Days Transcript Monday 2/13/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/13/17


Episode #13023 ~ Hope questions Eric about his feelings for Jennifer; Shane & Steve make a surprising discovery; Dario makes a confession to Abigail; Jennifer calls Adrienne for help.

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Abigail: Okay. Okay, Dario, come on. Come on, you gotta wake up, okay? Oh, hi! Finally, okay. Um, let's go. Come on, let's go. I'm gonna get you back to the hospital.

Dario: No, no, no, no.

Abigail: Yes.

Dario: It was my fault she was kidnapped.

Abigail: No, no, it wasn't. Listen to me. Deimos used her as leverage, remember?

Dario: No. No, this is personal. I put a hit out on Deimos. He wants revenge.

Drew: Oh, Jenn, did you-- did you find a way of getting into the Kiriakis mansion?

Jennifer: I'm trying, but something went wrong.

Drew: What, at titan? Listen, Jenn, if I'm gonna implant this virus and destroy the Orwell, I have to have a titan laptop.

Jennifer: Deimos kidnapped my daughter's husband, Chad DiMera, and a young woman named Gabi Hernandez. So apparently, Deimos believes that the DiMeras or the Hernandez family has stolen "the key."

Drew: Stolen me? What do you mean, stolen me? Nobody stole me. I arrived in a crate on a freighter, you found me, brought me here. Why does Deimos think someone stole me?

Jennifer: Kate kidnapped you. The point is, Deimos is ruthless.

Drew: Ruthless? [Scoffs] I think he's evil.

Jennifer: Yes, that too. Which means that he could kill Chad. Or Gabi or both of them

Drew: All right, that's it.

Jennifer: What's it? What are you doing?

Drew: I'm turning myself in to Deimos right now.

Jennifer: What? No! No!

Roman: All right. It is official. Stefano is alive.

JJ: Awesome.

Lani: Hope can't be blamed for his murder.

Roman: That's the plan, yeah. Rafe's on his way back, but the people from Prague have already sent proof. DNA, fingerprints. All we need is a judge to sign off and hope will be free.

JJ: Let's go public with the news right now, let hope know she can come out of hiding.

Raines: Deveraux, you're a rookie d in charge of nothing. Until the judge makes a decision, hope Brady's still a fugitive, convicted murderer on the loose.

JJ: And you're hoping for one last chance to do her in, aren't you?

Eric: Hey. Got that computer you wanted.

Hope: Thank you.

Eric: You bet.

Hope: Hey, uh, before you go, may I ask you something?

Eric: Sure.

Hope: Why would you have this photograph of Jennifer?

Steve: Okay. To a job well done.

Shane: To a job finally done!

Steve: I gotta tell you something, man. You were amazing. Just perfect. Anybody would buy you as Stefano.

Shane: I cannot tell you how itchy this disguise was. And those people standing around giving me hell? God, I could wait for them to leave.

Steve: Well, now they all think Stefano's alive and on the run again.

Shane: Yeah, the, um, the samples of Stefano's DNA and fingerprints that we gave to the Salem pd?

Steve: They're on their way over to judge Fitzpatrick as we speak. You know, she's gonna have to vacate hope's conviction and her sentence.

Shane: Boy, I tell you. We've pulled off some stunts in our time, but this one...

Steve: Oh, yeah. Well, we did what we had to do. For hope.

Shane: Yeah. For Hope.

Valerie: The gourmet tasting menu offers roasted red pepper and tomato soup, with garlic croutons... [Laughs] Abe?

Abe: I'm sorry.

Valerie: Is something wrong?

Abe: Oh, no, it's fine, fine.

Valerie: Theo's okay and everything, right?

Abe: Yeah, look, why don't we grab a table?

Valerie: No, no, listen. Dinner's gonna be a total bust if you're worrying something to death the whole time. Talk to me.

Abe: Val, are you seeing someone else?

Jennifer: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm not gonna let you do that.

