Days Transcript Tuesday 2/14/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/14/17


Episode #13024 ~ Chad & Gabi's dire situation goes from bad to worse; Victor learns of Deimos' actions and tells him to clean it up quickly; Eduardo, Kate, Dario, & Abigail brainstorm on a rescue plan; Adrienne, Jennifer, and Anne work to destroy the Orwell device.

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Deimos: All you have to do is present the offer. Okay? Just make it very clear that a ruling in our favor would be very much appreciated by myself and Nicole. All right, get back to me as soon as you have an answer. Thanks.

JJ: Hey, Deimos. Don't mind us. Make yourself at home.

Deimos: What the hell is going on here?


Gabi: You hear that?

Chad: What?

Gabi: It's my stomach growling. Ugh.

Chad: Yeah, that's my bad. Guard wouldn't have taken our lunches if I wouldn't have attacked him.

Gabi: No, I'm--I'm glad you did.

Chad: That's not what you said when it happened.

Gabi: I know because I hated that you got hurt because of me.

Chad: Well, I was happy to do it.

Gabi: Yeah, well, don't--just don't engage him next time you see him, okay?

Chad: There may not be a next time.

Gabi: No, he said that our host wants us alive, he doesn't--

Chad: Yeah, because we're bargaining chips.

Gabi: Chad, did you have to say "chips"? Do you have to say that word?

Chad: Okay, look, I get that you're hungry, but I'm gonna need you to suck it up.

Gabi: Excuse me and my empty stomach.

Chad: Sorry, I just think that we need to... keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

Abigail: Hey. Oh, no, it's okay, you just got out of the hospital.

Eduardo: Yeah, he'd still be there if someone hadn't told him about his sister.

Abigail: Look, I'm sorry. I thought he knew.

Dario: Hey, hey, hey, it's not your fault. When I found out about my sister, there was no way in hell I was gonna stay in that hospital. Not when I'm probably the reason that Deimos took her in the first place.

Eduardo: No, I think holding Gabi and Chad hostage is more about that "key" to the computer program. They didn't think you did it.

Kate: Only we don't have the key.

Dario: We don't even know what the key is.

Eduardo: We're running out of time.

Kate: I know, that's why I'm hoping sonny is going to be able to talk some sense into his uncle before it's too late. He said he'd go directly from the airport to see Deimos, so...

Eduardo: Yeah. Maybe he should wait before he goes to Deimos.

Kate: Wait? Okay, so if you have another plan, you need to tell me what it is, now.

Anne: Okay, so drew, he's the key Deimos Kiriakis is looking for?

Jennifer: Hey, I told you to keep your voice down. This is top secret. And of all the people you had to bring, really?

Adrienne: Well, you should've told me to come alone.

Anne: Wait a minute, hold on, I promise, my lips are sealed.

Adrienne: Well, they better be, or you're fired.

Jennifer: All right, can we just talk about why I brought you here in the first place?

Adrienne: So drew created a virus that can destroy the computer program that he created?

Jennifer: Yes.

Adrienne: Okay, and you said he needs access to a Kiriakis computer?

Jennifer: Yes, to get past the firewall, but the problem is, Deimos is desperately looking for drew, aka the key.

Adrienne: And if he finds drew here, with us, he'll kill us all.

Kate: So. Exactly why shouldn't sonny go straight to Deimos?

Eduardo: Well, I was just thinking that maybe we should talk to sonny first. Get him up to speed, as it were.

Kate: Okay, well, I already briefed him. And I think it's important that he just gets to Deimos and somehow sways him, because god knows what Deimos has intended for those two.

Eduardo: Yeah--yeah, but the important thing is that one way or another, we'll find them.

Kate: Hope so. Chad's like a son to me. He's a good man. Sometimes too good.

Abigail: Yeah, you are right about that.

Kate: You know, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Gabi, too. Ever since the two of them worked for me at countess W. There's something very special about the two of them.

