Days Transcript Tuesday 2/21/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/21/17


Episode #13029 ~ Sonny tries to escape from his captor and catches a brutal beating; Deimos, Eduardo, and André negotiate their loved one's release; Drew reaches out to Shane for help; Abigail enlists Dario to help locate Gabi & Chad.

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Abigail: Hey. Have you found them?

Dario: People out there looking, but there's no telling where Deimos stashed them.

Abigail: I have this. It's a list of all the titan properties nearby. I found it on JJ's laptop.

Dario: Have you checked 'em out yet?

Abigail: There's so many. Gosh, we have no idea how much time Chad and Gabi have left.

Dario: Find them before Deimos can hurt them.

Abigail: How? It would take a week to check out all these places.

Dario: I used to work at titan. I know people.

Abigail: Dario... do whatever you have to do in order to bring Chad home.

[Phone beeps]

Deimos: Nicole, you can't run from me forever. I know you're upset that Chloe won custody of holly, and so am I. And if I had anything to do with that, I am truly sorry. But I can fix this. I can. I can get your daughter back for you, I promise.

André: It's devastating when your loved ones are kept away from you.

Eduardo: Especially when you don't know if they'll be returned alive.

Deimos: Is that a threat?

Eduardo: I don't know. Is it?

Deimos: I was wondering which one of you took my nephew. But now I know you both did.

André: Well, the good news is that we believe in fair trade. You release Chad and Gabi, and we let Sonny go.

Deimos: Yeah, just like that, huh? No retaliation whatsoever?

Eduardo: Yeah. We want peace among our three families.

Deimos: Yeah, I'm sure that's what we all want. But there is still a lingering problem. I don't have the key to my Orwell device.

Eduardo: A device you stole from me.

Deimos: Which you stole from André, and which he stole from its creator. So, bottom line--unless I have that key, Chad and Gabi stay exactly where they are. No deal, no peace.

[Phone rings]

Shane: Hello?

Drew: Ah, uh, Shane, hi. It's--it's me, uh, drew.

Shane: Drew! How good to hear your voice. How's Camilla?

Drew: Uh, listen, I can't talk right now. I'm--I'm in Salem.

Shane: Really? Well, so am I. I'm here for Steve and Kayla's wedding. What's--what's wrong?

Drew: Uh, I'm in a little bit of trouble.

Shane: What kind of trouble?

Drew: Well, kind that can get people killed. Listen, um, if I turn up dead--

Shane: No, come on, drew. Don't talk like that. How can I help?

Drew: No, yeah, just--just-- just--just listen, please. If I do turn up dead, I want you to tell roman to arrest Deimos Kiriakis. Yeah, I-I-I can't talk anymore right now. I've got something I need to take care of. Yeah, take--take care, Shane.

Shane: Wait, drew! Drew, wait! Drew?

[Tense music]

Chad: Where are we?

Gabi: I don't know. I don't know.

Chad: Together. Kissing.

Gabi: Yeah. Why--why are we stopping?

Chad: I don't know.

Gabi: I want... I want you, Chad. Please, just don't stop. Don't stop. Please. I love you. I love you.

Dario: Yeah, okay. I promise. Yeah, no one will know I got the info from you. Okay. Ow.

Abigail: So do you know where they are?

Dario: Well, according to my source, a guy by the name of Timon who works security for titan was assigned to a section of abandoned warehouses. Let me see that list of properties again.

Abigail: Yeah.

Dario: Yup. That's the address. Okay.

Abigail: Wait, so what-- I mean, why would they need to protect an abandoned warehouse?

Dario: Exactly.

Abigail: Okay, so let's go check it out, right?

Dario: No, no, no, no, no. You--you need to stay put. You can't come.

Abigail: Deimos has my husband. I'm going to help you find him.

Dario: No, listen. If you come, I'll just be worried about your safety. I'm better off doing this by myself.

Abigail: Dario, you just got out of surgery.

Dario: I'm fine. All right, please, if anything-- if anything happened to you, I would--I wouldn't be able to live with myself. So, please, trust me. I will find them. I will bring them back. I promise.

JJ: Still nothing on Gabi and Chad.

Paul: I know this is hard for you, not being part of that search.

JJ: Lani and the rest of the Salem pd are out looking for them. I need to stay focused on finding Sonny, okay? You've got the address of that hotel André made those calls to?