Drew: But dear Jenn, it's the only way. I have to turn myself in to Deimos if I'm gonna--

Jennifer: Listen, no, Deimos set a deadline, so he's not gonna do anything to hurt Chad or Gabi, all right, until that time passes. What we need to do is find a way to get you a computer from inside the Kiriakis mansion so you can plant the virus into one of the titan computers and destroy the Orwell completely, then he has no need for hostages.

Drew: Couldn't your son get into the mansion? I mean, isn't he a detective or something?

Jennifer: Yes! And he'd do anything for Gabi. You're right. Okay. I'll be right back.

Drew: Right.

Jennifer: Lock this!

Drew: Oh, yes.

Roman: You know what, JJ? That business you and I had talked about, shouldn't you get started on that? And I am sure lieutenant Raines has a whole ton of paperwork he's gonna finish up to get on my desk in the morning. And I am also sure that lieutenant Raines will stand by his promise not to use excessive force again. For whatever reason. So why don't we all get back to work? Cases are piling up.

Raines: Whatever you say, commissioner.

JJ: He's not gonna stop. We've got to find hope before he does.

Roman: Hey, hope's smart. She will stay hunkered down. I will handle bringing her back in safely, okay? I need you two to start digging around this war that's going on.

Lani: The three families?

JJ: I heard something on the qt. They're all fighting over some piece of technology called the Orwell.

Roman: Technology that does what?

JJ: Apparently if it works, it could locate anyone in the world, no matter where they are.

Roman: Okay, great, more spyware. That's all we need. Where is it?

JJ: I don't know. Supposedly the DiMeras had it, then the Hernandezes stole it, then Deimos Kiriakis stole it from them.

Roman: Well, wherever the hell it is, we need to find it. This war has got to stop.

Eric: It's just... it's a picture of Jennifer.

Hope: Sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot, it's... seeing the look in your eyes... it helps to talk.

Eric: Hope, there are things you just don't know.

Valerie: Abe, I'm seeing one else. Frankly, with the hours I put in at the hospital, I'm lucky to be able to do that.

Abe: Right. Sorry.

Valerie: Don't be. Just tell me why you think I was... does this have anything to do with Theo?

Abe: Indirectly, yes. I remember something he said that he heard you talking on the phone to someone, a guy, and you said-- well, you called him sweetheart or dear, or something like that.

Valerie: Abe, you have this all wrong.

Abe: Good. Good. Well, I'm relieved. But I would still like to know who you were talking to.

Dario: You think I'm scum, right?

Abigail: I mean... the idea that you tried to kill anyone, even if it was Deimos is...

Dario: I feel awful about it. Not because of Deimos. Don't give a damn about him. But I put my sister in danger.

Abigail: Deimos wanted leverage. Okay, that's what Chad is. That's all Gabi is.

Dario: No. It's not so simple. This is all me. [Sighs] It's weird, you know? I thought... I thought my dad would be proud of me. His son, tough guy, puts a hit out.

Abigail: Let me guess. He wasn't happy.

Dario: No. He was shocked. And when I think about it, I'm pretty shocked about it too, I mean... I'm always under the radar. You know? This is not-- this is not in my wheelhouse.

Abigail: Okay, so learn from it. Never again. You are so much better than that.

Dario: You think?

Abigail: Yes. Look, Dario, you work hard. You are smart and... you know, sometimes you're charming. You don't need to try to be some big bad gangster.

Dario: Okay.

Abigail: That's it? Just okay? No resistance at all?

Dario: Nah. It's too damn hard to resist you.

Steve: Man, I was totally out of ideas. You know, all I could do was feel sorry for hope and watch her head off to prison. I can't tell you how glad I was when you reached out.

Shane: I wanted to touch base about hope. I feel terrible about the situation she's in.

Steve: You're not the only one.

Shane: Yeah, I should've worked harder to keep an eye on her and Bo.

Steve: So that's why you're here? Because of hope?

Shane: I want to help. Any way I can. It just kept eating me up, that Stefano was perfectly aware he had, well, maybe weeks to live, so he goads hope into shooting him just so he can stick it to the Brady family one last time.

