos: I hope loving Chad was worth it.

[Women whimpering]

[Suspenseful music]

Drip, drip, drip...

Gabi: No, no, no! Please, don't leave me. No. No!

Deimos: Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip.

Gabi: No, no, no!

Deimos: Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip.

Lani: I came here trying to be a friend to you.

Eli: No, you came here to score points with your dad, the mayor.

Lani: I just thought we had something in common.

Eli: Don't you get it? You didn't know your father growing up. But then you met him. You got to build a relationship with him. He's in your life. My dad is dead, and I will never know him. And I won't ever forgive my mom for that.

Lani: Then you're just gonna end up alone. Is that what you want? Because I'm starting to think it's what you deserve.

[Soft dramatic music]

Dario: Okay, Chad last saw Abigail right before he was gonna make his speech. There, that's Chad saying bye to Abigail.

Paul: There's Abigail leaving the club. Who is that?

Dario: I recognize him. He was at the party. He said he was a reporter with "the spectator."

JJ: He's no reporter. I've seen him before at the station. He's hired muscle. Got a rap sheet a mile long.

Paul: Does he work for Deimos?

JJ: I wouldn't be surprised. Show me when Gabi leaves.

Dario: That's that same guy following Gabi. He's got both of them.

JJ: What about Chad? You said you think he went looking for Abigail. When did he leave?

Dario: I don't know. We were--we were trying to figure out how to-- how to find Abigail, and then I went to go make a phone call, and then Chad disappeared.

Paul: Look at this.

Dario: They sent a message.

Paul: He looks upset. It's got to be something about Abigail.

JJ: He knows where she is. That's why he rushed out. If we can find that text, we can find them.

Deimos: In a few seconds, the poison will have all been administered. Your bonds will be released, and you'll be on the clock. I hope you've made your choice, Chad, because if you hesitate even for a second, you could lose them both.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: [Coughing]

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, baby, it's okay.

Deimos: Countdown begins, starting... now. 30...

[Handcuffs click]

Deimos: 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23...

Gabi: [Coughing]

Deimos: 22, 21, 20...

Chad: Gabi, just keep working that rope, okay?

Deimos: 18...

Chad: Baby, it's okay. I'm here. I'm here.

Deimos: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12...

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