Paul: Yeah, at least I got that part right.

JJ: There's nothing you could've done to stop this.

Paul: I should've seen those guys coming. I should've known that Sonny was in danger and I should've gotten him out of there!

JJ: It was an ambush. You did your best. Look, we'll find the guys who took Sonny, and when we do, we'll be the ones leading the ambush.

Paul: Yeah, well, I hope it's not too late.

Sonny: You son of a bitch! [Grunting]

Eduardo: My daughter has nothing to do with this fight.

Deimos: Well, you know how this business works, Eduardo. Sometimes there's a personal price.

Eduardo: She's innocent, Deimos.

Deimos: Hmm. So should I assume that all the people you killed in your former life, none of them were innocent?

Eduardo: A few may have been. But you're not. And I swear, if you hurt her, you will not live long enough to regret it.

André: Eduardo, why don't we just focus on the deal at hand?

Deimos: Now, that is very good advice. So, cards on the table. Which one of you has my key?

André: We already told you, we don't have a key.

Eduardo: Do you honestly think that I would risk my daughter's life by lying to you about this?

Deimos: I don't think there's a thing that a man like you wouldn't do to get control of the Orwell.

André: What makes you think that we have a key?

Deimos: Because I had it delivered to the docks, and when my man went to retrieve it, it was gone.

André: Well, what it seems to me is that you have wasted a lot of time focusing on the wrong people!

Deimos: All right. You know what? I'm getting tired of this. If you don't know where it is, then damn well better find it!

Eduardo: As you wish. Bring her in.

Jennifer: Get your hands off me! Don't touch me!

Deimos: What the hell is this?

Jennifer: Whose thug is this? Wait, is it yours? Is that what you do now? You just grab people off the street?

Eduardo: Well, my apologies for the rudeness, but I understand that you, of all people, were on the docks the night Deimos' delivery went missing.

Jennifer: I don't know what you're talking about.

Eduardo: Shall I bring in the longshoreman who ID'd you by your very well known face?

André: Look, if you have this key, you have to be honest about it.

Deimos: You might want to listen to the man, Jennifer. You don't want to make this any messier than it already is.

Jennifer: Okay, fine. You want me to be honest? You want me to be honest? I know exactly what you're doing. I know that you three maniacs have been tearing each other apart over this Orwell device. I am sure my readers are going to love reading all about this. Reading all about this war in their town. And my son and the police will be very interested as well.

Deimos: I don't care about your article. You could write whatever you want. But first, you're gonna answer me one question. Where is the key?

Jennifer: You can't keep me here.

Deimos: I'm gonna ask you one more time, Jennifer.

André: Do answer his question. Chad and Gabi's life may depend on it.

Deimos: Where is the damn key?

Drew: All right! Right, that's enough. Let her go. I said, let her go. I'm what you want.

Deimos: Finally. There you are.

Eduardo: Who the hell are you?

Drew: I'm the key. Who the hell are you?

Jennifer: You don't have to do this.

Drew: No, I'm afraid I do.

André: Drew Donovan.

Eduardo: You know this guy?

André: Yes, he's the creator of the Orwell. I should've known. You're the key that makes it work.

Deimos: And now I have him and his invention.

André: Have you had him all this time?

Jennifer: Drew is not a thing. He's a person.

Deimos: Yes. A very valuable person. You were ill-advised to hide from me, drew.

Drew: I needed time to think, didn't I? But now I'm ready to do whatever's necessary. Where's the drive?

Deimos: I have it right here. [Chuckles] You know what? It's fitting the two of you should be here to witness this, so you can see... what you and your families lost out on.

[Tense music]

Drew: Hmm! There you are! So much power in an itty-bitty, little thing.

Deimos: All right, drew. Do your magic.

[Computer beeping]

Deimos: Is that supposed to happen?

Drew: Should've happened years ago.

Deimos: What do you mean? No, no. Wh-what are you doing?

Drew: Saving this town and, just maybe, the world.

Deimos: No! No! Don't!

[Hard drive clatters]

[Computer beeping]

Deimos: What? What have you done?

Drew: Well, I created it, and now I've...uncreated it.

Deimos: This belonged to me!

[Computer beeps]

Deimos: Do you honestly think I'm gonna let you walk away with this?

