Days Transcript Wednesday 3/8/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/8/17


Episode #13040 ~ Steve learns a shocking truth about his past; Kayla's life is unexpectedly put in danger; Dario continues to fall hard for Abigail as they work on a project together; Gabi is flustered when Chad once again asks her for help.

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Abigail: Hey.

Dario: Hey.

Abigail: Just the man I wanted to see. Okay, so, you know how we had the fundraiser in the town square? Well, I want to follow up with another one because it was a huge success, but I want this one bigger and I want it to be better. It's just--ugh. I think it's gonna be great for our image. And then at the same time, it helps people that need it, so it's kinda a win win, but I'm saying all that because I want this one to be a little bit more upscale and I want to have it here at club TBD. Are you okay with that?

Dario: Sure.

Abigail: Dario... I get it. A DiMera working with a Hernandez. But our families made a truce, remember?

Dario: Supposedly.

Abigail: And if anyone has any hard feelings about it, we'll just be the perfect examples. Two good friends spending a lot of time together. How's that sound?

Gabi: Hey, you wanted to see me?

Chad: Yeah, thanks for coming. I need your help. It's about the photos we saw in Deimos' safe.

Gabi: Well, I told you everything I know about those.

Chad: Yeah, I know, I just thought that maybe you could take a look at 'em and maybe something--

Gabi: You know, we can't keep doing this, Chad. It has to stop. Now.

[Dramatic music]

Joey: Hey, hey! No, no, no, you can't get up. You can't get up. You're gonna burst your stitches. What are you doing?

Jade: Joey, you heard it!

Joey: You have iv's in you. You just got out of surgery.

Jade: Joey, code blue is my dad's room. He could be dying!

Joey: Okay, I know. I know. Just, you can't get out of bed. Okay, I'm gonna go see what's going on. I'll be right back. Just stay in bed. Okay?

Kayla: What have we got?

He's in v-tach.

Kayla: Okay, we need to convert. 100 joules.

100 joules. Stand by.

Kayla: This is gonna hurt. Clear.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Steve: So... you came all this way to talk to me about Ava Vitali?

Raymond: Kinda have to, Steve.

Steve: You do know she's dead, right?

Raymond: She is... but her son... your son by her...isn't.

Kayla: Mr. Michaels? Mr. Michaels, can you hear me? We're gonna get you down to radiology to run some tests right now, okay? Set up 5 cc's epinephrine. Have it on the cart in case we need it.

Okay, yes, doctor.

Joey: Mom, what's going on? Jade's freaking out.

Kayla: Just tell her that her dad has had a complication and we're looking into it. All right?

Joey: We heard alarms going off. We heard "code blue," jade's going nuts. You said everything went well.

Kayla: Let's go over here, okay? Mr. Michaels may have a blood clot. We're gonna run some tests right now and if we find out that he does, it would mean that his new liver is not functioning.

Joey: But everything's... gonna be okay, right?

Kayla: Well, we are gonna try to get the blood flowing the way it should.

Joey: What she I tell jade?

Kayla: Just tell her there's been a complication. Look, I don't mean to rush you, but we gotta go, all right? Okay, let's go.

Steve: What the hell, man? When Ava and I came looking for that kid-- if there really was one, you're the guy who told us he died before he could be adopted.

Raymond: Look, I was the middle man of an illegal operation. Keeping accurate records wasn't really encouraged.

Steve: No, you don't want a paper trail for a black market adoption, do you?

Raymond: At the time you and ms. Vitali came to me, I had minimal information about the boy.

Steve: And now you have more?

Raymond: Much more. I now have complete information. I was totally wrong. Your son is very much alive.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Um, I'm sorry. I don't know what you mean.

Gabi: Of course. Of course you don't. You are the worst liar, Chad. You know, I've gone all in in your marriage. Total respect, okay? Even Abigail's friendship, too.

Chad: I know that.

Gabi: Well, then you have to stop. You can't keep calling me over here for these little meetings asking me for my "help."

Chad: Abby knows that you're here and I just thought that maybe there would be something--

Gabi: I thought, too, okay? I think it, too, Chad. I mean, when I see you, I think it. It's hell for me to be alone with you. Okay, you can't-- you can't keep trying to make that happen. Please.

Abigail: So we'll need a DJ, but I'd really prefer live music, but eh. I don't wanna cut into your profit margin.

Dario: No, I can recommend a great guy.