Abigail: So I guess it's just all up to sonny now, huh? Unless we can figure out what the key is and get it back to Deimos before it's too late.

Dario: Even if we could, I don't trust that that bastard is gonna keep his word and let Gabi and Chad go free.

Kate: I agree with Dario. Deimos is a liar; he'll do and he'll say anything to get what he wants. And if he doesn't get it, god help anyone who comes into his sights.

Deimos: Is anyone gonna answer me, or do I have to call your superior?

JJ: That would be commissioner Brady; he's actually the one who sent us over here.

Deimos: On what grounds?

JJ: We've got it on good authority you may have something to do with the disappearance of Gabriella Hernandez and Chad DiMera. We also have witnesses who can attest that this was the last place they were seen.

Deimos: Mm, witnesses, really? You mean like Henderson, the butler?

JJ: We'll search the upstairs next.

Deimos: Detective Deveraux, am I right? Are you sure this isn't personal? I mean, considering that Chad's gone missing with your ex-girlfriend, right? If they've run off together, why is that my problem?

JJ: Have you seen this before?

Gabi: [Speaking Spanish]


Gabi: [Speaking Spanish] We're in here!

Chad: Hello?

Gabi: Please help us, we're in here!

Chad: Hello?

[Motor humming]

Gabi: What... what is that?

Chad: Sounds like a car engine idling.

Cold air's coming through. Which means it's the freezer motor.

Gabi: Wait, so it hasn't been on this whole time?

Chad: Somebody must've fixed it and turned it on.

Gabi: Well, what... oh, my god, Chad, what if it was Deimos? What if he--what if he got his key? What if he doesn't need us anymore? What if he left us here to die?

Adrienne: Okay, okay.

I'm all for ending the war between the families--

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, no, I sense a "but" coming.

Adrienne: Isn't Deimos gonna be even angrier at drew because of this virus? He could retaliate by hurting Chad again--or worse!

Jennifer: He probably hurt them already.

Adrienne: Abigail must be worried sick. Does she know that drew's the key?

Jennifer: No, I do not want her involved, especially if I can handle this on my own.

Adrienne: You don't have to. You have me.

Anne: And me. I mean, if you want me.

Jennifer: I don't think I have a choice. Please, let's talk about our next move, let's figure it out.

Eduardo: Apparently, someone broke into the shipping container and stole the key before Deimos could get it himself.

Kate: And naturally, he accused the DiMeras.

Dario: And our family.

Abigail: But can't we find out whoever stole the key and just get them to give it back?

Kate: Do you know who that is, because I don't.

[Phone beeps]

Abigail: Look, I got to go get Thomas. I'll catch you guys later.

Dario: No, you're not going anywhere.

Chad: Let's just, um--let's not jump to any conclusions, okay?

Gabi: How else do you explain the freezer coming on, and nobody coming back to feed us, okay? What if Deimos just gave up on this key? What if he just left us here for us to freeze to death? Oh, my gosh, no, please! Please, you have to let us out! Please, we won't tell anybody--

Chad: Come on, panicking isn't gonna do any good.

Gabi: Well, I have to do something, okay? I have to see my little girl again! [Speaking Spanish]

Deimos: Are you waiting for some kind of reaction?

JJ: Have you seen it before or not?

Deimos: No. I assume you found it here. Well, then it probably belongs to Maggie or Nicole or maybe even eve.

JJ: It belongs to Gabi Hernandez.

Deimos: Okay? Well, she's here a lot. She and sonny share a child together, right?

JJ: And jewelry just falls off her when she's here?

Deimos: Are you seriously asking me this question? All right, you know what? Honestly, I don't give a damn who it belongs to. I have my rights, and as far as I'm concerned, you're trespassing.

JJ: It's not trespassing if we have a warrant.

Deimos: Well, then maybe it's time to get it revoked.

Maggie: I thought I heard you, JJ; what're you doing here? And why are the police tearing up my newly-decorated living room?