Eduardo: Oh, he's bluffing. He just wants to get paid to make another one.

Drew: Oh, no, no, never again.

André: You'll rebuild it or you're gonna suffer the consequences.

Deimos: You owe me, Donovan.

[Door bangs open]

Roman: All right! Hang on here. Shane called me about a possible 911 situation here. Jennifer, are you okay?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Roman: Hey, drew.

Drew: Hey, Commish.

Roman: Shane said you might be in some kind of situation.

Drew: Yeah, well, sort of.

Roman: All right, well, let's sort this out. What do we got here, gentlemen? A little convention? What are y'all doing here?

Deimos: Well, this is my house. We have every right to be here. Are we under arrest?

Roman: Not yet, no, but I would like to question you about, uh, the kidnappings of Sonny Kiriakis, Gabi Hernandez, and Chad DiMera. And, um, yeah, I'm real interested in your collective interest in our buddy drew here.

Dario: You going camping, Timon?

Timon: Dario.

Dario: I hear you're keeping some guests for Deimos Kiriakis. And you know what? One of those guests happens to be my kid sister.

Timon: My God, I had no idea.

Dario: I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you because you know me, and I know you wouldn't do anything that threatens my family.

Timon: Of course. You know I would nev--

Dario: Where are they?

Timon: Deimos will kill me--

Dario: Deimos isn't here. I am. Now I'm gonna ask you again. Where are they?

Timon: [Scoffs] The Adams lamb and poultry building on water street.

Dario: Good man. And do me a favor. Take your time getting out of here.

Gabi: I'm sorry. I don't--I don't know what's happening. Where--where are we?

Chad: Shh.

Gabi: Where--

Chad: We're ice skating. Millennium park.

Gabi: Chicago?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: I love Chicago. I-I love ice skating with you.

Chad: Yeah, you wore your big, puffy, silver jacket.

[Both breathing heavily]

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, but I'm not-- I'm not wearing it right now. I'm not. I need--I need to have more clothes on. It's so cold out here.

Chad: You look so beautiful.

Gabi: You make me-- you make me feel beautiful. I just want to be near you.

Chad: Gabi, take my hand. You have to stay close.

Gabi: Okay. Chad, are--are we really ice skating?

Chad: Yeah, it's slippery. You have to hold on, okay? Hold me.

Gabi: [Sobbing] We're not. We're stuck in here. Chad, we're--we're gonna die. Chad! [Sobbing]

Chad: Shh. Hey, hey, hey.

Gabi: Chad, we're gonna die in here. I can see. We're gonna die.

Chad: Gabi, don't--don't go. Don't, Gabi, okay? Don't go, okay? Gabi, no, look. You have to stay with me, Gabi. Stay. Hey. [Sobbing] Hey, I need you. I need...

[Muttering indistinctly]

Deimos: You have no proof I've done anything wrong.

Roman: Really? Care to tell me where Chad and Gabi are?

Deimos: I have no idea.

André: Well, you can't arrest us for crimes we didn't commit.

Eduardo: We were just in the middle of a business meeting when you walked in--

Jennifer: You were threatening drew's life.

Drew: Yeah. Who knows what would've happened if you hadn't walked in?

Deimos: They were just words, Jennifer. That's not a crime. I'm assuming a newspaper publisher would understand that.

Jennifer: You're not gonna believe this little act, are you, roman?

Roman: Jennifer, you know what? Why don't you and drew head down to the station? We'll get this sorted out.

Jennifer: Gladly. Let me know if any of you want to give me a couple words about the Orwell or the war between your families. You know where to find me.

Drew: Oh, and, um, I wish I could say this has been a pleasure.

Roman: All right. Would the three of you like to join me down at the station for a little questioning?

André: And we don't have to comply if we don't want to.

Roman: André, I would think you'd want to help me find your brother. Eduardo, aren't you worried about your daughter? This could be the only chance to bring her home safe and sound.

[Tense music]

After you.

Justin: Adrienne.

Adrienne: No news on Sonny?

Justin: I'm afraid not.

Adrienne: [Sighs] How many times can this happen? How many times can your family suck him back into their wars?

Justin: Sonny knew what he was getting himself into.

Adrienne: And that's supposed to make it all right?