Abigail: Yeah? Terrific. I mean, we want people to dig deep, but at the same time, you want them to have fun. So, you know, a lot of dancing.

Dario: Dancing... okay, got it. What are you-- what are you doing?

Abigail: Um, measuring. Do you have any idea how high your ceilings are? I just wanna know how big the banner can be.

Dario:, I--

Abigail: That's okay. Never mind, I'll just get it.

Dario: Well, you--just-- you wanna be--

Abigail: Ooh! [Screams]

Dario: [Grunts] Oh, jeez!

[Upbeat sultry music]

The last time I saw you was in Jakarta. That was over a year and a half ago. I've got no reason to trust you. So why don't you tell me what's really going on here?

Raymond: The young man came to me looking for his biological parents. Somehow he learned that, uh, I was the one who handled the adoption.

Steve: Ah. Does he know you sold him on the black market?

Raymond: He wasn't resentful or threatening... but when I went through his records, I soon realized that he was that Martino Vitali had given me. That you and Ava were his parents.

Steve: Wait a minute. You said you didn't keep records.

Raymond: The young man did. You may not want to hear this, but he is your son.

Steve: If Ava's telling the truth-- and with her, that was always a big "if."

Raymond: Nevertheless, I found the birth certificate and your name is listed as "father."

[Dramatic music]

Steve: All right. Tell me something about this young man.

Raymond: Other than the fact that he has an adoptive family, I can't tell you a thing.

Steve: What'd you tell him?

Raymond: Nothing. What I done was illegal. I didn't want him bringing the authorities down on me. So I kept things vague, put him off. Temporarily. But I still thought I should alert you. He is dead set on finding his parents, Steve. And if Ms. Vitali is dead...

Joey: My mom said they had to take your dad downstairs for a test.

Jade: A test for what? Why did that alarm go off? Why did that voice say "code blue"? That means somebody's dying.

Joey: Jade. Jade. Jade. Breathe, okay? Just breathe. I saw your dad, he wasn't dying. All right? So just try to close your eyes and meditate or something.

Jade: Yeah, right, meditate on pain killers? This is so weird. Any day of the week you ask me about my old man and I couldn't care less. Why am I so worried about him now?

Joey: [Sighs] 'Cause he's your dad and you saved his life.

Jade: I hope to hell I didn't give him half my liver for nothing.

JJ: Looks like it's official. No more guest worker status for you.

Lani: Nope. Detective price, official member of the Salem pd.

JJ: Hm. Well, I got you a little something something.

[Lani laughs]

JJ: For your desk.

Lani: A candy dish. Thank you. You're trying to tempt me here?

JJ: Not really. You'll notice I'm filling it with my favorite candy, so... expect me to be stopping by for a little snack.

Lani: Ohh. I can live with that.

Raines: How cute. Now if you two wanna get yourselves worked up on your off time, go for it. Around here you're gonna take it down a notch... otherwise I'm gonna implement the no fraternization rule. Understood?

JJ: Commissioner Brady made it clear a long time ago that that rule was history.

Raines: Oh... you mean ex-commissioner Brady? Roman hung up his shield. Retired. Mayor carver appointed me new commissioner. Get used to it.

Chad: I'm--I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know how you feel and... I shouldn't be inviting you over for these meetings. I--

Gabi: Yeah. Things are a little--

Chad: It's awkward.

Gabi: Yeah, among other things.

Chad: Understood. I know how important your friendship is with Abby... and I was hoping that you and I could still be friends... too. Can we?

Abigail: Wow. You really saved me.

Dario: I'm glad. I would hate to... see you get hurt.

Abigail: Dario... are you gonna let go of me?

[Dramatic sultry music]

Dario: No.

My belly pain and constipation?

Raines: You two aren't gonna be fraternizing anyway. Roman was too lenient. On my watch you'll both gonna be working your humps off.

Lani: No problem with hard work, sir.

Raines: I'll remember you said that.

JJ: Man... roman was, like, my mentor, you know?

Lani: I wish I would've known he was leaving before I decided to stay.

JJ: Well, can still change your mind. I mean, your dad is the mayor.

Lani: I'm not changing my mind. You and me... [Chuckles] We're in this together.

[Gentle music]

Abigail: Dario... are you gonna let go of me?

[Both laugh]

Dario: I'm sorry. Yes. Yes, I just-- I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Abigail: I am thanks to you. It's weird, you just keep rescuing me.

Dario: Just-- just doing my job, ma'am.

