Days Transcript Wednesday 2/8/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/8/17


Episode #13020 ~ Marlena momentarily disappears, leading everyone to fear that Stefano has her; Raines calls in reinforcements when he shoots at Hope and loses her in pursuit; Abigail is frantic over Chad & Gabi being kidnapped; André offers an olive branch to Eduardo.

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Abigail: You know, I'm-- I'm sorry. I just spoke to your doctor, and he said that you could leave today, so why are you just sitting here doing nothing?

André: Because I haven't been officially released.

Abigail: Since when do you follow the rules?

André: Since your husband made it clear that I had to.

Abigail: Okay, you know, my husband and Gabi have been kidnapped by Deimos Kiriakis, and you know all about it. So I don't understand how you can just sit here and do nothing while their lives are in danger.

Chad: Deimos must have put a padlock on the outside. If I can... if--if I could just hit the door hard enough--

Gabi: Chad, stop. Listen, stop. You're a human being, okay? You're not a battering ram. Please, stop.

Chad: Somebody's got to try to get us out of here. I can't even imagine what Abby's going through.

Gabi: I know, but listen, you've been at this all night, and it hasn't budged.

Chad: How many hours have we been in here?

Gabi: I don't know. Around 13. Chad, what if nobody finds us here? I mean, we could die in here.

Eric: I have to find hope before the police do. Or Shawn and Ciara won't have a mother anymore.


Raines: I missed on purpose. Next time I won't. Now come with me! You get back here!

Kayla: Marlena?

Marlena: No, there's nobody out here, I just-- I thought for-- [Gasping]

Rafe: Marlena!

Kayla: Marlena, are you there?

Steve: Let's go.

[Fanciful orchestral music]

Rafe: Stefano's got her.

Steve: We don't know that.

Rafe: Yeah, we do. Son of a bitch.

Drew: [Gasps] Hey, you talk to Camilla?

Jennifer: Yes, I did. She's fine.

Drew: Are you sure?

Jennifer: I'm positive. She found a very safe place to hide out, and she isn't scared at all.

Drew: Ah. Oh, maybe she's just saying that so I won't worry about her. Or because Deimos has got a gun against her head--

Jennifer: Oh, no. No, no, no. Your wife knows how to hire security, and she already did it. Deimos' people are not getting anywhere near her.

Drew: Then why isn't she speaking to me? She hates me now, doesn't she?

Jennifer: No, no, she--she-- she loves you. And she knows how important your job is, so really, she wants you to disarm the Orwell so you can get back to England.

Drew: Mm.

Jennifer: She misses you so much.

Drew: Oh. Did she really say that? Or are you just trying to make me feel better? Oh, god, I wish I hadn't put her in such danger, but then again, I'm very glad that she's smart enough to protect herself.

Jennifer: Hey, listen, we need to figure out a way to protect you till you give us the answers that we need, drew.

Drew: Yeah, well, I've already done that.

Jennifer: What?

Drew: Yeah, I was just trying our my virus when you came in-- oh, are you sure Camilla's all--

Jennifer: Drew, did it work?

Drew: Did what work?

Jennifer: The virus!

Drew: Oh, yes, it worked. Oh, it worked perfectly. Oh, yeah, we can destroy the Orwell.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Raines: Yeah. I pursued the suspect, hope Brady, to an alley near the intersection of Jackson and Peabody street. When I ordered the suspect to turn herself in, she-- she turned and ran. No, I fired a warning shot, and then I followed in pursuit, but she must have, uh, found a hiding spot or picked up an accomplice. Look, I'm ordering all units to start a grid search of the area. She was on foot, so she couldn't have gotten far. If you see the suspect, please, by all means, apprehend her. Do not hesitate. I repeat: Apprehend her.

Hope: Thank god you found me. I don't think I could have taken another step. Oh!

Eric: Here.

Hope: What happened here?

Eric: I'll tell you that when you tell me what happened to you.

Rafe: Any sign of her?

Steve: No.

Rafe: I looked everywhere. I'm an idiot.

