Days Transcript Wednesday 2/1/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/1/17


Episode #13015 ~ A deadly Deimos strikes out against his enemies; Chad & André receive intriguing intel about Titan; Abigail & Gabi continue to work together to end the war between the families; Jennifer makes a stunning discovery while investigating the docks.

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Jennifer: Anne Milbauer? Really? You hired Anne Milbauer?

Adrienne: Look, I know you two have a rocky past--

Jennifer: A rocky past? Adrienne, she's a psychopath!

Adrienne: Look... if she does anything to upset you, we'll fire her, and that'll be that, okay? But let's--just in the meantime, let's just give her a chance, okay?

Jennifer: Okay. That's fine. But she works for you. She doesn't work for me.

Adrienne: You got it.

Jennifer: But I came here to tell you that I am following a big story.

Adrienne: How big?

Jennifer: Like some of the most powerful people in Salem big. There are some things sketchy going down on the docks and... three of the most influential families in town are involved.

Adrienne: Does that mean the Kiriakises are included?

Jennifer: I'm afraid so.

Adrienne: Don't tell me-- is Sonny involved?

[Tense music]

Abigail: Thomas fell asleep in less than three minutes. Think that's probably a new record.

Chad: Nice!

[Soft music]

Wo-wow. Ho...

[Abigail giggles]

Hey! You look, like... amazing.

Abigail: [Giggles] Thanks. I feel really good, so I kinda...did a little makeover.

Chad: Gimme one more.

Abigail: This way?

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Wow. Okay. I mean, I always love the way you look, but that's just...

Abigail: After being with you last night, I just... felt like I'd never left. But at the same time, I felt brand-new. Does that make sense?

Chad: Yep. To me it does.

Abigail: And it really meant a lot that you included me in the family business meeting.

Chad: Yeah. Of course. I'm actually--I-I'm about to meet André right now to discuss the latest. You wanna join?

Abigail: Actually, I have plans with Gabi.

Chad: You do?

Abigail: Mm-hmm. We're best friends.

Chad: Yeah. I-I knew--I know that...yeah, she was your best friend.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. You worried about something, Chad?

Chad: No. No, why would I be--why would I be worried? S-should I be?

Abigail: I don't know. Should you?

[Lightly suspenseful music]

Dario: What're you doing in here?

Gabi: Checking the weather. I heard there was a storm coming in, but apparently, it's not gonna hit us.

Dario: This is a work computer. You're not supposed to be on it.

Gabi: Okay. Sorry. [Scoffs]

Dario: Have you been talking to Abigail?

Gabi: No, not really. Why?

Dario: I found her in here with Myron, and she was acting strange.

Gabi: Stranger than Myron? That's an accomplishment. You know, what's the deal with that guy anyway?

Dario: The deal is he's a tech genius I hired to do work for us.

Gabi: What kind of work, Dario?

[Phone rings]

Gabi: Oh, sorry, just one second.


Gabi: Hold on, let me take this. Hey, um, is everything okay with Arianna?

Sonny: She's great. Yeah, I'm about to...walk into a family meeting and Emma's keeping a close eye on her.

Gabi: What--is this an important family meeting?

Sonny: Ah, just regular titan business.

Gabi: Okay. Do you want me to go by the house and pick her up? Because I can do that.

Sonny: No, no, no, don't worry about it--I'll bring her to you when we're done.

Gabi: Yeah, okay. I'll be with Abigail at the pub. Yeah.


Dario: Why do I feel like you're up to something?

[Dramatic musical flourish]

Jennifer: Titan is definitely involved...with whatever is going on at the dock. I don't know Sonny's involvement.

Adrienne: Does this have anything to do with the Kiriakis freighter that sunk?

Jennifer: Well, I wouldn't be surprised. And someone is bribing port officials to look the other way on certain shipments.

Adrienne: Where are those shipments coming from?

Jennifer: China. Brought in for GDR corp by titan. And word has it the DiMeras are not very happy about this arrangement.

Adrienne: Oh, boy, Kiriakises, DiMeras, and Hernandezes--how lovely. And my son could be smack in the middle.

Jennifer: Where're you going?

Adrienne: To pop in on casa de Kiriakis, see what I can find out.

Jennifer: Are you sure you're up to it?

Adrienne: Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be, right?

[Tense music]

[Soft music]

Nicole: What if this is the only picture I ever have of me and holly together?