[Both laugh]

Abigail: Yeah. Right. Um, hey, you know, are you gonna come to my party? And if you're dating someone, you should bring her too.

Dario: Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Abigail: Are you?

Dario: Sorry?

Abigail: Seeing someone?

Dario: Yeah, of course.

Abigail: Great. Well, I look forward to meeting her.

Dario: Well-- thing is, it's probably not a good idea to mix business with pleasure.

Abigail: Dario, don't be silly. Come on, Gabi's gonna be there, we're all gonna have so much fun. Please? Just bring her. Come on, why not?

Dario: I just... I don't want her to find out what a lousy dancer I can be.

Abigail: Seriously?

Dario: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: You?

Dario: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: You don't dance? 'Cause I totally had you pegged as really good. And you run a night club so you might at least wanna learn how to try.

Dario: I-I've been busy.

Abigail: Mm.

Dario: And these-- these dance teachers, you know, they're not-- they're not up to meet up with my schedule.

Abigail: Well, what about me? Right now? I'll teach you some moves to impress your date. Come on, indulge me.

[Abigail giggles]

Gabi: Of course I want us to be friends.

Chad: As long as we're not alone in the same room together.

Gabi: We don't have to get weird about it. Like sit down a bunch of rules. We just have to stop having little meetings secretly hoping that they're gonna turn into something because they will. We both know they will.

Chad: Got it. Got it.

Gabi: They can't happen.

Chad: We're good. So no more phone calls. Even if it's to get information that I could use against Deimos.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Although...

Gabi: What?

Chad: So I did some research and I found a list of items, some photos that were stolen from archeological sites and I believe that we saw some of them in Deimos' safe. Maybe if you could take a look since you're already here?

Gabi: Come on. You know I wanna see Deimos go down.

Chad: Yes!

Gabi: Okay, right. Let me see this. Uh, this one.

Chad: This one? See? Yes, that's the-- that is the one I was thinking. So--so--so these items, they were stolen from digs in Egypt, uh, Iraq, one of them in Romania. They were catalogued and then when they were being transported to a museum... guess what?

Gabi: They disappeared.

Chad: Poof.

[Gabi laughs]

Chad: So now that we know Deimos is moving stolen items, we can just figure out who's supplying him, then we can cut off the supply.

Gabi: Maybe get Deimos implicated in the bargain? That's be great, no? Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, that would be amazing. Okay, that, um... thank you for looking at these.

Gabi: Yeah. Here.

Chad: That's what I-- that's what I-- that's all I needed.

Gabi: Okay, you sure?

Chad: Yeah. And from now on, just like you said.

Gabi: Right.

Chad: Yup.

Gabi: Okay. Okay, see ya.

Chad: Bye. See you.

[Dramatic music]

Andre: Are you saying that Deimos has these items?

Chad: Well, no, like I said, he has photos of them in his safe.

Andre: Well, then he must have them... but stored elsewhere.

Chad: Well, look, this one I'm positive I saw, but, you know, I figured you would know more about this stuff so that's why--

Andre: Yeah, I've dealt with stolen antiquities quite a few times. It's quite a lucrative field. Wait a minute. These two... I'm sure these are the ones they found last year at a place called taposiris magna in Alexandria.

Chad: Okay, well, do you think that we can figure out where they're being stashed?

Andre: Difficult, but not impossible.

Chad: Hmm.

Andre: What do you think?

Chad: If we can get our hands on these artifacts and we can deliver them back to whatever government they came from, right? I mean, the reward money would have to be... massive.

Andre: Yeah. That's certainly one way to go.

Chad: Um, what?

Andre: I'm just thinking... what if we took them away from Deimos and then hang on to them ourselves? I mean, reward money's just pennies compared to what you can sell them for. But-- [Stammers] It was just a thought. It's just a thought. Don't get on your high horse already. I'll tell you what we gotta do first... is find out who Deimos' contact is. He's gotta be able to trust them-- or he has them under his thumb. [Sighs] There's a lot of money is exchanged. Tell you what, let me see what I can find out.

[Dramatic music]

[Line trilling]

Abigail: Dun. Dun. Dun. Huh. Huh. Huh. Chin up.

[Both laugh]

Abigail: Dun. Dun. Dun. Here we go. Oh! Okay. Aah! Wow. That wasn't bad for a start. [Laughs] That's good. That's enough.

Dario: You okay?

Abigail: Yeah, that's great. Good. So...

Dario: Yeah, I'll have to practice that at home.