Steve: No, you're not.

Rafe: Yeah, I am, because Stefano sent in a look-alike and I fell for it, and now he's got Marlena.

Steve: Kicking yourself isn't helping her.

Rafe: Okay. Let's find Paul and sonny. We'll look outside.

Steve: Let's do it--

Marlena: Oh.

Rafe: Marlena.

Marlena: Was it him? Was it Stefano?

Rafe: What are you doing here, Austin?

Steve: Yeah, what are you doing here?

Austin: Bypassed security. I know some things.

Rafe: Oh, my god.

Austin: What?

Marlena: Why do you--why do you look so upset?

Steve: Well, this is how we look when we hear you gasp, and we find you're missing.

Rafe: Yeah.

Steve: And this on the floor.

Marlena: Oh.

Austin: That-- that'd be my fault.

Marlena: I wondered what happened to that. Uh, yes, you thought Stefano had me? I'm so sorry.

Austin: Yeah, it's-- it's my fault, it's my fault--

Marlena: No, no. It's not your fault.

Austin: Yeah, it is. I came up behind her, put my hand on her shoulder, and startled her.

Marlena: I--I whirled around, and then spilled my drink on him.

Steve: He's right.

Rafe: Yeah. So it is all your fault.

Marlena: Well, I just--I had to show him to the men's room, so he could get cleaned up. So, I'm--I'm so sorry.

Rafe: That's okay. You know, as an undercover agent, you make a great accountant.

Marlena: All right. So, the man you saw?

Rafe: Wasn't Stefano. Or Rudolpho, or whatever the hell he's going by these days.

Steve: Okay. Everybody, don't lose heart. I know this trap is the right call. He will be here.

Jennifer: You did it. You really did it. You can destroy the Orwell.

Drew: Yeah, well, it's not that hard, really. Once I realized I had to create a multi-part virus.

Jennifer: A--a what?

Drew: A multi-part virus. One that will destroy the boot sector and the executable-- that's program files-- at the same time.

Jennifer: Okay, what does that mean?

Drew: Well, it just means that once it attaches to the boot sector, it immediately starts attacking the program files, and then once it's attached to the program files, it attacks the boot sector.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. You're losing me, drew.

Drew: Well, it's very simple, Jenn, it's--well, you know what? It's not important. The point is that as long as no one destroys the virus-- quite frankly, at the moment, that's only me, I'm the only one who can do that-- then it'll just keep re-infecting the system over and over again.

Jennifer: I still can't believe that you did this. Already.

Drew: That's why I came here.

Jennifer: But you arrived in a shipping container. You were scared to death out of your mind for your wife. And you have been working round the clock.

Drew: Yeah, well, I am the one that created the Orwell, and then got intoxicated in my own success, so it's only fitting that I'm the one who destroys my creation. Sort of poetry to it, really. Just hope I'm in time.

Jennifer: No, drew. The Orwell is useless to Deimos unless he has you to unlock it. You are the key.

Drew: Ah, yes, but as I pointed out, there could be other people that could unlock it.

Jennifer: No, but you are the only one who already has a virus.

Drew: Yes. But unfortunately, I haven't been able to get past the titan firewalls to implant it.

Jennifer: Oh. So, what do we do now?

Drew: Well, I have to hack into the titan server.

Jennifer: How long will that take?

Drew: [Sighs] Too long, I'm afraid.

André: Abigail, do not interfere with Deimos.

Abigail: Well, what am I supposed to do, hmm? You want me to just sit at home and knit, and just hope that everything turns out all right?

André: Deimos is mercurial, deadly. Hell, he succeeded in poisoning me, and I'm not exactly a neophyte in that area.

Abigail: Right. That's what I'm saying. Be--so what is he doing to Chad and Gabi right now, hmm? 'Cause they are neophytes in that area.

André: We're gonna handle this my way. 'Cause you and Gabi should not be involved in this in the first place. You have no idea how to handle a man like Deimos. Neither does Chad.

Abigail: And you do? Because you're the one who got poisoned.