JJ: I didn't think you'd be here, aunt Maggie, but since you are, I'll tell you. Gabi's gone missing, along with Chad DiMera. And Deimos here is acting all defensive.

Maggie: Well? Are you? find a way into the Kiriakis mansion so we can access the titan computer so drew can hack into it, get past the firewall, and plant the virus.

Adrienne: Okay, that sounds all very "Jason Bourne;" now how do you propose we even get in?

Anne: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, you have a connection with Justin and sonny.

Adrienne: Yeah, normally I'd use it, but the last time I was there, Deimos caught me eavesdropping about the key and he wasn't happy. I can only imagine what he'd do to me now if he caught me.

Jennifer: Okay, well, my only connection is aunt Maggie, and I am not gonna get her involved.

[Phone beeps]

Adrienne: She can't.

Jennifer: Oh, shoot.

Adrienne: What?

Jennifer: This is from my source at the Salem pd. They got a search warrant for the mansion. JJ's in charge, which means that the police are gonna get there and they're gonna seize everything that we need anyway, so we probably just missed our chance.

Anne: Wait, are they still there?

Jennifer: Well, apparently so--why?

Anne: I don't know, I think I may have an idea that can get us exactly what we need.

Dario: Come here. I know this isn't my place, I just--

Abigail: Yeah, if you're telling me I can't go pick up my son, then you're right, it's not.

Dario: No, what I meant to say was... I don't want you leaving here alone, it's not safe.

Abigail: Look, I've survived burning buildings and faking death; I think I can handle Salem after dark.

Dario: Okay, fine, just... will you be on alert, okay? I don't want you to be next on Deimos' list.

Abigail: I don't think any of us really have any control over that. But I will be careful. I promise.

Kate: Dario's concern for Abigail is quite sweet.

Eduardo: I'll be the same way with you when you give me another chance.

Abigail: Take care of yourself. I think your dad holds me responsible for you leaving the hospital early.

Dario: No, no, no, he likes you. I can tell.

Abigail: Bye.

Dario: Hmm.

Eduardo: So... with regard to who might've stolen the key.

Dario: I need to make a few calls. See if I can find someone who can help.

Maggie: I'm waiting.

JJ: Let's head upstairs, continue the search.

Maggie: You do what you have to do, JJ. I'll handle this. Well, it's just the two of us now. Look me in the eye and tell me. Are you behind Chad and Gabi's disappearance?

Deimos: No.

Maggie: No. Oh, Deimos. You used to be a better liar. How could you?

Gabi: Help! Please somebody help us! Get us out of here, we're gonna freeze to death! Please, anybody! Somebody help, please! Help us! Help!

Chad: Stop! Stop! Screaming and pouting isn't doing any good.

Gabi: So what, we're just gonna sit here, we're gonna wait?

Chad: Well, I'm trying to stay sane, keep my wits about me. Somebody's got to do it.

Gabi: Are you saying I'm crazy?

Chad: That's exactly what I'm saying.

Deimos: You really need to calm down.

Maggie: Chad and Gabi are missing. And you have them.

Deimos: I never said that I did.

Maggie: Stop playing games with me.

Deimos: Maggie, do I need to remind you that we're at war with two families?

Maggie: Aren't there enough wars in the world? Do we need to make another one?

Deimos: We didn't start this one, all right? The Hernandezes and the DiMeras have been encroaching on titan business. Now, as acting CEO, it's my job to make sure that the Kiriakis family stays on top. And I'm confident victor would agree with me on that.

Maggie: My husband would not back you on this.

Deimos: You know what, Maggie? You really shouldn't even be involved in this.

Maggie: What you've done is not business, Deimos. It's a felony. Your insidious hatred and your insatiable need to be number one at all cost has put too many lives in danger. Now, if you don't hear anything else I've said, hear this--free Chad and Gabi now. Before it's too late.

Gabi: Unless someone rescues us, or we find some way to rescue ourselves, we are going to turn into human popsicles.