Abigail: Yeah. Well, I think your date's gonna be very impressed. Don't worry. Trust me, I promise.

[Both laugh]

Dario: Hope so.

Abigail: Yeah.

Dario: Yeah.

[Abigail giggles]

JJ: Hey.

Gabi: Hi.

JJ: You okay?

Gabi: Yeah, I'm fine. Good.

[Somber music]

JJ: Listen, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry about last night. I'm sorry that I got you upset.

Gabi: You're just-- you're amazing. You always think it's about you.

JJ: Then what is it about then?

Gabi: I-I can't talk to you about it.

JJ: Gabi... I'm your friend. I won't judge.

Gabi: No. JJ...

JJ: Okay. All right. If you ever change your mind...

Gabi: Yeah.

[Gentle music]

[Monitors beeping]

Hal: Doc.

Kayla: Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?

Hal: Like hell. How'd the test go?

Kayla: Well, I'm not sure you understood when we spoke before. The surgery went well, but, unfortunately, you have a thrombosis in your hepatic artery.

Hal: I'm a medic, doctor, for five years so don't talk down to me. You mean I have a blood clot.

Kayla: Yes and it stopped the flow of blood to your--your liver. We did a minor procedure to clear the blockage, but I'm afraid it was too late. There's been extensive necrosis to the entire area.

Hal: Including my liver?

Kayla: Yes.

Hal: So I have a dead liver? My liver's not working now? Is that what you're telling me?

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Hal: No! I mean, no! How does this happen so fast? [Stammers] You're telling me that if I don't get another liver, then I'm dead? Is that what you're saying?

Kayla: Mr. Michaels--

Hal: And I'm not gonna live long enough to see another liver, am I? No! [Muffled] No!

Jade: Oh, my God, Daddy!

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Are you absolutely sure this time?

Raymond: Naturally, you'd want to do a DNA test, if you contact him.

Steve: How do I do that?

Raymond: He's in Arizona. You know, Steve... I went a long way out of my way to contact you and... I always have to worry about expenses, so...

Steve: Seriously?

I got 272 bucks. Here. That do it?

Raymond: I appreciate it. Thank you.

Steve: You come asking for more, you'll regret it. Do you understand?

Raymond: Of course.

Honestly, I'm-- I'm just glad you're going to contact the boy. He's one of those adoptees who's clearly in need of a...connection.

Good luck.

Hal: Oh. [Chuckles] Want?

Joey: Jade's really worried.

Hal: Yeah, well, tell her I'm dying. You know what? Tell her I'm dead.

Joey: What?

Kayla: Mr. Michaels' transplant didn't work out the way we hoped and he has to be put back on the unos list.

Hal: Like that'll make a damn difference. I'm never gonna get a liver in time.

Kayla: I think you need to try to be positive--

Hal: Why don't you just shut up?

Joey: Hey, don't talk to my mom like that!

Kayla: Joey...

Joey: She's worked her ass off to save your damn life!

Kayla: Joey! Joey! I can handle it, all right? All right? Mr. Michaels is going through a really terrible time. Okay? Let me deal with this doctor-to-patient. You go be with jade, okay? Thank you.

Hal: I never should've let you do this. You talked me into this. You lied to me. You--you--you told me that I would be okay if I had this operation!

Kayla: There really wasn't any choice.

Hal: You know what? Go to hell! I could've lived for months-- maybe even years!

Kayla: No, you wouldn't have.

Hal: You know what? You're just a lying phony. You never liked me. You're always looking down your damn nose at me. You and your one-eyed husband.

Kayla: Mr. Michaels, seriously.

Hal: You made this happen. You wanted me to die, bitch.

[Dramatic music]

Jade: But why? Why didn't it work?

Joey: All my mom said was that the transplant didn't take and she had to put your dad back on the donor list.

Jade: So it was all for nothing?

Joey: Hey. Hey, no.

Jade: He only had one shot. I looked it up on the internet. He can't live long without--

[Somber music]

Jade: Everything is always so hopeless.

Joey: Hey, no, there's always hope, okay? Something can happen.

Jade: I couldn't do this without you, Joey. You're all I have. I'm so alone in here.

Joey: You want me to go see if I can get the nurse? She could give you something to help you rest.

Jade: No. Please just... stay with me?

Abigail: Okay, so... appetizers by the bar, sushi we will put over there, and then I think we're gonna serve the main courses once everybody sits down and the whole silent auction is over. And then you're gonna send me the name of that DJ.