André: You're not listening. Stay out of this.

Chad: Look, I'm telling you, we're not gonna die in here.

Gabi: How do you know that? Deimos poisoned André. He almost beat my brother to death.

Chad: Yeah, to get his precious key back, so if he thinks that he can use us to get it, then he's not gonna let us die.

Gabi: Okay, well, what if whoever has this key doesn't care about us?

Chad: Well, who can it be? It's got to be your father, my brother, obviously they care.

Gabi: What if they give it to him--what if he doesn't care? I mean, Deimos knows that if we get out of here alive, we could put him in prison for a long time. I mean, he's not gonna let that happen. What if I never see my child again?

Chad: Ga--Gabi, look--

Gabi: No, no, this is my fault! This is my fault, okay? I didn't listen to you. I went and I played detective, and now we're here because of me. What if--what if my child has to grow up without her mom? No, I can't deal with that! [Crying] I lost my sight when I was 14 years old.

Kayla: Austin, what are you doing here?

Austin: I was just telling them, I would like to help get Stefano.

Rafe: Yeah, well, like I said, we appreciate your offer, but we're good.

Austin: Okay, let me put it another way. The only way I was able to convince Anna to stay put was by telling her I was gonna make sure that Stefano gets what's coming to him. So if I don't report back on a regular basis, she's gonna show up here and start waving a gun all around again.

[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Hello? What? Oh, for god's sake, JJ, you got to be kidding me. Oh, damn it.

Kayla: What happened?

Steve: Is it hope?

Rafe: Yeah, it's hope. They caught up to her in Brookville.

Kayla: Who did?

Rafe: Raines. He took a shot at her.

Kayla: What?

Rafe: It's okay. Thank god, but, uh, we've got to find Stefano. We've got to find Stefano, and we have got to get hope out of this mess.

Hope: I had to get to the hospital and make sure that Hattie was all right.

Eric: And is she?

Hope: She will be. She convinced me that turning myself in would be a bad idea. Those women who knifed me, coco and Sheila, still have it out for me. And Hattie.

Eric: At least she talked some sense into you.

Hope: Listen, Eric, right before I was about to leave, lieutenant Raines from the Salem pd showed up. He cornered me in the alley. Fired off a warning shot.

Eric: Oh, my god.

Hope: I tried telling him that there was reason to believe that Stefano DiMera was alive, but... he didn't want to believe it. Or he just didn't care. I don't know. Eric, I'm okay. I got away.

Eric: Yeah, while Raines was pointing a gun at you.

Hope: I'm sure he's put out an APB. Set up roadblocks. You know, that's one thing he is good at: Giving orders.

Eric: So you can't leave. And you can't stay here indefinitely. You can't go back to prison, and you can't go back to Salem now.

Hope: Pretty much it.

Eric: Yeah, well, Steve and Rafe, they better find Stefano soon.

Abigail: Don't you dare try to pin this on me. Look, I may have asked a few questions, but you? You sank a titan ship, for god's sake. That is why you got poisoned. That's why Chad and Gabi are missing.

André: I should not have said it to you in the first place. You're far too fragile to deal with a situation like this.

Abigail: You think I'm fragile?

André: Think of Thomas. He needs you. Go home to him now.

Abigail: I'm not leaving this to you.

André: [Sighs] Dear.

Abigail: Look, when Ben had me and Thomas, Chad, he didn't stop until he got us away from him, and now, I... I'm not gonna stop until I bring him and Gabi home.

André: Where do you think you're going?

Abigail: To find my husband.

Chad: We're gonna get out of here, all right? People are already looking for us. We're gonna make it back to--

Gabi: How do you know that?

Chad: 'Cause, I said the same thing when we were stuck in the DiMera panic room. I was right about that. I'm gonna be right about this.

Gabi: You know what? If we get out of here alive, gonna take my baby, and we're gonna go somewhere where people don't have to have panic rooms.

Chad: See, that's it. We're making plans already. Me? I'm going after Deimos. See, I'm gonna--I'm gonna plan myself a little operation. Involves this rusty little grapefruit knife?