Steve: Yeah, yeah. Nice quick end for him and hope goes in for the max.

Shane: Bastard was forever bringing himself back from the dead.

Steve: So we obliged him one last time.

Shane: Yeah. And we made it work.

Steve: Yes, we did.

Eric: You know, after... the accident, so many lives were destroyed. All I wanted to do was crawl inside a bottle.

Hope: Keep going.

Eric: Jennifer and I, we... we were together.

Hope: I don't understand.

Eric: Don't--just... just don't. We came together for all the wrong reasons. Jennifer, she's.. she's a great person. She's one of the best. And somehow, maybe in another life, things could have been different. But right now, she deserves so much more. I have asthma...

Valerie: I was talking to my son, Eli.

Abe: Of course. This is so embarrassing.

Valerie: But, Abe, you've always known about him. Why would you think I was seeing another man?

Abe: Because when Theo confronted you, you didn't tell him about Eli. Why not?

Valerie: Because... well, frankly, at the time, I don't think Theo would have heard me if I had explained, and really, it was none of his business.

Abe: No, no, you-- you're right, you're right. It's none of my business either. I'm sorry.

Valerie: Please... let's just forget any of this happened, okay? How about we... have ourselves a nice, long enjoyable dinner?

Abe: Absolutely.

Myron: Okay, guys. I gotta work.

Dario: You think you can get that Orwell up and running by morning?

Myron: No. But that's not gonna stop me from trying.

Abigail: Why don't we go to the kitchen and give you something to eat, okay?

Dario: Listen, man. Myron? I really need you to do this. And if--when... you make this happen, I'm never gonna forget it. Me and my family, we are going to owe you big time. Just help me get my sister back. Please.

Shane: You know the moment I knew this was gonna work was the night we pulled Stefano's body out of that coffin and dropped in the other corpse.

Steve: Yeah. DNA didn't match up to Stefano's anymore so we knew it would spark an investigation down the line.

Shane: The icing on the cake was planting Stefano's DNA here in Prague.

Steve: You know what I love? I loved it when you transferred those funds from DiMera enterprises so Kate and André could trace 'em, but never figure out how it was done. That was total Stefano.

Shane: Why, thank you. You know, the hardest part was walking around this city in that damn fat suit disguise.

Steve: Well, we had to make the ISA buy the story.

Shane: Yeah, thank God agent Reznik bought it at that arms dealers meeting. I didn't want to take it that far, but when hope's final appeal was turned down, I had no choice.

Steve: Tell you what was hard was not letting Kayla and Rafe in on this.

Shane: Had to keep this a total secret.

Steve: Yeah. Well, too bad we couldn't have anticipated Anna showing up waving tony around-- precious tony in a jar.

Shane: I don't know why you're laughing. She nearly killed you.

Steve: Yeah. Well, if she wasn't such a lousy shot, she would have killed you.

Shane: Mm.

Hope: Eric. Jenn joined a program. She's clean. Doing really well. In fact, she and Adrienne are running "the spectator" now. She's good. She got her life back, Eric.

Eric: She sent me letters when I was in prison. I just never read them.

Hope: You should have. She made it through.

Roman: All right. You guys come across anything, check back with me.

Lani: Will do.

Roman: Okay. JJ, wanna hang with me for a second here? Listen, um... you may not need to hear this, but then again you might. Just a low word of caution, all right? Don't let anything come between you and being a good detective, okay?

JJ: Right.

Roman: All right. It's hard sometimes. Conflicts pop up all the time. Your sister's married to a DiMera, your mom runs a newspaper, your ex-girlfriend is a Hernandez. Don't let any of that keep you from being impartial. And trust me, it will save you a hell of a lot of grief down the road, okay?

JJ: Right, got it. I love being a detective. I don't want to screw that up. Ever.

Roman: All right. Good man.

JJ: Mom? What are you doing here? You need something? That's me.