Dario: Yeah, I already did.

Abigail: Good.

Dario: Um, you're still gonna have to pay for this.

Abigail: Right. Of course. I mean, don't worry, Chad's good for it.

Dario: Oh, must be nice being him.

Abigail: What does that mean?

Dario: Nothing.

Abigail: Look, Chad does not have an easy life, okay? He has one strike against him the second that he says his last name, and I have watched him work like crazy in order to get his business back up and running without doing anything illegal.

Dario: You sure about that?

Abigail: [Scoffs] Yeah, that whole Orwell business was something André dragged him into. Chad wants to do the right thing always. I believe in him and I support him.

Dario: Of course, you're a DiMera.

Abigail: And proud of it. Like I'm proud to be a Horton. And I want Thomas to be proud, too.

Dario: Good. I think it's good you're backing Chad. Especially if he's taking the high road. It's not always easy.

Abigail: He works for that every single day and I know that he's never gonna ever do anything illegal ever again.

Andre: No, I'll wait your call. Yes. Yes, thank you very much.

Chad: So? How long till he gets back to you?

Andre: Chad, you gotta be subtle about these things. You don't call somebody up and say, "who's bringing in stolen antiquities?" So tell me... when did you have Gabi Hernandez look at the photos?

Chad: Little while ago. What?

Andre: I hope you're still not risking your marriage.

Chad: Oh, god. You know what? I appreciate that you are so concerned with my marriage working out--and it will. It is.

Andre: Chad... [Chuckles] This is your life, your happiness. You're my brother, Chad. I worry.

Chad: I have a--you know, I have a few worries about you, too, you know? Like--like what you're gonna do when we get these-- these stolen goods from Deimos.

Andre: Oh, ye of little faith.

Chad: Well, I'm just saying, we're not doing this so you can line your pockets.

Andre: [Laughs] Chad...

Chad: Hmm?

Andre: We're working together. We are the last of the DiMeras working to destroy Deimos Kiriakis... and making a little fortune in the bargain.

Chad: Oh, god.

[Dramatic music]

Fun in art class. to the water park and go on all the rides.

Joey: Hey, take a sip, okay? It'll make you feel better.

[Gentle music]

Jade: He taught me how to swim, too. How to ride my bike.

And then...things changed.

He'd be terrible. And he'd yell at my mom, yell at me. Drink a whole bottle of booze and... he was so awful.

Joey: Hey, it's okay. Take it easy.

Hi, jade. I've got something to help you sleep.

Jade: No, I don't want to sleep. My dad--my dad's really bad.

Joey: Jade, jade, jade, you have to rest if you want to get better. It's gonna be okay.

I'll be back to check on you in a minute.

Jade: Nobody cares what happens to me.

Joey: What? That's not true. I care.

Steve: Hey. How you doing, jade?

Joey: She's, uh-- she's doing okay physically, but she's pretty upset. Her dad--

Steve: What?

Joey: [Sighs] Well, there were complications and the transplant... uh...

Steve: Oh...

Joey: Yeah.

Steve: I'm really sorry to hear that. Ugh. Listen, I need to find your mom. Have you seen her?

Joey: She was in Mr. Michaels' room.

Steve: Okay. I need to talk to her. I'm gonna need some time with you later, too, okay?

Joey: Yeah, sure.

Kayla: Mr. Michaels, your daughter made an enormous sacrifice so that you could have the surgery. I never would've allowed it to happen if I fe--

Hal: The heck is wrong with you people? You don't get to "allow" her or me to do anything!

Kayla: I am speaking from a surgeon's point of view.

Hal: Punk kid wasn't worth a damn, anyways.

Kayla: She loves you. Otherwise, why would she volunteer to--

Hal: Really? Really? She ever tell you that? She ever say, "damn, I really love my dad"? Huh? No. I didn't think so.

Kayla: My point is the surgery would not have gone forward...

Hal: You botched the surgery!

Kayla: If jade didn't decide to do it!

Hal: You botched it! Admit it! I'm dying because of you! And I'll tell you what, doc big shot, I'm gonna make you pay!

[Dramatic music]

JJ: Hi. Thank you.

Lani: Mm-hmm.

JJ: Something wrong?

Lani: [Sighs] It's just weird how many times I've seen you chatting up your ex.

JJ: Okay, well, "ex" is the key word there.

Lani: Look, you don't owe me any explanations, but three times in one day? And the day's not even close to being over.

JJ: Got it. So the next time I see Gabi sitting all along on a bench looking miserable, I won't say a word.