Chad: I know.

Gabi: You just gonna stand there? With no emotion, except anger at me? I'm not gonna do that--I'm not gonna give up. No. I am going to fight for my life until the bitter end. Hmm? And still, there you are. With that hard, cold stare. Of course, I mean, what do I expect, you're a DiMera. With a heart like stone, with ice water in your veins. But you know what? Not me. I bet this suits you, I bet you like the cold. I don't--see, I'm real, okay? I'm warm, I'm alive, I--

Chad: Do not say another word.

Jennifer: Whoa. If I didn't know better--

Adrienne: I'd definitely be nervous if she pulled me over. I can't believe you had this hanging in your closet. How did you get it?

Anne: You know, it's a good story.

Kate: I don't want to hear it. I don't, I'm just glad you have it so now you can help us with our plan.

Anne: Yeah. The plan--what is it, exactly? Well, just so I know.

Adrienne: Look, at least she's conscientious, right?

Jennifer: All right, so like I said, twice already, you're going to find your way into the Kiriakis mansion, you're gonna pretend that you are part of this search with the other cops. Once inside, you are going to seize every single piece of electronic equipment that has not already been confiscated. You are then going to bring it back here. Drew is going to hack into it, and plant his virus into the titan computer. You think you can handle that?

Anne: Piece of cake. I bet I score a plate of hors d'oeuvres while I'm at it.

Kate: This is not a game show--

Adrienne: Anne knows what's at stake, okay?

Anne: Yeah--oh, and to prove it, I brought an additional prop. Yeah, just to, uh, make this whole getup seem more believable.

[Both scream]

Anne: Huh?

Eduardo: Coffee, black, no sugar.

Kate: Right, you remembered.

Eduardo: Oh, I remember a lot.

Dario: Okay. All right, I spoke to my friend, mike. He's a longshoreman who was working at pier 119 the night the key went missing.

Eduardo: What'd he say?

Dario: Well, for one thing, he said that they moved the shipment from pier 119 to 27.

Kate: Did he say why?

Dario: Well, he assumed because 27 doesn't have the traffic that 119 does.

Eduardo: That makes sense.

Kate: Especially if you're trying to hide something.

Dario: He also said that he saw a woman at pier 119, right before the cops showed up and found the container empty.

Eduardo: I don't suppose he got her name.

Dario: No, but he gave me a description. Said she had blonde hair, blue eyes, she was about 5'3, 5'4.

Kate: Well, that describes half the population of Salem.

Dario: He also said that she was wearing a dark baseball cap, a coat, and said she was there looking for her cheating boyfriend who was due to arrive on a ship that night.

Eduardo: Well, that's interesting. But that description's not gonna get us anywhere.

Dario: Yeah. I thought the same thing until he saw a column in "the spectator." He realized that the woman he saw that night was the woman in the picture next to the column. And she also happens to be one of the paper's owners.

Kate: Are you kidding me? Talk about burying the lede.

Eduardo: What, what--do you know who he's talking about?

Kate: Well, of course I do. It's Jennifer Horton. [Sighs]

Eduardo: So what would Jennifer Horton be doing down at the docks at night?

Dario: She's a journalist. She could be following a tip.

Kate: Well, you have to admit, it's kind of a coincidence that she's down there the same night that the key goes missing.

Eduardo: Perhaps we need to pay ms. Horton a visit?

Kate: I can give her a call. But I don't have any signal.

Dario: Why don't you try the office?

Eduardo: Hey, you know Jennifer?

Dario: No. Not really. She's Abigail's mom. We don't need any harm coming to her.

Eduardo: Yeah. But mother or not, this needs to stay between the three of us.

Dario: Why is that?

Eduardo: If Jennifer's out there poking her nose in somewhere where it's not welcome, and Abigail gets involved, she could end up getting hurt. I'd hate to see her end up as some kind of collateral damage. Right?

Jennifer: You have a gun? Are you insane?