Jennifer: What? I mean, can't a mom come visit her son at work? Hi, honey.

JJ: Sure. Kinda late, though, isn't it?

Jennifer: Well, you know, I've been working these crazy hours. You know, with the newspaper, I'm working on a big story. I'm assuming that you know about the three families...

JJ: Yeah, some tech thing. Money, money, money. You seem kinda... something bothering you?

Jennifer: Listen, I can't tell you how I have this information, but Gabi and Chad are missing.

JJ: What?

Jennifer: And Deimos is beyond it.

JJ: God, it all fits.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: Gabi went there to drop off Arianna. That must have been when Deimos snatched her. Okay, what else?

Jennifer: Nothing, really.

JJ: Okay, I'll handle this. You are not involved.

Jennifer: Well, actually--

JJ: It wasn't a question. You're not involved. I mean it.

Shane: Mm, cheers. You know, I couldn't believe it. I show up, disguised as Stefano, Rafe and Paul are supposed to grab me, and all of a sudden Anna's there, blazing away!

Steve: You got away. I took a bullet!

Shane: And he still thinks it's funny.

Steve: Well, come no. You gotta admit, in hindsight, it's a little funny. I mean, a gun in one hand, and tony in the other?

Shane: All I cared about was that I was gonna have to put on that fat suit disguise again so you guys could arrest me. You try putting that on for an hour or two. You'll see what I mean.

Steve: Come on. We did it for hope, remember.

Shane: Yeah, well, they have to drop the charges now. There's no case against hope.

Steve: That's right. Man, I tell you, I can't wait to get home.

Shane: You still worried about Joey?

Steve: Yeah, little bit. I tell you what's cool. He wanted me to come here and do this.

Shane: That's a big step for him.

Steve: Yeah, when he found out hope's life was on the line, he said, "dad, you gotta go. You gotta do it." So I did. No regrets this time.

Eric: It's just that I've been worried. All this time.

Hope: I'm sure she was worried about you too.

Eric: Just knowing that... she made it is such a relief. Hey, listen, I... I know you got some work to do. You need any help setting up?

Hope: No, no, I'm good.

Eric: Okay. Want me to make you any tea?

Hope: You don't have to wait on me. Thanks.

[Melancholy music]

Valerie: Mm.

Abe: Well, that was fun, having a meal made up of all those different dishes.

Valerie: [Laughs] Yes, we should do it again some time.

Abe: Well, I would like that.

Valerie: Mm, me too.

Abe: You know... I gotta tell ya. I still feel bad about being so suspicious. I was completely in the wrong.

Valerie: Shh, shh, shh. Let's just pretend it never happened.

Abe: I wouldn't want something like that to mess things up for us. I'M... val. You are fun.

[Both laughing]

Abe: And smart. And did I-- did I say beautiful?

Valerie: Mm, it never gets old.

[Both laugh]

Abe: I'm gonna be honest with you. I haven't felt this way about anyone since Lexie died. I spoke to Seth burns this morning and he tells me that the offer for you to stay at university hospital is still on the table. And I think it must be obvious that I hope you do.

[Cell phone ringing]

Valerie: Um... it's Eli.

Abe: Yeah, go 'head, answer it and I'll... I'll step away if you want.

Valerie: No, no, I, um... I'll call him back later. Oh, Abe. You are such a good man. You really are. And, um... frankly, my feelings for you have grown... a lot more than I expected. Which is why I think I should go back to Washington.

Jennifer: So I was going to talk to JJ about getting me into the mansion, but then I realized I can't let him use his position to help his family. He could get in so much trouble for that. But apparently, the police know nothing about the kidnapping, so I was able to fill him in on that.

Drew: Yeah, but still, if he can't get into the I have to turn myself in.

Jenifer: No, no, please, please, drew! Please, just let me-- let me think this through. I just need a little time. I just need to talk to someone that I trust and-- wait a minute. Hold.

[Phone line trilling]

Adrienne: Hey, Jennifer. I was just thinking about you. How's the story going?