Deimos: You're gonna have plenty of pictures, darling. Justin is gonna make sure that you have full custody of your daughter.

Nicole: Chloe's name is on the birth certificate. And belle is gonna paint me as an unfit mother. They're gonna keep my little girl away from me.

Brady: No, w-we--we're not gonna let that happen.

Deimos: You saved my life, sweetheart, and I'm gonna make it my mission to get your daughter back to you.

Nicole: They're gonna use all of that against us. Some guy tried to kill my fiancé--I stabbed that guy with a knife. We don't exactly look like candidates for parents of the year.

Brady: Nicole, hey...look at me, look at me, look at me. You... you're gonna be such a great mother. Chloe knows that; she does. Hang in there, okay? I promise you... I promise you you will have your daughter back.

[Soft music continues]

[Music becomes tense]

Gabi: I was almost into the computer at the TBD when Dario walked in.

Abigail: Well, did he know what you were up to?

Gabi: I told him I was looking at the weather.

Abigail: And he bought it?

Gabi: No. Not exactly. So I kinda...ran outta there fast.

Abigail: He was already suspicious because I was in there being all flirty with Myron, trying to get the password.

Gabi: Okay, listen, we cannot go back there. If we're gonna find that drive and stop this war, we need to use our resources.

Abigail: What kind of resources?

Gabi: People that we're close to, people that trust us.

Abigail: You mean Chad.

Gabi: You know, I ran into him. He looks...happy.

Abigail: Yeah, things are good. I mean...they're really good.

Gabi: I'm happy for the both of you. Really happy. But listen, let's just make sure we stay at the job at hand.

Abigail: Yeah, um... okay, I don't think that Chad knows anything about the Orwell device. If he did, I-I don't think he would share it with us. He's just too protective of both of us.

Gabi: Right, yeah. I don't think he has anything anyway. But what we do have is something better. We have someone right in the middle at Kiriakis.

Abigail: Sonny.

[Lightly suspenseful music]

André: So, will Abigail and Kate be joining us this evening?

Chad: [Ahem] Uh... no, not this time. I filled in Kate, but... Abigail is currently with Gabi.

André: With Gabi? Well, that's rather civilized of them. So I see things are going well with Abigail.

Chad: Very well.

André: And that you, uh, share your...marriage--

Chad: Okay--boundaries. [Laughs]

André: I apologize. I-I just care about you both, and I know you've had such a terrible year, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Chad: Thank you.

André: And there's nothing I wouldn't do for either of you. I hope you know that.

Chad: [Clears throat] So should we get to business? So my, uh... my contact inside titan... gave me a heads up. The titan ship is going to be delivering an important piece of cargo tonight to the docks.

André: What's the content of the cargo?

Chad: Don't know exactly. Has something to do with the Orwell. We're gonna be intercepting it.

André: Isn't that excellent work? Yeah. Finally... we're gonna get back tonight what is rightfully ours.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Brady: So that's it?

Sonny: Looks like a hard drive.

Deimos: That's what it is. But that hard drive happens to contain the operating system for the Orwell. What's on that device...will change the world as we know it.

Brady: Orwell. Like...1984, big brother.

Deimos: Exactly. The ability to see or hear anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Brady: And this was the property of André DiMera.

Deimos: [Chuckles] Yeah, funny story about that. Turns out André stole it from its creator. Which means he has no legal claim over the technology any more than Eduardo Hernandez does. Which also means the Orwell is ours. All we need is the key, and it's ready to use.

Brady: Well... it really works, I mean, the value of this would be...

Deimos: Incomprehensible. I mean, think about it. What would a country pay to possess absolute knowledge?

Sonny: I don't know. But I'm uncomfortable with it sitting out. People have already tried to kill for it.

[Edgy music]

Arianna: Daddy!

Sonny: Oh, hey! Hold on one second, sweetie. Daddy's gotta put something very valuable in the safe, okay?

Okay. Come here, pumpkin!

Emma: I'm so sorry. I was changing Tate, and she went running off. I hope she didn't bother you.

Sonny: No, she could never be a bother. But daddy does have to get back to his meeting, and then when I'm done, I'm gonna bring you to see mommy. Deal? Kiss? All right, go to Emma. Go to Emma, go, go, go!

Adrienne: There's my gorgeous gi--oh, baby! Ooh--oh! [Laughs] You just made my day! Where's your daddy, huh?

Emma: He's in an important meeting.

Adrienne: Ohh...