Justin: No. I just want you to know that he knew what he was getting himself into.

Adrienne: You know, Deimos goes around trying to kill people, holding others hostage, and what, he thinks there's not gonna be any blowback?

Justin: I know. The situation is out of control. And I was hoping that Sonny would have stayed in Europe until this whole battle between the families had blown over.

Adrienne: [Scoffs] Oh, please. It'll never blow over. There's always gonna be another battle with the Kiriakises. Sonny is never gonna be safe, just like you weren't when you were growing up, Justin.

Justin: Adrienne, I'm worried about you. You need to be home resting.

Adrienne: I'm not going anywhere until we find Sonny.

Justin: JJ is looking for him. We have to trust the police.

Adrienne: He's our son.

Justin: Yes, I know he is. And if he were here, he would tell you that you need to take care of your health. You're not doing him any favors by getting yourself sicker. Come on, I'll give you a ride home.

Adrienne: Stop it. Stop babying me. Our son has been kidnapped. Look, I admit it's been nice, you looking after me recently, but I don't need it today and I don't want it. So if you're gonna continue talking about my health while my son's life is in danger, you can just leave! I'm not a cancer patient today. I am a mother who needs to find her son and bring him home. Can you live with that?

Justin: Do I have any choice?

Adrienne: Hell to the no.

Justin: Okay. Let's go see how we can help.

What do you want?

JJ: Detective Deveraux, Salem PD. We got a complaint about noise coming from this room. I need you to let me in.

Not without a warrant. Actually, not even with a warrant.

JJ: That's not very cooperative behavior, is it? Word of advice, pal. When you make it seem like you're hiding something, it makes me believe that you are hiding something.

Paul: Hey, it's gonna be okay, Sonny. We're gonna get you out of here, okay?

Sonny: Paul?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, it's me. It's me. I came in through the window. Dramatic entrance, huh? Listen. Is there more than one guy? Okay.

[Banging against door]

Abigail: Chad! What the hell, Chad? Oh, my God, Chad! Chad? Chad, honey, listen to me! Chad? Thank God, you're breathing. Chad! Oh, my God, you're so cold! Sweetheart? Okay, honey? Chad? Chad? Listen to me, Chad. Chad, don't you do this to me! Don't do this, okay? Oh, God! [Grunting] Come back, Chad, please! Please!

Deimos: I was so close. Billions. Billions of dollars.

André: You did this. You're the reason drew destroyed the Orwell.

Deimos: You keep telling yourself that.

André: Ah, if you'd have just stayed out of my bloody business.

Eduardo: We'll rehash this all night with the cops, but better we should just get the hell out of here.

Deimos: There's only one way to get out of here. Say nothing. Admit to nothing. Device? What device? And I certainly don't know anything about Chad and Gabi's disappearance.

André: Just like we don't know anything about Sonny's abduction.

Eduardo: There is no war between our families. Never was. Just a bunch of hype from haters and do-gooders and the press.

Deimos: So we have a plan. We have a cover... just as long as everyone sticks to it.

André: No weak links. Let's keep our stories straight, and then we go home.

JJ: I should have that warrant any minute now, plus a whole mess of backup. Could've made this easier for yourself. Of course, if there's something in that room you don't want me to find, then I understand you being afraid of letting me go in. Not as afraid as you are of your boss, André DiMera, I guess. Hope he pays you well. Looking at serving a very long prison term for that guy.

[Banging clatter]

What the hell?

[Dramatic music]

Where did he go? This is on you.

[Tense music]

[Phone rings]

Drew: Hey, brother. Ah, listen. Thanks for helping me out.

Shane: I'm just sorry I couldn't be there myself. How's everything going?

Drew: I've told roman everything.

Shane: I'm sure that couldn't have been easy for you. I'm just glad you're safe. You behaved very nobly, drew. Surprisingly so, actually. I know how long you've been working on that device.

Drew: Yeah. Here I thought I finally had a chance to prove I wasn't a total screw-up.

Shane: Hey. No, you're not a screw-up. That was a brilliant piece of work.

Drew: Yeah, the world's a better place without the Orwell in it.

Shane: Hmm. Oh, roman tells me witness protection's been arranged for you and Camilla. I don't know where they're sending you yet.

Drew: Well, I really don't care if they send us to mars as long as we're together.