Gabi: Yeah, well, at least the lights are on, and it's not 150 degrees in here.

Chad: Yeah, and I don't have to listen to you whine about me sweating through my suit.

Gabi: [Chuckles] Yeah, always looking on the bright side.

Chad: That's my thing. It wasn't all that bad. We got to talk. And to reminisce.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: That was great. To do the best I can't believe how much has happened since that night.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, me neither. But you know, if I have to be, um, stuck in a meat locker with someone, I'm glad it's with you. You know how to talk me down when I go nuts.

Chad: 'Cause I know how scared you get. I am too.

Gabi: Yeah, but you don't-- you don't go nuts.

Chad: Not on the outside.

Gabi: How do you do that?

Chad: Family secret.

Gabi: I can't believe we're stuck in a meat locker, and there's nothing to eat.

Chad: Oh, no, please do not talk about food.

Gabi: I'm so hungry.

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: I'm so hungry. I want pizza! And fries! I'm hungry!

Chad: And beer!

Gabi: See? You can go nuts.

Chad: Ah.

[Dance music]

André: I think the time has come where we put our differences aside, and form some kind of an alliance.

Eduardo: Why would I align myself with you?

André: Oh, let's not play games. I know you're interested 'cause Kate told me.

Eduardo: Oh, did she? Did she also mention that I might be preoccupied right now with the well-being of my children?

André: Dario and I both were victims of Deimos.

Eduardo: Yeah, yeah, but here you are trying to make a deal, while Gabi is still missing, and Dario is still in intensive care.

André: What's his condition?

Eduardo: Oh, don't play me, man. Do not even start. He's gonna recover. That's all you need to know.

André: Well, at least he survived. What we have to do now is make sure your daughter and my brother survives as well. 'Cause we both know Deimos. 'Cause if he can't use them to his advantage, he's gonna kill them. And this war is not between you and I. It's with him.

Eduardo: Yeah, so obviously, the quickest way to help Chad and Gabi is to give Deimos this key that he's looking for.

André: Exactly. Do you have it?

Drew: Oh, boy. I'm not having a lot of luck, I'm afraid.

Jennifer: None at all?

Drew: No, I tried everything. I've tried forging an IP address, shoulder surfing, even a man-in-the-middle attack.

Jennifer: Drew, what does that mean?

Drew: It means I insert my own commands into a pre-existing communication stream--

Jennifer: Gosh, why did I even ask? There is nothing-- nothing you can do?

Drew: No, I just have to get on the inside.

Jennifer: Of the titan building? That is never gonna happen.

Drew: No, not necessarily the building. Maybe just one of their computer--I mean, if I could get my hands on one of their laptops, for instance, I might be able to compromise the firewall.

Jennifer: Really.

Drew: Well, yeah. Some of the firewalls have administrative ports that permit access to change configurations. Can you get hold of a titan laptop?

Jennifer: Maybe. I may have a contact that has access to the Kiriakis mansion.

Drew: Well, I suggest you contact your contact.

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Oh, that's my daughter. I have to take this.

Drew: Oh.

Jennifer: Abigail? Are you okay?

Abigail: No, I'm not.

Jennifer: What is it?

Abigail: Can you just meet me at the pub?

Jennifer: When?

Abigail: Like now.

Jennifer: I'll be there. I need to go.

Drew: Yeah, you go ahead. I'll keep working. Say, maybe I can find a way to compromise a domain controller. That would give... [Sighs]

[Keys clicking]

Rafe: You had no business firing on hope.

Raines: It was merely a warming shot, and you seem to forget that she is a convicted murderer and an escapee.

Rafe: If she ran away from Statesville, it's because her life was in danger! Those animals that shivved her should have been put in solitary.

Raines: Yeah, well tell the warden, not me. She's a danger to society.

Rafe: Just because her name's Brady, that's all you care about.

Raines: Let me remind you that I outrank you, detective. I don't take orders from underlings.