Jennifer: Listen, I can't talk to you about this over the phone. Can you come to the Salem inn, room 514?

Adrienne: Sure, you know--

Jennifer: Just hurry, please.

Adrienne: Uh...Jennifer?

Steve: You know what the best part of this is? Hope's not just gonna go free. She's gonna believe that she never killed Stefano. That he faked it.

Shane: And she deserves that peace of mind. You and I are the ones that should have put a bullet in that son of a bitch, not hope. Well, now she's free. And we'll carry the weight of what actually happened.

Steve: Yeah. This would make Bo so happy.

Shane: Yeah, it would, right? And from now on, you and I are the only two that know that Stefano is truly dead and buried. Everyone else thinks he's still on the run. And hope, she can get on with her life again.

Steve: Hallelujah, brother.

Abe: Val, I... I don't understand. Our feelings have grown. Why would you think that now is the time to leave?

Valerie: I-I have a whole life for myself back in DC.

Abe: With your son.

Valerie: You know, for the longest time, it's just been he and I. He and I are very close.

Abe: I remember you telling me that his dad was out of the picture.

Valerie: Yes, his father, Terence, died when he was six.

Abe: I see. Val... could Eli move to Salem?

Valerie: No! Impossible!

Abe: I'm sorry. Is there a reason that this--

Valerie: I'm sorry. I don't know why I snapped. But Eli's a grown man. He has his own life. He's not moving to Salem. End of story. I guess I always knew this day would come. I always knew what we had was going to have to end. I, um...I knew what the risks were, but I did it anyway. I couldn't help myself.

Abe: Risks? What kind of risks?

Jennifer: Come in, quick.

Adrienne: I had to leave-- Shane, what in the world?

Drew: Uh, drew, actually. Nice to see you.

Adrienne: Jennifer, what's going on?

Jennifer: Okay, remember that story, that big story I told you that I was working on, the Orwell project?

Adrienne: Right, the thing everybody's looking for, but they're missing a piece, something to make it all work.

Jennifer: Yes, a "key." Well, drew arrived in Salem as part of a Kiriakis cargo shipment. He's "the key."

Steve: Wow, those the CCTV photos?

Shane: Yeah, and me and my fat suit wandering around Prague trying to get caught by one of the cameras.

Steve: Man, that face was amazing.

Shane: Yeah, see, there I am in the square, going to church, if you can believe it. And, uh, that's me dashing into a cafe to check my makeup in the bathroom.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Shane: Wait a minute.

Steve: What? Aw, that's pretty cute. Stefano feeding the pigeons.

Shane: Yeah, real cute. Except it's not me.

Hope: Oh!

Eric: How's it going?

Hope: It worked! [Stammering] Hattie told me how to hack into the CCTV system at her company. Now all I have to do is just find the footage from the day that Alfie picked her up.

Eric: How does that work?

Hope: Well-- bingo. There he is.

Eric: The guy with the flowers?

Hope: Mm-hmm. She said that he always brought her flowers. Come on, Alfie, turn around so I can see your face. What do you know? He's stopping off at the accounting office. That's where Hattie worked. Oh, my God.

Eric: Isn't that...

Hope: Yes, it's André DiMera. That son of a bitch, that bastard, used Hattie to steal millions of dollars. I just nailed you.

Eric: Not really.

Hope: What are you talking about?

Eric: The footage doesn't prove anything.

Abe: Val, why would you think our relationship was risky?

Valerie: Emotionally risky, Abe. It just--it wasn't smart for me to get involved with you when I knew I had a life back in dc.

Abe: But still... when two people feel the way we feel... why walk away? I'm not giving up on you, val.

Valerie: That's... that's very flattering. Very, very flattering. Thank you.

Abe: Whatever it takes to convince you to stay, I'm going to do it. Well, I will, uh... get the valet started on our car. Pick you up at the main entrance, all right?

Valerie: Okay. [Sighs]

Adrienne: I think I need to sit down.

Drew: Oh, yes, no, here.