Emma: Come on, Ari, let's go check on Tate.

Adrienne: Bye, sweetie. See you soon. [Sighs]

[Suspenseful music]

Sonny: From now on, before we move forward with the Orwell, we have to do it right. No more stealing and no more violence.

Deimos: There's not gonna be any need for violence. We've won. And once that key arrives on the dock tonight, there's nothing anyone can do to stop us.

Brady: What exactly is this key you're expecting?

Deimos: Well, it's the final missing piece. The key is gonna activate the device, and once it's operational, the buyers are gonna be pounding down our door.

Brady: And we've taken all precautions to secure this... shipment? We don't need the DiMeras sinking another one of our ships, Deimos.

Deimos: They don't even know it's here, all right? We get the key from the dock to the lab, and that's when we make the device complete.

Sonny: When does the key arrive?

Deimos: 10:00 P.M. Pier 119.


[Dramatic music]

More "doing chores for mom" per roll

André: 10:00 P.M., Pier 119. [Chuckles] That's excellent work. I should have learned by now not to underestimate you.

Chad: I don't like doing business this way.

André: It was Deimos who stole from us first.

Chad: And I'm doing it to end the feud between the families.

André: Yes, but it wasn't us that put the hit out on Deimos.

Chad: You're the one that sank a Kiriakis ship.

André: That was to send a message!

Chad: Well, I'm sending you a message now--no bloodshed, all right? We're gonna seize the shipment quickly and cleanly, and we're doing it to protect our family.

André: I respect that. Also, with father out there somewhere... it's nice to have a steady hand on the wheel. It's interesting--over the last few months, I've watched you come of age... the way you've run the company with confidence and leadership.

Chad: Well...this isn't about our father's legacy... or our family's legacy. I agree I need to own our DiMera name, but I'm doing this for my family... my legacy--my son's and my wife's.

André: Yeah. I'm proud... to be working side-by-side with you...and to make that a reality.

[Dark music]

André: And I'm proud that you are my brother.

Adrienne: [Grunting] Oh...

Deimos: Here, let me.

Adrienne: Thank you, thank you. Whew! [Exhales] Thanks.

Deimos: Sure.

Sonny: Mom, are you okay?

Adrienne: What? Oh, sweetie, I'm fine. My phone started buzzing, and it was in my purse and I was digging around and looking for it--then everything fell out.

Deimos: So what brings you here, Adrienne?

Adrienne: Me?

Deimos: Yeah.

Adrienne: I was looking for a missing earring.

Deimos: You came here looking for a missing earring.

Adrienne: Yeah, yeah. I just probably misplaced it, though. I mean, you know--chemo brain. I probably put it in the freezer. [Snorts, laughs] Ah...I should be going, though.

Sonny: Let me walk you to the car.

Adrienne: No! No, honey, no need--Emma just told me you're in an important meeting, and I don't wanna interrupt, so it's okay.

Deimos: Yeah. Thanks for stopping by, Adrienne.

Adrienne: Oh, no, thank you. I'll call you soon. Be careful. Oh, thank you.

Deimos: Sure.

[Edgy music]

Sonny: Sorry about that.

Deimos: I just hope you both realize what the Orwell will mean for our family.

Brady: All right, but we... we haven't asked ourselves the ethical question here, Deimos. I mean, this device is seemingly...unconstitutional. It's all-powerful. What if it falls into the wrong hands?

Deimos: We have control over that. We decide who we sell it to.

Brady: You expect me to believe that you're worried about the ethics of this?

Deimos: My job is to make piles of money for this family. I'll leave the ethics to you, all right, Brady?

Sonny: And how are you ensuring the safety of the device and our family? What if someone attempts another hit?

Brady: André already sank one of our ships. Dario put a hit out on you, almost had you killed. I mean, God knows what that did to Nicole's custody case--

Deimos: All right, you know what, Brady? I will worry about Nicole, okay? But right now, I need to know if you're both on board! The key is coming. The Orwell is happening. Last chance. Are you in...or are you out?

Maggie: Nicole? I didn't know you were here.

Nicole: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: I...[Exhales] Honey, I have been thinking nonstop about you lately and how painful this must be.

Nicole: Which part? The part where I stabbed a guy who tried to kill my fiancé or...having my best friend steal my little girl?

Maggie: Both. I can't believe Chloe would do this to you. It--I mean, it's so selfish. Holly is your child with Daniel. And my grandchild. She belongs with you. That's what Daniel would want. Chloe must know this!