Anne: I would appreciate it if you didn't speak to me that way.

Jennifer: The fact that you have this proves that you do not understand the gravity of this situation.

Anne: I think it proves that I absolutely understand--

Adrienne: Shh, just calm down! This might not have been such a good idea.

Drew: [Groans] Ugh, what's going on?

Jennifer: Drew, nothing, nothing, nothing. It's okay, we didn't mean to wake you up.

Drew: Oh, that's all right, I was dreaming that someone yelled "gun," it just woke me up.

Jennifer: No, no, no, no, you go back to sleep. Come on, it's all right, it's all right, you need your rest.

Drew: No, no, what I need to do is to get back to work so I can get this virus up and running in case we get a chance to bring down the Orwell.

Adrienne: No, just--keep it pointed down and the safety on. One false move, and it can accidentally go off.

Anne: On--how do you know when it's on?

Jennifer: I am so not hearing this. I can't even believe what you're saying right now.

Anne: Well, I don't know, I never used it. It's not like I know how it fires or anything. Listen, I bought it at one time and I haven't had use for it until now.

Adrienne: Seriously? You having a gun in this day and age? Give me a break!

Jennifer: Would you just go? Please leave and go do this, and do not screw this up.

Anne: All right, well, thanks for the faith.

Adrienne: [Sighs] She'll be fine once she gets there.

Jennifer: It's not like we have any other options right now.

Adrienne: [Sighs] What, you need to be somewhere?

Jennifer: I was supposed to meet Abigail but--

Adrienne: No, go, go, go, I'll keep an eye on drew.

Jennifer: Uh, okay. Hey, drew. Listen, I'm gonna go out for a little bit, okay? But Adrienne's gonna be here and she's gonna keep an eye on you. All right?

Drew: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Okay. Do not open that door.

Adrienne: No, I'm gonna lock it the second you leave.

Jennifer: I mean it, not to anyone, because even the bellboy is a threat if Deimos and his money got to him first.

Adrienne: Believe me, I know--I got it!

JJ: Now that we've confiscated these files, it's time for phase two.

Lani: Earmark all titan property within a ten mile radius, the more obscure, the better. It might lead us to their location.

JJ: It's worth a shot. What?

Lani: With Deimos, earlier.

JJ: Yeah?

Lani: I was surprised that you only brought up Chad and Gabi.

JJ: You think I should've called him on the war with the families over the Orwell?

Lani: And maybe the shipping container being broken into. The famous key being stolen.

JJ: I thought about it, but I didn't want to push too hard. I don't want him to know what I know.

Lani: He did appear slightly unnerved when we left. More than just angry about his place being tossed.

JJ: Mm-hmm, well, that's the idea. Now thanks to these files, I'm about to know a whole lot more than Deimos ever counted on.

Maggie: Make this right, Deimos. Before I take matters into my own hands.

Victor: Who in god's name gave the Salem pd permission to tear up this house?

Maggie: Well, make sure that your bother cleans up the mess that he's made. And fast.

Victor: I'm ready when you are.

Deimos: You're not gonna like it.

Victor: For god's sake, Deimos, just tell me what you've done this time.

Deimos: I didn't admit anything to Maggie, but her suspicions are correct. I am holding Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez.

Victor: By "holding," am I to assume--

Deimos: They're in a meat locker in a warehouse across town.

Victor: Have you lost your mind?

Deimos: I needed leverage to get their families to hand over what they took from us. Namely, the key to the Orwell application.

Victor: No wonder Maggie's so incensed.

Deimos: Yeah, you're right, she doesn't approve.

Victor: You think I would?

Deimos: I'm trying to get back what belongs to us, victor.

Victor: I understand. Frankly, I was expecting much worse.

Deimos: Somehow, I knew you would get it.

Victor: Oh, don't get cocky. Understanding it doesn't mean that I like it.

Deimos: Yeah, well, I know it was risky.

Victor: Too risky for my blood.