Jennifer: Oh, here. I know that this is-- this is kinda hard to believe, but drew is-- he's a math whiz. I mean, he created the Orwell, but he just needed to make modifications in order for it to be operational.

Adrienne: But you said it was stolen. That's what started the war between the Hernandez family--

Jennifer: Yes, and the DiMeras and Kiriakises, right. But the awful new is, is that Deimos kidnapped Chad and Gabi Hernandez.

Adrienne: What?

Jennifer: Yes, apparently, he believes that either the DiMeras or the Hernandez family has stolen the "key" when it arrived in Salem.

Adrienne: But if drew--

Jennifer: Drew! Drew! I found drew! I found him and I brought him here.

Drew: I still think I should turn myself in.

Jennifer: No, you stop saying that. Adrienne: Wait a second--

Jennifer: Listen, Adrienne, the great news is, is that drew created a virus and it could destroy the Orwell completely.

Adrienne: Really? Well, that's great. There'll be nothing for the families to fight over.

Jennifer: Yes, exactly. But the problem is we need a computer from inside the Kiriakis mansion so he can plant the virus into one of the titan's computers.

Adrienne: All right. Let's see what we can do. Who can we call?

Jennifer: Listen, I need to emphasize this: This has to stay a secret. Not one word to anyone.

Adrienne: No, absolutely. [Gasps] Oh, my God. I gotta stop her. Oh, God.

Jennifer: Stop who?

Adrienne: No, wait!

Anne: Guys, I am so sorry I'm late--the parking lot, it was full. I'm driving around, but I made it, so I'm here.

Jennifer: Anne Milbauer?

Anne: Whatever you're up to, I'm in, I'm gonna organize. I'm gonna publicize, I'm gonna criticize whether anyone wants me to or not. It is nice to see you, Jennifer. Hi, I'm Anne. And you are?

JJ: The tip checks out. Nobody's heard from Gabi or Chad. They're missing, probably kidnapped. We need to act.

Lani: That necklace you found at the Kiriakis mansion...

JJ: It's hers, guaranteed. At first I thought that she'd just lost it. But now? That's where she was taken. Maybe both of them.

Lani: She left it as a clue.

JJ: Lani, I wish I had another explanation, but three families are at war, and one person from two of the families is suddenly missing?

Lani: Deimos took them. Hey, that warrant you got for the Kiriakis mansion, is it still good?

JJ: Yeah. Let's drop by.

Dario: What's the matter?

Myron: The sequencing is all wrong. If the sequencing's not perfect, the program is garbage. I'm trying to do this without the correct hardware, you know. I'm afraid it may not happen, Dario. Not anytime soon.

Dario: What the hell are you talking about, Myron? Do you know what is at stake here right now?

Abigail: Hey. He's tired.

Dario: Myron, there are lives at stake. Her husband, my sister.

Abigail: Dario, we will find another way to help them.

Dario: We sure as hell better.

Abigail: We will. We will. Right now I've got to go. So Myron, will you please just keep trying?

Myron: You got it, Abigail.

Abigail: Thank you. Okay, I'll text you. Take care.

Myron: Man, that girl is one sweet vibration. With or without the southern accent.

Dario: Yeah. Yeah, she's something.

Hope: You're right. It doesn't prove anything. Damn it, I've got to find proof that André set Hattie up and stole that money.

Eric: Hope.

Hope: Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What if... I could figure out a way of hacking into the accounting program that Hattie's company used? Don't--don't look at me like that--it's worth a shot. Oh, what? Glass half full always, right?

Steve: Come on, dude. If this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny. That's you feeding the pigeons.

Shane: I'm telling you, Steve, I never went to this park. And I sure as hell never fed any pigeons.

Steve: Seriously?

Shane: This isn't me.

Steve: Okay, so the ISA followed another guy, some random doppelganger . Shane, we both know where Stefano is. We dropped the body in the grave ourselves. This guy just happens to look like him. Just a coincidence.

Shane: Yeah. And I believe that too.

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