[Phone beeps]

Rafe: You hang up on me, you... I'm gonna kill him. I swear to god, I am gonna kill Raines, I'm gonna--

Marlena: Okay, Rafe, Rafe. Listen to me.

Rafe: I'm gonna kill him.

Marlena: What we know is she was well enough and smart enough to get away. So we have to have faith she can keep on doing that, okay? We've got a job to do here. Let's do it. What's next?

Steve: Okay, come on. Got to stick with the program here. Now, remember, if Stefano's gonna show his face tonight, it'll be at midnight when those masks come off.

Rafe: Okay. But if we don't get Stefano tonight, I am on the first plane back to the states tomorrow. Hope cannot keep doing this alone. She needs me.

Hope: I told you what happened with me. Now tell me, who trashed this place?

Eric: Police.

Hope: What? Why?

Eric: Because somebody must have seen you when you were outside.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Eric: No, it's all right. They couldn't prove you were here. Luckily, they didn't find this.

Hope: I'm alive because of everything you've done for me. What I've done to your life... your house...

Eric: Hey. What are you doing?

Hope: First, I'm gonna help clean up this mess, and then I'm taking off--

Eric: No, I told you before. You're not going anywhere.

Rafe: This mask is killing me.

Marlena: Oh.

Rafe: I got to wear this thing till midnight?

Marlena: Well, maybe he'll show up before midnight.

Rafe: Yeah. I hope.

Austin: Can I talk to you in private?

Rafe: Did someone from Stefano's money trail show up?

Austin: No, no. That's not it.

Rafe: Okay, what's the problem?

Austin: It's personal.

Rafe: Okay.

Steve: Oh.


Kayla: Got some moves.

Steve: Oh, yeah. You know, you really are beautiful.

Kayla: You're pretty handsome yourself, masked man. Too bad we can't really enjoy this party.

[Phone beeping]

Steve: Oh. Uh, I think that's yours.

Kayla: Uh-oh.

Steve: Text.

Kayla: Oh, marked "emergency."

Steve: What's it say?

Kayla: Oh, it's from the wedding caterer.

Steve: Well, that's real urgent.

Kayla: I know, it seem silly given what we're doing here tonight.

Steve: Know what I think? I think we ought to just get a few kegs and some pizza, and call it a day.

Kayla: Well, it might just turn into that.

Steve: I don't care. Long as I end up married to you.

Paul: Will you recognize Stefano in his mask?

Sonny: Believe me, I'll know him.

Paul: Think Steve's right about his showing at midnight?

Sonny: It is his style.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paul: You remember this song?

Sonny: The last time I heard it was the night you shut out the Yankees at home.

Paul: Yeah, and we'd just met, and you were waiting for me at my hotel.

Sonny: I thought you would never get back. And then all of a sudden, the door opens, and there you were.

Paul: [Chuckles] And you'd ordered champagne--

Sonny: Yeah, I did.

Paul: And this song was playing on your phone.

Sonny: We danced together for the very first time.

Paul: [Laughs] And--and after the last game, you wanted to go out to a club and dance for the whole world to see. But I said no.

Paul: Don't go there. I understand. You were a professional athlete, traditional Japanese family, I get it.

Paul: That's not what you said back then.

Paul: Well, those days are over.

Paul: You know, I guess we should stay focused on the task at hand.

Sonny: I agree.

Austin: [Clears throat] I'm getting a lot of hostility from you.

Rafe: Yeah, you know, I just want to get through tonight without an untrained person screwing things up--

Austin: Yeah, I get it. You think that's me. Is that all it is?

Rafe: Mm... what else would it be?

Austin: Really? Carrie?

Rafe: Hey, Austin, listen: That was a long time ago. You guys have a son now. You got nothing to worry about, okay? It's all good.

Austin: All right. Yeah. That's what Carrie's telling me.

Rafe: Yeah. See? She loves you.

Austin: All right, hey, anyone can see how much you care for hope.

Rafe: Yeah. I do. She's the one. All right, good talk.

Eric: Hope, you have to stay here.

Hope: Eric--

Eric: No, I mean it--

Hope: It's dangerous for you to have me here. Now, I have to go.