Deimos: Well, at least no one's been harmed.

Victor: Yes, well, somehow, I don't think that possibility's off the table.

Deimos: As long as I get what I want.

Victor: I'll work on Maggie. Meantime, resolve this. Sooner rather than later. Before it turns into something you can't resolve.

Gabi: You let me go!

Chad: You need to dial it back.

Gabi: And you need to let me go!

Chad: Take a breath.

Gabi: I am breathing. I haven't stopped breathing-- I can't! Okay? As long as I'm alive, as long as I'm breathing, I'm gonna keep fighting. 'Cause I'm gonna see my little girl again. Poor Arianna's probably worried. She doesn't know where I am; she doesn't know why I haven't come home yet.

Chad: She's gonna see you again!

Gabi: You don't know that! You don't know anything! God, you don't know how I feel. You don't know what being in here is making me feel. You don't know that the walls are closing in, and-- [Cries] Chad, I'm so scared. I've never been this scared in my life!

Lani: Still nothing?

JJ: There's not even a clue as to where that son of a bitch is holding them.

Lani: Hey, look, maybe you should take a walk, you know? Go clear your head.

JJ: I don't need a walk, I need to find Gabi before it's too late.

Lani: So this isn't just about police work. It's about Gabi. You still care about her.

JJ: It's not just her. It's her little girl, too. For a while there, I felt like Arianna was my daughter.

Lani: I remember seeing you with her once. There was a definite connection.

JJ: I'm not about to let her grow up without her mom. She's already lost one parent. She's not going to lose another. Not on my watch.

Chad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for how I acted. And for... calling you crazy. It's just that, when I see you flipping out, I... it makes it really hard to keep things together.

Gabi: I get that. I just wish you'd understand that I'm not like you. And that me being myself wouldn't make you so mad.

Chad: You being you doesn't make me mad.

Gabi: Then what is it?

Chad: 'Cause when I'm with... anger is the only thing I could allow myself to feel with you. It's the only thing that's safe.

[Crickets chirping]

[Pensive instrumental music]

Jennifer: Hey. How you holding up?

Abigail: I don't even know anymore.

Jennifer: I'm sure you're just... still in shock.

Abigail: Mom, I just want 'em to be okay, but I'm so afraid that they're not gonna be.

Jennifer: No, trust me. Chad and Gabi will be okay.

Abigail: How do you know?

Jennifer: I just have a gut feeling... a really good feeling that everything is going to be resolved very soon.

[Dramatic music]

[Door rattles closed]

[Door rattles open]

Deimos: Oh!

Anne: Excuse me.

Deimos: You're not expecting an apology, are you? This is my house. You're intruding.

Anne: Uh, sir, I-I am here-- I'm here on official business.

Deimos: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and you know what you can do with that.

What are you still doing here?

Anne: I'm--you know, I'm-- actually, I--

Detective Deveraux ordered everybody out of here except me.

Anne: Listen, rookie.

I'm not a rookie. I've got ten years' experience.

Anne: Really? Well, the commissioner sent me here on official business.

Roman Brady? Wha--

Anne: [Scoffs] Is there some other commissioner I don't know about? Yeah. I have orders to get that laptop right there to the station ASAP, and all this grilling is gonna do is make me late and commissioner Brady not happy.

Is there a problem now?

Yeah, I don't remember seeing you before.

Anne: Oh, really? Well, that's 'cause I just got transferred.

Eduardo: Kate is still trying to get in touch with Jennifer.

Dario: It's really too bad Myron couldn't duplicate that technology.

Eduardo: Yeah. Sonny's flight should be arriving anytime.

Dario: You think this guy can help?

Eduardo: Yeah, I do, but not necessarily in the same way Kate thinks he can help.

Dario: What are you talking about?

Eduardo: This is not for Kate to know right now, but André was thinking-- and I agree with him-- that if Deimos can hold Gabi and Chad as collateral, we should probably be doing the same thing... with sonny.