Lani: I-I don't even know why I'm so bothered by it. I mean, we've only had one date.

JJ: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We could call this date number two... if you're interested.

[Gentle music]

Myron: Question, boss, why lie to Abigail?

Dario: What are you talking about?

Myron: Come on, I've seen you ripping up the dance floor with all kind of women. So why let Abigail think she's teaching you how to dance?

Dario: You know, Myron, how about you just-- you focus on the books and I figure out new ways to make us money? I'm still sick to death about losing that Orwell project.

Myron: Yeah... very sad. Would've made a bundle.

Dario: You know what? As long as you're here, there's an idea I wanna run by you.

Abigail: [Sighs] The TBD's gonna look so great. It's got food, drinks, everything. It's just nothing but the best.

Chad: Sounds good.

Abigail: Yeah. We're gonna make a ton of money. Seriously. So... how did things go with Gabi?

Chad: Good. Good. Good. Nothing definite, but... I think the artifacts are a way to stick it to Deimos.

Abigail: Awesome.

Chad: Yeah. Or better yet, get the feds to stick it to Deimos.

Abigail: That's even more awesome, huh? Did you hear that, Thomas? Hmm? Everything's bright as sunshine. Life's so good. Everything is good. I'm good. Daddy's good.

Chad: Correction. Correction. Everything is great.

Abigail: Ohh.

Chad: Now, excuse me, Thomas, may I cut in? Because this right here is a family dance.

Abigail: What's daddy doing, huh?

[Both laughing]

Abigail: You dance with Daddy? He's not as good as Mommy, is he?

Chad: No. Can't see it. Can't taste it.

Gabi: Hey.

Dario: Hey, sis.

Gabi: Listen, I wanted to talk to you about possibly renting the space. My company needs to promote itself. So I need to make more contacts and stuff, so...

Dario: Sure. Name your date.

Gabi: Okay, well, uh... what about Wednesday nights? Wednesday nights are not all that busy, right? Meaning I could get the space cheaper?

Dario: You pick whatever date you want. You get the family discount.

Gabi: Oh.

Dario: Okay?

Gabi: Good.

Dario: Besides, Abigail was just here and she put down a huge deposit for a party her and Chad are gonna be throwing here.

Gabi: Wait a second, Abigail was here?

Dario: Yeah, she left a little while ago.

Gabi: Oh, my god, Dario, you are blushing!

Dario: I don't blush.

Gabi: Oh, yes, you do! You're blushing! All right, if you say so.

Dario: When's the last time you saw Chad?

Gabi: I saw him a little while ago.

Dario: Oh, really?

Gabi: Yeah.

Dario: And what happened? Did your palms get sweaty? Did your heart start pounding?

[Gabi scoffs]

Dario: You want me to get the ice cream?

Gabi: Dario...[Laughs] I just--I don't think there'd be enough ice cream on this planet to get me through that.

Dario: I hear you.

Gabi: But maybe a little.

Dario: I definitely hear you.

Abigail: I have an idea. Hmm? How about we turn on a little new Orleans jazz and we'll teach Thomas how-- oh. Ohh. Did you see that?

Chad: Whoa. When my boy yawns, he yawns big.

Abigail: Okay, all right, big guy. It's nap time, huh? Come here. Come here. Let's go. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. [Smooches] Say, "Bye."

Chad: Bye.

Abigail: Say, "we're gonna go to sleep."

Chad: Bye.

[Gentle music]

[Phone beeps]

Kayla: Mr. Michaels, I know what you're going through.

Hal: You don't have a damn clue what I'm going through! You're worthless!

Kayla: You know, I'm gonna give you a little something to help you relax, all right?

Hal: No. No! No! No, I don't want anything.

Kayla: You know, Mr. Michaels, it is very common for a patient after anesthesia to get agitated and have trouble controlling their thoughts--

Hal: I said no. What part of English don't you understand, bitch?

Kayla: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Mr. Michaels--ohh!

Hal: Yeah, you know what I got in my hand, doc? Huh? Sure you do. Remember that epinephrine you were gonna stick in me when my heart stops? I'm a medic, remember? I know!

Kayla: Hal... Hal, you need to let me go.

Hal: I know... stick this in me when my heart stops, and it's all good. Stick it in you now... and your heart'll explode. Won't that be a pretty sight?

[Dramatic music]

We'll grab you some kibble later.


[Engine starts

[Speaking foreign language]

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