Eric: You make me feel useful. Where is that burner phone that I gave you? I think it's time it's been destroyed.

Hope: Here. Raines is already trying to find out if Hattie got any calls from me. Eric. You have internet, right?

Eric: Spotty.

Hope: I'm gonna go crazy sitting around here doing nothing. Maybe if I can get online, I could prove that André framed Hattie.

Eric: Yeah. If I had a computer at home, but I don't.

Hope: Well, I guess, scratch that idea.

Eric: No, it's time that I did.

Hope: Not just for me.

Eric: Certainly not. There's this place in town. It's Brooksville, there's, uh, there's a computer store there. I'm gonna go there right now. In the meantime, you need to stay put.

Hope: I will. Hey. Thank you. Again, thank you.

Eric: Don't mention it.

Hope: I'll get this place cleaned up before he gets back.

[Fancy orchestral music]

Paul: Be midnight here soon. Masks will be coming off.

Sonny: We haven't seen any sign of Stefano.

Steve: Neither have we.

Rafe: I tell you, if I wore this getup all night, and that old man doesn't show?

Steve: Okay. Okay. Time to get back to our stations, eyes on Marlena.

Rafe: I know.

[Lively orchestral music]

Rafe: Paul and sonny. Look outside.

Steve: Hey, heads up, everybody. Guy we haven't seen before. Coming from the foyer.

Rafe: Marlena, possible target headed towards you. All right, he's coming up behind you.

Marlena: Stefano? [Gasps]

[All gasping]

Rafe: Marlena!

Rafe: Marlena, where are you?

Marlena: I'm here, I'm here, I'm here! Oh, my gosh.

Steve: What happened?

Rafe: I saw him grab you. Where is he?

Marlena: I tried to hold on to him, but I couldn't. He got away from me.

Rafe: Okay, he couldn't have gotten far. Steve, come on. Let's go.

Steve: You stay here. Keep your eyes on her. Don't take your eyes off of her.

Marlena: But he was here. He was right here. Right here.

Eduardo: If--if I had the key, do you-- do you think I would-- I would let Deimos keep my daughter locked up?

André: I suppose not.

Eduardo: Oh, no. I suppose not. You, on the other hand, don't really give a rat's ass about Chad. So I'm thinking maybe you have the key.

André: Do you really think I'd be sitting here with you, trying to make a deal, if I had the key?

Eduardo: I don't know, man. You know, I--that's the thing. I--I don't even know where to begin with you.

André: Where we begin is that we find a way of getting our hands on that key.

Eduardo: We don't even know what it actually is. So how do you suppose we're supposed to do that?

André: We pool our resources. We take everything we can and put it into the search. We share every kind of information we get. But no unilateral moves.

Eduardo: So. I'm just supposed to trust... the likes of you.

André: [Chuckles] Oh, I could say the same thing about you. What's important here is that Chad and Gabi's lives may depend on us joining forces. And by the way, Abigail, Chad's wife? She's a little fragile still. But she's determined to go out there and find Chad and Gabi herself.

Eduardo: That's more bad news. She could blow the whole thing up.

André: So are you in or not?

Abigail: We have a son that we both love. And we have a marriage that we're working on. And I'm strong, Chad. I'm ready for whatever stupid war there is that's gonna happen with--

Chad: That's not your fight.

Abigail: No, but it is. And I need you to know that I-- I think it's really important for me to be a part of this. I belong to this family, and you know, like it or not, I belong to you.

Chad: Like it.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Honey. Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: What's going on?

Abigail: Mom, I need your advice. And probably your help.

Jennifer: Of course.

Abigail: But you can't tell anyone. You can't tell JJ, mom. Not one word.

Jennifer: That's--that's fine, whatever you need.

Abigail: Gabi and Chad are missing. They've been kidnapped.

Jennifer: What?

Abigail: Mom, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

[Metal rattling]

Gabi: Some-- somebody's out there! Help! Help us! Help us! We're in here!

Chad: Help!