[Dramatic music]

[Lock clicking]

[Doorknob rattling]

Gabi: Just let us go!

Chad: [Grunting]

Deimos: Get in there. Yeah, this'll do. Out of the way, soundproof.

Chad: Never gonna work out. We--we don't even have your damn key, Deimos.

Deimos: Well, you know something? You're starting to convince me, but I have to assume that one of your family members does have the key. Well, you have everything you could hope for here, so I will see you again once I get possession of the key. Let's just hope that your family members care more about you than what they would've made from the Orwell.

Chad: Deimos!

Gabi: Don't leave us in here! No!

Chad: Deimos!


Gabi: [Gasps]

Deimos: Well, at least no one's been harmed.

Victor: Yes, but somehow, I don't think that possibility's off the table.

Deimos: As long as I get what I want.

Victor: I'll work on Maggie. In meantime, resolve this, sooner rather than later, before it turns into something you can't resolve.

[Phone beeps]

[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

Eduardo: TBD.

Deimos: Don't speak, Eduardo. Just listen, very carefully. If I don't have that key by tomorrow night, I cannot, in good faith, allow my guests to remain comfortable much longer.

[Keys tapping]

Drew: [Clears throat] You know, it's really hard to focus if you just keep hovering.

Jennifer: I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

Adrienne: Focus away. Focus, focus. [Exhales]

[Knock at door, both gasp]

[Suspenseful music]

[Metallic clicking]

Jennifer: No! No guns. [Gasps]

[Dramatic music]

[Whispers] Come in.

[Women gasp] Is that what I think it is?

Anne: Mission accomplished.

[Adrienne laughs] Make magic, maestro.

Adrienne: I knew you could do it!

Anne: Yes. At least someone had faith in me.

Jennifer: You proved me wrong. Thank you.

Anne: You're welcome. I'm--I thought I'd never earn your trust.

Jennifer: Let's not get carried away.

Anne: Okay.

[Keys clacking]

Lani: Uh--from what we found so far, the property tax records are the only papers that show what buildings titan owned.

[Enigmatic piano music]

It's a start.

JJ: How many properties are we talking about?

Lani: So far, 95. That's just within Salem's city limits.

JJ: So in other words, Gabi's a needle... and Salem is the haystack.

Lani: Looks that way.

JJ: We'll find her.

Gabi: So--so your anger isn't just about me acting like a lunatic?

Chad: Nah, I-I, um... I would've gotten mad at you either way, even if you didn't give me a reason.

Gabi: Thanks, I think.

Chad: It's just that I do-- I-I don't know what else to feel... besides anger.

Gabi: Okay, well, I will do my best to continue to make that happen. But, uh... [Sniffles] Listen, I--I don't want to push you over the edge or-- I'm actually pretty wiped, so I'm--I'm--instead of going berserk and screaming at the top of my lungs, I'm just gonna go wallow in-- in the corner for now.

Chad: Stop, Gabi. Gabi.

Gabi: No, no, Chad, listen. It's--you're right. It's just better this way. It's just better. Just...

[Eerie music]

Gabi: You know.

Chad: Yeah, if maybe it were normal circumstances, but this isn't normal circumstance...

Gabi: Wait, I-- I'm sorr--I'm confused.

Chad: Well, um, it's already freezing in here, and it's gonna get worse, so if--if--if we don't want, um, hypothermia to set in, then... we're gonna have to, um...

Gabi: Yeah, I mean...

Chad: For warmth.

Gabi: Isn't that gonna be even more of A...

Chad: Yeah, confusing. Well, we, um, will still be mad at each other. We'll just do...

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Closer.

Gabi: No, yeah, I don't-- I don't want to freeze to death any more than you do.

Chad: I think we don't have...

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Any other choice.

Abigail: I didn't think I could miss you more than the last time we were apart.

But, Chad, just hang on... 'cause one way or another... I'm gonna find you.

Gabi: I hate you.

Chad: I--I know.

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