Nicole: She obviously doesn't care, Maggie. I mean, how could something so wonderful turn into such a nightmare?

Maggie: Well... I wish I could help.

Nicole: Just having your support means so much to me, and your kindness.

Maggie: Now, it's not just mine. You have other people who--who are there for you. You have Deimos and Brady.

Nicole: Yeah. Brady's been such a great friend.

Maggie: Nicole, don't be lean on him right now. I mean, come on, now, he and Chloe have been close all these years, and maybe she'll listen to him.

Nicole: God, I hope so.

Maggie: If there's anything-- if there's anything you need, anything I can do, anything at all... I'm there for you, too, Nicole. Just as my precious son is.

Nicole: [Small laugh] He's in both our hearts, Maggie.

Maggie: Always. He wants us to be okay! And he wants his little girl to be raised by her mother... the woman that he... he loved so very, very much.

Nicole: Daniel is the best thing that's ever happened to me--you know that, right? And now we--he and I have a little girl...

Maggie: [Laughs] It's a miracle!

Nicole: It is.

Maggie: [Laughing]

Nicole: It is, and I will raise her...with all the love I have to give.

Maggie: Which is a whole lot.

Nicole: And you're gonna help me.

Maggie: Okay.

Nicole: You know that? You. You and Victor.

Maggie: Oh, yeah. Oh, yes, of course! [Laughing]

Nicole: Okay. This is gonna happen. It has to.

Maggie: Yes. Yes, it has to.

Nicole: [Whispers] Thank you. Maggie...

Maggie: [Softly] I love you.

Nicole: I love you.

Sonny: How do you plan on keeping the DiMeras and the Hernandez family from making a run at the Orwell?

Deimos: I have it under control.

Brady: [Scoffs] Meaning what?

Deimos: All right, you know what? You two are getting hung up on the details here. I'm looking at the big picture! We have the device. The key is on its way. Now, either you're with me on this or you're against me.

Sonny: We agree that we'll discuss where and to whom we'll shop it to?

Deimos: Like I said, that's the easy part, all right? Trust me, the world is gonna come knocking.

Sonny: In the right hands, this could do a lot of good-- thwarting attacks before they happen, rooting out criminals while protecting the innocent.

Deimos: I'll take that as a yes, and I'm glad to hear it. Brady?

Brady: I don't like the idea of owning something so potentially dangerous. But...I like the idea of André or Eduardo owning it even less. Let's do it.

Deimos: Congratulations to us all.

Sonny: All right, well, I'm gonna take Ari to go see her mother at the pub. Please let me know when the key gets here.

[Door closes]

Brady: Well, you must be proud. This is a pretty big day for you.

Deimos: Not just a big day for me, Brady. And when tonight is over... this day is gonna down as the greatest day in the history of the Kiriakis family.

[Dark music]

Eduardo: Wow.

Dario: Okay, I know-- look, this didn't go exactly like I planned, but I'm gonna stand by my decision because someone needed to act quickly and go after Deimos before he--

Eduardo: I don't wanna hear it.

Dario: Listen, dad--

Eduardo: I said I don't wanna hear it!

[Dramatic music]

You don't even think about taking someone's life if there is any other possible solution to a crisis. If you can survive by doing anything else, you don't do it! You kill somebody, it's on you forever. Gets down under your soul. Which is why, for the sake of this family, if anything like that has to happen, I will be the one to do it.

Dario: Oh, so you wanna do--

Eduardo: I will do it. I already carry that weight. I been carrying a mountain of it-- the things I see at night when I close my eyes--I will not have that for you!

Dario: I was trying to do the right thing. I want to turn this family into the business you always dreamed it could be.

Eduardo: That can still happen--that's happening. But it's not gonna work if you start going off on your own, Dario. Understood?

Dario: Understood.

[Tense music]

Eduardo: What about our guard on the docks--you heard from him?

Dario: Yeah, yeah. A Kiriakis coming in with something very valuable tonight, only it's not for us. I'm gonna close up early so I can get there when it arrives.

Eduardo: And you're gonna be chill and careful, right?

Dario: I will watch my back.

Eduardo: Because when you moved on Deimos, you poked a snake...and he won't forget. Anything looks like it's goin' even slightly sideways, you call me immediately, all right?

Dario: I'll be careful.

Eduardo: It's about family, kid.