Gabi: Help us!

Hey, shut up! Here's your food.

Chad: Wait, why is Deimos feeding us?

Because. He thinks he can use you as bargaining chips. At least for now. You know, I might have a use for you myself--

Chad: Don't. [Grunting]

Gabi: Chad!

You know what? The two of you can starve.

Gabi: Wait, please. No, don't lock us in here! Please, don't lock us in... Chad, oh, my god. Chad. Oh, god.

Steve: I saw him come in here, I know I did.

Rafe: Okay, well, he's not here now. Why don't you check the back room. I'll check the street.

[Dramatic music]

Not so fast. Yeah, that's right. Hold it right there. Steve!

[Dramatic music]

Steve: It's over, DiMera.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: How did this happen? Who would kidnap Chad and Gabi?

Abigail: It's Deimos. He thinks that Gabi's father and André stole something from him, and I think that he's probably using Chad and Gabi to try to get it back.

Jennifer: What was stolen from Deimos?

Abigail: I don't know. I don't know, but there's some kind of war that's going on between Chad's family, Gabi's family, and Deimos, they're all in on it.

Jennifer: What is the war over?

Abigail: Some new technology.

Jennifer: Computer technology?

Abigail: All I know is that whatever it is that Deimos took, he took from the DiMera family, and for whatever reason, he can't make it work.

Jennifer: But I thought that you said that Deimos thinks André and Eduardo stole something from him.

Abigail: Right. Yeah. They were down at the dock when a shipment came in for Deimos. And the shipment was supposed to contain something to make whatever it is that he has work.

Jennifer: Right.

Abigail: Mom, it's supposed to be some kind of key.

Jennifer: Shane, what in the world are you doing here?

Drew: No, no, no, no. Don't--don't call me Shane. I'm not Shane. I'm drew Donovan.

Jennifer: His twin brother?

Drew: Yeah.


Drew: Oh, this is so much bigger than you would have realized when you started looking around those docks.

Jennifer: Right, I went there to find a key, but we rushed out of there so quickly, I never got a chance to.

Drew: Well, you needn't worry about that.

Jennifer: No, you don't understand. There is something big happening in Salem right now, and it is becoming dangerous for people that I care about. The Kiriakis family's involved. I mean, this could be the biggest story that I have ever published, so if I can find that key, I can--

Drew: That's it. Jennifer, Jennifer, that's what I'm trying to tell you.

Jennifer: What?

Drew: I am the key. All right. Let's just see if this does what it's supposed to. And it doesn't. I give up. Oh, I can't give up, or I'll never get out of this room, and then Camilla will... [Sighs] No. Don't worry, Camilla, darling. I'm coming home.

Eduardo: Given that I really don't have a choice... I guess I'm in.

André: You're not going to regret this.

Eduardo: Time will tell.

André: Do I have your word?

Eduardo: Yeah. If it means I get to see my daughter alive again, sure.

André: That's exactly what I wanted to hear.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Chad. Chad, Chad. You're okay. It's okay. Just open your eyes. Open your eyes, okay? Okay, look, you saved me from that guy, and I'm gonna take care of you, okay? Nothing's gonna happen. No one's gonna touch you, okay? Everything's--just open your eyes, please. [Sobbing]

Marlena: I can't believe it. It's true. Stefano's alive. He was right here.

Kayla: Are you sure about that?

Marlena: I'd know that man anywhere. Yes, I'm sure. That was Stefano.

Sonny: Any word from Steve and Rafe?

Kayla: No. I'm sorry.

Marlena: I--I can't do this. I just can't sit around here anymore.

Paul: What can you do?

Marlena: I can go out there and I can find him before he gets away.

Kayla: No, I--I don't think that's a good idea, Marlena.

Paul: Yeah, Dad would say the same thing.

Marlena: He's not here. So he can't stop me. Rafe. What happened?

Rafe: We got him.

Kayla: What?

Rafe: We finally got him.

Marlena: Oh!

Kayla: That's incredible.

Marlena: Oh! Oh! Oh! [Laughing]

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