Shane: Well, I hope the two of you have a happy and safe life.

Drew: [Laughs] Oh! You know better than that, dear brother. There's nothing safe about being in love.

Abigail: Come on, Chad, breathe, please. Please, please, please, please. [Gasps] Oh, my God! Oh, thank God! Oh! Mmm!

Dario: Abigail, what are you doing here--oh!

Abigail: I followed you.

Dario: All right, Gabi. Gabi, wake up, Gabi!

Abigail: Her pulse was really weak. He wasn't even breathing at all.

Dario: All right. We gotta get 'em out of here. Call 911, come on! Come on, sweetheart, come on. Come on, get up. (Vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,

Turn around.

JJ: I wonder how your boss, André, would feel about you pointing a gun at a police detective. The guy keeps saying he wants legitimacy for his family. So tell me, now that we're old friends, who did you have tied up in here? [Chuckles]

[Tense music]

JJ: [Grunts]

Paul: Sonny!

Sonny: How you like that, you son of a bitch?

Paul: Sonny, stop!

JJ: Sonny!

Sonny: Let me go! How you like that, you son of a bitch? Get off! Get off me!

Abigail: What is taking so long? Doctor said he'd come talk to us as soon as he knew something.

Dario: They're gonna be okay.

Abigail: You don't know that.

Dario: The EMTs said that we got there just in time.

Abigail: I can't lose him. I mean, after all the time that I wasted away from him and Thomas, I mean, if he doesn't--

Dario: No, no, no, no, no. You can't--can't think like that. You are gonna get through this. Okay? Hey.

Abigail: Hi. How are they?

Dario: Are they gonna be okay?

Their core temperatures are nearly back to normal. I expect them to make a full recovery.

Abigail: Oh, thank God! Can we go in and see them, please?

They're both still unconscious, but go ahead. They're lucky you found them when you did.

Dario: Thank you.

What are you doing? You heard him. They're gonna be okay.

Abigail: Yeah, it's nothing.

Dario: Thinking about how you found them. Under the tarp. Almost naked.

Abigail: Yeah, I'm being silly. I mean, everybody knows that when you're freezing, the best way to stay warm is to share body heat, so... probably saved their lives, right?

Dario: Probably.

Abigail: You think I'm being naive?

Dario: I think you should go in there and see your husband.

Roman: All right. I just got a call from the hospital. Chad and Gabi are safe.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great news. Where were they?

Roman: They were in a meat locker at the old Adams factory on the south side. They nearly died of hypothermia, but the EMTs got there in time.

Jennifer: Okay. What about Sonny?

Roman: JJ found him. He was pretty beat up, but he'll be okay too.

Drew: Ohh! Oh, I'm just so glad that all the kids are safe. I can't help but feel a little responsible for getting them into this mess.

Jennifer: Drew, this is not your fault.

Drew: Well, if I hadn't invented the Orwell, they wouldn't have gotten kidnapped.

Jennifer: No, but it's not the Orwell, it's the people that wanted the Orwell. And if it wasn't your device, it would be something else.

Roman: Jennifer's right about that. These three would, uh--they'd fight over the drumstick at thanksgiving. So, speaking of which, I need to go have a little talk with André, Deimos, and Eduardo.

Drew: [Scoffs] Good luck.

Roman: Thank you. And drew? You did a good thing today.

Jennifer: You did. And I know that you must be so excited to see your Camilla.

Drew: Oh, every minute I'm away from her feels like a lifetime. Oh, Jennifer, thank you for everything you did.

Jennifer: It was my pleasure.

Drew: Uh, listen. There's one little favor I need from you.

Jennifer: Yeah, anything.

Drew: I want to visit that meat locker. to the door, you let him in. Now you and I are going for a ride down to the station and you can tell me all about what you did to my cousin here. You okay, Sonny?

Sonny: Yeah.

JJ: You need to go to the hospital and get that checked out.

Paul: I'll take him.

Sonny: I don't need to go to the hospital.

Paul: Why don't we let the doctors decide that?

[Phone beeps]

JJ: They found Gabi and Chad. They're gonna be all right.

Paul: That's great. Then it's over.

JJ: I hope so.

[Tense music]

Abigail: Your hands are still so cold.