Abigail: Okay, so you just keep Sonny talking as long as possible, and don't mention what we know about the Orwell.

Gabi: What do we know about it?

Abigail: We know that it exists and that everybody wants it. You're sure you're cool with this?

Gabi: I mean, he's your cousin.

Abigail: [Quietly] You guys are raising a kid together.

Gabi: Yeah, but if we're protecting him and my family--

Abigail: And Chad.

Gabi: Yeah. It'll be worth it. All right, they're here. Hey, guys!

Abigail: Hi.

Gabi: Hi. Got you guys some hot cocoa. How are you?

Sonny: Nice to see the two of you...hanging out again.

Abigail: Yeah, I mean, there was some weirdness, but we're good now. I--I really missed her.

Gabi: Yeah. Turns out we still have a lot of things in common.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: All right. [Grunts] Ah! It's cold out there!

Gabi: Yeah, it's perfect hot cocoa weather. You want some hot chocolate?

Abigail: Oh! You know, I'm so sorry. I have to take this phone call, but I will be back in just a minute. Don't go anywhere, okay?

Gabi: Okay. Good luck. Hey, Ari, why don't you go find some crayons so you can start your valentine's day cards, okay? Yeah? Go. Go find 'em over there.

Sonny: Don't have to tell her twice.

Gabi: Yeah. Listen, I wanted to ask you. What's, uh, what's going on at the house? I heard about Nicole and that man--it's so scary.

Sonny: I'd rather not talk about it.

Gabi: Listen, I know what they're saying, that Dario sent him to kill Deimos before Nicole stabbed him, so...

Sonny: You need to stay away from whatever is going on.

Gabi: If there's--if there's something happening, if there's trouble, you need to tell me, for Ariana's sake.

Sonny: I will never let anything happen to her. You know that.

Gabi: That's not an answer. Are the DiMeras involved somehow?

Sonny: I can't tell you.

Gabi: What--what do you mean, you can't tell me? We're family! If there's something going on, if we are in danger, then you need to do something about it!

Sonny: Gabi, please, I am asking you to stay out of it. We have the situation under control...and we're not giving that up.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Hey. Are you still working?

Deimos: Yes, I am. But I always have time for you.

Nicole: Oh... that's sweet. Listen, I... I want you to know how grateful I am to have you. And I-I hope I didn't make it sound like this whole mess is your fault.

Deimos: No, no, I understand. You're hurting and you want your daughter back. But I think that's what Chloe wants...for us to turn against each other.

Nicole: Well, that's never gonna happen, because I need you now more than ever.

Deimos: I need you too. But you know what, I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't even about me. Maybe Chloe wants holly for herself.

Nicole: I know you have a lot of work to do, and the timing of this couldn't be worse.

Deimos: [Laughs] No! Actually, the timing couldn't be better. I'm about to have everything I've ever wanted. There's so much I will be able to provide for you and holly. You remember when we thought that Chloe was having my child and we said that we would raise it together? Well, now that's become a reality. Holly will be our daughter. And when we walk down that aisle, she's gonna be right there beside us. We're gonna be a family. I promise.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: Ah, go ahead. I know you have a big deal happening.

Deimos: You okay?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm gonna go take a bath and try to relax. I'll see you later.

[Phone ringing]


[Tense music]

Deimos: Everything in place? Good. Make it happen. Tonight we end this.

[Intense musical buildup]

To folks everywhere whose diabetic...

Jennifer: Adrienne.

Adrienne: Okay. Deimos said he's looking for a key for this Orwell device.

Jennifer: A key? What kind of key?

Adrienne: I guess it operates--who am I, Steve jobs? I don't know! Anyway, it's being delivered tonight to pier 119.

Jennifer: Okay. Now, Sonny was in on this meeting?

Adrienne: Unfortunately, yes.

Jennifer: Okay, well, we'll figure out what's going on, and then we can help protect Sonny.

Adrienne: Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa--where are you going?

Jennifer: I'm going to pier 119--you already did your snooping, so I need to do mine.

Adrienne: But you don't know what you're looking for!

Jennifer: I know what a key looks like.

Adrienne: Oh, God, Jen, please be careful. Dangerous people want this key.

Jennifer: Right. Which is why we have to find it first, so no one else ends up getting hurt.

[Adrienne stammers]

Jennifer: [Sighs, mutters]

André: Well... it's interesting. Hernandez and...Kiriakis thought that they could take advantage of us. With father not being around, they thought we'd just roll over. But they're wrong. Because now that you and I are united, our family has never been stronger.

Chad: Don't expect them to just give up.

André: Well...I can accept that. We're solid. Abigail is home where she belongs. Kate has finally realized the futility of her relationship with Eduardo. There are no distractions. U-unless...

Chad: Unless what?

André: Well, I have to ask. Gabi is Eduardo's daughter. Is that going to be a conflict?

Chad: No. Absolutely not. I've already told you that Abby and I, we're solid. And whatever my situation is with Gabi... I-I assure you that it's not gonna affect us getting Orwell back. André: Ah. I'll drink to that.

Gabi: You can't want a war between these three families.

Sonny: Of course not.

Gabi: Well, then let me... just help diffuse it, okay? Arianna is part of the Kiriakis and Hernandez family. Chad and I are close. At least tell me what this is all about.

[Phone beeps]

Gabi: It must be something important to cause so much trouble.

Sonny: I gotta go.

Gabi: [Sighs] Okay.

Sonny: Where are my keys?

Abigail: Oh! I found 'em.

Sonny: Oh.

Abigail: They were just under your feet.

Sonny: Thank you. Muah! I'll see you later. Be good to your mommy.

Gabi: So... copies?

Abigail: So now we can get into the Kiriakis mansion whenever we want. Did you find out anything about the Orwell device?

Gabi: Just that it's very valuable and that the Kiriakis have it.

Abigail: So where would they keep something so valuable?

Gabi: In a safe, right? Ari, there's a safe in the house, right? Yeah? Okay, what--do you know what's inside of the safe?

Arianna: Black box!

[Dramatic musical sting]

Gabi: Black box.

We're moving the titan shipment from pier 119 to pier 27.

Jennifer: Pier 27.

[Suspenseful music]

[Dramatic musical sting]

It's a dangerous place for a lady. You lookin' for something?

Jennifer: Get your paws off me! You are just like him, you know that? You think you own me. You think you can just tell me what to do all the time, don't you? Well, I have had it! I have had enough! Bobby--bobby just--he just runs around on me, and he just expects me to sit back and make him his favorite chicken! And I am done. I have had it up to here. And do you know what I am gonna do when I get a hold of him?

No. And I would not wanna be bobby.

Jennifer: Darn right! Chicken? Oh, gosh, pier 27.

Gabi: You know something, Ari? You are the smartest girl I know. Here. This is for you.

Abigail: [Laughs] We need to have you on our team all the time, huh? Girl power, right?

Gabi: [Laughs] Okay, so now we found a way to get past security, we know where the drive is. We just have to figure out a way to get into that safe.

Abigail: Oh, that's all? No problem. Let me just bust out my safe-cracking gear, huh?

[Both laugh]

Gabi: Is it good?

Abigail: Ooh, I'm jealous. I want that.

[Edgy music]

Jennifer: Are you kidding me? It's like "raiders of the lost ark." It's gonna take me five or six years to find a key in this place. Here we go.

[Edgy music]

Start right here. Come on.

[Ominous music]

Dario: Evening, fellas. Closing early tonight. Somewhere I need to be.

It's okay. We won't be long. Here to deliver a message.

[Ominous music]

Jennifer: [Groans] Ohh! Okay. Here we go. Let's see if that key's in here. [Gasps]

Chad: Our man's at the dock. I'm gonna get going here soon.

André: This is turning out to be a wonderful evening. Well, the family together. Your marriage in place. And the Orwell will be back in its rightful place.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'll be happy when it's done.

André: I know you didn't approve of my sinking of the ship, but I hope that you realize that it was, uh, an important thing to do.

Chad: What, making Deimos Kiriakis furious?

André: No, making him and the Hernandez clan desperate.

Chad: Okay, well... can we just agree to try to not keep any more secrets, please?

André: Absolutely. And I will gain back your trust. But a turning point for our family... a turning point for us brothers and to our legacy that we will make together. So to our future. To our family.

Chad: To the future.

[Somber piano chords]

Dario: [Groans] Uhh! Ohh!

[Somber piano continues]

[Somber piano continues]

André: Oh!

[Glass shatters]

André: [Gasping]

Chad: André?

[End chords]

Nicole: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Dario, what happened? Who did this to you? Oh, my God.

[Dramatic music]

Dario: [Whispers] Deimos. Deimos.

[Intense musical flourish]

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