Do you have any idea how mad I am at you? This has nothing to do with Gabi. I trust you. Chad, I am so furious because I almost lost you.

I mean, after everything that we have been through in order to be together, once again, your family almost got you killed.

And I know...

I know how important it is for you to be a DiMera and how much that means to you, but, Chad, at what cost? I mean, come on, think about it. What about me? What about Thomas? We need you.

Dario: Gabi, I'm sorry.

So sorry.

I couldn't protect you better.

Me and dad and our--our big dreams with that damn Orwell.

None of it would have made any difference if... something happened to you. Our family... our family, that's-- that's what matters.

We'd all be better off if that--that damn Orwell just disappeared from the face of the earth.

Jennifer: It's awfully cold in here, drew.

Drew: Yeah, well, to keep a space this large refrigerated efficiently, the room needs to be airtight, and the walls-- solid steel. [Bangs on wall] Almost indestructible.

Jennifer: Can you tell me why you brought me here and why you needed this bag of stuff?

Drew: Well, you know how I said I deleted the Orwell software back at Deimos's house, and I told him I'd destroyed the device completely? Not entirely true.

Jennifer: It wasn't?

Drew: No. Any decent software engineer could retrieve the data from the drive, if he found it, and that cannot happen.

Jennifer: So?

Drew: So... watch this.

Drew: Yeah, here. Get down here. Better cover our ears.

[Explosion booms]

Jennifer: [Gasps] [Gasps] Whoa! That's it. That's it. Now we--now it's really over, drew.

Drew: Yup, software was deleted, and now the hard drive is just a billion little pieces floating in the atmosphere.

Jennifer: You know what's crazy? There is someone in the world right now creating another device just like that one.

Drew: Well, maybe. Least it won't be me. I'm free.

Jennifer: I'm so happy for you.

Drew: Thanks, Jenn. Well, guess I'm out of here. Listen, um, say good-bye to Anne and Adrienne for me, would you? And, of course, my dear darling brother. So long, Salem. Been good to know you.

[Tense music]

Sonny: Told you, I'm fine.

Adrienne: Sonny! Oh, my God, Sonny! What happened, baby? What did they do to you?

Justin: Hey, come on.

Sonny: Hey. Nothing that won't heal. Doctor said I could go home and rest.

Adrienne: Good. We'll get you home. We'll get you some soup from the pub. We'll make it better.

Sonny: No, that's okay. I have a bunch of paperwork I need to fill out.

Justin: Let us do that. You go home and rest.

Paul: I'll make sure that he gets home safely.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Justin: Thanks, Paul.

Adrienne: Thank you, Paul, for everything. Thank you. Okay.

Sonny: Yeah.

Paul: Is there anything else you want me to grab before we get you home?

Sonny: I'm not going home. I have work to do.

Paul: Work? Today?

Sonny: Yeah, work. Do you see my face? Does Deimos look like this? Did he get the crap kicked out of him today? I am done with that man.

Paul: What are you saying?

Sonny: I'm taking over this family. And I'm gonna take my revenge. My way.

Roman: All right, so, once again, you all are sticking with the same story that you had nothing to do with the kidnapping?

Deimos: It's not a story, commissioner. It's the truth.

André: God's honest.

Eduardo: So we'll be leaving now. I'm gonna go visit my daughter.

Roman: Just as long as you know that this investigation is just beginning. Arrests will be made.

André: Ah, I should think so. But at least I'm relieved that my brother is safe.

Roman: This isn't over. Have a good day, gentlemen.

Deimos: He's absolutely right. You cost me a fortune. This isn't over.

André: [Sighs]

You both stole from my family. We will bury you.

[Somber music]

Abigail: So you can sleep for now, but you know what? I'm gonna need you to wake up. You know why? Because Thomas is gonna ask about his daddy, and I need you to be there for him.

And I know--I know that there's this whole crazy war that's been going on, but Chad, I believe in you. I believe that you can end it.

I'm gonna be there for you. I'm gonna be right beside you.

Dario: [Sighs] Hey, uh, I'm so-- I'm so sorry to interrupt. I just--I wanted to thank Chad for looking out for my sister.

Abigail: I'm really glad they had each other in there. Do you mind if I go see Gabi?

Dario: Of course not.

I hope you know how lucky you are.

Chad: Gabi...

Gabi: Chad...

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